Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss King site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miss King sites in the north of the city of Changsha. Rui Wu, Qin Yang has been called back to (that is, after Poyang, this is Bo Yang). Chu Wu Hengshan Wang Feng Xiang Yu, Liu Bang ascended the throne, will change Linjiang Changsha, Changsha sealed his king. Wu Rui was in office, as to political ethics, very popular. After the death of his subjects held a grand funeral. Legendary king 22 m high, next to the tomb of Li-Si Temple, the Temple Jiao Wu. However, Sun Quan at the southern end of Han Wu-building, in order to build his father Sun Jian Changsha Prefecture of the temple, and the tomb of Wu Rui opening, which take wood, the King Wu, the temple there is a very short life span. However, Miss King has been the site, people probably remember the story rather than its Suozhi.

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