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Park Jin-bang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park Jin-bang of Xiamen Island is located in the city center, next to the railway station. Park, "Lu Zou Waterfront," "stone cluster fog," and "floating Valley", "The Road Chun Yin," the four spots, "Lu Zou Waterfront," the main attraction is a 16 stone ten feet high, stand The horizon, the mighty solemn, like the "Kwun-yu", named "Golden Wat Yu ";" fog of stone cluster "You Lin Shi and interest-based, full of primeval forests of the Wild;" Valley incense floating "with" Purple Zhulin Si "is a Taiwanese woman's college class teaching areas, rather Qing Deng somewhat mysterious atmosphere; "Chun Yin Road" preserve the Ming and Qing Dynasties era and Taiwan Acacia Road, is a modern people think of tone The ideal place.

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Twelve of the Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Twelve of the Longtan at the northern Tongan between the rock. A clear spring hundred meters from the old quarry area on the high-Fei Liu and, after a number of different height of the stone steps and Shi Xue, and fall under the layers to form a 12 clear of the bottom pool, it said, "Twelve Longtan" . "Bottles of Taiwan" Looking up at the falls, the ginseng-like shape, it is also known as "ginseng waterfall .

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Chi Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen Haicang town of Green Reef East is the history of Leng Ming Wu doctors to practice real enlightenment of the resort, Wu worship gods for a real person, the physician Chi Gong, Fujian and Taiwan has become, a lot of people in Southeast Asia dedicated to the ancestral temple. Legend has it that Miss real good medicine, he led first aid boxes, the four-party travel far and wide for people with the lifting of the illness, harsh difficult diseases, with a skilful hand Spring is known as physician, loved by local people; in memory of his Ende, spontaneous fund-raising people, he had to live in huts into Long Qiushui Um, Wu sculpture and the image of a real person, as a "real doctor Ling" Song in 1160 by Emperor Qin Zhunqiang Long Qiushui Um build five large drop-palace palaces, temples Ciming for Tzu Chi, Tzu Chi Gong changed; Since then, incense constantly, often packed. Tzu Chi Orient House, becoming the ancestral palace. This is a solemn majesty, the palace cornices staggered architecture, in which four must: first, painting a crested there, Shan, a turtle body, legs of the animal Shen Wu; The second is to preserve the palace of Emperor Kangxi, Jiaqing , Xianfeng Qing dynasties, such as rehabilitation of the tablets; Third, the wear on the left side of Orient House, a "heart" stone, the stone shape of people's minds, "heart" in the middle is a little on the bottom; Fourth, the Palace rafters on the black-and-white paintings, is said to be Tang Bohu from the formula and paint and painting from the moth-eaten. Chi Gong is located in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Stephen Three City Interchange, favorable terrain, beautiful, wide field of vision, from the Orient House in the Attic, look around, is surrounded by three kilometers Chi Nishinomiya, is not far from Yongji rock, is to the east of Xiamen Island, Jiulong, Song Zhangzhou Road and the sea, panoramic view. Festivals, or a real person every birthday anniversary of the death of Wu, we all have to ci Temple to burn incense to worship, pray for peace to be happy, especially in a year from the return of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas Chinese Luo Yi is absolutely not.

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Therefore, Yanping base - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanping it at first base on the south side of the town of Jimei, Jimei swimming pool to the north-east, Yanping Gurong floor in front of the tree. Zheng Chenggong was stuck at the time of Jimei Gousse, as a result of the Ming emperor Cheng Cheng-kung has been called "Ping Princess" and 000. To commemorate the national hero Zheng Chenggong and play the patriotic spirit of May 1919, the first Tan Kah Kee Select the "National Walled name" Jimei site as a primary school, in 1922 completed a three-storey building, named Yanping floor, and the door Danzhai stone, inscribed "Yanping base there," words, the anti-Japanese during the floor Yanping Japan destroyed by fire. In 1953, Mr. Chen Jiageng Yanping reconstruction of buildings, and from place to place on potential, With sloping hills, granite structure with the three-stage 24, stands as a seaside swimming pools, the pools will be named "Chi Ping." It is still stone-base side door and a mottled rust of ancient cannons.

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Wan Building Expo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Opium War "Nanjing Treaty" signed, Xiamen has become the "five trading," one of the Western powers came to Gulangyu rush to occupy the most beautiful scenic place to build residence villa. 1920s and 1930s, many Chinese entrepreneurs are also home, Gulangyu in the construction of a number of residential villas, a short span of 15 years on the construction of 10 000 more than 0. These slim, sleek villas, scattered on the hillside, the sea of green leaves, very quiet chic, the Gulangyu constitutes a beautiful landscape, Gulangyu is also a valuable asset.

Eight Diagrams Floor

33 Qing Dynasty (1907), total Area of 3710 square meters, 25.7 meters high. Dome 10 meters high, 8 ridge, under the octagonal platform, the top 24 in all directions to the show window, it is referred to as "gossip floor," Xiamen is a modern building.
Taiwan man-made floor of the Eight Diagrams of origin Lin Lin Shou three-bedroom home, the former Gulangyu World Bank president of the American Hospital Dutch design, John Yu. Yushi from the Palestinian Tam, Greece, Italy and some of the classic Chinese architectural style, design of this building into Eastern and Western architectural culture in one of the unique architectural style of the ancients. Red Dome is a direct imitation of the world's oldest Islamic building of the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Mosque Dome of the first room; 82 is a large cylinder in the light of the 5th century to build the temple in ancient Greece Hella F major pillars; Pinto column between the lines and Shilianghe from Athens, Greece Huff's Square to see the Parthenon Dubois ; Cross-channel from Greece, to Rome after the church; the ancient Greek Doric and love Ao Nike-loaded stigma And the layering of Shi Du Qing vases, and fully display the classic combination of Chinese and Western United States. In short, the Eight Diagrams fine arts building, Xiamen has become a landmark building. Xiamen is now a museum.

Wong Ka-floor garden

Kim Nam Yi people live in Amoy, sugar fortune to operate in Indonesia after 19 9-year return Gulangyu, Xiamen and Shanghai have invested.
Wong Ka built in 1921 north-south Garden floor, Huang made a determination to live all over Gulangyu senior Villa Villa. He dismantled, "China and Germany in mind," the old red-brick building, inviting Chinese and foreign engineers designed by the Shanghai Yu Tai to create public Construction, known as the "floor" This is a villa-hwang road is made on the 25th. House of European-oriented style, pay attention to the materials used, indoor stairs, railings, and before and after the first floor corridor and the big outdoor stage with Italy are planing to build white marble, doors and windows, furniture, floor Ying, the parapet wall, ceiling, floor With all-Phoebe imports . Bogut in the building of the carved frame, Louhua bronze fireplace, master of fine cut pillars, all show that the combination of classical Chinese and Western United States, both in Western Europe in the Renaissance style building, and in the 18th century German noble family's ornate decoration, And a number of both traditional Chinese decorative arts, is a combination of Chinese and Western European-style to the wind The main house, at that time could be referred to as "China's first." According to the "Huang Chuan-live" set; on the second floor of the North-South Qi Bawan cost of silver, and the House of up to 290,000 silver dollar, this shows the importance of style luxury!
Paradise structure in the sea floor,

Jinjiang fire brigade and the Philippines Overseas Chinese Huang-liang, in the 1920s with the same Huang Yi Nian in Fujian road built a team of European-style villas 5. Buildings at the main entrance of a letter to the gatehouse of the "sea configuration Paradise," the fourth (now part of Fujian Road 42). This villa 5 using traditional Chinese architectural symmetrical pattern, in the main floor, on both sides to begin to build a central square to form a group of large-scale buildings.
In the House is a large antique-style roof of the palace buildings, using Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, 1.40 high tilt, doors, windows, corridors and offices were hanging on the lintel of the cement Toudiao linked to fly off the mask, decorated Chan Zhi Yan Jiao Pick flowers or water dragon beam Queti are decorated with dragon and phoenix plastic pieces. Especially under the roof of the two decorative caisson, drawn shaft on the Chinese bird and flower painting, Poxiang-shaped pavilion and is very prominent. Corridor decorative brackets hanging off the outer edge, Chuizhu basket of flowers to decorate floor in a very nationalization. From afar, the construction of this building some momentum, refined and stable.

Huang Rong-Tang Yuan Villa

Built in 1920, is mainly of European-style big Shu, now part of Fujian Road 32. Designers play a style of construction in Western Europe and into China's traditional concepts, so that the villa is very beautiful shape. The entire building of the villa there are many species the size of pillars, with the entire cut into granite, one of ancient Rome charm, spectacular scenery. Large cylindrical positive contrast, the small cylindrical supporting peripherals, wrong Harmonious facade variation, and a half months, the Bending arc, the flat window lattice design of the platform to hook column, steel flower decoration, cement Toudiao, Cross steeplechase, the women hollowing walls, spacious courtyards, fountains rockery, with the front Tingxie Labyrinth, Duisu wall clouds, high and low Cuolayouzhi. Lam Xiuzhu yard, quiet elegant. This is a villa Western, Chinese, classical, modern and harmonious style, is a villa in Gulangyu fine!

HSBC residence

In 1876, the Bank of Beacon Hill site in the top of the cliff, occupies an area of 400 square meters of built English-style villa. Pile into the rock, a strong anomaly. Hall was T-shaped structure on three sides corridors, multilateral obtuse angle, the owner will be able to push the window wide-angle view of the sea mountains, at night, "when members Yuhuo" panoramic view. Walk through the corridors, Ha Yong-drum into the embrace of the scenery. Cliff top while standing on the railing, looking around, the day the wind Haitao, goshawks Oulu ran together, proud spirit of the sea and sky! HSBC residence originality of the site, in light of the actual design, construction works are hard to come by.

1.80 F

In the octagonal floor, Lin House, built in 1915, a French construction, Southern style, both Pakistani network grams of charm, is the way for deer reef on the 15th.
China and Japan Afternoon after the war, the Qing Dynasty was forced to sign the humiliating "Treaty of Shimonoseki," the cession of Taiwan. Then ask Secretary of State Ken Taiwan's Lin Wei-yuan, Xie Quanjia cross to settle in Gulangyu. He bought a villa of the British people, "House" and then build a "small building" (after the fire, "small building" burned). In 1915, Chuang Shu in size between the floor to build a villa, "the octagonal floor," and additional Corridor will be linked to these three blocks, known as "Lin's House" or "House." A total of eight F-5, is said to the Department of the French design, modeling Yongronghuagui.
Octagonal tower floor for the construction, a number of surface-li octagonal, named. The main entrance to Arch, two-stage spin, the door, the fins are plastic Chanzhi Rosa, flying pigeons, Palestinian quite grams network charm. 1.80 floor rigorous simplicity, the dance floor like a lady dressed in, the artistic style is very prominent.

Yin House

Was built in 1925 by the eldest son of the owner of Chak Yan Zu Design, Department of Europe and France charm. It is characterized by local materials, base on the exploitation of granite from Stone article Qiqiang, rough Bold, both Taiwanese stone rural character, and the Renaissance of the anti-sense simplicity. Office within five arch, linked to the Office of the three or four bedrooms. The whole floor, there are four sets of sanitary facilities, the designer showed awareness of civilization Pinus thunbergii the hospital, and the villa of the same age, still vigorous tall and straight.

Li Qingquan Villa

Li Qingquan, Jinjiang Philippine nationals overseas trip. In 1926 he built in the foothills of the flag of Chinese and Western three-villa, there is a positive Rome-cylinder large, solemn and stable. Villa courtyard paved with multicolor granite pebble Path to form a color pattern, so that even more beautiful villa. Yard, planting flowers and trees and rare Araucaria, the Center for European-style fountain, and Ting Xie rockery, so that the villa a little more warmth of nature.
Li Qingquan is the father and son to operate the timber fortune, so luxurious villa used for decorative timber, doors and windows, Ladder, and so the use of high-level Syzygium. He also Zhangzhou Road, two villas, Phoebe on the floor inside, the furniture is still to be learned were light.

Jingua Floor

Jingua House, for now Quanzhou Road 99, as a result of the roof there are two "Jingua" named after.
Jingua House, built in 1922, 924-year journey from the Philippine Overseas Chinese Huang Min bought as a gift home. It is a building decorated with traditional Chinese decoration process of European style villas, all the beams and columns, canopies fins, angle plates are decorated with flowers, birds, plants relief, both local flavor, and the Rococo charm. Is a European-style windows, all fitted screen. The internal layout of the hall China and the West is the combination of both the Chinese and public rooms of the hall, another European-style fireplace and wide corridors. This use of Chinese traditional European style of the decoration process used, reflecting the overwhelming majority of China's local bridge complex, which is Jingua floor style.

Cai floor concept

Beacon Hill Top, there is a wind Unique European-style villas, such as shape as a result of palanquin, it is known as "bride sedan chair", because upstairs can be beautiful to watch the sunset pink clouds, so people also call it "color concept floor," is for mountain pen on the 6th.
House, built in the concept of color in 1931, designed by Dutch engineer, Hsu Chun Cao create companies. The floor Shape and decoration, the trend of thought Renaissance Europe. Quite beautiful simplicity, combined with many modern construction methods, new and smooth. Its roof is very unique, curved back, separated by the ridge is also a parapet wall, the convex arch mosaic window during which an exceptionally strong sense of three-dimensional, decorative special effects, some in Western Europe Georgia.
Cai view of the floor, twisted rope for the post, the novel, Spain charm. Department of fins Diaocheng stone block, the use of Chinese rural residents in the form of the first shop, carving Europe into a swordsman (musketeers) face, the way is simple and quite Aura art, but also adds style villa Wah.

Yang homes

Yang home a total of 4 European-style villa, built in about 1913 around the drum for the new road is 27-29, 4-8, sea security. Point to a new way of the "good guys right floor," the most stylish, with an sea of the most beautiful villas.
Zhong right for the British House floor, pillars groove Stubbs beautiful, arched windows of a semicircle, with a pointed arch, sculpture, decorative window pillar, flower design, a one-window, different, very artistic charm.
Yang was a home can be regarded as an advanced water supply system. The bottom and the top floor of the pool has to accumulation of rain, digging wells, hospitals, with hand-pressure Water machine. The water supply system in the different sources of water were used to laundry, water the flowers, fire, water, ground water for drinking.

Lin housing

Lin house built in 1927 by the owner's son Lin Cheng-wide design. Lin Cheng-wide in the United States after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's civil engineering department, and the water Xiamen Division engineers, the design of the reservoir, and Gulangyu water management and forest floor house. Lin is housing for Quanzhou Road 82.
Lin housing characteristics of the facade and roof. The use of the Nordic-style roof slope roof, prominent appearance; elevation is not across the board, highlighting incorporated into harmony with ease, and the roof with coordination, the formation of Ming's personality. Hok-lam, housing floor Liqun, Qian Li appears to be stable.


Ownership of the house like a triangle Cheng Chang, in his villa built on, such as the deck of the ship's cabin, looking down on the third floor board, as if awaiting a ship's voyage, is the way for a new drum 48.
Was built in a houseboat 20 years from the Dutch-American design, John Yu. He used to plot the shape of aircraft to be designed to house the ship, is Jiangxinduju. He used the traditional methods of construction, the axis for the base, about to start, the strict symmetry. Villa plain, simple and crisp, adequate lighting, good permeability. Be used on the floor wide-nan , For more than wood furniture, wood, so far intact. As a result of the current owner of a profound knowledge of music, family concert to be held here more.

Villa are also foot

Was built in the 1920s, for the Tongan nationality Vietnam by Chinese Xu Jian, the pen is made mountain on the 9th.
This is the 000 prominent personalities, artistry and strong European-style architecture, it has the Island's largest and most beautiful stone entrance tower, the appearance of the majestic tall and straight. Chuangtao double arch, the beautiful smooth, very beautiful. It also has a European-style gardens, a high octagonal, the same Labyrinth, is the master of casual viewing.

Former U.S. Consulate Was built in 1930 for the Rome-style two-story red-brick building with a basement and mezzanine roof, beautiful body, is made Sanming Road 26.
Consulate of the two red and white to color as the keynote, with gable 5 decorate the triangular, concise and forthright attitude has also set up a roof-top viewing platform. Under the roof is laminated, Often useful.
Consulate General of the Rome-cylinder big stigma to use decorative column Collins, the plastic in order to exaggerate the lily leaves. Leaves neatly than you ever thought possible, hold up the whole building, is particularly beautiful.

Lin's former home

Lin is the former residence of his wife, Liao Cuifeng home is the most Gulangyu One of the old building. For the original two-story villa, as a result of disrepair, has been the collapse of a layer of Yi, is part of Zhangzhou Road 44.
Lin's marriage hall, is still new.
Lin Gulangyu in school, Here Jiyu. After the marriage, he is here to the world and become the world's cultural celebrities. Church

Church was built in 1917 for Gothic architecture, characterized by both eyes can Jianxing, arches, doors, windows, as well as the parapet of the tower Decorative hollowing were Jianxing. Indoor smallpox as a network structure of the color blue beads, ornate fan mattress, which is Xiamen's only a Gothic church Reef Road for deer is 34.
At present, the management of the Catholic Diocese of Xiamen from Longyan to 80 Church of Putian, Fujian almost half.

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Xiamen Zhongshan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongshan Park, founded in 1926, is located in downtown Xiamen, was in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, to carry forward its "Tianxiaweigong" spirit, it is named "Zhongshan Park." Rise and Fall of several parks, since 1983, many government funding for reconstruction and repair, so that the Hull park. King of the main park : 1, the characteristics of East and West, North and South Park, four doors, especially in the South Gate of the most spectacular; 2, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial, the monument 20 meters high, the letter "Tianxiaweigong", describe; 3 , Standing bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, with a solemn silence; 4, Park Hill Kuixing, Xing-kui, and Huaxi Liao Taiwan pavilion floor, a small bridge, and so constitute a southern landscape, it is refreshing; 5, in the garden park, making fun, Qu Yuan Yi, an amusement park, zoo, flower exhibition hall for the park, such as icing on the cake.

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Xiamen University - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen University is well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Comrade Mao Zedong as "overseas Chinese flag, the glorious nation," Mr. Chen Jiageng founded in 1921, is the first in the history of education in modern China, founded by overseas Chinese University. Built in 1924, Bang Hai mountains, is the side of the Nan Putuo Temple, is the waterfront side of the hill with Hu Taiwan. Campus life is very beautiful, Lotus Lake, the reservoir Qingren Gu, and other scenic spots, quiet and romantic atmosphere, the "love at Xiamen University," said. Xiamen University, the old building for more than Mr. Chen Jiageng's son-in-law built, water walls, glass roof, the very characteristics that have been referred to as "wearing a suit and wearing hats" (in analogy Architectural style combination), especially in the South Hall building and tighten the market, quite magnificent. The monks and students to learn and live scenes form the Xiamen University campus and the surrounding region a unique King of the World map, the picture elsewhere is not. Traffic: 1 Road, Road 15, Road 18, Road 20, Road 29, 45 all the way ??.

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Ao Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beach was jimei a small island south-east, a small temple on the island, called Ngau Tau Palace, also known as Temple miles, the Anti-Japanese War, Japanese troops have been destroyed; in 1950, Mr. Chen Jiageng in the ruins of the construction of the park Ao. Ao Garden Jimei main monuments and the liberation of Mr. Chen Jiageng the mausoleum, the tomb was the focus of the National Heritage Intensive care unit, there are 15 tombstones Mr. Chen Jiageng half a lifetime ago, experienced significant relief images, solemn Ya Park. Ao garden in the park a short wall, railings, Ting Zhu Department engraved with the leaders of the country and celebrities from all walks of life presented the title Shiciduilian more than 50 pieces. Transport: From the Jimei after walking in the past, Ao Jimei school in the park on the side. Admission: 10 yuan

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Huandao Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The road around the island with the earlier mentioned Gulang different way around the island, which is in the island of Xiamen, Xiamen University?????west, the east Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center; in September 30, 1999 through an official. Around the island along the path through the sea, beaches, the road color, grass, trees, constitute a beautiful Bin corridor. The beautiful scenery of southern, relaxed and happy people, from the perspective of "one country, two systems, the reunification of the motherland," the characters before, the size of the Kinmen islands in close proximity, people Dunsheng You think of the reunification of the motherland. Planning the way around the island was very reasonable and beautiful environment. Visitors walk on the other hand, enjoy the splendor of clear water and blue sky, Visit the island's natural beauty. Tips: There are two routes around the island in the bicycle rental, 15 yuan and a half hours, 20 yuan an hour (600 yuan deposit, or charge documents).

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Ting Creek Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ting Creek Reservoir is located in Anting with the Mountain, the reconstruction in 1956, the current storage capacity amounted to 10,000 cubic meters over 4800. On the mountain reservoir potential, winding away, the vast expanse, is magnificent. Clear lake like a mirror, staggered mountains, clear water between the Dangzhou at Castle Peak, it is refreshing.

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Xinglin Bay Resort Spa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinglin Bay to be the new hot spring resort of false temperature Xinglin Bay Area, is located between the Xinglin, Jimei and Xinglin Bay Lake Reservoir in the heart of the island, the land area of 1.2-km. I have hot springs on the island, the water temperature can reach 80 degrees, hot spring resort is the ideal place.

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Xiamen King State Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Dao in the south-east, the beautiful scenery of the "Gold Coast" line, a high-grade large-scale amusement park - Xiamen King State Park is quickly becoming a new hot spot for the Xiamen Tourism add magnificent presence. Park surrounded on three sides by mountains, sea, with small Kinmen, Tam Island, the Tam Island across the sea. King State Park "Hill Love, love the world has "as its theme, gorgeous and elegant, romantic scene in the European-style gardens, and rich multi-fun, exciting world of pleasure.'s The only" Taiwan's folk culture village "landscaping and the project has been launched. Taiwan History museum, mountain heritage museum, the art, crafts exhibition hall will be built, and so on Out. Beautiful natural scenery and pleasant, combined with a variety of park construction, it is a pleasure to look relaxed and happy. Flowers in the park year-round green leaves constantly, elegant taste of the landscape garden, created by well-art sculptures, rich in interesting recreational projects, improve service and thoughtful facilities, as well as introducing new items The new attractions will certainly let you away, and go enjoy.

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Xiamen Underwater World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Xiamen Underwater World," an area of 17.5 hectares, with a total construction area of about 7500 square meters. These include: the Cross Harbor Tunnel, one of sea water fish, marine benthos reservoirs, screening rooms, exhibition hall of the marine, special souvenir shops and fast-food restaurant, and so on.

?? ?? museum displaying 350 of the marine fish The end of nearly 10,000 species. Colorful living coral; endangered species of large sea turtles; rare Dragon Australia, the hippocampus; Amazon's eating mermaid, the sea; Indonesia's giant shark, grouper; the South China Sea's coral reef fish; rare Freshwater fish, and so on, China is the most colorful aquarium. Only immersive, She can feel the wonderful!

Underwater World - Gulangyu Island Underwater World is China's large-scale, most of the new sea and freshwater biological large aquarium. Gathered here from all over the world bosun to the number, shape, odd varieties and excellent climate for the natural conditions at home and kept Favored by guests, there is a sub-group of ancient magic left, the Amazon's walrus; sturgeon, a protected species at the national level, Australia rare and noble, like the grass plants Dragon. The tender scene in Shu-mei, such as the Department of static fierce machine-concealed rock fish, exotic form of the dolphin horns, colorful coral reef fish, the giant Pacific Giant sea turtles and sharks, grouper, and so the list goes on Wang. In particular, is the most columnar huge fish tank and fish around chasing a diving breeder Faso food scene is amazing.

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Taiping Shi Xiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pacific rock from the Shi Jing Wan Shiyan before rising, that is up-Pacific. Pacific rock at the peak Shishan, where four farms stone, hidden caves, beautiful trees, gurgling water. In recent years, according to the original style Siyu peaceful reconstruction of rock, is far better than the old concept. Is set to "tea house" for visitors Lansheng, leisure, tea. Near the Temple , But see Xiangdie stone, two stone above one end of the bond, open at one end, I like a laugh, that is, "Stone laughs at peace."

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Park Haoyue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haoyue Memorial Park is a garden statue of national hero Zheng Chenggong, its name taken from the verse of Zheng Chenggong "Insomnia Sijun sleep, Haoyue-through tent," the "Haoyue" word of hope and cherish the memory of the heroes of Taiwan compatriots Miss.
Haoyue Island Park is located in the eastern part of the follow-ting waterfront, an area of 30,000 square meters. For Zheng He Yi Nian expulsion, the recovery of Taiwan's historical achievements, it during the construction of the Memorial Zheng Chenggong. A giant stone statue of Zheng Chenggong was completed in August 1985. Hu Jiang Wei-hung of this, from this follow-Yong Zhu Yan-ting on. 15.7 m high statue weighs 1617 tons, from 23-625, "White Quanzhou" granitic Carved combination. Ding Yan cover 29.5 meters above sea level, to extend the sea 30 meters, steep terrain, the magnificent, with its sea of Shi Jian, China and India fight Dingzuerli stone.
Haoyue fascinating scenery Garden, the Ming Dynasty-style architecture and hue Hill embraced the sea view, constitute a natural picture.
Built in 1985, Park "Wang Yanping second set," "Insomnia Sijun sleep, Haoyue-through tent," a poem named "Haoyue Park." Park 13.7 meters long, 4.7 meters high, copper consumption of 18 tons of Zheng Chenggong and a giant bronze statue will. The giant bronze, with the exception of the separation of about Zheng and Chen will , Chan, Chan Wing-wah, Chao-Tung Yang-volume slightly larger than the real, the other various military force North Korea are on both sides of the extension of the map width wide, quite eye-catching.
The park is more prominent in the follow-up tripod stands on the rock giant granite statue of Zheng Chenggong, the Colossus in August 27, 1985 completion, 15.7 m high 1617 tons heavy, 23-625, "White Quanzhou" carved from granite, very powerful.
  A giant stone statue of Zheng Chenggong on August 27, 1985 completion. Hu Jiang Wei-hung of this, from this follow-Yong Zhu Yan-ting on. 15.7 m high statue weighs 1617 tons, from 23-625 "Quanzhou white" combination of carved granite. Ding Yan cover 29.5 meters above sea level, to extend the sea 30 meters, steep terrain, the magnificent, with its sea of Shi Jian, China and India fight Dingzuerli stone.
  Now, the follow-on Ding Yan Linhai statue of Zheng Chenggong of the sky into the garden of the main building, which is also China History of the greatest figures in a statue. Images of large bronze reliefs in the park, to the time when Zheng Chenggong reproduce the troops on the east, flooding and the Netherlands Composite historical scenes. Haoyue fascinating scenery Garden, the Ming Dynasty architectural features of sand beach and gull, trees, Sea View Hill embraced the color, form a natural picture. From the ferry terminal on the island to the left Only about five minutes into the trip to the park.

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Wan Shiyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Shiyan Xiamen is a tourist attraction. Xiamen this beautiful city foreshore there are many attractive tourist attractions, and can generally be divided into four resort, that is, Gulangyu, Nan Putuo, and Jimei Wan Shiyan. The most distinctive is Gulangyu, followed by probably the Wan Shiyan.
"Win over more rocks, stones million of the most amazing Wan Shiyan, as its name suggests, is that there are many rocks in the mountains. The mountain is not high, as millions of years of wind and rain erosion, a lot of rocks in the mountains, thousands of shape. However, it is with Hill, Huang Qi's different. Wan Shiyan or possession of a pair of trees or on open stone, number, size But in general 45 meters high, in addition to a small number of peaks known as the outside, known as the stone or rock. These stone, like some people and some objects like. The most interesting could be said to be "trunk-feng" and "Stone laughs." "Trunk-Feng" is the trunk like a rock, stretched out up and slightly bent, not only as the trunk, but also dynamic. Stone laughs, "is a rock, a big mouth open, looking from the side, as if laughing at the opening, there is next to the title," Stone laughs ". Xu in the rocks like a mountain rocks, which elsewhere is It is difficult to see.
  Wan Shiyan on the original 24 temples, there are 10 large, now has more damage. The book The fight is in the mountains of Stone Temple million. The temple built on rocks, small but sophisticated chic. Temple Mountain Gate in front of the natural rock formation on the pool, there are 45 Sihou boulders, Zhetianbiri; stones and also drilled Several Yung, the more ghastly. In front of a large rock, ancient poetry Praise poems carved rock here. Master Hong Yi's well-known in the temple lived for a period of time, leaving his ink. There is a hill known as the "tea house people," the pavilion-style building, upstairs tea products for visitors to view. Here, looking southeast, through the trees end, we can see the corner of the city, and blue Into the sea.
The layout of each other
  Wan Shiyan, there are a botanical garden, which is well-known garden Xiamen Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden to build a wide variety of scenery in the CMV Wan Shiyan, can be said to each other, so that more Wandan Yan has been fascinating. Wan Shiyan Botanical Garden from the beginning of Shek Wu million under the layout. 10,000 Lake is a beautiful man-made lake, Lake Bi-ching, the crane Purchase stone in the lake, a lakeside pavilion, around the Linmusensen, faint Labyrinth, a beautiful environment. Tsugae is to the east of Lake Park, the park planted pine, fir, cypress there are as many kinds of Qi Bashi, of which there was a "living fossil" Metasequoia and Ginkgo biloba. Xiamen Botanical Garden is not Is a scientific research institutions, but also for people around the place to visit, do it in accordance with the dual task of using different categories of Chinese-style garden layout, the sequence arranged tsugae Park, Palm Island, the Rose Garden, the introduction of domesticated areas, District of medicinal plants, longan, Lai Chi Yuen, multi-area meat plants, flowers such as orchids 20 A special type of garden and planting, the park mountains and water where the construction floor, Taiwan, Pavilion, Pavilion, with dotted landscape. Here visitors can see more than 3000 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants, an increase of knowledge, can take a stroll in the beautiful scenery of the mountains, really enjoyable.

Botanical Garden Designers, is very imaginative and artistic point of view of the masses. A courtyard garden is a garden Full of a hundred. Throughout the year, flowering prosperous, everything. Cactus here against the national well-known, there are hundreds of species, many of which are rare species, rarely seen in other gardens. Palm palm branches all over the island Objects. Visitors this point, the hole is the strong tropical and subtropical scenery.

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Xiamen Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen, located east longitude 118 � 04'04 ", latitude 24 � 26'46", located in southeast China's coastal Fujian Province in southeastern ---- that Jiulong River into the sea, back in Zhangzhou, Quanzhou Plain, on the brink of the Taiwan Strait, In the face of Kinmen Island, Taiwan and Taiwan and the Penghu Islands and across the sea. Xiamen from Xiamen , Gulangyu, the Jiulong River on the north shore of the inland part of the coastal region, as well as in Tongan, and so on, the land area of more than 1565.09 square kilometers, more than 300 square kilometers sea area. Is an international harbor city landscape.



Xiamen's main - Xiamen An area of about 132.5 square kilometers, 13.7 kilometers long from north to south, east 12.5 kilometers wide, covering an area of approximately 128.14 square kilometers, is the fourth largest island of Fujian Province. Xiamen Port is an excellent conditions for the Strait of natural harbor, its twists and turns of the coastline, a total length of 234 kilometers, outside the Hong Kong Island Star Spread all over the place, with Hong Kong deputies to the surrounding mountains and surrounded by, the deep water, Ice-free year-round, the conditions are excellent natural harbor of the Straits, the history of the southeast coast of China's foreign trade is an important port.



Xiamen is a sub-tropical climate, moderate rain, the average temperature in 2 years ? or so, without the summer heat and winter cold without. Average annual rainfall of 1,200 millimeters, the annual interest of 5 to a maximum of rainfall in August, the wind generally 3-4, often leading to the north-easterly wind to. Due to the relationship between air temperature in the Pacific, by an average of 4-5 times the impact of the typhoon, and more concentrated in the July-September .


5 period in 2003 approved by the State Council, Xiamen City agreed to adjust some of the administrative division. The main adjustments include: Siming Qu, and the Gulangyu district into Kaiyuan Qu Siming Qu, three former district administrative region under the jurisdiction of the Siming Qu. Second, the Xinglin Qu Xinglin streets do Xinglin Department and the town was placed under the jurisdiction of Jimei District. Xing Linqu changed its name to Haicang District. Third, the establishment of Xiang'an District, the new store will Tong'an District jurisdiction, Xin Wei, and Maxiang, Neicuo, Dadeng 5 Xiang'an the town was placed under the jurisdiction of the district. After the adjustment of administrative divisions, the Xiamen municipal Siming, the lake, Jimei, Haicang, with Wo Xiang'an District 6. The city's population to the majority Han nationality, and back to the full, Zhuang, She, Miao, mountains and more than 20 ethnic minorities. Due to geographical and historical background, has a large number of returned overseas Chinese, their relatives and Xiamen Overseas Chinese nationals and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots.


China's Xiamen City In one of the special economic zones, dominates Siming, the lake, Jimei, Haicang, with Wo Xiang'an District 6, the current Taiwanese dialect. Legend has it that when the ancient habitat for egrets, it is also known as "Lu Dao."


Xiamen in southeastern China is a scenic port city, it's Wan passionate, exquisite beauty, the best self-help and leisure travelers with a taste closer to a state of mind. And the election of a hotel stay, to lay down their luggage, they put down all worldly cares. Xiamen to first figure out the geography: proximity to Xiamen and Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, China, in the face of Kinmen and Taiwan, the Penghu Islands across the sea. Ha From the city of Xiamen island, Gulangyu Island, the Jiulong River and nearby coastal areas on the north shore of the island, sea and Tongan Xian, with a total area of 1516 square kilometers (Xiamen Island area of 128.18 square kilometers).

Xiamen is China's first four special economic zones, it is Taiwanese, South, southern Hunan to the east of the sea, the Pacific Rim will be developed into an international harbor. "City at sea, the sea in the city," Xiamen is a graceful charm of the "Sea Garden." Island, reef, rock, temple, flowers, wood backed each other, the hometown of overseas Chinese customs, Fujian and Taiwan customs, coastal cuisine, exotic blend of construction, Four Seasons Spring weather is more of the charm of the sea icing on the cake. Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, it can be said here is the best environment for cities. Surrounded by sea water, broad sandy beaches, warm sunshine, as a good ecological environment, Xiamen's clean air, a habitat for hundreds of thousands of egrets, Xiamen has formed a unique natural landscape, Xiamen because of the terrain like a egret, it was therefore referred to as "Lu Dao"; in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Xiamen's urban environment is also very clean, is well-known tourist city. Xiamen is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, overseas Xiamen Overseas Chinese nationality, the Chinese have as many as 380,000 people, Xiamen Overseas Chinese for the Francis made a great contribution to the development.

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Pak drifting with the wave dance - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tien Shan is located in the new district Luo Yan and the town of stone at the junction of rural land, is a granite landforms, stacked stone base, deep cliff, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, posture million, western Fujian is well-known tourist attraction of religion. Since the Tang Jian Si, the Tien Shan after Feixing, no incense is not in Fujian and Guangdong-Jiangxi border, as well as have a certain influence at home and abroad. Chuan-old Not to the temple mountain, a local unabated spread of ancient legends, it has been infected with a mysterious color. Legend has it that, in the past, a poor dig fern Tien Shan in the vicinity of Goddess of Mercy to see the clouds coming out, kneel worship, prayer, said: "In the Goddess of Mercy, for example, bless his pound of fern in the future be able to dig out three wash Powder, for Buddha Temple, the temple was built in this building. "Later, this person was dug fern was the Goddess of Mercy shelter, day by day life better. As a result, his first contribution, invited local people to build Gong Miao Tien Shan Xiang Lin Chi asylum. At this point, the two foreign rich man looking for treasure, Hill came to the temple after another, see this place, at A buried coins, a Feng Yizhen to remember, they go home. Soon, two on the rich man credited with the treasure dispute, the case will reach the House Tingzhou. Zhouguan not under the commission, who dug fern with a group of folks to come to the Zhouguanbingming reasons. As a result, sentenced Zhou Guan Road, Tianxiaweigong, for Dali, who dug fern is to give the thousands of well-being of the village of 10,000 Also, the attribution to dig fern Jiansi people. In this way, the Tien Shan temple in South Xinnv good efforts of the devout, from where they stand. Legend, after all, the legend, but the Tien Shan in western Fujian as well-known Buddhist holy places, as evidenced by history, has been built as early as the Early Tang Dynasty brakes, Buddhist monks and nuns live and worship Goddess of Mercy, has been in 1300 Years. Legend has it that Master Putuo Mountain in the temple a missionary, to carry forward Buddhism. Ling Ling Jiu Wonderland Brahma along two kilometers long stone path, step by the first order, climbing pilgrimage, as if from a fairyland on earth to Brahma. Ling Ling Jiu, on the south side of the main peak in the Tien Shan, circling round-bending winds, the laying of more than 2000 Order, cited visitors to the mountains, the mountains directly Yuantong Si. All year round, often filled clouds, "" Road such as the dragon-shaped stone, like ribbons, in the clouds in time when it is hidden; the People's Bank of them, give Zuta cloud, floating in the air if Sally seems to be off the air, really "Fan Chen a noisy, between the illusory income." Climb Ling Ling Jiu, Yuan Tongsi Xiaopen took a fall on the ground, with a solemn silence, unique. By the early 1980s, the Government's support and sponsorship of the believers, Yuantong Si has been to revitalize the resort, Mountain Gate, King Hall, Main Hall, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the Hall of Great Mercy and watch F-hui, the Office of Lent, the promenade room, Liao Fang, Yu permitted, Chi-sheng, to the Tibetan Temple, the tower will be the sea, Tan Si Guan Xin, such as floor building, layer upon layer, the resplendent. Former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao personally wrote the "Main Hall" and "Yuan Tongsi" Jinbian two were hanging in the Main Hall, Great Mercy Dianqian; reconstruction of the "Great Mercy Temple," John Magnificent, enshrined as high as three meters more than the gold statue of Guanyin; "concept of floor-hui" for the "Kegon Sam," as Po, who has a collection of rare Buddhist scriptures and calligraphy masters. Yuantong Si Jing Shan Buddhist temple conform to the topography built on three sides back to the Gangluan Wai, a broad perspective to the overall construction Siguan find hidden Zen Xianjie the deep. The Temple of the scenic spots around the week of the Buddha track to further contrast the mood of the Buddhist temple Xianjie. Lingjiu Chengkungling, a huge stone Heng Kong, Taiwan, such as framing, stone in the face of the "Flying Bridge law," words, according to legend the stone Buddha to stay in the West expected, Gu Cheng, "wishful stone," Yu "Purdue Chi Hong" The trip is intended. Hall of Great Mercy "on the right side with one stone engrave cursive" Iwaizumi Mannan ", rock, clear spring Yihong," Mannan-chuen, "Gu Cheng" flow ", pilgrims striker whom visitors," Mannan misfortunes, "often with the same drink with their families. Monastery After the Tien Shan main peak, like the Big Buddha Maitreya kind sitting in the sky, "Tatu Rongrong to the world, it is very difficult to allow Yan-chee smiled with the world's ridiculous, "named as" Foshan "is a rare natural wonders. Foshan on the block are the" dominant stone, "Yu" Jimu sky, but my best option, "meaning, also known as the" days Play cloud column, "In ancient legend, there are Master in the support Judiciary Day. There are a" Buddha "stone, as high as four meters, there are bold , 20, still can be seen outside the track. Mountain Top, Jimu sky, near Ridge Weiwei, Feng Yuan obscure, little cottage, endless power, a refined extraordinary feelings felt. Walk through the temple, Wen Zhong drum and wind around Mountains Afar, thin sheets between the temples of the Joint Celebration of the Arts, calligraphy masters, "Blessed saints Deng Fang, hard to miss Nirvana door "," Tianwanghuihui defeat for Hue Buddhist Ming, Gong Tong Kun Miao card into the solemn heart of Zen "," compassion goes for the Italian when rescue officials who have seen slaughter, cause and effect of this one over the door Fu Ji-shan life, "and so on, such as Mu the influence of Buddhism. Silla travel, as a result of Long and Tien Shan Dong Kungtung Mountain neighbors, whether to swim after climbing hole, or Yu-dong after climbing can be "in heaven", is absolutely wonderful.

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Crane Beach Grand Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large Crane Beach is located in Changle Forest Park in the northern waterfront, across Hunan Province, Wen Ling of the two towns, covering an area of 369 hectares, the forest coverage rate 73.4%, 85.7% green. In 1984 the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has representatives of 12 countries to study here. In 1993 by the Ministry of Forestry in East China Design Institute to complete Through the park master plan design. Park has 48 natural scenic resources. The main broad reflected the vast, lush growth of the coastal shelterbelts; magnificent, beautiful seaside scenery singular; strange shapes, thousands of rocks of the rocks; a long history and fascinating human landscape; mellow rich, who enjoy fishing The fishing family life; mysteriously, Journey Into Amazing Caves of the coastal trenches. To be set into the forest tourism, summer convalescence, sightseeing, beach recreation, national defense education as one of the tourist sites. Cheung Pei Shan troops to use the first phase of the project idle for building barracks in Fuzhou region of the young students of national defense education bases, combine tour Lin Park beach scenery launch of the "front-line coastal Fujian field trip."

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Ancient residential products nine winners - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changle city of Cape Town, Qi Yang village of Fu on the Court of villages, there is a group of residential buildings in the Qing Dynasty, known as the "nine winners." North Castle sitting here three, seven of Hope Creek Water Department South, East and West Ziwei care, in the face of Pingchou million, "Xiao Longtan waterfall" next to, "Wang Lan Wufeng" to North Korea. The construction of its unique location, Wai "Ma" building their own patent Non-circulating, many wonderful legends. "Nine winners" by Chen and his son-hwan has been built for decades. The first was built Jiaqing years, was built in most of the light (1821 ~ 1850) years, the latest in a completed before and after 1872. "Nine winners" buildings sit south Plane was basically a square, broad things, the deep north-south 120 meters, 5 minutes. 22 of the main building, surrounded by 6-meter-high walls, open ?? Luo Oh-Oh-Chu ?? sumac ???few ? Di? Spacing out the firewall, get folder, the same door frame. South of the center of each column, each with a door, weddings and funerals every door Screen door, Tingmen open all the way, look into the "five drop-through after" a very spectacular. Out of the south wall of the amount of light the creation of 13 windows, hanging lanterns lighting. Square in front, surrounded by high-Chu Taiwan, after the deep, close to both sides of the river, there are wells, ponds, open drains, underground drain, water supply and drainage facilities and reasonable layout, to form a complete, independent Construction group. "Nine winners" to wood-based building materials, wooden materials used in Chinese fir, Douglas Wood, Phoebe, camphor wood, rosewood, sandalwood, iron Lei, boxwood, Sangsi wood, the longest ... ... Phoebe Leung 10m . "Nine winners" of the big changes in the emphasis on wood, or layout change, or the level of change, Change in the primary and secondary change to facilitate the construction of art and life, the perfect combination. In the form of construction, there are booths, Taiwan, the floor, Tower, Villa, pavilion, car ... ...; the use of sub-functions, the Office of ancestors, then Guanting, living room, the Chamber, happy event hall, warehouse, bank money, Tiao-meter museum, library, Gym, martial arts, "Fan Zi," Chu Kang, Boudoir Shoujie floor ... ...; blocks of the hall structure of "four three-Shen", "Shen five-six" and "Shen seven of eight," "10 Shen Kowloon," there are five columns Office, the Office of seven columns, nine columns, the Office of the Veranda Office. Office of the largest 10 meters wide, using 3 beam bars. "Nine winners," a small wooden sophisticated chic to the art of first-class level. Algae Various forms, there are single, double, multi-storey, square, circle, polygon. Gallery rate Xuan Peng, Chuan Bi, from the flowers (for wood), the bell hanging, brackets, table plaque, the door window fan ... ... carved almost everywhere. There are carved in the form of shallow carving, relief, hollowing eagle, double eagle, incised, carved Yang, carved inlay; natural contents, the Opera text story, the story Sanjiaojiuliu. Many of the works of poetry, calligraphy, stone, painting a lot of sculpture art forms into organic; some use different colors of wood, with a window into the various flower patterns, and even the natural wood borers scarring wound into the composition, performance Eye Laoteng insects or fruit trees, and wonders Cheng. Wood works to keep most of the wood color, and some gold paint out as well as Taoban color as a foil. "Nine winners," Zhu Chu for most of the stone, brick kiosk for the entrance tower, Qiang Shi, pane, clay sculpture for the wall head-dress, the mural is widely used within the walls. "Nine winners" of the construction works of art such as the use of , Meaning, homophonic and other traditional practices, giving the auspicious inauspicious good ideas, such as the Wo Hop Erxian? Quot; prosperous "," more than auspicious, "Fu (bat), Paul (deer), life (Songhe), HI ( Mei bird). At that time, "nine winners" have set up open-air courtyard garden radish frame, before large tanks Paper Chi Yang Fish, each passenger seat Jian display halls, antique flowers, the Office of fly-chu-ming He painted plates together, the Office of the display of sharp pictures and wall scrolls, which are to promote Chinese traditional culture and the expression of the people of the ancient vision of a better life. Into the "nine winners," a place like folk art AsiaWorld-Expo. 1993 Fuzhou Changle of Cultural Relics and Archeology Team in line with the cultural sector, the presence of "nine winners of" inspection for 25 days at a cost of 40,000 yuan, to complete a survey ancient residential construction projects, mapping trace 150, 18 video, thousands of photographs, from which Screening Caizhao 1200 series into the "Changle nine group winners houses Kwu" 2-chip set.

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Jiang Qin Manchu Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kum River in Fujian Province is the only inhabited village of Manchu for the first batch of provincial-level historical and cultural village one. At the south bank of Min River, Fuzhou and (cauda equina) economic and technological development zone across the river. Changle 4 km away from the urban area, 15 km Min River mouth. This section of the Min River flows through like a guqin, named Jiang Qin, the ancient Song Ma Wei-controlled province An important port. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2006 (1728), the town of al-General Min Zou Qing imperial court from the fourth race flag drawn 513 officers and men stationed in Xiejuan Jiang Qin, Wai fortification to the establishment of the "three rivers, Fuzhou, water division flag business." This is a coastal country at the time of the four major naval flag one of the camp, Fujian's Mawei navy earlier 151 . Navy flag similar to the layout of the camps tai chi gossip, it is also known as the "city of Bagua Banners." After the Revolution, the navy flag business has gradually become a small town residents. . According to Qin Zhi Jiang set, repeatedly came to the Qin Jiang Lin, Zhao Bi had written Jiang Lin Gong calligraphy "sea country Ping Fan." Sazhenbingwei Creutzfeldt-Jakob Navy family cemetery title "Jiangcheng waters" has still tablets. Qin Jiang's "three rivers, Fuzhou, water division" is the cradle of the Chinese Navy. Qin river division of the most brilliant chapter in Sino-French Jiashen Song Ma is involved in sea battle against the invaders. Huang recorded in command "will not be out Junming" enemy courageously led his troops on the ground, 600 officers and men in a heroic death A number of 0. Later generations have taken it for granted in the village of Chijian in "From Here to Church", setting a martyr tablets. July each year so far held three days of memorial activities, the villagers came to the river bank to run their own water lamps, incense and paper-cutting, hold a memorial ceremony for martyrs souls. Gyaincain Ren Jie Ling and Qin, celebrities come forth in large numbers. Westernization Movement, the Navy flag in the business of young people have voted Hall, the political boat, after graduating from the growth of China's navy Dongliangzhicai, which will be level 3 and 4 on field grade. If the ice with the town of Savimbi's Republic of China Navy Rear Admiral Shen Jiao Gu Qin. In modern times, such as the former Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch, deputy director Cao Weilian, the founder of China's Maritime Law Professor Huang Tingshu, was awarded the title of world famous paintings and calligraphy art refers to the ink Water painter Li middle. Jiang Qin villagers will each in three languages: Mandarin, Manchu and the Fuzhou dialect, "'s words." There is a village by the name of "Taiwan Pavilion" of non-governmental cultural and recreational activities, from Banners ancestors brought from the north, have been two hundred years of history. Jiang Qin Zheng He's seven or Western Pacific fleet out of Hong Kong Turn the wheel to the sea, near the village there are built yun Zheng He Temple and temples. Jiang Qin geographical location, convenient sea and land transport, natural and human landscape is rich in resources, the development of the Manchu style to the theme of broad prospects for tourism projects. Jiang Qin Manchu all compatriots at home and abroad warmly welcome people to come to invest in The plane has a bright future!

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Zheng Zheng He's historical park and museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changle urban centers there is a hill, as a result of the ancient town located in the south and of Nanshan. There is a mountain park, formerly known as the "Namsan Park", built in the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanyou three years (1088). Park has experienced a number of Song, Yuan and Ming-generation construction, especially in the Ming Dynasty Zheng He's seven western-designate of Hong Kong to be the wind, comprehensive renovation, the pavilion, Taiwan, floor House, tower, temple architecture, and so many to become Buddhist, Taoist places of worship are. Park forest green, green grass and trees and beautiful environment. Tower, Museum, the Pavilion, built gallery in accordance with the mountain, blending with each other, an integral whole. Sambong Park Tower in China were one of the towers. The seven-story octagonal tower, like building castles, stone, high-2 .4 Meters, the tower wall engraved with Buddhist stories based on the exquisite relief, is to study the construction of the Song Dynasty and the kind of precious stone carving art. Sambong tower was originally called "pagoda Shengshou," Song was founded in St. three years (1096), governance and Ding-you-year (1117) completed. 11-year-Ming Yongle (1413), Zheng Deng View the port to know when the tower is built Huizong birthday, quite displeased, said Zhao Ji Hun Jun is, Jin was killed by enemy personnel in the north, the title was changed names so far tower. According to the "Changle County," set, Zheng He in many times, "Shi Xi from homes," the construction of the tower and the tower next to the "sambong pagoda." Sambong Zheng He was the tower overlooking the plethora of stop Hong Kong's Pacific fleet huge tower is also Zheng He's fleet from Hong Kong and Pacific buoy tower. 10-year-Ming Yongle (1412) Zheng He's the fourth former envoy to the Western Pacific in Hong Kong when the wind waiting for the reward, "aegir Tianfei bless," Zou Qing Ming Chengzu Enzhun Changle in Nanshan to the east of the tower next to the pagoda sambong , Made a magnificent, "Tianfei Gong," for the officials of the fleet and reported XIE pray God. 26 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1761) Tianfei Wu Si-shift aircraft in the vicinity of the new head of the "Tien Hou Temple," and the original palace Tianfei Nanshan with the words "Hang Wu College." Destroyed in the Sino-Japanese War College. In 1985 to commemorate Zheng He 580 anniversary of the flight, in government funding, "Tianfei Gong" and "pagoda sambong" on the former site of the construction of Zheng He's historical museum. Namsan Park is also to "Zheng He Park." Collection of precious cultural relics, "Ling Tianfei should remember the" Monument (commonly known as Zheng He monument), the Department of Xuande next six years (1431) Dong, Zheng He's the seventh time as ambassador to the West Changle ago, when the wind waiting to engrave the author of the legislation stone. 1177 words regular script inscription of dollars, Wing-lok set out in detail three years to eight years Xuande (1405 - 1433 years), Zheng He's voyages to western six times before and after the seventh under the Western mission is to study the Ming Dynasty in China and overseas Chinese and foreign Jiaotong Shi The history of exchanges between the kind of precious history .

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Head Island, the end of the ball on the sea areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuqing City is located in the southeastern town of Sha Po head of Lantau Island and the town of Jiangyin of the end of the beach ball, superior natural conditions, the sea is an ideal tourist corridor area. Head Island and the end of the ball on the beach, across the riser, about 10 km apart, the superior-Xuan, foreign trade seagoing vessel from the end of the beach ball with the head passage between the island of Lantau. Head Island scenery Show, Isshiki the sea and sky, surrounded by towering rock, rock on the island between pictographic odd, good vegetation, rich in aquatic products, adequate water, with a number of fine beaches, the longest about 5 meters, is a rare natural scenic spots. The end of the beach ball, the wind-day Haitao, Bibo million dump, the beach at low tide when the width of 120 meters, In the area of 0.52 square kilometers or more, which can swim thousands of people open. To head the ball from the end of Lantau Island, along the beaches there are lotus, wheat Island, Dongbi Island, and other natural sea view, Fuqing is in the south of the tourist corridor on the sea.

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Stone Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Mountain National Forest Park in Fujian Province is one of the early establishment of a national forest park, located in Fuqing City in the western town of Zhang Jing, 63 kilometers away from Fuzhou, Fusha road, 16 km. Park with a total area of 2275 hectares, the forest coverage rate 93.4%. There are 10 major scenic spots planning, 100 scenic spots. Stone Hill in his The dense forests, beautiful scenery, fresh air and a long and famous Buddhist culture, has always been central Fujian's famous scenic spots along the coast. Stone Mountain National Forest Park, with its rich animal and plant resources and beautiful natural landscape of the humanities supplemented by a long heritage, the formation of a full-featured, quiet beautiful Rich and fascinating tourism, vacation, summer resort. Stone Hill "Lin, Shan-hsiung, Shui Sau, the strange stone, tree-qi, risk-feng, You sink" and other natural landscape features, 8600 acres of virgin forest is the merging of a green coastal Fujian Pearl Lin In towering trees, brilliant Yamahana, and Zhenqidongwu which appear. Rock Hill human landscape each other, making the other more beautiful, ancient temples of the Millennium Zhong drum screen, tower tomb relics can be found everywhere, Shi Xiang, Shi male and female, sky-stone, stone-Aura, nine-hole full of mysterious lion, many of the more fascinating legends, to the past Lingshi fun seekers can explore the questions remain chant, down through the ages. Stone Hill Forest Park home travel service facilities, the existing hotels and resorts in all of a training center, 92 beds are standard; a restaurant, more than 1000 square meters floor area; a restaurant can provide leisure 60; shopping canteen 2, Shopping service for visitors. At present, the urban area to Fuqing Lin Park has had a green tourist bus transportation is convenient. Stone Mountain National Forest Park is the eco-tourism, leisure resort holidays.

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Xiasha Beach Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiasha Beach Resort, located in the central coastal city of Changle. 20 km away from Changle City, Fuzhou, 47 km, is the provincial capital away from the nearest tourist beach resort, from Changle in the urban areas to drive southward to less than half an hour to arrive. Beach Resort unique scenery, the sea, beaches, islands, mountains, beach Zhu Zhong-Lin next to echo the landscape, the powerful financial magnificent, beautiful magic in one. Beach is located in the inland sea, the sharks without wounding. 8 km long, 400 meters wide of the wide beach, sand Pohuan fine, sandy beach is only 1.4 percent lower than that, no matter ebb tide to the sea to swim there was no consideration of the drowned. On the beach overlooking the North has long Fuzhou International Airport, south of the sea with horns standing Shan, dual-fan, Rod East, West, East Bank, and other islands as a string of pearls around the bathing beach. By the well-known architectural design expert, Professor Qi Kang Southeast University in Nanjing design, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Administration to invest in the construction of the Hai Bang tower according to the Office of Conch Beach, Bang Hai, located in the Beach Surface and sea phase of the wind on the reef home. This is currently the only such a bionic construction works of art, with its unique architectural style and location of the eye-catching, Changle Xiasha become an important symbol of beach resort. Beach Resort in May 1986 to start construction, investment 150,000,000 yuan, 4 A single project with a total construction area of nearly 80,000 square meters. 1400 m-long waterfront streets, 1,200 meters of sand road and 1,000-meter-long seawall road, with many shops, restaurants, hotels, dance halls and other recreational facilities. Every building has its own style and bring the United States enjoy. The annual summer vacation to come to the visitors from the tourism, many of which are from the United States, Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the weekend peak time of up to 30,000 The public. Xiasha seaside resort around 10 kilometers of the many Sightseeing spots available. The most recent is 1.8 km away from the seaside resort, 480 meters above sea level "Tianchi Mountain"; rock on top of three shallow cave spring water, drought does not dry up, the long-running, so named after. Rock mountain is covered with rocks, trees flourish, Yunqiyinyun, since ancient times "Ying Xu Lingfeng," Wu finished Twelve one of the King. 10,000 along the stone be composed of stone steps to reach the summit. Fengdian stand, more than half panoramic view of Changle. To the north-east of the sea looked under the jurisdiction of Changle City, but is set by Taiwan, according to the White Dog Islands, just off the mouth of Minjiang guarding the gateway to a pair of "loyal dog", can be seen through a telescope Island The village road. Tian Shan Temple was built in a seven large and medium-sized Tang (853), formerly known as Dragon Temple shrine, after the emperor Ciming "Lingfeng Temple." Temple 50 weeks and the number of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties Cliff Inscription of modern celebrity, such as clearance Tongzhi years, "A Dream of Red Mansions" expert Huang You see three poems carved Lingfeng Temple, Bing Xin's great masters of modern literature Tian Bao-hua Renjiedeling "such as the ink has been turned into" stone Changle "attractions. <

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General Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

General Hill was originally called Tiger Hill, 1996.3.19 morning in the waters near the People's Liberation Army conducted a large-scale military exercises against Taiwan independence, and the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Zhang 128 in the general review of this Hill. To commemorate this, it was renamed General Hill. The Peak Tower has a high level of about 10, is a good viewing area, which could look down Gulf beauty. Patriotism education bases to set up operations at the time the generals in command of the cave, at the time of the display devices are intact, with a small screen, the player was spectacular scenes of military exercises. Cliff Yamashita ancient rock carvings, calligraphy for those who love to examine. Director of the mountains a few hundred meters Yi Xiantian, winding mountain road twists and turns, the narrowest point only through one person, very challenging.

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Shi Nan Zhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Unique sea landscape - Nanzhai Hill is located in the southern island of Pingtan house north of the town. In the area of 0.6 square kilometers of low hills, over the weathered granite, the huge size, shape varies, with the peculiar pictographic landscape rocks more than 40. Typical camel rock landscape, the rationale wings Yuanyang, Xunshan Cheetah, turtles, and other stone , The rock can be called a zoo ... ... Nanzhai stone forest landscape of the sea to focus on a Wufeng Valley, that is, the crocodile-feng, a fairy-feng, sheep Feng, Feng Shen Diao, frogs and turtles peak valley, the mountain is not high, easy to climb, many scenic spots, Ideal for a souvenir photo. The mouse to stay in the picture, the picture can look at the relevant Ming. As a result of the layout and the speed limit here, all the photos can not be published, the more perfect spot to watch the scene in person, please.

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Shipai ocean area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shifan semi-yang (Yang Shipai) is located in the western part of the island of Hai Tan Hai Tan Strait, and look at the town of Suao 1.4 km away from the village of Australia, for its 2-shaped stone tower Bingzhi, a high and one low, 33 meters higher Low 17 meters, mid-stream Zhuo Li, Zhengrong momentum. The "rarely seen in the country," the great natural sea-chu, Wu Li, such as in the sea and sky Among the big tower column from a reef at the bottom of the plate hold up, like Zhang Fan Zhou Chuan. Sunset in the morning mist, sea waves Yan full of water, such as two pieces of stone Juzhou sail, and find it a pleasure trip; wind and King Ming, the giant vessels, and may, Weiran fixed; Hailang wind, like sails full of wind, waves move forward, Therefore, King said, "Shifan semi-yang", in order to Ten old one tan.


  According to legend, known as the "world wonders" King of the sea must, in ancient times was known as "dumb" are dumb child to rebel after the defeat of Shen Zhou fossils. Ancient times, no fatuous emperor, the imperial court corruption, hunger die of hunger everywhere in the territory, very desolate. Daisen riding on the Penglai After the island of Hai Tan Lu Po-yang, see a child concerned about the sufferings of the people dumb, ambitious, he would send three cents of paper, asking him to cut free model. To dumb Tongpian then cut therein, such as military force, when completed by the cut-Shashi come true, he could speak. At this point the child began to mute their plans accordingly, planning the deployment of large Qibing , As if the imperial manner. But she and her three children Jiuli unknown, did not mute the child told to prepare to rebel, leading to missed opportunities, the failure of the rebels. Battalion of the court to send military force to attack the island Hai Tan, lost and dumb children see, just prior to the cut of his elder brother's wife daily Shijiu, hammer stones, thrown into the dustpan into the sea, she and her three children into a boat with the common fan Take away. After the storm event, after the two-Shen Zhou fan into two stone side by side, becoming a must Pingtan tourism resources. Boarded the plane reef, such as Li-deck ship, the day the wind in front of slap Haitao, soul-stirring. Immersive, it had a great feeling of nature and magic.


  Shipai a foreign land Xun scale wave-cut piece of stone wedge, such as drum flag Ji Jian, Cuoluoyouzhi all over Australia to see the beach, known as "hit rock business." In particular, look at Australia's wharf, as a semi-relief of Buddha Maitreya, shoulder width and height are about 12 meters, the head convex belly, and take full plate, vivid image, is a perfect natural landscape. Shipai foreign tour will take half a day, the vehicle is a direct route to the shore or beach side, there are yacht Shifan extradited to the next.

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Fang Yan Guang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the East Wing Tai GE Ling mountain town, 17 km from the county seat, known as "a piece of tile." Overlapping peaks in the range upon range of hills, tree-lined Blot out the Sun, such as the shape rock shelter, and stretch the air, covering a high of about 20 meters deep, about 30 meters, a width of 50 meters of natural caves, the summer resort for the summer, "Han Guang Dong Tian ". Watt a "hanging at the bottom of the dozens of stalactites to form a unique rock King, the main water dragon, tiger mountains, prance carp, giant cattle Kok Lian, Huang volley, Bainiaochaofeng, apes and monkeys into the first, and so on, Miao-dimensional peacekeeping Xiao, lifelike. Qing over the years between the Northern Song Dynasty (1041 ~ 1048), under construction in the rock Buddha . In the mid-ming, for the expansion of the Temple, according to Iwakura hole, when the stone tile, build a singular. 19 Wanli (1591), an additional 5 Tianquan Pavilion, with more than 100 Chinese fir root support to criss-cross the cliffs edge, according to the back thousands of Ren-rock cliff, facing deep Baizhang, like castles in the air. After the Court is the Main Hall, for Southern Song Dynasty when the monks as camphor wood, as well as the late Qing naval town of Sa Su Qiang ice by title, "Fang Yan Guang," the three characters and "Min Shan in the first", "eternal spectacle", "Wan Kwong Yam" horizontal inscribed board. Bring up the rear on a wall, "Guanyin Cave." Mid-Autumn night, the moonlight shines into this rock wall above, it will show "Boy worship Guanyin," the magic . Next to the pavilion dream, monk Liu, Hong Ji-Tong, have no shelter, shelter under rocks in the complex. Tianquan next to the Pavilion has deep holes, such as setting off firecrackers inside the cave, sonic booms surrounding hills, dozens of echo-minute extension, known as "gun hole." Temple Main Hall before stocks clear spring, called tail-chuen, also known as "Long milk." There are wide at the top of the rock side Qingquan shares from the right side of the wind and float in the air, as Zhulian like to fly in the hole, a "curtain Guanbao" scenic spots. Fang Yan Guang have 10 scenic spots: Yuquan hole Ruisong dock, stone bell, listen to Quan Shi, Stephen Falls, Long Shu Yan, Yang Ling Gu, Shan-Quan, Wang Sendai, the voiceless, such as holes, which is to Canton Yuquan-rock The However, portal, the two stone dependent on the following combined, cut left "days off" right moment "swallow the door" (commonly known as door-day), do not have the momentum. There are next to the Song, Ming and Qing Cliff Inscription of "days off", "Shek", "Fang Guang Dong Tian", "Shan Min blessed", the forceful vigorous pen. To the wide-side, traveling to GE Ling, 4 km walk up that mountain.

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Hong-Lin Chu Kang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong-Lin Chu Kang Dong-jin, located in Minqing Osaka, was built before the 1960s Yi Mao Qian Long (1795), a three-war North Korea's House of vicissitudes, and its human flourishing, not 200 years long history of failure VIII is known Min-earth, ancient This is a broad and deep houses house with a unique architectural style, in particular, circuit gallery inside the house to, even if Orderly and well-known, the size of the house within 35 halls, 30 yards, 15 flowers, 666 rooms, those who know the structure can be at ease, the whole structure of the building sophisticated, symmetrical wing canopies Yang-volume, Diaolianghuadong, superb technology, Kan Said the civil architecture of the Po soul, come here especially for tourists.

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Chen Tai Yu Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chen Tai Wei Palace is located in the town of Housing Qian Village, built in the Five Dynasties Leung Ping three years (909 years) of the original three-year Jiaxi the Southern Song Dynasty (1239) 15 Su-Feng Chen Shi Sun "Demon EC Tai Yu", was renamed Chen Tai Yu Gong. The whole building from being Piandian, stage, Gong Men, for arch support components stacked next fight is the only southern intact , The financial Song, Ming and Qing dynasties style of an old wooden structure buildings, the Department of the provincial cultural relics. In recent years, increasing domestic and foreign tourists are curious sigh.

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