Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shapingchang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shapingchang Xiangxiu, China is one of the four were embroidered, Xiangxiu history goes back to ancient times, Xiangxiu handicraft products contain the art of content, extensive and profound.

As early as 2,500 years ago in the Spring and Autumn era, Hunan embroidery where there is a certain amount of development, to the late Qing Dynasty, as an independent Xiangxiu The tradition of self-culture and the arts in Changsha, Hunan Province Shapingchang Xiangxiu in the vicinity of the workshop, the village shop came into being, the Shapingchang Xiangxiu handicrafts as a valuable arts and crafts market, with the reputation of Japanese growth. Later, Shapingchang division embroidered with figures of traditional Chinese painting, landscape, flowers and birds, animals and so on the basis of embroidery carried out in the deliberate pursuit of The following is issued on the basis of original art re-creation, making clever Xiangxiu with my paintings, calligraphy, stone and other arts combined into one, so that the embroidery even more vivid, realistic, strong texture, and gradually developed a Beautiful art style, Shapingchang Xiangxiu at home and abroad who love Shapingchang This "Xiangxiu town," the reputation of being famous at home and abroad.

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