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County costs Fairy Cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Charges in the county seat 15 kilometers south of the township east of Xu Jia Ya, Yang Yuhuan hills, there is a temple, said Bo Cong Um, a repair in 16 years Ming Jiajing (1537) to 37 (1558). After the repair, and more than 2 years before Shan Li Yuhuan Cong Bai tablets Um, this can still test. When the Qing Dynasty, rebuilt time and again, the set of Details. Yu Huangdian in the temple, the Temple Mount, Guan Gong Temple, and Ling Guan Dian Dian In any case, such as gold. The past century, the war repeatedly, one after another dump destroyed. Ring out the cliff here, want to rock fall. There are around the pines, gingko under the air, dense trees, shade moss, mountain Lan-ray gas, is obsessed with, the ancient tourist resorts were pushed Cong has profound North Parkinson Om cave, can accommodate 1,000 people, half-dark, quiet song vault, the two north-south, connected in the middle, there is a window, and down two floors. Dog day of summer, Hanqixiren hole, into the rest, Qi Shuang-ching of God, do not have a heaven and earth, as if in Wonderland, as a result of Fairy Cave. 2002 revealed the Ming Dynasty (1622) Hall of the University of British people to know Zhang four (Gelao the end of Ming Dynasty) in the summer, left, "surrounded by Castle Peak Yi Xiantian, a high Yuhuan Dai Caiyun, separated by three thousand Xianyang, why Biqin into the Taoyuan" poem, so far wide To be on everybody's lips. Temple Ginkgo a medieval house, standing tall and straight, about 40 meters high, 2 meters in diameter tree, lush foliage, fruit Numerous. There are tree wells, said "spring ring", Dongnuanxialiang, clear as a mirror, known as "Liquan." Stephen frog in the dark and silent, local people have a "Fairy Cave of the stem plunging bulge", said. Under the small bridge, said the "immortal bridge." There are no longer under the aquarium, said the "gossip pool." Pedestrian bridge, Castle Peak reflection, water Yang, like rainbow drive. Up along the road, a stone Dianqian 24, 5 meters wide, slowly, or their, or sit and ease, Fumian breeze, beautiful scenery. Yang Shu-of-the-way West has a green, two-and dry-sheng, if Guankou rough, about 5 meters high, like a canopy, arch, 4:00 evergreen, with Tsui For drop. Shun the ditch , Such as stone screen, such as the potential Daopi, about 6 meters, a width of 8 meters, which is known four years ago, Zhang Tiyong. Further down, there are built in 1966 by Tang Ba, who wave pool. During the rainy season, water surplus over the two sides weeping willow, a procession of ducks and geese, flying kite flying, reed problems, more Shanmingshuixiu, vegetation-wing struggle, it was the two questions Gan Huai to mark the first "flying kite flying high of All, mountain water ring Same hold different views." Second, the "Fairy Cave on the old song, Yamashita Yuhuan Flows." Ancient literati, recite poetry and a lot of Fairy Cave, who only this-Ming Zhang four known rock Sun, the village XUE Nan, Wang Guifeng and South Alice Zhang Qing Dynasty, Wu Lin Shing, Wong Kwok-him, Liu's the same music for more than 10 articles. In the last century, and calligrapher Tran Hong Van, with Li as writing this, and so on. After the liberation of the working people and became a tour of the resort to watch; some scholars and experts to study this. Dong Fu drift frequently oldest of laughter. Kit Kat scene, do not have the temperament, detail , The pines are hanging wall, Kwu Tung in Wonderland;-You-bending road, the four rock arch; Ginkgo tall and straight, cliff falls, mountain sound to each other; higher in Yuhuan wear, evening glow neon; mixed palace, arranged; return to the flyover also, The wing or not; Cliff inscriptions, representing; Phi Cong Bai Xue, the endless wonders. Flexor count, there were 18 of the King . More spectacle, non-visible at all times, I said, "Buddha." The so-called Buddha, after the rain is a natural phenomenon, and the rainbow in the sky almost, is close to the cliff formed by a semi-circular ring. This phenomenon more in the early morning or evening, the mountains are the gas-lan, by the refraction of sunlight, only to a certain degree of magic Central. I have seen many times in the old quarry area on the Fairy Cave of the Buddha, such as in Wonderland, exposure to outside world. You can only Fairy Cave, cliff hanging as a supergraphic pines, especially bright. It is said that at an appropriate distance, but also the image of Buddha in the video. Sustainable about 5 minutes, Safilo San, the restoration of the old concept. Second is the "Snow", the most fascinating. Because the old quarry area where high-rise, Zhetian Cooper, Weng Yu Cong tree, Zhu Feng ring out; when snow, snow-wrapped, do not have the unspeakable joy. At the moment there are changes in the day there is a different day and different days and nights Yinqing. Xue Qing large, the Asahi Dongsheng, but see the snow on Jiao Hui, dazzling. Branches up and down like clouds, such as fog, the old quarry area on Sibingsiyu. Less dumping, the snow melted, the breeze blowing, the snow smoke everywhere, continuously impressive. ... ... Day, endless changes. Seleucid ornaments days if the tree is good-looking. Tree branches of the Mongolian ice, as a general Yushu. Oriental Sunrise, Light sky, the first move around, such as glass-can world. San Yue "Songtao." Large wind power, as if from afar Shen Lei, or the several bursts of Pai Pao, Yousi rolling waves, like music or phase-outs, sometimes big, sometimes small, intermittent, it is indescribable. Si Yue "Rain King" Wu Yue "Shuangye." Since 1949 Barren hills around the bald ridge, all green. From the types of trees, fruit trees and so on, as well as Hill. There are natural herbs, such as Polygonum multiflorum, Araceae, the Red Lady, Cortex, green water, and so on dozens of incense. Peng-Peng covered by dense vegetation dies gray, such as a Green Bay, waiting for the visitors from afar.

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