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Qiongguojiesi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Poor fruit-Caron is also known as the Temple Temple, Temple Qiongjie fruit. Canadian County is located in Cha Heung Choi for a long time. The original building is the only Zula Kang (Zhudian). High-5, Hall 58 column, and decorated with Golden Summit. To the fifth Dalai Lama, the article noted Sang Jiejia wrong Monastery of expansion to form an area of 4,000 square meters of buildings. Si Wai "Poor fruit-Chi Temple," the monument is the Dalai Lama III, when legislation. Sihou in the hillside Shrine Mani stone, for the Dalai Lama's footprints Stone III; Sihou outside on the grass, buried in a piece of stone, are vulnerable to the pilgrims worship, said to be Staring at the stone can see themselves get the Image. Qiongguojiesi located in the former Sheng Hu's the only way available to spend the night. Sheng Hu to tourists in general to live in this night, early the next day on the road, on foot or on horseback, about 4-5 hours to reach the world famous Ramla Shenghu wrong.

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Canadian search - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Increases in check in Tibetan means "Han salt," Legend has it that Princess Wencheng to Tibet through here, here and in a hole put a piece of salt from the salt water out of the hole, named. Kamameshi increase is the most famous specialty search. Cylindrical pot was, at the end of large, small mouth, ears, outside exquisite designs, the production of skilled Kamameshi production of raw materials is a Shuicheng Yan, only the local mountains over 5000 meters can be taken into account, making good on the spot after trading down the mountain. Can do a big meal of more than 20 people, only a small more than 10 cm. Kamameshi do special meal taste delicious, but food will not be cold in a matter of hours, so most people love Canada Kamameshi investigation, the stone bowl shape and exquisite designs, is known specialty. Richard increase in the wooden bowls and wooden materials, crafts, coloring, painting and carving durable, and so on are good. Unique micro-climate here not only to make a wide variety of wildlife resources, but also in Tibet has become a well-known fruit production. Canada Apple sweet clear that Tibet is a well-known varieties of fruit. Cha known to increase walnut, thin shell meat, crispy Xihua. At present the county with an annual output of up to walnut more than 250,000 kilograms, more than 50 million in revenue. It is said that there is an age of more than 200 years old walnut tree, "the walnut tree", a single plant can yield 1500 Walnut public Above. Local walnut tree cultivation has a long history, more varieties, of which there are more well-known horse of the walnut, walnut butter, eggs, nuts and so on. God Ramla Lake fault, poor fruit-Ming Si, as well as the scenic valley of jade that is added to the search of visitors to the most worthy of a place.

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Blair testifies on Mulberry - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng Hu Sheng Hu scenic area, the East is passing through, Mulberry, Qusong, plus four-county search to form a circular route, the entire 360 km, the journey takes about 5 days. This so-called Sheng Hu, saying that Canada is located in the county's search Ramla wrong Lake. Is a scenic mountain valley climate zone, with an average of about 3500 meters above sea level, with an average Wen 8 ?, the highest temperature of 28 ?, 18 ? minimum temperature below zero degrees. The whole area, a mountain-valley, the snow-capped mountains, rhododendron, the river god, hot springs, shrines, ancient temples in one, both knot pull snow-capped mountains, Budan La Shan, Jade Valley, Ramla wrong, Woka hot, hot color-wu Natural landscape, but also Caron Baron, Culture and Sport has, Qiaga Qu De La Jiali temples and palaces Palace, and other human landscape. 6 years in October each year, either on horseback, on foot or by car, here are the magnificent scenery of southern Tibet enjoy a good place. Sang sites on the card when Ma Temple in the county seat on San Zetang 29 km to the east, the card when the temple built on Ma Sang Day About 2.5 kilometers east of a mountainside on. Kama also known as Temple. Founded in the 11th century AD, when the faction Ga Temple, in the late 11th century solution to the Greek camp were about the year in the 17th century became the Gelug Sect monasteries, but still retained the Greek solution to send some of the rituals. When the Kama Shiniandongluan destroyed in the Temple, 198 In the reconstruction. Moji Luo Ji Zhuoma Zhu Gong statue. Moji Luo Ji Zhuoma is the history of Tibetan Buddhism to open one door, a unique style of women. She Greek solution on the basis of Buddhist teachings were, Ga absorb some of the strength of political parties, founded faction Moggi. Moggi was sent in Tibet has been widely disseminated for the Advancement of Women To a positive role. Chu Teh Qiaga Temple is located in County Down on Mulberry township government in the west foot of the mountains in the south bank of the Brahmaputra, for the site were just standing alone, with a total area of 2000 square meters. Was built in the late 16th century, the Gelug Sect is a temple. Temple Church as a gateway to the wall-chi said: AC adapter Tibetan calendar year (the year 1577 ), The third Dalai Lama Suonan measures to Qinghai and span up to Khan during a meeting here pass by, and authorized in the Egyptian wing (down this township) the establishment of the Gelug Sect gym, the king of La Jiali Monastery provides for the establishment of funding. Zhudian are well-preserved, the Tibetan Buddhist carvings and statues known Gudiao; Songtsan Gambo and description of the ancient monks Health The series of wall paintings, frescoes, as well as Ocean's 16, Murals law of God is very beautiful. Qu Qiaga in Germany near the Temple of the Palestinian village of Lang, also a long history of the sites - but the Palestinian Lang, Culture and Sport. Pakistan Lang, Culture and Sport has Tubo period for the existing built by one of the Church, an area of 280 square meters, still in possession of many of the Tubo period of hand-written And by Cheng book paper book. Wo Ka-San, God and the wonderful Stephen Mulberry River County on Woka, 3720 meters above sea level. Sang is located in the south, plus check Wodegongjie counties at the junction of the snow-capped mountains, the main peak 6,000 meters above sea level, overlooking the Brahmaputra, silver crown armor, majestic beauty. Tsongkhapa in the creation of the Gelug Sect De Gongjie had come to live along the snow-capped mountains practice, the law. Some people think the Gelug Sect teachings of Tsongkhapa passing on from the start here. As a result, De Gongjie live snow-capped mountains regarded as Kamiyama, the song Long Woka Temple, the Temple sang songs also have a good reputation. Long Qu Qu and Sang-ji Temple was built in the early 15th century, Tsongkhapa by the pro-building, known as the Gelugpa As early as the construction of the temple. Tsongkhapa was legendary in the music sang through the temple to pray, the decision to build the main Gelugpa Ganden Monastery. Later that year in prayer and built a pagoda, so far intact. Long Qu temple is also a collection of Tsongkhapa left hand and the head of Western rock, as well as for mass Tsongkhapa by riding a yak's legs, such as St. .

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Wodegongjie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

High mountain uplift the summer of 1981, I Zhalang County, Shannan Prefecture and Kyrgyzstan to a rural Clay beads of young farmers, boat ride along the Brahmaputra, to the well-known to visit the Monastery. Ship to the river, around a piece of white, like sailing in the ocean-like, toward the lower reaches of a chance, I found that there uplift Huge mountains, towering high in the blue sky and white clouds above. It is the kind of big, so large that it surprised me; it is as high, so high I could not believe that the sky as if to lay down a curtain, like the land to grow a screen, blocking the flow of the Brahmaputra, cover Banbi the southeast sky. A few years ago I often bring a Shannan go, how such a mountain of indomitable spirit, there will be no special attention to it? Leaning against the side, I side of the mountains, talk about again and again on the side. Although Zhu Ke is a farmer, is well-known living Buddha Temple to Kyrgyzstan's son, history, religion, folk knowledge is very rich. He said: "Teacher, this Hill called Wodegongjie, it is not an ordinary mountain, it is all the snow-capped mountains of Tibet's god father. Those of the greatest, the most famous snow-capped mountains of the gods, and his son. You look up Tibetan ancient books, it knows. "Back to Lhasa, the rush to ask exactly well-known scholar at the White Puncog, Mr. Dan, Mr. learned, Modest degree, for those of us who come after scholars. Always try to do everything possible to meet. He spent a lot of long satin wrapped up the book for a long time and finally said to find a basis. He said: "Wodegongjie possession of the snow-covered soil is the oldest mountain, the most primitive mountain, as early as before the formation of the world have. He first lived in it, turned volatile void, married Russian Tong Tai Chi Wei Fei, 921 gave birth to her son, as the issue of the proliferation of rain so complex; Xiafan later in the possession of the snow-covered soil, the Treasury married Sakang Ma Wei Fei, Health Green read a Tangla, na-day Lake, which Lacan cloth, such as shampoo Yala nine snow-capped mountains of God, it is well-known of these snow God the Father, "From then on, this would Sanchi father live in my heart, as it is majestic, as strange and mysterious way, so that the total Shenchi to my heart. Wodegongjie to more than one occasion I Kamiyama interviewed around the investigation, collection of folk Customs, to pay respect to its majestic appearance. Kamiyama around there are many historical sites, Old temples, scenic spots and geological wonders. Kamiyama Wodegongjie in the west of Cai Gang, had a famous temple of the snow-covered Deng satyr, which is to teach white Pago Duojijiebu Zushi Ye Guozhu were built. The first is only a small Mao Peng and a closed-door retreat of the Meditation Cave, and later developed into more than 300,000 square The giant macro structure. All together, as permitted, Sengshe pagoda are huge rocks Leiqi. Scattered high and low, magnificent, and Yan Feng Jun Qiao's cliff into. Passage corridors, by the turn of the road, tortuous, embedded in cliffs, like Block, a maze of confusing people. Deng is a satyr Pago Gaju Pai Chu's ancestors , From eight separate branches all over North and South Brahmaputra. Later, the temple by the Long family's control. The fourteenth century AD, the family established a dynasty is the East, the rule of Tibet amounted to two or three hundred years. In the last century the vast number of years, Deng has been satyr emperor is the East is East and the family dynasty religious collar And spiritual support. Early summer 1979, I have been searching for the famous temple, the temple has been found collapsed and became a big soul-stirring people to the ruins, only those sky high stone wall, under the setting sun in a flash of the past glory; also There are birds of Tijiao one after another, echoing an ancient medieval times Yin Yu. Sang in the day in the mountains near the county seat, there is a famous Buddhist temple when Kama, is said to the ancient temple in the mountains there is a nun, there is a foot of the mountain Lama Miao. Later, the Brahmaputra rose water, to wash away Lama Miao, who moved to Lama Temple nuns staying in the mountains, the temple has become the co-repair of the temple monks and nuns. About ten year The latter part of the century, when the Kama to the Temple of Dingdingtaiming a nun, Ma Jila name is Jane, she had to practice in various parts of Tibet and preaching missionary, and later became a monk India Padang Basang Jie Fei Ming, the original Her own religious sect, beat by singing, carrying forward the doctrine. She can be said to be the first female Tibetan Living Buddha, the first A religious woman, she lived to more than 90 years old, Zuohua in the temple when the Kama. In the temple of the "Cultural Revolution" was completely destroyed, and now the initial repair. Sang on the hills near the county seat, is a day in San Castle, the majestic castle is gone. However, the owner of the castle for generations, The local people in memory and legend. V, the Dalai Lama, he noted that the fourth section (which means Wang Explorer) Lausanne map, and because Shannan King family is a woman fornication, which is religious will never be allowed to five Dalai Lama very angry, ready to punish him severely, then think of Lausanne Tudor With its own for many years, and many people's behalf, leaving him a note of the first of a cause, he sang in the long-term residence in Japan, then on, people call him "Sang Wang on the outgoing Explorer." After about five or 60 years, the owner of the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama is not a V, and VII, but the Dalai Lama Kelsang measures. His father, Luo Sangda Born in Gyangze. Wude Qin Qiong Jie in the day as a Lama Temple, Drepung Monastery in Lhasa as a servant in the politically lonely. Sure enough, then me in a lot of trouble, the Yongzheng Emperor Beijing, he called for questioning. Du Xia De Gouqiang the beginning of the whole family, and later to the stern of the famous emperor did not punish him, but he The title of a Duke, a Banci an Indian gold. Back to Lhasa, in the very fortunate, but also deeply political risk, take the initiative to find a quiet place to live free, old age take care of themselves. Him Packet Dalai VII to the Shanqingshuixiu Sang, here lived a life of Lin. Now there are old buildings, as far as VII is the Dalai Lama's father left behind. Kamiyama's west and north, from the snow-capped mountains Wodegongjie Woka flow down the river, the river all year round jet beads spit-and Pentium roaring, Xuelang fly over. Woka heard of the name, or the Yellow Sect in person since the founder Tsongkhapa, love Wodegongjie Kamiyama, Shun Ward Members Snow meaning of God. Over the past 20 years, the Government has built four river hydro-electric power stations, particularly in the upper reaches of the station level, to invest more than 10 million, power generation and Lake Services is not bad. I interviewed Woka power station site, have had to pay respect to the master Tsongkhapa the establishment of the first song of the Horyuji, and standing on top of the Yan Feng Card Castle. The castle briefly Shannan, Lhasa, Lin spent three hub of the war in the past years, this is a special Xianyao military fortress. Woka around, there are seven well-known hot springs, hot springs, steaming hot, ha waves, water color changes with the scenery, rich in minerals, can cure all diseases legend, benefits Yannian. Tibet's history, many celebrities have a hot spring bath in the Woka record. Northbound on the hillside, to be built in the tenth century AD has a view of the Temple. Since 1856, the temple next to a farmer, was born twelve Dalai Lama Gyatso Chek out, it's a higher profile. South Wodegongjie , Is the mother of Tibet's Yarlung Zangbo River, in Cameron Hirano, Jiang's broad face, choppy. Wodegongjie to the foot of the mountain, all of a sudden contraction Valley, Canyon has become deep and steep, from the county on the San Nubu angle, to increase the check county at the foot of Budan La, the entire process more than 30 kilometers, the two sides that is five More than a thousand meters Yan Feng Queen waves in the middle of the cascade waterfall-shaped, the distance between the two in some places only three to 40 meters. The most famous is by Negin and cachoeira falls, ups and downs, waves vacated, Mikhail rocks, magnificent. Each year between spring and summer, the plateau in large numbers of fish in the build-up here, to the upper reaches of the migration, the river's rolling by playing In the first turn, the shining white of a large floating, fish has become a local mountain to select an important source of income, is also an interesting folk activities of the south bank of the Brahmaputra, the ancient royal palace on Latin America and the Caribbean, is said to the Tibetan King Songtsan Gambo Future generations, although the palace has been worn, or a special Light tourist attractions. Kamiyama Wodegongjie the east, is to increase the check county area of forest snow-capped mountains, towering Xuefeng, deep valleys, bright flowers everywhere, herb fragrance. The setting of the forest grouse, Mi deer, musk deer, clouded leopard, and other rare birds and animals, rich Fritillaria, Chinese caterpillar fungus, such as the Chinese precious medicinal herbs, there are a number of Bi Mysterious small lake, embedded deep in the middle of Niseko. Ancient Buddhist monk living Buddha of the view that many Tibetan habitats in the lake law of God, God is called holy water lake. For example, Guo Jie Qu Temple to the north of the measures auspicious day Ramla al soul Lake, is said to be able to indicate the Lakers view of the former generations, good and bad fortune of life and death. The Dalai Lama passed away in every generation, Buda Senior monks to send officials here to look at Lake Lake Festival, to observe the new reincarnation of the Dalai Lama in what direction, where, what other people. Although this lake is located in a remote God, rough road, particularly bad weather conditions, wind and rain snow hail and volatile, but to come here every year to Lake View Lake Festival, or the stream. A Legend has it that the ancient myth of a long time ago in a long time ago, the world has just been formed, a time when humanity has just appeared, the snow-capped mountains De Gongjie God, in the possession of the land of snow to the side of the Brahmaputra. Its tall body, mild temperament, integrity and courage, by far the gods of the snow-capped mountains all admire and respect. And it was Kamiyama Sang and his wife formed Russia and Latin America, has given birth to nine children, sons and daughters under the tutelage of their parents, grow up healthy and happy, one inherited the virtues of their parents, hard-working, courageous, people-loving, compassionate head last name, so Wodegongjie And the area around its mid-favorable weather, bumper crops, livestock Biaofeitizhuang, has never made Wars and plagues, earthquakes and famine, Lai Man people living in a prosperous and peaceful world. Later, there was a time when the fortunes of the world has changed, many people bless the people of the gods in the sky to look for the return of Hong Wonderland, in the Paradise Paradise went live. Unfortunately, many of the disaster and people come . Year after year, barren land, crop production year after year, natural disasters, livestock infected with plague, people were Bingmochanshen, a very difficult life. Many of the elderly and young people together to discuss, we said that was why we place such a disaster? This is the God for the snow-capped mountains, river god, god of land have left us because. God heard Wodegongjie great many sons and daughters, we should request it to be allocated to our children so that they act as the patron saint of all places. As a result, we go to the local Wodegongjie to Kamiyama and his wife made the request. Big Wodegongjie think of the danger around quickly agreed to send its sons and daughters to go around the snow-covered as a guardian angel. It sent a son to northern Tibet, the Qing Nian Tang La made a snow-capped mountains of God; then sent to a daughter in the eastern region of the cloth workers, the workers get the name of the goddess Zide Mu; a son sent to the region Lhozhag made Library Kong on the snow-capped mountains of God; another son, Cameron sent to the region, made a shampoo Yala Snow Mountain of God; assigned to a son before and after the Tibetan border, Mr. Tomka heat made snow-capped mountains of God; youngest daughter Mozhugongka sent to the region, When the snow-capped mountains of Palawan to protect God, the name of al heap Chak Mun goddess. Youngest son sent to Ke-Jie Qu Lin Ramla area as measures to protect God's Spirit Lake, Li Ming Jiaoda fruit. Son and daughter settled down to up to bid farewell to their parents in preparation for departure, the big Wodegongjie God said to them: "You are the protector of the land of snow around the family's food and keep livestock is useless to you at Brought, Fu side it! "It's the yak and horse to the northern Tibet to the son; the mule, Pianniu to the public to the daughter of cloth; to the corner to the door is the daughter of rice and corn; go to the Lhozhag is the son of peas and Livestock; given to the son of Emperor Cameron highland barley, wheat and rapeseed; to go to sleep at Mu Kala is the son of goats and cotton ; Maizhokunggar go to the sub-region is the daughter of the horse and mule. Only the youngest son of Xinjiang reached fruit, usually do not listen to parents, and hot-tempered and mischievous, nothing has been assigned to the final. Finally, couples Wodegongjie God said: "We are old and the weak, leaving only a little dairy and cattle on the line." After many years of Snow brought their children for food and livestock have been breeding and development, such as the northern Tibet Yak very prosperous; the Shannan area Cameron has become the "granary of Tibet"; cloth workers and mule-rich region Pianniu; the Himalayas To the south corner of the door, is the rice and corn production. Woka area until today, people still Often like feeding cattle and dairy cattle, maintained a good trend ancient.

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Lamulacuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ramnah wrong "in Tibetan means" Our Lady Lake. "Area of about 1 square km, located in the Shannan Prefecture of Tibet to increase search County. Stand in the 5100 meters above sea level on Xuefeng Fu Kan, Jun-Feng Sheng Hu surrounded around, as if Shenghu A skull-shaped mirrors, mounted on the peaks below. It is said that each show will Shenghu Shenghu people to worship in the future a variety of scenes. The history of Tibet the Dalai Lama reincarnated soul boy, Sheng Hu in the search for enlightenment, and every Sheng Hu on behalf of the Dalai Lama to be the first to worship. Sheng Hu in Tibet is to attract countless men and women to explore the fate of Hokyo; Sheng Hu, widely known in Tibet, the mystery of God and . Sheng Hu area, is a way to the East, Sang, Qusong, plus four-county search to form a circular route, the entire 360 km, the journey takes about 5 days. The average area of about 3500 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 8 degrees, the highest temperature of 28 degrees, the minimum temperature of 18 degrees below zero, the entire scenic mountain valley was . Knot pull snow-capped mountains, Budan La Shan, Jade Valley, Ramnah wrong, Woka Hot Springs, my color, and other natural hot springs, mountain Qi Jun, magnificent scenery; but Caron, but Baron-kang, Chu Teh Qiaga Temples, palaces Palace La Jiali, and other cultural implication, reflects Tibetan people's diligence and wisdom. Each year to early May At the end, here are tourists traveling on horseback, on foot of an ideal tourist spots.

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The south bank of Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zetang Chol to the ancient lake, the lake water Fengmao, flying the lake with a large number of water birds, the lakeside villages, groups of yaks, snow-capped mountains and lakes, virgin snow-capped mountains is a lake, the lake from the southern Tibet after a no man's land, to see a large number of The Tibetan antelope, Tibetan donkey, and then to the southern bank of Lake, Lake Shore sheep, from this point of view of Lake, the graceful Attitude, go at full speed 120 km Nagarze arrived. Yang arrived in Hubei An, Kang Bala snow-capped mountains, lakes throughout the sheep's successful completion of the journey

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Yangzhuoyongcuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangzhuoyongcuo, also known as the Lake (the local people are usually referred to as "the sheep Lake"), the Tibetan language as "wrong" is the "lake". From the geographical division of belonging to the Shannan Prefecture of Nagarze County, but a lot of tourists choose to travel by way of the Xigaze area here. From Lhasa to Xigaze there are two roads, South is in Xigaze to the old original, can be passed from Lake County and Gyangze. From Lhasa, Qushui over the bridge, turn left is to Gonggar Airport, Lake is to take the right road, the road on the right side of the lake can see the sheep station. Sheep, mountain lakes and separated by the Brahmaputra, the Department only recently wide-thousand 6 However, both the water level elevation as much as 800 meters, is very rich in hydropower resources. The world's highest pumped storage power station - the sheep station on the lake is located here. Sheep Lake Power Station is now in operation, southern Tibet is an important area of energy supply center. This road has been to move up in the winding roads, dirt roads are full, However, bumps, it is not difficult to walk. 30 km by car, arrived in the Lake over the 5030 meters before the Palawan Gan Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi-off on Lake can be seen in the distance and Jun Qiao Ning King of the anti-sand peak. Yangzhuoyongcuo, the Tibetan word for "swan pond", Tibet is one of the three major Shenghu, Surface elevation of 4441 meters, 130 meters from east to west, 70 meters wide north-south, the total length of 250 km Lakeshore line, with a total area of 638 square km and the lake are 20 to 40 meters deep, at the northern foot in the Himalayas is the largest inland lake. Sheep Lake bifurcation more like a coral branch, therefore, it is also known as the Sino-Tibetan Coral Lake above. "Lake in the distribution of more than 10 islands, of which can live 56, is smaller than 100 square meters only. Sheep Lake is a low concentration of salt lake each year in mid-November to start freezing, ice Up to 0.5 meters thick. Microlepis rich lake fish, fish Tajiri-Tibet plateau naked carp, and so on, reserves are estimated at 2 ~ 100,000,000 kg, and now here has been the formation of large-scale farming, the fish produced not only supply the market is far from Lhasa to the Mainland for sale. Here or possession of the South's largest waterfowl habitat, South Qunniao resettlement during the winter now, in the heart of Lake and Island Lake area, swans, water pigeons, Huang Ya, as well as the Osprey Bar-headed Goose are very many. From the Hill Yang Zhuo next to the lake takes about 30 minutes, and then have been able to enjoy the road along the lakeside scenery of the Lake. Up to 60 km have been re-opened after nearly Nagarze County, this beautiful face in the mirror and then gradually disappear in your line of sight of. Take this route, over a period of Nagarze County after about 40 M can be seen close at hand when the anti-Sha Feng Ning Jin. Brahmaputra and the Lake is a separate stretches over 360 kilometers around the mountain, the Tibetan people call it La-track Kangri Hill. Jin Feng Ning is drawing anti-sand track Kangri peak hill, above the Shenghu find it on, so the Tibetan people Called "anti-Ning Gold Sand", which means "God Yecha living in the snow-capped mountains on the noble", 7206 meters above sea level, located at longitude 90.1 degrees north latitude and 28.9 degrees, and is located in Gyangze County Nagarze County Junction. Erected around the block more than 10 peaks above 6,000 meters, is the center of the four snow-capped mountains of Tibet . Lai King-mineyama anti-majestic sand, rock Saga, towering at the top of the tip, sloping ridge of snow gully between the development of every glaciers, snow and ice have collapsed from time to time. Only in April or May to September to 10 months of spring and autumn, is to carry out the activities of climbing the best time. April 28, 1986 China's Tibetan climbers Samzhub, the Palestinian side, such as Gabrielle and 12 from the peak of the south-west along the southern slope of the ridge line for the first time on its peak. Jin Feng Ning anti-sand south of the glacier and Latin America if the card has been extended to the end of the road in less than 300 meters, so there is almost no tourists who like to Dikangdezhu Guiqi near the tip of the landscape of temptation. Many travelers will stop here and in the vicinity of the photo yak "as a souvenir." Lake also stands on the west side of many well-known peaks, such as Kang Sang Lamu peak speed reconciliation Kong Song Feng, are tourism, climbing and adventure holidays. In 2001 around the National Day Dengshan Jie Kang Sang Lamu in Tibet held peak, Mount Jade here is no less than the primary training base of the snow-capped mountains to climb. Lake in the west of the southern coast, Nagarze NATO to the county seat 10 kilometers, the famous Temple Sangding. Temple Sangding there as long as 300 years of history, the Living Buddha reincarnation system of inheritance has been extended The XII, are sent Gamagaju Hong brgyud branches of the Palestinian (that is, "White Education") is worth mentioning that it is the only female living Buddha in Tibet under the auspices of temples, monasteries, apart from outside the auspices of the clergy are men .

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Balangquekang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pakistan Lang, Culture and Sport has an area of 280 square meters, is located in County Down on Sang Heung Lang Palestinian village, now only a few of the Tubo period as one of the Church, the preservation of a large number of Tibetan relics of the period, is a typical Tibetan style of architecture, at the same time Monastery also in possession of many of the Tubo period of hand-written books by Cheng and by the skin, very precious.

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Qiongguojiesi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

It was felt that Jean-fruit and was 8-of Lotus, the days are ideal as the Falun, Fukuda is a wonderful place. The grassland here is said to have 13 types of auspicious flowers in full bloom, there are three and four Kamiyama River St. in the intersection. Qiong Jie Guo Temple II, the Dalai Lama is the root Dunjia measures in 1509 to build, V, the Dalai Lama had to be expanded, gas Out of the ordinary, many shrines for worship of Ramla Shenghu necessary, spend the night are available. This Shenghu on foot or on horseback to take about 4-5 hours.

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Nie Ma Long-Sheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nie Ma Long-Sheng is the legend of the Buddhist master Padmasambhava hole before the hole has a small temple. Master Padmasambhava is said to have longevity in Cidong read by over 100,000, the Dalai Lama V Luosang Jia measures have longevity in this study by up to 14 months, so many people came here to pray for their loved ones life. Sang Ye from the car to be, one-way travel.

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Kampot on Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kamiyama is located in Kampot on the south side of the Brahmaputra, near the Zetang, Tibet is one of the famous Kamiyama. The legend in the mountains can paribba all. Sambong Kampot on the hill, the first peak is the central Gawu Zi, the second peak sum Muk Wu Zi is the third peak is Kangzi bamboo, there are three peaks linked to the cave. The monkeys were then become the main men and women Mori, who lives in the central and Wu Zi-Ga Wuzi, Kang Zi Zhu Bo Yin Bodhisattva is a spiritual place, and the Monkey King Rasetsu woman is in the Bo-yin, under the auspices of the pro-shing. Kampot on a large front Bazi, is a legend Qunhou play to play, hence the name to Zetang (Bazi the play).

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Ramla wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibet is the most legendary lakes. Every time the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama's reincarnation by the monks are clues here to see. Another man was also said to be from the lake to see their own reflection in the future. Ramla go wrong very inconvenient traffic, but because it's beautiful scenery, hard journey is worth it.

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Lin capsule color Manor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhanang Zhanang County, located in the township, across the river and the Samye Monastery, 25 km from the town of Zetang. The manor is the preservation of Tibet's ancient nobility of a more comprehensive estate, Shannan Prefecture is a key cultural unit. Zhuang Yuanzhu 7-storey, very luxurious. Annex building in front of the main building, next to the cottage, stables, mills, dye, for Workshop, bunkers and prisons, and so on.

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Yongbulakang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongbulakang Naidong County, Shannan Prefecture is located about 5 kilometers to the southeast, a day after Mingjiaozhaxi a hill. The shape of the building bunkers, high-rise on top, very conspicuous, is the construction of the first palace in Tibet. "Yong cloth" as the wife of your youth and Italy Tibetan, Tashi the next day because of the shape of the mountain named after the wife of your youth; "Lacan," meaning the Temple, West of Shandong in the north to the next day, about 400 meters there is a "gar-chuen," the spring, the Four Seasons chain and a long stream, it is said that this spring water can cure all diseases, Yongbulakang to the worship of the common people more than the water Purification.

Yongbulakang Tibet is the first PO Chek Nie live in the palace, 20 0 years, the hall for Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng, such as a statue. The initial Yongbulakang only a small palace, after the expansion of the fifth Dalai Lama, before becoming a Buddhist temple. In addition to the now part of the Sengfang, there is a calendar for the Dalai Lama this week to live when the bedroom. Yongbulakang main worship Buddha Sakyamuni. The murals inside the palace, vividly depicts the first king of Tibet, the first building, a historical story of arable land.
Yongbulakang divided into two parts, the front is a multi-storey buildings, the rear of the square is a high-level bunker afford Connected with the front. 5th century AD, King Toto Chan-time study, a Buddhist legend appear out of the blue, or just Yongbulakang in the palace roof, no one can know at the time. Saints have asserted that by the year 7-8 on the century was able to read this book. Therefore, this book was very well preserved in Yongbulakang. 7th century AD, King Songtsan Gambo capital Lhasa, Yongbulakang gradually evolved into a permitted. The first layer is the possession of the ancient Dian, in the middle is a statue of Buddha, the Buddha is on the left side of the Red King Nie PO, is the right of the King Songtsan Gambo. Arranged along the left wall were: Minister Sang Buzha capable of Songtsan Gambo, the king of Sundby Chan, Chan King Toto read. Arranged along the right wall is king of the Palestinian Red hot towel, Wu Song, another Songtsan Gambo Minister Chan-Ga East.

Upstairs is a very beautiful, refined by the Church, is the main worship Buddha and Guanyin Buddha. Guanyin Yongbulakang like the old thing, and the Potala Palace is said to Pagbalha Zhu Gong Yin is the contemporary. Surrounded by beautiful murals painted on the wall, about the early history of Tibet, the most famous of which rely on a few to the left of the first generation of a king of red Nie PO story.
Yongbulakang the top of a tower is, said to Princess Wencheng to Tibet

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Changzhug - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changzhug located on the outskirts of south Zetang two kilometers south of the tribute Japan Hill, presided over by the construction of Songtsan Gambo. Changzhug Tibet is one of the oldest temples, is the first Tibetan Buddhist period in Tibet where, for many years have elapsed since the 1300's history. "Wu Zhu", in Italy for the Tibetan language and Lung Ying. Legend has it the beginning of Princess Wencheng Tibet, the Night Sky View, inspections on the terrain and found that Tibetan global terrain Jisi a sit-Rasetsu of women, very detrimental to the Tubo Dynasty founded, to be Rasetsu woman in the heart and limbs, the temple was built in the town. As a result they stand in Changzhug Rasetsu a woman on his left arm. And on the other Jiansi is a legend, the legend is here before Jiansi A lake, Lake in chaos for dragon, was the embodiment of Songtsan Gambo for the Mirs to yield after Jiansi, so will the demon of the temple in the town named "Changzhug", is also in memory of Song Chan-dry Cloth yield good deeds of demons.

  Changzhug from the hall, turning Wai Gallery, hospital profile of three parts, a total of two-story Brick. The main building is a hall-chin measures, to support the bottom of Songtsan Gambo, Buddha, a statue of Avalokitesvara. Second floor of the Hall "is scheduled to learn," Chuan Changzhug for the most ancient temple, Zhu Gong Buddha Padmasambhava. Zhudian enshrined in a year is East Pakistan Ze measures pearl Thangka, is a rare treasure in the world. Changzhug said to be in the early Jiansi, there is also a time to speak of the mother as Zhudian for years. In addition, to shore up the hall and Lacan, yet still maintains a Tuzao above also was said to have put Princess Wencheng had used a ceramic basin, "and asked" in Tibetan means "thank you" "Thanks", so that meaningful.
As the legend Master Padmasambhava and Milarepa, and other well-known Buddhist monks have Changzhug in the vicinity of self-cultivation, the site is still in its self-cultivation, the area is still Changzhug many Buddhists worship of the Holy Land.

Visit the main points
Pearl Thangka Changzhug have to mention that it referred to the famous temple in the town's treasure - Pearl Thangka, is a rare treasure in the world. Chuan Qi pearl piece with lines drawn into the "Buddha resting map" (Kennedy period the amount of pine wood as Ecuador), is the Yuanmomingchu Tibet Penny Palmer Pakistan during the dynasty, by the then East is King After the investment made. Thangka whole 2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, a total of 29,026 pearl inlay, a diamond, ruby 2, a sapphire, sapphire 0.55 two purple, two turquoise 0.91 (185 dollars) , 15.5 grams of gold, two coral 4.1 (1997 dollars). The priceless pieces of Thangka to the present day, it is not easy.

Buddha Thangka
There are also hands-on Xiuzhi Princess Wencheng of the Buddha Thangka, which are kept in the Pearl Thangka hall on the second floor after the roof of a room, few tourists usually do not open, the need to find the key to control The Qiangmendakai.
Mask Dance
Changzhug Dance of the mask are also very delicate nice, and there are also Tibetan Monastery during the murals on the walls and delicate murals painted new Xiangyingchengqu.

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Shannan tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shannan Prefecture is the Gangdise Range Mountains and south of the Hill, Shannan Prefecture Qushui Brahmaputra northward to the bridge connecting Lhasa, Xigaze to the west to the east arrived in Tibet on average above sea level is the lowest in the Nyingchi. Ancient legends monkeys change occurred in the capital of Shannan Prefecture - the town of Zetang, Zetang in the Tibetan language is the meaning of the "monkey The play ", which has been passed down for thousands of years of legend and coincides with Darwin's Origin of Species, quite magical. In Shannan, many ancient buildings and sites, from the earliest palace to the largest group of ancient tombs, and then The most ancient temples. In Shannan, and many were seemingly without mass of mountains and temples may have a long History and culture in Tibet has a pivotal position.

  Shannan Prefecture is located in the Yalong He basin, known as the Yarlung. According to the literature and folklore, as well as a large number of archaeological discoveries have proved that about 400 million years ago, Tibetan ancestors evolved on the Yalong He River Basin. Zetang heat in the vicinity of this Sa A movie called "When the cord" of the land, according to legend was the first piece of farmland in Tibet.

  Blair testifies to the ancestors from farming into the wild, gradually formed a tribe. 2, BC century and the beginning of the first king of Tibet Nie Chi-po is a real grind-ya early tribal leaders. He established a "fan" of the Kingdom, indeed PO of the hereditary system. PO Gong only eighth in the period, created a precedent for the construction of the mausoleum. At that time, the Yarlung tribe from the matriarchal social development in the male line to the clan society.

  Shannan Prefecture of Tibet and other places in the world, most of the beliefs of the masses of Tibetan Buddhism, the people of Taught by full respect for the beliefs and normal religious activities of the Constitution and the People's Republic of China and the Tibet Autonomous Region, the protection of the law, and the people enjoy full freedom of religious belief. At present, there are temples Shannan Prefecture, Lacan, and so on up 251 places of worship, to meet the basic people's religious Demand. In order to protect the ordinary religious believers to carry out normal religious activities and the clergy have engaged in legitimate religious activities of the place, the state has invested 16,160,000 yuan for the repair of temples and cultural relics protection. The Cultural Revolution was the destruction of the temple no.

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Western Xia Ma Gang Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shisha-feng (Tibetan for "sheep should not and can not kind of highland barley") located in the Nyalam county of the Tibet Autonomous Region, east longitude 85 � 46'55 ", latitude 26 � 21'07", altitude 8012 m, is 14th World Summit, on May 2, 1964 and the Chinese team of climbers in Tibet 0 members and top scale for the first time. Body Mineyama Shisha Hong wide, surrounded by many peaks. Mora on the eastern side of a door Qingfeng (7703), are on the west side of Xifeng (7292 m), the peak years when the South (7205 meters), Kang Boqin peak (7281 m), as well as other well-known peak. Greek Bang Ma Fung was formally opened in 1980, in May 1981 the Japanese Ministry of wells Tien women's team Junko on the peak, Shisha peak on to become the first female. Since the opening up which means an average of about 10 foreign climbers to scale the peak.

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Yadong border - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yadong, the Tibetan word for "swirling Valley" or "the deep rapids." West Sikkim, Bhutan to the east, away from the front of India Fort Galoin only 80 kilometers to the south is the real gateway to Tibet. Because of the warm current in the Indian Ocean, where winter winds blow south-east, evergreen the four seasons. The towering clouds Xuefeng, like Heng Kong born, Bang Bo potential; valley between the glaciers, the sun shining, it may be a fly Yinlong; in the wind around the mountain clouds, lonely, with a variety of dance changes, the snow-capped mountains, festooned with a Chuchudongren. The highest peaks block, Mula Li Ming Jiaozhuo, 7364 meters above sea level, is the folklore of the Himalayas seven fairies First, lie side by side with Mount Everest in the Himalayas in the middle of its steep mountains, has attracted a large number of climbers, but has not yet been conquered by humans. Snow Mountain is a long-form lakes, mountains, water supply from snow melting snow-capped mountains, clear and transparent in the sun, blue sky, backed by the snow-capped mountains, showing a light blue, dark blue, Green, dark green, Molv such as multi-color, giving the mysterious feeling. The lake from time to time over an unknown water birds, both on Lake Huang Ya right right to play in the water. And Lakeshore, green grass and full of small flowers of different colors, cattle, sheep, tents, scattered Shepherd In the meantime, refrain from being formed a beautiful picture. Yadong river valley south side of the stream is fast Pentium, the volume of layer upon layer of spray and Fei Bao, the cloud is on the side of the wind around the mountains, covered with lush green jungle. More and more low-elevation south, is blowing in the face of the lunged from the Indian Ocean off heaters, air is also humid, plant more and more rich, Covered with plants on the river, Hill became colorful Huashan. Yadong early summer of trenches, wide-open mountain filled with yellow, red, orange, pink, light purple azaleas as well as no name for wild flowers, overwhelming, just like heaven and earth to use this package may Hua Tan , Became the flower world. Ren How many eyes, as if time has not spent. Yadong town, like a beautiful girl without a life, but quiet and peaceful as if a century old. Long valley, quietly spread to dozens of villages in the valley of the most open as the central Department, which is located under the town government Sima town. Parry from the hot springs and streams The two rivers, the convergence here, and city wear, flowing into Bhutan, the two sides of Castle Peak, and much of a house when they are hidden. Tibet and other ports, in Yadong, although other nationalities living here, but mainly to the Tibetan people, so here are two-storey house attic Tibetan pine, paint a colorful, Top like to use bright shining metal, very bright in the sun. There are also Tibetan stone buildings dotted the meantime, the house doors and windows, roof rails, etc., and often carved or hand-drawn images of Tibetan customs, and colorful. Most local residents seem to love flowers, a small house in front of the house, the upstairs balcony, or the narrow window And residents of the home, the flowers blooming everywhere. Inadvertently find that even the backyard fence on the door, there are flowers Jizhi head out. With many small border town, here there is only one of the main north-south streets leading to a Sikkim's capital Gangtok, on the other side is towards India and Nepal and Darjeeling Fall of Kathmandu. Every day the weather, the countries of South Asia like worker bees, like the businessmen gathered here, Wengweng De slang dialect into a ring. The azaleas are Manshanbianye border town of Yadong in such a strange fusion of quiet and serene smile.

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Yadong Parry - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Parry from the Oriental Valley of the United States and the landscape was really amazing, the road in the valley fracture special geographical area, from temperate to frigid zone of the plant distribution, its beautiful scenery people dizzy. Majiao son about the wonders of memory is not hypocritical, which is going through a mud-rock flows, after the collapse of the beautiful scenery of heartfelt praise, it may be Praise is the most significant. More than 30 years ago for the first time I have to Yadong, is to catch up with azaleas in full bloom season, a round, a film, family clusters of flowers like a magpie Mrs Tan as red, I did not expect Mother Nature will reveal the place out The beauty of this scorching. This time, the flowering is over, there was really Regret.

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Nianchu River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xigaze Prefecture of the total land area of 17,600,000 hectares of arable land area of 79,500 hectares, 75,000 hectares sown area year or so, mainly in the Brahmaputra, Nianchu River, Peng Qu River valley area. Reclamation of wasteland have yet to 33,000 hectares. The whole area of grassland region 9,466,000 Ares, can be used with an area of 7,333,000 hectares. In addition to the grasslands along the lake water area of lush, mostly mountain-meadow ranch. Possession of the South Valley is the best quality of the grass in Tibet region, "butter Sangsang Gamba sheep," famous for possession of the whole. Lin Yi grass meadow valley has more than 20,000 hectares, where sufficient water of good quality of the grass, Should be the development of artificial grasslands, the development of modern animal husbandry has a huge potential. Located in the western region of Zhongba, Saga, and so on Ngamring County ranch is important.

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The Tang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Tang Temple, 15 km from Xigaze, in the year 1033 by Kadampa Buddhist monk was built Luojia bar. Although it has so far not Tashilhunpo grand scale, but the long history of Tashilhunpo than four years. Tang was built after the temple, there are many well-known around here preaching to the monk-law, such as the division's main pa Lang Gazha Wood has lived here; I root of the Dalai Lama, Guo Zhu Pakistan have initiated here and study Buddhism, as long as 17 years in the future to build a temple bar, only to move to Xigaze. Tang Temple, which is the most well-known printing house. No public in 1730, the then Tibetan local government Galoin after placing some of the Tibetan Affairs Law In order to save and carry forward the Tibetan ancient books and the book, presided over the creation of the printing house. The huge printing house, built more than 20 years. To accomplish this enormous project, rather Nai Luo ordered the entire Tibetan people, poor service branch, by building homes; at the same time, and the mobilization of the entire Tibetan calligrapher, artist and engraved work, and a group of a cluster of green Learning Technology stereotypes. Through the efforts of a very long time, Tang Temple by the Indian Institute of etched and printed out a large number of Tibetan masterpiece, such as the Tripitaka, "Kanjur" 108, Shu Buddhist Note "Dan Zhuer" 215 are complete The fine carving, the board in addition to text, there are murals chromatography. In addition, another example of "a hundred Shakya Biography "and many other well-known masterpiece, all from the printing house. Tang that China and India by the Temple Institute in China and India as the cause, than the Potala Palace and the Dege printing house, and contributions are large scale. At the same time, Tang Temple by the hospital as China and India are also practice and train a large number of Tibetan craftsmen graphic, which is the inheritance and development of Tibet in the printing Culture, plays an invaluable role. Tang Temple that had been destroyed, in 1987, built on the ruins of the three halls inside the temple to preserve the Ocean's 16 was seven blocks of stone, the eighth abbot giant Long, Tuen Mun measures into more than 30 years of age in a rock to stay A pair of footprints and has collected "Gan Fall, "" Dan Zhuer "by plate Printing 8800, and other cultural relics.

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Color My Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xigaze forest in the south county, 70 km from the county seat, 4700 meters above sea level. Monastery have been thousands of years of history, from Nyingma, there have been a big Jing-tang, 11 halls of the main worship Buddha as a master Padmasambhava. In 1984, the original temple on the ruins of a large repair by the Church Hall and 9 for master Padmasambhava 3 . Terauchi possession of 16 treasures, there is a disability certificate from the single-song capsule Niger Terma Valley excavated the main statue of Padmasambhava three as the Karmapa's shoes and blank lines mother of measures beneficial Xijia pestle King Kong, Blackstone, D - The conch, stone in the master Padmasambhava on the right hand left fingerprints, and so on. Brown in the mountains north of the temple there are three practice holes and the Buddhist temple. Every Tibetan Dec. 22-30, the Monastery and Dance held Qugui ceremony.

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Gamba Buddhist temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gamba in Xigaze County, was founded in the eighth century, followers of Nyingma. Qu Code of the existing house Nyima 5 halls of the main worship Buddha as a master Padmasambhava. Jiansi kept inside at the time of 2 bronze statue of Ma-ming, there is a natural form of throne Guru Rinpoche stone (round, diameter 25 cm) and his 8-year-old at the time of the footprints. In Tibetan Monastery on January 15 held a grand grand welcome in the future activities of the Buddha.

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Regardless of wear wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pei dead wrong Lake is located in Kuala County in Xigaze Prefecture and Nyalam County of the junction, 250 km away from Tingri county. Xigaze is the largest lake, covering an area of about more than 300 square kilometers. Lake on three sides of the mountain, open terrain, abundant resources of fish, Lake of the Tibetan Plateau are rare birds and animals unique to Tibetan wild donkey ---- Black-necked cranes, Bar-headed Goose, red beak gulls and so on. Dead wind carry Lake also carry thousands of combing the dry lake of the United States gave birth to carry forward the spirit of dry lake.

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Yongzelvcuo Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yong is the wrong Green Lake County is located in Ren De Jilin Rural cloth, cloth-jen from the county seat, about 70 km, according to legend the lake to show the good and bad fortune this life afterlife. As a result, Yong is the Green Lake was the wrong people could be seen as the "concept of God's Lake." In the past the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama, according to the case through to the lake view here determination.

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Impala Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Impala Park is the preservation of Tibet's most well-slave estate, the highest in the 12 large estate. It is the nobility and serfdom in old Tibet are two different portrayal of real life, is the epitome of old Tibet. Parra of the original estate was built in the village of Gyangze Jiang Ga, in 1904 when the British invasion were burned, Anti-British after the war, Chateau la reconstruction in Gyangze Nianchu River southwest of the city on the other side, Gyangze 4 km away from the village of Columbus ban for a long time, with the increase of power Parra family, para expanding the size of the estate. Bhutan was a paradise of tribal chiefs, as a result of civil strife to move to Tibet, Bhutan and the Tibetan local government to obtain title. One after another in its future generations Kashag Tibetan government in any high-ranking officials, solid money. Para Zhuangyuan Zhu Wang for a long time as a small Limbu Lama Temple, to return to secular life after the House presided over the day-to-day affairs. His estate to rectify the economy, expansion of the size of the estate, strengthen the rule of the serfs. Tibet before the democratic reform, para estate subsidiary a total of 22 small estate, ranch 6 , 8600 hectares of farmland, 14,250 livestock long, more than 2440 slaves. In 1959, Wang Impala for a long time to participate in the rebellion and escape, the estate should be forfeited, then Gyangze at Work, taking into account the Department of Para in Tibet Twelve large manor estate, is of special significance, it was proper security . Subsequently, the county party committee and county government to carry out a number of maintenance. Impala Park is now the only well-preserved Tibetan nobles of the old manor. 57 of the existing housing estate, the main three-storey building complete package, elegant decoration, with Jing-tang, the drawing room, bedroom, there are special Wanma Jiang hall. Room Liang Dong paintings, magnificent. Jing-tang elaborate furnishings, books, shrines well-preserved; bedroom, jade dazzling gold and silver; There was nobility Paraiba left over from the luxury food, dishes, wine imports, imports of white vinegar, precious fur clothing, avoiding the extravagant, Parra was again a lively family life of luxury King. The main building, the display of whips, chains, and other instruments of torture, the House also kept the old prison, which is the aristocracy of serfs in Tibet. Still maintain the original appearance of the House Health and Long 13, the Health and Long housing, overcrowding, low, dark, is like a cage, with the aristocratic luxury flats in sharp contrast. Now Me-estate and Latin America and more water stone domestic animal and poultry, similar to the overall layout of the garden, usually very quiet.

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Hot Latin Yong Zhong Lin Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Latin Yong Zhong Lin Monastery is located in Xigaze Prefecture forest areas in Southern slave Ma Yu Heung Raj foothills, is the larger territory of Tibet, the deeper impact of a Bon temple. Species of trees around the temple full and pleasant weather, quiet environment, 90 km from Xigaze City, Otake card in the ferry line Jiangbei over 4 km, an altitude of 3750 . Monastery was built in the 7th century Tibetan king of Songtsan Gambo period, but the 8th century AD when they were destroyed. Bon in 1834 by Jiang presume the main gun by the Dawa Gyaincain X VIII of the Dalai Lama and Panchen Erdeni and the prince regent presided over the construction of the agreement. In 1959 listed as key state protection of the temple. When There are a large Jing-tang, Hall 5, 7 and Culture Village, more than 500 followers of benzene. Dukang hall is the main Monastery building, the hall 64 column, is the Monastery of the major religious sites. On both sides of the hall for about Gan Dan Chu Chu Lacan and Jacques Lacan, positive for the assembly hall, assembly hall in front of the Temple Block, 29 Column. Dian-zhong of the main worship statues: Tantric Benzun large golden weed, the Goddess Drolma, Bon founder Sim Rao, the door on Temple (Temple of Bon ancestors in South County forest has been destroyed), founder of the United States to study hi RAO Jian Chan As well as hot Latin Jiang Yong Zhong Lin Monastery founder of the Dawa Gyaincain gun, and so, texture and more copper to gold. Dukang from the hall The class, is a circular promenade around the promenade in addition to the Temple, there are the self-cultivation room monk, to preserve the instruments used in library collections, as well as by the successive version of the printed version by the chamber. Temple on the eastern side of a "Zhuola Kang Tong" (meaning "will be able to see the Hall of relief"), covers an area of 80 square meters. The original hall for 5-ling , Has been one of the largest gun Jiang Dawa Gyaincain dedicated to the restoration, repair, after about 5 meters dedicated to high, the murals of the main hall for the purple-red gun Dawa Gyaincain, surrounded by Bon Rao's founder Sim 4 As the increase. In the east-Zhuola Kang, an area of 40 square meters of hall, memorial tablets from the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of the arrival of 1000 Raozu division of the gold-plated statue; on the north side of the temple, Khenpo living in Latin America to allow that area of 90 square meters, the hall hanging Xin Rao Benzun Tantric and the number of pieces of Thangka, also serves as Khenpo Monastery of the throne; the Northwest Side "Zhuokang" (Buddhist Temple), covers an area of 40 square meters, the hall dedicated to the gods protect the law, there is a Jiang gun Dawa Gyaincain dedicated to the small gold-plated copper, the tower is said to a collection of his hands, feet and he used the instruments used. Hot Latin Yong Zhong Lin Monastery of the day-to-day activities of religious ritual, Qu Gui, a long net, retreat, such as preaching, but the most important is the doctrine of academic activities of the reply. The existing 65 monks. Per year Tibetan calendar on January 7 to 15, April, May 29 and August have to reply, reply the way through the test "so that Mr Pakistan" degree. Bon Monastery in a prominent position, the Bon Khenpo Temple Monastery to be appointed.

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Everest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qomolangma, the Tibetan word for "Notre Dame", 8848 meters above sea level, the world's highest peak, located in the middle of the Himalayas on the border of Nepal and Tibet Tingri County in Xigaze Prefecture south. Snow peak, the sanctity of one scene. 4 Everest region has more than 8,000 meters, 7,000 meters to 38 The mountain, known as the Earth in the third grade. Everest has a foot of the mountains of the world's highest temple - Rong Busi, at the same time, Rong Busi is the best location to view Mount Everest, both straight-line distance of 25 km.

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Tashilhunpo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xigaze is far from the road, you will be able to see west of the Tashilhunpo Jinding sparkling in the sun. After nearly five centuries of wind and rain Tashilhunpo, it is still magnificent momentum, brilliant colors, sacred and solemn temples erected in the city of Xigaze to the west of the mountains Nyima.
Zhashen lembu , Also known as the "auspicious Sumeru Temple", Xigaze region's largest monasteries, Drepung Monastery in Lhasa and, Sera and Ganden Monastery, as well as the Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai and Gansu Province in the south of the Monastery of the Gelugpa side by side for six Large temples.

  Tashilhunpo the first disciple of Tsongkhapa by the Dalai I root in the Palestinian Dudjom 1 With the topic of 47 years to build. In 1600, four Panchen Lama Lobsang Gyaincain Kyrgyzstan indeed any Zhashen the auspices of Columbus, on the Monastery for a large-scale expansion. Tashilhunpo heyday, when a total of 3,000 rooms, more than 5,000 monks and monasteries under more than 50 seats, more than 30 ranch estate. From the fourth Panchen Lama, Panchen Lama are in Zhu Xi Ci Si for. The total size of the Tashilhunpo Jinding 14, Zhacang 4, Hall 56, housing more than 3600, more than 800 monks, with a total area of 300,000 square meters.

Tashilhunpo Monastery, founded in September 1447. 1 46, his eighth of Tsongkhapa, the Dalai Lama I root Dudjom Pakistan to commemorate the death of the division by the Greek Sengge Rao, to engage in Tibet, Nepal craftsmen in Xigaze a fine of 2.7 m high gold-plated Buddha statue . To place like this, the root Dudjom Pazhu regime in Pakistan with financial support, in the year to open in September 1447 To start construction of the temple, which lasted 12 years will be created as the Monastery at the indoor net.
Temple began to be known as the "Gang Jian Pei Code", which means the snow-covered Hing Temple. Later, Pakistan to root Dudjom changed its name to "Columbus Zhashen by Baji De Qin Tang has all her Nanba Jie Lin", meaning auspicious macro-owned Shu Sheng-feng Fuju Ogata state, referred to as Tashilhunpo, "check" auspicious Sumeru "was conveyed. According to historical records, the root is the Palestinian Dudjom after the Sakya Tibetan people, was also the first to spread after the Yellow Sect of Tibetan people. Later in the establishment of the Living Buddha reincarnation of the Dalai Lama System, he was the first that the recovery of the Gelug Sect Dalai Lama. Year in 1600, the Panchen Lama Lobsang four songs by the end Zhashen lembu At the invitation of the Monastery as the 16 non France and Taiwan. Since then, the Tashilhunpo become a history of the Panchen Erdeni and Zhu Xi.

Visit the main points
?Hall dedicated to 10th?
Dedicated to the memory placed the death in 1989, the 10th Panchen Master's body, his statue dedicated to an , Dedicated to the top of the Mandala patterns are painted on the walls are painted gold Buddha. It is said that in 1989 Master Panchen Lama in Xigaze of absence for a long time after the return to the Tashilhunpo, to see there are 3 main building, only the middle of an empty place, it is a pity, said. Did not expect a prophecy, he would in a few days after Xin And over the death, which he dedicated to the Hall on the amendment in place.
Dongling Panchen Lama is five to Jiushibanchan dedicated to the buried together, also known as Zha Shennan Czech Republic. This tower is built under the auspices of the 10th Panchen Lama, in January 1989 completion. 11.52 m high tower, tower separation put these Panchen Lama and the remains of Class IX Statue, they are presided over the Monastery. Four of the Panchen Lama dedicated to the most exquisite grand, in the reconstruction of the original V dedicated to the Panchen Lama Temple. The 10th Panchen Lama Temple dedicated to "address the Southern Song Jie", on September 4, 1993 to open into light, is the largest investment since 1949, dedicated to the construction of the most magnificent.
?Of the world's most Jampa statue of the Buddha?
Pakistan permitted strong is the root of the entire Temple of the most spectacular of a hall. Pakistan permitted strong built in 1461, 30 meters high, the hall is divided into 5 levels. Maitreya entire large hall was empty, in order to worship in 1914 Jiushibanchan Choekyi Nyima presided over the casting of the gold gilt bronze Buddha Jampa, 22.4 meters high, a middle finger will be 1.2 meters long, 11.5 meters Width, Angiopteris 1.8 meters high, with a total 26.2 meters high, is the world's largest seated Tongfo. This is seated with 279 kg of gold, copper and 115,000 kilograms, more than 300 tablets of pearl, amber, coral, pine and other valuable otolith Po More than 1400 stars, the only major Buddhist glabella, mounted on a large diamond, the head of the silkworm 30 diamonds, pearls and other precious stones more than 60 satellites, by 900 craftsmen spent 9 years of completion. Jampa large Buddha solemn shape of vivid, exquisite of the manufacturing process, reflecting the superb skills of the Tibetan people. ? ?Released back to the dog
There Tashilhunpo in a landscape that is not many dog owners are gathered here, it is said to be released back to the dogs, many of the temples in Tibet can be released back to see the sheep, and chickens were released. They leisurely basking in the sun, and people live together in peace. Animism and people cherish the idea of penetration in The hearts of individuals.

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Pakistan permitted strong ??
Straight from the temple door, turn left on the uplink to reach the permitted Jampa, the Tibetan language is "strong Bakang" Jiushibanchan built in 1914, the construction area of 860 square meters, 30 meters high. Are enshrined within the permitted Zhashi The symbol of the monastery - Jampa Buddha. Hall is divided into five levels: level is Angiopteris Hall, second floor of the hall is the waist, the chest is a three-Dian Dian face is the four-story, five-storey hall is the crown, and each can see the Big Buddha Jampa different parts of the Big Buddha Jampa 26.2 m-high, 3.8 meters high Lotus, 22.4 m high Buddha, the Buddha face 4.2 meters, 2.8 meters long ears, nose, a capacity of adults, shoulder width 11.4 meters, a palm wide. Squint, 4.2 meters long legs. Glabella their set with a walnut-sized diamond. The wall is surrounded by thousands of red in the background of strong gold Buddha portrait of Pakistan.
?Hall dedicated to 10th? Pakistan is permitted east hall dedicated to 10th - to address the Southern Song Jie, that is, in the 10th to complete the V buried together Jiushibanchan remains, passed away quietly in their own tin - bar Shi Lunbu Temple. In 1989, Chinese Premier Li Peng signed the "construction of the Tashilhunpo is the first in the 10th volume does Macartney Ji Jian Temple dedicated to worship and the decision on September 20, 1990, the foundation dedicated to worship hall official start, which lasted 3 years, in August 1993 for completion. Release Southern Song Jie hall with a total area of 1933 square meters to 35.25 meters high. The main hall for the reinforced concrete framework, with granite structure, the Hall of the wall thickness of 1.8 M, 8 defense to the earthquake. The whole hall to the ancient Tibetan architectural style temple-based, to adopt modern technology and ancient-style combination of construction. This is the age of 50 years, the largest investment in the country's largest construction of a temple dedicated to. To this end repaired with State funds 64,040,000 yuan, 614 kg of gold and silver 75.22 kg, as well as many other building materials. Masters of the 10th Panchen dedicated to an area of 253 square meters, 11.55 meters tall tower, wrapped in Gympie, jewelry set times. 868 share precious stones, jewelry 246,794, there are a large meteorite, the amulet-13, 445 Amber Chinese Buddhist ??
10th Panchen Lama in front of the hall dedicated to Chinese Buddhist, was the order of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty built, is the Panchen Lama in Tibet and met with Secretary of State. The Hall of King Banci collection of the Qing Dynasty are the gold and India, Yu Sui and Tang dynasties, as well as copies at the time of the ancient Buddha statues and precious cultural relics, such as porcelain. Piandian also for the emperor million License.
Panchen La? ?Chapter
Continue east of a white palace, the palace is the Panchen Lama, is located on the Red Palace, has been the successive Panchen Master's residence, although the current structure was built in the time of the Panchen VI (1738-1780). However, it is not open to the public and interested persons from ten Dedicated to the Panchen Lama to enter the courtyard of the palace front of a few small hall.
?Four Panchen Lama Temple dedicated to?
Further to the east of the tall buildings are well-known song Kang Xia Temple, there are four Dian-zhong Panchen Lama (1567-1662) dedicated to the four Panchen Lama is Tibet's history, there is a very big contribution to the Living Buddha, the book is The Dalai Lama's teacher. He dedicated the first year of Emperor Kangxi Dynasty (1662), 4-year completion. Tashilhunpo is the first dedicated to the Hall. Dedicated to 11 meters high, the tower wrapped in silver paper, Bianshen mosaic jewelry, ornate carving, lively style. More than 2700 spent a total of two gold and silver more than 33,000 , Copper Duojin 78,000, more than 9,000 silk-foot, agate, pearls, coral coral, such as pine otolith total of more than 7,000 stars. Dianding dedicated to Chongyanxieshan Wading gold, the sun Illuminating Yao, very magnificent.
Chin hall? ?measures (Zhudian)
Further east is the main hall measures Chin, Tashilhunpo As early as the biggest construction. It is located in the center of the whole temple, a huge building complex. Founded in 1447, to be completed in 1459, can accommodate 3,800 people monks. Church hall in the bottom by large gold-plated statue of Buddha Sakyamuni Zhu Gong, 3 meters high, is the Panchen Lama of its four divisions hi Rao Sengge built. It is said that Body of the Buddha relic, but also the root of the Palestinian Dudjom and teachers around the West Senge's skull and hair were Aqaba. Zhu Gong as a Buddha statue on both sides of the disciples as the G-8. Is on the left side of the bottom in 1461 by Ali Wang funded the construction of the Pakistan permitted strong, Jampa Buddha 11 meters high, four on both sides of the Panchen Lama personally view of the plastic Monju and the like. The front hall is large by the Church, which can accommodate 2,000 lamas chanting prayer text.
Qin measures outside the main hall of the temple is preaching, is constituted by the corridors of the courtyard. Master Panchen Lama in the past here often to the all-monks were preaching a sermon. Lunch weekdays, lamas who will be gathered in the main hall by the school, under the Carried out by the debate. At the same time, there is also a Buddhist festivals and activities at the center. Standing there watching the monks and believers coming and going, do not have some fun. In the middle of the yard to erect a huge Jingfan, painted on the walls around the thousands of Buddha statue, looking in detail, none of the identical.
?Drying Knutsford?
I reached by the Dudjom root Pakistan was founded in 1468, has been 500 years of history. 32 meters high, 42.5 meters long, 3.5 meters thick, is divided into nine-storey, wooden ladder was linked to in-house. Taiwan is located in the north-east wall of Temple, on both sides of the frame to be transferred by the wind and Mo Yan Ma stone. Tibetan May 14, 15, 16 days here Were displayed in the past the Buddha, the Buddhist life and the giant Buddha statues in the future.

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Xigaze Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People come here all the way, in order to see the "Third Pole of the Earth," Wei, harbor aspirations of the people here eager to challenge the limits of human achievement of the dream, and this is the charm of Mount Everest. Xigaze region in order to have the peak in the world for pride, it has become Tibet's most attractive tourist destination .

  Tibet is located in the southern city of Xigaze, located at the junction of Nianchu River and the Brahmaputra, the former capital of Tibet, after up to 3,800 meters above sea level, Tibet is currently the second largest city, was in possession of the church after the center as well as successive Panchen Zhu Xi's place. The enchanting beauty of nature windshear , After the unique Tibetan life here as the "most beautiful manor well."

  Xigaze from the southbound to continue, we can reach the Everest peak in the world, is directly north of the Prefecture, east to Lhasa, Shannan, the west may be leading to Ali.

  Land owned A vast, diverse types of land resources. There is arable land, grassland, forest land, wasteland, lakes, swamps and so on. Of which: arable land area of 77,700 hectares, the perennial area of about 73,300 hectares, mainly in the Brahmaputra, Nianchu River, Peng Qu River valley area. Some of the lakes along the narrow Band, low-lying, rich pasture, agriculture and animal husbandry is more developed regions. Reclamation of wasteland have yet to be 33,000 hectares; pasture with a total area of 9,466,000 hectares, the area can make use of 7,333,000 hectares. More scattered grassland, mostly mountain-meadow ranch. Possession of the South Valley on the Tibetan Plateau is the best in the quality of the grass Excellent quality of the grass, Tibet's famous "butter Sangsang, Parry yaks, sheep Gamba" on the middle class in the region. Lin Yi grass meadow valley has more than 20,000 hectares, adequate water, the quality of the grass, and suitable for the development of artificial grasslands. Zhongba, Saga, Ngamring County, and other important pastoral areas; forest mainly distributed in Yadong, camphor wood, Kuala, Chen Tang Jurisdiction, and so on down the southern slope of the Himalayas in some areas. Agricultural areas suitable for planting poplar, willow, and so on, have a large number of artificial afforestation area. At present, the region-wide recoverable area of 41,300 hectares of forest, the forest reserves of about 10,000,000 cubic meters.

  Mount Everest Nature Reserve is Cameroon is an important symbol of one of the region, "Everest conservation areas," Xigaze is the most unique sets a natural, human landscape in one of the region. The protected area in October 1988 by the People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region was established in November 1993 by the National Forestry and the Environment Nursing Board reported to the State Department as state-level protected areas. Tingri County, including Mount Qomolangma Nature Reserve, Nyalam County, Kuala Dingjie County and in most parts of the county, covering an area of 33,000 square kilometers and a population of about 7 million people. The core of protected areas into protected areas, buffer zones and economic development in three regions. Qomolangma Nature Reserve in the Himalayas of all strata, the geological structure in the district, across the area, elevation and the poor, and the surface patterns of complex, high mountain terrain and landscape of glaciers very typical. Protected areas, plant types, from low to high followed by semi-mountainous subtropical evergreen broad-leaved evergreen forest, warm temperate mountain Chang Coniferous forests, sub-alpine cold bush, meadow system. In the protection zone, there is also the habitat of many rare animals under special state protection only to have dozens of animals, one of the categories of protected animals 9, 21 kinds of animal protection II. Here also found that a large number of tropical plant fossils and Hipparion fauna fossils, the research is Qinghai-Tibet Plateau uplift, to explore the mysteries of the natural good place. At the same time, in the Everest region also protect the preservation of a unique Himalayan culture, their cultural values remain to be further understanding and research.

  Tashilhunpo Monastery in Xigaze city is located in Shan Xi Nima The end of the Tashilhunpo (referred to as the Temple bar), is the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, one of the four major temples. According to records, the bar for the Temple of the Yellow Sect founder Tsongkhapa disciples of the Dalai I root Dudjom presided over the construction of Pakistan. Four Panchen Lama Lobsang Qu Ji Temple bar as the pool bar (abbot), to carry out a large-scale expansion since then, Zhashi Monastery of the Panchen Lama has become history and Zhu Xi. Tashilhunpo Tibetan word for "auspicious Sumeru." March 4, 1961, Temple bar by the State Council as a key state protection unit, in 2004, the China National Tourism Administration has been classified as Class 4A tourist areas (point). Temple bar area of 150,000 square meters, around A wall, the wall along the winding mountain Yi Li, the circumference of more than 3000 meters. Temple Church, as have 57, housing more than 3600. The whole temple built according to a slope, attached to the back mountains, North Block, Xiang Yang, followed by delivery temples then, the density balance and harmonious symmetry. Jinding tall red walls of the main building a more majestic, immense, spectacular 2 Xigaze area historical and cultural cities (the city of Xigaze, Gyangze County), 2 patriotism education bases (in Gyangze Hill Manor Impala). There are 609 units in 35 categories of heritage (point), more than 10 pieces of cultural relics, national heritage units 6 (Zha Shilun Temple Monastery, Baiju Si, Xia Lusi, Gyangze Zongshan, Jilongzhuoma Lacan, Chu Teh-ji, Tang Wan-ming, using ), the autonomous region-level protection unit 16. Cultural relics around the 18 counties (cities), the region accounts for nearly one-third of the artifacts.

Cameroon and Japan Folk songs have a strong local color. There are love songs, the Pastoral, wine songs, praise songs, songs Feng Jing, Song of Blessing. Most depict scenes of labor songs, sing the praises of the motherland, home of praise and have a competition race, Shall We spit love, and so rich in content and vivid, concise language lean, the rhythm of live music.

  Xigaze people Sing and dance with that, they can not be separated from the daily life of song and dance, accompanied by songs and dances of their life. In many parts of the song and dance known as a town. Folk dance "harmonic reactor" to warm cheerful rhythm, dance and flexibility, generosity and the beautiful dancing Tibetan-wide popularity. , "Fruit market" brisk and imaginative steps, and the scene was great; "smart" Drum Rough passionate; Kuala "spiral dance" light dancing, singing the beautiful sounds; Kangma "green market" and Tingri, "a harmonic" strong steps orderly, harmonious singing sweet, dignified and elegant; Sherpa beautiful lyrical dance music, soft, beautiful dance ; Sa Karma, "a harmonic" Bold simplicity, "Mu-Yen" great momentum. There are "child card" -Door "stalk", "Langma", "Arab-harmonic" dance in Tibet are known.

To cite only the characteristics of Tibetan art is based on Tibetan folk songs and dances in the form of literary content of the performance of the integrated arts. Through the ages artists and intellectuals, civil society efforts to create a Tibetan art. Japanese people in general to Cameroon As the birthplace of Tibetan opera, Tang Jeb as the ancestor of the Tibetan opera. Tang Jeb, the Department of Xigaze Prefecture Ngamring County, he was the use of civil and religious art in the bud or some form of drama development of the Tibetan art.

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Xainza Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Established in 1993, the Xainza Nature Reserve, located in Nagqu Prefecture, northern Tibet Xainza County, is in a stream in Qiangtang area in the southern Great Lakes basin-wide zone of many lakes are in the development of Gangdise Hill at the northern foot fault zone Construction of the lake; area of 40,000 square kilometers, the region's grid co area of 476 square kilometers of waters , Surface elevation 4650 meters. As a result of southerly location, altitude above sea level slightly lower than the north-central Qiangtang, slightly higher temperatures, a small amount of farmland Ke Zhongzhi barley crops; annual rainfall of 300 mm, but the peak the Gangdise by melting snow and glaciers supply, mineral water Of low, suitable for aquatic life and water birds on the growth and reproduction, The low-lying lakes in the region is widely distributed humilis, and other major components of the marsh and meadow Beach, together with the Palestinian zangbo Yu, Zhu Yong, such as possession of cloth inside the river, so here's the good development of inland wetland and water ecosystems, And the protection of animals at the national level has become an ideal habitat for black-necked cranes, is 7 of the existing black-necked cranes in protected areas Stubbs the highest, are the largest.

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County Faso - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sok County is located in north-eastern Tibet, Nagqu area in the Northeast, the upper reaches of the claim Nu song Valley. Area of 5986 square kilometers. 4.1 million mu of cultivated land, forest area of 35.9 hectares, 52 million mu of grassland area, demand Tibetan word for "Mongolian." During the Yuan Dynasty, said that with "oblast" Ming Dynasty " Zhuang ", the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Guifu in Mongolia and special items of the Department of Gushi Khan, in 1732 the Qing government was placed under the jurisdiction of the local government of Tibet, Tibet in 1751 under the direct jurisdiction of the minister. Faso in 1960 the establishment of the County People's Government. County House Gaqie in Tong.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jiali - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiali County, located in the south-east of the northern plateau, a vast territory and rich resources, unique terrain, the magnificent, and thousands of images, many big mountains born Heng Kong, Tam countless anxious meandering river flow at great speed, spread all over the plateau lakes, grasslands magnificent wealth, Fei Yang U.S. cattle. Here in the summer flow Choi Jin Yi, beautiful natural scenery of a Hou-alone, unique folk customs, goes back to ancient times; winter ice-covered thousands of miles, miles Xuepiao, particularly the charming scenery. Canton is a flag in the western grassland, live cattle and sheep is a paradise, that piece of the south-east of the green and luxuriant forests, towering old trees, there are a variety of plants, animals, magical scenery here, the climate , Renjiediling, is the 11th Panchen Lama and Reting VII of the birthplace of the Living Buddha, known as "Kamiyama" reputation. There has long been known as the development of products rich in a series of better and more attractive, a broader, more special preferential policies to attract more investors to venture Woxian, Woxian to promote economic development. In recent years, I Is committed to creating a favorable environment for investment, the development of a variety of preferential policies to attract more people with lofty ideals Woxian to invest in industrial projects, a total of ambitious show. Jiali open to welcome you, here is rich in natural resources and preferential policies, good investment environment. We are convinced that your accession, as this will be a hot spot Into the fresh vitality, and at the same time, you will get good returns. Jiali County, the natural environment and climate characteristics of the Jiali counties and cities located in the eastern part of Tibet, the latitude and longitude 31 degrees to 32 degrees 7 minutes east longitude 91 degrees 94 degrees 9 minutes As for 1 minute. And in the Tanggula Range between Hill. East even Qamdo District and county side dam Bomi County, Nyingchi Prefecture, south Damxung County, Linzhou County, Maizhokunggar County, according to the North County, for example, this area of 13,244 square kilometers. County population of 24,945 people, 4,500 meters above sea level on average throughout the county, the county seat of 4488.6 meters above sea level. The main rivers for the possession of Medina River cloth, Lhasa upper reaches of the river, there are Tibetan cashmere Su Qu, songs such as Ha-jen. The main southern lakes have Yuhu, l. measures, such as Lake Point measures. Jiali County highland continental climate obvious big difference between summer and winter. A year into the dry season, the rainy season, the typhoon season, the four seasons the snow season. The average annual temperature of -0.9 degrees, the average January temperature of -11 9, the average July temperature of 8 degrees, the annual precipitation for the 695 meters, vice, the average annual evaporation capacity of 664.5 mm. The average annual wind speed 0.8 meters per second, with an average annual sunshine time-based 2505.2 hours, the temperature as the Rizhao 1228 degrees. Cold weather in the northwest, snowy winter and spring wind, for an awesome spectacle Strong snowfall in the district centers, as a whole is relatively frosty period of 78 days, absolutely free frosty period. Loyalty and south-east mild climate Township, four seasons, abundant rainfall, "southern, northern Tibet."

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Wen cloth Township - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nagqu from more than 500 kilometers, after Bangor, the wrong color Lin, Wen came to the Xainza County Rural cloth, known as de Jalan Yong wrong. Ministry of the village over the United States and made the evening. Bai Yun wind around the fruit Darfur snow-capped mountains, emerald-like blue when the heat Yong measures leaned in close to total fruit, Sheng Hu Kamiyama exclusive care of the Ministry of the village at this time of smoke curl upwards The rich flavor of the ancient stone villages in the Garden of Eden was on the roof of a modern legislation on industrial products shell thermos bottle, but it is not a decoration, but be a cause of religious artifacts - turning a barrel. By the turn of those barrels in the next lap and wind have been around from right to left turn

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Shuanghu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuanghu no man's land at the northern plateau in the northwest, east Baingoin County, south Culture, Sports, Xainza, Ali area of the West and then to the border counties with a total area of 120,000 square kilometers. As a result of the early 1970s, Xainza County Party Committee and the Organization of the Working Group on the no man's land to inspect, based in the former zone Rong Ma, the area south of Galindo, in its Conlin 5 km to the east and 10 kilometers to the north have a lake that is wood, such as Kang and Jalan Kok Lake Lake, "two-Lake" got its name. Shuanghu the north-west of Nagqu "Hoh Xil no man's land", here inaccessible, many wild animals, Tibetan wild yak, Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan antelope, and so on.

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Ma-down spa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma-down area of the mountain, there are many ancient rock paintings of the left, particularly in the Galindo shan of the most well-known rock paintings, Zhizhuo simple style, with the season and time changes, many of the stones will be shown a different picture. Here are a few hundred square meters of hot springs, year-round heat evaporation chain and the hot springs near the base stone barriers Huangruo maya, hot springs here for skin diseases such as arthritis and has a significant effect.

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When hung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When hung, Qiangtang most of the ranch when the plump-hung, the northern gate of the city of Lhasa, Tibet is located in the south of the border with northern Tibet, 160 kilometers away from Lhasa City. When hung, the Tibetan word for "elected a good place," US-grass prairie is the Qiangtang fat sheep ranch, Lhasa City, the only pure county animal husbandry. When hung inside the average height above sea level 300 meters, the cross-county nyainqentanglha Hill, with a total area of 12,000 square kilometers. Damxung County in Lhasa City is the focus of the county animal husbandry, rural six-county jurisdiction of the two towns: Uma Township, Yong-in rural, public and Tang Xiang, Ning in the township and rural Geda, Hu Xiang-satisfied, and the town of Yangbajing When the song cards in the town. 29 village committees 1 2 villagers group, the total number of county 7442, the total population of 40,168, of which animal husbandry 37,616 of the total population 6312, the county's population accounts for the vast majority of Tibetans, there are other ethnic Mongolian, Hui and Han. Each year in May to October, when all grass-hung The most beautiful season. Is the distance of a thousand miles along the nyainqentanglha Hill - clad in silver armor, wearing a crown of ice, snow-wrapped, to the foot of large swathes of green grass, white sheep, black cattle during the Sala. Qinghai-Tibet Highway as a black streamer from the southern slope of Hill at the foot of the winding through. Sunny days, when travel-hung Bright and sunny, layer upon layer of clouds Xu Yun Guiqi volatile, Jingying holy mountains in the transpiration Danyan in heavy fog into the mountains like overseas, and large swathes of the foot of the mountain slope of the green sheep, as a wrap Li Li A bright pearl, surprising moments of intense emotion, not a people do not hold your breath to feel the magic. When hung in the main livestock to goats, sheep, yak, Pianniu, cattle, horse as the main breed, there are animal products butter, meat, milk, wool, cashmere, hides and so on. To slaughter every winter season, hung in when all the best to buy beef and mutton, butter Lhasa on the market and many of the beef and mutton from the Qiangtang they are sent to the grassland. When hung in the vast grassland, but also the growth of valuable medicinal plants, such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, Fritillaria, the list of ephedra, Rhodiola, the snow lotus, gentian, Gansui, HUANG Mao, and many others. Damxung County is rich in wildlife resources, Tibetan antelope, wild donkey, argali, Marmota, hare, and so on; a large number of Health of large predators, such as the vulture, leopard, wolf, and so on; there is a huge number of small omnivorous animals, such as frozen chickens, ducks, swans, black-necked cranes, pheasants, foxes, weasels. These precious animal resources in the maintenance of grassland ecological balance plays a very important role.

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Umeki cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang cloth at the junction with the Palestinian Qingxian, halfway up the mountain cave in the hole, the hole with a CD-unfathomable deep, 1.5 km away from the hole, is well-known to pilgrims, said here can be a symbol of more than 500 kinds of magic. In addition, this area there is a "Shenquan" Legend of the Dragon King for medicine, can cure all diseases. The main cave Of three caves, the smaller of the two is not too much of the rock composition of the hole. One of the bow and arrow similar relics, the legendary King used to bow, after this storage. Umeki main hole for hole, from the foot of a mountain climb on foot to be 20 minutes. Wide hole, each about 10 meters high. A hole about 2 meters, diameter of about 2 meters below the giant ice , Dong Ding whereabouts of the water there, expansion of the ice in winter, and sometimes plug the hole as a whole. On the right side inside the cave, one of about five meters deep pit, Hang Hau, about 10 meters in diameter. Inside a small hole, about one meter high five, 2 meters wide. Cave stalagmites can be seen, the pillars. Heavy damage, can barely inside the hole, which has become sufficiently large to accommodate a few 100 people, more stalagmite pillars. Is in front and two deep, unpredictable, cast a stone, to hear echoes of about 10 meters deep on the right side and about half a meter high, five one-meter wide hole into which suddenly, the gradual change , Who can walk upright. Chu Dong, and then through the right side, A hole about one meter high, to be leaned through. After entering, and gradually increase, the stones may form different kinds of animals and plants, and some like "Master Padmasambhava" Zuoxiang ... ... It has been said to be inside the cave and not at the end of a three-day visit.

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East Gela Dan Bing Talin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gela Dan Snow Mountain is located in eastern Nagqu Amdo County Rural Ma-fly auspicious days. Its height of 6621 meters, is the source of the Yangtze River. At the foot of the mountains to the east of it, there is one area of about 800 square kilometers of ice tower, known as the Gang Qiao plus bar (which means snow shengdeng cent). These Bing Talin, which have different shapes, some like Seiko The carved crystal towers, high-rise buildings at the foot of the mountain on the horizon. The sun flashing through the tower with colorful Guangzhu criss-crossing the entire ice-lam, has become a rainbow in the world. Block, a tall vertical wind tower reported pleasant ringing law, so charming scenery and snow do not really have a heaven and earth. Some like Bing-Feng Agate on the horse-like ears and symmetrical on both sides of that harmony, black and white stripe consisting of two gorgeous as nine eyes travel up from the water, but some, like a pair of huge and deep orbital time of the survey of this vast Of the earth, and some of the Bing-Feng similar to the shape of dinosaurs and hold snow frog, a word grotesque Bibi Yes. However, to say the most interesting is the depths of the ice-lam, seven-color light. Lin in the depths of the ice has broken a body of ice towers, remnants of its roots have a deep crack flashing from the ice cracks in a brilliant seven-color light, the colorful and unpredictable and fascinating. It is exactly what Wufashuiqing no one is the Pearl Mountain , Or Dragon King's palace of the gas-bao, or between heaven and earth so very good. Some ice melted through the bottom of the tower to form a number of clean and comfortable room of ice, hanging in front of many of the long icicle posed curtain, which entered Shaozuo moment there is a feeling as warm as in spring. So are thousands, dazzling ice Lin is in the nature of ice thousands of years to shape plastic, belonging to the creator of the craft, can be regarded as unique in the world.

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Zhoima Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A recent inspection tour of the Working Group on the snowy plateau in northern Tibet's Nagqu County accidentally discovered a fairyland on earth, such as the United States and the green corridor - Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area. 230 km away from Lhasa's old cell Nagqu County Rural National Highway 109 from the territory of 11 km, a working group study unexpectedly found a canyon With, although here about 4700 meters above sea level, but Cang forest green, light floral, Huguangshanse vitality. If the United States because she Ficus erecta, which is why we called her "Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area." Zhoima Canyon scenic north-south were a total distance of about 15 km, is the side of the towering snow-capped mountains, snow-wrapped, like a fairy Prix A pure-white hada; side of the bush is a verdant, Baihuiyixiang vitality. Not all the year round of the snow-capped mountains of ice melt has become clear a valley between the mountain. "There are always four seasons, different days Shiliquan" Summer of Zhoima Canyon charming scenery, magnificent anomaly, the former Canyon wide prairie like a huge carpet of green, Then the guests from afar. Before the line drive that green corridor, as if into a Shangri-la, spotless clean air, you feel good sense. Xuefeng in the top 100 have only eagle fly the Youth Pre-employment, on the eastern side of the hill in groups Ye Yang, Ye Yang feeding play. Marmota Himalayas, the hare, lively Ochotona With you before, as the crowd after another white clouds, wandering in the vast grassland. Into the depths of the canyon, "a plateau in Pinghu," Zhuang King will appear in your eyes, blue sky, clear water, snow-capped mountains painted a peculiar set of snow-covered landscape. Here can also be realized that modern glacier erosion of the special landforms, Xun phosphate rocks, caves Cloth, uncanny workmanship, charming and magical left many moving legend. Karma sect of Buddhist monks and nuns to move to this practice Jiansi, wishful thinking with possession of secret immortal Gong attracted numerous Buddhists come to worship, this famous Shenshui Kamiyama, with two 800-year-old temples so that they Here has added a bright The human scenery. Away from the fireworks here on earth, far from the harassment of the earth, is a natural scenery and ethnic customs of a piece of pure land, is a scientific research expedition with the tourism side of the world. Summer's world Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area is a rare summer resort. With the completion of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Nagqu County will have Joint development of the human, natural scenic spots. Zhoima Canyon scenery will be opened in a few days of her mystery, Xiao Ying Quartet guests.

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