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Jingpohu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jingpohu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jingpohu the city of Mudanjiang is located in the southwest, with a total area of 1200 square kilometers. China is the North's scenic and well-known summer resort, known as "the North West."







  In fact, was the end of Jingpohu Danjiang the upper reaches of the ancient river, about 10,000 years ago with the volcanic eruption, forming the largest mountain in China Landslide Lake. Jingpohu 45 km long from north to south, east widest point 6 km, is a long and narrow shape of the mountain Landslide Lake, which is about 10,000 years ago, volcanic eruption, lava flow, cut and shaped to Mudanjiang Lake. Lake 350 meters above sea level, more than 60 meters deep in the most shallow Department only 1 meter. The water about 90 square kilometers and a capacity of about 1,600,000,000 cubic meters of water.






  Here elegant environment, Quiet, beautiful natural scenery, this is the Jingpohu Yourenzhichu. In the peninsula on the north shore of the lake, there are some unique construction of tourism facilities and a small villa, which is Jingpohu tour of the center Jingbo Villa. In addition to Villa Jingbo, the whole very few buildings around the lake, only the mountains and verdant forests, was One of the beautiful natural scenery, which is the Jingpohu Yourenzhichu.







  The beautiful Jingpohu Cui Wanru a dazzling pearl inlaid in the North reins of the motherland, it's a unique and simple Wu Hua World-famous natural beauty, attracting a growing number of visitors at home and abroad.







Jingpohu, said the history of Abu Lake, also known as Abu Long Lake, after the call Gimhae Seoul, the first year of Kaiyuan Xuanzong ( 713 million years), said Hu Hai Khan, Ming-calls until Jingpohu, known as the Qing Dynasty, Tang Bilbao Lake. Jingpohu still known today, which means Qingping as a mirror.







  Jingbo Lake in Heilongjiang Province is located in the southeast before Zhang Ling and Ling God, that is, Ningan Shi, 50 kilometers south-west, 110 kilometers away from Mudanjiang, which is about 10,000 years ago, around the middle and late Quaternary volcanic eruptions, basaltic magma plug Mudanjiang Road, formed by volcanic lava weir Cypriot lake. The average lake depth of 40 meters from south to north gradually increase the depth of up to 62 , Who longitudinal Lake 50 km long, 9 km widest point, the narrowest point dry season is also 300 meters, the whole lake is divided into North Lake, China Lake, Lake and four lakes on the lake with a total area of 90.3 square kilometers. From the southwest to northeast direction, the twists and turns, was S-type, multi-shore of Lake Harbor, large and small islands spread all over the lake, and Eight well-known lake is as if King 8 brilliant pearl inlaid in the green leaves floating in the ribbon on.

  This is the most famous King of Eight - suspended floor, water falls, Dagushan, Xiaogushan, in Baishilazi, wall-La, the pearl door, priests and the old cerro partridge-La. Jingpohu original natural, odd charm . Fu Shan heavy water, its winding streets. The Legend of moving, which is more in the north of the lake, added a magical color.







  In the peninsula on the north shore of the lake, there are a number of small villas and tourist facilities, that is, mirror Tour Center Jingbo Lake Villa. In addition to Villa Jingbo, the whole very few buildings around the lake, only the mountains and verdant forests, has one of the beautiful natural scenery, which is the Jingpohu Yourenzhichu. The Hill Jingbo in view of the above, only the deep blue lake, to show the horizon, such as a flat mirror. The main attractions are Jingpohu Dagushan, Xiaogushan, in Baishilazi, wall-La, the pearl door, Taoist mountain, suspended floor, water falls, the "underground forest".

  House falls in the water hanging mirror Villa northwest side, there is a dam, water washed down from the dam, a drop of about 20 meters, 40 meters wide waterfall, the lake spilled into the Mudanjiang from here, the lake and Fei Xie, a red from whitecaps, sound If the thunder. A chain fence and pavilion for visitors to stand above the shore falls Guanbao.

  " Under the Forest "Jingpohu in the northeast, near the small North Lake, a 20 km long section areas Zoster. Here from the northwest to the southeast of the order of seven crater, which has been covered with trees, this is the" underground forest. "

  Jingpohu hundred miles long lake, the mountains there are lakes, Lake in the island: there is great momentum imposing Hill; there is an exquisitely delicate pearl door; Xingshenjianbei have the Taoist mountain, In addition, the entire area was also suspended from the floor, water falls, the wall-La, the son of Lao Guala, underground lava tunnels, "underground forest", the Bohai Sea State in the Tang Dynasty Beijing Longquan Government sites such as the composition of the scenic spots. Jingpohu its unique charm, attracting a large number of Customer and people come to study science.

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Wei Hushan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wei Hushan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wei Hushan Forest Park in the spring beautiful, pure white snow of winter, Lin vast, roaring tigers, the Great Wall Weiwei. Roll drag grass flowers along the mountain road, climbing up the back like a tiger tiger Granville peak, the mountains look South, North visions Jiangchuan, head swim chi pregnant, thousands of reverie. If in the summer, before Yamahana romantic, soft and thick grass at the foot of Jade. Ear Ming-chuen, singing, who are relaxed and happy to board.





Wei Hushan is for the wonders of the North, natural, "Giant Tiger," more than 400 meters long, 60 meters high, Fuwo in the mountains of Britain, was ready to take on the shape and form of their life, their God-dimensional Miao Xiao, is impressive for the Seven Wonders of nature.

Wei Hushan the Great Wall is a feat of contemporary people, riding it cross-Ling Feng, grounding loud, but not both, such as the meandering of Cang Long, dance in between the mountains, go to Lin Song-way. The project's scale, the momentum of Bang Bo, known as "up to Di Erba . "Temporary look of the Great Wall, ancient and modern overview of not only the feelings of the magnificent mountains and rivers, caused Sigu of exquisite feelings.

Summer shade trees along the mountain path of flickered Yamahana, climbed up the back like a tiger tiger Granville peak, looking down at the foot Yamahana in full bloom, green grass, tit Timing, Stephen pleasant voice; Station Peak, the mountains look South, North Jiangchuan visions, Yu Chi Pin Head, Liao Dunjue world wide, it is God Qi Shuang-ching, Xiasi million.






When the cold winter season, snow hugging the earth, easy to heaven and earth colors, "Yin Yi Shan dance, Chi wax, "Wei Hushan enchanting scene in the forest park, thousands of miles of ice season," Hill million Hong Bian, storied dye to make "the poetic, into the white world view of the photo. Weihu Shan into the pine , Takan frosted leaves, look for the Office of Wei, Wei-dong, nipple Hill, Hu Xian-dong, Talon ... ... will peak flu To the north of Sichuan with the magnificent splendor.

New and exciting snow sports, winter is a major amusement park project. Talon Peak Resort, the resort Wei-feng tiger, mountain cable car, high-speed slide, the mountain ice-skating rinks, the ice stadium, the forest hunting and fighting range, archery range, race track, so are its unique charm Passengers away. Here in Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski slope, snow mountain, snow gully, high-speed sled, fun ice hockey, skating, snow-volt fun, shooting the snow, snow football, many tricks, Fun for all.

Wei Hushan Forest Park, set for sightseeing and entertainment catering to a . There are Park Hotel, hotels, villas, houses the couple, high, medium and low-grade 53 rooms, with more than 200 accommodation can also receive travel team, Shou Dan wedding and meetings and other activities. Park also prepared a song and dance halls, swimming pools, reservoirs, roller skating game, Chess Room, ball games and other entertainment room Shi. Here is entirely possible to put aside secular trouble. To enjoy some relaxation of tension clear Fatigue and nerves. In order to meet the needs of travel enthusiasts, the park was established tourist resort club member to participate in regular summer camps, winter camps, Spring, Qiuyou, skiing, climbing, climbing cliffs and so on a variety of topics live .

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Lava Tunnel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lava Tunnel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Underground forest some 13 km south-east, there are several rare at home and abroad, "lava tunnel," added to the Jingpohu on a mysterious color. According to the scientists speculate, "lava tunnel" is the first time since the 4000-8000 years ago when volcanic eruptions formed, much like the face of Guangxi and Guilin Limestone Karst of the "cave", but there are essential differences with the cave.

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Bohai State in the Tang Dynasty Longquan Beijing government sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bohai State in the Tang Dynasty Longquan Beijing government sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jingpohu site at the northeast banks of Mudanjiang. States in the Bohai Sea is China's Tang Dynasty in the Northeast as the mainstay of the establishment of "Hai Dong Sheng", the beginning of the "shock", later renamed the "Bohai State." KMT-CPC set up the Bohai Sea, "the five Beijing." "Beijing" that is, its capital, and the establishment of its full size of the Tang Dynasty are Chang'an City, into a little rectangle, and the city City sets, especially the city, inside the city and Miyagi (Forbidden City) consists of three parts, have elapsed since the millennium.

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Xiaogushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Upstream from Dagushan, appeared on the surface of a hedgehog-like small reef Hill, which is Xiaogushan. Xiaogushan crust is broken after the debris left behind, slim, sleek, like bonsai, the G-8 is in King's products, the more beautiful decorative Lakes region.

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Baishilazi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baishilazi at Jingpohu side, there are two prominent steep Shek Pik Lake, the water-line, high sky, a magnificent, green mountains and blue waters phase, Poxiang a landscape painting.

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Mudanjiang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Jiangnan, the old landscape has been thoroughly. Sunrise Flaming Red River, Spring blue river, such as Green - Cherish the Memory of Jiangnan can not!" Po Chu of a "Cherish the Memory of Jiangnan", which has caused the number of people on the southern yearning for the infinite. Several people may know, is located in the Wandashan connections Changbai Mountain Dong Lu Ling Zhang was among the Mudanjiang City, was a "River north of the Great Wall "The reputation of the north is the famous" land of fish and rice. "

  Mudanjiang-rich, natural scenery, is China - the North, "a paradise on earth", are on the ancient "Paradise", under "Jervois" said. Today, as its full Mudanjiang Li's landscape, beautiful scenery, rich treasures, you also denied that northern China's Mudanjiang is "a paradise on earth"?

  Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang is located in the southeast, located in China, Russia, North Korea encircled the country's "Golden Triangle" in the hinterland, with its unique tourism resources and well-known. Mudanjiang City, as a result of Mudanjiang through the urban area got its name from the city surrounded by mountains, the central level, is a natural basin. Located in the mid-latitude, continental climate and the monsoon climate, as a result of the Sea of Japan before the close, the maritime climate, although located in the "Great Northern Wilderness", but to "force Jiangnan "in the world. Landslide Lake, the world's largest mountain - it Jingpohu the city of Mudanjiang is located in the southwest.

  Mudanjiang City, is a beautiful tourist city. At present, the development and utilization of the major historical sites and scenic spots there are human crater National Forest Park, the country moranbong Sen Nature reserves and national parks, ski Moranbong, and eight women voted to commemorate Jiang's statue, the river-Gantt Siberian tiger farms, Wei Hushan to watch Tiger Park, Lotus Lake, and so on more than 30 offices, of which 110 km away from Mudanjiang of Jingbo Lake, China's largest volcanic lava Landslide Lake, the provincial tourism resort. Unique tourism resources, making it the southeastern part of Heilongjiang Province, a major city. Tourist attractions include: state-level scenic spots Jingpohu; city and Pong moranbong according to the nature reserve; located in the northwest Jingpohu 30 kilometers underground forest; has 1,200 years of history in the Tang Dynasty in the Bohai Sea States Site; there Jiang Lu Dao in the transfer take a look at the birds, which are beyond the Great Wall added Jiangnan magnificent picture.


  In the past, Japan had been the aggressor in the city will fight the Soviet Union as a bridgehead; incorporation of the Kuomintang reactionaries and the many bandits in the looting, burning, killing, fish ... The people ... and eight women to vote on Jiang's tragic history took place here.

  Now, from Mudanjiang City to become a consumer has a comprehensive basis for the emerging industrial city. The industrial progress, led to the development of the Mudanjiang city.

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Sanjiang Plain sites during the Han, Wei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanjiang Plain during the Han, Wei and the site is located in the city of Jiamusi in Heilongjiang Province, and the city of Shuangyashan Baoqing, friendship, Fujin, and other cities and counties, is the Han, Wei period of the site.

According to the defense whether or installations will be divided into "city" and "sites" categories. One of the city was mostly mountainous city, the plain little city, the city is 1-4 ranging from the wall. In addition to the sites of different specifications of the site live, there are religious sites, defense sites and sites such as look-out.

  The more important sites include the site of the ancient city of Fortress Hill, the site Xinglongshan group, the Big Dipper, and so on the altar site. Big Dipper which is the site of the altar so far for the Chinese For the first time found that the astronomical constellation to build a layout, the ancient city.

  Fortress Hill and the site of the altar site Big Dipper, is the Sanjiang Plain during the Han, Wei Dongyi the main indicator of national culture and at the same time, including Taoism, the Chinese civilization at that time has spread to the northern remote.

Sanjiang Plain sites during the Han, Wei, the distribution of dense, intact, the type of rich, and even at home around the world are rare, the study of ancient history in the Northeast, the north-eastern border with the Central Plains, as well as the history of relations plays an important role.

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Mang, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan Old City Station - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang, Wusuli River Delta fuyuan Department convergence in the northwest of the top of Baishan, in the northwest to the town of Fuyuan, Heilongjiang water to the north linger. Ming Dynasty, in order to implement the jurisdiction of the Northeast, the city set up stations, Mang, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan is the Old City Station, "Hercynian East Point City the land and sea," the city of the 10th. According to the mountain wall and building. Until the Linjiang Steep cliffs, in a northeast to the southwest of irregular rectangle, about 925 meters weeks, the residual high walls 0.6-2 m, only a wall outside a nursing Cheng Hao. Known as the "mountain city Chengzi Hill."

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Wofo Ski Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wofo Ski Resort is located in about six years ago, Qibaiwannian the former site of the ancient crater zone group from the provincial capital Harbin travel to ski only about two hours, with a total area of 128 hectares. Gaoshanjunling Linhaixueyuan constitute the vast and unique here in the north of the scenery.

Jiamusi Buddhism is the size of the Ski Resort of Heilongjiang Province in the eastern part of a larger resort, rapid communications, supporting the overall service facilities, self-contained resort, is a set of ski tourism, summer tourism, leisure holiday as one of the Four Seasons resort.

  Wofo Ski Resort, the resort at present there are at the beginning, in Gaucher Road 4, according to a loaded double lifts and cable car ropeway stretching rod-traction. Parking (200? O), a multi-service F (2300? O), a machine-made snow, 3 motorized snow, snow flying saucer, Pali snow, snow snow, and other circles, with coffee , Restaurants, bars, music And so on. Leisure is one of the Four Seasons Resort for a tourist destination.

  Wofo Ski Resort is rich in natural resources and natural landscapes, rock and mineral-rich gold and magnesium-rich serpentine rock and mineral olivine, Manshanbianye mountain vegetables and Chinese herbs, mineral-rich volcanic mineral spring; There By volcanic rocks However, the formation of the cave, "King Kong Temple", a legendary deep, "Diamond Array", Rabbit Hill, scorpion Hill, Foshan and lying Kameyama, such as the size of the unique natural landscape, and Song Jia Miao, and so have the human landscape.

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Honghe Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heilongjiang Honghe National Nature Reserve is located in the hinterland of the Sanjiang Plain in Heilongjiang Province, with Jiang Fuyuan County and the city at the junction with a total area of 21835.7 hectares. Location for the East 133o34'38 "-133o46'29", latitude 47o42'18 "-47o52'00" Heilongjiang River is located in the same city and at the junction of Fuyuan County, covering an area of 21,835 hectares, in 1984 by the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government approved the establishment in 1996, was promoted to the national level, mainly for the protection of the original marsh ecosystem and rare birds.

  Heilongjiang is the Honghe National Nature Reserve 19 After 4 years of Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of provincial-level nature reserves, the approval of the State Council in 1996 was promoted to National Nature Reserve. The main protected areas in order to protect aquatic and terrestrial life and wetlands and their habitats common component of wetland ecosystems, as well as Oriental white stork and red-crowned cranes, white-naped crane, swan, etc. Rare endangered animals mainly wetland nature reserve.

Honghe National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang is China's Sanjiang Plain of the most biodiversity-rich areas, and at the same time migratory birds in Northeast Asia to the South Beiqian important breeding grounds and to stop each year to the breeding of aquatic birds for several 100,000 There are 284 kinds of wild animals, 174 kinds of birds, including rare and endangered national wildlife: Oriental white stork, black stork and red-crowned crane, white crane, white-tailed sea eagle, Steller's sea eagle, eagle Ukraine, swans, mandarin ducks, Small mouth, such as grouse 10; there are 1012 kinds of wild plants, including rare and endangered wild country There are complex: soybean field, Ash, walnut, Ciwujia, yellow tiller, such as Astragalus 6. Otherwise, "Sino-Japanese migratory birds and habitat protection agreement" by both sides to protect the birds, 97 species; "China-Australia migratory birds and habitat protection agreement" by both sides to protect the birds there are 15.

First, the natural conditions:

Honghe National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang for the deposition of red Sanjiang Plain, flat, high-southwest of the northeast low, the relative height difference between 3 meters from the southwest to the northeast was micro-tilt. Gradient on the ground for 1 /5000 ~ 1 /10000, according to the Department of terrain Divided into high and low terraces and flood plain of the two types.

(1) a terrace: the protection area in the region, without any cutting phenomenon. A1 +1 Q3 from the Pleistocene alluvial, Lake dual plot, the surface coverage 5.65 to 14.5 m clay, clay Asia, in order to swamp more depression , Clay concentrated along the right bank of the river uplift the local terrain, the relative height from 1 to 1.2 meters.

(2) low flood plain: the distribution of rivers in the dense, green fertile river on both sides of the Koran, the strip was, tadpole-like distribution, with a terrace bordering phase, the flood plain by heavy swamp, that is, a + b Q4, for the new Marsh sediments plot.

Soil protected areas for white marsh soil and soil slurry.

White pulp Kong is divided into Turkish territory to white pulp, white pulp meadow soil and latent white pulp of the three sub-types of soil. An area of 11311.18 hectares, accounting for 51.8 percent of the total area. Pulp soil mainly in the island forest, thick black 10 to 20 cm, a small amount of the current development, returning farmland to forest plans. Meadow Albic soil for the flat area, the growth of lobular type of camphor weed. Latent white pulp soil, the distribution of low-lying, low-land, fertile soil.

Swamp soil mainly concentrated in River flood land, an area of 4105.1 hectares, accounting for 18.8 percent of the total area.

Honghe Nature Reserve along the three rivers is a moist temperate climate zone, with obvious characteristics of the temperate monsoon climate, the long winter, the cold snowy, windy spring weather, hot summer, autumn Short, the average annual temperature of 1.9? C, the coldest month average temperature -23.4? C, the hottest month average temperature 22.4? C, extreme minimum temperature of -39.1? C, extreme maximum temperature 40? C, 10? C effective temperature 2165 -- 2624? C, sunshine hours for 2356 Time. Average annual precipitation for the 585mm, 50% ~ 70% of the rainfall concentrated in the 7 to September, heavy rain and more concentrated in the summer, the maximum daily amount of rains of up to 75mm, moderate rain more frequently. The average years of evaporation to 1166mm. Multi-year north-west wind, plant growth period more than the southwest wind, the average annual For the four-speed, maximum wind speed of up to 24m /s. The freezing of the year for a period of 7 months or so, deep-frozen swamp vegetation 80 ~ 160mm, the largest deep-frozen soil layer for the 2.0 ~ 2.2m. General in the early frost in late September, the end-cream in the middle of May, 114 frost-free period to 150 days, the average years of Frosty period for 131 days.


Second, the plant resources:

Honghe National Nature Reserve, a unique natural conditions, abundant vegetation types, is a precious plant resources. According to statistics, there are 103 Section 1012 kinds of higher plants, planting seeds 719 kinds, 31 kinds of ferns, lichens, mosses 262 kinds of plants; countries rare and endangered wild plants are soybean, Ash, walnut, Astragalus, Huang tiller, and so on Ciwujia 6. Many other plants for medicinal, edible and as a nectar source. A total of 11 types: there are 253 kinds of medicinal plants, such as Gomi , Acanthopanax, gentian, peony, and so on; there are 19 kinds of fruit plants, such as the Shan grapes, hazelnut, and so on Ciwujia; feed plants, 54 species, such as lobular Zhang, lasiocarpa, and so on; Hill 9 kinds of wild plants, such as Day lily, dandelion, mushrooms and so on; has 54 kinds of plant fiber, such as reeds, such as camphor lobular; oil plants Catalpa peach, wild soybean, field peas, such as Xanthium; kind of pesticide plant Cimicifuga, quinoa, cotton, etc. Lin line group; aromatic oil is on a lily of the valley, Motherwort, mugwort, such as iris; tanning The categories are white gourd Water , Pulsatilla, such as Euphorbia; nectar source plants are mainly Su Mao water, water Su, Yoo sebjet, linden tree, and so on; forest resources there are trees, shrubs There are common oak tree, birch, poplar, Ash, such as hazelnut and Lespedeza.


Third, animal resources:

According to a survey of birds in Heilongjiang Honghe National Nature Reserve, 16 heads of 174 Division 43, 11, head of veterinary 5 Section 33, Home a deer are a protected species; second national animal protection have red deer, camels, lynx, black bear, brown bear, such as otters and 7. The economic value of the larger animals have a wolf, badger-like animal, the red fox, leopard cat, ferret Ling, Ai ferret, Huang You northeast rabbit, Paozai, hedgehogs, wild boar, squirrel, muskrat, such as 13, especially a few Paozai , In the year 100 more than Xuetu, muskrat can be seen everywhere.

Records from the years of investigation, the District 6 Fish Division 16, is the main loach, an old man fish, carp, such as sub-Ga teeth.


Heilongjiang Honghe National Nature Reserve is reflected North Sanjiang Plain wetlands of the original picture of inland wetland and water ecosystems types of nature reserves. At the same time, China's Sanjiang Plain is a "microcosm of the" typical set it, rarity and diversity in one, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Global Environment Fund (GEF), the State Forestry (SFA) as "Chinese wetland biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of the" demonstration zone in the Sanjiang Plain. Protected areas in January 2002 by the International Convention on Wetlands Organization for the approval of Wetlands of International Importance, China has become the only 21 one of Wetlands of International Importance. This area is located in the Sanjiang Plain in the Northeast, the region is flat, broad flood plain, poor soil infiltration, vertical and horizontal surface rivers, the foam spread all over marsh to retain the Sanjiang Plain typical of the original swamp natural ecosystems, is the Sanjiang Plain marsh landscape of Zen wrestle Que. To protect the region's original vegetation remains, in order to The swamp vegetation and aquatic vegetation in the main island between Lin distribution. This area is rich in animal and plant resources, higher plants have 590 kinds of Section 99, in which state protection of endangered plants have a yellow tiller, Ash, Walnut Catalpa, such as wild soybean 4. There are 210 kinds of vertebrates, of which 27 species of mammals, birds 64, 3 kinds of amphibians, 16 species of fish, included in the key state-protected wild animals are red-crowned crane, white stork, white-tailed sea eagle, swans, lynx, otter, and other 14, as well as red-crowned cranes, white storks, and other rare birds One of the breeding. Honghe the establishment of protected areas for the protection of the Sanjiang Plain wetlands are rare birds Very important.

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Usu Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Usu in the town of Heilongjiang and Wusuli River junction of the island, the Yangtze River to the east, according to West River. Longitude of the Earth from the point of view, it is China's easternmost territory, is the morning of the first people ushered in the "rising sun", so-called "first town of the East." The annual summer solstice (June 21 or June 22, the morning 10), landed at dawn on this "very small town in the East," the. Ga force in Iraq at this time on the hills to see the first round of the Red River from the junction of the two poured out, "the sea bath, Kingland Huang Yang," everything has been covered with gold thread, Mr Wong Sun's unforgettable spectacle. It is said that the "town", in fact, this town had only one male Residents. Later, there was a girl and the residents are married, so it has been the only family here. There is the town's only street, 10 meters long by 6 composition of the plant. Usu is the town of Fuyuan County, the fishing spots. Every autumn before and after Bailu, a large number of fishermen who were fishing. At this time, the town changed its normal Static picture of solitude, the rumbling sound of aircraft, who enjoy diving, one scene of warmth and prosperity. However, a fishing season, on the town and that only one of the residents. They are not lonely, because tourists often visit, and they are accompanied with music. Usu near the town of China inhabited by ethnic minorities Hezhe people, men and women Nationality All fish are less skilled. Usu in the town is small, very fertile because it is China's largest salmon fisheries.

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Sanjiang Natural Wetland Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heilongjiang Sanjiang Natural Wetland Reserve is located in Heilongjiang, Wusuli River Interchange, Fuyuan County, Jiamusi, some 400 kilometers away from Harbin, China is located in the northeast corner of the most, Heilongjiang and Wusuli River is the convergence of the triangle. Sanjiang Nature Reserve in the territory of more than 50 rivers and streams, 200 lakes bubble, river 26, over and over marshes, abundant wildlife, the Sanjiang Nature Reserve is an inland wetland and water ecosystems types of nature reserves.







  Heilongjiang Sanjiang Nature Reserve was Wetlands Board approved the occasion of the "List of Wetlands of International Importance." At this point, the protected areas since 1993 to build, 10 years on three steps, both at home and abroad to become influential wetland nature reserve.

  The second half of the 20th century, the Sanjiang Plain to carry out a large-scale development, though The country has contributed to food supply, but large areas of wetlands have been destroyed. To save the only piece of China to maintain the original look of the fresh water wetland, and many people around appeal, in 1994, the Heilongjiang provincial government approved the establishment of the "three rivers in Heilongjiang provincial-level nature reserves." 1995 also approved the establishment of a " Heilongjiang provincial Sanjiang Nature Reserve Authority. "Protected area staff Fengcanlousu, Tacha wetlands, to determine ownership, and draw a line there. The final along Heilongjiang, Wusuli River has been built with a total area of 198,100 hectares of wetland protection areas, Among the core area of more than 66,000 hectares, 30,000 hectares near the buffer zone, experimental More than 104,000 hectares.







  In April 2000, the Sanjiang Nature Reserve was approved by the State Council promoted to the rank of National Nature Reserve, set up a research office complex, the purchase of a large number of scientific research Forest fire prevention facilities and equipment. In January of this year, protected areas and wetlands by the International Board approved the "List of Wetlands of International Importance," in the world to join the ranks of protected areas, in order to attract more international assistance to create a good condition. At present, protected areas, China has accepted international wetland (GEF) project funded by automated office equipment, cameras Satellite positioning system, such as boat Xunhu sets of 18 to further strengthen the protection zone.







  After nearly 10 years of protection, the chaos in the region to contain the basic open Lanken, deforestation, indiscriminate over-fishing Illegal acts, the wetlands have been obvious to restore and preserve biological diversity more apparent. Lotus has not seen for many years the wetlands in the lake in bloom, wild animals under special state protection oriental white stork and red-crowned cranes and so on is increasing year by year, especially this year, also found that the rare bird not seen for many years and China merganser. Now, in the Sanjiang Wetland Reserve, wild ducks, mandarin duck play in the water in groups; red-crowned crane, golden eagle, such as fighting the sky; Red Deer, Paozi food around on the grass; large areas of wetlands in the lobular Zhang grass in the sand in the wind Sound, as wetlands added vigor and vitality. One was to participate in the development of the Sanjiang Plain of the elderly, from the wetlands in the deep feeling sigh: the Great Northern Wilderness of the original style is back.

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Xingkai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xingkai located in the territory of Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, from Jixi city of 110 km south-east. By Xingkai (domestic), small Xingkai Lake and its surrounding plain plot, with a total area of 222,488 hectares, the provincial government approved the establishment in 1985, 1994 and was promoted to the national level, mainly for the protection of Ecosystems and rare birds.


  Warm and humid climate in this area, widespread swamps in the region, North and South to stop the movement of migratory birds and resident birds of habitat, birds are very rich in resources, there are more than 180 species, of which red-crowned cranes, white storks, swans, white-naped crane and white-tailed sea eagle Such as for state protection Animal Health, Lake Kong in the region are still endemic plants Kathon Hing. In addition, the protected areas and the Russian National Nature Reserve Xingkai connected through co-operation between the two countries, the establishment of an international nature reserve.

  Known as "Oriental Hawaii" and "North Emerald" is the reputation of the Xingkai China, Russia Lake community. By Hill broke the crust formed by subsidence, which is the largest freshwater lakes in Heilongjiang Province, also known as the new lake. Tang Da Wu Mei said. As a result of lake-like "Yueqin," so there is the Jin Dynasty, "Qin North Sea." Chia-ching years before Xingkai said. "Xingkai" Manchu "from above the water flows" was conveyed. Xingkai formed by the rift. Points Xingkai Xingkai large and small, between Hubei and Hunan is one of about 50 km west extension of the sandy Lake Kong. Lake-week low for the lacustrine plains, the lake 69 meters above sea level. Xingkai major north-south up to more than 100 km from east to west over 60 km wide, covering an area of 4380 square kilometers, the depth of 10 meters, with a total water storage of about 24 ~ 26,000,000,000 cubic meters; small Xingkai 35 kilometers from east to west, north-south 4.5 kilometers wide, covering an area of 140 square kilometers, the depth of 4 to 5 meters. In 1858 and 1860 unequal treaties and Ai Hui Beijing after the signing of the treaty, Xingkai 2 /3 share for Russia. In China into the small Xingkai There are rivers for Purple River, Heihe small, gold and silver river bank, River, the small River; Xingkai into the big white paozi River, Pear River, the big red-eye paozi Kazakhstan. In Russia, there are 8 major river into the Xingkai. There is a lake in the northeast corner of the narrow waterway ? ? Song Acha river flows to the southeast, after North injected to us Jiang. Xingkai rich red-winged mouth ? (big white fish), red tail (even Ma), carp, red pointed ? (red tail). China's four big white fish is one of the 000 fish.

  Lake valuables to the beach, the lake clean and transparent, non-polluting. Yan Bo Xingkai vast, magnificent, both of Lake scenery attitude, and strong sea People may have a lake like the sea reverie.

  Xingkai can now experience the "stick Paozai, ladle scoop fish, pheasants flew pots," the original outlook of the Great Northern Wilderness. Xingkai bank also left a distinguished writer Ding Ling, Ai Qing, playwright Wu Zuguang's footsteps. The founding of the early development of hundreds of thousands of officers and men Da Huang, Tunkenshubian millions of educated youth, this is the Great Northern Wilderness Memorial Hall to witness history.

  Area: 4380 square kilometers, Xingkai by the size of the Hubei and Hunan, a small lake in the northern side in China, small and Xingkai Xingkai was a 90 km long natural barrier and separated, the widest point barrier About Kilometers of natural sand hill on the formation of a variety of tree, deer, mink, mice, pheasants, and other animals reproduce to survive; Lake in many species, the production of large aquarium called. Great Lakes in the northern part of China, belonging to the south of Russia, the convergence of nine water, the lake-ho indistinct, straight as big green like the Great Wall, more than the lake water marsh. Xing Lake four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the magic of the original natural grace to show the people of the world. In the spring of vitality, rejuvenate the land, dark-million Xingkai large wetlands, in order to red-crowned cranes, oriental white stork, white-tailed sea eagle, the white swan, and so on more than 180 kinds of birds survive here, to form a magnificent view of the world's migratory birds " Channel "and breeding base.'s Largest lake rich white fish, carp, for flowers, such as carp are also first-class cuisine. In the deep green of summer, fish from flood, a network can continue to catch fish and shrimp million jin, The fishermen Xiangcheyunxiao child labor, is a rare case of the beautiful Masterpiece; acres of wild flowers in full bloom, and see a beautiful Natural beauty, fragrance smell, heart and lung Qinren; Barry Gold Beach, that ran in the fine sandy beach, enjoy the beach bath Qubing fitness of music. Has made great achievements in the autumn, small boats Xingkai Moon watch, the more people living the sweet mellow wine, honey board Lake Hill, to adopt leaves, the concept of Mountain View, four major fishing Xingkai water fish were large white fish, and visitors will linger pleasant, non-music Sigui. In the snowy winter, after a winter snows, Xingkai frozen earth, snow-wrapped, here is the South, the northerners have a great yearning for the snow and ice in the world to be here Shangxue skating, ice fishing experience Xingkai of winter magic and Peru.

  Xingkai overflow from the northeast corner of the lake, a river Song Acha, into the Ussuri River. Xingkai in the size of the junction of the new flow, 1.5 km east of Lake Post Office, there are more than 6000 years ago, a period of the primitive commune cultural sites, covering an area of 30 acres, from top to bottom layer 2, for burial the upper and the lower for the Cellar, the cultural relics unearthed from the show can be, then settle down here fishing on the main run of the hunting clan. The northwestern shore of the lake, 574 meters above sea level of honey Hill, three-point law relative elevation of 500 meters, tall and straight appears to be high and steep. Jimu high, it is drunk eyes Shen Chi, Ping Lake field, farm structures, roads, more Northeast of the local characteristics.

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Fort head - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Head at Fort Hulin City, where so-called "Ma Qiluo the east line of defense" to the end of World War II. Fortress was built in 1934, a huge project, the deployment of 100,000 workers, took six years to complete. Is so far discovered during World War II to build the strongest, most maintain the integrity of the military fortress, its strong, The degree of preparation, the degree of modernization of World War II can be most eye-openers. During World War II, at the same time, front-line combat positions in the most intense, longest, largest number of deaths on the battlefield. Is the front-line education in patriotism, constantly remind us not forget that period of humiliating history.

  It is The status of the military, ambitious Japanese military aggression, and in Germany, Italy set up a military alliance, from 1934, spent six years in these under Hill, built underground Unicom each other fortifications, the main road Total length of more than 10 kilometers. All the steel and concrete buildings, facilities and a very complete, command post Communications room, ammunition depots, arsenals of food, fuel, soldiers homes, schools, clinics, power generation, kitchen, bath, toilet and water wells, and so on. To the ground, and observation bunkers, vertical shafts, vents, and so I fired, or even pass in the channel, there are also traps and shooting holes are for the final The hit made. It is said that it can accommodate 12,000 troops in support of more than three months time, the Japanese aggression army said it was "Maginot Line of the East", "North over the first permanent fortress."

  August 9, 1945, the Soviet Union declared war against Japan the next day and began to attack the head position. 1400 Japanese troops 000 officers and men of the garrison, with Cyprus, it maintains, desperate resistance. Until August 15, Japan announced unconditional surrender after Sizhan stubborn, and even kill the messenger came to surrender. As a result, nearly 10 times to the Soviet Army in the head of the Japanese army troops, heavy artillery and a variety of firearms, as heavy rain and strong wind bombardment of this enemy. To August 2 , So that the fortress was finally attributed to silence, to come together with more than 600 asylum Japanese citizens (the elderly, women and children), with the exception of 53 who escaped, the other two thousand people, or gun, or suffocation, all dead Fortifications, in Fort. At the expense of the Soviet Union has a more than 1,000 officers and men. The end of the Second World War, not 15, but on August 26!

Special mention should be made, is strong Laqu construction of underground fortifications of the more than 10,000 Chinese workers have been tortured to death or killed in secret. For the silence is confidential. The worst is the last group of workers means the completion date, the group was tricked participate in the Valley Tigers Celebration, "was machine-gun fire, killing all, leaving behind mountains of bones, leaving tens of millions of innocent people's complaints.

  A garrison, the emperor did not listen to surrender, even though there are many reasons to explain, but all belong to the speculation. Always unjust war, are the backbone of a small number of elements.
They name Name of the people, the morale of the so-called Shen yong, death, are the result of manipulation. Okazaki described by Tetsuo, the fortress where the Japanese army soldiers, saw the arrival of doomsday,
It is full of terror, panic and despair, do not go through fire and water, died of the spirit, the so-called spirit of Bushido, however, is a myth. A history of the last words: When Wang Tuo into soil, the ancient is the poor soldiers Huotai. Want to lord it over the aggressors, the people must be slavery, Yu Shuihuo people drive. The history of Japan for the World Kam. That the people of the island, must not forget the head fortress, the spirits of those Kugu pile!

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Taoist Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Jingpohu Taoist priest at the south, which rise amid ups and downs, quiet forests. There is a mountain temple fair, according to legend was built Xianfeng years, the name of the "three Qingmiao." Nine Lake Ridge mountain ridge into the lake Taoist mountain, and priests like a pearl Hill, so called "Zhu Kowloon play."

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Ai Hui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ai Hui located in the ancient city of Heihe City in the town of Ai Hui, China and Russia, "Ai Hui treaty" is signed, the city's old pine tree in memory of the meeting and seeds, also known as the song of shame. There is a town built in the Qing Dynasty pavilion - Kuixing Lou, standing on the river bank, overlooking Denglou, impressive ten grand occasion of the Yangtze River, has been "Ten head of the Yangtze River."

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Stephen North - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanquan about 300 meters away from the North and Stephen echoed Nanquan, Wudalianchi is a series of cold seeps in one of the most famous spring is also the famous mineral water Wudalianchi another major water source. In the spring is set up a booth at the top floor will be protected throughout the spring. Modern facilities will be pumping spring water does not flow Transported to mineral water factories, after special treatment after the bottling factory.

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Huoshaoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill fire is located 2 kilometers northeast Lao Heishan by red, black pieces of slag and pumice stone fire, the fire burnt crater like the broken pot, it said, "Hill fire." Mountain Lao Heishan than the size of a small, little vegetation, 390 meters above sea level.

There are large areas of scenic volcano "cone-jet" group, is a cone-jet Community's most precious legacy of the volcanic eruption landscape, which is due to the volcanic eruption when lava led to the rise in gas levels from the accumulation.

Mountain fire still a lot of volcanic lava, "micro-landform", that stone pictographic, very vivid image.

  General on Desert a red hilly region, hundreds of Ranging from small red backpack, with a total area of about 10 square kilometers. The number of high mountain in between 20-30 meters, was smooth at the top of the arc-shaped, around the gentle slope, low-lying land between the backpack is a fiery red. These rolling red hills, the formation of a very spectacular landscape in the text. Hill set fire to the mountain from Red and orange rocky, colorful, hard stone for the Jurassic geological structure. Hill set fire to the sun like a sea of flames, the ups and downs of the hills like a red flame rising, you first came to feel as if that's Huoyanshan Journey to the West. Rock Hill, the fire was mudstone that the Mass Transit Spontaneous combustion of coal, barbecue into their present form, so the surface geology of being scattered all over the molten rock changed. These not only rock hard texture, and color, unusual shape, has a certain aesthetic appeal. Hill set fire to oil fields because of the development, gradually Huoshaoshan well known, tourists come here especially for the growing , Huoshaoshan will become an important tourist destination.


And here the most interesting thing is that over the surface of a small volcanic pumice stone. Pumice the shape of different sizes, like most of the size of steamed bread, angular, pedal up the issue of the squeak sound. This black, purple is a fire Pumice, which almost no morals, still maintains the original appearance. You see, this little above the soil, and almost no flowers, trees, which are even rare lichens, seems to be a lifeless world. However, in the vicinity of the volcano crater and is very different, even in the winter Dishuichengbing, where volcanic Also hot, as Gunfei the thick of a big steaming hot air. While the ice-covered thousands of miles down the mountain, a white, near the crater was green grass. In fact, this is geothermal.

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Heihe Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Heihe City, northeast China border, was approved by the State Council of the first open border cities. Located in the center of Northeast Asia, Heilongjiang to the main channel for the community center, and the third largest city in Russia's Far East across the Amur river, is a vast, excellent location, rich resources, beautiful magical border Area.

Heihe strategic location, perfect ecological environment, unique folk customs and history of the humanities, so rich in unique tourism resources in Heihe. Heihe City, beautiful mountains and rivers, the most distinctive features of the Pure Land in the north with tourism, World Tourism with the three major natural resources in the snow and ice, two forest Heihe is no vast ocean, there is the beautiful River community. In the Heihe River can be heard up to the spring-flowers, blue summer to see clear water, colorful autumn tour Shuangye winter view of snow-crystal. Heihe average maximum temperature in summer temperature of 24 degrees, the ideal summer resort and leisure; into October, the snow and ice up to 180 days. Winter River ice-covered thousands of miles, miles Xuepiao, is full of snow-wrapped, the South Shangxue tourists, an excellent place for skiing and the best choice.

  Wudalianchi Volcano tour, tour the ancient city of Aihui history, the Sino-Russian border and customs Heihe You can travel the three major bright spot. As the world's natural volcanic geology museum Wudalianchi, is a state-level scenic spots and nature reserves, national geological parks, China 40 best tourist destination, China's only mineral water town. Tourism Organization of the United Nations has been rated as the world's top experts in tourism resources. And was approved by UNESCO as "Wudalianchi Biosphere Reserve." Wen Hui Yuan far and near the ancient city is the history of all Chinese people rose up and moving "Aihui Sino-Russian treaty" signed, a number of important leaders of our country here to visit the inscription. City to raise money 25,000,000 yuan in the construction of a unique design, large-scale Aihui history museum in June 2002 completion The official reception of visitors; the museum for its unique design and extraordinary refined the State Administration of Cultural Heritage was set as a "top 10 products of the National Museum".

  In addition, the Elunchunzu, Daur, Manchu and other ethnic minorities living in the village folk, the beautiful scenery of Lake Wo Niu, "the North small - "Yamaguchi said the tourist resorts, fast-flowing, the Meteorology Series James River rafting and so on are all domestic and foreign tourists visit the resort and summer. Historic sites have been basically formed, volcano tourism, summer convalescence, cross-border, snow and ice for pleasure, hunting fishing , And drifting exploration, the environment, customs and so on a large number of unique River characteristics of tourism products.

In Russia and up to 358 kilometers of border line with the distribution of Heihe, Xunke, Sun Wu control point for a class of the three countries. Heihe City and Russia amur, capital city of Blagoveshchensk, China and the Commonwealth of Independent States 7400 kilometer border line 11 pairs of the largest and nearest, the highest specifications, most of the all-city counterparts, so the travel borders Heihe has excellent location. Jiang's cross-strait same way, connected to the village, economic and cultural exchanges have a long history of more than 100 years, a variety of intricate ties, mutual integration of the profound cultural heritage. Sino-Russian border China and Russia to between culture, language, ethnicity, customs and even the architectural style of the great differences in such areas as attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors.

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River rafting ring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River rafting ring with Kazakhstan is located in scenic highway connected Fang Hu Highway Department, 46 km ring of the river water. Shan Lin to the high-density, vertical and horizontal river, a beautiful, cloud transpiration, Qinglie sweet water without any pollution, he ring with plenty of water, there is Jihuan to cross-strait dependent Castle, the picturesque Liulv bonus. The most appropriate people drifting, adventure, viewing flowers, summer leisure. This place has been named the national forest parks, state-level nature reserve of animals and plants. River rafting river bed ring narrow gap between large, shallow flow urgent, it is risky test of courage and guts thriller drift. Scenic spots in the tree in God, source of water ring, Emerald Lake, Sanjeong view, opera Ma Yongshun, Lung, lounge bridges, water Court, the door in Wonderland, Stephen dragon and phoenix, fog Bay, asked the heart wall, stacked 18, back to Long Ting As well as the primitive cave.

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Ciyun Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ciyun Si at the Yilan county in the northwest, according to the Songhua River North. Area of 15,640 square meters. Founded in 1925, is a warlord Feng Ji Du Li Zhen Shoushi Yilan their sister in the construction of the Dragon Temple on the basis of. Temple building sitting south, there is the layout of the main there are times structured. Layer 3 by the construction of the main temples, namely, four Temple, the Temple III, Dian-Long, from south to north neatly arranged on a central axis. Dan Yan Dian three are hard-Hill Construction, Dianqian tickets have shed phase, in order to hold a round ridge Qingwa. Also in 1990 the construction of the bell and drum tower over Qiu Nita, and so on, so that a more rigorous and improve the layout.

  According to records, 17 years of the Republic of China ( Jiuerbanian), guarding the town of Yilan history of the establishment of Cisi General Du Li, for his brother-in-law Qinglian Buddhist Master, an Sect. Matisse the Master Po rebuilt in 1988. Existing Mountain Gate, the Clock Tower, the Drum Tower, King Hall, Main Hall, Room Canon, Ke Tang, Qi Tang, Liu monk, college, and so on. Main Hall and the Hall of Heavenly Kings is a county-level text Protection unit, a three-year She's great elm, and towering trees. And Tallinn 2, a relic worship, the collection of "Da Zhengcang" one.

The current abbot of silence Master Wang, the 30-year-old Margaret, Helen County of Heilongjiang Province, the monk in 1988, where she studied with Matisse the Master Bao graduated from college Yilan Part-time executive director of the Buddhist Association of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City Buddhist Association.

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According to Lan Balan River rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Balan River at Harbin in the eastern city of Yilan County, the river's water quality is very Qinglie, is recognized as one of the few inland rivers unpolluted river one.

Balan released in the river raft drifting can enjoy the magical experience of nature, to forget the city's noisy and impetuous, and enjoy leisurely Happy. Known as "the first drift of the North China" reputation of Balaam river rafting at the south of Xiaoxing'anling, Dan River area in the hinterland, from mountain spring water from the pool, the Trans-Korean Ying-lan throughout rural, in Yilan Lan Ying Rural music to 2 kilometers into the Songhua River.

Balan rivers in the region, sparsely populated Protection of the good vegetation, river bottom clear, sweet water Qinglie, during the hot summer, the river water temperature only 14 degrees. Hucho-rich river and Hebang Balan.

Its coastal mountains and surrounded by thick jungle, by skin raft drifting boat from top to bottom, you can fully experience the magic of nature, deep , Rough and beautiful.

Balan River has been developed 15 km section of the drift. Baran section of the river drift, there were 9 Rapids, Bay 18, 18 dangerous shoals. Hill walking around the water, mountain water around the turn. There Jijiang marker, Taoist, and other cultural relics which mixed. District head drift Tourism-related facilities are still relatively backward, can be built on star-level hotels, shopping centers and tourist goods such as roads leading to the area.

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Longevity National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longevity National Forest Park in Harbin is located in the southeast, 50 km away from the urban area, covers an area of 773 hectares, is far from the city of Harbin, the most recent a natural forest park.

Park dense forests, peaks and downs, peaks overlap range upon range of hills, a variety of different stones can be found everywhere in Ky Son, a beautiful and attractive. There Cheng Feng, Feng tower and the three major scenic spot in the shade Hill, each have 5-7 sites. The reasonable distribution of attractions, travel arrangements can be made 1-3 days.

  Spring Park to pick wild vegetable, look at the mountain is covered with red azalea; summer vacation in the summer; Wu Hua concept in the autumn scenery, take a variety of wild fruit, mushrooms; longevity to the winter skiing Hill Skiing, Wanxue; Four Seasons Park attracts foreign visitors, so you away.

  In 1993 by the former Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of a national forest park and longevity, former Minister of Forestry Xu Youfang comrades personally wrote the name of the park. In 2001 by the China National Tourism Administration approval for the AA-class tourist area. Park rely on snow and ice resources in Heilongjiang Province has established long Ski Resort, the resort in the province for the larger ski resorts, ski teams are training base in Harbin, facilities, with the early, middle and three high-level snow, with snow more than vice And launched a motorized snow, snow flying saucer, snow football, ice hockey and other entertainment projects, You experience the taste winter.

  In recent years, the park improved the prime minister peak, peak tower, the three major scenic spots in the shade Hill, carried out skiing, forest hard training camp, rock climbing, hunting Gongnu recreational activities, in conjunction with "provincial forest seedlings base model," viewing area "Modern breeding methods" and "plant taxonomy" The main relevant scientific knowledge and cultural knowledge publicity!

  "Province in Endangered Species of Wild Animal rescue center" has been started, in order to protect wildlife, viewing, breeding, natural-based set free, will soon open to visitors, longevity National Forest Park is its unique tourism resources in development, Tourist Park Improve the facilities, hotels, restaurants, tourist shops, tour vehicle matching facilities.

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Buddha seven-tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddha seven towers, Kek Lok Si Temple is located in the east and in 1924 for one of the Rinzai Zen 5-44's were built by the disciples, for the seven-story octagonal pavilion-Zhuanta. About 37 meters high, the domestic distribution of rare positive to the south, abutting brick building in possession of hard-Hill Hall. Then Dianqian 3 Juanpengchangting East and West on both sides of each two-story bell tower Floor. Tower East, South, West and three in the north for more than three windows, more than all the peripheral arch shrines, to plastic vivid relief Ocean's 31. Hall of the same tower, dedicated to the Buddha of the three, four bronze statue of Buddha 7.

The wooden ladder tower are available for viewing board. Hall and the Tower of Yanxia Queti do Jackie Chan, a phoenix, lions, cranes, etc. Carving, lively style. Tower of local components and decorative architectural style with the West.

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Heilongjiang Provincial Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum is located in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Red Army Street, 50, founded in 1906, is a classic European Baroque-style architecture, is a provincial comprehensive museums, is keeping, research, exhibitions Heilongjiang history, heritage, art and plants and animals, etc. Science Center.

Museum collections 10.7 million , In which the five permanent members of the school Tamura unearthed ancient human bones and the top of the left lower limb tibia fossil proves that there are more than 20,000 years ago, ancient human activities in the areas of Heilongjiang; huge source of the Arab-Israeli city of Rural Village-Jin Qi King unearthed a large number of silk, to fill the China's golden generation of blank dress in kind; Jiayin County, Heilongjiang unearthed the first man - Fossils (dinosaur), Fulaerji unearthed the fossil skeleton hairy rhinoceros, the Songhua River mammoth fossil skeleton, the tall and complete, rarely seen in the world, rare birds and animals were too numerous to mention.

  In 1922 by the Russians launched the establishment of cultural relics for the study of Eastern Province, and in the process of setting up a museum there. The Have been by the Russians, the Japanese managers, took over the People's Government in 1951, changed its name to Songjiang Sheng Museum of Science, Songjiang Sheng in 1954 with the merger of Heilongjiang Province, the museum is beginning to use 000.

  The embassy building area 12,000 square meters, 10.7 million pieces of the collection. Exhibits at the natural history and Part of the contents of the Mammoth fossils from the ancient to the currency and so distinctive, it is worth a visit here. Among the five permanent members of the school Tamura unearthed ancient human bones and the top of the left lower limb tibia fossil proves that there are more than 20,000 years ago, ancient human activities in the areas of Heilongjiang; huge source of the Arab-Israeli city of Rural Village-Jin Qi King unearthed a large number of silk To fill China's Jin of the blank-kind clothing; Jiayin County unearthed the first-Microhadrosaurus fossils unearthed in Fulaerji The hairy rhinoceros fossils, and fossilized mammoth skeleton Songhua River, its completeness, are rare. There are "historical relics Heilongjiang", "Heilongjiang ancient animal," "Deng scattered wood carving art book" Basic Chen .

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Stalin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stalin Park was built in 1953, was originally called "River Park." Park is located in the urban areas south bank of the Songhua River, the Songhua River from the East Railway Bridge, West Kowloon Station Park, extending the total length of 1750 meters, is shun Bangshui embankment built-shaped strip of open park with the famous "Sun Island" scene Only a river across the area, accounting for Area of 5000 square meters of thousands of zero, it imitation of the Russian classical style and all-around colorful garden, "Goshiki grass flower bed," and in the green space between the "Youth Pre-employment Training Swan" and "three juvenile" and "off", " Diving, "" sword dance "and other kinds of art 16 Group and the famous sculpture at home and abroad. Is along the river embankment To build things km long, 50 meters wide north-south rules of the park. It has absorbed the European-style gardens and enhance the sound, and the northerners have the same simple, rough features of the expansion in the number of national parks unique, distinctive style. Park flower beds, sculptures, lawn. Seat, round lights, railings and Russia Sri Lankan classical architecture toys, novel, constitutes a wonderful fairy-tale world.

  At the south bank of the Songhua River, covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with the famous Sun Island across the river. Before the 50s, this is special railway lines and shipping terminals. Built in 1953 by the lawn, flower bed Trees, sculpture, the Russian classical style toys, Rome gallery, chairs, garden lights, barriers and the Harbin City People's monument, such as flood control embankment composed of Shun Bangshui, the band's unique open River Park. In the summer, Jessica grass in the park, rows of tall trees for shade Pianpian sent to visitors, Hong Kong in Full Visitors to the flowers open each other; wide clear on the Songhua River, the breeze Fu Fu, leisurely boat light waves; it was extremely hot on the beach, colorful tents for fighting Yan-qi; river, leisure laughter of the people, unusually lively. Winter, snow-wrapped Park, CMV snow and ice, pegged to watch the tree, take the ice fan, sled, People feel good.

The whole area of "Tower of flood control," as the central task, as a result of Russian classical architectural style known. It is also a symbol of Harbin, Harbin will be a tribute to the people to overcome two serious floods established.

To the earth art, business-oriented service. Earth art gallery, the people and foreign trade major sets of goods, ice and snow sculpture area, a large group of birds with northeasterly wind areas, the snow garden, and other components of creative painting.

  The sculpture garden art, the Russian classical style toys, new and unique style. Park also has a gymnasium, Qingnian Gong, bathing, On the club, such as sports and cultural entertainment field. Middle of winter, the snow park wrapped Faso, Joan Yushu branches, one in the north scenery, the tree is a Kwei view, to carry out ice-fan, sled, ice skating and winter activities such as a good place. Set viewing, shopping and entertainment in one. Here, you can watch the bright earth style art works To buy Russian goods and tourism commodities, and display their talent can create a free ice Xuesu can take a giant ice slide by the river embankments slid into the direct area.

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