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Prince Gong House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shichahai is located on the north shore of Prince Gong of the House is the world's largest courtyard, Beijing is also in town today, more than 60 blocks in the Palace of the Qing Dynasty to preserve one of the most complete. The parallel is divided into eastern, central and western three-way. Road construction is the 3 main sites, one hall, and the other is Houdian, Third Floor extension. Yan floor 160 meters from east to west, More than 40 houses. East and West have their own 3 yard, and across the middle. Palace is the last part of the Garden, more than 20 different spots. Since the House has a certain Prince Gong, "A Dream of Red Mansions" in describing the scene, it was said that Prince Gong House Garden is modeled on the Grand View Garden. However, many people also mentioned Different views. Wilson v. Palace masters, is a first-class nobles, so he's not only large sites, and construction is the highest grid system, to demonstrate their level of insurmountable, is a clear sign Menlian and the number of housing. Wales Government has Menlian 5, 7 in the main hall, Houdian 5, 7 and sleep after, about a side hall in a palace Below the level of the Princes of Wales site must not be more than these figures. Housing in the form of tiles the color is not for the Vietnamese. Prince Gong before the House is the master of big and Jian Xiang-kun, he built Qing Yi Tong to imitate the emperor's Ningshou Gong, Emperor, "Gahan gift to himself," This is one of a count. Site: Hercynian ago on the 17th Street traffic: cars, and so on up to 13,42,107,111,118,810,850. Admission: 60 yuan (including tickets, professional instructors, visitors to local attractions and exhibition halls of the Palace to watch big Xilou and Xilou in Beijing to enjoy performances of traditional programs, Gaiwan Cha Palace to try and snacks). If you only visit Prince Gong House, only 20 yuan.

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Longtan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongwen District, located south-east with a total area of 118 hectares, of which 300,000 square meters of water area, 3,700 meters twists and turns of the Lake, from natural stone and stone Rules section structure. Garden planted cypress, G. Liu, Long Zhuahuai; there are 10 of the 20-meter-long model of plants, flowers of the two dragon. Lake stone arch bridge, two-booth Longtan Bridge and falls into the Lake of the four islands, four on the peninsula, the three banks, a canyon, 6 green bridge. It can be Dangzhou lake surrounded by pavilions, lush vegetation, there are a number of "dragon" is the theme of new scenic areas, scenic Pavilion & Dragons, the Longtan area, a word-long stone forest JING , Lin Tong Lung and scenic spots to spend Island. There are parks in the northwest end of the Ming Yuan Chonghuan national hero of the temple, there are portraits of Yuan Chonghuan and some stone and the original handwriting, such as Kang Yu-wei's term draft manuscripts, the park covers an area of 17 acres south of the Chongwen District Children's Activity Center. A number of unique, elegant style of classical gardens built So that the Longtan Park, Beijing has become a modern and elegant gardens of the park. Now the park has also set up restaurants, fast food, cold drinks, coffee, photography, handicrafts, and other service facilities, and Tim hand-boating, electric boats, the ferry boat before the winter ice-skating rinks, there. Longtan Park 1 86 years since the official opening in March, held a number of large-scale activities of the park. The annual Spring Festival Longtan temple fair; in 1988 organized by the International Dragon Boat Race Festival; there, "Chung Yeung Festival on September 9," You Yuanhui, and so on, these activities have an impact not only at home, abroad and in Hong Kong and Macao also increased the visibility of the Longtan Park. Address: Chongwen District 8 Longtan Road Transport: Road 6,12,60,116,807 Beijing amusement park tickets and get off: 1 yuan Zip Code: 100061

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Beijing Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Beijing Botanical Garden is located near the Western Hills Wofo Si, in 1956 the establishment of the State Council's approval, planning area of 400 hectares, in order to collect, preserve and display of China's North China, Northeast China, Northwest China's resource-based plants, collection of scientific research, popular science and the tour features Into one. Botanical Garden to demonstrate the East China , Northwest, North China-based plant resources, both part of central China, the South China sub-tropical ornamental plants. Both the scientific content, appearance and landscape. In accordance with the "light of local conditions, the excuse is used to build parks, landscaping plants to highlight" the principles of botanical gardens have been built more than a dozen pine and cypress areas and special types of gardens. The small parks of various styles, with special . There are Chinese and Italian-style pastoral scenery, France's strict court-neat layout as well as British-style open stretch of the screen. Park, the verdant trees, flowers Zhengyan. Modeling vivid sculpture, unique compact Pavilion, red flower in the shade of trees. Has now completed more than 200 hectares of open area by the plant show Areas, historical sites and nature reserves composition of the resort. ?? ?? exhibition area plants, including ornamental areas, Arboretum, bonsai garden, greenhouse flower district. ?? ?? ornamental plants from the Garden District, the Peony Garden, Rose Garden, Pitt Taoyuan, Lilac Garden, Magnolia Park, the garden show set (Yuen), Cotoneaster Begonia Garden, Xuan Yuan autumn, places Flower garden, garden plants and are planning for the plum of the 12 categories of professionals composed of Park. ?? ?? Arboretum area from ginkgo, pine and cypress areas, maple trees Rosa district, linden tree willow area, Magnolia Berberis area under construction and Platanus oak Ma district, the district composed of white wax Paulownia; ?? ?? Bonsai Garden in 1995 into open . ?? ?? 2 Jan 1, 2000 opening of the exhibition greenhouses from around the world to display thousands of tropical and subtropical plants, is Asia's largest exhibition of greenhouse plants. Introduction and cultivation of plants in the park more than 56 trees, 5,000 species (including varieties), 900,000 square meters of the grass pitch. ?? ?? relics in the resort by lying Temple, Ying Taogou, long taught Temple site, "on January 2. IX" Jinian Ting, Liang Chi-chao cemetery, Cao Xueqin, and other components of the memorial. Transportation: Take up to 318,331,360,714,733,737,904.

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Da Juesi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Da Juesi located in the western suburbs of Beijing Hill Terrace, was built in four years, Liao Yong Ham (1068), with a total area of more than 6000 square meters, known as the "temple of the Western Hills 300 giant brakes." Da Juesi ride west to east, and use nearby building, the main building from east to west as follows: 10 minutes Drum Tower, the Hall of Maitreya, the Main Hall, the permitted immeasurable life, Great Mercy , The stupa, Longquan and so on.

There are eight major Taijue Si King: Shan Lee Teng placed at the entrance of the Park, the rock carvings of the story rather than the pond water animals, the four-Tang Yi and North Magnolia courtyard of the Ming and Qing dynasties of Magnolia, immeasurable life prior to the Millennium Hall of Ginkgo biloba, all-around Temple's two springs, on the eastern side of the Longtan Bricks of the Liao Dynasty, North Magnolia ri Bi Yun and Shi-ching at the top of the Jialing temple pagoda. Jialing the auspices of the Qing Dynasty for Pagoda Buddhist stupa of the Jialing and shaped like the North Sea, the White Pagoda Park, the tower next to the towering pine and cypress, beautiful scenery. Address: Beijing Haidian District, near the hot springs.

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Bi Yunsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangshan is located in Dong Lu, formerly known as Um Pik, was built in the Yuan Dynasty, the Western Hills Scenic Area for the most complete of a temple, Poxiang the West Lake Temple. Temple-wide area of 40,000 meters, with Rohan Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Court springs, such as the famous tower throne of King Kong. Temple has beautiful scenery, towering pine and cypress. Outside the Mountain Gate, is a Vacant stone bridge, the bridge is Wuzhangshenhe, Cassia big ditch next to Liu, Goudi gurgling sound of water, not dry seasons. There in front of the famous pair of stone lions. From the top of the Mountain Gate to the Temple is divided into six layers. Hill sector of the central axis there are four main hall, bring up the rear hatchback is a vivid tall, powerful and ferocious will Hengha II. Qiandian is chubby indemnity Buddha. For the Hall of Sakyamuni in the middle. There are beautifully decorated hall of the caisson Jinlong, the Golden Broom, the middle is the statue of Buddha preaching, surrounded by his disciples and Rohan. Behind the main hall is decorated in Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the hospital Hebao pine and cypress, lawn grass. Tang Shang is the statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Main hall North Point, a display of the Soviet Union Government in March 1925 sent by the Commissioner to send a fiberglass coffin. As the Dr. Sun Yat-sen had already encoffining but for this Memorial. There courtyard of the deeds of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Gallery. Bi Yunsi the hospital is 500 West Ocean Hall. Rohan each about 1.5 meters high, all form True, the live-long features. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall from rising, after up to 34 meters of the path of St. Paul, the temple is the tallest building: the throne of King Kong tower, 34.7 meters high tower, magnificent architecture, fine cut and polish, on the outskirts of Beijing is the 000 Tower, the Western Hills Dong Lu is the high ground. The top board, the landscape in the suburbs of Beijing, Wu Yu. To Biyun Si, and Xiangshan Wofo Si is the same way by car. General Yu Wo Fosi first, and then to the Xiangshan Biyun Si. Special care: Jin Bi Yunsi must first buy tickets Xiangshan. Admission: 10 yuan traffic: 318,331,360,714,733,904 to .

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Beijing Zhongshan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tan state formerly known as Zhongshan Park, located on the northwest side of Tiananmen Square, Tiananmen Square and in the northeastern part of the Tai Miao (the working people of this palace of culture) relative, is the Ming and Qing emperor worship God and the land of Ceres Department. In order to commemorate Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1928 changed its name to Zhongshan Park. Tan is the state of the square showed that the high-profile three-to White structure, a symbol of "Tianyuandifang" said Tan has spread in yellow, green East, Southern red, white West, North and five colors of the soil, around the short wall is also covered by the direction of four-color glazed tile. There are three walls around the altar, surrounded by walls of a white marble open the door, "Star lattice door." In the middle of an "altar wall", with the altar wall outside Between the north and Bai Dian Ji door of the West bank in God and God kitchen, Zaisheng kiosks. Tan sub-state Baidian Hall, Tan Southern, Western altar, the altar outside the East, North altar, and other construction. Tan area south corridor, to defend the peace Square, Bai Shulin, South Gate altar stone lions, Shuixie four Xuan Yi, Tang Hua dock, Lanting eight-chu and Ting-Ting Raymond. In 1949, the People's Park to carry out a large-scale construction, bulldozers stacked mountains by planting flowers and trees, the garden a new look. But still maintains a number of Ming Dynasty architecture, towering trees and beautiful environment. Tickets: 3 yuan opening hours :6:00 - 21: 00 traffic: 1,4 5,10,22,37,52,726,802, a special way up. One or the subway line that is off to the west of Tiananmen.

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Miao White Pagoda Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuchengmen Street northbound at the door for Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Tai Wan Ansi Shengshou formerly known as the White Pagoda Temple, built in 16 years yuan (1279), built in 25 million (1288). Tianshun the first year of the Ming Dynasty (1457) should be re-Miao Temple, commonly known as the White Pagoda Temple. 28 million positive (in 1368) On all the temples destroyed in Leihuo only Baita spared. Xuande next eight years (1433) and 27 years of Emperor Kangxi (1688) rehabilitation of the two, Ming and Qing dynasties, the Republic of China during the frequent repairs. After the liberation, the Government has on many occasions and was renovated in 1980 to set up the management of heritage and the White Pagoda Temple, at the same time opening foreign . "Cultural Revolution", to remove the Mountain Gate and the White Pagoda Temple, White Pagoda Temple built non-staple food shopping. In 1997, the Xicheng District to remove 30000000 yuan into shopping malls, Baita showed. After the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage and other departments concerned, in October 1998, the White Pagoda Temple was formally opened after renovation. Traffic: 7,1 , 42,102,103,709,846,850 way up to public transportation.

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Bai Wang Shan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Almost all people know that "good Xiangshan Red" and linked it with the Xishan Mountain, another angle, but also a Autumn leaves tour of the excellent location, which is a hundred Wang Shan Forest Park. Bai Wang Shan Shan also known child. As a result of two villages in the northeast foot of the mountain Wang (Wang), North West Point (wang) named after. Liao Bing and Yang legend Rokuro Yamashita in World War II, mountaineering She Taijun Rokuro to boost the morale of the match. Therefore, also known as the "Wang-shan children." Wang'ershan 210 meters above sea level, the Taihang Mountain Range is an extension of the North China Plain at the eastern end of a mountain. High-sighted, is a modern complex to the east, the mountain forest is over, Mai Xiang ten. Pak hope to enjoy the park Leaves a large area of forest plantations, where the sumac, maple, and so on, in their prime of life period of strong growth. Bai Shan Wang leaves the best reward is a place of friendship between the booths. Open woodland here, Pohuan-way, walk in the forest to enjoy red leaves. Another hope is that a hundred of the summit taken on Maple Hill Pavilion. Gordon Pavilion West Vision Taihang peaks Cheung, the storied dye do, to see Red Man Shan pines Calocedrus matched, the more beautiful red leaves. Here when the setting sun, making the other more beautiful sunset red leaves, red leaves look wonderful feeling. Bai Shan Wang from the stone along the road to shun western slopes there is a deep valley, "Red Fairy" as stone, the ring may have an audience around the mountain. Transport: 330,93 , 716,722, 4, 5, 6 special way to reach. Admission: 6 yuan

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Yanshou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

500 have been for many years, 10 km from the Ming Tombs, Mutian Valley is a gateway to the Great Wall and the iron wall of the tower Yinshan Liao necessary land. Temple Church green tile homes, Diaolianghuadong, antique. Growth of the temple has a history of 800 years of Pan Song, special protection of the state tree, Zhicha circling each other, like a giant dragon dancing in the air Phoenix ridge opposite the song, like the Youth Pre-employment Phoenix, lifelike. Canada placed in the temple by Mr. Luo Andao the white marble Buddha as a gift and Bi Yu Guanyin Bodhisattva as priceless, of which 1.2 m high statue of Avalokitesvara, one of the world can not. There are great spots around the Yangshan, Yinshan, Mutian Valley, Huanghua Cheng Treasury, the Ming Tombs. Activities each year: May fishing; mountaineering season in June; July summer camp activities of the Organization of primary and secondary school students; 9, 10, on Chestnut autumn festival, picking wild fruit, barbecue field, Yechui activities.

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Ming imperial palace wax - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Covers an area of 192,000 square meters, based on the famous tourist destination ---- Ming Ming Tombs, is a unique figure in modern technology and audio visual technology, ancient and modern financial architecture in one of the major cultural tourist attractions. The entire complex by the Ming imperial palace wax, like music and dance Ming Palace, Ming Office of the meal, shopping centers and multi-gong Entertainment Office of five parts. Ming imperial palace wax has 26 independent real scene, 374 lifelike, wax figures of the brilliant, vivid reproduction of the Ming Dynasty 276 years since the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang to The Last Emperor Chongzhen a total of 16 emperors experienced by Major historical events. Ming like music and dance At the same time, can accommodate 250 people, you can taste the dishes out of court at the same time, watch the palace in the Ming Dynasty music and dance. In addition to the Office of next meal for your family food supply in the Ming Dynasty, at the same time at home and abroad to take care of the needs of tourists of different levels, around the fast-food snacks and a variety of flavors, which can accommodate 600 people dining at the same time. Multi-functional entertainment available in the Office La OK, music, tea and small and medium-sized conference room. Imperial Palace also figure out each year to 23 Layue fifteenth day festival organized by fireworks; 7 - 10 Summer held cultural activities in the square. The palace is not only carry forward the Chinese nation has a long history of cultural arts palace, the palace in the Ming Dynasty also like to enjoy meals and entertainment Material at the center. There are spots around the Ming Tombs, Kowloon amusement park, Mang Shan, Hu Yu, and so on. Admission: 40 yuan

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Beijing Garden Chinese - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese Garden is located in the southwest of Beijing Asian Games Village, located in the capital, "Dragon" North central axis, with the Chinese National Olympic Sports Center, adjacent to an area of about 40 hectares, is a collection of Chinese ethnic minority traditional architecture, folk customs , Song and dance performances, crafts, as well as national food production as one of the major national cultural base .

  Beijing Museum of the Chinese nation (Chinese Garden) is a recovery, collection, display and study of the 56 Chinese ethnic culture, heritage and social life of the Museum of Anthropology major. Its completion and opening up, China has not filled a major gap in the Museum of Anthropology, marking the cultural capital of things The building of spiritual civilization and progress has been made in the development; the current owner in the capital marked the country's largest national culture protection, display and exchange of a base; marked the capital, there has been a full display of the party and the state of national policy, national unity and national progress, new The window. "

  Beijing Bo of the Chinese nation Home (Chinese Garden) is the National Olympic Park and cultural activities, an area of 50 hectares. Park planning and construction of 56 ethnic Chinese branch museums and scenic spots have been built more than 40 ethnic groups in the branch museums and scenic spots, more than 100 National Landscape Department, the 200 seat national construction, the main exhibition hall 2. Its Some will be completed by 2008. Beijing Museum of the Chinese nation (Chinese Garden) building in Beijing was included in the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and the 50th anniversary of the founding of key projects, from beginning to end has been Beijing municipal government's direct leadership and support of the national local government at all levels to be And the masses Enthusiasm to help and participation, to be patriotic overseas Chinese-funded effort.

Beijing Chinese Garden is located on the west side of the road in the north central, northern and southern sub-park occupies an area of 400,000 square meters. Park has a Tibetan, Qiang, Dai and Jingpo, Hani, Wa, Miao, Buyi, Dong, Yi, Daur, Hezhe, Oroqen, Fresh, high mountains, white, keno, Lisu, Pumi, anger, single-lung, Deang, Naxi, Tujia, Zhuang, Yao, Maonan, water, full, Uygur, Tajik, Kazak, Kirgiz, Mongolian, Ewenki, Hui, Gelo, Li, She, and other 40 ethnic minority area; there is Wang Yung, God columns, waterfalls and cave, the path along the cliff Liusuo, Bar, and so on Karez National Landscape Department, 100; Diaojiao Lou there, the boat-shaped housing, the Housing palm land, towers, Muleng Fang, stone houses, such as cave 200 by the ratio of 1:1 in the construction of various forms of national construction ; In these buildings to display a large number of ethnic cultural relics and supplies to the true representation of all ethnic groups living original . Garden full of water in the lake Yan, a small bridge arching, grass-green bonus, whirling Zhu Ying, cock Cashmere goats, rice-based fragrance. From the ethnic minority areas, hundreds of young people of all ethnic groups in the garden tour guide for visitors, explaining that the display of national conditions and customs. Park organized by the minority festivals, happy excitement, fun and full of national characteristics, Senate Strong, was welcomed by the visitors. Songkran Dai, the head Jingpo Nao song longitudinal section, Lisu Arbor Day, the Mongolian Naadam, the Uighur Harvest Festival has become the most attractive garden.

Naxi construction

Naxi area covers an area of 4032 square meters, construction area of 20 0 square meters. Building for the rehabilitation of the Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan Province Naxi typical urban residential construction, "brick structure", are 1:1. Planning, according to the layout of the Old Town of Lijiang "Square Street" in the form of streets, a total length of 90 meters, 5 meters widest point, the narrowest point 3 meters, the main characteristics of the riverside Street, Drainage temporary lanes. Old Town of Lijiang is " Ancient Silk Road, south-west, "one of the important post, and from the Caravan of businessmen here, so that became the trade center." Square Street "Old Town of Lijiang is at the center of the square. Square Street surrounded by shops around, it is to have every street, Ke Gong House Square Street is the center of the building to its high ground as the center of the pool Space plays a role in controlling the streets. Yulong Snow Mountain spring water flow Chuanjie town houses have been through walls, "spring water every family, every household Chueiyang"; the path of right and wrong with the drainage and layout, with housing on the terrain and the combination of high and low, plus inadvertently placed a springboard and A large number of stone, wooden weaved so that the building space changes all the time Harmony yin. China has become the most distinctive residential areas of the plateau --- water.

Bai construction

Bai area covers an area of 7168 square meters, construction area of 2900 square meters. Building resilience by Dali in Yunnan Province region, "Chau-hi," "City Week" Bai typical construction, stone brick structure Both 1:1. Planning for cities and towns in the form of "Street." By the Shing Mun, the main temple, stage, country markets, Zhaobi a three-bedroom, five-Tetraena courtyard, Teahouse, Hu Diequan such as construction, so as to the composition of agriculture, handicraft industry and commerce of the more developed Bai cultural and economic status.

Bai residential construction for the multi-phase Closed-off construction portfolio, the typical layout as "a three-bedroom Zhaobi", "Five Tetraena courtyard" in the form. Is a common feature of the building space separated by 3, the courtyard is a large space around the central room, bedroom and other main living areas and activities, and arrangements were omitted profile hall, kitchen, the animal circle, and other auxiliary buildings, the layout of combined , Prioritize, and the corresponding complement. The residential decoration outside is to deal with residential construction and Bai culture, arts integration features.

The residential areas are outside black, Mexican-based paint transfer, dotted with stone blue, ocher, such as painting, color elegance, smooth lines. Wooden frame, green tile, Qingshi Ban canopy closure, and The original area of the nature of space color matched, so that the buildings, people, into the environment. Zhaobi the courtyard space to deal with the use of the best form. Zhaobi by the symmetry of the two high and low water combination, the use of large areas of white Fenqiang, light reflection, not only to increase its focus on three sides of the room interior lighting, the extension of the plateau Rizhao area, but also a small courtyard suddenly.

Qiang construction

Qiang covers an area of 3575 square meters area, construction area of 936 square meters, according to the construction rehabilitation of Aba in Sichuan Province, Kitagawa, the upper reaches of Minjiang Qiang farmers typical home construction. Stone structure with large stone block Building are 1:1. Planning for the mountains in the form of stockade, composed of people from four rooms.

Qiang residential construction to make full use of dangerous terrain power, construction materials Diaolou Shishi, inhabited by enemies of Islam, easily defensible, is a defensive construction, the windows are smaller, often several families merging, seamless construction, Utah Rock Hill grow on the general. Here are four recover Chuan Wenchuan Qiang residential areas --- Block 4 is connected Qiang stone building, was a square, flat-topped. The average for the three-tier, the bottom of captive animals, debris piled up; live in the middle, bedroom set, Chong pot (that is, Huotang) and the shrine; the upper food storage, the roof platform Grain drying clothes and rest for the elderly and children to play. Roof of the white stone tablets block, is a place of worship to pray. Qiang indoor residential space is to deal with "modern", every household and household phase of the other, have an independent courtyard and the level of shared activities ranging from space. They make full use of the slope The vertical elevation difference, not only solved the structure of the stone-storey housing, and completed the defensive needs, so that 4 of high, medium and low can be connected to the same, but with a foreign enemy to invade every space Independence can be closed. These flexible common space of freedom, have become household exchanges between the feelings of living space. Construction of the Dong

  The Dong area covers an area of 4000 square meters, construction area of 571 square meters, building rehabilitation Congjiang according to the Guizhou Province, the area of the Dong Liping typical construction, are 1:1. Walled in the form of planning by the Drum Tower, Feng Yuqiao, Zhai Men, the stage, residential areas, water tankers, grinding room, barn, rice , And other components. Dong ethnic architecture in order to fir as raw materials in the form of residential areas for dry-type column. Dongzhai in reservoirs over most of the lower part of the residential building "on foot" in the reservoirs. The overall appearance of the Dong Drum Tower, at the bottom of the hall, at the top of the frame structure of the wooden drum, and Yan Jiao in the form of plastic, and other animals, have the same needs and functions of the model It was built in the center of the stockade, tall and majestic, Jishi Li, it will be able to see the high clouds, the big moment, when it will be at the top of the wooden drums sounded, the villagers were gathered at the Drum Tower, "Hall of Parliament", Listen to the old Walled presided over the "Drum Tower meeting," the development of the rural people about regulation, and to beat a drum and the entry into force.

Elunchunzu Jian Oroqen covers an area of 1000 square meters area, construction area of 68 square meters. Building resilience in Heilongjiang Province, according to the Hinggan Mountains area the size of a typical family residential Elunchunzu are 1:1. In the form of planning for the village. Family residential Elunchunzu also known as the "fairy-chu", commonly known as the "group of LUO." Elunchunzu has long been engaged in Hunting and gathering way of life, residential building simple, easy ride down. "Immortal column" to a tree as the center, dozens of the root or birch wood according to Liu arranged around the circle, into the lower end of the earth, are the top tilted to the center, the intersection fixed in the trunk Center, constitute the framework of cone-shaped, straw mat outside Bark or animal skin External strong bundling Browne. Indoor only positive men sitting and lying, the right side of the seat for the elderly, the left side of the seat for the younger generation. "Immortal column," the central fire burning all day long for heating and cooking.

Dai Architectural

  Dai area covers an area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 1347 square meters Building resilience in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, according to Dai typical construction areas are 1:1. Planning in the form of "chai." Zhai Zhai Men by Dai, residential tower Dragon Man, Dai Temple, Walled heart, water kiosks, wells, Peacock Pavilion, the bridges formation of a community full of life. Dai Theravada Buddhist belief, each must have Walled Village Temple pagoda. At the same time, advocates of "water" holy, Walled next to the wells, he has become indispensable to the community. Dai residential wood for the structure of the dozens of wooden pillars elevated into a dry root architecture exhausted. Who live in the upper and the lower cool spacious, captive animal, placed the production and life of appliances. For the wall of wood or bamboo tablets, housing Xie Shan usually grass roof or roof tiles (Banwa soil), usually with lower canopies waist; formed a high overhead, Tiaoyan long, steep roof, wall panels and Minzuxingshi unique local characteristics, greatly adapted to the local Hot and humid weather conditions. Dai's unique style wells, is characterized by its cover well. It elephants, peacocks or tower The auspicious symbol of style; inside and outside wall mirror set, there are painted patterns, a left side of the water intake, even clean water, but also embodies the spirit of the Dai people advocating water.

Visitors to the nation during a visit to the village at the same time, but also to appreciate and participate in the national songs and dances, festivals, production, sports and performing arts, and so on Action. Every summer night's national museum, Beijing is a major bright spot, more unique visitors to enjoy the arts.

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Terrace Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Terrace Hill in the wooded area, and many old trees. It's very good in the suburbs of Beijing to watch the sunrise and named after, more than 10 years of north-south distribution of many historical sites halfway up the mountain. Panshan Road to the existing well-known Jiufeng Forest Park, and Millennium Dajue Si temple, the main peak - the peak Miao, also made it to preserve the integrity of the Qing Dynasty, alcohol King. After spring (around by the end of April), Terrace Hill Heng Fa Chuen, peach, pear and apple flowers, cherry blossoms and opening sequence, I have to thank you in full bloom, full of high and low near and far to spend. By the end of April, the spring in the capital subsided, Terrace Hill is concentrated in the spring. "Eight temple must," the famous Da Juesi, 100 Magnolia triclosan Strong, "1100-Yi bold flowers." Tickets: 8 yuan Tel: 62456816,62459209 Transport: From the Summer Palace, seat 346 bus stations in the North River that is to get off.

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Tai Bao Han Taihsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Bao large western Han Tomb Museum is a unique site of the imperial mausoleum Museum, is now in the Western Han Dynasty over 2,000 years ago, Wang Guang-yang Dumping Liu (73 BC - BC 45 years) on the ground floor of the palace built on the site. Museum adjacent to the Beijing World Park, covers an area of 18,000 square meters. To display: site of the underground palace and archaeological finds, the ancient Chinese imperial tomb exhibition, there are unique to participate in projects such as: Analog archeology, culture, and other recreational activities. Large-scale underground palace, the special structure, the use of the Han, "The Son of Heaven", that is, the Western Han Dynasty emperor of the Queen's most senior Department of concrete burial, known as Zigong, then Housing, Huang intestinal problem together. "Underground palace as a whole by a few hundred cubic meters of cedar, Phoebe, and other valuable timber from building, 23.2 meters long from north to south, west width of 18 meters, 4.7 meters Jude Biao. Mudao within There are buried three cars, 11 horses, and horsemen are really practical, history is set for the crown prince and feudal Wang The ride, "Zhu Qing-round spot to build cars." More than 1,000 pieces of historical relics unearthed, bronze, iron, jade, lacquer, agate, Park Jin, pottery and silk, and so on. Underground palace ruins and remains of chariots and horsemen is the only on the original site of the most well-preserved large tomb sites, is the study of Han Chinese culture and history of Beijing's real valuable material . May 4-10 every year organized by the "mock archaeological". Admission: 10 yuan

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North Putuo movie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuxi CCTV is the second movie, the movie Zhuozhou after the completion of a new set of travel and tourism, film and photography, film and television training, hosted the meeting, and cultural exchanges as one of the major multi-functional movie, and its construction so as to the Ming and Qing style dominated. A Dream of Red Mansions a city park, North Putuo Temple, and so the old building, Mongolia tea bag, skill bridge, posing as new developments have been, Lin Xing hydrangea, and so filled with traditional folk customs and cultural activities; the ancient town of the Ming and Qing Three Street Village, Training Academy, the cradle of star indicates that Chinese film culture will be further developed; Painting and Calligraphy Institute , Pottery museum and pine, bamboo and plum garden is three more traditional Chinese culture. Every 5, 6, Japan, the city's arts groups in the "water stage" and attractions, together with the local folk to the Flower Show, organized by extraordinary excitement, "performing arts park to the Fair activities." Transport: through the front door by bus up to 922.

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Foshan lying - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foshan lying tourist resorts, many peaks, steep lofty, and the Great Wall Miangen, Taiwan one after another enemy, Eritrea captured squat dangerous, unpredictable. Tourism wedding day for the spring and autumn. You travel in the region Mingshan Kong, Xiu Yun Ling-social, Ying Ying springs, streams Mimi, traditional costumes and stone, impressive. That is more Xiong Guan Road, the Old City Fort Langyan war, the majestic Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty at the foot of the red wooden wall with each other, close at hand. Hill at the foot of the Rainbow Villa, has a new ultra-popular European-style wooden villas, Villa are equipped with 17 rooms, in particular, to build a unique style of the White House suite. Currently has 80 beds, a Chamber-type rural Modulation to bars and fresh red trout featuring "Lin persimmon home" villages. Accommodation for visitors, meetings, entertainment, fishing, mineral bath and other access. Rainbow Hills Resort bed around 80 yuan, guests can order according to their own taste, cheap. Transport: Direct East 916 by road to the Huairou Huaisha-for-car line to the west side of the island under the Mutian Valley.

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