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Tiananmen Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tiananmen Square is located in the center of Beijing. It is the world's largest square, an area of 500,000 square meters.

New China's construction history should be written here, as it earlier than that of the Republic of the birth of a few hours. September 30, 1949, the eve of the founding ceremony, led by Mao Zedong's People's Political Consultative Conference Committee of the Whole Came to Tiananmen Square, the People's Heroes Monument laid the first cornerstone.

In accordance with China's traditional thinking, monuments and buildings, should block south, but Zhou Enlai to the architects have suggested the possibility of facing the monument in Tiananmen Square, facing the Chang An Avenue, because the vast majority of people from the North Into the Plaza. Architects have accepted his proposal, so clearly see the history of indomitable spirit of two characters - the people.

The people are the creators of history. The 10th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, is writing a builder 10 months into the Great Hall of the People's miracle in the history of architecture, shocked the whole world. Year 1999, is the most beautiful pen more beautiful painted a picture.

More than 159,600 square meters of the square is the transformation of designers, builders spent 241 days and nights of sweat and passion intertwined with the wisdom from!

Plaza to the west is the Great Hall of the People, here is The office of the National People's Congress. To the east is the Museum of Chinese Revolution and the Museum of Chinese History, in the central square stands a monument to the People's Heroes. In the south of the monument is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the great generation of Mao Zedong's body was placed there, one can enter inside to pay respects.

In the north, across the square on Chang An Avenue The magnificent Tiananmen, it is founded in Beijing in the north-south central axis, 33.7 m-high, it was the Ming and Qing Dynasties of the main entrance of the palace. October 1, 1949 Mao Zedong in the tower rather than pressing the button on the rise of new China in the first face of the national flag, then on, Tiananmen has become a symbol of state power. An across-day Tower gate to enter the National Palace. Tiananmen now allow visitors to visit the upstairs ticketing.

In Tiananmen Square, has been the outbreak of the "May 4" Movement, "January 29" campaign, and other major events. October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China has attracted worldwide attention in the founding ceremony of this grand ?. Tiananmen Square, with its magnificent open, solemn grand majestic, attracting tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists.

Tiananmen Square in the vicinity of the main attractions are: Zheng Yangmen tower, Jianlou Zhengyang Men, Dashilan the front door. National Palace Museum, Zhongshan Park, the Cultural Palace of the working people (Tai Miao), the history of China Bo Hall, the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, the Great Hall of the People, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the People's Heroes Monument, and so on.

Tiananmen Square every day around sunrise Guoqi Ban soldiers of the flag-raising ceremony has become a major Beijing landscape.

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Zhuzhou television tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhuzhou television tower, also known as the Orient Dragon Tower, 293 meters high, steel structure with integrated multi-functional tourism tower. Radio and television is not only an important infrastructure, while at the same time become a local landmark landscape and the people of the important cultural and entertainment venues.

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Shen Nong Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shen Nong Park is the city of Zhuzhou Electric Power Group Co., Ltd. in the property development between urban and rural areas Deng high-tech zones on the basis of the existing arable land to develop high-tech farming and plantation garden, is a set of agricultural science and technology, tourism, leisure and entertainment industries into a new base.
There are groups in the park bamboo buildings, farm courtyard, Thai Bamboo , Daijiazhulou, and other attractions for people to watch, leisure, to meet the modern city Return to Innocence, the psychological need to return to nature.

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Beijing Grand Scenic - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing is located in Zhuzhou major scenic areas in the suburbs south-east, 15 km from the urban area, Zhuzhou Yandi Ling is the starting point for tours.
Beijing is a major scenic spot in hill, water, forest, with birds of Health and co-prosperity for the main features of the natural landscape with extremely Sheng Ming and Qing Dynasties of the main temple ruins of a combination of cultural-tour, resort, entertainment One tourist destination, Beijing 2400 acres near the lake water.
Sianfong Ridge area at the Seoul-water lake, the three major scenic ridge screen, with "Kingland temple," "Valley Stream Music," "good landscape Office" and "birds of heaven," the four-level scenic spots, "Sianfong Sheng Jing "ten second spots," Qingquan Shuangjing " Ten three-level scenic spots, different scenery, holds a leading position. The establishment of the area years ago, a new Lake Resort in Beijing, the Beijing Villa, Zuixian Lou, Xifeng Park, Beijing and a series of lake-food restaurants, entertainment, holiday, the meeting was one of the reception center, built Sally White Road, Sin Po Road and travel around the part of the road.

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Dragon Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Park is located in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province section of downtown - Road construction, Bei Yi Xiang River's beautiful scenery, the entire park covers an area of 483 mu, of which 271 acres of green space, 123 acres of water surface per?????are 100 million people Above.
Calocedrus pines in the park, YE Mao thick sticks, plants Du Fang Yan, Tinglangqibu, many pavilions, Splendor Yanfei, Jade; Ben Bangshui Yongsan river, the towering peak Dragon Pavilion, Fei-Zhou Xiang River, such as weaving, the landscape has embraced win a hand, the high view, the best scenery of unlimited admission Fundus, it is thousands of reverie, nostalgia favorite, Yiyi weeping on the artificial lake, ocean waves, Chin Casino Man Wu Song, Seoul ya warm, the children's paradise Mentingruoshi, abnormal excitement. Park also has inertia block, bumper car, coffee cup, wind horse, track aircraft, cruise ships, and so on. And a large variety of young and old have the necessary recreational projects, to stimulate innovative, reliable and safe.
Park is the largest of the characteristics of the park Organically integrated into the construction of the natural environment, the architecture achieved a high degree of coordination.

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Solitaire Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In April 1928, Mao Zedong at the command of the bridge FreeCell combat effectively the cover of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of workers and peasants and the "August 1" Nanchang Uprising troops to the smooth transfer of Jinggangshan.

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Fishing village setting sun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? evening light fishing village of Taoyuan is a wonderful picture, but also one of the eight famous Xiaoxiang, referring to the fishing village of white scales Chau Village, located in the West Bank Yuanjiang, and the Spring House Water Tower relatively river, a fishing village with an area of about 4 square kilometers.
  Every time the sun sets, Xi Hui bathed in the fishing village has become Wonderland. Check it out, the leisure cottage Gold has become a cottage, melodious smoke into the mist of golden thread, and the green leaves swaying in the breeze under a piece of golden light flashing, and then the river, Yang gently moving forward to the golden wave, a Fangruo Jin Lin huge fish gently placed in the tail. Return of the fishing boat, golden fan, Fisherman's golden smile on the face, accompanied by The color wave, constitute an attractive picture.

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Shen Nong Valley National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shen Nong Valley National Park: To Yuen Tung National Forest Park, located in the middle of Luoxiaoshanmai Yanling Xian, with an area of more than 23,000 hectares, as a result of Shan-ching, mountain quiet, the United States and stone, close and praised Lin, 2002 Approval of the State Council for National Nature Reserve. The preservation of our parks are the only remaining East China, Central China, South China pay Primeval forest area, the million-yang River on both sides of the air in the negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of more than 130,000, most of Asia the most. Park a total of 215 vascular plants are 2019 kinds of Section 896, of which state protection 74 kinds of wild plants; a total of 25 heads of terrestrial vertebrates 70 Section 212 , In which state protection and 29 species of wild animals, 19 species included in the "Endangered Species of Wild Animals of the International Convention on the Protection of Trading."
In September 2005, approved by the State Forestry Bureau, Hunan Yanling Xian Yuen Tung National Forest Park officially changed its name to "Shen Nong Valley National Park," so that the However, the name of the area and the Yan Emperor Shen human landscape in the title towards reunification.

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Taoxian Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taoxian Ridge area of 1.5 square kilometers. Taoxian Ridge is the home of the myth, the entertainment center. Here, myths and history can be found in rich, natural and full of life storage of intoxicating fragrance. A garden here, a few of the clean water Wang, ten Road, Wan Shu-heart, full of mystery, visitors to the story of a beautiful 000 - .

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Ling-hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Soul scenic Mirror Lake is located in the eastern part of the Peach Blossom Spring, west Peach Hill area. Cijing a mountain lake in the region, in Lake Hill, the Wu Shan phase, the United States must Xiuse. Here can watch the tour will also join a variety of recreational activities, to go fishing, go Picking, go horse riding, you can dig up bamboo shoots, wild As for the barbecue, but visitors do not Interest.

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Sin Po Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bai Ling Xian is located in both rural customs territory. Old, even his profession Liling, Xiangtan, Hunan, Changsha County, four, four famous mountains of that town. Young and old Hill has two peaks, the old peak in the East, 304.9 meters high, in a small West peak, 313 meters high, wooded mountains, the scenery special good. Tang Dynasty, built in a small peak Kingland Temple, the mountain temple built by the Deng and television door, where a three-, paintings carved beams and columns, green glazed tile eaves Zhu, a Buddhist resort in the territory. Temple bells, 2 meters high, l-meter track, for old-peak flying. After Bin Feng Zhang, Kai King Chengkungling will be up to eight Sianfong shadow, said: Zhao Feng-ping, Danxia Ridge Extension, Taolin Yoon & Yang, Shuangjing clear spring, after listening to the tiger, lion , Fei temple bell, Shi Yuan Hong Kong fan.
1958 April-May, Kingland Temple destroyed and the destruction of the temple relics, old trees are felled in the mountains. Is, in the construction of major Beijing Ling Ha on the right side of the reservoir. Dam height of 24 meters, 86 meters long, 26 meters wide and 2.5 km long reservoir area. 80, the abundance of trees in the reservoir area , The rhododendrons bloom season, Castle Peak, green, red, Xiangyingchengqu to attract tourists to visit, tourists come. In 1990, Zhuzhou city planning department into the overall plan for the building of Zhuzhou, Zhuzhou and with the approval of the Municipal People's Government, officially named the Zhuzhou major scenic spot in Beijing.

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An vacant - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Vacant at an umbrella Pu Xiang Xiang River in the West Bank village site, 5 km south from the town, along the Xiang River as one of the famous scenery. As early as in civil, there are vacant shore monk rock, Dan Zhongshan, hanging bell rock, and so do not Shizi Yan said. Tian Liang sentenced to seven years the Southern and Northern Dynasties (508) vacant building Temple of Guanyin from people like big, it is also known as Guanyinyan. Tang Li-big four - five years (769-770) poet Du Fu Xie Juan boat, visit the Xiangjiang, four vacant Teng-shore tour, wanted to settle here, and "vacant at an" poetry. Jiaqing nine-year-ching (1804), Jin Jian Yirenhuguan Dugong vacant booth in the right side of the temple, carved Du Fu's "sub-vacant shore," Poetry in Stone 15 light (1835) vacant maintenance temple pavilion, the expansion of the scale. Five Guangxu (1879), led by Feng-chuan repair pavilion, once again expand the scale of the formation of vacant Temple, Zhang Xiao F, King Court, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage. After the Department of Justice plum gifts, engraved in the stone complex, built to Plum Court. In the first year (191 ), Liu Qiu, Dang Quang with the topic of the first bridge repair following the pavilion. 24, Du Chang Chen-yuan Prospectus repair vacant Temple. Bingxian erosion due to wind and rain, tile off the beam distortion, a number of leaks, collapsed in 1968 destroyed.
An old vacant, Saga rocks, deep Qixiu, there Calocedrus pines, under the fragrant grass purpurea. Jiang unexpected huge loss, Ling pit. Stone Temple vacant rise steeply in the central coast, from top to bottom three, Xieshanchongyan architecture. Rising from the south side of the Mountain Gate, a vacant shore of St. Paul letter words. St. Paul had to Shek Pik along the river path along the cliff, about 100 meters, the twists and turns have caused, through Temple. There Sihou Cave, 14 meters in depth, 2.7 meters high, wide 9 , And Temple, the same hole. Shitai process hole, 0.5 meters high, the shape of bed, "the fairy-bed", in large Guanyin from people like. Buddha, the trickle-down does not have a clear spring dry, sweet and delicious, it is referred to as "Suoi Tien." More than 100 stone caves left a huge embrace of the step-by-step, building on the Dugong Pavilion, Plum Court, on the wall engraved with poems sing Temple incense vacant peak, the reputation spread far and wide, pilgrims gathered in the distance. There were quite a number of VIPs, this impromptu Tiyong. In October 1987, Taiwan Hunan Mr. Tang Yingtao adopted by the County People's Political Consultative Conference members Xiaobo Liang suggested that overseas donor organizations, individuals, the rehabilitation of vacant Temple, the County People's Government in order to group headed by Mr Gao Yao Repair. According to the construction of Rock Mountain Gate, the path along the cliff, Temple III, Canon House, Main Hall, in possession of Court, visual kiosks, and so on Sengshe, 960 square meters floor area, gold tile walls, magnificent. Vice Premier Fang Yi wrote an horizontal inscribed board vacant, the Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao wrote three Temple Amount of stone Painter Li wrote Foguangpuzhao horizontal inscribed board, the national title of a famous calligrapher Li Feng Jin Bian Main Hall. In 1990, to repair housing, tourism, infrastructure, expand the scale of the formation of people's travel, tourism, and the ideal place to worship Buddha.

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Zhuzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhuzhou, Gu Chen Jianning, in the year 214, three Soochow Jianning located in the county. Zhenguan the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty, into the Xiangtan Jianning. Ancient times, a number of trees carlesii, Xiangjiang and had more sand, the Zhuzhou, also known as Chau Castanopsis. Southern Song Shaoxi the first year (1190 AD) officially named as the Zhuzhou. Zhuzhou, Hunan Province is located in the east, East longitude 112.6 � - 114 �, latitude 26 � - 28 �, Hunan Province, is a "little line" with an important regional economic city, the province is also the most prosperous country in the long line, Tam "Golden Triangle" corner . Zhuzhou has a unique geographical advantage. Here is a sub-sub-tropical monsoon climate Four seasons, rainfall, solar thermal sufficient products in the territory rich in resources for the well-known township of non-ferrous metals, Zhuzhou is China's largest transportation hub in the South.

Zhuzhou has a long history and glorious revolutionary tradition. The ancestor of the Chinese nation, the farming culture Founder of the Yan Emperor Shen, Zhuzhou sleep in the territory of the former Yanling Xian Lu Pei.

Zhuzhou, and when the Xiang River channel, Tongqu North and South, between the ages not only lost heavily, for travel through the. Fengliurenwu, news stories, reference-generation, historical sites, resorts revolution, over the Bu Xiang, Lu, Mi water Foreshore.

Ancestor of the Chinese Shen Yan Emperor's mausoleum in the southern part of the territory of Zhuzhou Yanling Xian; the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu in the last two years of his life, the sick Guzhou, two back Xiangjiang and South, leaving more than in the first poem; Qinv Zi Tang Dynasty, Eye hero who know Hong Fu Tomb of Kyi in the territory of the Zhuzhou Xishan hills, a famous general Yue Fei of the Song Dynasty Shuaijun via Chaling when gunpoint to pick Root He wrote, "Stephen Light," the words inscribed in the impressively high-Shek Pik on Long; Daru Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty to the two lectures Zhuzhou, "Zhu Ting "And because of his name; the Ming Dynasty Great for the traveler Chaling Yunyang Shan Xu, Ling Yansi, leaving a hole cannabina Part diary, a note of Zhuzhou's famous water-sheng; University with a disability in the Ming Dynasty, Li Chao Li Dongyang 50 years, he represented the "Chaling School," home "Chaling" name engraved forever in the annals of the history of Chinese literature.

Zhuzhou, in the history of the Chinese People's Revolution, but also a glorious chapter in the. Chaling, Yanling Ling County, the original) is the Jinggangshan revolutionary base an important part of Mao Zedong, Zhu De's first meeting in 10 Yanling Xian's all; red for the first time the branch on a company basis, Mao Zedong personally presided over the Red Army soldiers to join the party Ceremony in the Yanling Xian outlet; since the approval of the new Mao Zedong established the first Jinggangshan Red-class political power is Chaling County government workers, peasants and soldiers; Mao Zedong personally chaired, to "withdraw Wai Changsha, Jiangxi Hui Shi, Jian Gong Qu" significant decision-making, the American writer Smedley has been referred to as "Mao Zedong and Zhu De to take a life One of the most significant steps, the steps to reverse the Chinese revolutionary movement in a serious Machine, "the Red Army on the one hand, the General Front Committee meeting, held in Zhuzhou City Association for the original bridge Xu Feng Chang Choubu shop. In the liberation war, to defend the people of Zhuzhou Jinggangshan revolutionary base areas and the Hunan-Jiangxi Soviet Area, in order to liberate the motherland, fought , The heroic struggle of the tens of thousands of outstanding sons and daughters who have lost their lives, can write a Weeping may chapter.

Yanling dominates the city of Zhuzhou, Chaling, You County, Liling City, Zhuzhou County, five counties and cities and Lu Song, Shi Feng, Hawthorn, Tianyuan District, as well as four state-level high-tech industrial development zones with a total area of 11,400 square kilometers, of which the urban area 450 square kilometers. The total of people 3,700,000, of which the urban population of 700,000. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Zhuzhou into the southern industrial city: New China's first aero-engine; the first electric locomotive; the first top-carbide hammer was born in Zhuzhou. Machinery, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials for the Zhuzhou the four pillars of industry. Zhuzhou, Leading domestic product has more than 50, the first in the nation's output of 11, the first in the country's exports account for 9, the nation's first-rate technology, production lines are 8, has been States Gold product quality 4 , 35 silver medals.

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Yueyang park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yueyang park is located in the scenic South Lake in Yueyang City, the Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi provinces rather the level of the modern amusement center. Park flowers, green grass; colorful playground equipment, feast for the eyes. Park-wide total of more than 000 projects for pleasure.

Both to the thrills of a well-known " Stream Adventure, "" small car "and" tackle the inertia "and other items for adults, there are colorful and fun" flying saucer space "," City Children's Playground "and other children's recreational facilities. These modern recreational facilities and the characteristics of the landscape with Jiangnan With the construction of a harmonious, so that the park constitutes a beautiful picture Here friends can Xiang Yao, Liang tide; their families can share a harmonious and warm.

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Great Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan Yueyang County Mountain National Forest Park located in Yueyang, Hunan Linxiang counties (cities) at the junction of Tai Shan, a large screen Fau Shan in Shanxi North Branch, since ancient times for the southern scenic spots, Dong Tian Tao, Chi said that circled 72 Feng, 911.1 meters above sea level.

Great Mountain Forest-leisure, summer tourism, religious worship in Body. It presently dominates to 1180.6 hectares, of which the core area of around 340 hectares. Planning for the Hall of founder and Hall of Zhenjun two spots, 48 spots landscape. There are a variety of plants in the mountains 16 Section 35 is a 1230 kind of, fern, bamboo shoots smoke, such as green bean dregs sp more than 20 kinds of ancient rare species 12 There have been 28 temples, is now open to resume the approval of 6.

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Lu Su tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

1 km away from the Yueyang Tower. Tomb of tall stack, built around a Shilan, the tomb of erecting a monument, engraved on the "Wutai Fu Su Lu Gong" for the inter-Guang Xu Qing Li.

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Hill mushroom drug - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu screen at the junction of Hunan, Hubei, Shandong section, traditionally one of the Kunlun mountain herbs herbs Xian Gu's immortal now, here to see the beautiful scenery, climate Dongnuanxialiang. As a result, in the mountains planted a hundred herbs, medicine named Gushan. Unfortunately, the way her grin and licorice will fall on the left Sichuan, medicine has also been mushroom Hill there is such a folk song "Drug-wide mushroom hundred herbs in the mountains, missing only grin and licorice."

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Five Eagle's Nest Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan is located in the portal - Linxiang City, one kilometer west from Jiao Ding Shan, Yingzuishan, Zhou Shan, City Point Magu and Shan Shan peaks of the five components. Five Eagle's Nest is rich in forest resources, there are more than 200 hectares of natural broad-leaved forest times, there are large areas of fir, Sassafras tree plantations and large areas of bamboo forest; there are more than 300 hectares Song To form a multi-level three-dimensional structure of the integration of a vast green Lin.

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Ling gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is a drug Gushan source told Longyuan. Legend has it that there is the source of the river, the river has paragraph Rocky Stone, a blocked waterway, the river only from left to right to a big bend, and later appeared Yubi Qianlong, the drawings in pen on a trailer, the trailer has become a more wide Erzhang Nick, nick named Ling. Then along the river on the lack of flow at the end, the voice of non-BUZZ In our ears, sounds wonderful.

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Yu Shan resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the South Huarong, China injected along the road to 10 km line is the Department. It is surrounded by Castle Peak, matched the clean water. The average high-altitude of 57 meters, the peak of Yu Shan, only more than 110 meters, as early as the Tang Dynasty built on the Yu Shan Temple. The magnificent temples, and incense over the nose. Yu Shan Temple in the east side of a "Sister Mountain", there is a mountainside 40 The meters wide, was built in the Tang Dynasty Court of Wenchang on this.

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Huarong martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the construction of the Dongcheng District Kong steep mountain, an area of about 12.9 hectares. Construction began in 1961 has been a considerable scale. There are built-in the martyrs cemetery Graves, General Muqu, memorials, monuments, Jinian Ting, and roller skating game, Garden, Hechi, and other buildings. Matched cemetery landscape, Shochiku Cheung is one of the existing features For visitors to pay tribute, open to the good.

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Church call back - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hall 7 meters high, covering an area of 80 square meters, Xieshan Ding, Qiao Fei 1.40. The walls there are halls to "call back" poetic relief 8, the Church published in the "call back" and "large measure" monument at 16, by Chinese Zhou Erfu Shuxie consultant, director, Mr. Chen Fu-cheng, and other writing.

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Qu Yuan's Forest of Stone Tablets - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Luo is the city government in recent years, Qu Yuan in the scenic area a large-scale, magnificent momentum, the structure of the magnificent garden-style project. Lisao from the main structure of the Court, ask-day forum, Taiwan, Nine Songs, nine chapters Hall, the Hall summoning the spirits of five parts. To care for Qu Yuan, up and down pursuit of the spirit of patriotism as its theme, will be a wholly-Yuan Strung together a whole works. Five have adopted the brick building, site yellow glazed tile, white granite Des under the ground, their independence, then Gallery Pavilion convergence, cross-phase Ying-hui.

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Hall of the Ancestors - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grand Central is located in Mountain peak, was built in the Tang, Song Dynasty Yuezhou Shi-contractors, big retire Yunshan, chop Valley Road, Science and immortal, is a major founder barefoot Yunshan, Wu Zhen and having side by side. Hall of the Department of having the whole structure of the rock, ancient well, Hope Palace, Temple founder, Yu Huangdian, Wang Jiangting such as construction.

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Five extremely well - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yun-Shan altitude nearly 1,000 large meters in excellent shape and there are Jing-quan 5, 4:00 surplus is not inexhaustible, sweet and delicious, local people for medical treatment.

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Tieshan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tieshan scenic spots by the Tieshan Reservoir and the Mountain scenic spots and attractions Acacia Hill, with a total area of more than 140 square kilometers. Tieshan Reservoir artificial lakes to the main attractions, accompanied by numerous islands, mountains, historical sites, natural scenery. Yang Chun March, the flowers boating, fishing in water; Yantian June, the water swimming, to avoid Yang Xin; October autumn, to watch fishing, viewing high; Layue winter, plum view of the snow, shooting hunting. Its natural scenery there are six characteristics: First, the range. Reservoir water 328 km length of coastline, 6.24 million mu of the water, on fields, Mao Tian, the Kaohsiung branch of the three river in this together, the red cross Bay up to 1268 Second, a good climate. Reservoir around the mountains, numerous plants, water conservation, climate regulation, to make it year-round spring, the summer tourist resort; island is more than three. Library spread all over the island, a total of 147, of which the largest island Loess Hill area of 4220 mu; Fourth, the United States and the scenery. Treasury range upon range of hills in the region overlapping peaks Chuangu deep, the mountains like Lo, as with Lake View, Wu Hai Shan cigarettes, possession of Ginna Tsui; here, the odd flower show grass, green trees Shan-ching, waterfowl Yamahana Jin Lin Cheng Fun, blending blue mountains near the tree; if spring Winter boating, steam fog Xia Wei, complicated and confusing, as if exposure to Penglai fairyland; if to Long Day landing, relaxed and happy, Yuebaifengqing Enjoy the beauty of your water; five water quality is excellent. Treasury green water thoroughly, bright and clean as a mirror, like sweet Qinrenxinpi Mannan, the national testing agencies, was designated as a drinking water are now available for the city of Yueyang water; six spots is more. Bank "really Wu Yi Mo" and "cut Longtan anger" and "chicken-Feng Zheng-ming" and "Sin stage "Emperor Love" and many other myths and legends and historical sites. East Acacia peaks in the first Baling Hill attractions, and its steep peaks, hanging Quan Shu-Shi, very spectacular; North Yue are provisional at the junction of two major city attractions Yunshan, circled peak 72, Temple 28 Weiwei, incense never . The area surrounding a city surrounded by four counties, echoes from the Barry, however, the reservoir of them live alone, with the momentum of the grand British Zhang Ming Dynasty adjacent buildings. "Old" and "water" one, unique.
  Tieshan Diaoyutai State Guest House is Tieshan scenic tourist sites, which is located in the middle reaches of the river Maotian, south-level forest parks, large Taoist Holy attraction Mountain 17 km, From the ancient buildings in the Ming Dynasty, "the village of the best in the world," Zhang British 28 km, east of the public hot spring field 9 km, east, "the first peak of Baling," Acacia Hill 25 km scenic spots.
  The existing hotel building 5, the construction area of 2300 square meters, room facilities, affordable high 40 rooms, 10 beds 000, 2 small conference rooms, hotel restaurants have a luxury box, which can accommodate 200 people dining in a banquet hall, there could be 60 to receive the tea water and a song and dance hall, a fishing pond 3, 3 the size of cruise ships, is Set meals, lodging, fishing and entertainment in one place a comprehensive travel services. The Hotel Its dedicated service, honesty and credibility to attract a large number of tourists,?????more than 60,000 people. At the same time, as a result of the Tieshan Reservoir do not have to fish artificial bait, natural growth, in order to let visitors enjoy pollution-free, odor-free, hormone-free, delicious meat of the green Tieshan fish products, launched the "bighead carp Tieshan" series features meals .

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The Hong Kong tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheshire tower at the southwest edge of Dongting Lake, for the masonry tower, pavilion-style, seven-story octagonal, 39 m-high, the lower part of a five-storey tower with granite surfaces to form, with all the brick masonry tower. Since the second, four on each floor are equipped with small shrines, a total of 28, was originally planned for Kannei small statue of Buddha. Yan Jiao Zhong each set of small, micro-wind , Ding-dong sound. Unfortunately, the tower was solid and can not look to board Dongting scenery. Cheshire construction of the tower, passed a moving story: the ancient legend, there Shuiyao Dongting Lake, then all the damage from the regular people, ordinary people suffer. So we raise capital in preparation for repair of a pagoda in the town demon. In place of repair laws tower , Is home to a family, the whole family Shuiyao the National People's Congress have been filled with the Elang engulfed, leaving only a widow, Cheshire said. She heard that the tower be built in the town demon, and for many years down the savings that come out to donate all the money, but also around the clock to build the tower was Shaocha water, running back and forth. Unfortunately, not completed tower, she left the people . To commemorate her people, the tower named Cheshire tower and the tower next to the construction of the Temple in Cheshire.

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Yu Shan trunk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Miluo City, 4 km northwest of the Miluo River on the north shore. Legend has it that the Warring States period when the great poet Chu Yuan, Yuan was in exile, had Gordon in the mountains, scenic spots and historical sites in the mountains there, and most of Qu Yuan's concerned. Yu-shan of the main trunk of relics in the temple have Qu and "trunk-Eight." Qu Yuan Temple, also known as the temple is the commemoration of love The ancestral hall poet Qu Yuan, Qu existing temple was built for?????. Qu temple covers an area of 1354 square meters, for the brick building, there are more than 300 years old Kim. In the aisle on the walls, many inlaid stone, engraved with the future generations pay Qu Yuan's poems Cifu. Qu Yuan as at Houdian, quick People. Eight-trunk show is Taiwan, Zhuo Ying Bridge, Du Xing-ting, peach-dong, Taiwan longevity, the God of hope Tun, Tun embroidery, scissors pool. Qu Yuan and the former King 5, 3 and the King's daughter about Qu Yuan. Sao Taiwan at the right side of the Hill, Qu built in the temple when the building changed. Legend has it that Qu Yuan's poems immortal glory, "Li Sao" and "Nine Songs "Huai Sha" that is written here, said it's "show of Taiwan"; Zhuo Ying Bridge is located in Tainan show across-the water, was built in?????. Stone Arch Bridge, was eight characters. Legend has it that Qu Yuan in exile, often went to the bridge of jade water, washing Ying crown, and cleaned up the dust and wash it, said Ying Bridge; Duxing Pavilion at Miluo River, close to the ferry, the ferry also known as kiosks. Legend has it that Qu Yuan was here that the dialogue with the Fisherman, and left "many people are drunk, I Duxing" well-known, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong in the years to build Citing when "Du Xing" name; peach is a land-hole Located in the foothills. Nice and cool inside the cave, the legend of Qu Yuan in mid-summer heat, often Cidong study support, Fu Shi Ming; longevity in Taiwan Yamashita,?????building. Legend has it that Qu Yuan was to be by-slander, local elders was uneven. As a result, each of the twenty-first day Qu Yuan suitable birthday, here are singing and dancing, acting and entertainment, wish him long life, so that Taiwan's longevity. God look Tun, Tun embroidery, scissors King III, at the foot of the mountain. Legend has it that Qu Yuan, Shen from the Miluo River, they are summoning the spirits of Qu Yuan's father, daughter, father Xiu Xiang, Zi Wen father Department.

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South Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake surface area of 1200 hectares. Rippling blue lake throughout the year, Yajie quiet, more than Lakeshore Beach, Harbor twists and turns, "Long before nine turtle" shape the landscape, is now listed as protected areas in the province of its natural beauty and international dragon boat field.

South Harbor, Hubei has a population of the construction of the ancient San Yanqiao Bauhinia embankment built in the middle, over the past several hundred years, the Bauhinia Yueyang embankment leading to the outside world was the only sea access.
  More and more South Bay branch, Harbor twists and turns deep, clear lake water cleaner, a small island in Lake Zhili, the group shore of Lake Luan ups and downs. The south bank of a mountain, shaped like a giant dragon, called Yongsan, the provincial capital of its natural beauty District and Holiday Resort. Yueyang annual Miluo River International Dragon Boat Festival that is held here, and boating on Lake visitors can enjoy the boundless Temptress Moon. Built near the center and resort hotels, cruise ships have all kinds.

  Very beautiful scenery of South Lake, West Dongting pass, drive south mountain, Kameyama, E-Gold Hill north, white crane , The lake spread interlaced, in between back stack, which rise amid, Bo Ying Feng Jing, abundant amenities. Lake of the middle fish, offshore banks of tea, delicious fish, tea Xiang Xin. As a result, since ancient times, has become South Lake boating civilian goods to drink fish, tea poetry of the best places. Tang Yue when relegate Yuezhou, often called a lot of writers in the lake to sing . Li Shi Xian on Lake Qingyouduzhong like he's Yin Chu, "South Lake autumnale smoke-free night, multiplicative-resistant flow straight to heaven." Dongting buy on credit and on the moonlight, the ship will be buying white Bian "is simply a living Dan-Qing paintings. " And the "water free to mirror, the Huaping move around the cloud," Bai Miao is even more direct way to praise South Lake. San Yanqiao at the East Lake, 40 meters long, 12 meters wide, 15 meters high, Bridge Guchen years. San Yanqiao repair at the beginning of the Song Dynasty, the last time to repair (in 1875) is also 120 years ago. Snail in the mountains east of San Yanqiao, Tomb of the Book of History, with the San Yanqiao repair the Ming Dynasty 000 Shang blunt side of the tomb, left, "Shang Shu Fang penance 3 car," the story.

  Mi-country sites in South Lake on the east coast, Ben Zhu left the remains of walls. Mi-Xia States is the oldest in the world, often ancient verse, and Yong, Wu Sheng-ching, such as "Mi-Autumn floating States, Xiang Jun Shan Chung-ming on" sentence. "Nine out of a dragon tortoise" refers to the Longshan Mountain and the King together. In the southern bank of Lake, the former Yongsan nine independent island (that is, Kameyama), to form the picture as if to catch up with the stop in the nine turtles, the "nine out of a dragon turtle," named Cijing.

  "Nine out of a turtle skin disease" with the landscape, "nine out of a dragon tortoise" The same causes, Hill toad skin disease at the export of Hunan, the squat toad Zhuangruo, followed by nine islands comprising Kameyama, looking canal even came, tortoise, this will form a nine to catch up with a plunging the scene.

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