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Longquan Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Jiajie water characteristics unique to Longquan the most famous waterfall. Longquan Bai Yumi falls from the high cliff on the mist was falling at 55 meters high, there are 3 outstanding Shek Pik, like dragon-shaped, spring into the air after falling in different directions, forming along the Shek Pik trickle, and then from 25 meters Shidongkou flow to form a curtain, Green into the bottom of the pool, beautiful magic, known as "the best in the world odd waterfall."

  Longquan River at the end of a cliff high since more than rice, spring water from the cliff Fei Xie, mist was falling bottom to form a waterfall. 80 m high waterfall, at 5 meters wide, 15 meters wide under. Left cliff 55 meters high, there are 3 rocks convex Shek Pik, and its spring water fall, the formation of smog, water vapor Yinyun.

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Huangshi Zhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huangshi Zhai as a result of seemingly named after the lion, where the largest concentration of attractions, is the essence of Zhangjiajie tourist areas, there has been "no Huangshi Zhai Gordon, to Zhangjiajie in vain," said.

Women's apartment door open at the beginning: The park entrance is a great circle the door, stands a stone pillar on both sides. Entering here, the landscape changes on both sides of the steep cliff high Clouds, clear water gurgling in the middle of a river flowing through. Zhangjiajie is called "purdah in custody did not know" the beauty, the King called "the beginning of women's apartment door open."

Book Po box: a circle on top of Shi Feng, there are two pieces of stone, like smoking half-opened the lid of the box book. This is the legend of a cache of hieroglyphics Po box, then there is Pirates of the Book to finally get flustered even the box cover had not closed on the away. This is not a high peak, but Gufengwuli, such as the cut on all sides, can have no pass, only far and can not look at the past.

Hill is scheduled Shenzhen: 5 peaks, such as needle inserted AND Zuozuo. Legend has it that King is the brother of the monkey king in order to not fall in the Baoshan Department borrowed from the East China Sea Dragon King 5 5 embroidery needle into a mountain, and into the three-Chien Zhang, 3000 so that the odd differences peak Hill was not tall and straight.

South Tianyi column: Nan Tianmen through a valley of the Shi Feng from the unpredictable in standing up, up and down the general size, like mountain Town defender, lean chic, refined extraordinary. South Wulingyuan column is a large number of rocks in a typical representative of the.

Huangshi Zhai top: open flat, 1,200 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep cliffs, Zhangjiajie is the largest air viewing platform. Around the stage, Jin Bianxi peaks and the clear water Danya at a glance, can be seen from here and fir brain, left bridge pier, Sea turtles, such as the landscape Southern sky column. Walled-top has the "six-Qi Ge," Belvedere, six in front of the left-Qi Ge, one out of the viewing platform to highlight "Taiwan Reaching for the Stars."

Fir and brain: Huangshi Zhai located in the northeast, is to preserve the integrity of the original forest. Forest trees with "old, big, Jane, odd," feature After the vicissitudes of their valuable and old trees, not only has the value, but also for the study of ecological changes in the environment is of great significance.

Bridge pier left: Shi Feng Group is a group located between Yuanjia Jie and Huang Shizhai. 300 meters deep, where the canyon stands side by side in a high-six 200-meter oval-shaped columns, Yuan Jiajie One of the pillars near the beginning, followed by rising to fourth, followed by columns and lower columns 6 vertex can be connected into a curve, similar to a set of bridge piers.

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Huang Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang, also known as yellow-Longquan, Suoxi Yu Nature Reserve is located in the east, 7 km Suoxi Yu Zhendong (Suoxi Yu mouth of the village) on a mountainside. The landscape has developed inside the cave, an area of about 20 hectares, and dry sub-hole and water tunnel.

A total of four, 13 km long, the maximum Bai Yumi Department. Limestone is an underground river erosion-hole . Two-water tunnel and up and down vertical and horizontal two-hole dry to form a hole under the hole above the floor, spiral structure, the largest area of 12,000 square meters of Dongting, which can accommodate thousands of people.

Inside there is a reservoir, two overcast River Falls on the ground floor of the three, four pools, Hall 13, 96 Veranda. Flow marks inside the cave, Stone, Stone shoots back, back pot hole sinus well-developed stage, calcium stone-plot was colorful, brilliant and more funding. Shek Pik dome of water precipitation milk stone, stone columns, stalagmites, Shiman, Qin Shi, Shi Hua, such as jade crystal, silver, colorful, beautiful, "underground maze" reputation. It is presented in Dragon King's palace, Crystal Palace, Qin Shi Shan, Ficus erecta water, rural River, a maze, and so on-line tour. Dragon King's palace is the essence of Huanglong Cave, an area of about 1600 square meters. "Dragon King throne," the central place, thousands of columns, many around the stalagmite. In addition, the rock inside the cave, there are sound. Cave Falls, the highest 50 Meters. Cave Hill and water, especially in mountain cave, cave in China in rare indeed. Amazing, knock holes in the mountains of Qin Shi stalactite can be issued by the sounds of wind and string orchestral sound. All stalactite, the most surprising Dinghaishenzhen again. Dinghaishenzhen as high as 19.2 meters, 10 centimeters in diameter, Transparent body, leading to the top palace. In 1998, China Ping An Insurance Zhangjiajie branch to 100,000,000 yuan of the pillars for the insured, and create the world's natural heritage of a local insurance landscape of the first.

  Huang Dong-dong includes almost the entire contents of the "Dragon King's palace" in the Office of National Lime limestone cave in to seize the "single title", the entire hole and make a comprehensive evaluation, the availability of "all-round champion," At present, China is the type of things, very strange style of the famous caves. The hole the size of the landscape and in the world are also rare.

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Zhangjiajie Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangjiajie Dayong real name is the ancient seat of the country Yong. As early as the late primitive society, our ancestors began cross-strait survive in the Lishui River. In the era of Yao and Shun, "Huan-sun put in the pocket Chongshan to change Nan Man" and the history of China has already added "Nan Man," one said. Set in 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang counties, Zhangjiajie area County County, central Guizhou arrowhead, Cili county magistrate in the county administration Ping Tower (now the Chiang Ping Xiang Taiping Village). Wing Wu Jingdi of the three countries for six years (264 AD), Song Liang was named Tianmen Shan County, the county set up a day door to the two Cape, Northern and Southern Dynasties, the door is day-gun drizzle, Linli County. In 1369 the Ming Dynasty set up Dayong County, Yung-ching 13 years (1735 AD) located Yongding County.

In 1949 to liberation in 1988, Xian Zhu Cili Changde area, to the end of 1988, Dayong, Sangzhi for the Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in western Hunan jurisdiction. In May 1988, approved by the State Council, set up provincial-level cities jurisdiction Dayong . In April 1994, the level Dayong changed its name to the city of Zhangjiajie City. As a result of the city of Zhangjiajie in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park at home and abroad, named after famous.

  Located in the northwestern city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, located to your plateau uplift and subsidence in the Dongting Lake area junction, between east longitude 109 degrees 40 to 11 20 degrees, 28 degrees 52 minutes north latitude and 29 degrees 48 minutes between the east Shihmen, Taoyuan County, south Yuanling County, Hubei Province, arrived in the north of the Hefeng, Xuanen Xian. East-West border city of up to 167 km, 96 km north-south at its widest. The city's total area of 9653 square kilometers, accounting for 4.5 percent of the province's area. Zhangjiajie with its unique tourism resources and world-famous. China's first state-level and Tianzishan Zhangjiajie Forest Park, Suo Xiyu two scenic nature reserve composed of Wulingyuan area of 369 square kilometers, the region of the world's rare quartz sandstone peak forest landform as the main canyon, the set of Guilin , Huangshan's odd, Huashan risk, of Mount Tai-hung on one, possession of bribery, bridges, holes, lake, waterfall all in one, "the expansion of bonsai, and to narrow the mountains" reputation.

Zhangjiajie Tourism rich in natural resources, by the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the scenic Suoxi Yu, Tianzishan Scenic Area Yang Jiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area composed of state-level scenic spots is the key scenic spots, covering an area of 264 square kilometers, in December 1992 was listed by UNESCO as "World Natural Heritage List." Qi area in 3000 where they stand, meandering streams in eight vertical and horizontal, landscape surprising show You, insurance, known as "Chinese landscape painting of the original." Puguang Temple, the Jade Emperor hole, and other relics in the grottoes, He Long, Xin Du five celebrities such as former residence constitutes a local human resources in tourism; and the ancient customs of ethnic minorities and non-hard martial arts qigong, more local tourism resources icing on the cake.

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Jiangkou Bird Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiangkou Bird Island is located in the south east corner value, Lei is located in the river in the middle, surrounded by water, in 1984, has been listed as key to the protection of birds and Hunan-based nature reserves. 41 km from the city of Hengyang, the Jing-Guang Railroad, 107 National Highway and Beijing-Zhuhai expressway near habitats and over. Bird Island's core area of 35 hectares area, Island home, Chang Island, Long Island home of the three islands to form a good ecological environment. Chau Xiuzhu old trees on the shady, cool and warm climate, near the reservoir, spread all over the pond, rice fields, forest stretches into a film, bird food rich in birds is the ideal of the Kingdom. Here all year round habitat and breeding birds are 7 Section 38 of the heads of 181 kinds, the total number of 100,000 or more. Every morning and evening the birds are out of the nest and homing bird period, bird-watching is the best time, numerous groups of birds knot right, it confirmed the "suspect is a flight cloud in the sky, not down at the riverside," said , Bird Island is also known as the experts "among the bird paradise" According to Bird Island Jiangkou feature advantages Hengnan County Commission, the county government is actively develop eco-tourism Jiangkou Bird Island. Adhere to in order to protect mainly to protect and promote the development of the principles, plans to set Bird Island into a bird-watching, leisure, entertainment, education, shopping as one of the natural park. Soon, the birds Chau will be a new look Now visitors in front.

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Qishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qishan, formerly known as Phoenix Mountain. Nanyue one of the 72 peaks. Value is located in the south, Hengyang, the Qidong County at the junction of three, 570.6 meters above sea level. Qishan there are more than 400 species of plants, China's precious gene pool of plants and plant specimens Park, southern China is also a well-preserved primitive forest meeting. Beautiful scenery, graceful Xiuse, cool summer Warm, like fairyland. There are famous scenic Zhuo. In the mountains, "Ren Wan Shui Temple" horizontal inscribed board for the Royal Secret Inspector Qing Emperor Guangxu. Empress Dowager Ci Chin-luan pen drive. Since the monks gathered in history, men and women, an endless stream. Temple also well-preserved "thousands of pot" and the "pan 500 people," an all. Siwaibaihan Tallinn-30 Block.

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Shek Kwu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located outside the northern city of Hengyang, ranked in the steaming water Xiangjiang junction. An area of about 4000 square meters, 2 meters high in the mountains of Shek Kwu large, Jin Zhong G at the beginning of the "concept of Shek Kwu poem" "Shi-ming with latent ring, Lei Chun-startle nine days." Northern Wei Li Yuan Road, "Shui Jing Zhu," contains: "Shek Kwu County, six-foot-high, the Xiangshui different, the soil is drum-ming Bingge matter. "Shek Kwu Shan Jun Qiao drawing large, pleasant scenery," Hunan in the first place, "said Liu, Han Yu, Fan, Zhu Xi and Zhang Zai, Wen, Xu, Wang Fu-zhi, and so on have to visit here Or lectures. Tang when Lee Kwan-built cottage in this study, Song was built in one of the College. Sino-Japanese War when the original building has been . After the founding of the new Pavilion, into the park.

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Yan Lin Shi-wear - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Lin is wearing a poem in 1988 of the new attractions, is located halfway up Xianglu Feng, Shi-Fun, Fun hole, as one Poetics interest in the Mountain scenery in the new four-way "through rock poetry Lin excitement," said Blair. The main attractions are rock lovers, flying stone, stone heads, kitchen fairy, fairy pot, and so on Xiaoxi Tian, in Shek Pik on the outside, there Zaoke Writing on behalf of the masters of calligraphy in the first 40 ancient and modern poetry, singing the Nanyue.

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Haze peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yue Miao Feng haze in the post-Nan Tianmen right, under the residual rock lazy, rotten Ke Yan, Yan Jingping, Tan Peak, such as Taiwan relics smart. A stone altar Peak Song "Heaven and Earth course of events, famous mountains and rivers, up and down four-dimensional, felt the Ming Dynasty" character. Taiwan has hand-written Limi smart "high-ming," Han Yu and the words "possession of more than Hou Ye, three aircraft and Play Axis "stone poems, pen vigorous force.

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Zhu Rongfeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Rongfeng from the closure on less than one temple, is the highest Mountain, 1290 meters above sea level. Zhu Rongfeng with the name of the ancient myth, legend, Zhurong is close to the minister of the Yellow Emperor, is the Vulcan, he had to live on the Mountain, Hengshan in the funeral after the death of the peak, then later it was named after the peak. Zhurong There Zhurong Hall, as a result of high mountains and wind, so construction is solid granite Qiqiang to iron tile roof of the building, temples Ling Ao-xue, in excellent shape and stand above the boulder. Is expected to bring up the rear platform, is a high rock cliff, rock carvings on there, readable handwriting.

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Objects being thrown from a bowl-feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Objects being thrown from a peak in the bowl after Yuemiao mirror grinding on the stage, east of the original profile, Nanxuan College. Blessed Temple strict Nantai. Fu Yan Tang Yu Shu Temple has 50 volumes by the Vatican, the Spurs leading Chu-yun written in blood "measures by Lotus," a Qing Emperor Qianlong of books, it is no deposit. There are preaching Taiwan, Samsun towers, stealth rock, Fu Yan-dong, and other monuments. To peak Beijing called to think of objects being thrown from a bowl named after the legend.

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Jingtai mill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jingtai away from the mill town of Mountain Village 14, and every sink across the Banshan Ting, Zhu Rongfeng in the south of the swallows under the rock. Jingtai mill is a Zen Buddhist Nanzongzuyuan, as a result of the Tang Dynasty and the Ming Seng Wai allow "Jiangxi Matsu," the monk Mill Road, a mirror of a battle of wits and the well-known story. Matsu-mill on the stage there Um, in a Mountain Road for the creation of the Hermitage. Jingtai mill Seven of Zuta, the Department of pregnant so that the tomb. After the tower for the old road up the mountain, roadside monument title "Huai-way", there are 206 stone leg. Shu near Long Bridge, Guanyin Qiao, Magu Bridge, swimming pools, and other sites. Yuan Wang Jingtai board mill, the town of Nanyue panoramic view, next to Taiwan Gusong linger, the stage-deep gully, the rest in the summer, heat Dunxiao.

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Fu Yan Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Yan Monastery is located in Dong Lu Feng objects being thrown from a bowl, Buddhism is one of the top 10 the jungle. It quite well known in the history of Chinese Buddhism, Zen is the Nanzong famous resort-law, Hunan Province, is now the focus of heritage conservation unit.

According to the "Chi Mountain," it reads: Yen Fu was originally called Banruo Si Temple, also known as Taiwan Wisdom is Education and the roof were two Zuhui think Chen Zen master in the first year of the big (Wuliuqinian AD) created for the Nanyue one of the oldest temple. Tang Yu Shu Chee has 50 volumes by the Vatican to the Monastery collection. Tang congenital 2002 (the year Qiyisannian), a Zen master to allow pregnant Nanyue will be turned into Zen Ban Ruosi gym, through his disciples Road Law teachers, Nanzong "epiphany" Hong Chuan Buddhist world, the world-Buddhist Monastery in-law of the Buddha for the hospital, it can be seen in Nanzong in a prominent position. Taiping years and rejuvenating the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 1976 to Jiubasinian), and the Monastery abbot, he led Sengtu in temples around the extensive tsugae, the expansion of the rehabilitation of Siyu, Wisdom Renamed the "Fu Yan Monastery."

Hillside temple, an area of about four acres. The entire building is brick. House Church followed by the Mountain Gate, to know the living room, Yue Temple, Main Hall, manager of the ancestral hall. The first is into the Mountain Gate. Red walls around the temple, the Mountain Gate to the north-east. Carved on the door: "The world court," both sides of joint "Six Dynasties ancient temples; seven ancestral temple." The second is to know into the living room, the door to the east. Couplets inscribed on pillars: "Yan Fu Nanshan for the first ancient temples; Laozu Wisdom is the one and only way." Couplet Monastery explained the history and status. Yue Jin in the third for the statue, a Dian-Zhong Yue Xiang Yizun plastic god. According to the "Chi Mountain," it reads: "Chen Chong Si Yue main cause of statues. Copper 23,000 jin, a three Oliver, a total of future calendar. "Song Dynasty poet, calligrapher Huang Tingjian" southbound recorded, "said:" Yue Xiang Yizun copper God. "Temple here unconventional, not the four statues of kings, there are statues of gods Yue. As far as" Chi Mountain, "described , And that Hui Si Shi Yue and God playing chess victory of God Yue, access to this treasure incense. Yue He thanked God for the gift of TU, then in the temple devoted to the construction of a temple, where he is staying open as the iQue Yue, the world enjoy the incense. Therefore, there are statues Yue. Main Hall is into the fourth. Originally a Buddhist tablets Hou Zhu Chen at the bronze foundry Zuofo Respect, no deposit. Lotus is now on the stage of the Buddha in 1984 is re-shaping of. Along the Main Hall after class and on both sides of the stone is into the fifth. Hall 3, the ancestral hall and, the abbot, said Tong. Said Tang Shang Jin Bian a hanging, a letter to the "five leaves Liufang" 4.

According to the "Chuan-Deng "Description: Hui sixth patriarch of Zen," the key to insight "process different peak, creating a Nanzong after seven by the Huai Zunan Yue so that the original line of thinking green and vigorously promote, rage Nanzong, from the late Tang and Five Dynasties to the proliferation of special Sheng. South Yuehuai to allow a series, the Road to form a case and Yang Wei were Rinzai; of the original Green Mountain from a series of open stone Xiqian And the formation of the Sect, the Cloud Gate cases, were escaped. This two-line south of Zen 5. In the history of Buddhism known as the "five flowers and leaves." The "five-leaf" for the source of Nanyue, the only law around the world. Among them, Rinzai, Sotoshu height. Known as "Pro Rinzai the world, Cao Cao Dong half-day" reputation. The Rinzai, two Cao Dong. Fat veins in the Mountain, Mountain is the "source of relief hole" in the Holy Land. So let's Zen seven Zuhuai gym, there are "five leaves Lau-fong," the praise.

The temple is on both sides of the Buddhist temple. Zhaitang, Hong kitchen plot. The whole temple connected to the promenade, scattered high and low, an integral whole. In the temple on the right side door Face, there is an ancient ginkgo, there are more than 1400 years. It is said that it had initiated the monk Hui Si, a convert to Buddhism, mountain sector of over three thousand years of ancient ginkgo, for breach of the Buddhist regulatory clearance, were driven out of Siwai.
Fu Yan Monastery not only the ancient Temple, ancient Buddha, ancient trees, and the history of Ming Seng generation . Unfortunately, in the beginning of Shinianhaojie, the ancient temples of the Six Dynasties have been seriously damaged. 1986 Lunar New Year on June 19, Fu Yan Monastery for the new plastic statue of Guanyin, Yue God, to hold Lohans of the grand opening of the entire law. Fotu at home and abroad, and the Buddhist tourist destination hundreds of people.

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Dragon and phoenix River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lung Fung Kai Zhu Rongfeng originated in the northern foothills, is full of a magical stream of color, most of the ten long river flows through virgin forest in between. As the high peaks, steep mountains, streams ups and downs, resulting in 14 wonders of waterfalls, the highest waterfall drop up to a 260 meters higher than the world-famous Huangguoshu Falls is even higher, Tam spots to have a dragon and phoenix, Yixian Tian, and so on.

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Fu Rongfeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Furong Feng Yue Miao, the rise amid handsome, distant look, like a hibiscus, there are totally Lu Feng-dong, dong around 50, according to legend Yuwang for the city. Feng Fei Liu, such as silk, shade Qinglin, white foot of the mountain. There are preaching Shi Feng, engrave on the "fine" words.

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South Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Yuemiao located at the foot of the Nanyue Mountain District (formerly the town of Nanyue), which is the largest in South China's ancient palace-style buildings, the temple was built in the early years of the Tang Dynasty, and covers an area up to 98,500 square meters, is divided into nine into the main building, Followed by St. Paul, the ancient stage, is the door-chuan, Royal Beiting, Jiaying the door (to meet local officials in this Beijing officials came to inspect), Yu Shu floor, the main hall, the palace and the North back door.

Sheng Di, also known as Temple main hall, it is interesting that the Hall of the eight Taoist temple in the east and west and have just eight temples.
Every autumn, there must be large-scale traditional temple. Sit temple south, overlooking the North, Chidi pillow after the peak, about a body of water surrounded by wire network. The temple is dedicated to God is Shengdi Nanyue. The entire temple with a total area of 98,500 square meters, is divided into nine into the main building. The first satellite into the lattice to the door, with granite stone base of the article of St. Paul; into the second for Kuixing , The Court for the stage, hanging over a central wooden Youlong, life on the stage decorated eight immortals Jian plans to retain intact. Left with a drum-ting, a right-Zhong Ting, Ting Yuan Dynasty has a built-in cast iron bell jin 9000.

Portal degrade in a stage of the Tang Dynasty Han Yu wrote, "Ye Heng Yue Yue Miao Temple then places the gatehouse of the title" Poems; third Chuan is now the door; into the fourth for the Royal Beiting, with rehabilitation of the Southern Yue Miao large stone, the Qing Emperor Kangxi 1958 (1708 AD) legislation, erect in the stone turtle on Large jin 38,000; into the fifth for the door Jiaying , Was the capital to meet local officials before the Qing Yu Shi Yue official ceremony to the local god; into the sixth floor to Yushu, the Office for the history books Shengdi Nanyue into the seventh for the main hall for religious use Yandi, the resplendent, wood and stone structure, color glazed tile roof cover,

A little like the Imperial Palace in Beijing, Mountain is the highest of the largest temples, was built in 13 years Tang Kai-yuan (725 AD), after the repair of six, now into temples in the eight-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1 Year 82). Temple 72 feet high, where a total of 72 foreign-chu, a symbol of Mountain Peak 72; sleep is the eighth into the palace, built in the Northern Song Dynasty Xiang Fu large and medium-sized five-year (year 1012); into the ninth positive North Gate.

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Back to Yan Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Back to Yan Feng Nanyue 72 of the first peak. The ancients have always thought that, to the north of the Yan Nanfei great to be here no longer fly the South, only the spring of next year and then fly back to the North, named. Du Fu wrote on the "Wan Yan Hengyang, to the North this year." Yan Feng's return to the Mountain Gate is a stone of St. Paul, not far off the Mountain Gate after Ban Shanting, further Walk across the "ladder hundred steps" can arrive at the summit, a summit Yan Feng Temple. According to historical records, the temple was built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, when Emperor Wu said by Cloud Temple, Tang Yan Feng was renamed after the temple, with its anther Temple, Xi Chansi, also known as Luo Hansi Hengyang Zen Buddhist temple of the four, there is history Many monks have come to this Zen.

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Tibetan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyue away from the town about 10 km, is located under the peak Xiangguang. For the construction of the palace-style structure was built by the Southern Zen Master Hui Si, was built at the "Great Wisdom Buddhist temple," as a result of post-Ming Zhu Yuanzhang big thanks to a Tibetan store and changed its name here. Canon Hall of Wanli in the Ming fires were burning, and rebuild in 1936. Dianqian There are monuments of Hope, according to legend, such as common at night candle wildfire; also clear spring Yi Hong, Chen is a legend Houzhuaifei dressing up. Canon Hall is surrounded by the treasure-house of the original plants, there are some high-Er Zhang Yulan the tree, there are legendary money tree, even the arguments sticks, and Tilia Xiang, Du, Rhododendron, and other rare trees.

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Zhu Shengsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Shengsi located in the town of East Mountain, from the Southern Yue Miao Xu and a half years, six Buddhist Mountain is one of the jungle. Zhu Shengsi a total of five into the main building, divided into King Hall, Main Hall, said Hall, Room abbot, Rohan Hall. Monastery peak, had more than 1,000 monks live there. Magnificent temple architecture, elegant beauty of the environment, Ge Taixie everywhere, and embellishment which plants. Rohan Hall of the original Ocean's 500 statues, all engraved with Qingshi, embedded in the walls around, vivid, Nanyue culture is a pearl in the treasure house. Unfortunately, Shiniandongluan, Ocean's all destroyed, only 500 are like Ocean's Rubbings, on display at the temple of the Nanyue Painting Museum, visitors can watch. Tickets: 3 yuan.

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Ting view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jixian under a white peak Longtan, Ting has a view on the left side, which is located in a verdant hills, away from the town of Mountain Village II Xu, the festival is Ms. Wei and Jin Dynasty built 1300 years ago . Legend has it that Ms. Wei is one of the Taoist Nvxian her preferences at an early age Road, Xianshu admiration, after the White Mountain to Longtan Heart convent, met a god, was granted, "Ting supernatant by the interior." She continued to read out the 16-year-old, ruddy face has become, the girl looks like. In the 83-year-old birthday on that day night, she left Shengxian, emerged after the Queen Mother of the West, together with the management of Tiantai Mountain, Gou Hill, Wong Uk Shan, Cui Tai Shan Mountain and the Assembly of Immortals. Ms. Wei is also good at Law, "Holy Book" Wang is her students. By Wang's book, "Ting supernatant by the interior" as a gem of future generations. From the town of Mountain View to Ting, Weng Yu trees along the way, beautiful, white Longtan Ming-chuen, the more-money. Through the winding paths and stone stile, Ting browser concept, the first door "Gaoshanyangzhi" words, the entry - There are stone on the left leg, is a clean round on the right to "adequate open cents on" stone, is to go out "ceremony altar Doo," "Stone Formation," where there are rock tracks, is the remains of Ms. Wei Sheng Xian. Return leg through rock above, is the main hall, the door degrade "Ting concept of" words, the Court has hall Ms. Wei, Sui only two statues. Right wing have three or four years, for Sengdaoqinsi premises.

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Jiang will - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chenzhou more well-known scenic spots of the East are no more than the political arena, Yang Tianhu, Su Xianling, Flying Hill, but very few people will know that Jiang has long been known as "Little Guilin" of the scenic area.

  Jiang Yongxing Xian is located in scenic areas will be in the territory, from Chenzhou seat air-conditioned coach bus station just 6 yuan, the journey in about 1 hour The country is going, a good road conditions. Yong Xingxian 2 stay there, is a county government guest house, is another hotel (because no live, so do not remember the name), if only for a night or on the can. In fact, a good arrangement, the same day to return to Chenzhou.

  National Water Landscape - Jiang will, Shan-ching, Shuilv, the odd holes, Shi. Jiang Liangan will have the first cluster Tanzania's Danxia stone. Unusual, DANXIA of Tanzania uncommon hole, was at home and abroad steep Danxia landform expert Chan as the first Chinese. "As a result of the Changli" (Han Yu's original handwriting) Shek Pik carved Mount of Tan Shi Lang is even more away, Kai Xiasi people; 4000 hectares of land in Long Hua Shan Park, China's largest black hole Danxia Tan Tan temple Longhua Temple in the shade Bamboo Castle, Tan Huang Daming Si structure in the name Om sparkling above the resort of Villa Longhua term can be heartily Landscape, extremely happy, Danxia.

The longest of the narrowest part of the country, "Yi Xiantian" Nature's uncanny workmanship. "Yi Xiantian" spots, this is a surprisingly fun at it! Narrow Department had just left there a blow against our faces Liang Qi, to believe that summer, then the solution must be all of a sudden heat. Gradually started to go inside to find the fun here. This is basically because the natural Letter, which is why the only way to put a few bamboo as the right to the end-result of it. But because the water vapor inside the heavy, so it is very slippery bamboo, it is easy to wrestling. "Yixian Tian," about 200 meters, where the narrowest only about one in the past sideways or front can be affixed to the back of the past. The beautiful scenery and tourist attractions in adorned Jiang will be a colorful, dizzying. There are other attractions Jiuding Hill, 10 drum surface, the Millennium Guzhang, Eagles Hill, Southern Red Cliff, Xiangshan, Wuli Ping, Tan Shi Lang, Herbie Xian Shou, Yu Bi mountain, flying stone, and so on. Danxia landform of the National Tourism Development Research Association, Professor Huang Jin Zeng Jiang will visit this natural scenery Richter praise. Jiang that he will be as much as natural caves, deep caves, next to the hole honeycomb-wide distribution of Red Rock is the world's rare, the country's largest, most typical Danxia Scenic Area.

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Mang Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mang Shan, including the original Mang Shan dong, dong Li first, family dissolution and the Western Hills dong dong, dong 4 which is located in Hunan and Guangdong provinces of the border, Lin Jing-phase, linked by mountains and rivers, rock resistance in a deep valley, the vast Lin, Xian Yao situation has become Yao Han dynasties of the people and the birthplace of uprising base, but also repeated large number of troops Official suppression and massacre. Song Long-hing, 2002 ( 146), County Joint Li Yao Han people held uprising, has overcome Chenzhou, Guiyang, Ning, Guangdong even the state, Shao Zhou, the British state, Deqing, Zhaoqing, Hezhou of Guangxi, Wuzhou, and other counties, court An Fushi kung Liu Hunan were in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou Province, 5 officers and soldiers to suppress. The first year of roads ( 1165) in August, Li led his troops back Mang Shan Ho dong, as a result of his men mutiny CAO Yan, Li unfortunately killed. Yu Yao in the Department with the help of the people to sneak into the valley, the struggle.

  23 Wu Ming-hong (1390), Miao Tan should Fok, head, back-to Du Mang Shan-based leadership Guangdong borders of Miao, Yao and Han people in the uprising, the large number of troops sent to the Official Mangshan suppression, all 48 of the Cave Hill 18 Jiuxi Yao Miao have been bloody massacres "Zhengchao soldiers, after the death of ten people on June 7," the original Yao People live in sub-Ping fern, as a result of almost killing, and into the ruins, they said, "must-Ping" (a fern Ping, is to "Ze-Ping"). Ching Tak-ming first year (1506), Qiu county magistrate has been reported in detail Han Chao Ping boss, "Kou bandits", cultivated neglect rural people move from Jiangxia Huang Fu, Yao Zhao were only mountain-top for 58 Mang Shan Yao Liang Shi, Yao has since been Mang move into the mountains, where a growing account. Masanori Year (15 10), Chen Gui garrison by the Department of State moved to Guiyang Yizhang, 2, 7 and anti-county, after the 8 by the county and the people from Xian Yao Yao Tong Mountain Creek pass, setting up post, fort, camp, Secretary Tong, troops stationed. Ching Tak 12 (15 17), Mang Shan, Western Hills, first-Mikasa Yao GONG Fu-wide leader, Li Bin, Liang Bogui, Yang Yan-rate Guangdong, Hunan border Yao Han peasant uprising, four attacks, capture counties. Qin Yu Shi Zhao Tingpai all gold, Wang Shou-ren ask the mobilization of Hunan and Jiangxi, Jiangxi, Guangdong Province, Guan Jun 3, and local armed campaign together, Zhuizhi Mang Shan, Zhai Shan-breaking 90, more than 3,000 prisoners Yi-Jun, Gong The whole, Li Bin, and other captured were killed, Yao Han people were once again brutally killed and looted. King of Qin Yao implemented after the first search-and-destroy, destroy ask both the policy and sent thousands of long Zou, Ding Shou-Chun Chang-sun, Hwang Chang-Chun Tai Shou-Luoshan, Liu Chun Chang Shou-shan ivory. Chongzhen nine years (16 36), Pro (Wu) Blue (Hill) mine Uprising link Yizhang County in Guangdong and Jiufeng Yao, "Xiao Ju million dollars", opening the poor, Yao Han unity of the people fighting, the first Chen Ke (state) Guangxi (Yang), following grams of Hengyang, Changsha, Guangdong and Jiangxi into the North, Zhao Tingpai Hunan, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi Province, 4 strength, the build-up Yizhang, Mangshan attack, with soldiers surround, but the people of the Han Jian Yao Indomitable, "officials have 10,000 soldiers, I have the mountains, I go to the enemy, the enemy I have to" operational policy, the fight continued up to 4 years. "Junji-ching 2002 (1645), Cao Zhi Jian Ming Fu Zongbing more than 10,000 soldiers Commission, a four-year winter by Jin Chao Ning, rehabilitation, according to Chen. Five years, according to customs dragon and tiger. Claiming to be Duke Value-for-appointed, Yong, Chen, Gui the official. Six years, screwed County, the taking of yellow sand, fence Lei II fort, killing more than Liuzei badly injured. Mang Shan Qing's Wai Ping-fern, to make food, the Jin Jian. "County study was of the view that the Department of Cao Zhi Jian Li impostor, the" Mang Shan Li died, "said. Li's home Die-Hill, Shek Mun, and so that the increase for the second-Hill, Shek Mun, Mangshan three said that the domestic historians have triumphantly time, many experts and scholars to Mangshan tracking survey. 11 years light (18 31) December, the head of Jiang Hua Jin-Long Zhao Yao uprising in Kam Tin, Mang Shan Yao most of the people to participate, Grams of the Blue Mountains, Jiang Hua county, Changde killed and admirals Hailing A Baoqing Society Ma Tao. March the following year, Roth cited Huguang admirals, Guizhou admirals Guan Jun Yu Buyun rate of repression, the failure of the uprising, most of the rebel army officers and soldiers hidden in the evacuation of Mang Shan. Xianfeng the first year (18 51) Chuqi August, the women leaders in the Shaw Wang Mang Lau Tong Wan-day, Tong Fong Ling to mobilize people and killed one garrison Official Zhao Hongbin, Zhang Lingyun thousand of the total gross Towey, the additional 1 Bingding and 11 of its sonic booms court, not a few days Official backlash crazy to send more troops, the Wang Unfortunately, Shaw captured the murder. Since then, Bingshi after another, often to Guanjun Mang Shan Jin Jiao, Hunan Luo Bingzhang to ask Mang Shan Xianyao situation, as the special zone, militia supervision, 000 Mission Wing, all the people of Yao dong only 400 households, the Office of Mission Yang burden on the people. In time, the official looting gangs frequently Mang Shan, often war. Mang Shan Paradise Bay, Ho, Xie, Yuan Ling, the village south gate, Xiao Huang family was anti-bandit Torn, the man who killed Yao people, burning houses, abducted Rending, looting property. Mang Shan Chuang Fu Wing Mission, raise the standing of 20 soldiers, soldiers prepared to 40, soldiers of all expenses

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Jiu Yishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuyi Shan Ning Yuanxian located south of 60, are renowned for their unique scenery, strange cave, ancient cultural relics, the legend of the beautiful, famous and fascinating.

  Jiuyi Shan, also known as cangwu Hill. "Five Emperors of this discipline Historical Records": "The collapse in the southern sun cangwu the field, buried in nine southern Yi." "Shui Jing Zhu" : "Cangwu the wild, show several Shao Feng, Luo Yan Jiufeng, a river guide, Xiu sink negative resistance, the range varies with the situation. You are suspected Yan, Gu Yue: Jiuyi Shan."

  Legend, after the death of Shun, the Princess Royal-e-British woman came to look for thousands of miles away, back and Xiaoshui, the size of the trees along the river and under; Jiufeng due to the similar, it is Confusion, without see the end. Jiu Yishan, stands Jiufeng, Shun Yuan-feng in the middle, Wong E, F and Britain, Guilin, Qi Lin, Shi domain, stone floor, Zhu, Xiao-Feng Shao eight, where they stand, as Zhongxinggongyue, surrounded by Shunyuan a peak, leaned in closely on both sides of the E and F Wong Fung-ying feng, in particular the end Zhuang Xiuli, Enaduozi. Shun Yuan-feng board, the Jimuyuantiao, mountains and vast, rolling, as thousands of vessels from the Pentium, can not help but be reminded of the "Wan-li Jiang Shan Yi nine" lines. Shun Yuan-feng, a sun temple, green glazed tile walls in the shade tree leaves, Han Song Bo towering, incense cedar Xiuzhu lush green. Stele forest, a very historic .

  Poetry adage goes: "Huang Wanli his house, Pi-ling sent future. Mo Shan Temple too cold, heart-order side, said soil, wood and stone even when, Letters to the deep hate. Micro-pine smell, playfully busy tone Feng Yi . "Convened here to do from nine secondary schools and Yi Jiu Yishan College, studying the acoustic sound of loud reading, in place of the ancient sound of the wooden fish Jiuyi Shan added to the angry.

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Flying Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Flying Chenzhou Danxia Hill - cave Geopark is located in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province Suxian district in the territory 18 kilometers away from the urban area with a total area of 110 square kilometers. Convenient sea and land transport, the Jing-Guang Railroad double-track railway, the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, national highway 107 and will play a supporting role, Chen Jiang, this convergence of the East River, forming the southern renowned landscape Jiang Cui .

Valley Scenic Area as a whole by 48, 9 Chai, Tan 4, Temple 3, River 2, 1 Stephen constituted to Dan Bao Zhai featuring rock, wearing a tan, for the rare caves, hot springs Bijiang as a link to the history of vein stone HANGING COFFIN , The set mountain, water, forest, holes, the Buddha as one, hung together, extraordinary and dangerous show, for a skillfully. 2001 Ministry of Land and Resources Tian Shan was named Danxia - cave types of geological parks.

  Flying Hill has been known for a long time, travelers have praised Xu Flying Hill "is not even the tiniest fraction-li, no mountain is not surprising" and inscribed "single inch of beauty." Habitat connected to the Peak District, vertical and horizontal gully, mountain water around the ring, Tan Chai scattered, Skillfully crafted, such as Office, representing; Department as the grand born Heng Kong, Top Gun. Jiang Cui style with scenic Lijiang River comparable to that enjoyed by "small Guilin" reputation. Two rocks along the river, "Cui Danxia break away, the overhead rock to come." Jiang Shun drift all the way, only Dan Feng Lin, Hongyan green water, rocks You Dong, Furuki Tucui, Zhuhai Mang. Green leaves throughout the year, three quarters of flowers, rare are ready, "four out of Castle Peak Ping", "full of vegetation spend Spring" Danxia the wonderful landscape.

"Danxia the first hole" - and Tanzania, covering an area of 5000 square meters; "the door the best in the world - natural stone bridge, 35 meters high doors, the span of 95 meters, Arch, hanging hole, cliffs Pro-yuan, the winter heating hole cool summer, very quiet, large scale, the momentum of the grand, Danxia landform of China's rare, Flying Hill is a must. Lei Yue Mun in the area around the Walled steep cliff, and the sky Furuki, surrounded by shrubs, Autumn Danfeng draw ten gallery, so beautiful. As more similar to Our Lady of the source of life-and-yin and yang, life. Hua Yan million in the territory of cave is about 9 km, inside the cave, there are 13 characteristics of the hall, the largest with a capacity of thousands of people. Stephen has outside, inside the cave, there are days, there are hole-hole, a hole river inside the cave, diverse types of calcium deposition, Ishida, stalagmite and stalactite, stone , Shiman, stone curtain over, different patterns, the Meteorology Series, in particular the "crystal water cone" (the world's first found quadratic natural Qi Bao, and the other in the United States) and "stone eggs shoots Health" (the world's first Found time), as can be karst caves in the singular treasures.

Cave of the United States team has praised the "Hua Yan Wan" Holes with any one of the world's most magnificent caverns of the match. In addition Flying Cliff Hill stone, stone, HANGING COFFIN millennium, the ancient remains of the battlefield, south of the Yangtze River in the first flight of the murals, such as mysterious traces the history of Code and rich cultural as well as unique folk customs vary with different here Shan, water the United States, Shi Qi, You-hole, 10,000 kinds of style Natural scenery each other.
Flying Danxia Hill - National Geopark is the cave's unique landscape, for a well-deserved national geological park of the treasure, is both a leisure resort of eco-tourist destination, but also to learn popular science and scientific research of the natural classroom, or folk customs, history and culture The museum. "Tsui Tour landscape painting, Flying Danxia remain in the hearts. "Currently, has launched the" Flying Xia Lu "green tourism, this picturesque scenery, the service at home, China Ming-yang, good reputation overseas.

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North Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North Lake Park is located in Chenzhou City, is an elegant and unique urban park, founded in 1975, covers an area of 31.6 hectares, for the northern part of the large surface area of 12.47 hectares.

  Qingping habitats such as water, An Liu trip. At night, the moonlight Shui-Guang, picturesque reflection, the "North Lake Water The said Yang Chen praised as one of the Ancient Eight. North Lake Park also be named.

  Park master plan in accordance with the basic formation of a quiet rest area, children's activities area, young people and entertainment district, Lakes, nursery production and administrative functions of the six geographical zones. Park for the southern half of the camphor tree and forest green In the playground, has symbolic of the "Long March" line, "iron chain bridge," and "Snow" and "grass" is now no longer in front, also has a roller skating field, controlled aircraft, large-scale slides and other entertainment Facilities, and North Lake has a moon in the water, fish fork Pavilion, Tse Ming-fang, Europe and Thailand, and other theme park attractions and more than 20 garden .

  North Lake Park North Lake of the total surface of the total area of more than 30%. "North Lake Moon Water" has attracted seekers can explore history. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu eight Chenzhou pass. Tang Zhen 21 million (805), Guangdong Han Yu from the Yangshan standby to Chenzhou, Chenzhou and the provincial governor Li Bokang boating Lake Fork fish for the music, poetic inspiration to write a big fat famous "fish fork spring wide shore, and in the Zhongxiao" poem.

  North Lake Park has become a quiet environment, the ages, has a certain size and strength of a comprehensive modern mass culture, entertainment, places of rest.

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Chenzhou travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chenzhou has a long history goes back to ancient times. "Chen" as early as the Qin Dynasty found in the books, meaning the forest of cities. Han, the first emperor Liu Bang home Guiyang County, Chenzhou in Junzhi Since then, the South has become the city of Chenzhou, southern Hunan economic, political and cultural center. Chenzhou important because of its geographical location, has always been soldiers Vital importance: historical records, Emperor Tu Yi Xiang Yu had to Chen, Zhao Zilong World War II had Guiyang County, Chenzhou Hong troops have been. At the same time, Chenzhou also won favor seekers can explore, Tang and Song Dynasty scholar Wang Changling, Du Fu, Han Yu, Liu Yuxi, such as Qinshao You are here to stay well-known poems. A long history and brilliant Culture, to bring a large number of Chenzhou's heritage: a Chenzhou known as "the world is the 18th blessed," Su Xianling, beautiful scenery and the 200 in the "Southern Hunan Dongting" - East political arena, known as the "second Xishuangbanna" Mang Mountain Forest Park. There is also justice Mausoleum, in commemoration of the uprising Shonan human landscape, and so on. Chenzhou is rich in resources, known as "China's rural non-ferrous metals", "key forest areas of the South", "Hunan energy base." The city has proved a variety of metal more than 70 kinds of mineral 7, non-ferrous metal reserves in Hunan province's total reserves, accounting for two-thirds. One tungsten, bismuth, molybdenum reserves in the nation First, tin and zinc reserves, ranking third, fourth. Shizhuyuan polymetallic ore in the world known as the "Museum of non-ferrous metals." In addition, the graphite reserves in the region accounting for more than half of the reserves, coal reserves (8.12? Million tons), accounting for one-fourth of the province's reserves. ? The city's rich water resources, water theory 1,510,000 kilowatt reserves, the development of 1,385,000 kilowatt capacity, has developed 1,050,000 kilowatts.

  The city's forest coverage rate reached 59.1 percent,? Southern China is a natural treasure-house of the green. Yizhang County Mangshan 10 million times the original forest flora and fauna of North and South China is to bring together, as Xishuangbanna in the second, "is now a state-level forest park. Chenzhou is particularly rich in tourism resources, the odd collection, insurance, the show, the United States, in one quiet, the Department of mountains, water, hole, hole, the heat in one city," the world is the 10th Eight blessed, "Su Xianling," Cave of the world wonders, "Hua Yan million, 8,200,000,000 cubic meters of water," southern Dongting "East Lake, "China's eco-tourism in the first drift," the East River rafting and so on.

  Chenzhou is a multi-ethnic area, Han, Yao, Mongolia, She, Hui, Tibetan, Uygur, Miao, Yi, Zhuang, Buyi, Korean, Manchu, Dong, Bai, Tujia, Hani, Dai, Li, mountains, water, the East , Naxi, Kirgiz, , Mulao, Gelo, and other 27 ethnic. In the long-term social development, Chenzhou has developed a unique culture and the arts and traditional customs. Is still the most widely circulated Drama: Opera, opera Qi, Beijing opera, Shaoxing opera, drama Flower Drum, lantern show, acrobatics shadow play and so on.

  Chenzhou is the north-south cross - Strategic location, convenient transportation, advanced communications. Jing-Guang Railroad, 107 National Highway, 106 National Highway, the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway running through the whole territory. Program-controlled telephones, wireless communications, video conferencing phones and other modern communication network complete.

  Since the founding of New China, especially the reform and opening-up and removed more than 20 years to build Since the Chenzhou economic construction and social development has made enormous changes. To the end of 2000, the city's gross domestic product amounted to 25,625,000,000 yuan, ranking No. 8 in Hunan Province; fiscal revenues 1,682,000,000 yuan,? One of the local revenue of 1,338,000,000 yuan, ranking No. 3 in Hunan Province;? City Residents per capita disposable income of 5871 yuan for rural residents per capita net income of 2430 yuan. Has been the city's 4 counties (cities, districts) of 176 township (town) to achieve a well-off standard; built in metallurgy, electric power, coal, building materials, chemicals, machinery, food products, tobacco, textile, paper-based industries such as the 10 , The New industries and high-tech industry continue to rise in local industrial structure.

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Folk culture pedestrian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Folk culture with its pedestrian style of the ancients, as well as the characteristics of the position as a tourist attraction, gradually revealing the enormous business opportunities for foreign business people here are very positive about. From the insurance business for eight years Yuxi signed a 14-year window-dressing 3 lease contract, with a total area of 1,000 square meters, used clothing brand. In an interview with mining Said: "The city folk culture to the east so that the pedestrian sitting on the unique geographical advantage, and shops designed for a variety of commercial uses, together with the surrounding residential area continue to mature, and its huge potential and bright prospects for appreciation clearly visible, I regard it as a long-term investment to consider. "

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Temple Baogai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Shaoxing 2008 (1138) established the "Temple Baogai" is permitted for the 1980 renewal. Between the rock wall on the eastern side of a small hole, "Xiu-dong." There are two points on the west side, a "rock relic," Qing Emperor Kangxi for years, the ashes monk tower, with red stone in the construction of two-or three-storey pavilion-style Muta Block 10; Tazuo Carved crane, unicorn, flowers, such as design, elegance generous, and engrave the names of the deceased, birth date, curriculum vitae, and other teachers. A "barn rock", the Department of grain storage by the monks. Under the Five Dynasties Wang Min Wang Zhi-trial to send the market naturalized guard (this Taining) Tomb fu Zou Yong general. The mountains around here, Takahiro You Sui, only Yan Bi Zaocheng viable path, Xianyao terrain. SONG Qing Yuan 2002 (1196)-long champion Zou should have a poem: "Su-rock about a Sri Lankan, a morning practice League; road from the branch into the stream, in mid-air line; Rushuang June designate, 4:00 long rain; would like to Rongxi seeking, I have a Floating Life. "

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Temple Shishuang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shishuang Temple is located in the city of Liuyang in Hunan Province Rural King Kong Shuanghua Stone Village in the mountains, away from the urban Wa Lane 70. Liu Cueifong before, Seiran rain and fog, Moon Chun-hua, the Meteorology Series; Fengxiang after the peak, the Youth Pre-employment Zhuangruo Phoenix. Lions left their home-feng, Wang Feng as the right of abode, like a lion as Menting protect. Siyu ride south, depending on the hillside at the steps Building, covering an area of 3600 square meters for the well-known Zen from the forest, has a history of more than 1000. Shishuang Temple was founded in Tang Xizong (874-888 years) during the Qing from the hands of salmonella. As early as the Tang Dynasty, it would court Raritan name, the sound of moving Gongqing. If after Chu Yuan, will, and so on Huinan Mingseng come forth in large numbers, were to become Rinzai Yang Huanglong faction and the faction Zuting common in China and Japan in the history of Zen Buddhism, have an extremely important position. Zhu Qing Zen master, "Five million Lantern" Chuan, Su Xing Chen, Xin Gan Lu-ling (now Prefecture, Jiangxi Province Qingjiang), thanks to Shao Shi Luan Buddhist monks. Wei Ling for the beginning of the visit of Mary Help of Christians in India close in the first temple when the meter. After my Road to Hill Road Wuzong visit by Wu-chi. Later, he was the Mountain good price appreciation, which became famous when the abbot of the monastery, the Church said. Zhu Qing Shi Shuang Home Temple 30, up more than a thousand monks followers, of which nearly 800 people bent on Zen, does not take long bed, the strain of If Wu Yi, who was known as the "Zen dead wood" fame far, been at the time Dili Esteem. Tang Xizong Ziyi sent his thanks to his speech from Kennedy; after the temple was built by Peixiu supervision, Ci Ming, "Chong Sheng Buddhist temple." Xi were the third son is here monks, Fa Hao Wen Pu, to go after Hill open method, known as the "Dragon Lake Zen master" and a generation Mingseng. Qing Zhu Xi died in four years, says, S & P, will be master of the Temple built in the northwest tower. Tang Shi Shuang magnificent temple architecture, solemn Buddha. Temple Xiucheng, the court has given field incense, filling in the temple funds. At that time, the beautiful Shi Shuang, a lot of monuments. "Eight" pan thousand monks, million-bed, ivory towards Wat, Sha founder, the Buddhist monk's staff, Yan Chi Bao, dead wood , Zi Mingzhong. "Eight" Pa-Hu Quan, vinegar, salt wells, flying tower, sun fairy shoes, playing chess Shan Ren, immortal push a grinder, Ta Kwu Ling, plunging water. In addition, the Temple there are many myths and legends in the vicinity, quite interesting. River meet, the fairy chair, launched in stone, stone Muyu, Guan Gong bridge, stone chessboard, the song lead the way, Prince Edward And so on, all according to nature, Li Ming free and attractive.

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