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Mengshan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meng, also known in ancient times, "Meng East", "Dongshan", belonging to the Thai Department of Yishan. Mengyin located in the south with a total area of 1125 square kilometers, stretching things more than 100 years, the main peak 1156 meters above sea level, Shandong is the second peak. Meng is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization.

According to Paper records, as early as the Western Zhou period, Meng belongs to the old country manor Zhuan little while, and the simple little while the country is the ancestor of human Fu's descendants. Later, in a long time, the ancient imperial seal on the Mengshan not changed as ceremonies.

  Has a long history, the towering steep Mengshan, and 120 km away from the relatively distant Mount Tai, the mighty Wei And re-stack Luan peaks. There are thousands of mountain Qifengyidan, Rock River, old trees, old Taoist temples, ancient folk customs of Hou, the magic of the wonderful story of legend, Mencius has in the past, "Gordon Confucius Lu Tung-shan and small," the account; emperor of the Qing Kangxi and Qianlong emperor, and so have been to Mengshan worship, pilgrimage, Cai Yi Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi, and other major writers have also traveled over here, writing poetry, leaving lines through the ages.

  Magnificent and beautiful natural scenery, gorgeous John far the human heritage and the rich resources Specialty, Mengshan formed a unique grace and the powerful CMV Haobo deep momentum, is a mountain range in north China Rare scenic spots and historical and cultural famous.

National Forest Park Mengshan beautiful environment and rich resources, diverse plant and animal species, of which more than 540 Section 101 plant species, 10 animals Section 15, Section 76 kinds of birds, 28, ranking first in the country by experts as "days Oxygen Bar ", ultra-pure area.

  Mengshan National Forest Park in the development of natural scenic spots, has developed Shuilian Dong, Yu Temple, Feng Meng-yun, Xifeng Hill, pot-day peak, Xianhu floor, and so on more than 100 sites;'s infrastructure is completed into the Hill Road sclerosis, electricity Rain Temple, stone steps up the mountain road expansion Yard work, etc.; in the humanities, history, scenery, to repair the rain Temple, built Mengshan Mountain Gate, looking Buddha Pavilion, Guanpu Ting, Ting bright, Luyuan Mengshan; services in facilities, new cloud and Villa Monte Yimeng Others.

  In addition, the drug Mengshan Park, Yuen and water conservation projects are also included in Shandong Sustainable development projects.

Mengshan National Forest Park development and construction since 1993, the accumulated investment tat billion, has a food, shelter, transportation, travel, buy, entertain the basic conditions for the past few years has received several hundred more than 000 domestic and foreign tourists, increased Meng's well-known both at home and abroad To promote the economic and social development of various undertakings.

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