Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jiu Yishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuyi Shan Ning Yuanxian located south of 60, are renowned for their unique scenery, strange cave, ancient cultural relics, the legend of the beautiful, famous and fascinating.

  Jiuyi Shan, also known as cangwu Hill. "Five Emperors of this discipline Historical Records": "The collapse in the southern sun cangwu the field, buried in nine southern Yi." "Shui Jing Zhu" : "Cangwu the wild, show several Shao Feng, Luo Yan Jiufeng, a river guide, Xiu sink negative resistance, the range varies with the situation. You are suspected Yan, Gu Yue: Jiuyi Shan."

  Legend, after the death of Shun, the Princess Royal-e-British woman came to look for thousands of miles away, back and Xiaoshui, the size of the trees along the river and under; Jiufeng due to the similar, it is Confusion, without see the end. Jiu Yishan, stands Jiufeng, Shun Yuan-feng in the middle, Wong E, F and Britain, Guilin, Qi Lin, Shi domain, stone floor, Zhu, Xiao-Feng Shao eight, where they stand, as Zhongxinggongyue, surrounded by Shunyuan a peak, leaned in closely on both sides of the E and F Wong Fung-ying feng, in particular the end Zhuang Xiuli, Enaduozi. Shun Yuan-feng board, the Jimuyuantiao, mountains and vast, rolling, as thousands of vessels from the Pentium, can not help but be reminded of the "Wan-li Jiang Shan Yi nine" lines. Shun Yuan-feng, a sun temple, green glazed tile walls in the shade tree leaves, Han Song Bo towering, incense cedar Xiuzhu lush green. Stele forest, a very historic .

  Poetry adage goes: "Huang Wanli his house, Pi-ling sent future. Mo Shan Temple too cold, heart-order side, said soil, wood and stone even when, Letters to the deep hate. Micro-pine smell, playfully busy tone Feng Yi . "Convened here to do from nine secondary schools and Yi Jiu Yishan College, studying the acoustic sound of loud reading, in place of the ancient sound of the wooden fish Jiuyi Shan added to the angry.

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