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Xiangjiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang River in Changsha is the mother river, rolling it to the south, north to gurgle, and Shan Zhao had entered the city of Changsha, the three-branch to the northwest and Rocky, to Joe Wangcheng out of the mouth, another in Yueyang Dongting. Habitat flows through Changsha City, about 25 km. Xiangjiang cross-strait Ruxia Red Cliff, like snow white sand, weeping as silk, Qiang fan like clouds, and constitutes a beautiful Scenery along the river with sand.

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Hua Ming - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hua Ming House, the natural scenery is very general, it has become a famous tourist scenic spots, because this is the hometown of Liu Shaoqi.

November 24, 1898 Liu Shaoqi was born in Hua-ming carbon-floor of a red people, this is a typical farm, the former residence of Liu Shaoqi is a civil Configuration of the courtyard house, there in front of a pond surrounded by woods surrounding the house. There are more than 30 in the yard between Mao tile-roofed house, in addition to room, there is a lot of room tools, housing pigsty, Kaohuo housing, as well as specialized for children with reading of the study.

In the 500 meters away from the former residence of the North Chong Tong Mei The memorial consists of Liu Shaoqi, the museum displays over 800 pieces of cultural relics, including Liu Shaoqi had read some books and daily necessities.

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Orange Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chairman Mao has a "spring Changsha Patio": "independent autumn cold, Xiang River to the north, the first orange Chau, Hong Bian see mountains, the storied dye to make" here continents orange on the Xiang River in Changsha city center Is about a tenth of the Long Island Village, Changsha City is a major scenic spots.

Orange Island scenery is pretty good Xiang River flows slowly from the side that little bit of spring Jiangou; Xiaqiu Lin verdant trees; in the winter and Xiaoxiang one of the Eight, "Jiang twilight snow days" to see the scenery. In 1904, opening to the outside world trading port into Changsha, Chau built on the British Consulate, Changsha Shinseki.

Orange is now built on the Island Park There are planting thousands of trees Jieshu, when harvest season, Jieshu on science, this time standing on the first Jimu Chutian Island, it is refreshing. Summer is here, it's a good place to swim water, the island has a natural tourism market.

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Yuelu Academy - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuelu Academy is the oldest Chinese Academy of one of the Northern Song Dynasty to open the nine-year-bao (in 976 AD) was founded after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties in all, the late Qing Dynasty (1903 AD) to the Hunan Higher School, and then change For the Hunan Higher Normal School, in 1926 known as the University of Hunan, more than the history of the Millennium. To the age-old College of Hunan University, in the same strain, Xiange never been as rare as the world scholar, "institutions of the Millennium." From Yuelu Academy of Hunan University to the Millennium school history, reflecting changes in the Chinese education system, the development of higher education in China is a microcosm of the history.

  Yuelu Mountain since ancient times Mountain culture. Western Jin Dynasty Taoist activities for the previous stronghold, has built Wanshou Palace, the Tsung Tsin concept, and so on. Taishi four Western Jin Dynasty (AD 268 years) the creation of Lushan Si. Road construction in the Six Dynasties temple. Sui built in the Tang Dynasty horse, "Dowling temple." The late Tang and Five Dynasties Zhi Xuan, such as building schools Monk II, the College into the embryonic form. Bao opened nine years of the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 9 6), Tanzhou in full copy Zhu hole expansion, the creation of Yuelu Academy; large and medium-sized Xiangfu 2008 (1015 AD), Song Zhenzong thanks "Yuelu Academy," the amount, Sui Wei Yuelu Academy of the National Academy of four. Yuelu Academy was founded at the beginning, that is, its schools and dissemination of academic and cultural world-famous. Xuande only self-evident, with local officials on many occasions to repair the expansion of the Yuelu Academy each of the main building on the central axis, the main axis until before the Xiang River in the West Bank, after the extension of self-Yuelu Mountain, with pavilions of St. Paul, the axis on the side of the establishment of Confucian Temple To form a history of the College pavilion with relief, across the pavilion, blending landscape of the magnificent King . College of lectures, books, the three major religious function has been fully restored and the development of the existing building has laid a basic pattern.

  After being in the Ming Dynasty are still academic Zhu Zhang's case for the school. Yuelu Academy to teach mainly in the Qing Dynasty and Chinese Confucianism, Daoguangnianjian, Wu Rongguang in College was founded in Xiangshui together by the school, Becoming the center for Chinese Studies. End of the Qing dynasty, the rise of the reform ideas of 1898, the College has started a new school of communication, and to have had a greater impact.
  China and Japan after the Sino-Japanese War, the rise of Reform Movement of 1898, spent the imperial examination request, the school-hing. 29 Guangxu (1903 AD) and co-Yuelu Academy Hunan Higher School changed. After the Revolution, for the school to school, plan to organize the Hunan University, one after another during the move into Higher Normal School in Hunan Province, Hunan Industrial specialized in public schools. In 1926 to the formal establishment of the Hunan University.

  Although several school reform, changing its name several times, but always to the highest in Hunan House, College of the original homes has remained unchanged. Today's Hunan University has developed into a multi-disciplinary co-ordination of the development of the comprehensive university. After the restoration of the Yuelu Academy, is listed as national key cultural units, institutions are writing a new millennium of history.

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Two-Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Two-Lake is located in southern Sichuan has a long history of the city - Rongxian one kilometer north of the city, 40 km away from Zigong, Leshan 100 km, with the famous Big Buddha Rongxian separated from across the city, there is direct access to the cement road, the traffic is very convenient. Lake is sub-tropical low double-shan as the main lake to mountains, rivers, ravines, ancient sites The tone for the background of the tourist spots suburbs. Two-animal Lake 58,000,000 cubic meters of water, before Hom area of 2.5 square kilometers, wide field of vision, spectacular lake, Lake Valley to distinguish between two-ditch Dongchuan and ditch the two Los overcast River Inlet, mountain-high risk, floating Cuise air, song Meandering water, beautiful scenery, has long been known as "Little Three Gorges" . Lake is a pair of new tourism spots, Hom area before the construction of antique buildings and a management office building and a number of modern office and entertainment facilities, like the "Yellow Crane Tower" built in Hanjing stands shore of Lake Tsui House, Denglou view, the mountains, Shanqingshuixiu, Huguangshanse, panoramic view. Two-tube Lake Tourism Development Department has a real scale, with mountains and water crystal Court, Huaguo Shan Village, Stephen Hill, as well as in Mongolia to build the three-star hotel Golden Delicious and a number of set meals, hospitality and entertainment in one of the high profile guest houses, there should be a Taste of the restaurant and conference rooms, the development of new entertainment projects: water boats, swimming pools, Chui-Jun Kara OK, night clubs, sauna and children's amusement park, and so is the business and leisure travel, conference reception, a good place for the celebration. Two-Lake development zone is the beautiful scenery, preferential policies, liberal investment environment and welcome businessmen at home and abroad, and friends come to visit and tourism, the development of joint investment.

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Shan Chen Jinhua reading Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Shehong County is located in Jinhua town of Jinhua Fujiang Sea, because of their "precious Hill and China and the United States" got its name. Jinhua Road to Hill before the concept was founded in prison Leung Tin-year period (502 AD), the mountain is open generation of the Early Tang Dynasty poetry reading fewer well-known poet Chen of Taiwan. Shan Jinhua old buildings of the masses, spreading mountains, was the distribution level, A letter drop. Weng Yu trees in the mountains, there are more than 1,000 state-level protection of the Cooper strain. Walking in the mountains, rain in the mountains clean, free Tsui wet clothes were feeling. Ancient sages legacy recourse to the large number of those who pay, and there are many questions in mind, are kept in museums in the mountains. Du Fu Shu-old age home, Fu Zhang had come to stay "wild look" and other famous Hill wrote in scenic spots, to express regret in the hearts! Taiwan's Chen to study at Shehong County 23 km north of the city Department of Jinhua in the mountains, is the Early Tang Dynasty poet reading his youth Chen, formerly known as reading together, said Chen or school. Its ancient site in Jinhua Mountain View, this Hall of the Ancestors in the vicinity, Tang large over the years, Jie Du Dongchuan Sonu tert-Ming Chen Li, who Jingde monument in front study. Tang in political chaos after the war frequently, school failure led to waste. Song Chiayusaurus years, Yilingpangzai out in his theft by finding sites to build booths. Early Ming, theft by finding kiosks have been destroyed, Lian Cheng Xiao works in the infrastructure of the old house statues, side by side on its side of the pavilion Mingyuan, integrated, the county magistrate Li Guo boring flu Ting, to the early Qing Dynasty, the whole building collapse bad. Kangxi 51 years, Tang Lin Xiang county magistrate in the school building to the former site of the Office of a large, horizontal inscribed board to buy Taiwan to study ancient, light eight to 11 years, Qian Yi Ling Bingde, Stephen Wang moved to Taiwan to study in post-Ling Wu Shan Kong. 2006 Guangxu (1880), the county magistrate Wenfang Way, and other donors, removal of the short-Yuan Mang Jing Shan Chu, Ting Qian on the new Office of the three, with wing corridors song threshold, the external doors connected Pavilion; Li Ting right temple 3, after the production booth to repair the hall by three, level unsan Museum to stay, Veranda around, the shelter outside the wind-Yuan; the last block Taiwan Pavilion erect a lotus leaf, to the amount of wave-Han River, to build three ships room, a small pavilion, has begun to take shape Since then, the status quo remained, a slight amendment. Ancient inscription reading for many within Taiwan, most famous for the ancient manuscripts. Its wood, "a sense of the event 30" and "Mr. Chen Boyu Biography" and other important cultural relics on display in the museum to stay Unzen, Chen is also hard to come by the relevant documentation. Shehong County of Sichuan Province Shan Chen Jinhua Desks within a stone smell attracted a large number of visitors. Stone foul in the Ming Dynasty Jiajingnianjian Shehong County by the most people Yang Ren Fu Shi Yunnan, brought back from Qujing County, Jinhua placed in a small West Zhenjiang hospital. The founding of New China, the cultural centers Shehong County to the Taihu Zhen Shi, Putao Jia buried in the Library, 1983 9 Jinhua to the mountain, in this collection. This rock, shaped like the human brain, low-light-level surface, Secheng black. Original about 1.2 meters high, over the years by handling percussion, is only 0.6 meters of. In terms of iron hit, a bad smell Dayton. Mr. Yuan Lin Qing Dynasty "stinking rock song" vivid picture of the stone: "The knock on rock music was Stone cook who have lent their taste, see it hit a stone stink? Do not believe it will baffle stone, that is readily foul, foul left the Millennium deposit, Shi-side committee Who knows? "A rock hit it foul, the less the world to hear, if you are fortunate enough to Shan Jinhua, Qiao Qiao personally, Xiu Xiu bad smell that long, Yu Kwok-hing will increase, relaxed and happy, do not have some fun.

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Lingquan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingquan Temple is located in Suining City Lingquan Hill, and Guangde Temple Fujiang separated from each other. Hillside temple, Cooper pines, shady trees. A mountain-chuen, bi-color sweet, not dry up all the year round is not over, fine-sounding name "Lingquan" It was contained, Su title in Shek Pik "seven-chuen," a now gone. Lingquan Temple was built in Sui Wendi Wong Kai - Between (581-600), when No. Temple for the Buddhist temple saint, for three years Koji Hsiao Tsung-ming (1490) reconstruction, to the Monastery of Hill. According to "Meanwhile in mind to win," it reads: Lingquan Hill, Suikai Huang, dark night three days due to heavy fog and solutions, then they stand a stone statue of Sakyamuni, was Jiansi, the Holy Temple. North Song Zhenzong capital Ciming St. , For three years Koji Hsiao Tsung-ming (1490) re-named Lingquan Temple. In the Sui, Tang, Song and Ming period of great prosperity, prosperity incense, southwest provinces to come to those who come Dachaoshan pilgrimage, known as Lingquan Shengjing, Shengjing in the West, with a few famous Mountain in the South China Sea, has been included in the "national scenic spots Dictionary. " Now the Buddha in Sichuan Activity centers and tourist destination. February 19 Lunar New Year each year, June 19, September 19 is the birthday of the Goddess of Mercy, and become an immortal, then the faithful gathered in the Quartet, the extraordinary excitement.

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Suining Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suining City of Sichuan Basin is located in the middle of the middle reaches of Fujiang. Clear advantage, 146 km north of Chongqing, 147 km east of Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing and equidistant between the two cities into a triangle, economic integration into the economic circle in the Chengdu-Chongqing. Nanchong to the east, west and Deyang, Chongqing in the south, north Mianyang. Guchensuizhou, do not fight city said. Calendar Sichuan for the political, economic, cultural centers, there are "huge Dongchuan town", "city in Sichuan" and "small Chengdu." Suining development has a long history, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the calendar for the county, state, government, agency and the county's legacy. In February 1985 the establishment of provincial cities, the jurisdiction is currently shipping the mountains, home District, Peng Xixian, Shehong County British counties. The city's 105 townships, 2216 villages, the area of 5300 square kilometers in size, 257 million mu of arable land. At the end of 2003 the city's total population of 3,808,200, of which the urban population of 646,100 non-agricultural, urban area of about 50 square kilometers and a population of about 400,000. City of total workforce 2,630,000, of whom 2,158,700 were rural labor force. The city's 2003 GDP (GDP) Total 15,919,000,000 yuan, the realization of the local revenue of 476,000,000 yuan.

  To the territory of the landscape for the hills , Hilly area of 70%. North West South East high-low terrain, the wave was dumping relief. The maximum elevation of 674.4 meters, 215 meters above sea level the lowest; mild climate, less light, rainfall, four seasons, the annual average temperature of 18 ?, annual rainfall 907-993 mm. Forest coverage rate reached 30.6% Sichuan is a green city in the first-round target. Suitable for all kinds of crop growth, Sichuan food, cotton, oil, pigs, fruits, vegetables and herbal medicines an important production base; Fujiang from the north and north-south throughout the South, Jiang's wife, Jiang Zi, King River tributaries such as tree branches were -Like distribution. Water is rich in resources, capacity development 17.3 10,000 kilowatts, have been completed on the main stream of Fujiang 6 small and medium-sized hydropower stations. Agriculture and effective irrigation area of 164 hectares; the territory of oil, natural gas, bittern, alluvial gold, shale, sand and gravel resources such as rich reserves, easy-to-exploitation.

  Suining Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, beautiful landscape, rich in natural resources. Habitat Linglong China and the United States of Jinhua Mountain, ha Akagi's vast lakes, ancient temples of the Millennium Lingquan Temple, the first Buddhist temple to the West Guangde Temple, known as "fairy painting" Bao Vatican frescoes, and other scenic spots, elegant or graceful, powerful or sublime, Attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. World oil drilling as the father of the British Zhuo Tsutsui bittern mining technology, China's fifth-largest invention, so far there is "focus Dashun" 18 well preserved, the Millennium Watch, a witness to ancient history.

Suining talents come forth in large numbers, the Gathering of Talents. Early Tang Dynasty poet Chen, "Heaven and Earth to study long, however, only Tixia Pathetique" open generation poetry, and poetry through the ages in China must . Qing Dynasty, "the world is second to none Lian Li," Zhang Peng Ming Chen-he (H�), thus leave it penniless, and outstanding performance go down in history. Can enumerate the Ming Dynasty were well-known e poetess Huang, a famous poet in the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Chuanshan, Chuan under crystal sugar production technology, such as the history of the Tang Dynasty monk Zou celebrity.

  Suining Public Textile, food, chemicals, machinery for the pillar of the industrial structure to take shape, Tuopai Sichuan, star power, Sichuan Meifeng, Sichuan Jinhua, Yin-hua Huafang five famous listed companies at home and abroad. Suining prosperity and commerce, a huge market potential has always been in Sichuan for the region's largest distribution center for goods and materials. Has completed Chuan-class family in the central wholesale market of goods, the largest market in Sichuan. Financial services, strong. Labor, science and technology, information and real estate market has become increasingly active elements. Multi-function, multi-level marketing network to take shape, business, circulation, market structure has taken shape.

Suining use of the unique "two-faced landscape in the middle of a city," the advantage of the natural environment, built to highlight the ecological features landscape of the modern city. Suining, Sichuan Province is emerging as an important transport hub and commercial center, a regional central cities and ecological garden city.

  Jian City in the past 20 years, According to the municipal party committee session established the city in line with the actual development, as laid the foundation for the development of Suining. Since 2000, in accordance with the central speed up the development of western China's deployment of the provincial party committee and determine the type of catch-up, leap-forward development of the strategic requirements of the municipal party committee to develop a "science and technology as the guide, strengthen infrastructure construction The basic position of agriculture and promoting the industrialization and urbanization, information technology, the realization of the city, district and county economic development and positive interaction, Shi Benji Shehong County and the first to leap to promote the rapid growth of the national economy "(three, on the basis of the two, a pilot ) The development of ideas. Identified in the first decade of this century, it is necessary to build Suining " Chuanqiu Jingjijiangshi hills area, initially built in the central Sichuan Basin and transport hub and commercial center, the regional ecological environment improvement, and coordinated economic and social development, and strive to achieve new leaps and bounds, "the overall goal. Implementation of the past four years, the city's economic development step by step to speed up the pace , Infrastructure construction, industrial restructuring, City significantly speed up urban construction, investment environment and opening to the outside world improved.

  Suining convenient traffic. 318 State Line Road, Highway 205 line into the south highway, railway reached at this intersection, intensity of urban and rural roads. Yu was fast railway, highway construction into the Well, to Mianyang, Suining, Neijiang the highway and the railway has been included in the planning, the future will be the connecting Chongqing, Chengdu, Sichuan and north-east of the province's second-largest hub. In 2003 the city's highway mileage has reached 2474 km, 98 km highway, primary and secondary road 367 km railway 78 km mileage cars. Communications developed by leaps and bounds, in 2003 the urban and rural fixed phone users reached 283,300 mobile phone subscribers reached 248,400. Cable TV subscribers reached 525,300. Energy development and the introduction of independent power equal emphasis on the total power installed capacity reached 21.32 KW, Fujiang power development and speed up the pace of urban and rural power grids.

  Urban construction with each passing day. City, county and the focus of a large number of coordinated development of small cities and towns, strengthen the service function, the face of rapid change. Strengthened the central city planning, construction and management of the completion of a number of Infrastructure projects, Economic and Technological Development Zone, east new, innovative new industrial park three of the rapid development, rapid expansion of the size of the city, the urban population is increasing rapidly. City resident population of close to 400,000 people, with an area of about 50 square kilometers. The city's urbanization level of 18%.
The sustainable development of the national economy. In 2003 the city's GDP amounted to 15,919,000,000 yuan and 4180 yuan per capita. The added value of primary industry 4,842,000,000 yuan, the added value of production 5,349,000,000 yuan, the tertiary industry added value 5,728,000,000 yuan, one, two, three industries accounted for GDP Accounting for 30.4:33.6:36.0; total fixed asset investment to complete the total amount of 6,169,000,000 yuan, a number of key infrastructure projects and technical transformation project is to speed up the implementation; the completion of municipal revenue 476,000,000 yuan; total volume of retail sales 6,634,000,000 yuan; agriculture Basis for further Solid. Restructuring and accelerate the industrialization of 2003, total output of 1,454,600 tons of food, slaughter pigs 3,047,500, the total output of vegetables 929,900 tons. The establishment of a number of high-quality agricultural and livestock production, industrial enterprises reached 36; in the textile, food, drink, drive And chemical industries as the mainstay of economic development, Tuopai, Jinhua, Yin-hua, Feng Mei, the five-star listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets in order to form a good performance is quite reputable, "Suining plate," Feihong, Pearl Advantages such as rapid business expansion, the strength significantly increased, led the city's industrial economy of speed efficiency. 003 years of industrial enterprises above designated size 6,463,000,000 yuan output value, added value 3,781,000,000 yuan, total profit 397,000,000 yuan; the gradual deepening of enterprise reform, the rapid development of private economy, the end of 2003, individual industrial and commercial households 59,542, employing 75,438 people, the private sector 16 5, employing 20,749 people.

  All-round social progress. Formed a relatively complete system of education, in 2003 there are 1868 types of schools, 610,800 students were. Primary school-age children enrollment rate of 99.95 percent, in regular schools 1 2, 99,500 students, 255,600 students in the school, senior high school enrollment rate than the province's high level of 20 percentage points, taking college entrance rate of 77%, the highest ranked of the province. Various types of scientific research and development in the city have 77 bodies, professional and technical staff of 6.5 million titles, in 2003, the new 50 applications for patents, patent organizations to implement projects to add value 269,000,000 yuan, a tax 46,670,000 yuan; health care and cultural and sports facilities continue to improve, speed up the pace of industrial development.

  Continue to improve people's lives. 2003 urban residents per capita disposable land 5404 yuan, and net income of farmers per capita 2187 yuan. Urban residents per capita living space of 20 square meters, farmers per capita living space of 30 square meters. Urban health care, unemployment, old-age insurance coverage to reach 90%, 100%, 100%. In 2003, the city through various channels re - Industry's 25,500 unemployed persons, registered urban unemployment rate at the end of 10,324 people registered urban unemployment rate of 4.92 percent.

  Sichuan Pearl - Suining, a good investment environment, abundant natural resources and huge market potential. We welcome people from all walks of life and country Foreign businessmen was to visit, expand cooperation and investment in the development of Suining together to create a better future.

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Yi-meter floor Mochizuki - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu meters from the railway via e-linked list Township, Seomang Ping Chuang, from green, a red arch Pavilion, which is the provincial city of Panzhihua document protection unit Mochizuki floor.

  Mochizuki floor timbers with mortise end, the square on the ground floor and six two-story pavilion square, hexagonal Cuanjian Ding organic links, supporting a well - Despite wind and rain and 200 light years, 10 years, 13 years and three major earthquake to the present day. Very rare. As the early construction of the mosque, it has the nature of the religious heritage, but also because of their unique design, clever ideas, and more on the first floor, for the construction of the few Muslim province, it also has the art of ancient buildings antiquities Value.

  Bang linked mosque was built in the early years of Emperor Kangxi, our mosque is one of the early construction. Temple-wide area about 1200 square meters, the compact layout of the compact. Chapel for the ride west to east Xieshan Ding construction, from the South and the North Gate Tower and the composition of the hatchback. The gatehouse has changed in the Islamic style, and built a three three-Zhong Yan Pavilion across the street-Gate Tower, at the same time faced with a six foot seven canopies three outstanding wishful corner brackets, and the bottom four-five outstanding weight-foot arch, to be concise summary of the relief decoration, up from a refined and sophisticated is the Pavilion is the Gate Tower Not only for the imam calls for believers, "Ma Lord" (prayers), for visitors Denglou sentiment of the Moon Jia Jing floor, so called "Moon House."

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Huang Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Memorial Hall is located in Sichuan Province in the East River county, sub-area memorial, the exhibition display area. Commemorative area by the following components: Dong written by the Museum of the big door in the former; Huang toward the enemy of the moment loophole in the legislation statue jump height. Guo inscription "Bandai victory" in the legislation as after; Inscription Xiaoping, "Huang super hero" at the moment as under the; inscription under 5 set with relief Huang reflect life; relief about two-North Korea friendship built booths, hanging with Dong and Guo wrote the couplet. The exhibition displayed by the District 5 showroom, through more than 500 pieces of in-kind, pictures, group pictures and detailed model of referral Huang night from a poor people's sons grow up to the glorious history of super heroes, praise his mind the overall situation, the dauntless spirit himself, he display a high degree of patriotism and internationalism and revolutionary heroism. Huang Jiguang (1931-1952) Chinese People's Volunteers fighting class Hung. Jiang's people in Sichuan. October 20, 1952, in the battle Shanggan Ling Huang's camp was ordered to seize high ground 597.9. In the attack on forces blocked at a critical juncture, Huang to come forward with their own chest to block the enemy's machine gun perforation, the highlands to ensure the troops to capture and died a heroic death.

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Fushun Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fushun Confucian Temple from the Northern Zhou Dynasty Emperor County to build two days and the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty (567-960) for nearly 400 years, due to the remote, Liao Han-mixed, although Sheng salt and 2 did not open style of writing. Ren Jing You Song three years (1036), the court too often selected scholars, Dr. Zhou Jun Fushun to know any supervisor, and strive to educate Xing Schools, foster Scholars. In the sixth year of his tenure, that is, Qingli 2002 (1042), and county Fushun finally out of the first examination - Mian Li, Shi Min county are fortunate that joy. Zhou Jun at the initiative of people to raise funds in four years Qingli (1044), the county seat in the center of South Gate, into a Confucian Temple Confucius Zhu Gong, said the "propaganda network temple." And Li-stone temple in the "Wild Goose Pagoda monument" to cut the county's previous name of the pilot. Since then, the former supervisor of Fushun know, are enthusiastic about education, pro-Professor Ren Ruxue, often in politics, the temple to make a living member of lectures, so wide open style of writing. Wild Goose Pagoda in the Song of the examination that is engraved As many as 67 people. Yuan Dynasty, Confucian Temple called the "first temple." Tai 2004 (1311), Fushun, Ren Xianzhong know, doors Ji-building, resettlement ceremony, Dacheng Hall of conversion for two years veranda fence. Yingzong period, the county and file satisfied Wang Jian-speed Yushubeiting. Ming Tai Zu Ping Zhu Yuanzhang to decide their fate, the world Chao Lixueyushi Reform temple for the first "teacher temple." Hongwu 2006 (1373), the county magistrate temple bell Tan hyun re-engineering, the construction of schools, masonry Pan pool. After 8 after repair and small building. Ming Chengzu Wing-lok years before the "Confucian Temple." Since then, the increasing prevalence of style, advanced education, enrollment of those who cite increasing year by year. Ming Dynasty, Beijing will test, examination of up to 139 persons, accounting for one thirteenth of the total number of Scholars in Sichuan Province, which was "a gifted scholar Xi Shu", a gifted scholar in Fushun Neijiang officials "in the world. Late Ming and early Qing, Sichuan chaos for 25 years, Confucian Temple in disrepair and dilapidated. 21 years of Emperor Kangxi (1682), San Francisco put down after Fushun county magistrate term money Shao-Lung, and re-Confucian Temple renovation, repair Great Hall of Minglun together to restore worship and schools. 29 Qianlong (1764), the county magistrate Xiongkui to raise funds to the construction of the Temple wall and rebuild the two veranda and sun block altar. Light to medium-term, despite repeated repairs Confucian Temple, the end is a minor repairs, of its dilapidated With a gifted scholar-wide famous Fushun County of Sichuan quite match. Li Qing dynasty to the mid-term Chao, Fushun only 11 out of the examination, civil article that feng shui is moving "holes St." disrespect for the rules. 16 years light (1836), Fushun county magistrate Ren Kun Deng decided to rebuild Confucian Temple, and county Fushun was the largest Lord, Gong Yongsheng deliberations of the Lunar New Year. Xiao said that up immediately: Fushun in order to keep the "feng shui article," scholars would like to do is to be responsible, alone shoulder the reconstruction of the Temple office. So please employed carpenter and immediately dismantle Confucian Temple, dedicated to the mission of Shandong Qufu County, the county magistrate's office through the examination Fushun Zhang Zhen, the Confucian Temple to recover construction drawings regulation. And Leibo, Ma returned to the side of trees, custom-glazed tile from the Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province, a total of 36,000 capital costs, which lasted four years, in the light 20 (1840) completed. Chong from the shrine, the Great Hall of the platforms of the two veranda, Ji doors, changing the sacrificial utensil down to the lattice door stars, Minghuanxiangxian Temple, the door ceremony, Yi Road, Chi Pan, Qiao Lan, Gong , Kwan-yin outside, Sacred doors are wide high-Kennedy letter, several times more than the old. Occupying a total area of more than 10 mu, building area of more than 3000 square meters. Temple positive for the red walls in the vicinity, on plastic, "Ren number of wall" in large letters 4. There are about 2, said, "Sacred" and "Kwan-yin" and non-religious do not drive. Pan door for the pool, building bridges and three Ikegami; in Kowloon Bridge, do not pass, or so temporary bridge for the passage ritual. There are about 2 pool, said "the door ceremony," and "Yi Road," out the door on weekdays, there are separate "civil Xia Jiao", "military attache to discontinue the" stone. After Shihfang pool for the "Star lattice door" into the 3-hole, Square, 22.4 meters wide, 12.65 meters high. Again Class "Minglun Hall" - that is, Ji door, about "changing the sacrificial utensil," Ji door after the square, after the game, "Sun Tan", in Kowloon for the hollowing relief, a stone around the stage. Taiwan Confucian Temple to the main building, "Great Hall" Hall 35 m high, the Ming and Qing Dynasties for the typical structure of brackets, cornices painted houses, sophisticated China and the United States, Long heads held high, and Yue Fei, Jinbi glass screen on traditional costumes, magnificent dignified, old-world. Bring up the rear courtyard for a "Pan Palace" ( "Pan Palace Tan Kwai Fushun is one of eight). Go," Tsung Temple, "about a" Longchi, "" Wind Point ", Chang Man-clear spring, drought Do not dry up. Qianlong in the intramural degrade when a stone Longchi "," feng green "power pen Qiu Jin, rarely seen in modern times. Chong Hom Temple uplift on the construction of Confucius is the" palace. "Smaller palace, only in San Ying wood for" taking advantage tablets "(formerly the Song Dynasty Stone), the situation in the book of Confucius, like gold, a painting by Wu Daozi Tang, from Rio back to Qufu. Corridors around veranda, one after another has been the subject of Health Schools in the county Department and the didactic Minghuanxiangxian Temple. 22 Guangxu (1896), Zhang Shifang County will be donated by Xian Shi Xue Tian 2, to donate for the maintenance of the Confucian Temple industry fields. 33-year Guangxu (1907), Chao-sheng large worship of Confucius. So Chong-change for the wall and the Holy Huangwa (only the original Great Hall, Tai Shing Mun permitted Watts). Anti-Japanese War, Japanese planes bombed Dacheng Hall and the West Concourse veranda of the iceberg, though, after a restored, but the low-skill, the end does not recover. After the liberation in 1958, before and after a false picture of the Confucian Temple. In July 1980, Fushun, Sichuan Province as a Confucian heritage unit, the provincial government and special funds In order to repair, whitewash, it remained the original appearance and to add services, facilities, open year round for people to visit, pay.

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Big Buddha Rongxian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large Buddhist temple located in the outskirts of large Rongxian Foshan (also known as the Rock) foothills of the mountain 414 meters above sea level. Mid-levels above, a towering stone Zuofo Nyorai Buddha, the Buddha Statue at the World Rongxian said. Fu-body high 36.67 meters, 8.76 meters long head, shoulder width 12.67 meters, 12 meters knee-high, 3.5 meters wide feet, Smaller than that of the Leshan Giant Buddha Maitreya, the Buddha Statue at the stone for China in the second. Published in July 1980 in Sichuan Province for the protection unit. According to the Qing Emperor Qianlong for Big Yellow, "Wing County," the Conference: "Foshan City in the first, the Big Buddha carved Tong Yan San, and Qi Shan, the Hall of ten-frame, high-proclaimed 47, ten feet wide Five-Year Plan. This Buddha Wei , And Ying feast anyway, for a long time not being in Huangyanmancao. "ZHAO Xi Yi Ren for" Wing County) contained in that the Buddha Statue at the Department of Rongxian Song Shenzong Yuanfeng 2008 (1085), monk-sun repair raise Germany, Yuanyou 2007 (1092) into. But when the moment is still No conclusion.'s Big Buddha Temple words, Huasi opening of the Tang Dynasty, Big Buddha Temple said. After a large-scale rehabilitation of the Song Dynasty, Simen arrived in Xian today. Binghuo temples destroyed in late Ming and early Qing Qing reconstruction Jiaqing years. After the renovation and expansion from time to time, because of topographical constraints, the only temple on the mountain and powerful; the Mountain Gate retreat to the Center for the Giant Buddha on both sides to start, mainly due to the Main Hall Kwun Yam Temple, the Temple in Tibet, the Dharma Hall, Ocean's Church, Canon House, the abbot rooms, halls and so on composition of the Buddhist temple. Yamashita Yuan Wang Shan-lin; Cuolayouzhi ancient temples. End of Qing Dynasty, the temple incense extremely strong, the men and women in neighboring counties, or towards Mount Emei, under the direction or ding, must pass through Rongxian towards the Big Buddha. After the liberation, lost in a long time , The temple has been damaged. "Cultural Revolution" after the all-round maintenance of the temple repaired with State funds, to plant more trees. Now, the whole temple covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 2000 square meters, were all old buildings or architectural style of the ancients. Yamashita tree-lined hill, the long-standing cultural and beautiful natural scenery for the financial , The formation of southern Sichuan area quite attractive scenery and historical sites of. Temple Mountain Gate in the foothills of the north-west, in front of the lions of l, magnificent. Into the Mountain Gate, and rising. Hall for the first-Chongyanxieshan temples. Tatu plastic Maitreya hall, said the bag was a monk, known as Dadu Rohan, Rohan laugh. Terauchi Most of the Buddhas for the worship of Buddha and imported characters, only this respect Ocean Road is the Chinese people. Moreover laughing Rongxian the Ocean-wide famous Sichuan, as a result of a plastic mouth curved Qiao Mei, very funny, look at all the people laugh, and laughter through the mouth of the Ocean resonate, it also seems to have heard Ocean's happened, "Ka Kaka," the laughter This respect for the existing Ocean's smile was up for the plastic, and although there are different compared to the past. However, there are well-known calligrapher who Rongxian LIU Qian Li accompanied by joint title, or complement it. Alliance says: smile gave everything Fuzhiyixiao ancient and modern; Tatu can leisurely days to allow people to what the customer does not. Zhong Yan Main Hall is on top of temples. The worship hall Rongxian of the mountain for the stone Buddha, is on both sides of the clay sculpture of Guanyin and the possession of land. Main Hall was Dan Yan Dian-frame four-story building, the old people can only "From a distance, the Big Buddha head. Near the foot to see the Big Buddha." Zhongyanxieshan are four antique-style architecture, full name of the body floor of the Big Buddha, known as the Buddha Statue at the floor. Gordon House, the Big Buddha, the layers can watch the Big Buddha Attitude, but also left by the Mid; turn right Xiao Taiwan. Top of the television, should head up to Buddha Pavilion, you might see a little perspective, Yuanshanjinshui, Rongcheng style. Panoramic view. Rongxian large Buddhist temple since the revival of the Qing Dynasty, is a case of the Shan, one of the Rinzai cases, the Shan, also known as the Big Buddha Temple. Where were the Shan temple worship will Damo Zu division. Chia-ching 20 Year (1816), Gong Jian Gui donor county magistrate in the west of the cliff on the Big Buddha carved pounds, "Bodhidharma crossing map." Bodhidharma, the Indian monk in the South, the nam Liusong from the sea late to Guangzhou, capital of Emperor Wu met Jianye (Nanjing), spread Zen Buddhism, Zen Buddhism in China's opening, said the World Damo Zu division. Rongxian Bodhidharma crossing map "based on Dharma and Huabutouji Emperor Wu, was crossing to Hill's Shaolin Temple this story. Bodhidharma main high as 4.9 meters, almost Yuandiao. Tat extravagant useful Buddhist monk's staff and the Netherlands, put futon And straw sandals, raised his left hand Fozhu, Fozhulili few. Founder of fat in the first round. Spasm processes, the two heads of Yuan Zheng. There are bright , Chang Lu chest and abdomen, was cross-rib, chivalrous appears to be strong. Behind fish rolling over the waves, wind up Sengyi, foot reed, a U-turn are still standing in the raging waves, rather, "Who said that wide river, a reed of route" charm. Giant Buddha's halfway up the mountain cliff, relics have said, "Xiao Taiwan." Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor Xuan Son of noise when hunting in this small . For "Taiwan noise." Chuan Wei, Jin and Sun also famous for Deng Rong, Zhang Xiao stage, the sound of melodious, like the Voice of the Phoenix; it is the Northern Song Dynasty, "the state map by Wing," called "Deng Xiao Sun Taiwan." Taiwan was also the Tang and Song Xiao cliff Cliff Figures, Western Paradise, Ocean's 18, "Ocean's niche group of" high-profile niche 3 4 meters, 4.6 meters wide and 0.46 meters deep, carved within 6 Rohan, of which 3 have been destroyed in the head. Rohan split among six relief a peach tree, a hanging branches Avenue. By the Ocean Avenue, a cross between his hands on their chests, leisurely: Xiantao face another respect, it seems indifferent. Figures showed that they detached Dust, Cyril not moved by air. This layout of the sculpture for the National rare, some research value, for "The Complete Works of Sichuan Chinese grotto art sculpture" collection. "Xiao County of Taiwan, a total victory." Tang and Song dynasties, when this word has Xuan Dong threshold, the Northern Song Dynasty built "a victory Pavilion" for people with temporary tone. If Jimu stage, is expected to East Wei, the Big Buddha, the West can look down deep Longdong. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, people here are happy place to visit. Rendezvous in the history of the Pavilion, Yu Xuan Dong early damage threshold. In 1982, according to ancient records, try to figure out the Song Dynasty, "a victory Pavilion" site in Taiwan Xiao side of the reconstruction, "a victory Pavilion", adequate rest for a little perspective, pay the ancients.

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Panzhihua Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province is located in the southwest border, the junction of the Jinsha and Yalong River, Sichuan is a new iron and steel industrial city. Panzhihua in 1965 for the development of iron ore resources, initiated the formation of the city, known as the beginning of Panzhihua, DC, when the city was officially named as the ferry City, was renamed after the city of Panzhihua. At the same latitude of the city Area is a unique sub-tropical scenery of Southern cities, urban areas around the growth of tall trees tall and straight in Panzhihua (Kapok Tree), and therefore named after the city of Panzhihua.

Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province is a unique treasure house of natural resources, here is rich in mineral resources Water and agricultural resources. The proven reserves of vanadium titanium magnetite 10,000,000,000 tons, the country is one of the four major iron ore. Chinese ore raw vanadium, titanium deposits, vanadium resources are listed first in the country, ranking third in the world; titanium resources in the world's first home. The coal reserves of 1,200,000,000 tons. Very rich in hydropower resources, which is currently under construction Beach power plant, completed and put into production will become China's largest hydropower station. Panzhihua City of climatic conditions and topography suitable for the development of agriculture and three-dimensional, three-cooked food crops a year; Mans produce, banana, papaya, and other tropical fruits; Mid-levels area of the fine development of grassland animal husbandry; mountain area rich in forest resources, forest recoverable Amounted to 17,000,000 cubic meters.

Panzhihua City West cross-cross mountains, big Liangshan Mountains to the east, the north Snowy Mountains south of the Jinsha. The high terrain in the northwest, southeast low. Panzhihua City to the east with a small ridge - Luoji Mountain - Lunan mountains, central to yak Hill - Long elbow mountains in the west to Jinpingshan - Berlin Department, in the mountains near the North-South direction. The highest point in the territory to the north-west of the territory of Yanbian Bailingshan-hole, 4195.5 meters above sea level; is the lowest point in the south-eastern plains area Renhe Town, the division of the village, 937 meters above sea level. Urban area in 1000 to an elevation of 1,200 meters between the mainly agricultural area above sea level in 1000 Between 1800 meters. Jinsha, the Yalong River, tranquil river, the river, the river and its tributaries three sources embedded deep in the mountains between the formation of the Southwest Sichuan grand canyon area. Panzhihua City complex landform types can be divided into Pingba, the mesa, high hills, low Zhongshan, Zhongshan Hill and the original 6 to low and the Zhongshan-based Zhongshan, accounting for City area the size of 88.38 percent.

Panzhihua City has more than 90 rivers and streams, of which 50 square kilometers in the drainage area of more than 49, according to the water system can be divided into the Jinsha River and Yalong River. The main tributaries of the river there is peace, the source of three rivers, river. Jinsha River in the pan Flower Market area of 2370.1 square km basin, from flowing into the territory of Yunnan Province, from west to east and then south into the territory of Yunnan Province. The main tributaries of the rivers Jinsha River flows from south to north, the basin area of 662 square kilometers in the territory. Yalong River flows from Liangshan Prefecture, from north to south in the Eastern Town Luo Yin fruit into the Jinsha River, Valley area of 5064.3 square kilometers within the main tributary of the river from the north-east peace to the West Ramp Mi Yixian consistent throughout, the territory of 1651.6 square kilometers drainage area. Three sources from the north-west towards the river flows through the central Yanbian, the territory of 1802 square km area of river basin.

Panzhihua city Southern-based sub-tropical climate with three-dimensional, with a long summer, the temperature changes in the day, the four seasons are not clear, dry climate, the concentration of rainfall, sunshine, strong solar radiation, climate, and other significant difference between the vertical features. Valley throughout the year without winter, the coldest month average temperature in more than 10 ?. Temperatures in the small and poor on poor, The mean temperature of 19.0 ? ~ 21.0 ?. ? 10 ? in temperature of 6600 ~ 7500 ?. The year 2300 to 2700 hours of sunshine. The total annual precipitation of 760 to 1200 mm, sub-year dry autumn rain, a high concentration of rainfall during the rainy season (6 October), rainfall in the rainy season Annual rainfall of about 90%. From the high mountain valley to the south has a temperate to subtropical climate of a variety of types.

Panzhihua city rich in light and heat resources for agricultural production, such as the provision of natural advantages. As the weather was a three-dimensional distribution, and therefore suitable for tropical and temperate plants and other Health . Grain, vegetables, sugar cane, and so will not only yield high-quality and full year Ke Zhongzhi tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables caldus. At the same time with the development of bananas, pomegranates, grapes, mango, papaya, such as tropical, subtropical, temperate fruits of the conditions for the city of Panzhihua in rural areas everywhere green countryside, forest sugarcane, fruit and fragrance. For the development of tourism has created conditions.

Panzhihua as a whole sunny and pleasant weather all year round can travel in the city's unique tourism resources, set cave, Stone Forest, waterfalls, hot springs, virgin forests, high mountains lawn, Hai Zi on the ground floor, the world's third-high dam, ivory Python Steel City as a whole. There are countries, a number of provincial-level forest park, known as a paradise for botanists, including Panzhihua Cycas National Nature Reserve with the world's largest original Su Tielin, and here Tieshu bloom year after year, as spectacle. There are three-dimensional distribution of large plants Montenegro; there are so-called "China's Qidong," the e-meter Longtan Hole; radon hot springs are rare; amazing world of Panzhihua Iron and Steel and the Second magnificent beaches Gaoxiapinghu; there are funny passengers, narrowly "Wan-li Yangtze River in the first drift." Rich crystal, agate, jade and precious stones such as "Yan-odd items in the" Yan-Ju, and other products but, in order to facilitate the provision of travel shopping. Panzhihua City Tourism Is in charge of the city's tourism industry, the city's tourism market and healthy development of the existing 12 travel agencies (of which the international agency 2) to open up, the country launched air travel outside the lines of Article 100. Hotels, restaurants large. One three-star Hotel 2, the provincial tourism fixed-point unit 19, received tens of thousands of people at the same time. Panzhihua, A unique landscape, state-of-service warm welcome to your visit.

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Temple Jingning - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jingning Temple for the largest southern Sichuan Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism temples, located in the town of Weiyuan to justice in the territory, 17 kilometers away from the Weiyuan county. Jingning Temple was built in the Ming and Qing Emperor Guangxu years rehabilitation. The temple building wealth to the Ming and Qing style architecture in the structure of China has managed to maintain the symmetry of the ancient temples and ancient architecture style, and shows that the Western Park -Style architectural features, China can be called a museum of ancient architecture. The temple with Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism of the three major sects, as well as in the whole southwestern Sichuan are rare. Jingning Temple or the location of southern Sichuan Charity Federation. In the War of Resistance Against Japan, the country's only national secondary schools - Northeast Middle School and Zhongshan, General Zhang Xueliang Northeast Middle School relocation of the two schools this school eight years for the motherland and the delivery of a large number of overseas talents. At present, there are two still alive, more than 1,000 people, of whom there are quite a number of celebrities at home and abroad.

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Qing group of St. Paul - Chinese tourism scenic spots

St. Paul group in Longchang County North and South customs clearance, were home at the end, the echoes. Has a light 18 (1838) to 13 years Guangxu (1887) Inter. St. Paul the existing 13, North Guan 7, Nanguan 6, the 13 of St. Paul, benevolent Square, 5, 2 merit Square, Square Baishou 11 , 9 meters wide, people in the last 10 meters, more than four-post for the fifth floor of the three-stone-arch construction, dignified style, delicate carvings, the Department of the Qing Dynasty architecture of St. Paul heyday of classic works of history, architecture, sculpture, calligraphy And so on, have a higher value. Sichuan Province is now the heritage unit

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Shek Wu ship - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shek Wu scenic boat at the city of Neijiang Weiyuan County of Lianshan Qu Yun, the ship Walled Pak Ngau Shek Wu and two Area, 56 km away from Neijiang, is a deep basin while Hill area. Shek Wu Lake boat because there are cliff collapse under such huge ship named after. Lake 65 km long, the water storage capacity 8,000,000 cubic meters, there are islands, and a half More than 100. Xiuyi Qingli lake, Lake-week high mountains, lush vegetation, beautiful. Lakes has 14 scenic spots. Walled white cattle as a result of the steep shape of the main peak named after Wo Niu, good forest cover, trees are the advantages of Forest Park. There are 10 million mu of scenic forests, the United States, pine and wetlands Mainly, the forest there are precious red beans, camphora, Machilus, tsugae, and other species. There are scenic spots, "Dachaoshan Sacred Mountains of China" and "high-Walled Snow" and other attractions.

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North carved rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the northern slope of the Longshan weight. "China's famous Dictionary" is also included: "The capital of the Middle East, West, North and South have four rock stone, and to the north of the most beautiful rock carvings." Cliff Figures in the old gentleman and Stephen North rock wall between the top two, a total of 160 Ten niches, 1648. North intramural rock-chuen, a gentleman, there are intramural Su Shu The strong cool "fish call" the three characters. Northern Rock and counterparts of the Royal West of the stone rivers. Ocean City-East is also very famous rock carving. Rock the Middle East, "The Story of the Buddha say Nianhua map" for the country only. Since the Tang Dynasty carved up the river in Hunan Wu Yan Lugong the "Chung Hsing Chung Tang Dynasty" is the first life Yanlu Gong Calligraphy. Wu River has carved the original destroyed in the Sichuan capital and jiange only in two.

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Zhang Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang memorial located in the East River north of the city Neijiang rock garden on the mountain top, in memory of a generation of Chinese painting master Chang Ta-chien built. Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), a famous contemporary Chinese painter, was born in Neijiang. Study painting at an early age, had studied in Japan. His profound knowledge of painting, works and spirit of beautiful, unique style, as The first contemporary artist. "Memorial hall covers an area of 31.46 mu, building area of 1060 square meters, there are three-dimensional architectural Dafeng Tang, Artists Village, there are galleries, pavilion, pavilion, ponds, rockeries, and other ancillary facilities, use of Sanhe Yuan, courtyard, a few Jinyuan La re-distribution of a few, unique national style houses, in a large plastic Office Mr. statue, about both sides of the Artists Village are on display in Zhang, Zhang Shanzai, such as calligraphy and painting, the main entrance reads, "Zhang Memorial Neijiang" personally wrote to General Chang Hsueh-liang. Simple tour will take about 1 hour, carefully watching Chang's paintings, I am afraid that one day is not enough.

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CHEN House rolls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fruit in the city of Nanchong in the beautiful mountains of Ping's new momentum of the great antique buildings --- floor, rolls, very eye-catching.

  Story House, located in the Ping rolls of the mountain, the construction of the mountain, an area of 100 mu. There are 284 stone from the foot of a mountain directly to the mountain, on both sides of the stone lions guarding Que, Chung Jia Dao Is the home of the people in memory of the three countries on Chen's major contribution to the culture, he was well-read rolls of the floor of the building on the site.

  Mountainside in the central axis, there are two three-Zhong Yan, Xie Shan-style roofs, green glazed tile Hong Zhu, solemnly quaint, followed by an exhibition hall, the exhibition hall, the Court of books, there are wooden pillars on both sides of the corridor Even, the two groups constitute a courtyard-style architecture, the layout of strict Cuoluoyouzhi, verdant forest green.

  A middle of the hall for the young half-length bronze statue of Chen, Gao Ji Face, a long face thick eyebrows, eyes God, full of vigor and vitality. CHEN wall around the family's life and brief. Hall lawn behind the middle of the stone There are elderly Shoushan seated systemic, Mindanao crown with Bo, Zhang Ran Fimbristylis Huai-volume "of the Three Kingdoms" manuscript. To pay respect to the sages demeanor, and respect it. Second horizontal inscribed board above the exhibition hall as a "two-and-transfer", Chen praised the achievements of history with Sima Qian and Ban Gu shoulder to shoulder. There are around 16 Ink and color on the walls of giant paintings, "Huang Jin big effect "To" unify the three ", vividly shows the history of the rise and fall of the three countries. Rolls to enter the third floor, horizontal inscribed board to the ground floor," Fang forever, "reads the upper floors as a" Court of books. "


  Chen is in juvenile when the break rolls of reading, learned to "future pen to write the history of Autumn", and become Sima And Ban Gu's famous Great historian. As an ancient saying goes: Lide, meritorious service, Liyan, San Buxiu also. Chen Shou as a result of the "Three Kingdoms" fame, and Chen also rolls of floor, "Fang vancomycin," who is immortal, an immortal book, the floor is also immortal.

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Teng Wang Ge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"La Xia and distraction in full strength alone, a total of long-Autumn sky color." This is only the beginning of Tong Chun Wang Bo Famous "Tengwanggexu" in the famous lines. At that time, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on the river bank Tengwang Ge on a small scale, but it is up over the famous ancient and modern, flying over China.

Nanchong in Sichuan is also a Tengwang Ge, Wang Lee Teng by the pro-Yuan Ying Governor to build, "Shi-Sheng," Du Fu had it been depicting the grand scale. The Pavilion is located 3.5 km north of the city Langzhong Shi Yu Tai Department mountainside. In 662 AD, Li Yuan Ying-lung took over the state (now Lang Zhongshi) provincial governor in person during the Governor Tengwang Ge Jian, as a "song and dance feast, Si Yang Xia Ni, Tian Lie fun" places. Tengwang Ge, is a Tang Dynasty-style Xieshan double down the roof eaves of classical architecture, great momentum, magnificent. Court stands before a stone stupa, the fish was like, 8 meters high, constructed in the 4th century AD, as early as Tengwang Ge more than 200 years, this tower is a wonderful, fantastic visual effects. Court is back Qingshi , Have Yashang hole, hole wall inscribed with Ming SHAO Yuan-Shan Du Fu wrote, "Wang Teng pavilion," a poetic Xingshu. Wall engraved with literary history of poetry Tiyong Tengwang Ge You. Court is a courtyard on the right side of the Taiwan-Hill. Zhuang Fei has pre-cast bronze statue of a horse, 7 meters high. Hachijo hand flying spear, Yang Wei air.

  Poems of the Tang Dynasty Du Fu Yu Yu twice Langzhong, many board Tengwang Ge Fu Shi sentiment, "Wang Teng pavilion", "Yu Taishan" Famous, left, "King Taixie de pillow, Dan lofty ladder can be climbed, the Orioles spring Xiuzhu cry, wear home white clouds Quanfei between "beauty of the sentence.

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Langzhong Jinpingshan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinpingshan scenic areas, historical and cultural city is located in the National Lang Zhongshi the southern suburbs of the city, on the verge of Jialing River area, because of the unique steep, bright flowers and trees, even the peaks listed, such as screen, the World Jinping said. Decorating polished by more than 1,000 years, more wonderful Jinping, known as "method Court in Wonderland" and "the first Jialing is bound to suffer" the reputation of Jinping 480 m above sea level, covering an area of more than 20 square kilometers, there is the East champion Hill, Arima West Jiashan, the North has Jiashan cattle, linked to the hills form a natural Langzhong the ancient city of barriers. In the Tang Dynasty had previously There agate Temple, the Temple Du Ling, College Jinping, the Ming Dynasty are building a Wangjiang House, 7 Lvzu pavilion and the Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, Wuhou , Fly-dong, and other temples Sengshe, Department of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in the mountain, Du Fu, Li Shang-yin, Wu Daozi, poet Lu You, and other artists have been Jinping to write poetry and painting, to express thoughts and feelings, of Du Fu Chan did not "dilute the world . " Jinpingshan divided into six major scenic spots, there are seven on the sixth floor of Pavilion VIII statue: 1, Du Temple and Industry . The ancestral hall of the mountain to build and maintain a solemn classical elegance of the Tang and Song style, into the "Tibetan temple in the mountains" of the territory. Du Fu has traveled twice Langzhong, leaving behind a lot of poetry. The ancestral hall of the Du Fu's Antechamber hanging "folk methods" and "Song of the method of water" represented by the poetry calligraphy and painting more than 70 pieces of wood, plastic middle of the hall there Du Fu , On both sides of the rooms have ancient cultural relics on display. 2, Song Lie Wen Hou Temple, also known as the Temple Zhang, an area of more than 10 acres. Zhang, the famous Southern Song Dynasty, Yue Fei loving son-in-law, human Jinpingshan, Yue Fei and Qin Hui has been with the frame-up, the storm that claimed the lives Pavilion. 3, viewing floor, and fall as big. Fall is a big well-known ancient Chinese astronomy , Langzhong people of the Western Han Dynasty. Broom Hill in the north of the city to build China's first concept as Taiwan, Jinpingshan in the construction of the viewing floor, 4-high 24 meters. Gordon House, viewing, you can understand the Han, Tang and Song dynasties of ancient China's history of development of astronomical research. 4, Lvzu Court. 5, Forest of Stone Tablets. A collection of ancient celebrities more than 260 pieces of ink Seiko engraved on the steles. 6, the Eight Immortals. Here, such as crown canopy pennant Cui, Yin-shop for several acres of land. A cliff towering old trees, put a bell sound in the wind. Legend has it that one of the Pat Sin Lu, who is not the first example, traces the political arena, there have been religious. 7 Zhang Yu deep inside the Eight Immortals, five more than ten feet of height to width, the eight immortals End row seat, better peace of mind. Well-known astrologers in the Tang Yuan Gang Days in the wall under the title "The indelible Hill, is no souls," eight characters.

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Hanhenghouci - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han Heng Hou Temple, also known as Zhang Feimiao, located in the town of West Langzhong Shi Bao-ling. After the original temple fire waste, the existing Temple for the reconstruction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Tetraena a courtyard-style buildings. From the door, floor, 10,000 of the enemy, of St. Paul, the Basilica, Houdian, Metella rooms and so on, covers an area of more than 30 acres. Zhang, Yi De words, the three countries during the five-Shu Han Will be one. From the late Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Qibing, Yizhou scheduled to proclaim oneself emperor Liu Bei, Zhang Feng Ling, General Secretary for Juji Di Xiao Wei, Ren Brazil Prefecture, langzhong guard. In 221 AD, Zhang Fei will be FAN Qiang, Zhang killed, buried in Langzhong, the posthumous title was up for Hou Heng, who Langzhong Zhangzhong Yong Mu, Que Li Jian at the tomb of the temple to worship ceremony . Han Heng Hou Temple to fly the main entrance of the "Han Heng Hou Temple" Mubian, Zhang Fei in plastic horses, engraved on one of the?????Zeng Gongzhuan the book, "Heng Hou Temple in mind," the monument. 5 hall, there are plastic-walled hall is happy Qing Zhang Zhuifeng years, "Hou Heng Great," the crown on the head of Zuo Xiang, Zhang Zuobi have used weapons and spear points Zhangba Whip. Left wing displays more than 1,000 pieces of precious historical relics. Right wing within Fei has had an important story of the six statues. Houdian tomb for the pavilion, a plastic mighty like Zhang Fei, FAN Qiang, Zhang reached on both sides of the knees. Zhang Fei Tomb of 8 meters, 22 meters East-West track, 32 meters long from north to south. Tsukamoto, verdant forests, Bi Cao Yan-cheng. Han Heng Hou Temple of the three countries for cultural tourism attractions one of the important line.

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Yu-Ping Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu-Ping Park is located in Nanchong City of the West Yuping hillside road on the 6th. Yu-Ping in the park, pay homage to have a floor, the floor, rolls and so on, the floor, rolls of well-known historian for the Western Jin Dynasty, "Three Kingdoms" author Chen Shouqing youth scholarship to study. House rolls of Shu Han was built in three years, Lite-On (AD 222-237). According to ancient books Set: Story Nanchong a fruit mountain, where there are outstanding rolls. It built upon rock, Zhong Yan to three-pavilion structure of wood and stone, cornices brackets, magnificent momentum. To the Tang Dynasty in Ganlou Si front of the building to form a complex. Surrounded by verdant trees, Bamboo Bitian, Oasis noise of water flow, constitutes a beautiful landscape painting moving volume. As a result of long years of loss , In the 1960s destroyed. Rolls of the existing floor in 1990 by the government come back 4,000,000 yuan into the restoration and reconstruction, which by Chen Shou floor study, Chen Memorial Hall Library, use nearby stand, magnificent, Ambilight, the construction area of 2400 square Meters. Chinese master calligrapher Association , Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao wrote a new pen of 4.7 m long, 1.8 meters high "floor, rolls," He shiny plaque Giant. Standing on the floor, rolls of the central courtyard of the 5 meters high and weighing 1 ton bronze statue of Chen Shouqing form of life, bamboo Shoubao, dusty charm. Memorial display in the "Three Kingdoms", as well as a large number of Text, pictures, tables, pictures, such as the kind of information, details on the rough experience Shoushan, a book on the history and future generations. Painted walls of the 16 "Three Kingdoms" for the historical facts of the capacity of the three murals, one must be called home. Xuan in the North-South Corridor "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" for the content of the story like rubbing Han - Line carved murals, as well as the masters of calligraphy all over the floor, rolls for the creation of painting and calligraphy couplets, was full of praise for tourists, like the three-nation territory. CHEN rolls of floor display very rich, and artistic, academic, and historic tour as one of the study and promote the culture of the three countries, the three countries to promote culture and national culture in the world Flow, a positive role in promoting.

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Jincheng Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jincheng Hill 48 kilometers away from the Gaoping City, a branch Mountain, 821 meters above sea level, located in the Gaoping, Peng An, Yuechi three counties (districts) at the junction. Hectares of forest area near, the mountains are sacred Buddhist Temple in Jincheng, ancient buildings Um Kim, jincheng wonders of the "golden door fog, the head hold by the sun, the Po Lin shengdeng, Longquan sword play." In 18 years, "newly Nanchong County," set: "Jincheng ..... weeks back Barry Hill, a number of forward-looking town. There are 99 peaks, the 36-chuen, 48 holes, wins crown hung in the whole town. .... No summer in the mountains, that is, the fall winter. "Azalea now has a mountain villa, Villa-song rhyme, catering, accommodation , Entertainment facilities, is the leisure, tourism, the best place for summer.

  Jincheng Mountain - children mill located in the scenic beach area Gaoping wins inside view of the town, an area of about 4771 acres, of which 3171 mu of forest area, 1,600 acres of water area, in 1991 by the State Forestry Department for approval of the Forest Park. The dense forest area, animals and plants and a large variety of people viewing the natural landscape, leisure, swimming's a good place for fishing.

  Jincheng Mountain Forest Park, Hill jincheng main peak of 824 meters above sea level, the Department of the mountains of northern Sichuan, the Buddha of the original 72 to one of the world. Jincheng Mountain Forest Park area with many different Qi Shan , King ancient rocks, there are 99 peaks, the 36-chuen, 48 holes.

  1, Zhai Men steep. Gold Peak to the need for the first pass, Zhaimen the right side of the wall engraved with the next 46 years Wanli of the story rather than monument. 2, Kim Um temples. A total of three, the beam carrying Ink Qianlong 18 years book title in mind. 3, Kam Shing Temple Kangxi Dynasty 46, Shun Shan temple built, the Mountain Gate for the six-row 5, pleasing simplicity. 4, Nanjing door. King is a "four wonders", a natural stone, was the top of a huge rock Gap will be firmly locked, to prescribe both the lower end of the Shihmen, as a "Southern Golden Gate" and a "door of Nanjing." Gordon Nanjing door As early as sea of clouds can view the sunrise, to see the spring azalea Man Shan, listen to the summer of rolling Songtao, better weather, the Jimuyuantiao, Wan Yan Jialing River in the sky. 5, son of holes to play. Is in accordance with the construction of the North Cave Temple, inside the carved Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the disciples, more than 100 Book respect. 6, Longdong old. Construction on the northern cliff, only to allow people to walk alone. There are springs out, falling into the hands of a few Shizhang valley, the scenery is spectacular. There are Jiaoding Hill, the top god, stone by the sun, leaving the legend of the beautiful, it is Xiasi.

  Jincheng Mountain Forest Park in scenic beach wear children reservoirs, more than 1,000 acres of surface water storage 1,300,000,000 cubic meters, the mountains around the ups and downs for the forest, Penny coverage. Variety of fish here, to reach more than 100 re-jin.

  Jincheng Mountain Forest Park, built Guanbao Ting inside the area, the revitalization of the kiosks, kiosks Lake, Lake traveled corridor, and so on, dozens of cruise ships have all kinds of people for fun, and so by way of two rivers upstream, exploration Xunyou Odd, really arrogant. Reception area also features , Nursing homes and places of entertainment, restaurants, to provide visitors a unique flavor and color of the entire Hong English fish and game seats seats.

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Nanchong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanchong city has more than 2,000 years of history, as early as 316 BC, is in Pakistan area, set up Ba Jun Qin, Han Ann home county, since both counties since the Sui and Tang dynasties, the states, House Road, the Department, County seat of culture in development of talented people said. Han Ji Xin will be, will be Zhang Shu, Wang Ping, Song Zhang will be all history The star, astronomers big fall, the three-suk-ru Qiao weeks, "Three Kingdoms" Author Chen, Yun Brother Number One Scholar in the Tang Dynasty (Yin Shu, a Yin), the Song Dynasty scholar Chen's brother, the prime minister (old gentleman Yao, Yao Zuo, Yao consultative ) Are Nanchong in the history of the outstanding figures. Zhu older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, the Chinese people and Luo Ruiqing Former vice chairman of the Central People's Government of the Republic of Zhang Lan were born in Nanchong. After the founding of New China, North Sichuan Nanchong is the Civil Administration (provincial-level administrative region), the seat of the Civil Administration, Nanchong region, the northern areas of politics, economy, culture, science and technology, information center, enjoy "the heart of northern Sichuan." Nanchong, 5 jurisdiction County District 3 City 1, 481 townships, the area of 12,494 square kilometers in size, population 7,300,000. Mainly to shallow hill terrain. The average annual temperature is about 17.5 ?, flowers next spring, summer Fengqing, cooked Sunny autumn, winter and moist.

  Nantong China National Cereals, Oils and important agricultural base, silk, oranges, pigs, and so famous. Nanchong is more homogeneous categories, the advantages of a large number of products industrial base, has formed a silk, textiles, machinery, food, electricity, oil, chemicals, medicine, clothing for the industrial pillars of the multi-category, multi-level co-ordination of local development Trade system, the country's four major production bases of sericulture and silk production and export bases.

Nanchong-rich, water is an important development base. 77,790,000 tons of oil reserves; 9,000,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas reserves; rock salt 1,800,000,000,000 tons of geological reserves, the largest of China's western region of natural salt ; Water reserves of more than 200 million kilowatts; Nanchong adequate labor force, education, science and technology development, human resources, Sichuan is a large city, science and technology, market and labor resources market, second only to Chengdu, Nanchong population, ranking second in the province.

  Nanchong infrastructure will continue to improve the investment environment greatly improved. Public Public transport, and reached the east-west railway, shipping civilian airport every day, two-level microwave and optical cable trunk throughout the wear and, in the city 235,000 program-controlled telephone connectivity in more than 100 countries, the realization of the township of program-controlled telephone exchange. Chengdu to Nanchong expressway was opened to traffic in 2001. There southwest of the city Oil College, Sichuan Normal University, etc. 5 University, doctoral or master's degrees in 28 points, all types of scientists more than 100,000. Nanchong is a huge market and material distribution center.

Here in the "West-Shudu, Chu E to the east, north cited Shaanxi, Chongqing Southern Alliance" to the special geographical location, is a land-locked Sichuan Transport, communications hub, northeastern Sichuan's largest commodity distribution center, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze economic zone an important part of the country's major ports opening to the outside world, with silk World, Simon comprehensive wholesale markets, grain and oil wholesale market and a number of northern Sichuan are large in scale, radiation The strong commodity trading market.

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Luo Fu Shan Buddhist Temple Feiming - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feiming a Buddhist Temple is located in south central luofu Hill. When Emperor Xuan Tang Kam-Zen master Buddhist temple built here. Huizong years from the Sun and Yang people, two Chaiqing presided over the reconstruction of a real person, read a Taoist temple, Cimingxiangfu concept. Wing-lok next year changed its name to view Yu Xu. Junji-money years, the Master light often collect alms into a Buddhist temple repair and restore Feiming of a Buddhist Temple. Qing Qian In the several years the expansion of the scale.

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3 Lu Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Ban Lake Water Park in Sichuan Province is the largest reservoir of one of the three located in the town of Luban, three Luban Lake Scenic Area is named after the provincial government of Sichuan famous scenic tourist area, 13 sq km of water, 278,000,000 cubic meters around the lake 6 bends ditch 12, 89 blocks perpetrators of the hill on the peninsula and islands form, such as mosaic Bjork on the set of precious stones, unique, Pinnacle storied, beautiful, unfathomable mystery of God, the water is full of poetic and cultural tourism is a tributary of the Fujiang River, the birthplace of mung bean River.

  3 Lu Lake Scenic Area is not only are thousands of miles Minjiang River Dam cited water, irrigation, 10,000 ares Tze Tin Changtengjiegua large He has engineering, and the magnificent main project. In the reservoir area to Huguangshanse beautiful, the Four Seasons Qinrenxinpi floral, mildly sweet birds sang, attracting tourists far and near who have been to the reservoir, as a result will notice the poetic and pleasant linger.

  Lu Lake Scenic Area from the three main dams At the end of grade-level stone along the crest board, just a taste of "The Towering Qishan of the dam, around the muddy like Changhong Yu Pan," Feng Zi, into the "unlimited color Shan Kwong, the suspect is flying to the wide cold" position. In front of the display is a beautiful and picturesque Huguangshanse.

  Surrounded by mountains, water days of effective intervention. Wan Wuqian the mu-wide water, submerged six-ditch Bay 12, Hill 42 to form a natural harbor and solitary birds, thousands, holds a leading position.

  Light waves of cool wind, the reservoir level with the unique flavor of fresh, Qinrenxinpi is intoxicated. Hill each in the head and planted a big categories Economic trees and ornamental plants, stock and led to the animals, wild Yamahana, Full. Node aquatic birds on the lake teams, groups of fish in the lake.

  Many small islands, Shui Sau Shan-ching, Green Tree bonus, Yiyi weeping and attractive. All kinds of pleasure craft, to go bankrupt firms in the lake, to the broad and quiet lake with Vitality. Witnessed the scene, the tourists will travel all the way suddenly disappeared, relaxed and happy.

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Wu Ping Bao Ensi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao Ensi Scenic Area is located in Mianyang city in the territory Pingwu County, Bao Ensi scenic 184 km from Mianyang. Bao Ensi area to the center, including the scenic Baoen Si Wanglang Nature Reserve, the White Horse Tibetan areas, scenic spots, such as Rhododendron Hill.

  Ming Bao Ensi behalf of the orthodox five-year, with an area of 27,000 square For pure nanmu structure of the palace-style buildings. Legend has it that an office Xuanfu Si Qian Long Wang Qian matter for the plot to Wang, Beijing secretly like palace built Palace, the imperial court was aware of before convert the temple, were Baoen Si.

  Terauchi momentum magnificent temples, the layout of rigorous, with the Pavilion has embraced. There are Hall of Heavenly Kings, Treasure Palace hung, Foge million, the Great Mercy Temple, Kegon possession of the North and South Beiting, the third bridge, tower, such as the Mountain Gate. Hall clay sculpture, wood carving, stone carving and wall paintings, carved all, a wonderful spectacle. There are scenic spots in giant panda, golden monkey Wanglang protected areas, where towering old trees, shade Blot out the Sun, the ancient environment of the original, highly Wild.

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Longshan look for scenic tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longshan look for scenic tourist area by the Mianyang Shunosaurus heavily Tourist Co. Ltd. to build the set of "leisure, recreation, sports, tourism," as one of the scenic tourist destination.

  Longshan look for scenic tourist area located in the Sichuan city of Mianyang County Old South town, a scenic tourist Jiuzhai Link, starting from Chengdu, the three Guanghan Heap, Deyang, backed by Luo Fu Shan, the Thousand Buddha Mountain, with a total area of 3.14 square kilometers.

  Chinese scenic spots are the second batch of national geological parks, there are peculiar karst rocks and gravel base, Qi Xiu-Shu Han and natural scenery in one human life and Prachuab fame. Wolong area by the hole, Hidden Dragon Town Tomb of Sha Ting, Singapore Dragonscale Stone Forest, Parc Royale Plaza, Wu Caichi drug hot springs bath, bath space Home Wolong, Sichuan Home Spa Villa, and other major attractions pose. New scenic landscape, the best services, improve the supporting facilities.

  At present, the reception area can be 400 people dining at the same time, more than 180 residential, 400 Bath Stephen, 60-bath space to enjoy. Wolong hole at the same time be able to receive 3,000 hole adventure.

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Thousand Buddha Mountain Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousand Buddha Mountain is located in County, Kitagawa, at the junction of Maoxian, the Longmen Mountains to the north-east of Yumai peak height is 2922 meters away from Mianyang, about 100 km. Thousand Buddha Mountain National Forest Park, beautiful natural scenery charming, with an area of 220 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate of 96%, humanities, history and death , Animals and plants rich in resources and ecological set of Buddhist history and culture as one advantage.

  Thousand Buddha Mountain is a Paleozoic sedimentary Silurian wrinkle-paragraph with the southwest side of the towering cliffs, like Daopifuxue, formed under the deep wall of the valley, there are a number of different sizes, different patterns of falls, Hai Zi, wild mountain mu Du Sunrise Peak and the sea of clouds, the Buddha of "one mountain is divided into three zones, view the future," the unique natural landscape.

  Thousand Buddha Mountain towering tall, majestic scene in the vertical distribution of clear weather, the Four Seasons main colors in sharp form, "to see the spring azalea, Xia Wang falls, the tour leaves in autumn, winter snow and ice concept of" a typical sub-alpine State landscape, tall and straight green mountains, magnificent huge rocks, green and luxuriant trees, the panda, golden monkey, and other animals in the mountains between a pair of leisurely, Qi Shan, the strange stone, Shui Sau, the peak risk, You Lin, Mei-yun, constitute a strange Thousand Buddha Mountain The natural scenery.

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7 Shan temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

7 Shan temple is located in Mianyang city on the northern outskirts of the town zitong 7 Shan temple, 7 Shan temple in the northwest Sichuan is a well-known scenic spots. Here, magnificent mountains, winding paths, temples Weiwei, depending on the cliffs stand, down shade trees, beautiful scenery, has long been known as the "Pearl of roads of Shu." Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai in the "difficult roads of Shu" Described in the "five small mountains" of the story took place here.

7 Shan temple once called "Wenchang Palace", "Wen Ti" Zhang Yazi special temple. Since the beginning of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties after continuous expansion, now become the size of the entire pavilion a total of 23 temples. Its structure Strict and orderly layout, the back gallery back to the slow, tortuous.

  The structure of its careful and precise, orderly layout, the back gallery back to the slow, tortuous nature, Diaolianghuadong, Seiko around world for the rare ancient Shu buildings. The temple also has a rare large iron statues, vases, such as iron precious cultural relics. Peasant uprising in the late Ming Zhang Xianzhong military leaders have To be taken for a temple, "Jia Miao."

7 Shan temple is also known for Cooper, flying through the Chuan-Shan on both sides of the road, Cooper Tingxiu, green and luxuriant. Canopy-covered peak, evergreen the four seasons, Shu Ying-cross section, the elegant quiet. A mountain, "Jinbo," Qiu Zhi thick stem, like a fly Cang Long, "Tree king" said the old "Cuiyun Gallery" wonders.

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Luo Fu Shan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Provincial-level scenic spots Luo Fu Shan, an area of about 3 square kilometers. Water vapor rising all the year round, the wind around the clouds, also known as Lau Fau Shan. The steep mountain, in order to conglomerate structure, with karst features, magnificent scenery, attitude million.

  Twelve peak from where they stand, the towering steep, stone, rocks, holes, Valley, customs, during which over Set-hung, odd, quiet, all in one show. With the changes in the landscape and perspective goes a long way, "Wang Cheng-feng side of the ridge as a" sense of aesthetics have a very aesthetic appeal. Blot out the Sun Park, Pinnacle quiet, pleasant weather of summer is the leisure resort, known as "Pinnacle Luo Fu" and "Eight County" in the world.

  Shan Buddhist ago Feiming House, Taoist mountain Yuqing, Ficus erecta and the concept has a long history, pilgrims gathered is Dachaoshan temple worship, religious and cultural feelings of the best places. Qiang Walled City in the mountains there are a number of sites and relics more than 500 years ago, Qiang Ming Dynasty and the ancient battlefield --- wage war, "Qiang Wang city." Taiyi hole and erection hole is the unique landscape. Luo Hill set of natural resources and human resources and a, in western Sichuan is a shining pearl of tourism.

Luo Fu Shan area for the provincial scenic spots located in the city of Mianyang County in the territory by Luo Fu Shan, Baishui Hu, gravel Longquan Temple 3 parts, covering an area of 67 square km, 80 km from Mianyang. Luo Fu Shan book There are spots of the Luo Fu Shan, Jiang Wen Shilin, Parkinson's Seven Sages, a Buddhist Temple Feiming, and so on. Luo Fu Shan mountains in a critical situation, from east to west twelve Qi lower priority, through the clouds and fog, the lofty peak potential, "even non-Ying Chi-feng to-day" reputation.

Twelve Jinping Feng Qiang Wang city under the ruins. Ancient temples, "Chan Feiming "Founded in the Tang Dynasty, the majestic ancient, wind around cigarettes, is in the vicinity of pilgrims to worship. Timorese River Stone Forest by the gravel-like limestone formation of thousands, the wind fell For the wonders of Stone Forest. Seven Sages Bo Bo is a 7, the National Cooper's second-largest. Luo Fu Shan lush vegetation, Lin vast and beautiful scenery. Baishui Hu mountains north Plain-oriented, quiet lake, clear lake, the lake dotted with 23 islands, unique.

  Lush forest on the island, winding Tengluo, enjoy bird song. Lakeshore deep twists and turns, all over the Harbor. Wild ducks, egrets, waterfowl in large numbers, such as Mandarin, Divertimento lake. Longquan Temple gravel for the rare special geological -Made wonders, Sichuan Province is the largest conglomerate caves. Inside the cave, a strange large-scale distribution space, Qulang hall, Shen Jian underground river, deep twists and turns, the strange mystery. There are rare scenic spot in the world, to preserve the integrity of the two million years ago with the Triassic sponge reefs, is a rare geological landscape.

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Panjiang drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As the "Tourism in Sichuan Province in the first drift," the Panjiang drift is Jiangyou White Dragon King's palace to the scenic spots of the broad masses of tourists a feast of adventure tourism in the water, the project from the development since 1997, well inside and outside the province The majority of the tourists love, drifting into Sichuan Tourism is a major bright spot. Panjiang, also known as I-River, Do not originated in Pingwu County Mianyang Si-er Songpan County, Aba Prefecture and the mouth of the two pools wow, via Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County and the city of Jiangyou mountains, many Gorge along the beach and more. Panjiang an average of 88 cubic meters per second largest flow, the smallest 21.3 cubic meters per second, the river dropped more than 4%. As the disk area in the upper reaches of the river valley Health forest belt, a small man-made pollution, industrial pollution and even less, for this reason that Panjiang good water quality and water all the way and not risk panic and the desirability of tourism drift. Panjiang drift has been the development of the process include 16 km, from the North Sichuan Hydropower Deng, limited to perfume Jiangyou Lake, processes two and a half hours, all activities are drifting in the high - Carried out in the canyon. This river, the two sides are in the high mountains around 2000 meters, are striking Department waste-lifting cliff, Wei-feng mountains, sky YJ, Xiang River at the end of fish, plus the old trees along the Ku Teng, rocks rocks to form a group of highly The magnificent natural life drawing. People in the boat, the boat trip on the waves, Yu Yu Zai Zai, carefree Kenya, one enjoyable time. From the North Qiang Autonomous County of Sichuan Hydropower from Deng drift, the beach is more mouth wide ancient relief, rubber drifting southward drift into the water very, turned a corner after entering the river canyon. Into the valley, water gradually urgency, on both sides of the shore waves, the boat drifting around Dunsheng spray, and the desire to participate in drifting Looking for the adventure and also to stimulate us. Panjiang 16 km in length, drifting, the most famous five Gorge nine beaches, which are as follows: Gap loquat, fish door Gap, Gap Fairchild, Kim Kwang-Gap, Gap water; blue sheep Beach, the beach against the Waterloo, Arrow pole Beach, Beach screws, Li Tan, Gao Beach, pig trough Beach, Mill Beach, Wo Niu . Panjiang drifting, the first operator to dangerous shoals of blue sheep Beach. Blue sheep Beach to save the two sides Perfect Mount cluster, into the sky, the two sides is said to the summit, only to shore up and down the sheep, named. Gap acute Beach this small water, in the past, the rafts off the beach have also Xinjingroutiao also dare not to the effect, used to say "blue sheep Beach, the gate of hell, had to be British Han. "Now in the raft Jiang has long been extinct in the development of drifting, although not as risk-like in the past, but the ear waves, sitting on Elang, the stroke of winds and waves do not feel half hours. Drifting whole, nor is such a dangerous shoals . Calm, those who drift into possible cross-strait after another legend of the beautiful fun Quxun For example, the current Gap loquat, which abound on the legend. It is said that in the early 1980's, a local man to fish, come and go all the year round in the storm, all of a sudden one day before on a steep Shek Pik had a strong interest. It turned out that the film exposed Shek Pik, about ten feet over 20, silver-gray species, and the smooth Kong, like Dragonscale view, and then pondering fine, and as a giant ingenuity alone, the media skills of the great stone works of art space, as Long as fish, as the opening screen peacock, as ... ... In short, what it like, Seems to be what it is like. Fisherman determined to climb a try, take a look at what exactly is it difficult for the elderly treasures climbed to Shek Pik Stone hole in the sand in the plot have been closely involved in Amoy gold. The news spread, For a night like rich people's flood, rock climbing Tao Jin, Yue Yu-long, no one is not getting rich man. It is said that one day later Panjiang flooding was seen in the river-old woman led by the hand of a child to seize a piece of wood floating in the water help address him. In order to gold Has been a crazy life of the people to ignore the fall, the eyes just stare at the stone straight holes in the Jinsha. The next day, gold was discovered that some of the Shek Pik on all the pores are not in the sand, of course, is no longer Amoy less than a gold ... ... drifting, of course, those who do not verify the legend is true, They want to find the kind of thing is far from the noise of the city of sensory stimulation and agitation of the soul, and all of this, only seems to be drifting in the Panjiang found. Fairchild Gap water swift current, drifting the main channel adequate "S"-line, in front of a Gap Jiang Jiang and Shek Pik break open to form a trend Yifu when customs. Each rubber boats to this point, the drift Those who feel that they are straight off the wall of the gorge, but at the moment is going into Shek Pik, shoot at the helm of the board lightly, rubber boats and Shek Pik pass. Under these circumstances, that is, risk another shock, but no life danger. Panjiang Gap drifting more and more beach, is a common saying among the five Panjiang Gap Gap Gap, five drift Beach Beach Beach have . Long Beach Beach shaft drop, the surging water like a twist wrapped around dozens of White Dragon with Jiang in the narrow gorge in the Pentium roar, before the boats drifted among the water spray Wang Zhichao pressure from people, if it is drifting Chushe , Jingji will be much, but when the rubber boats to wear out the waves, you feel as if the play is just The only high-altitude rolling car. After the beach Li, Gao Beach river wider, but the swift current, like water, such as diarrhea, drifting in the boat forward here, you can view more of the Shan Jing Wang, like the ups and a corresponding decrease of many. Every time, the union said the ship, which is Panjiang give you a chance to catch its breath. These words are Really, a bit to smooth the way for a floating, risk dangerous shoals Gap blow against our faces again. Front row waves that day, then Lethal thunder, as if people should be like a swallow, but Needless to fear, in front of rapids are dangerous shoals through to the other on the Elang Cong not to mention a beach ... .... Full-drift, you will feel the white Panjiang floating palace development is a combination of man and nature, the very opportunity. Haoshanhaoshui canyon, together with your feelings, why not 10,000 kinds of life into the hand of nature to do?

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Li Bai Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Bai's large-scale memorial, flavor of the Tang-style buildings, in memory of Chinese poet Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty built the memorial. Qinglian field, including hometown of Li Bai, Li Bai Memorial Hall in the urban areas, Taibai Park, sea and light and Taebaek-dong, and other martial arts attractions. Li Bai is the Memorial Hall in 1962 to commemorate the death of Li Bai in 1200 to build the Memorial water on three sides, Yoo Sung Chuk Yam, a quiet elegant. Collection has more than 4,000 pieces of cultural relics, rare calligraphy of Li Bai.

  Li Bai Memorial Hall is located in Sichuan Province in the north county Jiangyou Ba Zhen Li Bai's native place. Li Bai in 1962, when the death anniversary of the 1200 preparations, built in 1981. Memorial Hall is There are the classical style of the Tang Dynasty-style garden pavilion Museum, in October 1982 opened.

Memorial stock of Yuan, Ming and Qing Li Bai's works version 80, 700. Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as modern and contemporary painting and calligraphy treasures 2738. Song, Ming and Qing stele 16, in which a goods 3. "Don Lee Jiu Zhai County Health notable milestone and order "engraved on the five-year-Song Min-sun, (994), 2.94 m high monument, 1 m wide and 0.24 meters thick, the 25 line, 54 characters per line. "Daming Si and the abbot in mind," the monument, engraved with the Song Xi-ning in the first year (1068), Monument 2.1 meters high, 0.97 meters wide and 0.22 meters thick 30 line inscription.

  Li Bai Memorial Hall before the Northern Song Dynasty and another lithography of a Shek Ngau. Li Bai is a national memorial to commemorate, research centers, known as "the poetry of the Kingdom, the temple of the arts."

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Yun Yansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sichuan is located in Jiangyou Yunyan Si Yunyan Si Chuan Dou Hill. Was built in the Tang, Bing Huo destroyed in the late Ming and Qing Emperor Yongzheng three years (1725) rehabilitation. Yunyan Si for the State Department as a national key cultural unit. Yunyan Si at the Second East-West Center, East Road, North Zen concept. Yunyan Si, yunyan concept, is located in the central sinus Chuanshan, According to the top three, in the face of the ancient city of Jiangyou (now the town of Wudu), the steep cliffs along the east, west group dense forest, open field of vision, the great momentum. Yun Yansi experienced Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing repair the damage the turn, the co-existence of Buddhism and Taoism. The building Yunyan Si existing structure with the same general Buddhist temple, sitting south, in Mountain Gate built on the axis, the Man Mo Temple, the Temple law, the main sanctuary, by the shock five-floor main building. Supported by both sides of the side hall in a palace, the Church, the Buddhist temple, the living room and so on, the whole magnificent building, open terrain. Basilica hall on the west side of the surviving wooden wheel by the possession of the Song Dynasty (also known as the Flying possession, cars and stars) a 10.3 m high with a diameter of 7 5 meters, such as the Wooden Pagoda-shaped, as a whole by the Tibetan Center for a 50 cm bearing up, an iron-bearing surface, is free to rotate. After sub-possession, in the next three, the upper pavilion for the temple, the sophisticated design of Hong-li; refuge for the middle, surrounded by the wall decorated with carved wood the size of more than 200 portraits, or Or sit, different posture, vivid facial expression, waist decorated eaves brackets, for possession of the lower blocks. Fine runner throughout the process, is a precious works of ancient carvings.

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