Friday, December 5, 2008

Fu Yao Islands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Out by Yu Shan, a small Yu Shan, Mandarin Island, Silver Island, Bird Island 11 islands and reefs of the nine, with a total area of 24.5 square kilometers. Gu Chen Yao-fu Islands, which means "blessed land, Mei-yu." Tai Yu-do 5 km in diameter, covering an area of 21.22 square kilometers, the top Red Mountain Ji 541.3 meters above sea level, The first Big Island of Fujian Province. At 200 meters above sea level, there are two small lakes. Lake peaks around the arch ring, which seemed to Yu, Yu Island are also named a result, the lake area of 1000 mu days, the days of small lakes 200 acres, more than 1000 meters between Hubei and Hunan, each with its own spring, the perennial source, water quality The United States, the clear bottom. Lake has more than wild turtles come and go. Gentle slopes around the lake, there is a "south of the Tianshan" mu of grassland reputation. Yu Small Island is an uninhabited islands, covering an area of 3.28 square kilometers, along the coast as a result of weathering by water erosion, exposed bedrock, many reefs, sea landform is very prominent, constitute a strange King ; Island area of 0.3 square kilometers, only 50 meters above sea level, dense vegetation on the island, the only habitat of tens of thousands of sea gulls and other birds, Zharanfeiqi, very spectacular.

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