Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two-Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Two-Lake is located in southern Sichuan has a long history of the city - Rongxian one kilometer north of the city, 40 km away from Zigong, Leshan 100 km, with the famous Big Buddha Rongxian separated from across the city, there is direct access to the cement road, the traffic is very convenient. Lake is sub-tropical low double-shan as the main lake to mountains, rivers, ravines, ancient sites The tone for the background of the tourist spots suburbs. Two-animal Lake 58,000,000 cubic meters of water, before Hom area of 2.5 square kilometers, wide field of vision, spectacular lake, Lake Valley to distinguish between two-ditch Dongchuan and ditch the two Los overcast River Inlet, mountain-high risk, floating Cuise air, song Meandering water, beautiful scenery, has long been known as "Little Three Gorges" . Lake is a pair of new tourism spots, Hom area before the construction of antique buildings and a management office building and a number of modern office and entertainment facilities, like the "Yellow Crane Tower" built in Hanjing stands shore of Lake Tsui House, Denglou view, the mountains, Shanqingshuixiu, Huguangshanse, panoramic view. Two-tube Lake Tourism Development Department has a real scale, with mountains and water crystal Court, Huaguo Shan Village, Stephen Hill, as well as in Mongolia to build the three-star hotel Golden Delicious and a number of set meals, hospitality and entertainment in one of the high profile guest houses, there should be a Taste of the restaurant and conference rooms, the development of new entertainment projects: water boats, swimming pools, Chui-Jun Kara OK, night clubs, sauna and children's amusement park, and so is the business and leisure travel, conference reception, a good place for the celebration. Two-Lake development zone is the beautiful scenery, preferential policies, liberal investment environment and welcome businessmen at home and abroad, and friends come to visit and tourism, the development of joint investment.

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