Friday, December 5, 2008

Nanxi reservoir lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanxi reservoir artificial lake: Nanxi reservoir is located in Fuding Chengguan 18 km northwest, the start of construction in 1974, for completion in June 1982. Time for the Ministry of Electricity and Water quality gold projects. Capacity of 67,000,000 cubic meters, and three power station installed capacity of 9000 kilowatts total. Nanxi reservoir in Fujian Province for one medium-sized reservoir Fuding was the largest artificial lakes. Nanxi reservoir lake, a beautiful, scenic, hyperbolic Hill between two high dam, spillway down, Feihong Falls, the spectacular Weiran, Bishuidanshan, isolated island to stop a boat, from top to bottom fish, the scenery blurred. Along the reservoir around the bamboo Lam Fung, steep cliff, and the ancient silver mining sites, "Silver . "Reservoir in addition to 13 of the ferry crossing, but also have a home for visitors to travel around the boat. The upper reaches of the reservoir area have Taishun County, Zhejiang's Edward Yang Ya-hot River, a natural radon spring, the water temperature revealed 59 ?, the value of health care is very hot. More tourists to visit in the reservoir after the board of radon-chuen, guest house, a journey Di Labor, endless interest. Fuding to Chengguan Nanxi reservoir has been built roads, to visit the reservoir can travel directly from the Chengguan.

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