Monday, December 1, 2008

Stone Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Mountain National Forest Park in Fujian Province is one of the early establishment of a national forest park, located in Fuqing City in the western town of Zhang Jing, 63 kilometers away from Fuzhou, Fusha road, 16 km. Park with a total area of 2275 hectares, the forest coverage rate 93.4%. There are 10 major scenic spots planning, 100 scenic spots. Stone Hill in his The dense forests, beautiful scenery, fresh air and a long and famous Buddhist culture, has always been central Fujian's famous scenic spots along the coast. Stone Mountain National Forest Park, with its rich animal and plant resources and beautiful natural landscape of the humanities supplemented by a long heritage, the formation of a full-featured, quiet beautiful Rich and fascinating tourism, vacation, summer resort. Stone Hill "Lin, Shan-hsiung, Shui Sau, the strange stone, tree-qi, risk-feng, You sink" and other natural landscape features, 8600 acres of virgin forest is the merging of a green coastal Fujian Pearl Lin In towering trees, brilliant Yamahana, and Zhenqidongwu which appear. Rock Hill human landscape each other, making the other more beautiful, ancient temples of the Millennium Zhong drum screen, tower tomb relics can be found everywhere, Shi Xiang, Shi male and female, sky-stone, stone-Aura, nine-hole full of mysterious lion, many of the more fascinating legends, to the past Lingshi fun seekers can explore the questions remain chant, down through the ages. Stone Hill Forest Park home travel service facilities, the existing hotels and resorts in all of a training center, 92 beds are standard; a restaurant, more than 1000 square meters floor area; a restaurant can provide leisure 60; shopping canteen 2, Shopping service for visitors. At present, the urban area to Fuqing Lin Park has had a green tourist bus transportation is convenient. Stone Mountain National Forest Park is the eco-tourism, leisure resort holidays.

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