Saturday, January 3, 2009

Royal Soap Folk Village Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Royal Soap folk located in the beautiful tourist resort in the coastal city - Rizhao City in Shandong Province Shan Haitian tourism resort, near East Yellow Sea, Rizhao bounded by the National Forest Park Beach, South Beach in accordance with the mouth-million eco-tourism area. Here beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, no winter cold and summer heat without an annual average temperature of 12.6 ?, Leisure, sightseeing, the Summer of the summer resort. In the past the village is a coastal fishing village-based fisheries. Since 1998, the adjustment of industrial structure of the village, near the sea to seize the advantages of convenient transportation to Rizhao City Beach for the third carrier, the development of coastal tourism. Investment in 1993 More than 00 million renovation of the beach, in 1998 set up a tourism Folk Village, in June 1999 introduced the "room and board in the fishing and pleasure at sea," the theme of travel style fishing.

Since October 2001, city and district levels of government to give strong support for the village, one after another 6,800,000 yuan of capital into entertainment for visitors of the rest of the Folk Culture Plaza, and large car parks, tourist resort environment improved. After three years of development, the Royal soap folk village tourism has become a beautiful environment, health and clean, simple folk customs, security, comfort, set food, housing, travel, bath in one of the most The Travel and Tourism Village, can accommodate more than 3,000 people stay.

In order to speed up the development of the tourism industry folk, in May 2002, Wang set up a soap folk tourism reception center for tourists live in the village to provide food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, bath (Entertainment) one-stop service launched By boat to the sea, fishing nets, fishing out the sea, the Galapagos islands, "such as tourism, visitors can experience the life of fishermen, enjoy the beautiful scenery. Nightfall, the fire ignited on the beach, visitors face the sea Fangge sentiment, singing and dancing, Truly embrace the experience of the sea, back to nature, the feeling of physical and mental relaxation. Friend! Thousands of miles away, Hunqianmengying when I look back, embracing hand in the sunshine, beach attached to you, me and him!

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