Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yu-Ping Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu-Ping Park is located in Nanchong City of the West Yuping hillside road on the 6th. Yu-Ping in the park, pay homage to have a floor, the floor, rolls and so on, the floor, rolls of well-known historian for the Western Jin Dynasty, "Three Kingdoms" author Chen Shouqing youth scholarship to study. House rolls of Shu Han was built in three years, Lite-On (AD 222-237). According to ancient books Set: Story Nanchong a fruit mountain, where there are outstanding rolls. It built upon rock, Zhong Yan to three-pavilion structure of wood and stone, cornices brackets, magnificent momentum. To the Tang Dynasty in Ganlou Si front of the building to form a complex. Surrounded by verdant trees, Bamboo Bitian, Oasis noise of water flow, constitutes a beautiful landscape painting moving volume. As a result of long years of loss , In the 1960s destroyed. Rolls of the existing floor in 1990 by the government come back 4,000,000 yuan into the restoration and reconstruction, which by Chen Shou floor study, Chen Memorial Hall Library, use nearby stand, magnificent, Ambilight, the construction area of 2400 square Meters. Chinese master calligrapher Association , Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao wrote a new pen of 4.7 m long, 1.8 meters high "floor, rolls," He shiny plaque Giant. Standing on the floor, rolls of the central courtyard of the 5 meters high and weighing 1 ton bronze statue of Chen Shouqing form of life, bamboo Shoubao, dusty charm. Memorial display in the "Three Kingdoms", as well as a large number of Text, pictures, tables, pictures, such as the kind of information, details on the rough experience Shoushan, a book on the history and future generations. Painted walls of the 16 "Three Kingdoms" for the historical facts of the capacity of the three murals, one must be called home. Xuan in the North-South Corridor "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" for the content of the story like rubbing Han - Line carved murals, as well as the masters of calligraphy all over the floor, rolls for the creation of painting and calligraphy couplets, was full of praise for tourists, like the three-nation territory. CHEN rolls of floor display very rich, and artistic, academic, and historic tour as one of the study and promote the culture of the three countries, the three countries to promote culture and national culture in the world Flow, a positive role in promoting.

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