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Yunlu Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha Yunlu Palace is a Taoist temple, located in the Yuelu Mountain peak Yunlu, 72 Taoism as one of the blessed land, on behalf of the Ming. Day in 1944 was to blow up aircraft, the reconstruction in 1957. Visitors here can experience the "three direct on Yunlu Chien Zhang, Changsha 1,000,000 of view," the magnificent scenery, the clouds on the foot of the temple floor, Wang Xiang, See the "Xiangjiang River to the north, the first orange Island" scene.

  Yunlu Palace was first built in 1478 (integrated Xianzong next 14 years), Ji Jian Wang Jun Zhu see on the fan in Changsha, taken the palace building shapes, Jiugong already spent in mind. Jiajing (1522-1566) in full-year period, Sun Fu Ming Taoist priest Can be presided over by the repair and Pinus by-sik, Park, Tong, Huang Zhu Zi and 1000, so that the view of the scenery around the buildings on a new look. Long Khanh (1567-1572) years, the Taoist priest and gold in the Shoufen practice here, his fund-raising by the antipodes, the Temple Church building, renamed the Yunlu Palace, built five houses, for the stone columns, covered with tile iron to Anti - ?. Palace Qiandian related to the Temple, the Temple of Emperor Xuan Si, founder of basaltic Hall, Houdian worship of the "three-ching." Taoism to Senior's Yuan Shi Yuqing, the supernatant Lingbao Senior, Senior's moral Taiqing (Lao) as the supreme God, fit the three-ching, San Qingdian named. Yunlu Palace became Taoist resort. Taoism advocates self-sen, with the topic of line Inaction ", always choose the establishment of quiet beauty of the temples, self-cultivation, herbs Alchemy, in order to immortal, such as a local god of the home, which formed a well-known Dongtian top 10, 30 Six days and 72 holes blessed. The four-week rise amid Song Zhi, the pelvis-line stone, bamboo trees of green Yunlu Palace Is one of the twenty-third of the land - the "blessed land and virtual holes."

  Qing Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722) in the early years, Changsha, Zhang Road Tour at the refurbished Palace Yunlu to build a follow-up. In 1862 (the first year of Tongzhi) at a kiosk in front of the building, also by Ting Wai Sacred Mountains of China, Tianfei Second Temple. To Gong Men have a couplet: "The ancient temples of night-watch-take color to be shared equally, surrounded by Jiang Liu; more famous sites, Shao Ling has written sentence, the monument title in the North Sea." Couplet on the joint written Yunlu the grand palace, it seems beyond Above the clouds, this could be the last to see Yuelu scenery, overlooking the Xiangjiang circulation; Xia Lian Yun description of the palace where the foot of the hill Yuelu More historical sites, Du Fu left a poem here, the famous author Li Yong title tablets.

  In the palace is expected to Xiang Lu Yun-ting, ting in the al Yueshi, is the Qing dynasty (1821-1850) years of construction. Yuan Wang lean on a railing, with the Xiang River in Changsha City panoramic view, you can enjoy the "Naoto Yunlu Joe dry, look at Changsha 1,000,000, "the magnificent scenery. Yunlu intrauterine many couplets, from the masters wrote. Ecliptic Qing Dynasty which allow the title of" south-west to Yunqi Hengyue, night and day Dongting voice Jiang "grasped the Yunlu Magnificent palace features the great boldness of vision, neat antithesis, writing Jin Road, for-tourists and recite favorite. Yunlu Palace with the beauty of the sites, attracting countless seekers can explore Tiyong to play this, but mostly because of old, it can not be seen after the war. Ancient poems, there are today able to see the late Ming and early Qing Yuan Liao Changsha people's "Yunlu residential palace," a poem: "The night-air re-Lin, a green light to the comb. Autumn colors, such as thin, touch-Chongsheng to wake up. "Express a change of dynasty in the author's troubled times, the view of the temple host the homeless, lonely night alone on the solitary, and deplores the death of the country home of the emotional break. There is a Qing Dynasty by the Yuelu Yiye Sheng College, who xupu solemn-Suozhuan "Deng night Yunlu Palace": "Lu Yun Feng Dian enough sleep, the levy disturbance shirt with five Smoke. China head-on in 3000, Dongfeng fillip to study for four years. Walker dark color cast clog travel, go to Songtao pestle side 10 minutes. Hometown of dollars to buy Castle House, with the world as San Xian. "
  In addition to the poem describes Yunlu Palace where the steep mountains, and vast horizons of the Moon, Greenfield and other natural scenery, but also links to Yunlu Palace Road is Of view, the poet expressed the wish to buy a house to live in order to make the wishes of a god on earth. This is also a large number of visitors to the palace after the cloud will have a foot of the association.

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