Thursday, January 15, 2009

Longquan Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Jiajie water characteristics unique to Longquan the most famous waterfall. Longquan Bai Yumi falls from the high cliff on the mist was falling at 55 meters high, there are 3 outstanding Shek Pik, like dragon-shaped, spring into the air after falling in different directions, forming along the Shek Pik trickle, and then from 25 meters Shidongkou flow to form a curtain, Green into the bottom of the pool, beautiful magic, known as "the best in the world odd waterfall."

  Longquan River at the end of a cliff high since more than rice, spring water from the cliff Fei Xie, mist was falling bottom to form a waterfall. 80 m high waterfall, at 5 meters wide, 15 meters wide under. Left cliff 55 meters high, there are 3 rocks convex Shek Pik, and its spring water fall, the formation of smog, water vapor Yinyun.

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