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Hong Kong Disneyland - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Kong Disneyland - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island, surrounded by mountains, and across the South China Sea in the distance, is a fusion of California, the Disneyland and other Disney theme park in one of the characteristics of the theme park. Hong Kong Disneyland theme of the four areas: Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland. Every The subject area can bring tourists to the endless wonderful experience.


Main Street of the United States:

Visited Hong Kong Disneyland will be the first town in the United States to start their journey Main Street. Main Street of the United States is based on the typical American town designed and full of nostalgia color The show is the era of gas lamps are being replaced by the light, as well as the car instead of carriage era. These nostalgic design and lead the tourists to enter the Kingdom of magic, so that they can experience the park in a different world.

Fantasy World:

Fantasy World of tourists visit will be the first to start his Sleeping Beauty Castle Journey. As if the tourists stay in the Disney story, they found the most beloved Disney characters: coffee cup can be circled in; or with cute Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Snow White and brother rats - Mitch Rats to meet.

Fantasy marks the center of the world will be a The new, unique dream garden, the only unique to Hong Kong Disneyland.

World Adventure:

Explore the world so that tourists get a feel of a primeval forest in Asia and Africa, travel, adventure at the same time the world will be focused on a variety of rare plants vary in a display. Park visitors can take part in the Mori River trip, and to explore other recreational facilities such as the thriller as a whole in order to Kingofthe Jungle Senlinzhiwang the title of the island, and so on. There will be an exploration of the world's biggest indoor theater, the Disney theater for live performances and set up.

  Tomorrow's world: Tomorrow the world will be a strange tale full of science fiction and fantasy to achieve space shuttle. Hong Kong Disneyland in tomorrow's world of new design and feel of the theme park and other radically different from that of Walt Disney Imagineering will zone as a whole to create a space for exploration and adventure experience of roaming too Galaxia Port. Each recreational facilities, shops and restaurants are robots, spacecraft, floating objects for decoration, the space will become a part of the port. Visitors can experience Space Mountain time and space travel, UFO can also use the space shuttle rides back and forth in space flying saucer.

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