Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Huang's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After being in the tomb is located in Shan Huang Yun-Feng Lu north of the small Pingshang side of the moon, Lushan Si, there are direct steps. Tomb sit west to east, from nearly 100 three-level stone steps into the cemetery. Tomb monument erected tower columns, one for the entire four-white prism cut into the rock, about 10 meters high, magnificent momentum and positive copper inlay tombstone, engrave on the "yellow grams Tomb ", the tomb around the table to Matrix column enclosure railing, before al-Taiwan, Shi Deng, the granite to shop on the ground, the whole table tomb covers an area of 1186.24 square meters, Calocedrus pines, which shade. Tomb of the lower right corner, Huang Xing Lu tomb has been constant maintenance, exhibition hall, Huang life for visitors to pay respect. Huang ( Yuan 1874-1916), formerly known as Zhen, careful words afternoon, after the reputation of its Keqiang. Changsha County in Hunan Province, a pioneer and leader of the Revolution, the history of the "Yellow Sun". Nanjing to set up the interim government, the army chief office. Proclaim oneself emperor Yuan Shikai, Taoyuan any commander-in-chief. Died in 1916 in Shanghai, meeting Bier shift Changsha, the country buried Yuelu Mountain.

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