Saturday, February 7, 2009

Longtan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongwen District, located south-east with a total area of 118 hectares, of which 300,000 square meters of water area, 3,700 meters twists and turns of the Lake, from natural stone and stone Rules section structure. Garden planted cypress, G. Liu, Long Zhuahuai; there are 10 of the 20-meter-long model of plants, flowers of the two dragon. Lake stone arch bridge, two-booth Longtan Bridge and falls into the Lake of the four islands, four on the peninsula, the three banks, a canyon, 6 green bridge. It can be Dangzhou lake surrounded by pavilions, lush vegetation, there are a number of "dragon" is the theme of new scenic areas, scenic Pavilion & Dragons, the Longtan area, a word-long stone forest JING , Lin Tong Lung and scenic spots to spend Island. There are parks in the northwest end of the Ming Yuan Chonghuan national hero of the temple, there are portraits of Yuan Chonghuan and some stone and the original handwriting, such as Kang Yu-wei's term draft manuscripts, the park covers an area of 17 acres south of the Chongwen District Children's Activity Center. A number of unique, elegant style of classical gardens built So that the Longtan Park, Beijing has become a modern and elegant gardens of the park. Now the park has also set up restaurants, fast food, cold drinks, coffee, photography, handicrafts, and other service facilities, and Tim hand-boating, electric boats, the ferry boat before the winter ice-skating rinks, there. Longtan Park 1 86 years since the official opening in March, held a number of large-scale activities of the park. The annual Spring Festival Longtan temple fair; in 1988 organized by the International Dragon Boat Race Festival; there, "Chung Yeung Festival on September 9," You Yuanhui, and so on, these activities have an impact not only at home, abroad and in Hong Kong and Macao also increased the visibility of the Longtan Park. Address: Chongwen District 8 Longtan Road Transport: Road 6,12,60,116,807 Beijing amusement park tickets and get off: 1 yuan Zip Code: 100061

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