Monday, December 1, 2008

Head Island, the end of the ball on the sea areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuqing City is located in the southeastern town of Sha Po head of Lantau Island and the town of Jiangyin of the end of the beach ball, superior natural conditions, the sea is an ideal tourist corridor area. Head Island and the end of the ball on the beach, across the riser, about 10 km apart, the superior-Xuan, foreign trade seagoing vessel from the end of the beach ball with the head passage between the island of Lantau. Head Island scenery Show, Isshiki the sea and sky, surrounded by towering rock, rock on the island between pictographic odd, good vegetation, rich in aquatic products, adequate water, with a number of fine beaches, the longest about 5 meters, is a rare natural scenic spots. The end of the beach ball, the wind-day Haitao, Bibo million dump, the beach at low tide when the width of 120 meters, In the area of 0.52 square kilometers or more, which can swim thousands of people open. To head the ball from the end of Lantau Island, along the beaches there are lotus, wheat Island, Dongbi Island, and other natural sea view, Fuqing is in the south of the tourist corridor on the sea.

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