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Former Residence of Yang Kaihui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Kaihui martyrs of the former residence, located in Changsha County, Itakura. In November last year, the 100th birth anniversary of the martyr, Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, written under the "arrogance Yang Li quality, heroic martyrs From Here" inscription.

Yang Kaihui was an outstanding member of the Communist Party of China. Ms. Mao Zedong, in November 1930 Killed by the Kuomintang reactionaries. For the former residence of an old cottage, in front of the house if you have land, Ping, Long Pond Wada. Hanging on the front door red plaque, a letter to the "former residence of Yang Kaihui martyrs." Wong's former home decorated walls, open plain, Shochiku shade cover, and style.

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Yellow Wood Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Xiang Shui material at the reservoir water level upstream tributary of the pseudo-yellow wood 3.5 km to the west of the town of Tieshan, the next 52.5 km away from Ningxiang county. Rainwater harvesting area of 240.8 square kilometers, the average rainfall for many years 1436.4 mm, the average runoff of 183 million meters legislation, the total reservoir storage capacity 153,000,000 Meters, the normal water level of 166 m, corresponding capacity of 126 million meters legislation, the effective capacity of 124 million meters legislation, the capacity factor of 0.68 for the regulation of the reservoir for many years. Project by the main dam and auxiliary dam and spillway, water holes, power plants and dams, and other buildings cited.

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Autumn Harvest Uprising text home to join the former site of the City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

National key cultural unit. Patou that school. Autumn Harvest Uprising text at the former site of the house to join the city of Liuyang City, home county Brunei Town to the streets.

In September 1927, the Hunan-Jiangxi border Autumn Harvest Uprising troops attack the city center after the defeat, the leadership of Mao Zedong's forces at the various homes to join the city. Sept. 19 Mao Zedong Patou in the school hosted the Qiandi the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, decided to give up the city center and transport hub, the force from the original plan of action taking into southern Hunan Changsha to be changed to preserve power, the power savings.

  The next day, Mao Zedong at the National Taiwan Normal University will be at the meeting on behalf of the Committee Qiandi Uprising made to mobilize all the soldiers and then led his troops into the south, on the way the situation as a result of changes in the forces of Jinggangshan, in order to create the Jinggangshan revolutionary base. 1927 to 1930, the home city for more worker-peasant revolutionary army base for activities. Here, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of workers and peasants in the school premises Patou writing on the wall of Xu Revolutionary slogans, there are well-preserved 1927 Autumn Harvest Uprising troops to write "Tu Hao played at the fields", as well as in 1930 the Soviet government issued more than 10 of the 10 platforms and so on, have become a witness of history.

  Slogans written in the alley after the slogan Lane said. Patou school was built 21 years light ( 841), formerly known as the Mandarin College, in 1912 the school changed its name to Patou. Take the former site of the Southern North, an area of about 5,000 square meters in 1964 for maintenance, rehabilitation Qiandi a site of the Commission, such as Mao Zedong's forces under the leadership of the main bedroom, kitchen and shelter soldiers, to join gymnastics, etc. Ping. In 1977 the former site of the Side of the construction of the "Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial Hall to join the city of text at home," an area of 1040 square meters, the Autumn Harvest Uprising on display are a large number of artifacts, photographs and in 1930 by Mao Zedong and Zhu De led the troops at the home city of annihilating enemies and win the formation of??????First Front Army of the relevant information.

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Tang Shou-Jin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kam Tang Shou Qing Dynasty for 23 years before (1897), by the Tu Jing Biao Liu Qing Dynasty in memory of her husband Tu Mei-ju-ju in built for the late Qing Dynasty-style manor building. Park covers an area of 4000 square meters, ride south, brick, two-story building Diaolianghuadong a total of more than 100. In 1931, the Soviet Union in Hunan Province Egyptian Government has set up here, both inside and outside of the wall to preserve the former site of a large number of red banners, such as statements of income and expenditure in 1960 was designated as the provincial key protection units. Kam Tang Shou After a century of vicissitudes, because of disrepair, appears to be in a deplorable state, city cultural relics management office is on the Gate Tower, to repair the main hall, two repair workers Tourism Festival will be held on the eve of the opening ceremony of the completion. Tai Wai Town, with the Government for repair work and funded more than 7 million site on the surrounding environment to carry out training, the laying of the Ta Shee, as well as the bank's front steps of the cement road.

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Gap sweet-scented osmanthus - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luo Zhou Canyon Falls Park 70 km east of Changsha, the territory of the humanities sites, natural scenery, numerous scenic iron grave Ping, the intake tower, Chen Clan Temple Church, the Yen family housing market, and so on, have archaeological value; the territory of the ecological environment, rare plants and animals Many, especially the wild sweet-scented osmanthus found in the community, but also added the magic Resort .

Valley week in Los charming small stream and cross-strait Yanxi about 1 km on the hillside there are two sides of the 1026 wild sweet-scented osmanthus, in the long stone, there are three varieties: Tan Kwai, Kim, silver and Guangxi. Nanjing Institute of osmanthus Chess Park to the sweet-scented osmanthus that the group is the first time found that the sweet-scented osmanthus trees, and The study group to be sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet-scented osmanthus the birthplace of the world.

To be a flowering season, the charming Valley, a sweet-scented osmanthus colored Congcong, a Cucu, colorful, extraordinary beautiful, Xiangpiao few years, a magnificent view.

Gap's sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet-scented osmanthus Lin has found that China's largest wild sweet-scented osmanthus Lin Wild sweet-scented osmanthus trees over the total number of 1200, the full range, aromatic overflowing, along seamlessly with a good forty to fifty of the Department of rock falls or for that spectacular volley to make it move in quiet, affordable movement. This is not a more poetic take Tam sky is the moon, so that there is Tan Zhong, there are mid-tan.

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Xiangxiu Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Of Hunan Xiangxiu Changsha is a museum to show the world Xiangxiu history and art museum professional. A total of 810 square meters exhibition hall, more than 1,200 pieces of collections from "Xiangxiu historical origin" and "the rise of Xiangxiu", "Contemporary Xiangxiuxieying" when the theme of the three exhibition halls constitute, exhibits vividly recreates the Xiang Xiu work The evolution of our ancestors and the artist's exquisite work, vividly describes Xiangxiu the course of the development and contemporary works absolutely fine, showing the new style embroidery art. In these good works, created by the "hair pin" well developed "lion", "tiger drink," Xiang Xiu, and other products, China won a hundred arts and crafts Cup prize money, and both countries selected Chinese arts and crafts treasures; the development of the "Yang", "Moon" and "birthday Qunxian map" by the National Treasures. Hong Kong's return to large-seat double-sided screen Xiangxiu gift "Dongting Bainiaochaofeng Spring in Hong Kong, reunification and the SAR government years to set up the ceremony to be Chinese and foreign guests. ..

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Xiang River scenery with - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang River in Changsha with scenery, from southern Hunan along the planned Xiang River in Changsha and Shi Pu Bridge, north to the northern end of Moon Island, about 26 km.

The entire landscape with fully reflects the natural beauty of Hunan and beautiful environment, tourist visitors is a good place for the rest, but also the public late morning exercises travel nirvana.

Jiang scenery with built in 1995, mainly to leisure-oriented promenade and sculpture King, with different forms of the small square piece of landscape lighting such as lighting facilities, a combination of planting more trees and shrubs species, reflecting the river The two sides backed each other's unique scenery.

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Tian Han Grand Theater - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tian Han Grand Theater is located in Changsha, Hunan Road work, construction with a total area of 28,151 square meters, 6 on the ground floor, ground floor of a layer, the appearance of new and unique, Yitaiwanfang is standing in the south-east corner of He Long Stadium.

Grand Theater is a multi-cultural construction, people here can not only enjoy world-renowned Opera, ballet, symphony, and so elegant art, can be held to high standards of international justice will be, or to enjoy dining, shopping and leisure fun.

Grand Theater of the main part of the grand theater, the Office of the audience seating about 1210, of which 800 parterre. And the second floor of the box 410. Well-designed seat Distribution, the whole audience were in a different perspective to enjoy a comfortable performance.

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He Long Stadium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

He Long Stadium is a provincial comprehensive modernization of the multi-purpose stadium, the stadium is located in Changsha City Hou Jia Tang, work the way south, east Fulejiuzhou, and He Long Stadium adjacent to the northwest. Area of 115,000 square meters, construction area of 15,600 square meters, the country with a total investment of 54,000,000 yuan, is the Lake Seventh Five-Year Plan for the province in a major project.

Museum visitors have 6,500 seats, of which 1090 seats activities. Game hall with an area of 58 � 30 meters, is the second stadium in the capital, Shanghai Stadium, the venue of the National another large stadium. Museum For gymnastics, tennis, handball, badminton, indoor soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, and other 12 sports competitions, could be held in literature and art, performing acrobatics and mass rallies. A plane for the VIP lounge, players lounge, there are also usually open to the public on the coffee shop, gym, music and other entertainment tea Shi. On the second floor flat with the audience hall and the rest colored glass fiber reinforced plastic seats. Plane three-time score set up e-rooms, lighting control room, engine room of the total program-controlled telephones and other space technology.

The library in December 9, 1987 groundbreaking, in November 1991 completed and put into use. After the museum in its first Asia and the province's popular Gymnastic Championship Games.

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Jian Du Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha City is located in Tianxin Ge and white sand between the ancient Changsha City Museum Du Chien, for the design style of the Han Dynasty, from the period of three popular forms of high-profile construction. Museum covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters, more than 3,000 square meters on the first floor for the protection of the public coffers, mainly for dehydration Du Chien, protection and preservation; Showroom floor to display Jane has been sorting out the correspondence in recent years, Changsha and other relics unearthed in the vicinity; on the third floor of the Center for Research.

Changsha in China's Jian Du unearthed the largest number of cities. In October 1996, Changsha City cursory floor, a site of over 1,700 years ago unearthed in the Three Kingdoms Sun Wu Jian Du Jinian period, a total of more than 14 pieces, over the previous calendar year China discovered the sum of the number of Du Chien. Three Kingdoms period because of the lack of historical materials, this group of Miss Jane is considered to be following the Chinese Yin oracle bone inscriptions, Dunhuang instrument after another "major archaeological find of the century." In December 2003, also unearthed in Changsha cursory Floor 1 of the Western Han Dynasty period of more than 10,000 pieces of correspondence Chien, in the form of text vividly recreates the Emperor during the Western Han Dynasty situation of peace and prosperity.

In order for such an unprecedented number of cultural relics and give full play to its functions, Changsha City and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage jointly invest 66,000,000 yuan to build China's largest museum Du Chien -- Changsha Du Chien Museum, will be set Jian Du protection, research, in one exhibition, displaying the full glory of our ancestors to create civilization.

In the ancient Chinese invented paper did not before, books, the main instrument in writing to bamboo, wood texture for the Jane's article, and then binding thread linking, easy to read and save. People with bamboo as the material for Jane to wood as the material for correspondence. Prior to the Qin and Han, Jian Du is the most widely used form of the instrument.

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Shapingchang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shapingchang Xiangxiu, China is one of the four were embroidered, Xiangxiu history goes back to ancient times, Xiangxiu handicraft products contain the art of content, extensive and profound.

As early as 2,500 years ago in the Spring and Autumn era, Hunan embroidery where there is a certain amount of development, to the late Qing Dynasty, as an independent Xiangxiu The tradition of self-culture and the arts in Changsha, Hunan Province Shapingchang Xiangxiu in the vicinity of the workshop, the village shop came into being, the Shapingchang Xiangxiu handicrafts as a valuable arts and crafts market, with the reputation of Japanese growth. Later, Shapingchang division embroidered with figures of traditional Chinese painting, landscape, flowers and birds, animals and so on the basis of embroidery carried out in the deliberate pursuit of The following is issued on the basis of original art re-creation, making clever Xiangxiu with my paintings, calligraphy, stone and other arts combined into one, so that the embroidery even more vivid, realistic, strong texture, and gradually developed a Beautiful art style, Shapingchang Xiangxiu at home and abroad who love Shapingchang This "Xiangxiu town," the reputation of being famous at home and abroad.

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Kanai Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha County in the northern part of the rural gold, white Shanxi Lu Lo. Kanai river to intercept the source of a tributary of the Hong Kong Water screws. Rural named to the host, started in 1958, for completion in 1959. Southwest of the main dam 54 km away from Changsha City. For the core wall of earth dam, 20 meters high, 80 meters long. Catchment area of 15.7 square kilometers.

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Former Residence of Hu Yaobang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fangcun Cang "Hu Xi Ling" by the UN for the intersection of the two provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi Department of Luo Xiao Yu Mo Shan. Since the winding mountain Luo Xiao Shan from Liuyang to Henan, rehabilitation and Song Qi, "Yun Jushan." The hills south gradually open, "Yanggu." Yanggu along the southbound Wa Lane on May 6, a small mountain, called "Xiling," Hu Yaobang's Home, sits at the foot of the Xiling, backed by mountains. There is a wide front of the house a few meters of the stream, called Min River, which has never throughout the year, Dong Dong tingle. Using today's point of view, is a scenic place.

Former Residence of Hu Yaobang in Hunan Province is a typical farm buildings, sitting south, the small Qingwa Brick, said to be built in the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng years, so there has to count more than 140 years. This room has been through many times since the construction of repair in order to repair most of the 1995 Seiko secret agents. At present, is kept by the Housing Hu Yaobang's great-grandfather 000 Chung Hu and his elder brother Hu-000 was shared by a total of 19 Housing with a total area of about 450 square meters. In the middle of the "Pan public to enjoy together," the highest, is a mirror of that year, and 10 minutes were dedicated to his father's brother in the Pan Hu tablets, for a total of two for large Ketang. Legend has it that after two generations, belonging to the father of Hu Yaobang Zulun house for 7 and a half, about 200 square meters.
Hu Yaobang passed away, the ancestral home of the already dilapidated state on the brink of collapse. The 1980 year, Hu's elder brother Hu Yaofu in Beijing, the ancestral home to tell him we should do, how do? Hu said that during the long, it let you down, drained the outside, people on the move inside to live. , The former residence of Hu Yaobang firmly opposed to repair.

1995 is the 80th anniversary of the birth of Hu Yaobang, Liuyang City, decided to repair former residence of Hu Yaobang. This work was started in February 1995, the basic completion in July, the rehabilitation of Hu Yaobang's childhood home, their parents and elder brother's bedroom, as well as being , Wang hall, living room, kitchen, and so on. In September that year, Ms. Hu Yaobang Li Zhao had to visit the former residence here. December, the former residence of Hu Yaobang opening to the outside world. It has been receiving more than 10 million people. Right now more and more people come. It was in the guest book: "While the difficult road trip, I had to." That is because in and Liuyang away from the urban area, close to Jiangxi, low-grade roads from Liuyang drove down to two hours. It was also message: "Hu Yaobang, you saved me." It appears the drop was the author must have experienced miscarriage of torment.

In 1998, Hunan Province, decided to allocate 200,000 yuan, Hu Yaobang's former home next to the former residence of effective intervention with the construction of the showroom. The funds are in place before the 100,000 yuan. Not all the funds in place, Liuyang City, possession of the text by trade unions to raise funds for each 10,000 yuan, was completed on the museum building. Exhibition Hall from Liuyang City Design Institute. At that time, the plan would also like to do something big Dredged to the back of Hill House. Later on the revised design, built only 3 of the tiny room exhibition hall.

In the spring of 1999, in order to solve the former home of Hu Yaobang on the ground Fanchao problems on the ground continue to carry out the processing technology. Hu curator of the museum's former home found Jiannong said that the people who come here In more than a year.

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Liuyang Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuyang is a Confucian temple Confucian Temple, Confucian Temple in Qufu is the imitation of the ancient palace-style buildings, located in the city of Liuyang north side of the road-kyu Lent. Mountain Street side of the temple, 149 meters long from north to south, east 43 meters wide, a total of 13 construction units, to preserve integrity of our country is one of the Confucius Temple.

Liuyang Confucian Temple was built in Song, 18 3 (Qing dynasty 23 years) is converted into a pattern. Pan central axis followed by pool, stone bridge, stars lattice door, stone steps, Shing Mun, Yu Dao, Qiyang stone "Wolong have beads," the platforms of the Great Hall, Royal Beiting. For both sides of the Yuan Men, corridors, visual and Piandian Pavilion. Dacheng Hall of condescending, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, the glass tube Pavement, the blue-and-white ceramic tiles to make Ridge, Mid ding gourd. Basilica by 32 granite pillars supporting, 3 sub-layer arrangement. To the hollowing-carved front door for Chudo screen, Shi Lan Chi Wai around the gallery. Royal Beitingxiyou bring up the rear by the Qianlong Emperor Kangxi title "Sven is in", "Jesus Christ Shibiao" horizontal inscribed board. 1.67 m high platform Dianqian Granite Shop, Zhou Shi Lan care. Platform of south-east, south-west corner of the two stands a 1.40 Cuanjian Ding Zhong Yan-ting dance, Laoting for the old spring and autumn Jikong dance music venues. Taking a panoramic view of Confucian Temple, resplendent, symmetrical things, through the corridors, surrounded by Chinese walls, typical of the Jiangnan style of the Qing Dynasty.

196 In Liuyang county committee for the first time the CPC Congress convened in the Great Hall, set up the first Liuyang county committee election Pan Xin-yuan, led by Ren Shuji. Confucian Temple has turned into "Liuyang County, the first junior high", the leadership of the CPC Central Committee Hu, Yang Yong, Li Zhimin, and so has the school students, after the founding of Liuyang in a school. Xingzhi tips:
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CPC District Committee, the former site of the Gordon Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan Chinese museum at the former site of the District Committee Bayi Lu. At this time of the original old city on the northern outskirts of the East, the town about 0.5 kilometers, there was a three-room brick cottage, as there is in front of two ponds, bright and clean water, Qingshui Tang named.

Housing for the District Committee of the CPC Hunan in secret , Is the establishment of the memorial, surrounding environment and furnishings to restore the original appearance of the year. Memorial Hall in a display of the Committee of the CPC Hunan area of the main story and its revolutionary workers and peasants under the leadership of the revolutionary movement of cultural information.

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Lei Feng Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lei Feng Lei Feng Memorial Hall in the rural village of Lei Feng, in memory of the great communist fighter built from Comrade Lei Feng. Museum galleries display the whole area of 1500 square meters, is divided into three parts, four galleries, a comprehensive and systematic introduction to Comrade Lei Feng's life-story model, and all the people of learning from Lei Feng's example. For the people Especially the young people to carry out the communist revolution in education and traditional education in the classroom. There is the Museum of Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, and so the older generation of leaders in the central government called on people across the country learn from Lei Feng's inscription.

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Xinmin Society site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang River in the urban areas in the West Bank, Zhou Rong Wanzhen table, only 2 km away from downtown. Cai Hesen was in the old Changsha.

Xinmin Society of Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, and other organizations of a revolutionary group, founded in April 1918. "May Fourth" During the period, will hold high the banner of imperialism and feudalism Changsha joint anti-Japanese patriotic forces of all walks of life to carry out the expulsion of the warlords Zhang Jingyao the struggle for revolution in modern China's history and write a glorious page. For the establishment of the Communist Party of China in terms of ideology, the cadres also made an important preparation. The former site of the destroyed in Changsha in 1938, "Wen Xi-fire." In 1986, the former site of the rehabilitation project Workers. Except when the original building rehabilitation, building a showroom and auxiliary green belts, covering a total of 6050 square meters. The former site of the furnishings within a year with the debris of furniture products, and the Institute of literature. Key provincial heritage site for the unit.

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Lu Wang Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Road building is located in Hunan, a simple cottage. Higher ground here, and the Hexi Yuelu Mountain in the distance with heavy, it is said Wang Lu Park. When clearance for the test Ningxiang Hall, later renamed the brigade Ningxiang boarding students. From 1926 to 1927, Mao Zedong in the spend. The existing building, is based on the original 1954 reconstruction. Furnishings inside, basically maintaining the status quo.

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Shen Tai Uk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu is located in the urban areas outside the North Bridge, in 1927 was the seat of the CPC Hunan Provincial authorities. Han Xia, Xie Juezai, Mao Zedong, have lived here in August 1927, Mao presided over the meeting here to discuss and formulate a plan to the Autumn Harvest Uprising.

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Gray Hot Spring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gray Tang, Ningxiang County in Hunan Province is located in Hot Springs southwest gray soup of the territory of East Rural Services Yamashita, Wujiang River, 50 km from the county seat, because Stephen rolling boil, such as soup, the Proton, such as steam fog, named Tom Gray. Tang, Ningxiang hot ash more than 2,000 years of history, China's three well-known high-temperature hot springs one of the compound. Jade crystal springs, water quality Color transparency, all the year round water temperature kept at 90 degrees or so, the human body contains 29 kinds of trace elements useful, known as "Stephen natural medicine."

As early as age three, who with Jiang Wan Shu-chuen, on the side of the forest Shichiku read the book, he has also wash Xi Ma Ying Tan Messire the bridge left ?p Messire ; The Tang urged the prime minister cut fan Peidu ?p Dali scientist in the Song Dynasty scholar Zhu Xi ?p easy to remove evil god in the Ming Dynasty and Wang Rongqing ?p review of the Academy TAO RU-Nai, and so have here means the Tang Kam Yu Mu ?p recite the wind; Qing Yu Shi Wangwenqinghuo Wang Yun Shi Du Academy also went to Tom Gray held poetry snipe and duck reception.

Gray Chi-chuen, a few holes. Stephen Lord 2 meters wide and 8 meters long. 4:00 Chung spring run, train water, crystal white jade, slightly sulfur smell. Ling Yuan Wang Dong, smoke filled, such as vague in Wonderland, is near the sultry heat, splash Chu Yu-fei, the "boil-Tang Quan," the name for one of the Ten Ningxiang old. The hot water temperature of 90 ? Right, on emission more than 3500 cubic meters. ?p Water, the water temperature stability, high temperature is a vein of water pressure. Near the hot springs pool, plumbing winter and spring, the fish ?p duck, crisp tender ?p bone marrow ?p ?p more delicious, the duck is even more of both Yin and Kidney Yigan note the effectiveness of the lung, said the world "fish soup" ?p " Duck Soup, "the two pay tribute to the Ming and Qing Dynasties .

Gray Hot Spring mineral water for low bicarbonate - sodium fluoride silica water, hydrogen sulfide containing radon ?p ?p Mo ?p ?p copper zinc and other chemical components of the treatment of a variety of skin diseases such as arthritis and chronic disease Qi Xiao, the Lady House has voted for the benefit of the people of Hot Springs from myths and legends. According to the Department of Medical Nearly 40,000 cases of patients with clinical observation, hot springs have anti-inflammatory, sedative, soothe the nerves that regulate physiological functions, improve cardiovascular function, such as drug efficacy can not be replaced by magic, on the skin, digestion and movement, blood circulation, the nervous system of a variety of chronic diseases Has a unique effect.

196 And 1988, in order to take full advantage of spring water features, in-chuen, were built in Hunan Province next to the soup hot ash homes and hospital workers in Hunan Province gray power, the use of spring water treatment Yang Shen, the very effect, is one of the famous resorts.

Xingzhi tips:

Transportation: Gray 50 km away from the rural county, the Changsha City ?p Ningxiang County, the county seat there are direct buses gray soup, and there are bound ?p Lianyuan Shaoshan, and other places here after the bus, Ningxiang to Changsha City, a total of two per day, the morning of 6 : 20; Ningxiang chassiron long to stop from 6:20 am to start a 20-minute trip to the spa by the people of Changsha Ningxiang to transfer.

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Chinese copper cattle and human light chandelier - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Copper is a light cattle in 1949 in Garden City, Guangxi's precious cultural relics unearthed, light-cow of Things Past, drop ears, short legs, feet shoulder from both sides of the tube to make up the erection of a round, each folded into a song together, since under the Bowl review was expanded to become smoke pipe. Center back Yuan Dong A, the home hole on a round Dai Bing Deng Pan, Cone sites, Edge of the slot set up to put wind board. Hollow body lights, oil-sheng. 50-cm, 40 cm long. Engraved on the right side of the abdomen, "Temple stabbed four cattle stirrup, chief music producer of" inscription, when the Western Han Dynasty is a thorn in Changsha City of temple-Wang Jiande. This immense dignified style lamp with a light, fuel-efficient, dust, sheltered and so on. Deng Pan chandelier from the human form, the storage tank and the catenary is composed of three parts. Deng Pan-round show, set heart-shaped lamp posts have sharp, you can plug a candle Zhupang oil and a square mouth. A storage tank for the hair, dark eyes, nose high bronze statue of the nude pose, body posture in order to swim-like crawl, Aung head, hands Shen, Deng Pan boosting Liang Zhang, the air inside the human body, the stomach has a small oil learn the door, they can hoist. Catenary by the emulsion-covered surface, the top legislature to build a phoenix-like bird Suzaku, the GAO Guan-open screen, built under the strand of copper with the light of the three-phase linked. 29 cm-high, 29 cm long.

These two bronze lamps, Only peculiar shape, and so cleverly designed, in line with scientific principles, China's ancient lamp in a rare treasures.

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Chuanshan Society - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chuanshan Society located on the north side of Zhongshan East Road, for a single three-courtyard homes. Qing Guang Xu Temple fan for years, after the Revolution, men of letters degree in Hunan Province, to study the late Ming and early Qing Wang Chuan-shan materialism thinker of the theory, to set up "Chuanshan Society." 1921 Mao Zedong, the founder He Shuheng in University of repair. Is the former site of the door, "Chuanshan Society," Mao Zedong is the fourth title of the book autographed. Indoor restore Mao Zedong, He Shuheng office, the Office of the Federation of Students, introduced the self-study at the University of Mao Zedong in the case; as well as the self-study in the University studied some of the staff of the photos on the life and deeds, and so on, is now the focus of provincial-level text Protection unit.

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Cultural workers in Changsha City officials - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha City officials cultural workers, Dong Tang Plaza is located in the southwest side of the plot and covering over 40,000 square meters, construction area of 25,000 square meters, is a set of cultural, entertainment, learning, sightseeing in one multi-functional cultural center of the workers, The size of the province for the first. Culture, science and technology, education Book House Theater, science and technology exchange center, service buildings, a swimming pool, golf course, playgrounds, such as the artificial lake, entertainment facilities, mainly in dance halls, rehearsal halls, Lu Xiangting, fitness room, activity room of old age, chess Court, Court mystery shops and sidewalk cafes.

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Hill pictographic - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu reached the town is located in the eastern city of Liuyang, located in the beautiful River liuyang 9 foreshore coast, close to the north-east Dawei Mountain National Forest Park is a need to park land. Hu withdraw up to date on the territory of the rural population were built in the town area of jurisdiction of the total square kilometers of arable land which the Miao Mountain Temple in the mountains covered by 98%. Feng Hu reached the town of products With gold, antimony, tungsten, quartz stones, such as potassium-rich and mineral-rich rice on the ground floor, bamboo, wood, Kumquat, and so on. Since the reform and opening up bank of a river in the town's economy has developed rapidly growing strength of a solid form of fireworks to firecrackers, cathode-absorption sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, chemical processing of the four pillar industries of bamboo-based Agriculture and animal husbandry industry system, such as farming constitutes a good and reasonable industrial structure, various types of industrial and agricultural industries of agriculture and animal husbandry industries such as farming constitutes a good and reasonable industrial structure, various types of industrial and agricultural industries exported to Europe , The United States, and other Southeast Asian countries and regions. The town and convenient transport, Tai Liuyang Hill highway running through the town, there are big countries and small hydroelectric power grid at the same time the supply of industrial and agricultural production to meet the needs of the town has opened the door dry program, fax telephone, wireless paging, and other mobile telecommunications business can be linked around the world. Good natural conditions, combined with preferential policies, liberal investment environment, we Open the door in the town warmly welcomes people from all walks of life to achieve an investment bank of a river and set up factories and business development of tourism.

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Changsha Underwater World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Liuyang River, Golden Eagle and cultural city, Changsha Underwater World on the South National Highway 319, as a shining pearl of attracting vast numbers of tourists. Changsha Underwater World is an area of 100 mu, investment 200,000,000 yuan, set to watch, leisure, science and pleasure in one of the largest central-south China's Western theme park, a national AAAA class tourist attractions, Changsha Underwater World is also China's Hunan Province and the Institute of Marine Science and Technology Shoupai marine science education base.

  In the world-famous Liuyang River in the emerging culture of the new century, the city of Changsha, Changsha seabed near the North Changsha World Window, 139 of the National Highway, such as Yi Yi shine of a pearl attracts tourists from all sides. This is an area of 100 mu, investment 200,000,000 culture of popular science projects. Among them, marine life and sea water-Expo Center. There are more than 10,000 species from around the world on a luxury ocean Health And freshwater fish, it's cute cute sea lions, sharks take a big, colorful coral reefs and sea grass are thousands of mysterious underwater wonders, it is pleasant feeling linger. Sea water is the center of the resort fitness leisure visitors, soul-stirring of the high-profile slide. Adventure waves of the river circulation, surging Making waves, the cartoon realm of children's pool, as well as deep pools, massage pools, ages is the joy of the Gulf.

To enable the city to play the fish taste the fun, playing with a special underwater world of fish, fish purchased from street to street, the resort is endless fish intoxicated when interest in. In short, the entire construction of the park full Show modern, high-grade marine cultural atmosphere is broaden our visitors, leisure and cultural holiday destination.

Broad and deep oceans is not always the interpretation of the life story of Meteorology Series. The ocean that mysterious, wonderful that deeply attracted to human. The people Ocean's live in harmony, is a form of life on Earth better reflect the diversity.

Changsha Underwater World Museum has more than 1,000 marine species from all over the world, 10,000 of the valuable fish and marine life, it's cute cute seals, Yingwu white horse to defend the big sharks, colorful coral reefs, Zi The state sea grass and the mysterious underwater wonders, so that you enjoy the charming scenery of the seabed. There are seals show, "Shark Dance" show divers feeding the fish and the "mermaid of travel, hand in hand Harbor" deep-sea diving experience at their own expense, will surprise you will have to increase, pleasant linger.

Underwater World Water Music Fitness is the leisure visitors to the resort, there is soul-stirring of the high-profile slides, waves of circulation Adventure River, surging waves of man-made, wonderful water of the Russian ballet performances, cartoon realm of the deep pool and the pool of children ages is the joy of the Gulf .

Children's park so that children Love joy. Ocean's dazzling shopping malls are beautiful ocean theme souvenirs. Food court will meet your dining needs.

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Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial Hall to join the city of text home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Brunei to join the former site of the home city of Liuyang in Hunan town 51 km south-east, and at the junction of Jiangxi, Jiangxi-huangmao, Ci, Paulownia. And the former site of the former on both sides of the field open for followed by mountainous terrain Xianyao, rich products for the Hunan-Jiangxi border military. In 1927 the CPC Central Committee "of eight. VII" after the meeting, to Mao Zedong Back in his capacity as commissioner of the central Hunan Province, organized by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the first worker-peasant army in the first division, on September 9 launched the Hunan-Jiangxi border Autumn Harvest Uprising, frustrated after 19 troops in the build-up here. In the evening, Mao Zedong here Qiandi hosted the meeting, decided to change the plan to attack Changsha, to Luoxiaoshanmo into the middle. , Ping-speaking troops to join the General Assembly to be held, after the start of the march to the Jinggangshan. College for the former site of the old one, Qiandian, Wenchang Pavilion, Houdian East fasting, Lent, such as the West Building, the uprising was written by the revolutionary forces slogan well-preserved, near the battle site of Kaolin there, mouth cartoon revolution in the big house for a visit , The former site of the There are separate the Hunan-Jiangxi border text of the Autumn Harvest Uprising home city to join history museum.

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Tai Shan Liuyang River Canyon Rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuyang River in the first expedition Daweishan Canyon drifting with the green pearl of eastern Hunan, said the Dawei Mountain National Forest Park, which is already well known, since 1997 to build the park since 2006, Tai Shan National Forest Park in order to She's beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, good service has attracted millions of visitors travel Light, leisure resorts, tourists have been generally appreciated.

However, in the eyes of tourists also feel that the lack of something that is missing from the vast number of tourists allowed to participate in the general happy to stimulate the fun Project. In order to meet the wishes of the majority of travel enthusiasts, Liuyang City gold wave of Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Yang first Heyuan - Tai Shan Canyon a successful development, the formation of the canyon Shan to Tai Wai to drift to the main series of tourism projects. Tai Shan now to play, you do not have to worry about not fun, Dawei Mountain canyon drift, you can play a fun, fun, play your tired, your soul-stirring You were happy for a long time from ear to ear. No wonder some people say now Shan to Tai Wai to play, if not drifting, it is a very regrettable thing, equivalent to Baipaoyitang. It was also summed up the deep feeling Dawei Mountain in Changsha area of the ten "most", which is the highest of the big mountains, the most primitive forest, the most intensive Falls, the most The new air, most of the cool summer, the most spectacular sea of clouds, the first to see the sun, the most brilliant Yamahana, the most abundant species, the most fun.

Now, we have to tell us about the most fun of Changsha - Liuyang River in the first adventure, Tai Shan Canyon rafting.

Big Hill Canyon rafting at the source of the Liuyang River, Dawei Mountain National Forest Park in Southern deer, deep in the mountains Dawei Mountain Valley - he spent the door, he spent the door Shan to Tai Wai brings together nearly 100 kilometers of mountain springs, the most intensive form The group falls Shan to Tai Wai, Qi Jun deep canyons, high mountains rising abruptly from the two sides, cliffs, densely thin , Crystal clear water, cool can be arrested, is not an original source of the pollution of the natural landscape, world-famous Liuyang River here in the first form.

A "Liuyang River ... ...", accompanied by China's great generation of the motherland Xiangbian every corner, spread all over the world, in every In their mind, "Liuyang River" has an extra kind of admiration and, in particular the beauty of magic Liuyang River's head, and it is the accumulation of long-standing aspiration, drifting through the door he took, we can not only into the Liuyang Heyuan in the first, but also himself into her arms, multiplied by a power-free Boat, relying on her gentle with the surging flow, through valleys, crossing dangerous shoals, the more white water, gravel-off, turn spiral, surfing sharp, so that man and nature intertwined, unity and harmony, play hard feelings, she will do to stimulate the romantic And cheerful, enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the canyon.

Tai Shan Canyon and drifting It compared to the large number of river rafting, her own characteristics: it is rather narrow river, the river rapids, gravel, when you drift, like a ship drifting sitting in bumper car ride, like the fierce collision, the U-turn, is always around the Matter. The second feature of her is: the entire river than Tam Long Beach, 12 km there is full 8 Tam, 48 beaches, the longest Tam less than 80 meters, the longest beach close to 300 meters. She characterized the three are: the upper reaches of the river eddy, whirlpool and some you go in a very difficult, you must have certain skills in order to rowing out of the vortex, or else you spend another big effort is of no avail. Fourth, the characteristics of Tortuous river, Bay Road, "Another Day in the suspect boat to the front, Tam Bay to have another beach," so that you feel good. The five characteristics: the cross-strait river vegetation, scenery, towering old trees line the clouds when the sun and air, river water can only be embroidered in brilliant mosaic, old trees in the rough on the wrist Teng ancient fishing down In just drifting on board Pan Zhu Teng old "swing", do not have a different feeling. Six of the characteristics are: raw river to keep the original appearance, not to tinker and finishing, you can fully appreciate the heroic conquest of nature poetry. The seven characteristics: a single vertical river will not drop too much, there are narrowly for the physical and mental health The majority of the actions agile tourists drift. The characteristics of the eight are: multi-story drift along the way: There are Dragon King Lake pipa channels, from the Valley situation, Xunqing rock, beach dragon and tiger, turtle-whirlpool, dressing, and other magical beauty in the landscape and the legend, people outside the "Landscape With the transfer , Painting the middle reaches of the heart line "position. The nine characteristics are: developers to adopt Import materials through the regular Seiko factory produced no power to sit two inflatable kayak, both solid, comfortable, and flexible enough to you to ensure security. The characteristics of the ten are: drifting from your own driving, there is no Shaogong, faster, slower by your own hands, both free and romantic, poetic are endowed with, and let Own personal experience the fun of sailing, nature and feelings of each of the great challenges of the fragments.

Tai Shan Canyon - he spent the door, is a natural river rafting, more than 10 major feature of the Mengdong He, Mao Yanhe, the East River, the Kowloon-18 Long Beach and many other river rafting, all of a hard act to follow. It is for this reason However, Tai Shan canyon drift, float trial since last year, attracting a large number of celebrities, the majority of the tourists. Yu referred to as "Gordon spent" Hunan Satellite TV show host well-known high-Shu, where she had a wonderful time, you see that she's surprised look, easy-going action, funny rowing, there are Zhanchu Li's smile bright moment, how happy, after the end of the drift when she said happily: "drifting really fun here, the Goushuang Gouci Ji, but also come certainly the next." Hunan Satellite TV program mentors in the Miss Zhu drift, said with emotion: "Liuyang River, which only 9 Bay, are more than 900 Bay, dangerous shoals, rap, open heart Yue. "

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Miss King site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miss King sites in the north of the city of Changsha. Rui Wu, Qin Yang has been called back to (that is, after Poyang, this is Bo Yang). Chu Wu Hengshan Wang Feng Xiang Yu, Liu Bang ascended the throne, will change Linjiang Changsha, Changsha sealed his king. Wu Rui was in office, as to political ethics, very popular. After the death of his subjects held a grand funeral. Legendary king 22 m high, next to the tomb of Li-Si Temple, the Temple Jiao Wu. However, Sun Quan at the southern end of Han Wu-building, in order to build his father Sun Jian Changsha Prefecture of the temple, and the tomb of Wu Rui opening, which take wood, the King Wu, the temple there is a very short life span. However, Miss King has been the site, people probably remember the story rather than its Suozhi.

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Ridge Jinpen project Jin tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ridge Jinpen project Jin tomb in the southern suburbs of the city, is similar to a convex shape of the plane Zhuanshi Mu, Mubi outside the arc, connected at the long side of the wall Shaopian, one end of the tomb of the special shape, size does not Large tomb 3.94 meters long, 3.06 m in the middle widest point, 2.85 meters wide at both ends. Mubi with blue knot , The three-block-first, and then build a set, the rammer after repeated four times, the dome roof has collapsed. Some side of the brick bearing the "Yongning 2002 on May 10 for" Zhuanzi. Munei metal containers had been stolen a space, only the green porcelain buried. All kinds of porcelain figurines ring out around the tomb, placed in a small number of tombs, including 31. In addition, Cars, sheep, warehouses, such as green porcelain pot, gray Taizhi detailed, high heat. Has more green-glazed off. Qing porcelain Though only about 20 cm, but the realistic form, with the identity of the costumes vary, the air because of different grades and different. The celadon in the domestic horse figurines and a saddle horse figurines are complete, before the horse "when "There are three saddle, the front left side of the bridge there is triangle-shaped stirrup, which is currently in the Mainland of China to see first stirrup.

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Zhang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Temple, located in the middle Cai E, is the second in Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital hospital. The original "Zhang Temple" and "Bao Tong Festival", are now no longer exists.

  Zhang, who, Nanyang in Henan people. China's Han Dynasty is well-known medical experts, known as "medical saint." Legend has it that when the Eastern Han Lingdi official Changsha Prefecture, have been in the gun industry, Zhang Bozu, became famous. His family clan has more than 200 people, Jian Han Xiandi years, less than 10 years, died 2 /3, then the deceased most of typhoid fever. Wang Can the seven poems mourning: "no go see it, plain cover bones of the dead," the description is too kind of tragic death scene. Zhang is very sympathetic to people's experience and determined to "ground for old, absorb, draw upon the public square" for the treatment of the masses, the author of "typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases," 16 volumes. In addition to the book argues pathology, diagnosis and treatment are 397 laws, 120 side, summed up the Chinese civil previous experience in health care, the medical cause of the motherland has made major Xian. Now the spread "of typhoid fever" and "Essence" is his original. When the three doctors to see Hua Tuo Zhang praised the book very much.

Zhang Temple, it contains Chia-ching 2002 renovation. There was also organized at the British primary school education, the Anti-Japanese War when the crash. In 1947, Changsha Chinese medicine industry had made donations New Hall 3, renamed the Hall Zhongjing, due to road repair, waste and Temple. Now Chinese medicine hospital with a carved stone to commemorate.

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Jia Guzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Essayist for the Western Han Jia Yi's home, located in Changsha Street, the three Western Fu-sheng Lane, formerly known as Gutai Fu Temple, built in 1465 AD, the temple is only a house. Temple before the lanes in the well, Jia Yi is a hands-on legend cut, well-head on great small, shaped like a pot, known as "Tai Fu well" because the former is too Jia Yi . Jia Yi (BC 200 - before 168), Luoyang, an outstanding statesman of the Western Han Dynasty, writers, as a result of the reform is determined to be derogatory to Changsha. Tickets: 5 yuan

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Moon Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Moon Island, located in the urban area 14 kilometers northwest of the Xiang River in the West Bank, is beautiful natural scenery featuring new tourist spot. Yi Wan Island as the slender crescent Xiangshui sucking, the two kissed beaches of white blue Xiangshui.

Island side of the Liulin dance with the wind, falling Orioles group; on the island is covered with dense Youhou You crawl Grass, like a vast green Simmons; the beach to the south is a drop of the green For reed forest, cool breeze blowing, playing with Wei Ye, audio breeze, such as the melodious Xiaosheng, Jingqioulu chance to fly and circling, It sparked endless poetic.

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Xiaoyuan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaoyuan Park, located at 51 East Road, near the train station, the city government is based on the overall planning of urban construction, investment in 1984 started the construction of the small garden-style park, an area of 3.77 hectares, the park built in the Sino-Japanese "peace friendly" Bronze statue group. The statue was presented to the city of Kagoshima, Japan Changsha people valuable Objects. Plastic Group 4 Group 8 by the Sino-Japanese youth, who heads held high, yearning for the future, peace-loving, a symbol of the Chinese and Japanese people will be friendship from generation to generation. It also has a "Dongyuan", "garden of gardens", with the lake, "UN cloud water," Tea House, "far-floor," Services. Lake and the hill has the shape of the "Xu Ying-Ting", "two-show booths," "semi-ting," Pieces of construction. There are kinds of cherry blossoms in the garden, seaweed, sweet-scented osmanthus, magnolia, water lily, and other valuable trees. Park Bi You also children's play area, set up a number of blocks of the human body, animal sculptures. Xiao Yuan's built for the people of Changsha and the additional domestic and foreign visitors a quiet and Qing The place to rest.

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Cliff's song laugh - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stephen Crane at the right side of the mountains, where the terrain is so extraordinary that Kuteng around the tree. Legend has it that in ancient times there lived a young hunter, called Geren. His hard work and simple access to the Huaxian love. Huaxian Geren home every night to help him home, and they married in the near future. They later gave birth to a son called Chu, come back whenever Geren hunting Yatou seen standing on their own well-being of the family, should a knowing smile, the laughter in the room in the valley, echoing with prolonged. Days later Diming Raytheon will Huaxian into the bottom of Yashi to punish her private Xia Fan, Huaxian missing as a result of her husband and son, Yaxia all night crying. So here is named for the laugh Cliffs.

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Snake hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuwang snake hole in the north of a monument in the Valley. Snake hole in the Western Jin Dynasty previously called the "yellow-hold." Legend has it that Xiang Fu Song-year period (1008-1016 AD), Zhang called the Taoist Wong holds in practice under the rocks, Dan Cheng Sheng Xian away, "Huang holds holes" resulting. Zhang Shengxian said to priests, the hole was set pythons Therefore, there are holes in the name of pythons. Python hole into a spot, from a magical story. It is said that snake through the Millennium practice, on July 15 a year Chu Dong be harmful. It spit out the tongue from the hole for the bridge, cross the Xiang River to the east crane aircraft concept, a pair of lanterns as Snake Eyes Yuan Deng, issued by the mouth of the beautiful and moving music. People look at Xiang River on the sudden appearance of rainbow-like Xian Qiao, is that the extradition of human-day rise in the sector. A Taoist priest the first to set foot on the "Xian Qiao," but-way ticket, the snake died in the abdomen. Jingjiang was the second state to make Taokan thorn in his keen observation, see the "days of the door" of the day hanging lights pressing Hanguang, suspected evildoer, then all the arrows I have to go, Dayton Days off lights, the bridge is also a trace. Later, according to people looking for blood, have yellow inside and found a Damang has been shot and killed. Since then, Lai Man people live and work in peace, in order to thank the people Taokan pesticides, he will be made based on the arrow shot and Taiwan, known as Radio Taiwan python.

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Yuwang monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuwang monument at the Yuelu Mountain Cang purple Shek Pik, the east side stand. Yu described the inscription and sing the praises of the great flood. Yu stepfather water, "Wen 2007 did not listen to music, the three have been entering the house," the mouth with approbation, has spread. Yu Yuelu monument 1.7 meters high, 1.4 meters wide, stone line 9 hours, 9 characters per line, including 77 , Desinence empty words. Tadpole words, such as its shape, is different from the bones Zhong Ding, Zhou Wen also different from the tadpole, it is difficult to identify, is likely to be recorded at a Taoist as well as priests are said to be forged. However, far more than 1200 years ago, is heard and Han Yu, Deng Nanyue pro-Gou Mountain Peak mountain peak Yu find the monument, and left poems in mind. So that at the time of the Tang and Song is fake, as a monument to commemorate Dayu of water is also very precious. There are ten wind Department Juan Li Yu monument, it is said by Yu Yuelu monument engraved with the rehabilitation of the mold.

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Stephen Crane - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Shansi in the post surrounded by an old stone loopholes, not dry winter and summer, Qinglie sweet, ancient legend, when a pair of crane fly regular drinking water here. Crane springs have an interesting feature is its use of tea after boiling, transpiration circled in the heat of the cup for a long time I leave, the shape of a crane. Now the spring water next to the teahouse built, Qinglie use of the crane spring tea for a taste of tourists.

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Yunlu Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha Yunlu Palace is a Taoist temple, located in the Yuelu Mountain peak Yunlu, 72 Taoism as one of the blessed land, on behalf of the Ming. Day in 1944 was to blow up aircraft, the reconstruction in 1957. Visitors here can experience the "three direct on Yunlu Chien Zhang, Changsha 1,000,000 of view," the magnificent scenery, the clouds on the foot of the temple floor, Wang Xiang, See the "Xiangjiang River to the north, the first orange Island" scene.

  Yunlu Palace was first built in 1478 (integrated Xianzong next 14 years), Ji Jian Wang Jun Zhu see on the fan in Changsha, taken the palace building shapes, Jiugong already spent in mind. Jiajing (1522-1566) in full-year period, Sun Fu Ming Taoist priest Can be presided over by the repair and Pinus by-sik, Park, Tong, Huang Zhu Zi and 1000, so that the view of the scenery around the buildings on a new look. Long Khanh (1567-1572) years, the Taoist priest and gold in the Shoufen practice here, his fund-raising by the antipodes, the Temple Church building, renamed the Yunlu Palace, built five houses, for the stone columns, covered with tile iron to Anti - ?. Palace Qiandian related to the Temple, the Temple of Emperor Xuan Si, founder of basaltic Hall, Houdian worship of the "three-ching." Taoism to Senior's Yuan Shi Yuqing, the supernatant Lingbao Senior, Senior's moral Taiqing (Lao) as the supreme God, fit the three-ching, San Qingdian named. Yunlu Palace became Taoist resort. Taoism advocates self-sen, with the topic of line Inaction ", always choose the establishment of quiet beauty of the temples, self-cultivation, herbs Alchemy, in order to immortal, such as a local god of the home, which formed a well-known Dongtian top 10, 30 Six days and 72 holes blessed. The four-week rise amid Song Zhi, the pelvis-line stone, bamboo trees of green Yunlu Palace Is one of the twenty-third of the land - the "blessed land and virtual holes."

  Qing Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722) in the early years, Changsha, Zhang Road Tour at the refurbished Palace Yunlu to build a follow-up. In 1862 (the first year of Tongzhi) at a kiosk in front of the building, also by Ting Wai Sacred Mountains of China, Tianfei Second Temple. To Gong Men have a couplet: "The ancient temples of night-watch-take color to be shared equally, surrounded by Jiang Liu; more famous sites, Shao Ling has written sentence, the monument title in the North Sea." Couplet on the joint written Yunlu the grand palace, it seems beyond Above the clouds, this could be the last to see Yuelu scenery, overlooking the Xiangjiang circulation; Xia Lian Yun description of the palace where the foot of the hill Yuelu More historical sites, Du Fu left a poem here, the famous author Li Yong title tablets.

  In the palace is expected to Xiang Lu Yun-ting, ting in the al Yueshi, is the Qing dynasty (1821-1850) years of construction. Yuan Wang lean on a railing, with the Xiang River in Changsha City panoramic view, you can enjoy the "Naoto Yunlu Joe dry, look at Changsha 1,000,000, "the magnificent scenery. Yunlu intrauterine many couplets, from the masters wrote. Ecliptic Qing Dynasty which allow the title of" south-west to Yunqi Hengyue, night and day Dongting voice Jiang "grasped the Yunlu Magnificent palace features the great boldness of vision, neat antithesis, writing Jin Road, for-tourists and recite favorite. Yunlu Palace with the beauty of the sites, attracting countless seekers can explore Tiyong to play this, but mostly because of old, it can not be seen after the war. Ancient poems, there are today able to see the late Ming and early Qing Yuan Liao Changsha people's "Yunlu residential palace," a poem: "The night-air re-Lin, a green light to the comb. Autumn colors, such as thin, touch-Chongsheng to wake up. "Express a change of dynasty in the author's troubled times, the view of the temple host the homeless, lonely night alone on the solitary, and deplores the death of the country home of the emotional break. There is a Qing Dynasty by the Yuelu Yiye Sheng College, who xupu solemn-Suozhuan "Deng night Yunlu Palace": "Lu Yun Feng Dian enough sleep, the levy disturbance shirt with five Smoke. China head-on in 3000, Dongfeng fillip to study for four years. Walker dark color cast clog travel, go to Songtao pestle side 10 minutes. Hometown of dollars to buy Castle House, with the world as San Xian. "
  In addition to the poem describes Yunlu Palace where the steep mountains, and vast horizons of the Moon, Greenfield and other natural scenery, but also links to Yunlu Palace Road is Of view, the poet expressed the wish to buy a house to live in order to make the wishes of a god on earth. This is also a large number of visitors to the palace after the cloud will have a foot of the association.

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Huang's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After being in the tomb is located in Shan Huang Yun-Feng Lu north of the small Pingshang side of the moon, Lushan Si, there are direct steps. Tomb sit west to east, from nearly 100 three-level stone steps into the cemetery. Tomb monument erected tower columns, one for the entire four-white prism cut into the rock, about 10 meters high, magnificent momentum and positive copper inlay tombstone, engrave on the "yellow grams Tomb ", the tomb around the table to Matrix column enclosure railing, before al-Taiwan, Shi Deng, the granite to shop on the ground, the whole table tomb covers an area of 1186.24 square meters, Calocedrus pines, which shade. Tomb of the lower right corner, Huang Xing Lu tomb has been constant maintenance, exhibition hall, Huang life for visitors to pay respect. Huang ( Yuan 1874-1916), formerly known as Zhen, careful words afternoon, after the reputation of its Keqiang. Changsha County in Hunan Province, a pioneer and leader of the Revolution, the history of the "Yellow Sun". Nanjing to set up the interim government, the army chief office. Proclaim oneself emperor Yuan Shikai, Taoyuan any commander-in-chief. Died in 1916 in Shanghai, meeting Bier shift Changsha, the country buried Yuelu Mountain.

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Lu Shansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lushan Si Temple, also known as Huiguang, Wan Temple, located in the Xiang River in Changsha City in the West Bank hillside Yuelu Mountain, Dunhuang by the Buddha's disciples and Conservation Act Li Li Chong-law of the Western Jin Dynasty was founded in 2004 Taishi (AD 268), have elapsed since the 1700 years of history, Buddhism is a relic of the earliest to Hunan, the Hunan Province is now the single focus of heritage And resident of the Buddhist Association of Hunan Province.

Lushan Si is a well-known in the history of Chinese Buddhism, one of the gym. Since Jin, the law has Chong, the lead law, France, Mahayana, the abbot monk Chi-him, and so on, the Japanese Buddhist Philip. Master of law "significant experience", note the "Road to through." Suikai Huang nine years (the year 89), founder of the Tiantai Chi Chuan here by saying the team "Wen Xuan He" roof-top masterpiece, but at other times the audience gathered for the Buddhist Sanxiang far-reaching.

The magnificent, ornate palace, the famous Grand Wei Cheng, the literati to carry competing tour, or Fushi, or composition. Shi-Sheng Du Fu's "high-opened Simen Niwano, insert foot Dian Chi Lake "chant, Liu Yuxi also a" high likelihood it Dian Cang pressure, Changsha doubt want to swallow bird's eye view "of amazing. Tang Kaiyuan 18 years (730 AD), Li Yong great calligrapher wrote," Lu Shan Temple monument "to discipline their victory. Because of the article, calligraphy, carved works are superior to the World" Sanjue monument. " Lushan Si since the creation of the Jin Dynasty, through the development of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Song, Yuan, an extension to the mid-ming has become a Zen Buddhist country to send a well-known resort, Lushan Si Chang Yang's achievements in the Ming Emperor Wanli, special Ciming " Wan Temple. " The end of Ming Dynasty, the temple was destroyed Binghuo, after years of Qing Emperor Kangxi Re-repair, but the scale is much smaller than before. In 1944 and then destroyed in the war the Japanese army, and only the Mountain Gate Guanyinge. Changsha City in 1986 by the auspices of the Buddhist Association reinstated, the current abbot Lushan Si Master Sheng Hui, as vice president of the Buddhist Association of China. In 2000, Sheng Hui, China as a seven-member delegation of religious leaders in Participated in a United Nations "Millennium Assembly of peace."

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Martyrs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha City is the largest park, located in the urban area east of the North-East Road 1, at Memorial Park area, resort and entertainment district most of the three. Area in 1958 to commemorate the completion of the Lie Shita as the center, surrounded by pine trees, looked solemn majesty. Resort open terrain, mountains and lakes, Liulv bonus; entertainment district Entertainment market, equipped with a variety of modern recreational facilities. In addition, "Zhao House" and "fresh Xian museum" for visitors to rest, operating in Hunan style snacks and refreshments.

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