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Square Shengxian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Tianmen is located, Dan Shuangzhu single-wide portal. April on Mount Tai, Danpingyudao open. Among a Myriad Long had six, with Jian Gu linger. Ma Bifeng around the track, over this moss. Fei Liu Xian must sprinkle water radical voice of sorrow song. E Beitiao Franch odd reminder dumping cliffs to the east. Portal Stone closed fan, Xing Yun underground mine. Looking Wang Ying Peng, gold and silver to imagine Taiwan. Tianmen a long laugh, to Miles breeze. Girl on April 5, Chan Hai nine under. Michelia primer-hand, leaving me pregnant Liu Xia. Jishouzaibai, the shame of non-sen before. However, small open universe, what carefree die. Li Bai ----

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Olofsson five - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Records of the Historian "is contained, Qin Shi Huang Feng Tai Shan was half-way when the storm destroyed. Yongzhengnianjian Ding Qing imperial soap repair Feng Zhao Taishan, replanting 5, this two-to-deposit, Guzhuo twist, the vigorous verdant, known since ancient times, "Tingxiu Song," as one of the Tai-Eight. And there Songjeong next five Royal Emperor Qianlong "Wing-five Olofsson," Mo Ke.

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Zhongtian Gate - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also called Gate three days, winding road to the end of Taishan from the railway station, outside the village of days, such as the Red Gate to take a direct route to the coach Zhongtian Gate, and then take the cable straight from here on Nantian Men, only 7 minutes.

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Dai Zongfang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daimiao located in the north, a cross-Shihfang Road, which started climbing, Ming Jian Jiajingnianjian. Square built in the platform, the three four-post-Qing Yongzhengnianjian rehabilitation. Yongzheng Square nine years ago, "Shang Yu Tai rehabilitation of the monument" and "Monument Mountain in mind" things Xiangzhi.

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Red Gate (one door) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The starting point for mountain climbing Mount Tai Road, Red Gate from the beginning of 6600 directly on the stone steps Daiding. Red Gate Palace before the triple Shihfang, such as ladder-shaped. One day before the doors on both sides of the "wonders of the world", "Pan Qi Gong Road Department," in large letters the monument, in a "Confucius Department to board the" Square. Days after the order for the Square. Tips: from the Red Gate in order to Nantian Men Speed climbing, is likely to take 4 hours.

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Doumu Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Palace created without examination, Jiajingnianjian Tak Ming Wang reconstruction, the early years of Qing Emperor Kangxi presided over the nun, the mother of worship Zhongxing Beidou, bucket was renamed Basking Palace, also known as the Miao hospital. Western Hills outside Guhuai prostrata giant branch, such as looking Wolong, Sichuan, commonly known as Cassia.

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Buddha Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kuang Tai Shan is one of the wonders of Daiding. Every cloud filled the early morning or evening, visitors stand high on hills and shun light, as may Piaomiao to see the fog on the screen, showing a blue with a red color outside the ring, or the entire figure for the first Ying Ying Inside, like the Buddha head as the colorful sides of the ring, the name "Buddha "Or" Glory. "Kuang Tai Shan is a phenomenon of diffraction of light, it appeared there were conditions attached. According to records, most of the Buddha Mountain in the 6-8 semi-sunny mist and a half months of the weather, but the sun shines into the Time.

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Stone into the sea - sea of clouds Yu Pan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sea Stone is located in the Dai Ding out of a towering rocks, and its considerable wonders of the sea of clouds Yu Pan. In the summer, after the rain in the early Qing, a large number of increased evaporation of water vapor, coupled with the summer wind from the sea of warm air temperature was high-pressure air flow control at an altitude of 1,500 meters or so high, if not the wind, you can see the white clouds in the Dai Ding-ping Wan Li, Yu Pan is like a huge suspended in between heaven and earth. The distant mountains and clouds have been swallowed whole, only a few exposed mountain cloud; near Tap visitors drive fog cloud, as if the day came to the outside. Breeze blowing, the sea of clouds floating waves, when they are hidden when Zhu Feng, as the elusive fairy islands, the wind, it turned into a giant dragon Yu Pan, on FT, Jiang turned down the sea.

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Cliff fan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xixi is located on the west side of Mount Tai. Qi here towering, high-rise Jun Qiao, type, such as Sector, named. Ya Shang Ming has Inscription Cliff stone "cactus." West Cliff Tieti there, the top can be Beitiao longjiaoshan, Seomang lai proud peaks down the East reservoir of the Longtan, beautiful scenery.

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Candle-day peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In northern Thailand, Shandong, Dai Ding Jie Yan day of twists and turns of a mountain road that is going up in the end. Along this road, to visit the Tai O area, said the candle-day peak area. Here, stones can be made, the audio clear spring, the size of the candle-day air legislation, the giant cliff wall Jiagu line. General Hill, Ocean's peak, and so miraculous good fortune of nature, it is As a concept only. Here, lofty blue sky, mountains open, Greenfield off, the long white clouds, you Xungu Exploring the holidays. Admission: 25 yuan

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By Shi Yu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Doumu Gong Fang in the north-east of the Rock River, a tributary of the Pingshang, engraved with more than 1400 years ago Mollet's "King Kong by the Prajna Paramita" part of the scriptures, the word diameter 50 cm, more than 2,500 of the original words, it is still 1067 . Qiujinguzhuo characters, both Zhuanli, the title of "originator of Chinese characters", "book list of cases , Mount Tai is a gem of Buddhist culture. Fengyun Peng Qing Dynasty in the "stone Faso," praised: "Yin Ni, such as sand painting, seal characters love grass rhyme, do not prepare anything."

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18 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishan Mountain Road site for some of the most Xian Yao, a total of more than 1,600 stone-level, Mount Tai was one of the main signs. Hill cliff here as the two cut, a steep set mosaic Road, which, from afar, like the door-day ladder. The majestic Mount Tai, the best 18, Tai Shan's magnificent, climbing to do in the middle!

  In 18 North Matsuyama. Gao Fu above the two-Gadao Cliff, formerly known as the Cloud Gate, the mountains of this, for the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong during the winding mountain path into production. Since then, and only 18. Longmen mountains to the north, the old Longmen Square, after the crash. West Rock has Daoguangnianjian Wei-ching Mokekuangcao "Dragon" in large letters. East Square, the site for the Large Dragon valley, the waters of the rainy season to the gorge, flying If the diarrhea.

  Before the new bets. Ming Wanli, the political cross-Lu Jian Jian crossing bridge, and Shun-long valley on the winding mountain path of the new source of repair, direct access to the Temple Oriental Height South Gate of God, who Dengdai top up and down very easily. Winding mountain path and bridge were destroyed in?????.

  North Hill two new bets rise steeply, Longyan fly to the East and West to Feng Ling, in Yixian Tian, who Shek Pik Valley. There Nantian Men Valley, under Shengxian Square, connected by 18. Nantian Men are just Taniguchi, Taishan is the old buildings to make full use of the geographical environment, in order to highlight the power of artificial and natural landscape model, Mount Tai is one of the key markers. Look up at the door days, no disk steep road, Inverted ladder. Shek Pik on both sides of the Valley, "Zhang Xiao-day gate", "Ya-Valley" and "door-day ladder", "Rudeng horizon," all engraved.

  Taishan 3 of 18, said. Since the mountains to the goal of "Slow 18", and then to Shengxian Square for the "leisurely and 18" and Nan Tianmen to as a "tight 18", a total of Order more than 1630. "Tight 18" West a rock cliff left, the Buddha silhouette cephalic pillow, a high nose and bald, the smiling Yan-chee, the welcoming of the Buddha.

  18 rock rise steeply, the angle of 70-80 degrees in less than 1 km distance of 400 meters high.

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Temple Oriental Height - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oriental Height Daiding at Temple, Mount Tai is the goddess of Oriental Height Ciyu Yuanjun, large and medium-sized Xiang Fu Song was founded in 2002 (Year 1009). Building towering thorough, and the whole group, the magnificent, the view in the distance, wind around white clouds, the resplendent, like a palace in the sky. Hall Shanmen to for the community, both inside and outside the two points, with homes in the main hall dedicated to Oriental Height copper Yuanjun , Copper tile roof cover East and West Iron Vanuatu side hall in a palace cover is a masterpiece of mountain building.

  The main hall of the building there, side hall in a palace, the Mountain Gate, Ting Yu Bi, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the door of God, and so on. Building towering thorough, and the whole group, the unique design of novel, high and low Cuoluoyouzhi, magnificent. Look in the distance, clouds filled, the Brilliant, like a palace in the sky.

  South God is outside the Tibetan King Library, commonly known as a fire pond, for pilgrims burning incense paper. Zhaobi a pool of fire, "to pay respect to the generations." There are song and dance floor, doors, door there is the East Gate of God, the God of the West Gate, through which winding mountain path. Hospitals in the Middle East for the bell tower, drum tower for the West, North to re-Taiwan, the southern gateway to build Heavy on the stage, before and after the gallery-style. Hill Langxia things on the walls of Taiwan in God, for the Blue Dragon, White Dragon, Suzaku, the four-party security basalt statue of God. In the main hall, covered tile, bell canopy, and so on, are Copper. Royal Secret Inspector Qianlong Yanxia a horizontal inscribed board "of Chan-Dong Huang." Hall set up in shrines, Mount Si Yuanjun slip bronze statue of Kim, on both sides to view and send the Second Health The statue.

There are things side hall in a palace hospital. East Hall look for God, the God of the West Hall of Health plate, also known as the vision of her grandmother, to send Niangniang Health, are bronze statue. Xiang Ting has a central hospital, there are booths on both sides of the confrontation between the copper monument; East for the next Wanli, "Mount Tai Chi Jian Ficus erecta Jinque tablets"; West is revealed years, "Ling-Yu Tai Chi Jian Gong In mind. " Ting Qian Ming Jiajing there and Wanli Copper heavy tripod and long live the floor. South East Hospital, south-west is the Royal Beiting, with Qianlong Dengdaishibei. East Road was Shrine Center, home of Ming Dynasty East Against Corruption, Hong total tax inspector in this, be changed to clear streets for the emperor of the Qing Dynasty pavilion. Oriental Height of the existing temple priests, Taoist nun more than 50 people. Treasure House for the South Ridge, on a lion Stonehenge-like, commonly known as the Lion Peak.

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Agency board of Confucius - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucius Agency board at the north gate one day, three-to four-post cross Shihfang Road. Guteng shade, dignified and elegant, the amount of title "Confucius Department to board the" five words. Ming Jiajing 39 (1560) was built. United column said: "Wang-Chuan single through the ages, the Lord of the Provisional Qing million years away." Place the separation of the two sides of the monument, for the East Ming Jiajing between Jinan Tongzhi Ditao title "will climb from the" Monument; for the West to monitor the Shandong Provincial Governor Li Yushi Fuchu title "First Mountain" monument. Two columns on the north side of the door of the single "Heaven-order" Square.

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Dawenkou site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai'an is located 30 kilometers south of the Dawen River. For the first time in 1959 and excavation was found, for the years 4000-5000 since the late New Stone Age ruins paternal clan. "Dawenkou culture" rich, burial, inheritance, and other sites room. Archaeological finds there are beautiful shape on the back pot, pot-ting, hole-hard steel Cup handle high, painted pottery beans and fine grinding axes, Ben Stone, the stone shovel, chisel stone, bone, and so on. Dawenkou culture, the Longshan Culture in Shandong to find the source. In 1982, Dawenkou site be declared as a national key cultural unit.

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Tai-tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai-an, China is well-known tourist cities and historical and cultural city is the economic development of east Shandong Province, west of the major cities. Tai'an, Shandong Province is located in the central part of the south of Mount Tai, longitude 116 � 20 ~ 117 � 59, north latitude 35 � 38 ~ 36 � 28, according to the Shandong provincial capital Jinan North, South Founder of the Confucian culture, native place of Confucius in Qufu, eastern Shandong are even porcelain, the west by the Yellow River.

Tai-an, China is well-known tourist cities and historical and cultural city is the economic development of east Shandong Province, west of the major cities. Shandong Province is located in central, south of Mount Tai, the city Hillside, one in the mountain city, King City, mingled with the old Tai Shan with the modern and ancient city formed a new unique harmony. Tai in east China China is opening up important tourist city. Tai'an, Shandong provincial capital Jinan according to the North, south, founder of the Confucian culture, native place of Confucius in Qufu, eastern Shandong are even porcelain, West Yellow River. Taian is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, the former here in 5000 gave birth to brilliant Dawenkou culture, the history of Chinese civilization has become an important milestone.

For thousands of years, the Mount Tai Feng Chan imperial dynasties to become the Heaven Kamiyama, with the emperor Feng Chan, Mount Tai was deified The two Buddhist, famous writers come to Mount Tai and left a large number of historical sites. Tai Shan got its name because, from the old saying, "Mount Tai is an universal security", meaning "peaceful." Taishan tall majestic landscape, thousands of spiritual and cultural infiltration and play up the contrast as well as cultural and "Sacred Mountains of China's first", it is the spirit of the culture of the Chinese nation in miniature, and now the world's precious heritage. Taishan Mountain scenic spots in order to peak as the center, Chengfangshezhuang distribution by the natural landscape and scenic combination.

  By Jide from the emperor's Thai Daimiao the city, Yu Huangding to-day closure, which constitute up to 10 km in the House - the world - a paradise of the axis. Tai-tourism "mountain (Mount Tai), water (Water Margin), Temple (Dai Miao), Park (Park of the Chinese family name)" as the main body. Taishan, "Xiong Zhi-day East", known as "the father of the mountain," said Peak 1545 meters above sea level, with a total area of 426 square kilometers, the Prospects native place of Confucius and Mencius, according to background Springs Tai-an, have hung, Austria, the quiet, scenic characteristics and the odd rising sun, sunset evening light, SG Xia, Yu Pan sea of clouds, with the Yellow Gold , The door-day ladder, Yunlong, and so are three of the 10 natural wonders. Taishan enrichment of the Chinese nation The next 5,000 years of culture, Cliff Stone Tablets 2516, nearly 100 ancient temples, Daimiao days confer with the Hall of Hall of Supreme Harmony Palace, the Great Hall of Confucius Temple and said the three major ancient Chinese palace-style building. Tai Dawenkou there are cultural sites, the ruins of the Great Wall Qi, Liang Liang was a good boy Father Yin Leung --- old haunt the father of Hill, Hill Sorai Prince Hill Forest Park and many other international tourism landscape.

Tai'an is located in the north-south hub of China, also extremely rich in mineral resources, has been proven reserves of more than 50, the total reserves of more than 500 million tons. Tai is China gypsum, sulfur and natural granite of the main origin, Granite Mountain As a result are endowed with, "as stable as Mount Tai", "" weightier than Mount Tai, "meaning, the Beijing Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square, Chinese People's Heroes Monument, and so on a building used Mountain granite. Taishan in early September each year organized by the International Dengshan Jie is the people of Tai-an The new festival. Has a long history and splendid culture of Tai'an is Is moving toward a modern tourist city, is a tourist and leisure resort a good place.

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Juxian Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Juxian County Youth Museum is located at the southern end of the road, so-Chu City Wall to the north. The existing stock of 10,000 pieces of cultural relics have been, many of which are rare treasures, and Green Island, Tengzhou, Shandong Province said the three-level museum. In 1989 before opening to the outside world. Basic display, including "Show archaeological finds," and "Cultural Relics from the diaspora," most of the two, showed And New Stone Age, Eastern Zhou Chu, the Han-Yang city and the historical period of the three countries in recent years, collecting antiques of the diaspora.
  Items on display include: pre-5000 text of the image, a large grain storage tank, filter wine tanks, Ling Yang River on the 19th tomb of the Eastern Zhou Tong Ding, sets of bronze bells, made? N, Ngau Tau-shaped jade ornaments Yu Chan Han, Tang Lung in the first pot, and Dong Qichang calligraphy and painting works at home, Li Fang Ying Yangzhoubaguai one of the "five fish map" and other rare treasures, reproduced the same time, Chu and glorious history. With the natural landscape, painting, arts and crafts, entertainment and leisure venues, so that it more fully in order to fit multi-level visitors.

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Shan Haitian sunshine provincial tourism resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Haitian tourism resort is located in Rizhao City, the new urban area of north-eastern Gold Coast, South-million population have the World Cup fan base in the north coastal Rizhao Forest Park, even the sunshine of the West University Science Park, 1995 by the People's Government of Shandong Province approved the establishment of the Into "the development of tourism resorts, high-tech industry development, administration and management in a "The provincial tourism resort, planning land area of 10 square kilometers, 74 square km area of planning control.
Shan Haitian tourism resort Banghai mountains, scenery, sea and the sky a total of one, a broad distribution of natural resources, the deep historical and cultural heritage, the region was 17.5 km of coastline with Distribution of the reefs and white sandy beaches with the rank-lan, a broad soft golden sand, rocks portrait fun, Taigong Island and Peach Blossom Island like a pearl inlaid in the two coastal regions, fascinating. According to historical records, Wu Sheng Jiang Taigong generation that was born in the village Fung Ka planning in the region. The region as a whole beautiful, clean air, congestion National-class sea water, first-class beach, first-class air, as the best fit for human habitation.
Shan Haitian regional tourism resort land transport in Hong Kong have obvious advantages. Rizhao Port is close to the country one of the top ten comprehensive port, the world has more than 100 shipping port, with Japan and South Korea opened Container Liner period, Shi Yan Railway, East Japan high-speed, high-speed connections with the Third National.
Shan Haitian tourism resort in order to speed up the construction of the garden-style beach resort for eco-tourism objectives, give full play to the advantage of regional resources and the environment, economic and social development has been rapid. Infrastructure improvement The realization of the "five-a-ping," formed a "three vertical and 11 horizontal" the backbone of the road network, water supply, electricity, telecommunications, cable television networks achieved, with a large-scale development. Tourism resorts, high-tech industries as the main characteristics of the regional economic shape, the project has become a multi-level high-fat The fast investment hot spots. Or are about to construction of Rizhao Atoll Reef, Tai Gong Paradise Island beach, Peach Blossom Island style park, a five-star hotel and a number of large development and construction projects will further enhance the regional level reception to meet the needs of tourists of different levels.

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Liu Hai time Chichiawan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Chichiawan rush out to sea park sea-based activities, tourism, leisure, vacation, folk, fitness in one integrated tourism park. Park planning area of 2.8 square kilometers.

  Sea Park in time mu endless intertidal zone, fine sand beach net, the production of clams, Solen, West charity, and so on more than 40 species of horseshoe crabs and shellfish Crab eggs to spend more than 10 kinds of crab and so on. Shallow waters of the production of dried small shrimps, jellyfish and other Seafood. Is the perception of tourists into the sea, the best place to go back to nature.

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Rizhao City Art Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao City Art Gallery was established in February 1990 for a full public institutions. An artist of the existing 1, 2 artist 3, 4, the three-tier artist, of which the United States and provincial members of the Association 7. Office building with an area of 400m2. Internal offices, the business activities of the Department of sunshine and modern folk painting research.

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Qu Sea Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qu sea park was established in October 1986, the city is the urban construction of the first integrated open-entertainment park, and then repeated the expansion and renovation, at present, has developed into a set of leisure, entertainment, to watch in one Multi-purpose park, was named the "Top Ten Park in Shandong Province."

The park accounts for Area of 20 hectares, of which 25 acres of water area, park-wide green coverage reached 93% of the whole garden space is divided into six major areas, namely: the elderly activity area, children's activities area, the District of flowers, fauna, water spots, administration District Six function. Park open for free, green people, but also to the people King, Public resources to the people, the city is the implementation of public works to the public and tourists to do practical things and good things of one of the major initiatives is to improve our city's urban management level is a major event. Park free of charge, not only narrow the gap between the masses and the psychological distance, but also let the public feel that they are the masters of the city.

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Olympic Water Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao Olympic Water Park is by far the Rizhao City, the largest one-time investment, construction, the largest number of local residents up to city construction projects. Rizhao City, the Town Planning Board a few days ago to discuss the water park's landscape design and construction in the park monomer, and the bridge Wanping I Slalom design. Park from south to north from the Plaza lighthouse, the World Cup fan base, eco-million-square mouth and water sports base in four parts. At present, the eco-million-square mouth, the World Cup fan base and the Plaza lighthouse part of the landscape have been completed and opened to visitors.

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Royal Soap Folk Village Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Royal Soap folk located in the beautiful tourist resort in the coastal city - Rizhao City in Shandong Province Shan Haitian tourism resort, near East Yellow Sea, Rizhao bounded by the National Forest Park Beach, South Beach in accordance with the mouth-million eco-tourism area. Here beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, no winter cold and summer heat without an annual average temperature of 12.6 ?, Leisure, sightseeing, the Summer of the summer resort. In the past the village is a coastal fishing village-based fisheries. Since 1998, the adjustment of industrial structure of the village, near the sea to seize the advantages of convenient transportation to Rizhao City Beach for the third carrier, the development of coastal tourism. Investment in 1993 More than 00 million renovation of the beach, in 1998 set up a tourism Folk Village, in June 1999 introduced the "room and board in the fishing and pleasure at sea," the theme of travel style fishing.

Since October 2001, city and district levels of government to give strong support for the village, one after another 6,800,000 yuan of capital into entertainment for visitors of the rest of the Folk Culture Plaza, and large car parks, tourist resort environment improved. After three years of development, the Royal soap folk village tourism has become a beautiful environment, health and clean, simple folk customs, security, comfort, set food, housing, travel, bath in one of the most The Travel and Tourism Village, can accommodate more than 3,000 people stay.

In order to speed up the development of the tourism industry folk, in May 2002, Wang set up a soap folk tourism reception center for tourists live in the village to provide food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, bath (Entertainment) one-stop service launched By boat to the sea, fishing nets, fishing out the sea, the Galapagos islands, "such as tourism, visitors can experience the life of fishermen, enjoy the beautiful scenery. Nightfall, the fire ignited on the beach, visitors face the sea Fangge sentiment, singing and dancing, Truly embrace the experience of the sea, back to nature, the feeling of physical and mental relaxation. Friend! Thousands of miles away, Hunqianmengying when I look back, embracing hand in the sunshine, beach attached to you, me and him!

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Rizhao Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao Atoll Reef with a total investment of 280,000,000 yuan, with two of Asia's most sunshine Atoll Reef is located in scenic spots, pleasant weather has long been known as the blue sky, blue sea, the beach promenade called the sunshine, sea and built.

  Rizhao Marine Museum has Asia's longest undersea like 168 meters Acrylic Kwong tunnel and up to 6 meters in diameter of the column landscape acrylic monomers, sunshine along the coast line to become the most spectacular scenic landscape.

Seal Museum Performance is your understanding of the seals, marine animals close to another spot, seal the Yasugongshang performances, you will surely a pleasure to look away, you even Liugejinian seals in a group photo.

Aquarium gentle sunshine bathing water, fine sand, with a total length of 500 meters, is close to the beach with green pine forests, blue sea water after the tour, either on the beach to enjoy healthy sunbathing, or in the shade of pine trees Under the shade is Can get more gold bath.

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Great Castle Peak Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daqing, located southeast of stem Lu of the Yellow Sea, Wulian 7 km southwest of the county seat. Arch peaks Wai, sink a hundred competing stream to form a radius of 20 square kilometers of the well-known scenic spot, taking an all-Feng Shan 36, 108 holes, 6 Tam, 3 Gap, the valley 9, Austin 4, 8 Ping, YU Jing-200, In order to "show, quiet, odd, open," the four Color of North China, said that even take up the ancient Sabina, cloud Temple and the Temple million, the ancient city wall remains, such as Han emperor Liu Bang and cursory crown fell, troops of the Western Expedition folklore, the hue make it more blurred, Yun mysterious pulse. Shanxi well-known scholar of the Qing Dynasty nationality, Chen Yu-Peng Li Bu Yuan Wailang way to Castle Peak, Fu Shi said: "Hong Ya Shi Jing Qu investigate long-MA Scared loaded Denton morning, could not be Mancao wild flowers ..

Temple and the legend million that year Arc de Triomphe Liu Song in this St., next to the ancient temples Sabina has been a thousand years of history. There are like gold Buddha Temple, dedicated to incense.

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Taiwan-term fishing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Any Taiwan-style fishing tourism Donggang Qu Resort is located in Rizhao City in the eastern Qinlou streets at the foot of the Yongsan, the Yellow Sea, the sea on three sides, Bibo 10,000 ares, Greenfield Yun water and pleasant weather. In the urban area 12 km north, north through the coastal road around the village and the road connected to Qingdao, Rizhao bounded by the seaside National Park. With a long coastline 2.5 , There is sea-stone garden, beach, black pine forests, fishing pier, and other natural landscape and cultural landscape, "the first crab Village" says.
  350 of the village, 1180 people. A fishing pier, Lengcang Chang, shipyard, shallow beach culture, and other enterprises; there are more than 100 fishing boats, throughout the year can be Fish, shrimp, crab, scallops, mussels, conch, sea cucumber, abalone, and other seafood, a variety of seafood taste our visitors.

  Sea Stone Park area of 3 square kilometers, the park stands stones, beautiful scenery, there are turtles into the sea, Hua Shilin, the son of Li Shi, Longquan, and other natural landscape. Rich waters near shellfish, , Shrimp, crab, and other seafood is Kikunami view of the sea, the sea fishing out to see the sunrise at sea the best place to go.
  Beach, clean water, soft sand, water Talang is a good place.
  To any Taiwan-fishing family house to live, eat rice fishing, sea-pickers out, casting a net boat, the sea fishing, enjoy fishing Fun.
  Love the sea, some Taiwan-term, we sincerely welcome you to come for sightseeing and leisure resort.
  "There is a beautiful legend, the beautiful stone will be singing ... ..." and its Taiwan office in the vicinity of the village's children were young and old sing a love song, perhaps because it is calling out the term of office of the ancestral home of Taiwan Proud. Indeed, at the office of the Yellow Sea is the home village of Dong Gangqu Taiwan coast Qinlou streets in the most recent one of the villages, the village east of the sea at low tide after the show are thousands, of various shapes and each piece of stone is a beautiful sea-moving Myth. "Culture of the sea SHEK" Taiwan has long been a permanent home for generations of people for their valuable spiritual wealth, On behalf of popular even today. Taiwan-view of the arrival of the sea SHEK, listening to the sea has become a rock legend, many Chinese and foreign tourists one of Yaxing.
  Legend has it that in ancient times, the frequent practice of sunshine up the sea, one is flooded dozens of years.
  On one occasion, the sea rose again, it is necessary to see the Yandao today near the county seat. At that time, Near a village family and home to Wang Ringer family. Ringer family and a regular contributor to The Wang family to bring frivolous Taidonggange, as well as the militant fight occurred in the family. However, seeing the advent of the flood disaster, the two chiefs of the family decided to give up the hatchet, met to discuss how to lead the whole village to escape the flood disaster. Finally, two The village chiefs decided to lead the young and old to start building. In shipbuilding, Ringer family and Wang family has not occurred in dispute, only to work together to build the ship. The ship was built, young and old in the village before the arrival of the floods are the only safe refuge on a large wooden. With the wooden water Piaodang a three-day , And suddenly encountered a storm at sea. Wind up the waves threw herself on board the ship was a shock on the verge of collapse, but the people on board the ship and remain safe. Until after the storm, has been found to be a big eight-foot wooden boat loaded turtles. Turtles exhausted body of the ship-wide effort to protect the lives, because of its own labor Over the dead and turned into fossils. High fossil projections of the sea, the sea back, Ringer family and the family of Wang in the eight-foot fossil turtles back to settle down. Later, the territory of sunshine and frequent floods, but even if any Taiwan-radius around the village where dozens of full-flooded, and the home village of Taiwan is still all right. Ringer and family S family will never not have to worry about being submerged sea, they will be in harmony from generation to generation and Moorsom survive. The legendary "Silk put Shanjian floating fuel, Ren Jiao Mian Mongolia on the stage," meaning up any water that is home to Taiwan's terrain will be high, even higher than that of Qin Lou Donggang Qu inside the wire Hill's highest peak . Even if the wire Peak Submerged, and the surface is also home to Taiwan just Jiao Mian Mongolia, which is about eight feet of the turtles due to Aura. This confirms the authenticity of the above-mentioned legends.

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Hill Wulian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulian Hill, Wulian County, located in south-east, and every other Jiuxian Shan Bingzhi sink. Area of 13 square kilometers, the main peak of 515.7 meters high. Wulian Hill was 5 of Jiuxian Shan-feng, 30-year-evident Wanli Royal Secret Inspector "Wulian" is a separate mountain, named "Wulian Hill."

The Wild Goose Qi Xiu reduction - Sushi Tang and Song times, there Wulian Shan Buddhist activities, to Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, a monk Shu-ming monks travel far and wide open world famous mountains and rivers, Wulian see beautiful majestic Hill, the knot was Mao settlement. After the north of Beijing, Chi Jian Temple, Qiao every empress dowager suffering from eye diseases, for a long time Buyu medicine, medical treatment was prescribed to open the monk, Ji Yu.

Long Yan Yue great king, was Chici Hill, Temple: "Hill said, Wulian, Temple said, bright." Hall of Great Mercy and come back up, Canon House, the House decibels, the Royal Court battle, and so on, Wulian Hill from the "Museum of canopy layer, the Senate error", "The Wall Jiao Hui, Jing-visual playing," "Temple Tower The victory, people thought that Chang ", chanting voice No sound of loud reading twilight. The other monks to comply with Wen Feng, the Quartet pilgrimage people, who flocked to swim Hill. Bright Temple in Shandong Province has become one of the four major Ming Si.

Wild azalea, commonly known as azalea, Wulian Hill in a very wide range of regional growth, with a total area of about 10,000 mu, and its many varieties, with an area of wide flowers Li Zhi, the highest reputation in North China, known as "the first Jiangbei," said the Rhododendron Garden.

  Wulian Hill azalea flower color varies, as a result of different strains, flowering time varies, from the lunar calendar in March, the purple powder, "Kam-blue" line on each other and opening up. "51" season, the flowers can be seen Manshanbianye Cucu, streamer overflow , Qing Hong attacks, and backed with Shi Guang Shan, like a natural picture. At this time, Hill went to the flowers that ran, the crowd could see the display, such as drunk people dream, like entering Wonderland.

  To visitors will be able to play better flowers at the same time, protect, manage, has chosen a more reasonable line, Had a ring road around azalea garden, visitors will be able to watch the sequential and orderly manner.

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Rizhao Jiuxian Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuxian Shan is located in Rizhao City Wulian County, are renowned for their "odd, such as Huangshan, such as Mount Tai Xiu, such as insurance Mountain", is well known. Feng different rocks here, are thousands; spring Fei Bao, quiet good way; flowers, autumn leaves, the Meteorology Series; Home Wolong cents, strange and vivid. The main attractions: the Great Wall of wild azaleas Qi Sun Bin Canyon College Longtan hand Chuen-Feng Shi boots.

In the history of many of the hermit poet, in this regular session, the paper poetry, praise Jiuxian Shan Sheng Jing. Su Shi of the Song Dynasty writer had "nine cents Jingdong exercises had been pressure" from a poem. Sun Bin Victory of the Warring States Maling, Qi resigned from the military adviser, traces the mountains, and finally the election here, the construction of Mao , To give lectures to be together and wrote a monumental work of the military's age-old immortal, "The Art of War Sun Bin."

Jiuxian Shan its towering peaks, green vegetation, ancient culture, in order to form a sightseeing tour for the main types of products. Jiuxian Shan Qifengyidan with as many as Quanbao cave. From the winding streets of the mountain to clear Xiuse Snow suspended Feipu Stephen, from the mysterious rhyme vein to the natural landscape rich in ancient history and culture, are subject to many tourists love to become good tour of the Department.

Jiuxian Shan Nature Reserve in the wild azaleas, the flower color of Li, variety, wide area, not only in the province of very few areas, that is, North China Is rare. Man Shan rhododendron, a Cucu, a film, Qiao Ya, pine, open competition, Ambilight, flashing the wind, enjoy the display, all things Dunsheng long sense.

Sun Bin College, through winding, 36, Longtan through the canyon entrance, came to a quiet deep valleys You will see a College - College Sun Bin. Ancient Sun Bin Junshixuejia in the writing of this, etc. Mission. Thinking back then, Sun Bin sitting in the desk, eyes looking at Manshanbianye red azaleas in full swing, hearing the sound of BUZZ spring water, your breath meditation, to write a military school on the immortal masterpiece --- "Sun The Art of War. " Thinking back then, sitting in the forum, Sun Bin, in the face of devout disciples, teaching Bingshuxuanli reel, a pressing task before the Shujuan phone-in color; chanting methotrexate, cater to the needs of the Voice of swords. Little Valley, the interpretation of the plan to dominate the Western hegemony.

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Rizhao Dong Tian Zhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Dong Tian Rizhao City Scenic Area is located in the western end of sunshine, with beautiful accompanied by pay Tuan dependent River, the scenic spot with a total area of 1,000 hectares, of which area of 200 hectares of bamboo, bamboo other area of 400 hectares, 400 hectares of water area.

  The main scenic area by the culture of bamboo garden, garden culture, leisure , Jiangshuaichayuan, native Mao bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra Lin) and the Water Recreation Area 6 domain, constitute the "Bamboo Tea tours, leisure and entertainment," the theme of cultural tourism. Scenic and convenient traffic conditions, location. Long-distance Bus Station here from 8 km away from the three East on highway entrance 5 km away from Japan Beach 17 km, 15 bus terminal in front of the park.

With green spots in the area for more than 80% of the natural growth of bamboo, the owner, on bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, bamboo, bamboo varieties, such as EB-Jin Xiang, at the same time Piyou special display area of bamboo varieties, is a Tianranyangba, Is a natural botanical garden.

  Scenic Area has fully demonstrated the southern customs and cultural characteristics of bamboo, the park has Zhulou, bamboo pavilion, bamboo corridors and ethnic minority villages, and other scenic areas, opening up a package of food, accommodation, travel services such as shopping facilities, ethnic minority art troupe Year-ethnic song and dance performances for tourists Special visitors with the strong participation of Zhugan Wu, bamboo park, and other entertainment projects.


  The upper reaches of a water park if a mobile scenery, visitors multiplicative Dangzhou bamboo, Shang Jing Wu Pengchuan Accessibility, a group of egrets in the river to play each other (which is the bamboo forest habitat), but also visitors center open Yue.

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The former site of the provincial government (big stores) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Junan is a red hot spot in the revolutionary war, Junan people in an arduous battle, Shandong is the only Japanese Puppet neither base nor Wanjun occupied by the anti-Japanese base areas behind enemy lines.

Junan the many attractions in red, the birthplace of Shandong Provincial Government, the former site of the headquarters of the 115 division, Chinese The first day the village - Ya-yuan, Shan cycle battle site, the birthplace of Shandong Xinhua Bookstore, Shandong Province, the birthplace of the first branch of the Mission, Lu southeast of revolutionary martyr cemetery, Chairman Mao wrote to the three units.
Lu is a big store south-east of a longer history of the town. In March 1941 to 1945 115 Eighth Route Army in September division headquarters, the CPC Shandong Branch, Shandong Province, the trade unions have been fighting a long-term presence here. August 13, 1945 the Communist Party of China's first provincial government - was born here in the Shandong provincial government.
Liu Shaoqi, Luo, Zhu Rui, Chen, Li Yu, Xiao Hua, Chen Ju, Gu Mu, etc. Generation revolutionaries in the long-term Junan life, fighting, worked. Junan, Shandong Province became party, government and military command center, known as' small Yan'an. "
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Shandong provincial government, the provincial government and the former site of the headquarters of the 115 Division conducted a comprehensive restoration, the provincial government set up a new memorial hall 115 Eighth Route Army division headquarters of the memorial, the restoration of the provincial government set up seven departments and bureaus to set up the office. To a wealth of information and in-kind, vividly recreates the 115 division of the Eighth Route Army and the outstanding achievements of Shandong Provincial Government was born, grow up and develop the glorious course, to let people learn from history will always cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs Great, cherish today's happy life, in order to create a better future struggle.
Shandong provincial government in 1945 in Zhen Junan big formally established. Prior to this, including a long period of time, where anti-Japanese base areas in Shandong has become the political center in Shandong Province as a "small Yan'an." Shandong provincial government, "literacy classes" (popular at one time more than half of Shandong, there are still many places today, as young women of that generation), the coastal bookstore (Huabao She Shandong Province, Shandong, an important branch of Xinhua Bookstore), Jinan Cigarette Factory It is hard to imagine that they will be born in the same place - big Junan Zhen Zhen is a major historical and cultural towns, from the late Qing Dynasty to the Ming Wanli, where a total of seven out of the examination, 20 Juren. The strong family assets so that they built a large manor owner, said of the No. 72. In 1941, the Eighth Route Army, one of the three main divisions in the 115, led by Luo, Shanxi, Shandong into the long-term presence large stores, as a hinge to military and political office, 115 Eighth Route Army division headquarters, Shandong Military Region, Eastern Shandong Province, fighting the trade union committee Nantes have long-term presence here. Shop once a big party, government and military command center at the time of Shandong, Shandong Province, known as the "Yan'an small." At that time of large masses of Zhen That was the famous revolutionary Luo, Zhu Rui, Xiao Hua, Chen, Gu Mu, Li Yu's shadow, just as ordinary as ordinary neighbors.
August 13, 1945, to welcome the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, to accept the Japanese surrender in large Junan Zhen set to attend the liberated areas of the National People's generation The meeting of 38 representatives of the Shandong Province, the joint interim provincial council and provincial executive committee to write applications for the establishment of the Shandong provincial government. Provisional provincial council and provincial executive committee held a joint meeting of the 20th unanimous decision to the Executive Committee of Shandong Province in time of war for the provincial government of Shandong, Li Yu election for the President of the provincial government. 13, Li Yu issued by the President of the announcement, told the province: Shandong Provincial Government from their duties with immediate effect. At that time, under the jurisdiction of the People's Government of Shandong Province Public Security Office, Department of Finance, Department of Civil Affairs, Office of Industry, Justice, Education and Health and the Office of Administration of 7 departments and bureaus, the three were living in, Sixi, five Liu, Shen, Anren, three , Yan Xi 7, together with the office. As the dilapidated, seven provincial government departments and bureaus and offices at the former site of one of Kang Da have been seriously stale. Fortunately, this reporter on June 17 comes, here to see the ongoing large-scale repairs to flip - to celebrate the birthday of the 60 provincial government of Shandong and the construction of the Red Brigades Leading attractions, the provincial government decided to 115 of the Eighth Route Army division headquarters and the former site of the Shandong provincial government to conduct a comprehensive repair, although the size of a large, but also the old hall in the past, only one-tenth.
As was the capital of Shandong red, Luo, and other revolutionaries in command of the main force of 115 pilots , Puppet operations for three years, tens of thousands of times, in order to fight for victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan has made important contributions, there are many spread all over the moving deeds of heroes. However, outside the capital, then red, so that the same reporter is interested in: the year in addition to those heroic story, red-based people off What kind of life? Let the "small Yanan," provided us with a red base during the War of Resistance Against Japan's painting style bar.

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Li scenic FORMATION - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Yugongyishan, the transformation of China, Li FORMATION is a good example." This is the Chairman Mao Zedong on October 9, 1957 FORMATION Li on the instructions of the glorious Since then, unknown FORMATION Li, the famous one at home and abroad and become National Agricultural front of a banner. In the 1950s and 1960s, came to visit The study on domestic and foreign friends as much as 50 million.

  Since reform and opening up, Li FORMATION people seize the opportunity and advance with the times, focusing on economic construction, all-round building of a harmonious society, various social undertakings flourishing. Today, Li FORMATION to red tourism as the center, forming a garden - Stone carving City - Sun boring Memorial Hall, Stone Temple Tieniu iron meteorites - FORMATION Li Gallery - Cherry Orchard million tourists a red line, to an annual tourist visitors reached more than 60,000 people.
  Li FORMATION located in the central provincial town of Linyi City, "the door to the East" - Pingshang 6 km north of the town, with the East Xing Kong City adjacent to the city of Rizhao, Lianyungang in the south, the railway Yan Shi, Ji-lan highway running through the territory, close to the provisional "three two Hong Kong - high-speed" (Arashiyama Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shijiu, Lianyungang, Linyi airport, airport Lianyungang , With three high-speed). Pingshang jurisdiction in the town of 50 administrative villages, 63,800 population, with a total area of 118 ping Km, a significant advantage, has a long history and culture, beautiful scenery, rich tourism resources, has now formed a feature of the four major tourist attractions:
  Red tourist attractions - Li FORMATION exhibition hall. To sum up FORMATION Li people's glorious history, Pingshang town Party committees and governments in accordance with Party Secretary Li Qun comrades to "Li FORMATION exhibition hall built to traditional education base for the revolution", more than 150 million investment in the reconstruction FORMATION Li Gallery, the exhibition area of 760 square meters, 420 meters long with display, with more than 600 precious historical pictures , In-kind more than 80, according to the hard work, wrote a brilliant, three years into the future Li were again sub-FORMATION hard work, spirit of the pioneers. Opened in May 2005, at home and abroad to attract a million tourists come to visit on tourism.
Humanities natural attractions - Stone Temple Tieniu iron meteorites and boring Sun Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Since the shape of the Tang Dynasty, there Tieniu "Tianwailaike" - Stone iron meteorite in the Village set up Tieniu, 1200 have been years ago. Tieniu meteorite 1.4 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, the volume of 0.7 cubic meters, weighing about 4 tons, according to the research is a high iron content in the world, has been identified as a county-level cultural relics. Sun Memorial Hall, located boring big temple Tieniu The village is 199 By Sun's family of man-made after Royal Assent Emperor Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the national heroes Kangwo Sun boring, donations from more than 30 million reconstruction, an area of about 6 acres, 80 meters long from north to south, east 46 meters wide.
Ecological Agriculture and Tourism - mu Cherry Orchard. Pingshang the town of Cherry cultivation has more than 200 years of history To a large, uniform, Se Yan, delicious, and the precocious known, and known as "township of Cherry" in the world. In recent years, the town of Pingshang based on characteristics, the development of the cherry industry calendar, a set of ornamental flowers and food as one of the ecological environment-friendly Cherry Orchard 1 million, before and after the Ching Ming flowers, fresh fruit after the holiday on May 1, the initial shape "Village Road, a line a hundred, one million mu of Cherry Park, 1,000,000 Cherry linked film, please do not cherry jin Park, the income of farmers 50,000,000," the pattern of agricultural eco-tourism. 2003 Cherry for the registration of the "good example" brand trade mark, in May 2005, which hosted the first Cherry Festival has greatly improved the well-known Pingshang Cherry and brand value to attract the tourists come in all directions, the sales income of more than 4,000 yuan.
Enterprise tourist attractions - Garden City, stone-carving. Pingshang stone carving is the industry's traditional strengths in order to Pingshang stone factory as a leader, radiation from stone carving, sheet metal processing plant 1 More than 0, production of stone carving, sheet metal, such as construction and fitting more than 2,000 varieties of products, best-selling Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia more than a dozen countries. Garden-style stone carving representing the city of stone carving and handicraft Zhang significant natural landscape art combine to form a harmonious natural scenery, into a new Tour projects.

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Yimeng rural customs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yimeng rural customs of the National Park is well-known eco-tourism agriculture demonstration zones. In the area five kilometers south county, covering an area of 18 square kilometers. The ecological environment beautiful, beautiful natural scenery, ancient human landscape, "Jiangnan".

  Soo River area within nine tributaries such as the meta-Kowloon, blue ring-down , With this moisture irrigation of green fertile soil. 7 million mu of Chestnut, tea, Chuk Yuen, Taoyuan, Xingyuan, apple orchard, where the dress was green everywhere, and vitality. Into the area, as if the world outside of the green, the flowers of the sea, the Kingdom of the Chinese chestnut, the hometown of tea.

  After decades of Hard work, the people of this hilly landform typical of Shandong has become a fruit tea fragrance, Tucui Xiuzhu, the pan-green water of the new world of silver, all the mountains are covered with a green or tea or chestnut or bamboo Prix over the hillside; All the rivers are Xuman a clear stream, the clean water Yingying, tears Falls; towering old trees, shade garden, Drive-You, Raoshan jade belt. Beautiful River, the water finish, walk through the mountains, there is much waste of good fun. Listen to the forest birds, Tanabe Cha Sang view, the air filled with fresh and aromatic, is the ideal place for leisure.

  Here is called the "Kingdom of the Chinese chestnut," indeed a well-deserved reputation. On the river, mountain , Overwhelming, Manshanbianye. Everywhere. With their stream of flow and indirectly. Chestnut 3 million, more than 1,200 trees more than 300 years in age, these age-old chestnut still Climb, Qiushi Chun-hua, Chen Zhao vast and lonely mountains, bamboo Dicui, bridges, winding paths faint, People END In which intoxicated.


Of a crane standing among chickens, "Wang Li," After the vicissitudes of the Millennium, Wei vigorous, fearless straight, waist circumference, there are more than 4 meters, 10 meters high, sturdy trunk forceful, domineering full, six teams circled For dry fly. Every fall, is always fruitful. See, "Wang Li," Jin Dao and texture, A style of the King, gives a strong influence.

  Soo standing in the river beside the river that old chestnut 13, 13 armored like a samurai helmet to wear, the Ming Dynasty was planted. Legend has it that Emperor Qianlong under the Jiangnan Huang Yeh, the way to here, wind and rain suddenly in a hurry to avoid the tree, see 13 dry forest tree, If the shade cover, Long Yan Yue big for their praise of Hu Jia Gong, was called "Shisantaibao."

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Buddha scenic day - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddha-day North County is located in scenic areas, real mountains, the water really, really Big Buddha is the main feature of the Wanghai Lou fell in the mountains, there is a natural born out to the Big Buddha, the total length of 3,800 meters. Head south-west of Castle Peak, arrived in north-foot Lake; high heaven, to a radius of jaw, nose lion Wei Qiao, Welcome media, benign countenance, features Qing , Limbs, clear, calm air, the implication abstruse, a great all-too-apparent sense. Ming Shan Buddhist community leaders to pay homage to the elders, is pleased to sing the praises of inscription: "Buddha-day Junan, the wonders of the world." This is the Buddhist community on the day of Buddha's highest evaluation. The world view of the tourists after all lovely Lumpur.

  Northern and Southern Dynasties period Well-known Buddhist monk Master Cheng rate of his plans to travel to give lectures sermon, the Buddha found Junan days, days in the Foshan under Jielu for Temple, Feng Chi Buddhist, fine-sounding name of "Wo Fosi." Tang opened the first year, the monk and his master to repair "Li Yan," re-foundation Wofo Si, a plant Sophora japonica, the day the Buddha and the formation of radial observation point. For thousands of years Wo Fosi strong incense, Lunan, Jiangsu Buddhist Cultural Center, Na Zhu going through the vicissitudes of the Millennium Tang Huaijing still Climb, Qiushi Chunhua, Wo Fosi become a living witness. In 1996, to implement the religious policy of the Government Junan Wo Fosi rehabilitation, and for the approval of the Yimeng Mountain as the sole legitimate Buddhist activities in the field . Main Hall, the permitted bed, floor, Canon, the clock tower, drum tower, one after another, such as bone pagoda built Meteorology Series. Throughout the ancient temple complex flavor, cornices brackets, carved paintings Liang Dong, a solemn majesty. Wo Fosi in 2000 held a grand opening ceremony, during the holidays, around the pilgrims and believers gathered here 10,000 to save animals and wind around cigarettes, and the scene was great.

  Lotus Lake area of 700 mu, like a mirror mounted on the central area. Lake weeping Yiyi, Jessica grass, pavilions Tse Gallery, resplendent; lake full of water waves Yan, swaying reeds, lotus Ying, Xianglingdicui, wild gull flying. "Qibao Hornsey Lianchi , And more particularly dignified and beautiful "on the Lotus Lake is a true portrayal. Jingtai view of the Buddha, the late Ling Chiu Tse, Jinghai Chi Hong, Xiao Yue Buddha, Wisdom, and other leisurely landscape Lotus Lake is a famous scenic spots.

  9 Lin Fa Shan, Wang Weiyi look like a dragon take off. Guanyinge high-rise in Lin Fa Shan peak towering solemn, is Qiu Zi-fu of the Buddhist temple; Teng Kok view, Huguangshanse, panoramic view, the small town of Spring and Autumn Period, glance. Shandong Lu, Calocedrus green and luxuriant pines, Songtao torch light aroma; Shanxi Lu Lin Keng secret quiet elegant chic, Chestnut Qiushi science; Grand View Pavilion, Pavilion Phoenix, arch, read, pay homage to the spring, no glory ; Dongtian line, water crocodile, ape-man meditation, the Zen-ao listen to attractions such as making fun.

  Taiwan Buddhist concept of Buddha days at the central area, is the Buddhist concept of Buddha's altar. Towering high-profile, embracing Shochiku, surrounded by clear water, flavor, magnificent. 1.40 three, Yu Buddhist "three Sidi school"; grass-roots 28 Order, that the Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree a few; on the 45 level, with a living Buddha and the world preaching the years; Taiwan purple sand around the mosaic-relief paintings, Buddhist culture is the story; Square stage, the Meteorology Series, the auspicious bell, drum tower wishful thing ; Life Ocean's 18, set out on either side; Dover Shengjing days of St. Paul's couplets Word and thought-provoking. Every major festival, the sea of people on the square, the stage looked to the north, the day the Buddha was born out, it is soul stirring, and worship.

  Buddha scenic area a day to highlight the "true", a performance of "qi", the implication of a "United States". This magical, magnificent scenery is at home and abroad No only.

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Natural underground gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yishui natural underground gallery of "eco-tourism scenic spots Yimeng located in the township in the first," she and her hometown of Red "- Shandong Province in the first East County hospital stay Hu Yu Heung. Area of three parts: millions of years, including painting on the "Natural underground gallery"; three-star standard according to the planning and construction of the resort - "happy home"; "I Yimeng Valley state "of the forest ecology. Is a set of underground wonders, leisure and entertainment, conferences, dining, living, business, science, health, etc. for Leisure and Recreation Center one.

Millions of years of dust-laden "natural underground gallery" is located in the foothills of Lotus 9, a total length of 6600 meters, the development of a 1600 By the well-known scholar of the National Chinese painting teacher had personally wrote the big-name, many experts as "the first Jiangbei cave." All over the stalactite cave, stalagmites the proliferation of 108 major landscape patterns vary, eye-openers. "Scenery of the North" and "the wonders of the universe" and "southern style", "Underwater World" Four Features a huge picture, was inside the cave, several Shek Mun Road between natural heaven. Mao Zedong Poems "scenery in the north, ice-covered thousands of miles and miles Xuepiao ... ..." "Northern scenery \" a vivid portrayal of the picture; over a stone curtain, from the snow-wrapped into the scenery in the north of the people of the world's amazing, "wonders of the universe "Scroll, Pot, Tianhe, bridges, Cowboy Girl, and other stars Shuoshuo people outside the vast space; Shihmen after another, is the beautiful "southern style" picture, Qi Shan, rocks, sand, small bridge, flowing water to form a Jiangnan rate increase beauty; after "Journey Into Amazing Caves" into the "Underwater World" picture, turtles, sea , You Long, and other animals, waterfall days, Yufeng, Crystal Palace, such as scenery, well that dizzying. Gallery by the magnificent whole, milk stone, stalagmites and columns, Shiman, stone curtain, stone flower, flag stone, stone grapes, goose control, such as Fei Bao pictographic.

"Happy home" and set up the hillside hotel, the building area of 80 0 square meters, according to the three-star standard construction, a project can accommodate 150 beds, 150 of the session, 300 people dining; generous simple architectural style, stone rooms, cottages, pavilions, Cuoluoyouzhi promenade, car parks, Shopping, crafts area, children's park, KTV, mountain climbing, camping account , And other facilities; by the Golden Key International Hotel Organization members - four-star Linyi Tao Ran Hotel, home management, stars and thoughtful service allows you to feel the warmth inside the house.

"Eco-Valley" at 9 Lotus foothills, there are acres of Chestnut into the film, the Mimizaza pine, as much as 85% of the forest Cover, so that all the year round here negative oxygen ions rich and pleasant weather, clean air, it is the ideal "Tianranyangba." North Jiangnan feelings, enjoy life Yimeng, overview of underground wonders, cherish the memory of women's style. Yimeng look forward to your regular home of pleasure "home" to see.

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Wolong Buddha Shan-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wolong is located in Shan-dong Buddha Yishui County Court 1 km South East Town, Wolong is located in the hills of abdominal, Hu Toushan, can be Canglongwohu place.

Buddha was formed millions of years of natural hole, hole-shaped top, fastening structures; hole channel the twists and turns, narrow and deep. Hole "winding" Turn "as well as their predecessors of lithography," wonders, Po, Buddha, tolerance, Ci, good "; there is spring water, wells St. cents fluid, there are loud waterfalls; mysterious people are more Longtanhuxue horrified. A few hundred thousand years of natural The formation of the magnificent stone statue of Buddha, well that milk stone, stalagmites, stone flower milk and its non-coral , Decorated inside, it is wow hands. More surprising is this: hole hole hole hole on the next hole and the hole, dry hole and the water tunnel, Guanyin Dong, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Hong Haier-dong, western hole, just to name a few. Permitted walls, different patterns of the line of the Buddha, eyes closed, off-line, into which, it seems that Buddhist Shen Lin Jing, off the hook Customs, a sense of floating in the air.

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Eight Diagrams series of holes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gossip-chain costs at Yuhuan County, the west side, from Yuhuang Ding, Yuhuan down to the village, south tunnel cents, Nan Tianmen the north, an area of about acres. Beautiful here, changed the air, thick pine and cypress, Qi-Song rocks, there are treasures hole, two-door, and so on as many as eight holes, both forming the largest natural stone, there is The odd stone cents; Huashan have ladder-like steps, steep and Fairy Cave, there is a realistic image of the longevity of the stone is Xunyou risk control, peace and tranquility Chi Shu, an excellent holiday and leisure spots.

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County costs Fairy Cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Charges in the county seat 15 kilometers south of the township east of Xu Jia Ya, Yang Yuhuan hills, there is a temple, said Bo Cong Um, a repair in 16 years Ming Jiajing (1537) to 37 (1558). After the repair, and more than 2 years before Shan Li Yuhuan Cong Bai tablets Um, this can still test. When the Qing Dynasty, rebuilt time and again, the set of Details. Yu Huangdian in the temple, the Temple Mount, Guan Gong Temple, and Ling Guan Dian Dian In any case, such as gold. The past century, the war repeatedly, one after another dump destroyed. Ring out the cliff here, want to rock fall. There are around the pines, gingko under the air, dense trees, shade moss, mountain Lan-ray gas, is obsessed with, the ancient tourist resorts were pushed Cong has profound North Parkinson Om cave, can accommodate 1,000 people, half-dark, quiet song vault, the two north-south, connected in the middle, there is a window, and down two floors. Dog day of summer, Hanqixiren hole, into the rest, Qi Shuang-ching of God, do not have a heaven and earth, as if in Wonderland, as a result of Fairy Cave. 2002 revealed the Ming Dynasty (1622) Hall of the University of British people to know Zhang four (Gelao the end of Ming Dynasty) in the summer, left, "surrounded by Castle Peak Yi Xiantian, a high Yuhuan Dai Caiyun, separated by three thousand Xianyang, why Biqin into the Taoyuan" poem, so far wide To be on everybody's lips. Temple Ginkgo a medieval house, standing tall and straight, about 40 meters high, 2 meters in diameter tree, lush foliage, fruit Numerous. There are tree wells, said "spring ring", Dongnuanxialiang, clear as a mirror, known as "Liquan." Stephen frog in the dark and silent, local people have a "Fairy Cave of the stem plunging bulge", said. Under the small bridge, said the "immortal bridge." There are no longer under the aquarium, said the "gossip pool." Pedestrian bridge, Castle Peak reflection, water Yang, like rainbow drive. Up along the road, a stone Dianqian 24, 5 meters wide, slowly, or their, or sit and ease, Fumian breeze, beautiful scenery. Yang Shu-of-the-way West has a green, two-and dry-sheng, if Guankou rough, about 5 meters high, like a canopy, arch, 4:00 evergreen, with Tsui For drop. Shun the ditch , Such as stone screen, such as the potential Daopi, about 6 meters, a width of 8 meters, which is known four years ago, Zhang Tiyong. Further down, there are built in 1966 by Tang Ba, who wave pool. During the rainy season, water surplus over the two sides weeping willow, a procession of ducks and geese, flying kite flying, reed problems, more Shanmingshuixiu, vegetation-wing struggle, it was the two questions Gan Huai to mark the first "flying kite flying high of All, mountain water ring Same hold different views." Second, the "Fairy Cave on the old song, Yamashita Yuhuan Flows." Ancient literati, recite poetry and a lot of Fairy Cave, who only this-Ming Zhang four known rock Sun, the village XUE Nan, Wang Guifeng and South Alice Zhang Qing Dynasty, Wu Lin Shing, Wong Kwok-him, Liu's the same music for more than 10 articles. In the last century, and calligrapher Tran Hong Van, with Li as writing this, and so on. After the liberation of the working people and became a tour of the resort to watch; some scholars and experts to study this. Dong Fu drift frequently oldest of laughter. Kit Kat scene, do not have the temperament, detail , The pines are hanging wall, Kwu Tung in Wonderland;-You-bending road, the four rock arch; Ginkgo tall and straight, cliff falls, mountain sound to each other; higher in Yuhuan wear, evening glow neon; mixed palace, arranged; return to the flyover also, The wing or not; Cliff inscriptions, representing; Phi Cong Bai Xue, the endless wonders. Flexor count, there were 18 of the King . More spectacle, non-visible at all times, I said, "Buddha." The so-called Buddha, after the rain is a natural phenomenon, and the rainbow in the sky almost, is close to the cliff formed by a semi-circular ring. This phenomenon more in the early morning or evening, the mountains are the gas-lan, by the refraction of sunlight, only to a certain degree of magic Central. I have seen many times in the old quarry area on the Fairy Cave of the Buddha, such as in Wonderland, exposure to outside world. You can only Fairy Cave, cliff hanging as a supergraphic pines, especially bright. It is said that at an appropriate distance, but also the image of Buddha in the video. Sustainable about 5 minutes, Safilo San, the restoration of the old concept. Second is the "Snow", the most fascinating. Because the old quarry area where high-rise, Zhetian Cooper, Weng Yu Cong tree, Zhu Feng ring out; when snow, snow-wrapped, do not have the unspeakable joy. At the moment there are changes in the day there is a different day and different days and nights Yinqing. Xue Qing large, the Asahi Dongsheng, but see the snow on Jiao Hui, dazzling. Branches up and down like clouds, such as fog, the old quarry area on Sibingsiyu. Less dumping, the snow melted, the breeze blowing, the snow smoke everywhere, continuously impressive. ... ... Day, endless changes. Seleucid ornaments days if the tree is good-looking. Tree branches of the Mongolian ice, as a general Yushu. Oriental Sunrise, Light sky, the first move around, such as glass-can world. San Yue "Songtao." Large wind power, as if from afar Shen Lei, or the several bursts of Pai Pao, Yousi rolling waves, like music or phase-outs, sometimes big, sometimes small, intermittent, it is indescribable. Si Yue "Rain King" Wu Yue "Shuangye." Since 1949 Barren hills around the bald ridge, all green. From the types of trees, fruit trees and so on, as well as Hill. There are natural herbs, such as Polygonum multiflorum, Araceae, the Red Lady, Cortex, green water, and so on dozens of incense. Peng-Peng covered by dense vegetation dies gray, such as a Green Bay, waiting for the visitors from afar.

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Mengshan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meng, also known in ancient times, "Meng East", "Dongshan", belonging to the Thai Department of Yishan. Mengyin located in the south with a total area of 1125 square kilometers, stretching things more than 100 years, the main peak 1156 meters above sea level, Shandong is the second peak. Meng is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization.

According to Paper records, as early as the Western Zhou period, Meng belongs to the old country manor Zhuan little while, and the simple little while the country is the ancestor of human Fu's descendants. Later, in a long time, the ancient imperial seal on the Mengshan not changed as ceremonies.

  Has a long history, the towering steep Mengshan, and 120 km away from the relatively distant Mount Tai, the mighty Wei And re-stack Luan peaks. There are thousands of mountain Qifengyidan, Rock River, old trees, old Taoist temples, ancient folk customs of Hou, the magic of the wonderful story of legend, Mencius has in the past, "Gordon Confucius Lu Tung-shan and small," the account; emperor of the Qing Kangxi and Qianlong emperor, and so have been to Mengshan worship, pilgrimage, Cai Yi Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi, and other major writers have also traveled over here, writing poetry, leaving lines through the ages.

  Magnificent and beautiful natural scenery, gorgeous John far the human heritage and the rich resources Specialty, Mengshan formed a unique grace and the powerful CMV Haobo deep momentum, is a mountain range in north China Rare scenic spots and historical and cultural famous.

National Forest Park Mengshan beautiful environment and rich resources, diverse plant and animal species, of which more than 540 Section 101 plant species, 10 animals Section 15, Section 76 kinds of birds, 28, ranking first in the country by experts as "days Oxygen Bar ", ultra-pure area.

  Mengshan National Forest Park in the development of natural scenic spots, has developed Shuilian Dong, Yu Temple, Feng Meng-yun, Xifeng Hill, pot-day peak, Xianhu floor, and so on more than 100 sites;'s infrastructure is completed into the Hill Road sclerosis, electricity Rain Temple, stone steps up the mountain road expansion Yard work, etc.; in the humanities, history, scenery, to repair the rain Temple, built Mengshan Mountain Gate, looking Buddha Pavilion, Guanpu Ting, Ting bright, Luyuan Mengshan; services in facilities, new cloud and Villa Monte Yimeng Others.

  In addition, the drug Mengshan Park, Yuen and water conservation projects are also included in Shandong Sustainable development projects.

Mengshan National Forest Park development and construction since 1993, the accumulated investment tat billion, has a food, shelter, transportation, travel, buy, entertain the basic conditions for the past few years has received several hundred more than 000 domestic and foreign tourists, increased Meng's well-known both at home and abroad To promote the economic and social development of various undertakings.

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Wang's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang, was born in 303 AD Langya County (now the city of Linyi), very fond of calligraphy since childhood, true, grass, Li, seal characters English, Lishu You Shan Chang, won the "saint book," said Wang, and their son's in our country In the history of calligraphy and said "the second King."

  Jin Yongjia the first year (the year 307 AD) with the family across the border Yin Ji Shan (now the City of Zhejiang Province Shao), Guzhai homes for the Buddhist temple, Buddhist temple after Rise and Fall. Liu false, named Pu Zhaosi, followed so far. To commemorate the history of our country the master of calligraphy, in 1990, the government invests 400 million yuan to repair the former residence of Wang Xizhi.

Xi's former residence is located in the city of Linyi Lanshan Qu Yan Chi to wash Street on the 20th for the classical garden-style building, covers an area of about 5 acres. Legend, Wang childhood moments after the hard word to the washing pool Yantai, long after the water was that color, so people fine-sounding name, "Yan Chi to wash." Yan Chi to wash in the north about 10 meters, which is higher than the 2 m surface of the sun desks, at the time for the royal book of the sun. Drying letter in the Taipei area about 10 meters, 5 antique buildings, covering about 200 square meters for future generations to build the Langya College, the former residence of Wang Xizhi display of the relevant documentation, as well as his calligraphy rubbings. A new repair Yan Chi to wash, drying desks, geese , Purification, and other relics booths, at the time to learn about the appearance of Wang Zhai. Jin Zhai new ink, calligraphy galleries and calligraphy Beilang meters long, can appreciate the book's original handwriting St., rubbing from a stone inscription, as well as contemporary North-South all different styles of calligraphy works.

Also worth mentioning is that the first two years of renovation in the wash Pool was accidentally discovered the tomb of Shinzo two sites, according to research belong to the Western Jin Dynasty period, since about 1700, Wang was born with a similar age. Fortunately, in these two tombs, unearthed many relics of the value of research, especially Yihao Mu, although it is brick tomb, but is has been discovered in Shandong Han Zhuanshi Mu large and medium-sized during the funeral of the most well-preserved.

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Malus Mengshan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Cheng Tung Meng Meng, Dongshan, Xiong Zhi in Pingyi County, Shandong Province with a total area of 1257 square km, 49 km East-West fell for the National Forest Park, a world-renowned health and longevity the Holy Land tourism, national AAAA level scenic spot.

  Saga mengshanensis peaks, Luan Pinnacle heavy, dense forests, beautiful show To magnificent novel of the Chinese, known as "Giant of the town of Kyushu, Tun Weiran Grand View." Mongolian top turtle peak 1156 meters above sea level, the Show Table cloud, the sky large Tsui, its like a turtle named after Fuwo clouds for the second peak in Shandong, Mount Tai and the distant sea, known as "Asia's Zong" .

Meng is a warm South-East Asia monsoon climate, the average annual temperature of 13.2 degrees Celsius, annual rainfall amounted to 1158.1mm, four seasons, ample light, moderate climate. Forest coverage rate of 90% of negative oxygen ions in the air content of 2,200,000 /cubic centimeter, as the "great natural It "is fit, convalescence, the best place to keep in good health and longevity. It sets many advantages in a famous male, extraordinary and dangerous show, quiet, Austria, Lin Hua Chao, Feiquanliupu, clouds of glowing rays to form a Mengshan wonders Road, Lung Poon Hu Ju, the three majestic, green water Chuilian, San Tan Lung, and other five well-known landscape. You In the meantime, it is enjoyable time.

Mengshan to keep in good health and longevity of the world famous Holy Land tourism, longevity Giant Eagle Mountain Meng is the development of tourism landmark attractions, Meng is the development of the tourism products and projects the image of the project, the goal of building in the world.

TING Giant Eagle attractions at the peak of Pingyi County Meng Meng turtle top Uncovered Rock in the northwest side of the mountain, the use of the existing model mountain, the mountain carving on the potential longevity old from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Design program. The shape of the Ming Dynasty used the image of longevity, the head 85 meters high, the doors of the brain, elegant white to be too long waist, a battle Shouzhu Japan, Trolley Xiantao, Cimei eye, and smiles. Through the art of dealing with Unreal, reaching close to the grand concept, kind, warm, clear outline of the longevity From a distance, magnificent momentum, and slowly out of the mountain to the effects of the world, in order to give the fantastic sense of mystery to the intriguing charm in Wonderland.

Shouxing carving giant construction project sites, from the beginning of creative projects to study, argues that the planning, design, has been national, provincial and municipal leaders and relevant experts, many of the high degree of attention and support. Giant Eagle's longevity built for the full expression to keep in good health and longevity Mengshan the theme of tourism development, improve the tourism Mengshan Grade, Mengshan will travel as soon as possible to large domestic and foreign tourism markets, is of great significance.

Ying Feng Shen He wonders Cong in the valley of where they stand, into the sky, Qi cliffs on the eastern side of a thousand cuts, such as Ren, Yan Jun Sensen, not to vegetation; cliff on the south side of gaps, Wang Qi-Song Yan, inverted or under , Or want to fly the air or tear, such as Jiao won ton For Beaulieu, thousands, Gui Wei-stricken. Because only with the goshawk circling, its nest, named "Eagle Peak Waterloo." Qi Jue mountain scenery, landscape, an exercise of Huaping, Tianrang area of Austria. Ying Feng Meng wonders for one of the top 10 landscape, since ancient times "less than peak eagle nest, in vain Mengshan "said.

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Shandong ground floor of the Grand Canyon tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese underground river rafting in the first hole
Longgang Shandong provincial park Geology
The core scenic spots Yimeng underground wonders

Gao Xia Shen Jian, uncanny workmanship. Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, splash-jet beads. Mirage talent, nurtured trillion years.
Underground river rafting, the thrills. Tube rail slide, intense voyage. Jiangbei cave, where the charm. Grand Canyon is located on the ground floor of Shandong Yishui county town 8 kilometers southwest Dianzi Zhen Yao Lin Fa Shan Shan 9 under. Rong is the leisure, recreation, entertainment, vacation, drifting cave, inside view into one of the tourist areas. Has now proved the length of 6100 meters cave for the first Jiangbei long-dong, top up to 30 meters, A cave by a northwest - southeast towards the Karst huge fracture from. Gurgling water inside the cave, strangely shaped stalactites, stalagmites, rock falls, carnation, stone flower, milk, rock, and so are thousands. 17 King is divided into a valley, a river, five passes and six waterfall, the Nine-palace, Jiuquan, 12 more than 160 such as Gap , In particular the ground floor of the four seasons long underground river flow, can be carried out inside the cave, drifting in the North of China's rare, known as "China's underground river rafting in the first hole."

Shandong ground floor of the Grand Canyon can be "hung, extraordinary show, quiet, dangerous," summed up and described. Hung! Hung, hung on in its majestic towering, Bang Bo in the atmosphere Grand scale, and many attractions. Walk through the hole, like hole into the Tianfu, marine stones, giving a hole in the hole I do not know, such as advertising sign outside the feeling of floating palace. During the visit King's 3100 meters line, just above King had as many as nine, such as "Kowloon Palace", "Meng Yishui" and "Fairy Shinto" and "small Flowing Water "and" on the ground floor of the Three Gorges "," 9 turn eighteen. "Canyon of the title and reached as many as 12, have a" canyon "," Black Fox Gap "and" dragon and tiger Gap "and" the devil Valley, "" ghost valley "," Qu Gap "," Three Gorges on the ground floor. "Qi! Shandong on the ground floor of the Grand Canyon Qi Qi in the unique charm, and the public The same. It set stones, strange peaks Valley, deep holes, springs, waterfalls and streams in one, a world-renowned rare natural scenery and local cultural characteristics, can be called a natural, and Humanity clever combination of art and palace. Show! Shandong show on the ground floor of the Grand Canyon show in its rich and varied attractions, and beautiful, Linlang Head, magnificent. If the practice of the falls, picturesque rock groups, such as pot-hole day, such as the plastic stones, such as the Gap of the stone, the stone poetically, is colorful, Xiusekecan. You! Shandong quiet on the ground floor of the Grand Canyon in the quiet valley of its long, deep caves, mysterious and hard. Long canyon, the underground river, deep caves You gorge, there are many days in rock crevices and Zuozuo pot, combine with each other, has embraced interest into a form of the characteristics of the quiet valley. Dangerous! Shandong ground floor of the Grand Canyon also known risk. As a valley some climbing ladder, and some likely fall off the abyss. Looking to the size of the stalactite, the stones on the verge of collapse; down, bottom faint Unpredictable, chilling. In this beautiful, as if through the wall Shen Xiang, there is a sense of Zuojingguantian. In particular, is the underground river rafting, what was more like a roller coaster ride, in the absolute security of the premise, to experience the thrills of the unique fun.

In order to increase tourism Hardware facilities and service standards of its own for the majority of visitors to create a leisure, recreation, travel holiday of a better environment for tourism in a project on the basis of the 2004 winter construction of the second phase: the newly built scenic roads and a new Office 1000 on trips to stop large-scale parking lot; construction of three Village-level Wolong Villa and a large dining facilities; Longgang Peak to restore old buildings Lung Cheung Court; long underground river to 1000 meters in rafting; involved in the construction of entertainment underground river swimming pool; Longgang west side of the building of participatory entertainment of 2800 m Large tube slide trolley car while transporting tourists; Line with transformation and lighting design, and so on at the same time. To declare state-level geological parks, national AAAA level scenic spots to create a foundation for the standard conditions.

Underground river rafting modified the project, drifting from the original length of 723 meters to extend the current 1,000 meters. The project has been in Shanghai Diogenes World Records certified the headquarters, known as China's longest cave project drift. Road design of the transformation of drifting fully reflects the deep caverns of the unpredictable ups and downs high, Chung Bo Fluxus, the characteristics of the cadence. River rafting on the ground floor will be the only native wild, most of the thrills of interpretation.

The Department heads at home and abroad using the latest technology design and manufacturing, is a leading domestic technology. Tube chute trolley car from the ground floor of the Grand Canyon tourism Longgang District Court, before the peak Lung, and along the mountain, directly on the ground floor entrance into the Grand Canyon, a total length of 2800 meters, 50 meters gap, the track design of the building of the twists and turns , The dragon may take off If wave bed Changhong, very spectacular. Slide car body length, wide-body, the joystick operation, safety braking device, visitors are free to control the speed, design speed of up to 15 km /h, ride comfort, safety and reliability, the thrills. Tourists may ride on the tube rail cars, not only can be removed from the fatigue of walking, to save time Tour , Also overlooking the panoramic Longgang, all the way to enjoy idyllic scenery along the way, too close to monitor, refrain from being an unprecedented feeling of dynamic experience. Tube chute trolley car simple, dynamic, is a very interesting tourist projects.

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Linyi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meng, Yishui long, mountainous Yimeng a good place. Yimeng mountain-known in the Shandong Province, Linyi, Shandong Province, located in the south-east, nine county jurisdiction the Third District, covering an area of 17,200 square kilometers, the population of 10,000,000, Shandong Province is the largest and most populous administrative region.

Linyi is located in the Southern coastal and strategic location, location advantages, improving the infrastructure. Location on the east by Rizhao Port, and Lanshan Port of Lianyungang, a bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge area of the East, two in Shandong and Jiangsu Province, an economic junction of the North-South intersection, economic and land and sea, a broad space for development. After the founding of the PRC, after a few Years of pain, Linyi City, has laid a good foundation for the development. Linyi airport more than a dozen cities around the country, the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, East on the highway, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge railway, the railway into a major thoroughfare in the coastal city of Linyi crisscross the territory, constitute a very convenient three-dimensional land, sea and air transport backbone, Constantly improve the communications network modernization, making the earth Yimeng external links shorten the distance of time and space, passenger flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow here in the convergence of multi-wai, both within and outside the two-way interaction between the radiation at home and abroad, opening up a big, large blend, The development pattern has taken shape. The landscape and diverse types of Linyi City Into the rugged scenery in the north and southern charm in the land of fish and rice together, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, Yitaiwanfang. Is the northern part of the rolling mountains, Wei Yi is the central hills, south of the alluvial plain is endless. The northern part of the Mengshan, "Tianranyangba" and "keep in good health and longevity," is famous, hundreds of spans, the 72 main Thirty-Dong Tian, set risk, Austria, quiet, open, odd-hung, in one show, a distance of Mount Tai, the magnificent splendor. The meandering River Yi, such as the inlaid jade belt, that runs its length throughout, with Aura. Pro Tan Cang in southern plains, Jiangmen 10,000 ares, rice flower fragrance. Beautiful, "Hill Yimeng minor," the Linyi unlimited calling out the beautiful scenery Linyi city is a rich cultural history of the land. A few hundred thousand years ago, the two sides of the River Yi on the activities of human ancestors can be found, the ancient city of Linyi have been 2400 years of history. The famous "The Art of War" and "The Art of War Sun Bin," on the bamboo slips unearthed here, with exquisite Chinese Yinan Beizhai as the stone tomb is a national key cultural unit, Linyi City, the museum has more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics, of which more than 300 state-level cultural relics. Linyi generation or phase of Zhuge Liang, Wang Shu-sheng, calligrapher Yan Zhenqing, Liu San count, and Zeng, Kuangheng, such as Wang's hometown. They Canruo Chen, light future, the earth reflected the Yimeng Renjiedeling, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau brilliance.

  Linyi city is well-known old revolutionary base areas. During the war years, the people of Yimeng for the fight against foreign aggression and the victory of the Chinese revolution has made tremendous contributions and sacrifices, Yimeng 30,000 fine sons and daughters of the battlefield themselves. Car Supporting the front ranks of the rolling, Songzi Lang joined the army to send a touching scene, she and her three children of the red touching story of the history Menglianggu note of the Battle of the honorable revolutionary period of performance.

Linyi city is rich in resources, and plain hard-working people, is a land full of vitality. From Comrade Mao Zedong wrote-off calendar Walled to the country's first village electrification Liu Mission Village, and then to the hard work of the new typical Luojhuang, Shen Chong Quan, Jiujianpeng, Linyi reflects the hard-working people, the spirit of self-improvement. The spring breeze of reform and opening up the earth so that the Yimeng vibrant, everything looks new and fresh, engineering, agriculture, business, travel, transportation, urban construction, communications, electricity And the all-round social progress, Linyi City in china wholesale, ranking third in the National Wholesale Market, Lu became the Soviet Union, Henan, Anhui's largest commodity distribution center, is committed to the development of modern logistics in the form of building a regional Modern logistics center, a history of the ancient city is the high profile and brand-new The face of the rapid rise of impressive achievements in development.

. . Linyi City, Shandong Province is also the tourism resources in the market. A good ecological environment, and a long history and culture of Prachanda and the glorious tradition of the old revolutionary base areas for the city of Linyi provides a variety of high-grade tourism resources. Based on these brigade Resources, the city of Linyi in recent years, the rapid development of the tourism industry. In the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" in the municipal party committee and the municipal government has established the characteristics of Linyi "Yimeng good scenery," the strategy of tourism development highlights the "green Yimeng," "Red style", "Wen Tao Wu slightly," the three major themes, Yimeng tourism image and brand are more The more distinctive, more and more prominent. Linyi better tomorrow, Linyi tourism must also be more beautiful tomorrow!

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Mythical Green Valley - Turpan-ditch Lu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 160 kilometers northwest of Lanzhou City Department of Yongdeng County, Lin Lin Shing, a pulse of the Qilian Mountain Donglu, is a Qishanxiushui to the natural landscape as the main tourist area, known as "mythical Green Valley."

  Lu Gully spit on August 1, 1984 officially opened to visitors in 1992, was approved by the Department of Forestry State-level forest park; in 1997 it has been selected as a pacesetter of the 10 national forest park, the city of Lanzhou has become an ideal forest eco-tourism destination. "Lu spit" is the ancient Mongolian, which means "good" or "beautiful orchard."

  Lu Gully, who spit mixed multi-ethnic region, here by the mountain climate Ring, ample rainfall, which rise amid permanent trench peaks, green forests, winding streets, spit china show and became a man without natural scenic spots Diaozao the original. In the region have originated in Russia and the Bethune LU spit Nanliu River from the north-west to the east, to the convergence of Sancha, the former ditch by the import large cr. Repair roads along the river valley through trench, the two sides King moved differences Meteorology Series. Lu Gully scenic spit of natural elevation of 1998-3165 meters with a total area of 6157 hectares.

  Chase tourists across the bridge, that is, before the spit into the ditch Lu Forest Scenic Area. Sancha travel from the bridge to the village of 6 km, it will be divided into two large and small ditch, the left side of the spit is a big Lu Total length of 14.7 km, the landscape is strange landscape-oriented tours of the main park area, a total of 24 spots, peak, mountains, cliffs, rock, thousands, Fei Bao cliffs, the old quarry area spilled beads, although for days since, like Were open. And then up, then ditch to the charge of grassland, grassland for the charming resort. Sancha line from the right into that Lu Gully spit small forest. 7 km long trench, there are 12 attractions. There are more than 1600 kinds of small trees and plants, a habitat for musk deer, running deer, blue horse chicken, lynx, Shi Yang, and so dozens of rare animals, a vast Lin, towering old trees, water features streams, Jade everywhere, as if a natural gallery .

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