Monday, December 1, 2008

Xiamen King State Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Dao in the south-east, the beautiful scenery of the "Gold Coast" line, a high-grade large-scale amusement park - Xiamen King State Park is quickly becoming a new hot spot for the Xiamen Tourism add magnificent presence. Park surrounded on three sides by mountains, sea, with small Kinmen, Tam Island, the Tam Island across the sea. King State Park "Hill Love, love the world has "as its theme, gorgeous and elegant, romantic scene in the European-style gardens, and rich multi-fun, exciting world of pleasure.'s The only" Taiwan's folk culture village "landscaping and the project has been launched. Taiwan History museum, mountain heritage museum, the art, crafts exhibition hall will be built, and so on Out. Beautiful natural scenery and pleasant, combined with a variety of park construction, it is a pleasure to look relaxed and happy. Flowers in the park year-round green leaves constantly, elegant taste of the landscape garden, created by well-art sculptures, rich in interesting recreational projects, improve service and thoughtful facilities, as well as introducing new items The new attractions will certainly let you away, and go enjoy.

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