Friday, December 5, 2008

Lei Yue Mun River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Ning-source at the village, about 5 km from the county seat. Lei Yue Mun River flowing through the quiet village of Pu source in more than 500 meters long, a few meters Kuanjin streams, thousands of carp in the tail to refrain from being around. Shi, according to local records, ancestors who made the rules, raise carp in the stream in, but also the development of the fishing is strictly prohibited and the injury of carp Regulation, the villagers strictly regulated family, from generation to generation, and today the formation of such a beautiful river carp. The carp in the river and the pro-am, to hear voices, see the figure will come close chasing its tail. If voted into the food stream, will be filled with the carp jump, by eating each other. If you touch his hand touch the fish, the fish will be very warm To touch you. In addition to the village of Lei Yue Mun-Yuen Kai, Chi Chun Wo Rural Village is also a river carp. But there's Creek Wo Lei Lei Yue Mun and Yuen-different-Lei and people close to the source, Wo River carp swimming in groups usually very small, but if you hit something stream, He heard the voice of Lei Yue Mun River will Speed around the set up and hit the more urgent sound, the sooner the build-up has become a spectacle, so that people such as fish, "fish listening."

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