Monday, December 1, 2008

Shi Nan Zhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Unique sea landscape - Nanzhai Hill is located in the southern island of Pingtan house north of the town. In the area of 0.6 square kilometers of low hills, over the weathered granite, the huge size, shape varies, with the peculiar pictographic landscape rocks more than 40. Typical camel rock landscape, the rationale wings Yuanyang, Xunshan Cheetah, turtles, and other stone , The rock can be called a zoo ... ... Nanzhai stone forest landscape of the sea to focus on a Wufeng Valley, that is, the crocodile-feng, a fairy-feng, sheep Feng, Feng Shen Diao, frogs and turtles peak valley, the mountain is not high, easy to climb, many scenic spots, Ideal for a souvenir photo. The mouse to stay in the picture, the picture can look at the relevant Ming. As a result of the layout and the speed limit here, all the photos can not be published, the more perfect spot to watch the scene in person, please.

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