Friday, December 5, 2008

Kip Menrongbaozhang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yung-chang hold: the city of Fuding in Fujian Province, Shi Lan Yu Zuxiang Kip gate in the first village to live to a hundred households, with most of Deng family name. Park entrance to the village with a large reservoirs, two by Yao Zhi stretch of the 100 large banyan become separated the two and a half. Magic, "Yung-chang hold" to take root in this pleasant in the Huguangshanse. This is a very strange look of the old trees, which Is the camphor tree and a banyan. Yung-chang together to form a "hold Yung-chang," the spectacle. It is only from a distance to see a very common tree, it seems that the "surprising" no chance, but went a little more, you will be able to find this tree growing in two different species, there is a history of the Millennium The camphor tree, a tree is only a few decades Yung Shue. Two natural natural tree, the seamless combination. Currently, old trees have been selected to prepare the State Forestry Administration of the "China miracle in the trees", in the Old Testament 500 odd trees ranked No. 39. Yung-chang hold on the formation of a more scientific view: from "hold Yung-chang" 0 m Department has two large banyan trees hundreds of years, much longer vigorous flourish. A few decades ago, some of the birds from foraging on the banyan fig fruit, and then Guzhang live in the trees, a banyan tree seeds fall on the Guzhang, breeding and a small banyan. A strong typhoon, the host of small banyan stem Guaduan camphor tree, but miraculously small banyan live , Due to the banyan with the characteristics of fast growth, was gradually replaced by the camphor tree, now formed a "hold Yung-chang," wonders. Local people have such a metaphor: "The beauty of home-chang, Yung to come home; to White shoot in charge, so Deng Feng Shui." Standing under the old look, the old trees can be found in the trunk of the tree and between Zhicha Covered with more than 10 kinds of other Zashu, including a cadre of rough Wankou have been people in the village known as the steward of the old white bud trees. Tree, little tree, Chang Teng, constitute the grass tree to tree, the tree outside the root, root, there are rattan, rattan grass between the picture of Li Qi, like natural bonsai. "Hold Yung-chang," The magic is also In the old camphor tree with the tacit understanding that the inter-Yung, as the tacit understanding that many people can Xia Xiang. Young banyan tower under the canopy, the height of summer under the green, down River Water, brandish breeze. Graces of the child as a winding Cuxi old camphor tree. A bit headstrong, a bit naive, and the old camphor tree covered while in possession of wrinkles Green Yung-kan, despite years has been stripped of its ornate costumes, it can be stubborn to stand still, and make every effort to bring the remaining juice onto reservations to the delivery of the young banyan, quietly watching his young life Growth. Shu Qi "hold Yung-chang," like a tree to find a Jiaonv Shilan this overflow Hill Green land of the show, and Dan Lan and other old trees in the village of Shilan village green water together to form a static life and wealth to the scene.

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