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An vacant - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Vacant at an umbrella Pu Xiang Xiang River in the West Bank village site, 5 km south from the town, along the Xiang River as one of the famous scenery. As early as in civil, there are vacant shore monk rock, Dan Zhongshan, hanging bell rock, and so do not Shizi Yan said. Tian Liang sentenced to seven years the Southern and Northern Dynasties (508) vacant building Temple of Guanyin from people like big, it is also known as Guanyinyan. Tang Li-big four - five years (769-770) poet Du Fu Xie Juan boat, visit the Xiangjiang, four vacant Teng-shore tour, wanted to settle here, and "vacant at an" poetry. Jiaqing nine-year-ching (1804), Jin Jian Yirenhuguan Dugong vacant booth in the right side of the temple, carved Du Fu's "sub-vacant shore," Poetry in Stone 15 light (1835) vacant maintenance temple pavilion, the expansion of the scale. Five Guangxu (1879), led by Feng-chuan repair pavilion, once again expand the scale of the formation of vacant Temple, Zhang Xiao F, King Court, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage. After the Department of Justice plum gifts, engraved in the stone complex, built to Plum Court. In the first year (191 ), Liu Qiu, Dang Quang with the topic of the first bridge repair following the pavilion. 24, Du Chang Chen-yuan Prospectus repair vacant Temple. Bingxian erosion due to wind and rain, tile off the beam distortion, a number of leaks, collapsed in 1968 destroyed.
An old vacant, Saga rocks, deep Qixiu, there Calocedrus pines, under the fragrant grass purpurea. Jiang unexpected huge loss, Ling pit. Stone Temple vacant rise steeply in the central coast, from top to bottom three, Xieshanchongyan architecture. Rising from the south side of the Mountain Gate, a vacant shore of St. Paul letter words. St. Paul had to Shek Pik along the river path along the cliff, about 100 meters, the twists and turns have caused, through Temple. There Sihou Cave, 14 meters in depth, 2.7 meters high, wide 9 , And Temple, the same hole. Shitai process hole, 0.5 meters high, the shape of bed, "the fairy-bed", in large Guanyin from people like. Buddha, the trickle-down does not have a clear spring dry, sweet and delicious, it is referred to as "Suoi Tien." More than 100 stone caves left a huge embrace of the step-by-step, building on the Dugong Pavilion, Plum Court, on the wall engraved with poems sing Temple incense vacant peak, the reputation spread far and wide, pilgrims gathered in the distance. There were quite a number of VIPs, this impromptu Tiyong. In October 1987, Taiwan Hunan Mr. Tang Yingtao adopted by the County People's Political Consultative Conference members Xiaobo Liang suggested that overseas donor organizations, individuals, the rehabilitation of vacant Temple, the County People's Government in order to group headed by Mr Gao Yao Repair. According to the construction of Rock Mountain Gate, the path along the cliff, Temple III, Canon House, Main Hall, in possession of Court, visual kiosks, and so on Sengshe, 960 square meters floor area, gold tile walls, magnificent. Vice Premier Fang Yi wrote an horizontal inscribed board vacant, the Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao wrote three Temple Amount of stone Painter Li wrote Foguangpuzhao horizontal inscribed board, the national title of a famous calligrapher Li Feng Jin Bian Main Hall. In 1990, to repair housing, tourism, infrastructure, expand the scale of the formation of people's travel, tourism, and the ideal place to worship Buddha.

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