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Red sky - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Man in red, Ting Shan Chung Yeung Village, located in the shop next to the distribution, the crown diameter of about 5 meters, 2.1 meters chest, a beautiful tree, the red knot each year for up to 9 months old are more than 500 years, the scientific name did not test.

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David Gan ancestral tomb and former residence - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kom Tong Hall at the former residence of the Heung Yee Yeung Village, a small pear, for residential areas in the Qing Dynasty, around the main hall before the next gallery, get Ma, it is all destroyed, the main hall upstairs hanging there after the pilot David Gan presented to the supervisors, "Fukui would be" important details. Gan Murakami riverbank under the ancestral hall, hanging a Royal Secret Inspector Emperor Qianlong "blessing" Jin Bian, David Gan to 33 years in the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1769 ) Back into the Xingqin December. David Gan Zengzu GAN Liang Tan tomb is located in the back door of small pear-Yang Long, the old county magistrate after he took office are to hold a memorial ceremony for this tomb.

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Changqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Was originally called "Onkyo million", also known as the "Dragon River Bridge public," Changqiao connection with the village chief. Was built in the Song Dynasty, after several Rise and Fall. In 21 years (in 1932) re-reconstruction. Bridge 97.4 meters long, 4.7 meters wide and 5 Qingshi piers remain in a natural river on both sides of the Trans-Qingshi bring. 6-thousand Bridge Structure, bridge-wood pure, run-on 39, 156 points out column, the bridge board to regulate the shop together, are located around screen column, bench, take the bridge cornices top edge, a top Qingwa, conformation Qiao works fine, Great momentum, ranking first in the county bridge old house. Bridge has a vast upper reaches of the island's beaches, autumn and winter drying can be thousands of seats in Gusong Beach vigorous tall and straight.

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Temple Tianbao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long bridge is located about 1 km southeast of Ping Shan Qin (also known as Wollongong), was founded in 20 years, Tang Kai-yuan (741 years), one of the Pingnan Ming Si. Southern North Temple to sit, the shape of Wulong pan into the fire, Main Hall and the Beacon Hill distant relative, surrounded on three sides by mountains, beautiful pines Bamboo, seekers can explore more than recite here. Poetry: "Red Dust can temple in the mountains, water, Central Raoshan four of the new order, Feng Yan several times after light rain, Greenfield Zhu Yun from the spirit." Rational layout of the building temples, majestic spectacle, the shape of Buddhist art skills, ranking from Pingnan Temple first.

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Hang Tianzhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ridge is located in the countryside Meixi village 2 kilometers south. Pit dense forest, there are 3 columns, up to more than 30 meters, the three-meter column spacing of only a few, very spectacular. There are more than 20 square meters capitals of the platform, Tianzhu pit under Meixi reservoir scenic.

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Pan-East - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ting Shan site is located in the East Village, across the mountains from where they stand rock group, the magnificent momentum.

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Changtan River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The third is called Yuanyang Xi, located in the Village on behalf of the Rural Township Gan, and the junction of Ningde, about 5 kilometers, the valley mosquito beautiful color. At the turn of autumn and winter each year, more than 300 pairs of mandarin ducks in the winter.

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Tianhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South County is located 28 km, 1471 m above sea level, for the natural mountain lake, covering an area of many years, Clear Lake, drought inexhaustible, amazing local people. Twin peaks in the region fell, Lin boundless, and beautiful scenery. 1 km away from the Hukou, Hushan days of falls, the number of weight-for-linked waterfall, splashing fly Yu, Wei spectacular.

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Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ling Xiang-hee of South-South side at 4 km, North Korea, also known as Tiger Tam, Tam like a round pot, with an area of about 200 square meters, on Lake Mountain in the first two as manganese Zheng Shi-hu Sumo, so that the river folder appearance less than 3 meters Longtan Formation Falls, the spectacular scenery. Tan Bian Ling Zheng rock cliff, numerous Guteng old man on his climbing, the Rocks have the upside down trees, ancient Qiaomei Tan Bian giant hole, rock slide, such as grinding, said Long bed. Tam Long Dian have left the mountain, the first annual Lunar June, 15, the five surrounding counties followers who burn incense and make a wish a few lines of nearly 10,000.

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Mountain city garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In accordance with garden-building concept in the mountain city, city of hills were planted with laurel, rhododendron, bamboos, ornamental plants such as pomegranate, with all its taste characteristics and to park in the city, a city park, will eventually Pingnan Be able to successfully complete the building of the county seat and beautiful environment of tourism cities.

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All seven river - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven are from the Fu Zhen Creek, flows through Tai Laoshan Mountain, from the Bay County city of teeth into the East China Sea. You Lin Tsui Chuk sides of the strait, making day wonders. Pan-raft on the river, the water all the way Bishan-ching, Lin Bo waves, like fairyland. Among them, "Yang River Scenic Area," located in the northwestern town of teeth, is a state-level scenic Tai Laoshan "mountains, sea, Sichuan," the three major resort An important part of is known as "sea Taoyuan country," and "sea-Min Peng Lai" reputation. Eight of its natural and human aspects of the landscape, constitute a unique style. First, the long Shui Sau. Stream flow more than 20 km, clear bottom, during which Tam, Seto, alternate distribution beach. By finding tour, the only flow around, but not scared Such as in Wonderland. Second, the beautiful natural environment. Shan Bi green water, rare trees and colorful flowers early, camphor tree, maple, banyan, bamboo flowers, bamboo million, the bamboo, rhododendron, box, reed into film distribution. Waterfalls, canyons, towering peaks, cliffs, rock, surrounded by Castle Peak blame for the hole, Huaxiangniaoyu. Third human King Chic. "The wide off the ship," and "Herbie show had soft-shelled turtle," and "Mother Buddha sitting on a lotus," and so on a number of 30 human landscape, life and lifelike. Fourth myth Xuanqi monuments. There are pear Tong Lin Song Cottage, Long Ting Song Yam Temple, the Five Dynasties Toutuo Ridge, the only provision of the Qin and Han-chun, history of the post Yan Xu, Yin-ting, and other Walled Five precious treasures are renowned. Rich sweet, Long eel, crab, soft-shelled turtles, carp, and other treasures of fresh water, and mandarin duck, ribbon, rare animals such as otters. She is a six-strong style, a scenic She villagers living. Yin-ting is the middle reaches of the Walled Xiapu, Fu, She Fuding three cities each year fifteenth day of the public, four Chuba "Duige" the only meeting place. Seven is a major scenic area. YANG Tailao Shan connected with the river, an area of about four, 50 square kilometers, and Beijing and the nearby large, sandy beach under the bank of a river, and so constitute a large-scale tourist area. Eight geographic location is excellent. Fuzhou is located in scenic areas, the two major economic development in Wenzhou The mid-point of the region. Hill is also the Wuyi Mountain and the two major scenic spots of the mid-point of the station. And in the building next to the 104 National Highway auto coastal line, three from the sand 40 km from Hong Kong, convenient traffic, and broad prospects for development.

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Yang River Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as "sea Taoyuan country," Yu Yang of the scenic river, located in the southwest side of the Tai Laoshan, Xiapu County in the northwest town of teeth. Was originally called Nan Yang Ping, who according to legend as a result of the Northern Song Yang Wenguang here Nanman put down one of the 18 holes, and people Yangjia Jiang to stay at so named. Yang Xi River carp, also known as Nine, Seven Mile Creek, 1988 8 menstrual Approval of the Ministry of Justice, and the King of Tai Laoshan side by side in the second batch of national key scenic areas of tourism, "Tai Laoshan spots," Tai Laoshan is a "mountain, sea, Sichuan," one of the three major scenic spots. Yang Kai beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, green Gu Zhang, Lu Fei Xu Di, leaves embraced the wind Longting waterfall, a long bamboo raft. King Qi not only rocks, Seto urgent Bitan, the cave cascade, old and valuable trees such as the natural landscape as well as old, old station, temple, bridge, castle, and Guzhai Cliff stone ages, and other human landscape, there are Yang Wenguang, Zhu Xi, Wang Peng, Yu Park, and other famous people here and folklore She Duige home, such as folk rock drag the Mid-Autumn Festival activities Dongnuanxialiang scenic and pleasant weather, Shanhuo abundant seafood rich, convenient transport, is an embodiment scenic natural beauty and rural eco-tourism area, ideal for tourism, holiday, summer, swimming, fishing on the resort.

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Shacheng Hong Kong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shacheng Hong Kong: do not Shacheng town, said sand clearance, is located in the southeastern coastal urban areas, as an important fishing port in Fujian Province, 45 km from the urban area, the northern boundary of the former town of qi, Cangnan County of Zhejiang Province and north-eastern border, adjacent to the southwest of the town under the shop, Pro southeast of the East China Sea. Shacheng is out of the military when the coastal city of Fujian, Hong Kong and outside Nanguan Wang Zhi-shan, Hong Kong's Lin Link floating alone off the water, such as Lotus, depth-wave, the ship moored Jujian In the meantime, if an Tangao Kim Mun Island Wu Li-stream, such as the two Jiajiang Hill Gate, Shou-controlled easily. Rise amid stretches of cross-strait situation Xianyao. Zhang Huang made the late Ming Ming forces hero (Cang water) three times to the courtyard Shah in Hong Kong. 32 Qing Emperor Guangxu (1906) in Hong Kong shacheng Port. Shacheng Road, Hong Kong and Hong Kong 40 km long and 2 km wide, not deep water reef, Jiubu deposition, can not afford to storms and stability in the fairway, a well-known for excellent natural harbor. In earlier years, the Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the "industrial plan", as it has one of the three major fishing port. Here 142 sea miles from Keelung in Taiwan, with a total area of 39 square , The sea area 10 times the land area. Provincial Sand (forecourt) Lu (Gap) lines directly to the urban area and 104 national highway section between Fuding, 10,000 tons out of the wheel from the tidal limit. Shacheng Hong Kong because of deep water and mountains are sheltered, the typhoon season, the difference between inside and outside the wind-4, to avoid a typhoon for more than 12, was fishing Ferry passengers and cargo natural sheltered harbor. Shacheng Harbor Department in the town center, prosperity and economic and trade activities, Fuding is the largest fishing town, the main producing areas of fisheries, resource-rich fishing grounds off the coast of Taishan, Fujian is one of the major fishing grounds, rich in fish, fish, eels, squid, shrimp, swimming crab And so on. From 1992 to 1995, sand The town has been approved for trade with Taiwan Province, labor exports to Taiwan and Taiwan-round berth, so shacheng into coastal areas of Fujian to Taiwan and out of the last foreign trade and export of labor services an important port.

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Xiamenyujing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kip Wells door and fisheries: the city of Fuding Kip doors She Zuxiang fishing Xia Ding Village is located at the junction of the coastal salient. You Shi Qi Dong village, Lantau reef more than the United States. Large deep-rock cliffs, simple folk, lush seafood. As a result of reef beach two wells are connected to the sea and named after. Imura fishing on the sea traffic is particularly prominent position has always been important for the military It Jing Wan fish population control, and fisheries brief well - Yu Road landscape. Zheng He's fleet was also passing through here, great power and prestige. Said veteran fisherman, jumped the end of Lantau, there are remains of sunken ships. This is the world's sea, beautiful scenery and unique. Three sea island - the island on fire, the coffin mountain, jump the end of Lantau, Jing Wan fish and fisheries well -- Road landscape separately. Bay, the micro-world of sea water, do not panic and wavelet; Bay, the tide waves, monstrous big wave. Looking view, the size of Yu Shan fresh in our memory, Seven Islands, the sun faintly discernible Island. If the float parade in the sea, on board the Lantau Island, the other is a flavor that can reward Tianchi, grassland, an umbrella reef, penholder, such as Jing Shi-dong wonders, Sand riding pickers take the road rockery. The sunny morning and watch the sunrise at sea, it is absolutely wonderful. Well the United States and sea fishing, rock even more surprising. Coast to the mountains, is the Rock Hill, Rock Hill, such as large, monolithic block of rock from the hillside into the sea, like a giant aircraft Xunyang, very spectacular. Slope, ridge, Jian Gu, boulder Lin, or independent, or linked, or queue, or the accumulation; or sitting, or statutory, or lines, or walk; there are pillars, Shek Pik, stone, a stone bell; like chicken, like snakes, turtles, like, like ... ... Snails. Various shapes, strange, not net, there are well-known pneumatic rock, flying stone, rock garden edge, dice cents, to sit well concept Southern Tianyi column, Golden Sea Point, Heng Kong born, although turtle life, try immortal sword, pterosaur wall, the husband and wife Feng, Pan pig, and so on dozens of sites, so that the width. The cave linked Dong He is also the same odd risk, non-force courage, not to pay homage to. Fish in the well. Island to North Korea, the vast Sea, stop anywhere, octahedral The wind, relaxed and happy, but do not forget to return home.

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Nanxi reservoir lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanxi reservoir artificial lake: Nanxi reservoir is located in Fuding Chengguan 18 km northwest, the start of construction in 1974, for completion in June 1982. Time for the Ministry of Electricity and Water quality gold projects. Capacity of 67,000,000 cubic meters, and three power station installed capacity of 9000 kilowatts total. Nanxi reservoir in Fujian Province for one medium-sized reservoir Fuding was the largest artificial lakes. Nanxi reservoir lake, a beautiful, scenic, hyperbolic Hill between two high dam, spillway down, Feihong Falls, the spectacular Weiran, Bishuidanshan, isolated island to stop a boat, from top to bottom fish, the scenery blurred. Along the reservoir around the bamboo Lam Fung, steep cliff, and the ancient silver mining sites, "Silver . "Reservoir in addition to 13 of the ferry crossing, but also have a home for visitors to travel around the boat. The upper reaches of the reservoir area have Taishun County, Zhejiang's Edward Yang Ya-hot River, a natural radon spring, the water temperature revealed 59 ?, the value of health care is very hot. More tourists to visit in the reservoir after the board of radon-chuen, guest house, a journey Di Labor, endless interest. Fuding to Chengguan Nanxi reservoir has been built roads, to visit the reservoir can travel directly from the Chengguan.

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Kip Menrongbaozhang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yung-chang hold: the city of Fuding in Fujian Province, Shi Lan Yu Zuxiang Kip gate in the first village to live to a hundred households, with most of Deng family name. Park entrance to the village with a large reservoirs, two by Yao Zhi stretch of the 100 large banyan become separated the two and a half. Magic, "Yung-chang hold" to take root in this pleasant in the Huguangshanse. This is a very strange look of the old trees, which Is the camphor tree and a banyan. Yung-chang together to form a "hold Yung-chang," the spectacle. It is only from a distance to see a very common tree, it seems that the "surprising" no chance, but went a little more, you will be able to find this tree growing in two different species, there is a history of the Millennium The camphor tree, a tree is only a few decades Yung Shue. Two natural natural tree, the seamless combination. Currently, old trees have been selected to prepare the State Forestry Administration of the "China miracle in the trees", in the Old Testament 500 odd trees ranked No. 39. Yung-chang hold on the formation of a more scientific view: from "hold Yung-chang" 0 m Department has two large banyan trees hundreds of years, much longer vigorous flourish. A few decades ago, some of the birds from foraging on the banyan fig fruit, and then Guzhang live in the trees, a banyan tree seeds fall on the Guzhang, breeding and a small banyan. A strong typhoon, the host of small banyan stem Guaduan camphor tree, but miraculously small banyan live , Due to the banyan with the characteristics of fast growth, was gradually replaced by the camphor tree, now formed a "hold Yung-chang," wonders. Local people have such a metaphor: "The beauty of home-chang, Yung to come home; to White shoot in charge, so Deng Feng Shui." Standing under the old look, the old trees can be found in the trunk of the tree and between Zhicha Covered with more than 10 kinds of other Zashu, including a cadre of rough Wankou have been people in the village known as the steward of the old white bud trees. Tree, little tree, Chang Teng, constitute the grass tree to tree, the tree outside the root, root, there are rattan, rattan grass between the picture of Li Qi, like natural bonsai. "Hold Yung-chang," The magic is also In the old camphor tree with the tacit understanding that the inter-Yung, as the tacit understanding that many people can Xia Xiang. Young banyan tower under the canopy, the height of summer under the green, down River Water, brandish breeze. Graces of the child as a winding Cuxi old camphor tree. A bit headstrong, a bit naive, and the old camphor tree covered while in possession of wrinkles Green Yung-kan, despite years has been stripped of its ornate costumes, it can be stubborn to stand still, and make every effort to bring the remaining juice onto reservations to the delivery of the young banyan, quietly watching his young life Growth. Shu Qi "hold Yung-chang," like a tree to find a Jiaonv Shilan this overflow Hill Green land of the show, and Dan Lan and other old trees in the village of Shilan village green water together to form a static life and wealth to the scene.

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Temple-funded - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple-funded, was built in the first year of Tang Xian Tong (860), Tang Guan Zhuang Ye Pang brothers built, Dingxing in the Song Dynasty, the Ming Chung Hsing. In a thousand years of history, undulating waves, the turn-hing destroyed. Temple located in the capital southeast of Fuding County, 5 km from the county seat of the State-owned Lianfeng village in the mountains. Fuding is the founder of Buddhism were originated Caodong . Bang Hai Monastery mountains, beautiful scenery, the pleasant scenery. A flat peak, the mountains around the Central Hill arch, quiet Lin He, every Dongjiangshuowang high tide, the water surface, such as Lotus strong; when Eastern white dawn, the peak overlooking Lotus, like a bath out of water, bud Opened at the beginning, Tingtingyuli Jiang Bo in the above Bilian. On Long Qing night, as if looking palace can be seen to have a "lotus-shu," Blair said, the outskirts of Fuding for a major tourism landscape. Are ancient buildings, the magnificent, exquisite technique, timbers Main Hall, are Fa Tang Ming Dynasty buildings; Hall of the Ancestors, Garan Hall in 1753 for rehabilitation. Legend has it that the peak in the Song Dynasty nine wells Pier 13; Well there Tang, C. S., stone, the cornerstone of Fa Tang, Ming Liang Dong, columns, as well as the Millennium Tieshu (1985 bloom, flowering each year up to 6 months). Laurel Ming and Qing cypress and so on. Are grand temples, complete, quiet environment, the city bus direct Simen, tourists, pilgrims Dachaoshan incense, flowers and eye, Station can not. With the development of Buddhist culture, the Temple of the capital have been expanding, with a total area of land after the 8.67 hectares in the near future funding to Temple into a pilgrimage, tourism, travel together to Buddhist culture, To the Tang, Song architectural style as the main body of the garden-style temple, again Lianfengmiaojing Seekers can explore the ages to gather here to give lectures, pay homage, many left Tiyong, such as the prime minister Sun Qiang Qing Ming "Fushengruomeng send wrong everywhere to ie security is a" champion Wang Peng-ching "fragrance Amberpack Buddha Ruding, a bright moon to the sea and sky high, "Modern Buddhist monk Master of the round-young," not to say that the heart will be with an Ru " In addition, local residents She's folk customs, ancient temples make the Millennium credit.

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BAI Lin Zhe, Twin Towers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

BAI Lin Zhe, Twin Towers: Third Temple is located in the town of Fuding City, BAI Lin Zhe Village. According to the Qing "Fuding County," recorded for the next nine years of Yongle (1141) years to build. There are two former Buddha, it is also known as double-ji. Tower-style pavilion for Fangmu Zhuanta structure, solid seven. Tap the end of gold portrait, such as the Pearl of the Urban Culture Collection. Two-Monastery For the protection unit at the county level. According to the "Qiu Shi genealogy" set: The Two behalf of the Ming Yongle, in 1986 the provincial government funding for maintenance. Twin-style pavilions are, solid brick structure, seven hexagonal plane, 8 meters high pass. Tasha Baogai for the top six on each side are Buddhist Po, published in the Cultural Revolution in the destruction of Buddhist statues without deposit. Tower - Angle with brick-tooth Diego Chutiao Shibuya, Liu tota up, have a roof on the ridge, Xu Mizuo no Taki. Fuding County People's Government in 1989 announced at the county level for the protection unit.

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Wulongling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hing Temple in the country behind the Longtan Hunan side of a 2001 opening of the new Ridge Road, straight Wollongong Daud, named "Wulongling." Rohan in the back of climbing, waterfall in the peak-long walk, "Guiyi meet", "Wang Yung Kim dogs" and other scenic spots in climbing, looking directly into someone else's view of the scenery. "Own back , "Bridge Xiandu" landing "movement Taiwan," and from time to time looking at a steep ridge, to stimulate critical, Dan Chan scared; sometimes looking down at the soles of the feet of Feng Yan, Wu Yu a bird's-eye view, pride and enthusiasm Dunsheng; Jimu in the East China Sea, it is refreshing, A great momentum "Shanhai Grand View" eye chart, eye-chuan Bay, the Bay ferry twists and turns of the Coast So close, within our reach, or even hear the voice of the tide waves. In the distance and then, the vast East China Sea at large, spread all over the size of the Shan Yu Yao-fu, and other islands as well as the Seven Islands, the archipelago such as the Taishan panoramic view, the all-too-apparent, and even be able to smell the wet salty sea breeze and fresh fish taste fishy, so that More deeply appreciate " Xiandu, "for its great variety and wonderful, rich and wonderful. Climbed up the steep own risk back in the side of Ridge Road, there is a huge stone up a growth curve in a vacuum" Shihmen, "Xie Xie and across both ends of the stone Like a rainbow arch in the sky. There is a spot near the "elephant and superbird scs" Qiao Zhao nose like a stone, the lower end of the A pair of exposed stone birds, the high tilt and pipefish as Ruojiruoli tip, as if to whisper in the intimate, friendly and harmonious look very exciting. Through the narrow section of the stone, a rise of Yaran can not help but make people laugh, it was Miao Wei Xiaowei "beauty bath" stone. After a stone front of a suddenly Heaven and Earth, here is the "Taiwan movement." A call here, to respond to the sound of seven further and further away from the past, but each tone is different, just like music "duo, and, blind, fat, winded, you, West," seven tones, and therefore named . I bow in the foot here, Longtan Lake is like a piece of jade inlaid in the valley, Yang Issued under mysterious luster. Qiao Li rocks from the bottom of the rocks into tall and straight, at the foot of the stop, as Stone Forest, as stalagmite; like skyscraper buildings, such as the missile off; lofty rocks of rock Shiqianfeng million in the fundus surging, the list of small hills . XIE Zhao Ming Dynasty in the system, "Xiao extremely Mount," wrote a poem: "The day does not go too profit Basking Zhi 36 mixed-feng yes. Pianpian Furong Yu-Xiao Cheng, 1000 Among a Myriad only for the Seoul ... ... I too hope basking in the ocean, Xiuse in the vast sky. Hu Fu Li rest never made the top of Castle Peak Wan against blue sky. Looking down at the lower bound of Ho Ming Ming, China Man-land of mountains and rivers. Shihmen impact Milky Way was spilled, Matsukaze Haitao sent away? Quot; here appreciate this Poetic mood may be more real. In the northern side, to Shen Chutou can also see a "Sleeping Beauty" and leaned side of the "beauty" If the expression, the beautiful curve of moving. Movement out of Taiwan, came to "bridge Xiandu," the stone a few million of the Ren-foot cliff in the soles of the feet. Looking to the south of here, "North Korea nine carp "Rock group, a very like Nixon and Deng Xiaoping, standing side by side, outside of the" Deng Xiaoping "wearing a tunic, inside the" Nixon "Gaoting nose, the two rows, the mighty, magnificent, tall and straight, as are three-service honor guard review; "Great rock" inside the huge stone, the "great man" over the edge A parked with open wings and tail of the "peace dove", an atmosphere of harmony and proportion of co-ordination. Wonderful scenery all wow people clapped. Looking to the southeast, but also a "Shi Zheng Wang," spots: standing on a rock similar to Zheng's portrait, wearing a hat war, the entire behind the mountain, like to muster the peak of the cloak, in front of There is a rock, like a bow to accept the command of soldiers, magnificent, magnificent. A few steps and then climb up to the "peak Xiandu," outside the peak is "the roof." Here, under the peaks bird's-eye view, the East Sea Vision, is an entirely different story. Sunny, looking north, stretches across the mountains, can be seen 20 kilometers Fuding's Chengguan. Southeast of the "Cup cross-peak" in the lush green trees, rocks, such as the Cup Cuolayouzhi light, as if meeting also heard an immortal, Lin Feng Huan laughing sound of the wine.

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Fuding revolutionary martyr cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuding Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery: located in the city of 0.5 kilometers from the mountain village of Ruan tip. December 28, 1986, Fuding County Committee, County People's Government held in the Chengguan "Fuding County People's Revolutionary Committee of the 50th Anniversary", held at the same time of the martyrs cemetery ceremony. Mausoleum covers an area of 32 acres, according to The building blocks east of the West. The main building has Fuding martyrs cemetery monuments, Fuding revolutionary history museum, monument Beiting Fuding revolutionary name, as well as the gatehouse of the cemetery, the cemetery small mountain road to reach the top. Red Gate Tower about each of the two granite structure of the 6-meter Men Dun ladder. Mausoleum door to large, middle High oil with a green granite monument lying structure, the former National People's Congress Wang Qian Zhao Ye Fei, deputy chief, wrote the commission's "revolutionary martyr cemetery Fuding" 8 golden Chinese characters. Dali to the top 320 meters, a total of 348 steps, 12 points 2, 4 meters wide each, and 2 is 8 meters, with green grass in the middle group embedded into a "gong down List, Qiguanzhanghong "8 characters, so that the entire cemetery into a muddy one, a solemn, solemn. Mountainside on the north side of the revolutionary history museum for the Fuding, on the south side of Beiting name as a revolutionary martyr. Along the stone steps, and pick up order, to Peak, the cemetery is the main building - Fuding Revolutionary Martyrs Monument. Beishen triangular in shape, as The Fuding, Pingyang, the Taishun County, three border revolutionary activities. Rongting light on both sides of the monument built, think of its source to pay respect to the pavilion for those who stop off Qi. Cemetery is continuing now under construction.

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Qingchuan scenic waterfront - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingchuan coastal area, located in Tai Laoshan Mountain, located in Qingchuan Bay, jumped the end of the Gulf beaches and islands, the sea area of about 40 square kilometers (one scenic area of 25 square kilometers). Sparkling sea, fishing Pianpian fan, Ouniao little bit, el Link, on Lantau, the last jump, seven stars and other islands, such as setting Pei Tsui Landuan as in the sea. During the more than 30 kilometers of coastline, the size of the spread of staff when the size of Mongolia and other valuables Bay beach clean beach, 122 meters long, more than 600 meters wide, "Tan-ping, soft sand," said the officials when the beach Beach; peculiar to the wave-cut rock landscape of the fall due Gang Sha The most prestigious. Here blue sea, sandy valuables, quiet environment, away from the hubbub of city life, is to carry out windsurfing, swimming, rowing, fishing and other activities ideal place and a sand riding, play waves, the beach pickers a good tourist destination. Here, the sea can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, high tide, the wave of ups and downs, as well as wind, rain, morning, the faint Sunny, fog, with the sky, the sea changes color of the United States. Fu Fu Yao Yao Islands archipelago scenic spots, Tai Laoshan 3.56 sea miles away from Yu Tai Shan, a small Yu Shan, Mandarin Island, Silver Island, Bird Island, Kwun Yam, and other reef islands and 11 reefs 9, with a total area of 24.5 square Km. On the island suitable for the climate, landscape show , Said Fu Xi Yao islands, known as Mei-yu blessed. Yu Tai Shan Island, about 5 kilometers in diameter, covering an area of 21.22 square kilometers, the top Red Mountain Ji 541.4 meters above sea level, the first for the Big Island of Fujian Province. The island has beautiful scenery, Lake-day Pan-color, ants evening light boat, a small beach Qi Wen, south of the Tianshan and promontory, and so clear victory . In the boundless expanse of blue water on the East China Sea, 200 meters above sea level, the size of a mosaic of the two lakes, which is known as "Lake days at sea." Lake Central arch-week peaks, like its container, named Yu-do this. Tai Lake area in recent days acres can enjoy boating; small Tianhu 200 mu. Between two lakes more than 1000 meters, Spring, the perennial inexhaustible, sweet water, has a clear head as a mirror. Yao and as a result of Japan, due to the wind and wrinkles, Baiouxiangji from time to time. Gentle slopes around the lake, the formation of the Tianshan million mu grassland, full of "gray days, the vast field, low wind and see grass and sheep," the prairie scenery. In addition, the island was also red-Ji, Guzhai rock, the day King Lake Temple, and so on . In particular a diving Jian, style, is particularly focused on attractions, there are bright Tan, Singapore immortal, big palace, Hang Bai Lu, white Feibao, Elephant Rock, a small sand Taoyuan, and so on. The boat trip around the island, 30.7 km along the coastline, is the rock Lian Yu Duan For, scattered mixed, the rocks of the island chain Jing Jun Qiao . A view of Golden Monkey, Chiba rock, turtle reef, stacked stone reefs and other odd-shaped rocks Zhuang strange spots. Xiang Ji also watch the birds of Bird Island. The Bird Island area of only 0.5 square kilometers, less than 100 meters above sea level, dense vegetation on the island, the only habitat of tens of thousands of sea gulls and other birds, Zharanfeiqi, the scenery is spectacular Tianhu: at the Tianhu Yu Tai Chi Hung-do on the mountain, 200 meters above sea level, large and small lakes on both sides, the peaks surrounding Lake Central arch, which seemed to Yu. Tai Lake area in recent days acres, a small lake with an area of 200 days mu. Tianhu the size of more than 1000 meters apart, each spring, the perennial inexhaustible, sweet water, clear bottom You Lan, Ningbi the lake is very attractive. Pan Lake wild turtles often come and go.

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Bai Yang-chu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuan City stem River at the southern town, 40 km away from the urban areas is leading to Xiapu, Tai Laoshan's the only way. Surrounded by mountains, which rise amid stretches in the middle Yimapingchuan, Leung Tin 10,000 ares. There are a stone, such as the white-column, as a result of "white" to avoid civil words, it is replaced by Bo Yang-chu. Bai Yang-chu, a total of 10 villages and Multi-temple, was the central revolutionary base of Fujian Province. Soviet government of Fujian Province, Fujian Province has set up a recorder here, has retained the "Fujian Soviet Government", "the central Fujian recorders," "Fujian Women's Federation Council," and "Fujian special committee of the Communist Youth League" site. Zhenghu Chen Yang Village in the hall, where the wind Beautiful, the former double bun Qi, after flying Danfeng Hill, left his home goldfish carp, Yi Feng Shi Feng of their right of abode. Zhenghu Chen, Fu Anbo column foreigners, will be the Southern Song Ji Wei, in Zhangzhou Muk Min Zhu Sha Um al-prime minister a traitor to, and through the ages-000, Fu is one of the three sages. The ancestral hall upstairs at the main entrance of the four Chinese characters "sake of the general good," is For the central imperial Qing Emperor Kangxi, the ancestral hall at the two sites are linked to celebrities such as Wen's joint title. Bai Yang-chu, ancient temples are Baolin Si, King Temple, the Temple bridge, natural Temple, the Temple Shi Feng, Qi Yun Temple. Shi Feng Fu-an Temple is one of the eight major Temple, built in the first year of King Fu Tang (892), despite the vicissitudes of life remain On behalf of the architectural style. Main Hall arch bucket stack built 24 large square pillars stand Dian-zhong, winding paths and corridors, painting houses cornices, exquisite technique. Legend has it that Emperor Ming Ching Tak topic this time around there are couplets, and thanks, "Shi Feng Guang Buddhist temple of" horizontal inscribed board.

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De Cyatheaceae River Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

De Cyatheaceae River Nature Reserve, located in Fu'an City, 40 km south-west of Guatemala Village, covering an area of 1438 hectares. (River Tam Kai de Cyatheaceae beauty of nature pictures) Cyatheaceae such as palm-shaped, high and straight stems, leaves about 2 meters, opened as a peacock screen Side plume was split, in the light of today's ferns larger maximum Category. Their ancestors in the system 3.8 billion years ago the Earth's prosperous time nude fern plant, with its dinosaur from the same period. Today, the dinosaur extinction has, Cyatheaceae has become a "living fossil", China's only in Guangdong, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hainan, Fujian and Taiwan have a small amount of the distribution, the state took it as a protection of rare and endangered plants Melon in the protection of the river in the region, not only as high as 6 meters and more, "Wang Cyatheaceae", but also unearthed near Cyatheaceae Miller, in 3600 the total number of the above, which is rare in China, it has been approved as a provincial-level nature reserves . Protected areas in the central part of the melon is a tributary of the river two, from a West to East, a Southwest to the Northeast, such as "Y" intersection in the words appear in de Village, the two formed the Grand Canyon. Valley, the rock egg beads connected circle, bending Feisa flowing streams, water of the fish show goes between husband and wife have thus ... ... waterfall and waterfall gourd, Red Lake, Yuanyang Shuilian Dong Tam and other natural landscape. Gap next to the Central Permian peak peaks, precipitous peak Gu Qiao ; Swinhoe's song Splendor, submarine-Franch M V; vegetation Mongolia cage, Cyatheaceae show alone - some as Meiran Gong, and some, like Weng Suo Li, as some long-haired sister ... ... to avoid or at the Bamboo Forest, or to hide Cong banana, or in the possession of Zashu group, or legislation in the cliffs above, or the Red Army waited at the hole. The so-called "red-dong," "Red Tan", are Ye Fei during the Agrarian Revolution, Zeng Zhi, Li-Feng Ma and others fought life. As a result, travel tours in this area, if you are not scientists, nor want to pursue the ancient climate and the formation of species like the mystery, then, in addition to your iQue ancient, back to nature, away from the earth, San Wai adaptive, perhaps Also From the landscape in the community-oriented students into thinking: In this sense, the study also make a sightseeing tour, the landscape is benevolent and wise men can not read the book. De Cyatheaceae River Nature Reserve - a hidden in the mountains did not know of a good book, which is looking forward to many benevolent wise to read it to understand it, and Even the music of the heart. "

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Shi Feng Temple (Temple of Canton Shi Feng) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Feng Temple. Shi Feng of the temple, also known as Canton. Fu-chu, located in the city of Bo Yang Shi Feng foothills: 30 km from the county seat. Temple was built in the first year of King Fu Tang (892), in the top of the original Ming Yongle period (1403-1424) moved to this building. It has been set. You have Cisi Emperor Ming, the title Royal Monastery important, "Shi Feng-wide Buddhist temple," Zeng Shi, the poem "shadow moving side scared off the fish pond, sound and a half to Ling Feng Zhu cited" sentence. Chia-ching-year period (1796-1820) repair. Temple covers an area of 13,000 square meters. East of the West sit, stand Observatory, the majestic building. Although the calendar when the Millennium Maung temple and surviving. In ancient legend of a four-old monk travel far and wide, The mountains here, such as arch as Ibo, such as running water Bailianraoshan away, during which the mountain, like a lion, the highest peaks, grand vision, Bian Yu, the temple was built here. As a result old monk Sheng Ye will shift to a censer under the foothills of a Lin family at the entrance. The next morning, the masters of incense then see him move his Office; open the door the next day, the incense burner in the home , So a few days, the owner of the Lin family surprised, therefore Mozhi. Hu Wen Muyu sound, see an old monk came from a distance, urged his advice. Old monk said: "This is the Buddha who wish to donate the master Jiansi home." Masters of the Lin family to donate Bai Yang-chu, all of the Lin family farm housing for Jiansi. Temple completed, Lam Ka-referring to pray to Buddha The home, according to the Buddha referred to bamboo separate families, down from Qian and Yang Xi, Qi race by wearing a white horse to the door Ningde seven are stranded, the family has settled all seven. It is said that examination in the Ming Dynasty, the Shang Guanzhixingbu LIN Cong. Is the Lin family and future generations. Shi Feng Temple by King Hall, Main Hall, Fa Tang and four Guanyinge Body construction, four construction built on the same central axis, other architectural symmetry on both sides of the split, the layout of Cuoluoyouzhi, flavor, shows the late Tang architectural style. Diaolianghuadong visitors to enter the Hall of days Wei, Maitreya could see bare belly, I welcome people laugh; Buddha, the King of cold power. Have been decorated archway, a back-li Weituo statue law, the crack-down appearance. Over the courtyard, door-order calendar, is the magnificent Main Hall. Main Hall in front of Temple Heavenly Kings look roof, Zhong Yan Triassic, as if the towers, splendid shape. Main Hall inside? Cigarette wind around all over the place spotless, is worthy of the name of the net. Into the hall more than 13 meters deep. 10 meters, 14 meters high. There are 24 square granite pillars, of which 8 Wai-chu up to 2.2 meters, 5 meters high above the wooden support beams of the roof rafter. There are pillars outside hall 16, Wai-chu, 11.8 meters, holding sticks Qiaojiao cornices. The main hall around the window wall beams, carved with a variety of patterns Dian-zhong stand, the only overlap brackets? Liangjia Well, holding high the center of the hexagon caisson, at the top of the painting depicts Long Feng, life, although the pattern years? Could vaguely see that year presence. Zhong Yan Xie Shanding hall is a carry-beam structure, and Fuzhou Hua Linsi hall there are similar. Two are outside Yanxia 00 more than the root of the hump-rafter be arranged neatly out, as the Song Dynasty architectural form. Fa Tang is behind the Main Hall. Dan Yan Fa Tang for the rest of the top wooden structure buildings, a major contributing factor into the 13 meters, 9 meters high. HS Fatang have a flower bed, Seng Fang, Liu passengers, such as the kitchen. In December 1933, Fu, Xiapu farmers On behalf of more than 150 people in the Rubai Zhan, Ye Fei, Zeng Zhi, under the auspices of this meeting, the meeting decided to set up the Fujian Federation of Red Zone and the Soviet regime, to carry out agrarian revolution. After the liberation of Fu'an county civil affairs departments in the protection of the tablets. Fatang Guanyinge followed, the Court before Qing-chi, a Hong-Lei stock tanks. Pool Camellia, peony flowers, such as Lamei. Guanyinge next to a millennium Cooper, 14 meters high, the Lao Gan branch of the new vitality. According to the monks saying: Cisi not, the first of the Parkinson's. Ningde in the Ming Dynasty Yu praised Chen Qian thing Temple has a poem: "Zou foot temporary Song Kwan in Seoul, Qunseng flavor, like Hill. Ridge in the early pumping tree outside the cloud color, flower Court for the rain break . Choi Nam Fung Fu was going to Shuang, Liu should be ashamed with the kid free. Xifeng Jimu more of the West, Chou Huai-free and that more should be deleted. "Shi Feng Temple in the face of the beautiful scenery and Bai Yang-chu-chu, 36 villages and Parkinson's reservoirs, South Village has Yung Gurong spectacle, with its grain Sin Temple, the Temple Xing Yun, Fu Lu Temple, and so even as a monument. Here again Min is Faren revolution to one. It not only can people enjoy the beauty, but also give education on revolutionary traditions.

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Chou water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chou water area at the foot of the mountain huotong support to the banks of the rural population Hung Chu Chau Village, Chau Chu said the history of the ancient Chou.

Gu-Chou has a long history, ancient folk customs, unique architecture, Shun River cottage built the mountain cliffs, overlooking thousands of fish may overlap, the reflection up the house, a village water, water for the next Walled picturesque beauty. Villagers here also Unique skills - canoe surfing, they all stand hand-held Penny's canoe (single bamboo) above the downstream reefs around the split wave is very spectacular. Chou and downstream from the ancient huotong down to the town, 20 km Yan Xi, Zhou had 30 9 Seto, the torrent washed over dangerous shoals, and not fear risk, risk not pose a unique danger Current style.

Chou Gu, commonly known as Chau Chu, famous for its beautiful scenery. Chou landscape both ancient and unique landscape, the famous writer Bing Xin wrote was: "Chou scared of water." Pingnan in Ningde, Nanping governance and the river confluence of the two counties and I hung under the Admiralty Ducun Xikou, and along the ancient Yi Dao, Sishili There, "Hui Zhao before it is too late," "Admiralty to review", "Zhu Lian-volume", "Fish Creek St. Well" and "Jian double rainbow drink", "Chu Dong Hornets," and "bride Xia Jiao" "Floating Pearl India", 8 natural landscape. Yanxi drifting down, Thirty Gose 9 scared and not dangerous, all the way "with small river water whirl, the vertical range upon range of hills Tsui," Qi, Holes, rocks, Diepu, pools, towering 100 years old banyan endless, and so on. If the Zhong in the season, by Chou and boating, cross-strait Yamahana in full bloom, rhododendron first competition; late autumn season, autumn, red leaves whirling.

General on top, overlooking the world famous natural harbor and Australia are the three, only the boundless sea and sky Looking around, and followed by Fengfeng, orderly; Jimu South Vision, but see "Taijiao monkeys" and "Dream flower pen", "18-degree", "Sin-break," Zhu Feng, albeit not very clearly; looking down at the front of the mountain Hill, Ling Ling sets, stacked rock rock, the magnificent, absolutely not Miangen.

Chou ancient age-old villages Surrounded by stone, arable soil, the first River, Peng Xie degree of Health. "Cliff along the river, built in the Ming Dynasty of ancient residential construction strange, ancient Su, like" fish-scale dry-stack, high and low value-yu, "Rendezvous reflection, add radiance to each other. Along Heng Kong paved the ancient village of stone, rock rising Street, to Xu, such as mountain breeze into the street days. Wu temple Yin Gong temple of the ancient wall paintings, stone village before the flag, post-clearance stage when the story of legendary folk artist, vivid charm. Ming and Qing Dynasties, the old Jiao Cheng Chou is leading to the field of ancient Yi Dao-commerce and distribution, once bustling, Furuta, Pingnan, Songxi, governance, Shouning County, and other types of goods, especially salt, by the water Chau Chu and out. The prosperity of the water traffic, creating a human-Chou Fei-zhou skills --- water, canoe surfing. Seto had a boat insurance, but see the old ship Duanhe thundering public, and that's a few, roaring waves, spray blow against our faces. More young and old canoe into the village water surf boat, fighting dangerous shoals, the world can be a way to make visitors to sigh Only.

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Shan branch temple to the Millennium Hua Yansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningde Huo child support to Hill at Ningde more than 40 km north-west Department. According to Buddhism, "Buddha by Kegon home goods," set: "The mountains southeast of the fine-sounding name to support the existing crown-day Buddha, with a thousand families who are resident said." "To support" the Department of Buddhist terminology, "Zhu said that all Poly merit in which the people of the world in order to reflect the diversity Fu , To support Xijie respectful "(" Big Day Sutra "). As a result, Hill was to support Buddhist-day crown as the Buddha preaching of the gym said, and" not to support monk Wang Wei ", said.

To support mountain, more than 700 meters above sea level. Hundred miles around, pulling peaks, the peaks overlap range upon range of hills, streams vertical flow. Hua Yansi where , The arch ring around the peaks, like Lotus Chiba, just in the Temple and bring on a good show KIWI-hung, one of the scenes. Many of the Cave Hill Chuan Lin, known to the Buddhist terms, such as the Fugen peak, Feng Wei Mo, Feng Buddha, Quantum day, Di Shi Feng, Feng alms bowl, Sha Rock, Xianglu Feng, Li Cave, Stephen mannose, and so on, and Monastery in the mountains Li, a small Temple, Temple Sianfong, Sin Temple, Gan Lusi, Narayana Temple Cave, and so on, deserves to be called the "Fujian Dongyue" and "Sin nest Buddha Cave" reputation. Hua Shan Temple as a support to the Buddhist center outside of which has more than 1,000 years.

Huayan Si, also known as Hua Temple, the Buddhist region of the Han nationality for the key One of the hospital, founded in 2004, Song Kai Bao (971 AD), due to the Tang Dynasty monk Korea release yuan in the form of this song say, "Kegon through." Song Dynasty, the imperial court has Chici "Kegon Temple" and "Temple Yong Xi" in the name; Chici also in the Ming Dynasty "China Tibetan Monastery" and "Wan Temple" in the name. Lv Jing Hua Yansi Rise and Fall of the vicissitudes of life On behalf of all the ancient temples for the monks Chongguang devoting myself to. According to Chi Temple recorded as many as 20 to 30 people in the Tang Dynasty, such as meta-table, the net, the Song of the White yuan, Liao Wu, long debate, of the Yuan Chu-ping, Cheng Kam, affect the Ming Dynasty, moved to the sky Tu, Chiao-yun, far from the door of the Qing Dynasty, through a letter, and so do not get any. Temple is still a tower of the eastern side of the monument, Wen said, Albrecht Chee Ming Chung Hsing Chi-National Division to move large tower. "Big move Master, a round die-hui, Su Xing Yang, Yan Du (now Beijing), left guard next to the son of Yong-Qing, 19-year-old monk, the first year of Wanli Ming empress dowager as a result of a dream Buddha and the crown-day ceremony called into the mountains to support Chung-hing, which lasted 9 years after death, people tower built to commemorate. Sticks to Temple Mountain Gate It was built in the Ming Dynasty, "Hill best in the world," the amount of the Department of Yongle Emperor Ming Chici now Dianqian "Hua Temple" horizontal inscribed board, is president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao pro title. In the Main Hall of Buddha enshrined in the very characteristics, which is the Buddha Sakyamuni, Zhangliujinshen, Jia Fuzuo end, the formation of a solemn like; on the right side for the hand-held Lin, by six white teeth as the Samantabhadra; on the left hand as well Bao, taking advantage of the Qingshitan Manjusri like. The middle of the hall dedicated to the Buddha Vairochana. This Buddha statue for the next 25 years Wanli (1597 AD) to court copper treasures of gold, weighing about heavy for the two-round hollow body. The Buddha-end In the lotus pedestal, wearing a Golden Delicious, Pilu into Indian hands, face and peace, and that shiny.

Ming Dynasty Temple of the existing iron-day crown as the Buddha (commonly known as St-day crown thousand Buddha), the Department of Ming Yongle of the Ming Chengzu for Ren-Xiao thanks to the empress dowager, the total number of the original 1000, is still 947. Respect for every 20 public , About 33 centimeters high. Gassho or its shape, or node Jiafu Zuo, China and India Samadhi or node, was listening to, say phase, the expression of different forms of vivid, lifelike all, for the Temple of precious cultural relics. The temple also has well-preserved Buddhist by the next version of the book "North Wing-lok possession", a total of 678 letters, 6780, Ming Emperor Wanli in 27 years (1599 AD) by Banci, can be Zhenshanzhibao. The Buddhist scriptures are for the domestic dilute this. At the same time, the collection also Monastery in Beijing next Wanli Royal Secret Inspector satin embroidered with gold dragon cairica Ziyi dressed. The original Jingou Yuhuan missing for a long time. Ziyi and survived so far, their exquisite detail , The eye-openers.

In the Second Revolutionary Civil War period, Fujian Hua Yansi become revolutionary base. In September 1934, under the leadership of Comrade Ye Fei??????Fujian independent division teams in the Temple was set to start the difficult process of revolution. Hill said the audience to support the pavilion is the peak day When the Red Army of workers and peasants in the rear hospitals, banks of Pizhi cliffs of the rock is Sha Warriors 18 Red Army martyrs of the Department. July 1, 1984, Ningde Prefectural Temple in China to establish the "Fujian??????independent division to set up the monument" to commemorate it.

Today's Fujian Province ancient temples of the Millennium support to China Temple, in the shower Reform and opening up in the bright sunshine. Monks in the party and government's leadership, conscientiously implement the policy of religious belief, carry forward Buddhism, "Zen agricultural equal emphasis on improving self-cultivation," the fine tradition and all-round maintenance of the temple. Mountain Gate of the Temple, Main Hall, the Hall of Garan, the Hall of Ancestors, Canon repair of the building of a new, and the new Buddhist , Fangsheng Chi, and so on, so that the ancient temples in the mountains, "Aurora is going Zhushan show, Rizhao Gong Lin Ching million kilowatts."

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Qi Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi Park, also known as "Western Hills", located in the western Chengguan Ningde, to commemorate the great national hero Qi Kang Wo, jiguang village farmers to build their own fund-raising. Park crane to peak for the barrier, Lingxi Temple as the center, the Temple, the Buddhist-lam for left and right. Qi Jian large statue, Shichiku Avalokitesvara, the Crane Pavilion, Two holes, Lady Chi, the three-dong, Zhu Ting, Baekundong, Hongqiao, Emmanuel hole, thinking kiosks children scenic 18.

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Fu Yao Islands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Out by Yu Shan, a small Yu Shan, Mandarin Island, Silver Island, Bird Island 11 islands and reefs of the nine, with a total area of 24.5 square kilometers. Gu Chen Yao-fu Islands, which means "blessed land, Mei-yu." Tai Yu-do 5 km in diameter, covering an area of 21.22 square kilometers, the top Red Mountain Ji 541.3 meters above sea level, The first Big Island of Fujian Province. At 200 meters above sea level, there are two small lakes. Lake peaks around the arch ring, which seemed to Yu, Yu Island are also named a result, the lake area of 1000 mu days, the days of small lakes 200 acres, more than 1000 meters between Hubei and Hunan, each with its own spring, the perennial source, water quality The United States, the clear bottom. Lake has more than wild turtles come and go. Gentle slopes around the lake, there is a "south of the Tianshan" mu of grassland reputation. Yu Small Island is an uninhabited islands, covering an area of 3.28 square kilometers, along the coast as a result of weathering by water erosion, exposed bedrock, many reefs, sea landform is very prominent, constitute a strange King ; Island area of 0.3 square kilometers, only 50 meters above sea level, dense vegetation on the island, the only habitat of tens of thousands of sea gulls and other birds, Zharanfeiqi, very spectacular.

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Three-hole sand cloud to stay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as Stone Village, also known as Um magic dust. Xiapu County, located 30 km away from the three Western Town. Mountains and sea, more than 5000 square meters around the area, and Taiwan's east and the relatively distant islands, about two-Hill confrontation, green trees. By the nature of a huge stone pillar of support "a watt," a wonderful stay in the cave clouds. 24 States (1935) An cohabitation title monk Shi Du Jian Bianco in the Main Hall of the cave. Craggy rocks around the hole, different patterns, like a camel Guan Tao, Wang Ri may Eagle, visible to celebrate the rabbit, like Shuang Shi Zhu show. Linhai hole before there is a huge old air, under the temporary 10,000 ares blue waves, the ups and downs Langfeng Jingtao the shore, you can drive around the boat, fishing nets. Three-hole sand cloud to stay at the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang has always been a well-known tourist attractions to attract tourists come here especially for the Quartet, lettering poem. Former KMT Fujian and Zhejiang Sun Qiying so that the monitoring of the "stone tablets of Health to open face, a famous one," and Chen's "Haidong , To stay Yun Ji Sheng ", and so on a number of Cliff Inscription surviving so far.

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Lei Yue Mun River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Ning-source at the village, about 5 km from the county seat. Lei Yue Mun River flowing through the quiet village of Pu source in more than 500 meters long, a few meters Kuanjin streams, thousands of carp in the tail to refrain from being around. Shi, according to local records, ancestors who made the rules, raise carp in the stream in, but also the development of the fishing is strictly prohibited and the injury of carp Regulation, the villagers strictly regulated family, from generation to generation, and today the formation of such a beautiful river carp. The carp in the river and the pro-am, to hear voices, see the figure will come close chasing its tail. If voted into the food stream, will be filled with the carp jump, by eating each other. If you touch his hand touch the fish, the fish will be very warm To touch you. In addition to the village of Lei Yue Mun-Yuen Kai, Chi Chun Wo Rural Village is also a river carp. But there's Creek Wo Lei Lei Yue Mun and Yuen-different-Lei and people close to the source, Wo River carp swimming in groups usually very small, but if you hit something stream, He heard the voice of Lei Yue Mun River will Speed around the set up and hit the more urgent sound, the sooner the build-up has become a spectacle, so that people such as fish, "fish listening."

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Yuan Yangxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuan Yangxi County is located in the northern part of Pingnan, a total length of 14 km near the Shan Lin deep secret, quiet and clean, the fall of each year there are thousands of mandarin ducks in the winter here, there are currently only Mandarin protected areas. Pingnan also known as the "Yuanyang town." Whitewater is divided into Yuanyang Xi Yang, Yuan Yangxi, cross the river, water bamboo foreign Research and Yuanyang Lake Creek resort 5. White Water Ocean resort in the upper reaches of Yuanyang Xi, the bank has many caves and waterfalls, and Qi Jue, "Zhang Jie ten" spots, it is three from the flat underwater boulder from the shop, the largest area of a 4 10,000 square meters. The People's Bank of China, the only Yandao feet of water. White Water Ocean You have a more than 50 meters long slide natural, smooth formation, in the above slide will not be scratching. Yuanyang Xi Yuan Yangxi for the resort area at the center of it to wildlife mandarin duck, monkeys and rare species of plants for the characteristics, into the river, waterfall, the peak, rock, landscape, such as holes into the landscape has become rare a comprehensive tour Area. Fork Creek resort is located in the lower reaches of Yuanyang Xi, there are several times the original acres of forest, as well as the beautiful landscape of the valley. Ocean water bamboo - test Fork River resort located in the River resort in the west, it taiwanensis Xian-feng Valley and the main characteristics. Yuanyang Lake located in the resort town two-to Huguang, a small island And the Four Seasons group of wild azaleas and temples, such as the composition of the ancient tower.

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Tai Laoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Laoshan Fujian and Zhejiang at the junction of the Fuding City in Fujian Province, 45 km away from the urban area, Xiong Zhi in the East China Sea, Ocean Shores Qingchuan, Shanhai dependencies, Xiuba proud, magnificent, unique scenery and renowned for their "sea Xiandu "Known.

Country Tailao Shan key scenic spots to watch an area of 92.0 Square kilometers, to protect an area of 200 square kilometers, is punishable by a granite peak forest featuring caves, melting mountain, sea, Sichuan and the human landscape in one of the key national scenic spots, is divided into Yue Tai Laoshan, Qingchuan Beach, nine river carp Waterfall, Fu Yao Islands, the five scenic Lake fields, in addition to the city of cold castle, Switzerland Temple of the two spots, with Hill Jun, Shi Qi, different holes, show the river, waterfall and many other urgent natural landscape as well as ancient temples, such as tablets rich human landscape, visitors will be able nearby mountain, sea view, caving, river pan, search Ancient folk songs ... ....

Chow Tai Laoshan area: 24.6 square km area, too Shan scenic spot of the essence. According to the "Chi Tai Laoshan" records: the old name was Tai Laoshan Mountain, the Yellow Emperor Huang, Cheng Yung-sen Road taste of habitat. Han Lie, "peach in mind," contained: when a teenage Yao Lan species here, after Sally, as a result of too Hill home. According to the "Annals of Fujian," set: Han Dongfang Shuo Diming granted the world famous, "Mother," "basking" Xiyue called God.

Tang and Song Dynasty Tailao Shan in on a very prosperous, has a long history, many temple, leaving a lot of history seekers can explore the ruins. There are more important figure in the Southern Song Dynasty Confucian scholar Zhu Xi, Zheng Qiao historians, the provincial governor of the Tang Dynasty Lin Song, Tai Fu Xue Order of Prince Edward, anti-Ming Yu's Dayou, Li Pengju, Chien Ching Pak, who martyred in the Opium War in Zhenhai of Zong Bing Chao-fat, Admiral Sa early years of the Republic of ice in the town and others. Um Yuhu, Xuanji hole for the seclusion of Zhu Xi, a book, Song Cliff still has stone; there are dozens of Tang and Song Ming and Qing Dynasties stone Department; cold down the mountain for the city to give lectures Zheng Qiao, also a Scholars Hunan Yang Ti Xing Ji's home, the foot of the mountain town of Lantau Qin Kang Wo Ming Dynasty is one of the ancient battlefield.

Nanshan Northern Tailao Shan Shan has 36 temples, with country-hing, Bai Yun, a tile, Xiangshan, Ruiyun, Lingfeng, banana, such as the King of the largest temple. This country Hing Temple on the site of the surviving large-scale columns Tang Root 260, a front-leng flail and stone pagoda pond, and many have carved animals, flowers, the stone, Fujian Department of Cisi captaincy general statement Xinzi draw too basking spot map, showing Zou Ming Emperor Li Longji, after the playing of the quasi - Qian Fu of the Tang Dynasty four years of construction. A tile of the temple too Niangniang basking stone, built in the Tang system, its title engraved inscription: "Yao is too closed basking Stupa mother, "nine words, thanks for the title of emperor. Baiyun Si-hui of the towers, the Ming Yongle 15 years, the monks buried the monk Hui-ming. Baiyun Si after the peak of Mount Xiao, Stone Temple Mani said, only Zhang Xu , Next to ancient. Persian Mani Manichaeism was founded, years of the Tang and Song were introduced to China, here is likely to be left behind Manichaeism . Su said that "too much basking in the first Temple," Rui Yun Temple, was founded in Houjinshijing Tong Fuk days the first year, contains nearly 1,000 years ago, still has a considerable scale.

Tai Laoshan also have a glorious revolutionary history, for the first time in the Revolutionary War, Ye Fei, Li Yu, Liu Ying, and other comrades have been carried out in this guerrilla war, Soviet building, basking too important for the foreign activities of the base; member of the foot of the mountain when the village is the birthplace of the CPC County Committee Fuding.

According to research geologist, basking too rock for the granite, is a late Yanshan, is the geological history of the Mesozoic Period product of about Yi Yinian ago. Due to changes in the earth's crust, was something near and north-south water Three sets of each of the vertical direction of joint development, the formation of weathering-rounded, spherical, jagged, castle-like, plate, and other columnar shape, Qi Zuozuo Kuaikuai with rocks and criss-crossing the caves, and so on, all of the form . A total of Tailao Shan Xiao Xiao-rock reached 360 King. Xiao Some people, such as: husband and wife rock Second on by the Buddha, Erxian games, Maitreya Tan Fu, monks worship, Rohan rock, stone, such as Journey; Xiao-some, such as: nine carp in the air, saw an immortal board, Herbie wall-climbing, monkey-yu as a mirror, Gold Mop rat, rabbit listen to the tide, plunging mouth askew, the Golden Rooster herald the break of day, a piece of tile, stone Cattle, and so on, with some color myths, such as: basking too up Stone, S Yun Shi, flying stone, Wang Xian Qiao, and so on, the ancients had been Tsan: "It goes without basking stone, like all works of God, with the Italian people know, in Vientiane, have a good idea." Tai Laoshan in the granite peak forest in-house development was also a series of large-scale crack-dong corridor, which criss-cross holes, deep twists and turns, the census there are a variety of holes 1 More than 0. If you want to traverse the various holes, it takes 28 days, and some holes I need to enter a day. These features hole, and some down an extension through the sea, the sea called hole; some upward climb, up to "nine carp in the air," Stone top, said sky-hole; some water throughout the year, Dishui Dong said. Some stoned Diego base, Dong Ding Rock level visitors back into the fold and take Gongyao, known as the three Zheyao; hole some sets of holes, unfathomable magic, called Shen Xiandong; some considerable hole, the sea is expected to have some well-to-deposit Dan Some have Longtan, the small capacity of only a few people a rest, the capacity of thousands of people, even to build the flats and Taiwan Pavilion, Pavilion, a few others Jian small hole in the convergence, gurgling water, spring water BUZZ. The hole in all of the most fantastic, most Yixian Tian, Seven holes, 18 holes General. Yixian Tian, is truly a fine line days, the 60-meter-long, 37 meters high, steep and narrow road, only one person and on their sides, natural wonders; seven star steep rock-dong, Open the front line, on 7 embedded rock, like a star, the marvelous world; General eighteen holes is 18-hole formed group may be, can, can be left, right, the hole is expected to be the sea and watching days, Linglong rocks inside the cave, winding Guteng, then on board the summer tour, very cool and comfortable.

  "Cloud Melaleuca love setting risk "is too true portrayal of Basking Qi. 54 Tai Laoshan mountain above sea level to focus on more 500-900 meters, which rise amid staggered, Jun Qiao rocks, the formation of the valley, cliff, into the abyss, a circuitous path to peak, the Labyrinth You pass, Zhang Chi, and taste. Peak as high as 917 meters from the sea, through Profile forceful in a critical situation, like a huge screen where they stand, magnificent momentum. High view of the sea from the Gulf, the island, sail fish, fresh in our memory ... ... Ouniao, Yamashita cottage garden panoramic view, it is refreshing. Due to abundant water vapor over the oceans, sunny morning when, in the Gulf, the rising clouds foothills, such as soft Qingsha risks, Wind around the valley, when San-time, fast changing, magnificent; peak exposed above the sea of clouds, the time when they are hidden, go impermanence, like a fairyland on earth; in the pre-dawn darkness after the first-line the horizon in the East China Sea Wei Lu Yu Dubai And then red, then a red gushing out from under the sea level, rising, is only They all cheered people, passionate excitement.

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Om Shan Temple Lingquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Om Shan Tam is the first East Hill, Jianyang City area from about 8 km, the highest peak "1020 meters above sea level. Extremely board, Jianyang, Jianou, Wuyishan landscape panoramic view. Om Shan mountains because there are so named Um. Gufeng Only large, like Yi Wan Shan, 4:00 scenery, Johnson pleasant burn. Lingquan Temple of the main attractions are closing knife Gap, Sally Dressing, green guests with disabilities, on King waves, and cypress mandarin duck, crane mother Sally, Long Tan King 18, and so on.
Lingquan Temple was built in the Tang Zhenguan years. Wanli Ming, Yi Ren Xiu Fu Guozhen expansion of the deaf. Qing Emperor Yongzheng of the Decade (1732) by the House of the Temple. 30 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1765), Yi Ren Fu - Chang Fu Kachin tax renewal. Lingquan Temple at triple the door, a heavy door of the Song Dynasty stone left a couplet: "Mountain Gate in recent days, this valve has Penglai Shi Zhi Xian Weng"; 2 stone left Hengpi "Lingquan Monuments"; three left Hengpi stone "Shengjing springs." For the temple worship the statue of San Juan Yuanjun. This legendary San Juan Department of Yuanjun Yu Xiao Qian people, Liu Yongzhi, Li (who did not detail) and others of three daughters. They Xinfo primality, good martial arts training, with teachers to study, as close as sisters. At that time, the area in northern Fujian, rampant piracy, robbery fiscal harassment, three women out of righteous indignation, public organizations, the fight against piracy. Pirates put down after three people in the immortal practice. For the local people They read, the statue for worship, and to declare the imperial court, the court closed for three Yuanjun San Juan. Royal Secret Inspector "Yau Man to defend the country," reads so far in Utah. Lingquan Temple before and after the Millennium Cryptomeria 6.

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Guang Xiaosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guang Xiaosi at the Second South Jian'ou, Xu, iron lion foothills, the river built Sea, Fujian Province, is one the oldest, largest and quiet environment, landscape Achiever, the famous Chinese and foreign parties of the ten largest jungle Temple of the ancient temples, Is to visit, al-mo the Holy Land.
Six Dynasties Chen Guang Xiaosi was founded in 2002 Yongding Emperor (AD 558 ), Tang said, "lung hsing," said the Northern Song Dynasty, "Jing", "Ning-day", "Wan", the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing 2007 (1137 AD) to read as "filial gratitude Light Temple." Yuanmo Bingxian destroyed, Wu Ming-hong reconstruction, Jiajing destroyed by fire, Wanli and reconstruction, continued after the Qing Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Guangxu tripled amendment, the Republic of China for 14 years, has Repair, so far, more than 1430 years.
Guangxiao Si covers an area of 91 acres. Temple-wide vertical length 242.3 meters, 161.2 meters wide cross, the building is divided into three groups: King Hall, Main Hall, Hall of Guanyin and the connection of the east and west sides back to the profile, the main component of building a closed community; Garan Hall, founder , Fa Tang, meditation hall, the ancestral hall and, Canon House, the abbot room, the plot Hong Kong political scene, Zhaitang, Liu Tong, Ke Tang, and so on back to the hatchback profile and run-on wall. And the wall, respectively, into the East Main Hall West HS community building.
Main Hall for Chongyanxieshan-roof, the roof beam frame, the ceiling for the next block bundle wrapped in cloth Lu Ming-made, high-top 5 m wide, five deep-six, about 1,000 square meters, Yan Zhu in the distribution network, using cut-million law-column, column diameter of 0.6 meters, for the Qing Zhu Chu-old stone-Dien. Hall of Heavenly Kings of about 500 thousand meters, about 660 square meters Law altar, in front of Stone High Zhang Yu. Phoebe wooden structure of the temples, huge towering statue of Buddha, In the jungle province, a leading, in particular, the likelihood of macro-scale construction of the permitted Phoebe, not only rare in Fujian, on the country, is also a small number.
Guangxiao Si has a long history, unique in Fujian, Quanzhou of the Kaiyuan Temple (built in 686 years) as early as 100 years, Gushan Yongquan Temple (built in 780 years) Two hundred years, the rest of the temple, even in later. It is said that Japan in the Tang Dynasty Koyasan empty into the sea Master Tang learn when and boarding pass Jianou Mo Temple worship. Junji Guangxiao Si Qing emperor worship for the monks Llewelyn division, for its Yu-Lin Feng-National Division, he converted to Farmington stupid line. Guangxiao Si-min as to, Zhejiang, Jiangxi monks ring for the Holy Land, Buddhism in Fujian Will, as Jietan all ages. Its peak in the Ming Dynasty, has gathered thousands of monks. Until February 19, 1949 Christmas Guanyin, also granted a final warning. Now in Guang Xiaosi ordained monks, living in the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan and Hong Kong law the dissemination of sound, many people.
Qing Emperor Kangxi three years, "Xiao-light repair Monument hall "set:" Guangxiao Si Jun Zhi in the south, away from the Second City, Xu, across the hubbub of city life, Hongqiao broken lock, back and face two-Shi Feng Shui, a shape that wins, and Chang Hong-ji, Labyrinth heavy door, Xiu Guang Temple Gallery, Kim Yong-Yao Huang, being green tree, where a ceremony confidence in the board, the Vatican released the suspect's Palace days, falling from the air and I do not know who is also the world. Guangxiao Si shows how the ancient fascinating. As a result, known as the birthplace of Buddhism in Fujian, Fujian has an important place in the history of Buddhism.
However, in hindsight, the world has more to the late Republic of China Guangxiao Si is not entirely original features. On the eve of the liberation of the country, the evil criminals by the current situation changes, and destroyed the Buddha Light Xing San monks, wiped out the door wall, missing Used destroyed temples have been fortunate as a grain depot, the roof intact so far in the wide, is expected to be repaired.
Jian'ou City People's Government in 1982 as the city of Guang Xiaosi will focus on heritage conservation unit. In February 1987, the Buddhist Association of Cooperative and the relevant departments to form the "repair Guang Xiaosi Water south of the Committee. "After several discussions to draw up repair plans and procedures. And assigned special staff. Phased out of the grain inside, invited into the lives of the monks begin repair work, to follow" if the whole of the old old " The principle of maintaining the original style.
Guangxiao Si, rehabilitate old buildings, according to experts measuring designated Kuang , The estimates require a total of 9,020,000 yuan, four kilograms of gold Buddha paste. From the beginning of March 1987, and their music to help men and women, overseas-funded grant initiative monks, the Buddhist Association of North America, New York, Fu presided over the temple, Master Yin Guang, a Chinese American, has generously offer to help 300,000 yuan. Government contractors were Departments and local people support a few years, Main Hall, the law Tan, Yin-tang, the abbot of a new repair room. Full House lifelike statue of Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha 8.96 meters high, the number of Fujian in the first, in possession of copper Buddha Xiang Yizun, three heavy weight. Taxus wooden Avalokitesvara a 2.2 m high. And the replacement of large Pillars to rebuild the Mountain Gate. Restoration so far, the investment of millions of RMB yuan, much better than it is Temple Maung, who flocked to al-mo. Shigong but is still playing at the beginning, the requirements have great distance away. But the trickle come together to form a river, four at home and abroad concerned about the countless people who Guangxiao Si-building, Guang Xiaosi in the future is bound to be more magnificent.

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Hao Long Mountain Resort Zhuhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hao Zhu Hai Long Mountain Resort is located in Wuyi Mountain National Tourism Resort Village, Jiang Yuan, the 5-km area from the north-east from Mountain Airport 15 minutes, the train station only 20 minutes, and convenient transportation.
Long Hao Zhu Hai River Resort is located in Chongyang, with mountains and water, not only to look Wuyi scenery win, and Wuyi Mountain is the only one pole million punishable by a forest of bamboo valuable to the ecological characteristics of the landscape, with more than 100 acres of bamboo forest, dozens of rare species of bamboo, non-"Zhu Hai" to describe his spectacular scenes.
Resort has a three-star standard configuration of the rooms and a restaurant-style. Comfortable accommodation, restaurants unique, other wooden wild, vague , Outdoor barbecue, Fresh articulate. More customs performance, luxury Leisure Creek edge of the floating restaurant, tourism and entertainment, such as assault boats, are exclusive Mountain Resort features.
Wuyi Mountain is the first batch of Chinese natural and cultural Shuangyi Chan, Chongyang the banks of the well-preserved primeval forest, river floating restaurant tour's Margin of the whole 2 Hours, you can most out of cross-strait Chongyang Creek Pinnacle mountains, towering trees, with peak water transfer, step-for-King differences, so that you are dizzying. "Thousands of rock face," "General Stone," "water stone turtle," "old Tan Buddha," all sorts of strange feeling, can not but feel the magic of nature's creatures. If the Zhong in the drum, even the clouds Around, Rulin in Wonderland.
Zhuhai resort stay, Tang Yang in the landscape, overlooking the shallow end of fish Xiang, Yang Ao bird-watching the sky, Zhou even take up the clean water, natural feel and experience the ecological, physical and psychological fear Yue. . . . . .
Long-ho Zhuhai Resort tour with a friend, the best choice for family leisure!

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Wuyi Snake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Snake Park is located in Wuyi Mountain scenic city in the region, covers an area of 18 acres, will include Wuyi Institute of snakes and snake-like ecological pool, specimen room, Lu Xiangting, reception room, exhibition hall, and other products, snakes and other service centers, At present, is the largest state to be one of the snake park, Fujian Province, is specializing in breeding snakes research, medical , Training, tourism, scientific exploration, processing, trade, as well as snakes product development as one of the private enterprises, has been the provincial Science and Technology Commission, the Association for Science and Technology as "the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise", "popular science education base in Fujian Province", was wild in Fujian Province Animals identified as "snakes breeding in Fujian Province, culture, education, scientific research base." Wu Park has built a snake park has more than 30 of the central leadership at home and abroad and celebrities come to visit the snake park inspections, and certainly, a number of national media organizations reported the profile of Wuyi snake park, at home and abroad, to a certain extent.
Wuyishan City has a wealth of resources, snakes, 62 types of species of snake species in the national More than one third, as the "Kingdom of the snake." Wuyi is a snake park and scientific research, domestication, tourism development, science education into a comprehensive snake park, known as "the epitome of the Kingdom of the snake." Visit the snake park to understand the evolution of the snake, the type of snake, the snake culture, Snakebite prevention and treatment, snakes and human relations, by Protection of ecological awareness.
There are a lot of in-kind, specimens, photographs, images, with more than 10 full-time instructors, the popularity of snakes and ecological knowledge; students to receive internship study, exposing students to "a snake and nature" and "Snakebite and anti-government" and other popular science lectures ; Raising snakes and technical personnel training to help rural areas Chung Yang-rich snake.

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Wang Min Yue City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain Village in Seoul, also known as the ancient city of Guangdong, Min Wang city, located in the Wuyi Mountain area 21 kilometers, Wu Road, close to the South. City area of 480,000 square meters in the city is inhabited by kings and nobles Miyagi large number of institution, residential, workshops, such as burial sites scattered outside the city. City Department of the Minyue ancestors created in the distant Dilaotianhuang Chapter. Although the temples up the house-designate Wang Di Zhai, with the passage of time, earthshaking long-wai's coming up in smoke, but still vaguely in the vicinity of the site also has a 15 acre area of Fujian Province, Wang Min Yue City Museum. The entire main building is divided into a hall of the two main exhibition halls, corridors of the two is like a typical Chinese architecture. Museum On display in a large number of ancient archaeological finds in Seoul, is the perspective of the rise and fall of ancient Chinese history and a bright window. Mountain culture can be traced back to the ancient Yue more than 3800 years ago remains Chuanguan. Seoul is a city of the ancient village of the ancient Yue people of the glorious history of the chapter. O from 198 to the present, the Fujian Provincial Museum in Seoul composition of the archaeological team carried out a Out archaeological excavations have unearthed more than 4000 pieces of recovery can be an important cultural relics. The city was unearthed in a variety of daily-use pottery and ceramic building materials, well-produced, unique style. City site also yields a lot of text and Wadang Tao calligraphy of high artistic value. Palace in the indoor pool for our country found The first generation of intrauterine bath, for their, very thorough, and pipe facilities, complete, is an example of the ancient palace building. Mountain Village in Seoul, also known as the ancient city of Guangdong, Min Wang city, located in the Wuyi Mountain area 21 kilometers, Wu Road, close to the South. City area of 480,000 square meters in the city is inhabited by kings and nobles of the large number of Miyagi Office, residential, workshops, such as burial sites scattered outside the city. The Department of City in the early Minyue Dilaotianhuang created in the distant chapter. Although the temples up the house-designate Wang Di Zhai, with the passage of time, earthshaking long-wai's coming up in smoke, but still vaguely in the vicinity of the site also has a 15 acre area of Fujian Province, Wang Min Yue City Museum The entire main building is divided into a hall of the two main exhibition halls, corridors of the two is like a typical Chinese architecture. Museum exhibit a large number of ancient archaeological finds in Seoul, is the perspective of the rise and fall of ancient Chinese history and a bright window. Mountain culture can be traced back to the ancient Yue more than 3800 years ago remains Chuanguan. Ancient Chinese Village Yue is a family history of a glorious chapter. O from 198 to the present, the Fujian Provincial Museum in Seoul composition of the archaeological team carried out a series of archaeological excavations have unearthed more than 4000 pieces of recovery can be an important cultural relics. The city was unearthed in a variety of daily-use pottery and ceramic building materials, well-produced, unique style. The city was also a Wadang a lot of text and calligraphy of the Tao of high artistic value. Palace in the indoor pool for our country found the first ancient palace of the bath, for their, very thorough, and pipe facilities, complete, is an example of the ancient palace building.

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Meishan Catholic Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meishan Catholic Church was founded in 1913 BC, alternating red and white, majestic and magnificent Gothic architecture, antique, art history is quite values, halls for the bronze sculpture known as Our Lady Yang works, the mountain quiet and peaceful, Beautiful religious sculpture, spinning away the meantime, the God who sleep on the side of the Gospel, soul Dayton Open.

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Natural stone will be - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Natural stone will be located in Shaowu City, 50 km south-west of the territory of Xiao Fang Xiang, and the junction of Taining County. The geographical coordinates of longitude 117 � 09 ', latitude 27 � 02'. With a total area of 1218.3 hectares, of which 579.1 hectares of state-owned forests.
  Danxia Mountain region for more strange stone Broken rock cliffs and caves can be seen everywhere, undulating hills, scattered valley, the river runs through the whole territory of new house to form a 9 turn 13, can pass bamboo, very beautiful scenery. Size up 36 spots.
  Protected areas to cover in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, after destruction of native vegetation for secondary evergreen broad-leaved forest and Ma Pine. According to the survey, there are 100 branches of woody plants, 602 kinds, including long-sinensis leaves, Min-nan, nan, Zhejiang, Shen Zhang Mu, rare species such as southern Keteleeria. Section 27 ferns, 104 species of fungi have 27 branches, is 59, more than 100.
  There are animals in the region to protect mammals 1 Species, pangolin, the cat, he Nanji, Ling mane, and other rare animals. Section 23 of birds, 67 species of insects, as many as 24 head, Section 172, 1191 kinds.
Plant Resources:
  Existing protected areas in the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, but also in non-hardware sub-tropical oak leaf type of forest, there are rare and relict --- Department of Torreya jackii Lin. There are four types of vegetation in the region, composed of seven groups and the group; ten formations, 16 associations, in particular, it is worth mentioning that leaves the hard gravel association, Quercus, Tsim Sha Tsui, Wu Gang oak Association, which In sub-tropical low-lying hills and mountains is unique and therefore, this study geography at the plant side Has a special value. According to preliminary investigations, Section 103 of woody plants, 687 kinds, including long-sinensis leaves, Min-nan, nan, Zhejiang, Shen Zhang water, southern Keteleeria, hosiei, Hong fruit trees and other countries to protect rare species. There Choerospondias, sclerophylla, Castanopsis trees, stone oak, Quercus oak, elm, Hangzhou, Stella rough timber and other important .
Torreya jackii: the protection of the secondary plant.
Small evergreen tree, up to 12m, diameter at breast height 20cm. Gray or dark gray bark. Sprig flat or slightly down. Strip leaves lanceolate, long 3.5-9cm, also with white gas. Located in Zhejiang and Fujian Changning, was born in an elevation of 250 -- 00m Department of Health, or broad-leaved evergreen shrub in.
Shen Zhang water: the three countries to protect plant.
Shen Zhang water for the evergreen tree, the tree can reach 40 meters high, 1.5 meters diameter at breast height. Longitudinal irregular bark. Alternate leaves, often set in the top branches, the long round, from 7 to 12 centimeters long, 4 to 6 cm wide, wide margin , With volume slightly. Inflorescence top cone of Health, a white flower. Ovary spherical eggs, up into a narrow style. Oval-shaped stone, from 1 to 2.2 cm long, 1 to 2 cm in diameter, ripe black fruit. Growth was lower than 900 meters above sea level or below the hillside stream. In addition to Zhang submerged timber, aromatic oil can be extracted. Animal resources:
  Protected areas are 18 kinds of wild mammals, 68 kinds of birds. There are 728 kinds of insects economy, including 6 kinds of insects for a new national record; is a key state protection amphibians, climbing category, dozens of mammals.
  Tourism resources:
  Hill area Beautiful, the many attractions, especially for the Kam Kai. Qi River rocks cross-strait high-intensive, such as cutting Fupi, King formed a peak, not the old Long Feng, and Rocks light, the fairy-Taiwan, North Korea lion Five Tigers, Shuilian Dong, Luotuo Feng, and so are thousands of natural landscape.

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Shaowu Folk Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Silu Shaowu in the middle of the lane Daojia, the two side by side to preserve the integrity of the ancient houses, a mansion of the book is in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty is a residential. Fujian to the first exhibition of local folk museum professional - Shaowu Folk Museum is located in the meantime.
Shaowu is a historical and cultural city in the long history of development of the cross , Has created a splendid material and spiritual - rich cultural traditions and customs. Shaowu in order to help people familiar with the study of traditional folk culture, carry forward the national culture and the construction of the Folk Museum. The whole museum covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, the Office of five galleries on the third floor of 36. Indoor display in a customs Old customs, clothing, appliances, live production, folk art, social culture, customs, and other sections of more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics, the focus has been reproduced Ming and Qing Shaowu inherent in the traditional areas of cultural life, at the same time display inside the 35 Ming and Qing Dynasties wax figures, visual To show the scene at the time of production and life.
Civil Shaowu operation room to display the rich folk art. Shaowu the number of folk songs, "Shaowu folk music information" collected dozens of folk songs in the first representative. Therefore, the county, Xiao Square, Guilin, and other towns and townships also passed a unique 18 against music fan, that is, from one Shoujiaobingyong, rhythmically against drums, gongs, , And other musical instruments, one solo, or more than ensemble. Multi-temple in the New Year and during the show. There Triangle Opera Theater, Nuo dance, puppetry, hand puppets. Triangle show in China more than 360 local operas in the country as the local opera, "a flower"; exorcise the traditional folk dance known as "living fossils." Paper-cut Shaowu also very popular, it is a happy occasion, the Chinese New Year Festival will be paper-cut, happy as a foil, paper-cut exhibition in the works, knife skills, exquisite designs.
Customs decorated room, is holding a grand old wedding. Hi Church of the Central placed an exquisite work of the great palanquin, on the pole with a Song agent Master Zhu Xi's hand-written "One house away, Shi-Shu Chang-attitude" couplets. The wooden "advocates" are faced with the joy of playing music Ying Qin, friends and family with a gift to congratulate. Fine palanquin, parasol, the son of a hundred lights, which ranked Tam ceremony. "Bridal chamber", smile and the joy of the wedding the bride and extremely shy of spring The groom, in his own new room with Xiang Wei. The groom's parents at their side to see what's love, his brilliant Xiao Ye.
Old customs hall show that the two old son make arrangements for the marriage at the same time, Chill out, quietly negotiate a "plan Zhijia" scene. In addition, before The release of the elderly aged over Chongyang supplies and goods.
Fashion show room of the Ming and Qing dynasties a large number of people wearing all kinds of clothing, shoes and headgear, sophisticated workmanship, attractive.
Life and production of room to display a substantial number of people living in ancient times, used in the production of objects, Ciba pile with the Shijiu, I am similar with rain, Fandi with the iron plow, used for heating the apartment fire, with shrines dedicated to ... ... All these items are from the private collection from the many artifacts have been several hundred years "Ancient understand."
Socio-cultural hall, the exhibition introduces Shaowu talent. Ancient Shaowu generation of excellence , According to revised official historical records and local history records, since the opening section with a disability check since the 2200 civil service exam Juren reach people, the imperial examination examination, the Song Dynasty, there were 145, 3 of the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming and Qing 87. Well-known politicians, writers, poets, scientists, total 342 people, mainly ages Ming Chen Later Tang Dynasty and Industry Huang Qiao Shi Lang Phase of the Song Li Gang, Huang Bingbushangshu, Mrs Gao, and so on. Well-known scholars, artists Yan Yu, Chong, Yan, Yan Sen, Yan Can, Huang Cheng, Shang Guanbo up, Yan Chung-Ju, and so on. In addition, the Mazu culture is also thriving in Shaowu. Mazu Culture in the Ming Yongle years into Shaowu, from Zheng He stressed Wei Shaowu 3,000 security officers and soldiers, the ship Matsu worship God asylum from a disaster, Shaowu officers and soldiers who returned home after the Wei-day camp next to the building of the palace, the Spring and Autumn festivities. As a result of Matsu waters for the protection of God, so the ferry Fu Tunxi Chuanbang are located along the river and temple worship.
Shaowu section of the Office of popular folk festival is a display of artifacts used. Wu colorful folk festival, unique. If the go Chuqi the lunar calendar, "Bridge", the day before dawn, hundreds of men, women and children, bring incense, fruit outskirts of the first Qin Tian to the "parent bridge", and then to go South, "the couple bridge", the final To the east, "descendants of the bridge," every bridge must be a blessing in order to burn incense and Dianzhu Doors, young and old safe. The Chinese New Year display here, the Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Zhongyuan, sprinkling, Sau Tong, reflecting the Ming and Qing Dynasties Shaowu custom screen. Go inside, as seen in the history of folk Shaowu.

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Jiufeng Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiufeng Bridge was our third largest single-arch bridge, and its beautiful shape, charming lanterns, Nanping become a beautiful scene. Jiufeng Gubongsan the cable bridge, as a result of 9 Waterlilies named after the mountain, the mountain range upon range of hills Pinnacle, the Twin Towers standing, the pleasant scenery.

Gubongsan on the many cultural relics A pioneer of Science, "four-Yin Yan-Ping" relic of the trenches of the Red Army, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi Chinese People's Liberation Army guerrillas, and other sites. Song and Ming dynasties built the "Ping Academy" and "Wan Jing She" has become the famous Hill of Confucianism, Taoism, the Buddha taught the three-in-one famous culture. Gubongsan to see the city on the extension is "Day by Al people, 10,000 to enjoy the night lights. "

Gubongsan looking on the block along the pavilion called "lily Pavilion", is a lily flower of Nanping, "People's Daily" reported "to see Luoyang peony, lily look at Nanping," Mang Shan Dang to the strains of wild lily, has grown 71 Flowers miles.

"Flying Bridge North-South, changed Tianqian thoroughfare. "Jiufeng Bridge, Nanping in the hearts of the people has its special status. It is not just a transport facility, a place of leisure, Nanping and is one of the landmarks, Nanping recently witnessed more than 20 years of the development process . "Jiufeng bridge built up, greatly reducing the two Exchanges. Gubongsan living in the vicinity of the suit is nothing different from the city center. "Liu Mei-chu said with a smile," Now, when guests come home, I will take them to Jiufeng near the bridge around so that they can feel how much the changes in Nanping. "

Jiufeng completion of the bridge, led the premises The development and boost the popularity of both sides of the Riverside. Summer night, walk on the bridge, Jiang wind blowing gently. Whispered softly pairs of lovers, old people walk the line and Xiangxie ... ... everything is so quiet and peaceful. Jiufeng Bridge, the public's life added to the delight of many.

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Anglican Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanping City Hall Anglican, is enshrined at home and abroad, "Sam" the Gongmiao Zuting. Nanping City, located in the ancient concept of Ma Station, Xiong Zhi Min River, was built in Early Tang Dynasty, was originally called "Sam House," also known as the "three temple", has been 1400 years of history. The temple for the week, Chen Wang, "Sam", commonly known as the Tang Dynasty when the natives. Born as a result of Direct, the poor devils, after the death of legendary see supernatural, and the wind on a Qingyun. Wugufengdeng year, for the people of their sense of Enze, Li Miao of worship, incense very Sheng. In 1997 to repair and expansion. In recent years, the pilgrimage at home and abroad to come to Hong Kong and Taiwan and the steady stream of believers.

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