Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He Long Stadium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

He Long Stadium is a provincial comprehensive modernization of the multi-purpose stadium, the stadium is located in Changsha City Hou Jia Tang, work the way south, east Fulejiuzhou, and He Long Stadium adjacent to the northwest. Area of 115,000 square meters, construction area of 15,600 square meters, the country with a total investment of 54,000,000 yuan, is the Lake Seventh Five-Year Plan for the province in a major project.

Museum visitors have 6,500 seats, of which 1090 seats activities. Game hall with an area of 58 � 30 meters, is the second stadium in the capital, Shanghai Stadium, the venue of the National another large stadium. Museum For gymnastics, tennis, handball, badminton, indoor soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, and other 12 sports competitions, could be held in literature and art, performing acrobatics and mass rallies. A plane for the VIP lounge, players lounge, there are also usually open to the public on the coffee shop, gym, music and other entertainment tea Shi. On the second floor flat with the audience hall and the rest colored glass fiber reinforced plastic seats. Plane three-time score set up e-rooms, lighting control room, engine room of the total program-controlled telephones and other space technology.

The library in December 9, 1987 groundbreaking, in November 1991 completed and put into use. After the museum in its first Asia and the province's popular Gymnastic Championship Games.

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