Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Tang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Tang Temple, 15 km from Xigaze, in the year 1033 by Kadampa Buddhist monk was built Luojia bar. Although it has so far not Tashilhunpo grand scale, but the long history of Tashilhunpo than four years. Tang was built after the temple, there are many well-known around here preaching to the monk-law, such as the division's main pa Lang Gazha Wood has lived here; I root of the Dalai Lama, Guo Zhu Pakistan have initiated here and study Buddhism, as long as 17 years in the future to build a temple bar, only to move to Xigaze. Tang Temple, which is the most well-known printing house. No public in 1730, the then Tibetan local government Galoin after placing some of the Tibetan Affairs Law In order to save and carry forward the Tibetan ancient books and the book, presided over the creation of the printing house. The huge printing house, built more than 20 years. To accomplish this enormous project, rather Nai Luo ordered the entire Tibetan people, poor service branch, by building homes; at the same time, and the mobilization of the entire Tibetan calligrapher, artist and engraved work, and a group of a cluster of green Learning Technology stereotypes. Through the efforts of a very long time, Tang Temple by the Indian Institute of etched and printed out a large number of Tibetan masterpiece, such as the Tripitaka, "Kanjur" 108, Shu Buddhist Note "Dan Zhuer" 215 are complete The fine carving, the board in addition to text, there are murals chromatography. In addition, another example of "a hundred Shakya Biography "and many other well-known masterpiece, all from the printing house. Tang that China and India by the Temple Institute in China and India as the cause, than the Potala Palace and the Dege printing house, and contributions are large scale. At the same time, Tang Temple by the hospital as China and India are also practice and train a large number of Tibetan craftsmen graphic, which is the inheritance and development of Tibet in the printing Culture, plays an invaluable role. Tang Temple that had been destroyed, in 1987, built on the ruins of the three halls inside the temple to preserve the Ocean's 16 was seven blocks of stone, the eighth abbot giant Long, Tuen Mun measures into more than 30 years of age in a rock to stay A pair of footprints and has collected "Gan Fall, "" Dan Zhuer "by plate Printing 8800, and other cultural relics.

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