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Shaowu Folk Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Silu Shaowu in the middle of the lane Daojia, the two side by side to preserve the integrity of the ancient houses, a mansion of the book is in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty is a residential. Fujian to the first exhibition of local folk museum professional - Shaowu Folk Museum is located in the meantime.
Shaowu is a historical and cultural city in the long history of development of the cross , Has created a splendid material and spiritual - rich cultural traditions and customs. Shaowu in order to help people familiar with the study of traditional folk culture, carry forward the national culture and the construction of the Folk Museum. The whole museum covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, the Office of five galleries on the third floor of 36. Indoor display in a customs Old customs, clothing, appliances, live production, folk art, social culture, customs, and other sections of more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics, the focus has been reproduced Ming and Qing Shaowu inherent in the traditional areas of cultural life, at the same time display inside the 35 Ming and Qing Dynasties wax figures, visual To show the scene at the time of production and life.
Civil Shaowu operation room to display the rich folk art. Shaowu the number of folk songs, "Shaowu folk music information" collected dozens of folk songs in the first representative. Therefore, the county, Xiao Square, Guilin, and other towns and townships also passed a unique 18 against music fan, that is, from one Shoujiaobingyong, rhythmically against drums, gongs, , And other musical instruments, one solo, or more than ensemble. Multi-temple in the New Year and during the show. There Triangle Opera Theater, Nuo dance, puppetry, hand puppets. Triangle show in China more than 360 local operas in the country as the local opera, "a flower"; exorcise the traditional folk dance known as "living fossils." Paper-cut Shaowu also very popular, it is a happy occasion, the Chinese New Year Festival will be paper-cut, happy as a foil, paper-cut exhibition in the works, knife skills, exquisite designs.
Customs decorated room, is holding a grand old wedding. Hi Church of the Central placed an exquisite work of the great palanquin, on the pole with a Song agent Master Zhu Xi's hand-written "One house away, Shi-Shu Chang-attitude" couplets. The wooden "advocates" are faced with the joy of playing music Ying Qin, friends and family with a gift to congratulate. Fine palanquin, parasol, the son of a hundred lights, which ranked Tam ceremony. "Bridal chamber", smile and the joy of the wedding the bride and extremely shy of spring The groom, in his own new room with Xiang Wei. The groom's parents at their side to see what's love, his brilliant Xiao Ye.
Old customs hall show that the two old son make arrangements for the marriage at the same time, Chill out, quietly negotiate a "plan Zhijia" scene. In addition, before The release of the elderly aged over Chongyang supplies and goods.
Fashion show room of the Ming and Qing dynasties a large number of people wearing all kinds of clothing, shoes and headgear, sophisticated workmanship, attractive.
Life and production of room to display a substantial number of people living in ancient times, used in the production of objects, Ciba pile with the Shijiu, I am similar with rain, Fandi with the iron plow, used for heating the apartment fire, with shrines dedicated to ... ... All these items are from the private collection from the many artifacts have been several hundred years "Ancient understand."
Socio-cultural hall, the exhibition introduces Shaowu talent. Ancient Shaowu generation of excellence , According to revised official historical records and local history records, since the opening section with a disability check since the 2200 civil service exam Juren reach people, the imperial examination examination, the Song Dynasty, there were 145, 3 of the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming and Qing 87. Well-known politicians, writers, poets, scientists, total 342 people, mainly ages Ming Chen Later Tang Dynasty and Industry Huang Qiao Shi Lang Phase of the Song Li Gang, Huang Bingbushangshu, Mrs Gao, and so on. Well-known scholars, artists Yan Yu, Chong, Yan, Yan Sen, Yan Can, Huang Cheng, Shang Guanbo up, Yan Chung-Ju, and so on. In addition, the Mazu culture is also thriving in Shaowu. Mazu Culture in the Ming Yongle years into Shaowu, from Zheng He stressed Wei Shaowu 3,000 security officers and soldiers, the ship Matsu worship God asylum from a disaster, Shaowu officers and soldiers who returned home after the Wei-day camp next to the building of the palace, the Spring and Autumn festivities. As a result of Matsu waters for the protection of God, so the ferry Fu Tunxi Chuanbang are located along the river and temple worship.
Shaowu section of the Office of popular folk festival is a display of artifacts used. Wu colorful folk festival, unique. If the go Chuqi the lunar calendar, "Bridge", the day before dawn, hundreds of men, women and children, bring incense, fruit outskirts of the first Qin Tian to the "parent bridge", and then to go South, "the couple bridge", the final To the east, "descendants of the bridge," every bridge must be a blessing in order to burn incense and Dianzhu Doors, young and old safe. The Chinese New Year display here, the Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Zhongyuan, sprinkling, Sau Tong, reflecting the Ming and Qing Dynasties Shaowu custom screen. Go inside, as seen in the history of folk Shaowu.

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