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Yangzhuoyongcuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangzhuoyongcuo, also known as the Lake (the local people are usually referred to as "the sheep Lake"), the Tibetan language as "wrong" is the "lake". From the geographical division of belonging to the Shannan Prefecture of Nagarze County, but a lot of tourists choose to travel by way of the Xigaze area here. From Lhasa to Xigaze there are two roads, South is in Xigaze to the old original, can be passed from Lake County and Gyangze. From Lhasa, Qushui over the bridge, turn left is to Gonggar Airport, Lake is to take the right road, the road on the right side of the lake can see the sheep station. Sheep, mountain lakes and separated by the Brahmaputra, the Department only recently wide-thousand 6 However, both the water level elevation as much as 800 meters, is very rich in hydropower resources. The world's highest pumped storage power station - the sheep station on the lake is located here. Sheep Lake Power Station is now in operation, southern Tibet is an important area of energy supply center. This road has been to move up in the winding roads, dirt roads are full, However, bumps, it is not difficult to walk. 30 km by car, arrived in the Lake over the 5030 meters before the Palawan Gan Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi-off on Lake can be seen in the distance and Jun Qiao Ning King of the anti-sand peak. Yangzhuoyongcuo, the Tibetan word for "swan pond", Tibet is one of the three major Shenghu, Surface elevation of 4441 meters, 130 meters from east to west, 70 meters wide north-south, the total length of 250 km Lakeshore line, with a total area of 638 square km and the lake are 20 to 40 meters deep, at the northern foot in the Himalayas is the largest inland lake. Sheep Lake bifurcation more like a coral branch, therefore, it is also known as the Sino-Tibetan Coral Lake above. "Lake in the distribution of more than 10 islands, of which can live 56, is smaller than 100 square meters only. Sheep Lake is a low concentration of salt lake each year in mid-November to start freezing, ice Up to 0.5 meters thick. Microlepis rich lake fish, fish Tajiri-Tibet plateau naked carp, and so on, reserves are estimated at 2 ~ 100,000,000 kg, and now here has been the formation of large-scale farming, the fish produced not only supply the market is far from Lhasa to the Mainland for sale. Here or possession of the South's largest waterfowl habitat, South Qunniao resettlement during the winter now, in the heart of Lake and Island Lake area, swans, water pigeons, Huang Ya, as well as the Osprey Bar-headed Goose are very many. From the Hill Yang Zhuo next to the lake takes about 30 minutes, and then have been able to enjoy the road along the lakeside scenery of the Lake. Up to 60 km have been re-opened after nearly Nagarze County, this beautiful face in the mirror and then gradually disappear in your line of sight of. Take this route, over a period of Nagarze County after about 40 M can be seen close at hand when the anti-Sha Feng Ning Jin. Brahmaputra and the Lake is a separate stretches over 360 kilometers around the mountain, the Tibetan people call it La-track Kangri Hill. Jin Feng Ning is drawing anti-sand track Kangri peak hill, above the Shenghu find it on, so the Tibetan people Called "anti-Ning Gold Sand", which means "God Yecha living in the snow-capped mountains on the noble", 7206 meters above sea level, located at longitude 90.1 degrees north latitude and 28.9 degrees, and is located in Gyangze County Nagarze County Junction. Erected around the block more than 10 peaks above 6,000 meters, is the center of the four snow-capped mountains of Tibet . Lai King-mineyama anti-majestic sand, rock Saga, towering at the top of the tip, sloping ridge of snow gully between the development of every glaciers, snow and ice have collapsed from time to time. Only in April or May to September to 10 months of spring and autumn, is to carry out the activities of climbing the best time. April 28, 1986 China's Tibetan climbers Samzhub, the Palestinian side, such as Gabrielle and 12 from the peak of the south-west along the southern slope of the ridge line for the first time on its peak. Jin Feng Ning anti-sand south of the glacier and Latin America if the card has been extended to the end of the road in less than 300 meters, so there is almost no tourists who like to Dikangdezhu Guiqi near the tip of the landscape of temptation. Many travelers will stop here and in the vicinity of the photo yak "as a souvenir." Lake also stands on the west side of many well-known peaks, such as Kang Sang Lamu peak speed reconciliation Kong Song Feng, are tourism, climbing and adventure holidays. In 2001 around the National Day Dengshan Jie Kang Sang Lamu in Tibet held peak, Mount Jade here is no less than the primary training base of the snow-capped mountains to climb. Lake in the west of the southern coast, Nagarze NATO to the county seat 10 kilometers, the famous Temple Sangding. Temple Sangding there as long as 300 years of history, the Living Buddha reincarnation system of inheritance has been extended The XII, are sent Gamagaju Hong brgyud branches of the Palestinian (that is, "White Education") is worth mentioning that it is the only female living Buddha in Tibet under the auspices of temples, monasteries, apart from outside the auspices of the clergy are men .

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