Friday, December 5, 2008

Fuding revolutionary martyr cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuding Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery: located in the city of 0.5 kilometers from the mountain village of Ruan tip. December 28, 1986, Fuding County Committee, County People's Government held in the Chengguan "Fuding County People's Revolutionary Committee of the 50th Anniversary", held at the same time of the martyrs cemetery ceremony. Mausoleum covers an area of 32 acres, according to The building blocks east of the West. The main building has Fuding martyrs cemetery monuments, Fuding revolutionary history museum, monument Beiting Fuding revolutionary name, as well as the gatehouse of the cemetery, the cemetery small mountain road to reach the top. Red Gate Tower about each of the two granite structure of the 6-meter Men Dun ladder. Mausoleum door to large, middle High oil with a green granite monument lying structure, the former National People's Congress Wang Qian Zhao Ye Fei, deputy chief, wrote the commission's "revolutionary martyr cemetery Fuding" 8 golden Chinese characters. Dali to the top 320 meters, a total of 348 steps, 12 points 2, 4 meters wide each, and 2 is 8 meters, with green grass in the middle group embedded into a "gong down List, Qiguanzhanghong "8 characters, so that the entire cemetery into a muddy one, a solemn, solemn. Mountainside on the north side of the revolutionary history museum for the Fuding, on the south side of Beiting name as a revolutionary martyr. Along the stone steps, and pick up order, to Peak, the cemetery is the main building - Fuding Revolutionary Martyrs Monument. Beishen triangular in shape, as The Fuding, Pingyang, the Taishun County, three border revolutionary activities. Rongting light on both sides of the monument built, think of its source to pay respect to the pavilion for those who stop off Qi. Cemetery is continuing now under construction.

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