Friday, December 5, 2008

Three-hole sand cloud to stay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as Stone Village, also known as Um magic dust. Xiapu County, located 30 km away from the three Western Town. Mountains and sea, more than 5000 square meters around the area, and Taiwan's east and the relatively distant islands, about two-Hill confrontation, green trees. By the nature of a huge stone pillar of support "a watt," a wonderful stay in the cave clouds. 24 States (1935) An cohabitation title monk Shi Du Jian Bianco in the Main Hall of the cave. Craggy rocks around the hole, different patterns, like a camel Guan Tao, Wang Ri may Eagle, visible to celebrate the rabbit, like Shuang Shi Zhu show. Linhai hole before there is a huge old air, under the temporary 10,000 ares blue waves, the ups and downs Langfeng Jingtao the shore, you can drive around the boat, fishing nets. Three-hole sand cloud to stay at the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang has always been a well-known tourist attractions to attract tourists come here especially for the Quartet, lettering poem. Former KMT Fujian and Zhejiang Sun Qiying so that the monitoring of the "stone tablets of Health to open face, a famous one," and Chen's "Haidong , To stay Yun Ji Sheng ", and so on a number of Cliff Inscription surviving so far.

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