Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Huang Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Memorial Hall is located in Sichuan Province in the East River county, sub-area memorial, the exhibition display area. Commemorative area by the following components: Dong written by the Museum of the big door in the former; Huang toward the enemy of the moment loophole in the legislation statue jump height. Guo inscription "Bandai victory" in the legislation as after; Inscription Xiaoping, "Huang super hero" at the moment as under the; inscription under 5 set with relief Huang reflect life; relief about two-North Korea friendship built booths, hanging with Dong and Guo wrote the couplet. The exhibition displayed by the District 5 showroom, through more than 500 pieces of in-kind, pictures, group pictures and detailed model of referral Huang night from a poor people's sons grow up to the glorious history of super heroes, praise his mind the overall situation, the dauntless spirit himself, he display a high degree of patriotism and internationalism and revolutionary heroism. Huang Jiguang (1931-1952) Chinese People's Volunteers fighting class Hung. Jiang's people in Sichuan. October 20, 1952, in the battle Shanggan Ling Huang's camp was ordered to seize high ground 597.9. In the attack on forces blocked at a critical juncture, Huang to come forward with their own chest to block the enemy's machine gun perforation, the highlands to ensure the troops to capture and died a heroic death.

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