Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yu Shan trunk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Miluo City, 4 km northwest of the Miluo River on the north shore. Legend has it that the Warring States period when the great poet Chu Yuan, Yuan was in exile, had Gordon in the mountains, scenic spots and historical sites in the mountains there, and most of Qu Yuan's concerned. Yu-shan of the main trunk of relics in the temple have Qu and "trunk-Eight." Qu Yuan Temple, also known as the temple is the commemoration of love The ancestral hall poet Qu Yuan, Qu existing temple was built for?????. Qu temple covers an area of 1354 square meters, for the brick building, there are more than 300 years old Kim. In the aisle on the walls, many inlaid stone, engraved with the future generations pay Qu Yuan's poems Cifu. Qu Yuan as at Houdian, quick People. Eight-trunk show is Taiwan, Zhuo Ying Bridge, Du Xing-ting, peach-dong, Taiwan longevity, the God of hope Tun, Tun embroidery, scissors pool. Qu Yuan and the former King 5, 3 and the King's daughter about Qu Yuan. Sao Taiwan at the right side of the Hill, Qu built in the temple when the building changed. Legend has it that Qu Yuan's poems immortal glory, "Li Sao" and "Nine Songs "Huai Sha" that is written here, said it's "show of Taiwan"; Zhuo Ying Bridge is located in Tainan show across-the water, was built in?????. Stone Arch Bridge, was eight characters. Legend has it that Qu Yuan in exile, often went to the bridge of jade water, washing Ying crown, and cleaned up the dust and wash it, said Ying Bridge; Duxing Pavilion at Miluo River, close to the ferry, the ferry also known as kiosks. Legend has it that Qu Yuan was here that the dialogue with the Fisherman, and left "many people are drunk, I Duxing" well-known, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong in the years to build Citing when "Du Xing" name; peach is a land-hole Located in the foothills. Nice and cool inside the cave, the legend of Qu Yuan in mid-summer heat, often Cidong study support, Fu Shi Ming; longevity in Taiwan Yamashita,?????building. Legend has it that Qu Yuan was to be by-slander, local elders was uneven. As a result, each of the twenty-first day Qu Yuan suitable birthday, here are singing and dancing, acting and entertainment, wish him long life, so that Taiwan's longevity. God look Tun, Tun embroidery, scissors King III, at the foot of the mountain. Legend has it that Qu Yuan, Shen from the Miluo River, they are summoning the spirits of Qu Yuan's father, daughter, father Xiu Xiang, Zi Wen father Department.

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