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Universal theme park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanxiang Town, Jiading District is located on the north side of Shanghai Kerry on the eastern side of the highway, adjacent to State Road 312, about 23 km away from downtown, an area of 1200 mu, in September 1996 to open a formal garden, is a full-scale theme park. World renowned world-famous theme park attractions 36, more than 100 other landscape, the majority of Point by 1:1 imitation prototype, there are spots all over the world, architecture, landscape style, so that visitors experience the exotic wonders, tastes home atmosphere. Visitors can take part in the jungle adventure, space theater, horse racing, racing, boating, water skiing, and other large-scale entertainment. Hungary Square on a high standard of large-scale song and dance fireworks night revelry , Can visits to a climax. Park, there are special tree house, castle, such as Dai Walled catering, accommodation and so on a new tourism environment.

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Shanghai Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Library is the largest comprehensive public research libraries, in July 1952 in the hall. In 1996, Shanghai Library is located at 325 Nanjing West Road, in 1996, moving into the new Museum.
  The new Shanghai Library, Shanghai Museum is the hallmark of the 10 cultural facilities, located in the Huai Road, covers an area of 3.1 hectares, the construction area of 83,000 square meters. The new museum building from 106.9 meters high and 58.8 meters of the two-tower high-level and composition of the five-storey podium, with knowledge and wisdom of the Plaza Square, around the green area of 11,000 square meters.
The new museum at the foundation in March 1993 Public Works, in December 1996 part of the opening to the outside world, in May 1997, opening-round, in December 1997 was basically completed. Libraries and reading rooms with various types of post-secondary Room 32, viewed more than 3,000 seats, 20 individual research.

In addition, there are also first-rate schools, based teaching Advanced education and training base, as well as for international cultural showcase domestic, academic exchanges, cultural entertainment, art appreciation, film and television to watch the large and medium-sized exhibition hall, lecture hall, multi-functional hall, activity rooms, as well as academic music, such as Office.
  The new museum also has Library and Information Science Institute Institute of historical documents, manuscripts of famous Chinese Cultural Museum, Art Museum.

Library-the-art equipment in the world of computer management systems, local area network connecting more than 700 library sites, with major domestic and international information network, and readers outside the museum can be visited via the Internet website of the Shanghai Library, including Bibliographic information, daily news, science and technology and Expo, and other renowned collection.

The new museum is also configured to receive satellite communications antenna systems, the introduction of the world's most advanced self-propelled vehicle of the book sent to the system, electronic Faso book information transmission system, equipped with advanced automatic linkage central air-conditioning system, fire alarm monitoring system and steal high-definition , The fidelity of the audio-visual system.

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Ta Yuan Fang Fang tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Square tower that is, "Xing Sheng Jiao Temple", as a result of the tower while Shengjiao Hing Temple named after. It stands in the center of the park, park on the north shore of the lake, was built in Xining Yuanyou years of the Northern Song Dynasty (1068 ~ 1094), 900 years ago. 42.65 m high tower, a total of 9 layers of the Tang Dynasty copy Zhuanta made of square-shaped, so-called side . Side for the brick tower, pavilion-style, brick wall are the bottom of each 6 meters wide, are built around the gallery Wai, floor by floor over to contract, brick by brick wall are divided into three columns, is located between the pot door for Side room, wooden ladder was set up to connect at all levels. Fu Pen is at the top of the tower, which is round, composed of Aquarius as high as eight meters in Tasha, a 4 iron From the steeple to the ninth floor of the trailer Yanjiao, as the cable winds and waves. Tower canopy 1.40 a Department of Tong-ling, fine-sounding name "bird police," rang the wind, attractive, is to prevent the birds off the tower to do the home and Waterloo. Boarded the tower overlooking the square around the ancient city of Matsue panoramic picture. Millennium Tower side can not stand back, with its clever structure and Science Inseparable. First of all, the Tata-side, a lot of wood materials, with the exception of the Department of the stairs, flat seat, canopy tower, brackets, each tower in the body also has three wooden hoop. This construction is prohibited, because the structure of construction (brick, stone materials, and other companies) are not allowed to have a folder of wood, because wood can cause perishable building Loose. But the tower to retain all of the wood (refers to the original Song Dynasty), no moth-eaten and decadent, did not even termites, it is a miracle. (Renovation of the square tower, a Japanese professor, to see the wood decay deeply surprised that it is your ancestors left behind priceless.) War of Resistance Against Japan, the Japanese army In the side bomb exploded next to the tower, but did not blow up the tower side, which is a miracle. Tongji University, according to Chen Zhou, Lu Binjie two professors analyzed sure the timber has been flexible to deal with anti-corrosion, the Millennium is never stale, the shelling was not certainly related.

  Second, in 1974 to repair tower was found to Tata Is labeled as wood piles, the use of wood characteristics of their ancestors, "the Millennium dry, wet millennium, too Gangan 2023" (Proverbs woodworking) truth, successfully built on the side of the tower, so that the party would not fall in the Millennium Tower, Tilt and a very small (53 cm tilt to the north-west).


  Once again, the tower side of the tower and the public With his tilt to the south-east, north-west corner of land for the top 40 cm, while the south-east corner of only 20 cm, were standing in the tower will be clearly felt the ground tilt. Is this is the ancestors of the tower under construction when they neglect to do? In fact, this reflects the wisdom of the ancient craftsmen. Songjiang because the sea to the east, south-east wind in the summer, typhoons More, so Taki conscious tilt to the southeast. The Northern Song Shen Kuo in his "Dream Pool Essays" in his book, wrote a story, said there was a tower made the old craftsmen, old age, he made such a tower, we do not understand, ask him why he wants to build this This tower? He said: "We are these people Less than, the tower in two hundred years later, it will become a straight tower, and will never be a tilt. "This shows that the side with the old tower built by a carpenter on the same tower, in a study of the local meteorology, geology, as well as the pyramid, materials, production, and so on the basis of the results of a series of built up, so we can see Tower Block, the value of a major.

  Square tower with "beautiful" reputation of South East crown, very artistic. Tower side of the tower is characterized by long and thin, wide canopy tower, You Si body dressed in a dress, Tingtingyuli girls. Songjiang in the Qing Dynasty poet Huang Ting of a "Bamboo" is such a side spoke highly of the towers: "Thirty offshore Futu How to tower as the most exquisite. "A few words they tower side of the art features the image and vividly painted out.

  Construction of the square tower also has a beautiful legend to. (See story legend)

  Side of the tower is also not limited to dealing with the arts tower, light tower, there are many special treatment, such as In order to repair the US-tower, tower in vitro to remove burdensome, and all the stairs in the tower in the design. Eaves on the second floor of the tower to each of the nine-storey Yanjiao connection both the parabolic arc, called "Volume brakes." It's also different from Tasha, and the tower, other than the more slender tower.

  Tap the side of historical value can not be assessed . Chen Zhou, a professor from Tongji University in his book "Tower of Jiangsu Province," the book said: "The tower is the Songjiang side of the Tang Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty, a similar tower in the first wife on behalf of the Shan." Mean that it follows the shape of the Tang Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty During the completion of the tower, and the tower regardless of form, materials and construction techniques, is a typical Tang Loft-style brick tower. In view of this major historical value, in 1996 Shengjiao Hing Temple by the State Council promulgated a national key cultural unit. Hundreds of years, the square tower there were a number of major repair. 21 million Yuan (1284), the high monk line repair fund-raising. Dade 2006 (1302) Hurricane with rounds of Chuiluotasha, destroyed railings, monk-money fund-raising margin repair. Yuan Mo, was Bingxian Temple, destroyed temples, and the only tower clock tower alone keep. Three years, Wu Ming-hong (1370), the monks built next to the tower in the Church feel remorse, said the amount of "Xing Santa House." Ming Zhengtong 12 (1447) governor Zhou Chen contributions to the reconstruction. Million in calendar year (1573 ~ 1619) for the repair fund-raising tower, Zhen Brokeback monk to show piety. Junji 17 years of Qing (1660), 35 years of Qianlong (1770) and Daoguangnianjian (1821 ~ 1850) to repair many times. Xianfeng 10-year-ching (1860) and the clock tower Tayuan are destroyed. Republic of China 16 (1937), Temple most of the temples were burned Japanese bombers, and the only tower in front of the temple Zhaobi survived.

  Before the liberation, the tower blocks are cracks in wooden structures at all levels of the tower all the damage. In 1963, relics of the Shanghai Municipal Commission to a comprehensive survey of the tower structure and damage In 1973, the development of "Songjiang Shengjiao Hing Temple renovation program," in 1975 to start the renovation, completed in 1977. The overhaul, for the tower to the heart wood, Tasha Uninstall, up-for-phase round, repair the stairs on each floor, floor, flat seat, canopy and waist often used in building the Northern Song Dynasty "look-stick" railings and rebuild the Wai . During the third level found in the West Yanxia wall brackets between the two groups, known as the triangle arch eye wall, a color of the Song Dynasty 2 Murals Buddha. At the same time retained in the 177 finishing brackets to identify, found that 111 for the original Song Dynasty. Experts frankly, the southern brick pagoda of many, but To stay in the Song Dynasty so many brackets are extremely rare. More valuable is that in the restoration, archaeologists in the middle part of the ground-floor tower opened a Zhuanmian of 1.5 square meters, digging out a brick palace, unearthed a Dragon engraved pattern, engraved with the two ends The white tiger two-Shihan, the cover placed on a copper Sa fell to the north and sit cross-legged sitting, are spread around the 42 coins of the Song Dynasty. Shihan open, and inside a lacquer box, inside the box wrapped with silk Tongfo Xiang Yizun, two Yinhe, the relic containing a pair. These are precious cultural relics from the Shanghai Museum.

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80,000 people Stadium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A capacity of 80,000 people with world-class stadium. Is the set of "sports, tourism, distribution, sports performance, fitness and entertainment, accommodation, catering, shopping and exhibition business office" as one of the large multi-purpose venue. Transport: Bus 15,42,43,56,73,87,89 92,111 Address: No. 666 Tianyueqiaolu Shanghai Tel: 62466666 opening hours :9:00-11: 00; 13:00-16:00 fare: 20 yuan (a vote) 10 (b votes)

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World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Recreation Center, located in the Tibet Road, Yan'an Road intersection. "World" was founded in 1917, variety and entertainment to the North-South drama, folk art to its characteristics, 12 concavo face a "World" unique attraction. "World" of the distinctive architecture. It consists of 12 hexagonal columns support the multi-storey Yellow constitute a steeple. 3 from the main building 4-storey building linked to the group co-wall, and another two construction subsidiary, World Recreation Center "in the world of pleasure," "World Expo", "World Games", "World Food" four parts, launched a Eight series of recreational projects. In particular the "competitive world", in World Challenge "and the Guinness Book of Records challenge of the game all over the country must lead.

World was built in 1917 by businessmen in Shanghai Huang Chu-nine run. In 1930 transferred to the Shanghai Green Gang leader Huang Jinrong operation to be staged across the opera-oriented, we welcome very popular, so people Big noise, constant visitors, becoming the biggest playground in the Far East. In addition to the World every day to perform more than 10 kinds of Chinese opera, the most characteristic is "distorting mirror", twelve large mirror can change people long Bianai, fat, thinner, and so are thousands, attracted into the new year , It is referred to as "concavo." People's Republic of China after the establishment of the World had changed its name to "Shanghai People's Playground" and later to restore original name. 1974 "Shanghai Qingnian Gong." World resumed early in 1987, with performance theaters, concert halls, the Office of Diogenes, the Office of Film, Lu Xiangting, recreation hall, Mokit Community, maze, dance halls, KTV, karaoke OK, video cafe, roller skating rink, and new snack feature of the Shanghai galleries, restaurants, boutique shopping, and so is entertainment, performances, watch, Expo, sports, food, etc. As one of the amusement center. World is to maintain the national character, and the public viewing of the traditional Color, has been added to the participatory, with the pleasure of the new atmosphere of the times, all theater, all-day rotation to perform in Beijing, Kunming, Vietnam, Shanghai, Huai, Yang Yong, tide, Pingtan, funny, acrobatics, magic , And other traditional operas. Athletic competition was also held, including "World Challenge", chess, quiz, Music, dance, clothing, Kouji, and other projects show that it has become a tourist attraction in Shanghai.

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Shanghai Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Museum is the first of the premises of the Nanjing Road, Shanghai Library, the Museum built in 1935, seven years later, moved to Henan Province in the South Tower Department. The new Museum is located at the southern end of downtown People's Square, covers an area of 33 acres. Underground two-story, five on the ground, the ground 29 meters high, with a total investment of 4.3 billion. 19 3-year start in September, in September 1994 to complete the main structure of the wall and decorative veneer, officially opened by the end of 1995. It is a cube with a circular base Chutiao combination of architecture, with Chinese style "Tianyuandifang" meaning. It not only Chinese traditional architecture of the base, the level of the intended shape, the landscape Party style, modern science and technology and reflects the spirit of the times. Look from a distance of museums, together with a circular arch of the roof of the upper part of the arc, the whole building is like an ancient Chinese bronzes; if looking down from above the museum, the roof of the plane as if a huge mirror the rules of the Han Dynasty design. That night, in the middle dome 13 meters The degree of lighting glass ball, as used in floodlights, more like a shiny the legendary luminous pearl. There are four high-rise Museum of Art's sculpture arch, the historical record of the text and the process of evolution; right in front of a lion on both sides of the 8 Tian Lu and the art of stone carving, expressed China's great cultural dazzling.

On Haibo Museum of the total construction area of 3,800 square meters on the ground floor level 2, 5, on the ground floor, building height of 29.5 meters with a total investment of 3 to 400,000,000 10,000,000 yuan. Museum within 6 hours according to the functions of the district. For one to four bronzes, ceramics, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, jade, coins, ethnic minorities, such as technology 12 Hall and 2 temporary exhibition hall, the old museum display area increased by 2 percent. Shanghai Museum of the equipment design are in line with the earthquake, lightning, fire, theft, pest control, moisture-proof, anti-stem, anti-light, dust, pollution of the "anti-decade". At present, Shanghai Museum possession of a total of 120,000 treasures, and professional books in foreign languages 2 10,000, there are cultural relics in the "half" said an international reputation.

In the internal functions of the new museum-the-art facilities, reasonable layout, scientific process, to meet the exhibition on display, scientific research, protection of the three basic functions. The whole museum is divided into open areas, public areas, school Areas, areas of scientific research, management area, equipment such as the six regional areas. Regional distribution of a clear, independent of each other, cross-rational, non-interfering.

Shanghai Museum exhibits all divided into 12 special museum, that is, the Museum bronze, ceramics Museum, Museum of painting, calligraphy museum, sculpture museum, the Museum coins, jade, furniture museum, Yuxi Hall, the Hall of minority process, Mr. Hu Huichun donated porcelain showroom, the Western Museum of Art.

  Bronze Museum: Shang and Zhou is a Chinese ancient bronze culture treasures. Bronze handed down diaspora in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries of the museum, each with a certain amount. The last 40 years, Shaanxi, he , Shanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan Province, a large number of archaeological finds, but the system into a collection of the National Palace Museum in Beijing, Taipei Palace Museum and Shanghai Museum of the most prominent. Shanghai Museum's collection of bronze inscriptions and again with a long record of featuring more weight. The new display is also nearly full Ma Chengyuan years at the head of Hong Kong to save a part of important cultural relics, especially the Western Zhou and Qin Jin-designate early-Qin Gong. Bronze Museum will also set about ancient bronze casting process simulation and display.

Ceramic Museum: It is a microcosm of the history of Chinese ceramics, pottery from the primitive society to the Shang and Zhou Porcelain before, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the three countries, the Western Jin Dynasty porcelain, ceramics along the path of development, until the Ming and Qing dynasties of the kiln in Jingdezhen, are on display. At the same time, there are ancient porcelain kilns and workshops to produce analog display.

Painting Museum: Shanghai Museum painting Painting in the Ming and Qing Dynasties mainly civilian. Exhibits will include Tang Bit, "Gao Yi map", the Five Dynasties Dong Yuan, "Summer Hill map", the Northern Song Ju-ran, "Among a Myriad Matsukaze map", Huizong, "Liu Yan Lo crow map" national treasure, and other treasures, as well as the Southern Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing of the original masters.

Calligraphy Museum: painting and calligraphy museum is divided into two post-secondary, is the older generation of experts painstakingly collected and gradually form Collection of solid results. There are on display here on behalf of Oracle, Kim Moon-week, as well as Qin Shi Guwen, to the Han Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties era and other words and works of calligraphy.

Sculpture Museum: In addition to the display part of the wood carvings, pottery, stone to the main statue. Here are the Northern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Tang and the Northern Zhou Dynasty and the eagle , As well as a rare Southern rock carvings, bronze statues, and so on.

Coin Museum: China's 3,000 years of history of the use of metal currency, the Shanghai Museum's collection of Chinese Gubi relatively complete. At this time not only a collection of ancient iron copper, gold coins of the Warring States, Kim will also be on display, note-free version of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the gold and silver currency, The countries along the Silk Road gold, silver, and other currencies.

Jade Museum: will be specially designed lighting display, as well as prehistoric past three generations after the jade treasures.

Furniture Museum: located next hall-style, study and bedroom three showrooms, display a collection of Ming and Qing Dynasties, will also be featured in Hong Kong, Mr. villagers donation A large number of Ming furniture. Ancient Chinese furniture has always been cherished by the people, on display here is bound to cause great interest in the audience at home and abroad.

Xi Indian Museum: Yuxi, China and India are ancient dynasty period to study the political, economic, military and Officials literature, art and a kind of important information. Museum exhibits Xi is the focus of the Warring States and India, the official Han Dynasty and the Ming and Qing Dynasties Indian schools.

House Minority Technology: China is a unified multi-ethnic country, the Shanghai Museum for many years to collect a number of national minorities, all types of clothing and handicraft museum set up a new museum dedicated exclusively for the Museum of the minority to a majority of the arts and crafts The public.

Mr. Hu Huichun donated porcelain showroom: Mr. Hu Huichun exhibition of ancient porcelain donation, such as the Northern Song Dynasty on white glaze and a group of the Qing Dynasty kiln glaze colors, are very valuable.

Western Museum of Art: Any national of any country and the best of traditional arts, should be Human wealth. The new museum is currently also the lack of Western art collection, through various channels that it will organize exhibitions of fine art in the West to introduce to the audience.

Shanghai Museum's exhibits, more fully reflects the six thousand years of China's ancient art of the glorious course of development. Museum's collection of 12 00 square meters of display area, in the automation control environment of temperature and humidity conditions, regular replacement, will play a more wide range of items in social benefits. Several special exhibition hall will provide the provinces and cities to display the latest cultural relics unearthed treasures. Shanghai Museum of Art at home and abroad will be an exhibition, exchange and research center The new museum on the international use of the latest scientific and technological means to manage. Showroom on the topic, all procedures for the preparation of input into the computer, instead of listening devices on the guide. According to the Heritage audience numbers under the press button, you can choose any speech on cultural relics, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and other languages, you can choose. Showroom in preparation Computer-controlled video player to provide a variety of related cultural relics like and expertise.

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Shanghai Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Into the Shanghai Street, as if you back 100 years ago, Shanghai's bustling market. The Yuyuan Tourist business in the region's unique style, travel-tourism, shopping, leisure-entertainment, cultural display in one multi-functional characteristics Street, in the history of the name of the street in front of the temple has brought together a group of Shanghai as early as the Banks, shop, silver , Jiusi, tea house, Xi Lou, the firm has always been connected Shiliupu (small East Gate), and Temple, and Yuyuan Garden area of the corridor crowd. The unique geographical location and along its scenic rich in cultural business. Shanghai Street, formerly known as Fang Bang Zhong Road, west Henan South Road, the road east of the people, a total length of 8 5 meters from the west to the east of the architectural style and format to display the layout of the Ming and Qing Dynasties from the old Shanghai to the Republic of China until the influx of Western culture during the period of historical and cultural evolution. Street business feature of the traditional industry to the mainstream, highlighting the traditional folk culture, to create a cultural atmosphere of Shanghai. Guan Yi of Shanghai Street to Street for the sub-sector Two things, through the eastern section of the decoration and transformation, to retain the residential characteristics of the late Qing Dynasty early years of the Republic, on both sides of the street grid restored to spend a window, door scheduling, Fan railing, landing door rocker, and so on, matched to the roof Qiaojiao cornices, dripping lace and Ma Tau wall. Housing, like the western section of the Ming and Qing architectural facade, prominent Shanghai Lao Chengxiang Customs, Daiwafenqiang, cornices Hong Zhu, Shanghai Street to reproduce the Tong Han Chun, with the old-sheng, Wu able person, there are 10,000 full-and Qiu Tian Bao, the old tea house in Shanghai, restaurant wine Deshun, Chunfengdeyi floor, tofu beauty rooms, D Lady cloth Zhuang, Rongshun Hall, a century-old store, such as Hiroshi Yintang, Danfeng restaurant to open at the same time, doctors Church Full of traditional shops. And it is on the north side of the "Star Street" together to show you the old Shanghai business and industries and urban attitudes of a "Painting Scroll."

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People's Bank of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linking Puxi and Pudong Lujiazui Bund two tourist areas of business, import and export of Puxi and Nanjing East Road, Beijing East Road, Bund pedestrian tunnel connected, Riverside Avenue Pudong entrance is located inside the Green Zone, respectively, leading to the "Pearl of the Orient" cruise ship terminals and land Lu Jia Zui direction of the People's Bank of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. Visitors to view closed-end seat Inside, in just a few minutes to complete in order to "cross the Earth" as the theme of the high-tech dream journey to see the stars mysterious and vast oceans, in the boiling magma in the mantle passed, the earth's core, to listen to interact with the landscape of the Bang Bo Sound.

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Century Avenue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Century Avenue, from the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong Century Park to a total distance of about 5.5 kilometers and 100 meters wide. Oriental Pearl west, east to Pudong New Area Administrative Cultural Center, known as "the East Champs-Elysees."
  The road for the asymmetric design, green belts and a wide driveway over the sidewalk, people, transportation, construction The relationship between the more reasonable. Next to the sidewalk on the north side, has the theme of 8 prominent features of the Botanical Gardens so that the effect of the road with gardening.
  Century Boulevard as a function of the urban landscape Avenue, Charpy France - Germany to Sri Lanka provided by the program design, Century Avenue will be the center line offset 10 m to the south, has become Community on the unique asymmetric road, grand momentum, a strong effect of the landscape.
  Century Avenue is the first green on the sidewalk and the driveway than the width of the urban landscape Avenue. Design a better solution, transportation, construction of an integrated three-in-one relationship. To highlight the effect of landscape gardens and green Landscape sidewalk 69 meters and 44.5 meters wide on the north side of the sidewalk layout of the street trees row 4, the evergreen camphora in the outside, the inside of the street is the ginkgo tree leaves in winter, summer and played a shelter through the winter tree effect.
  On the south side of 24.5 meters wide, the layout of street trees row 2. At the same time, also on the sidewalk on the north side of building 8 180 m long and 20 meters wide and the "Garden", were named Liuyuan, Metasequoia Park, Cherry Orchard, Park Lagerstroemia indica, Magnolia Park, the Tea Garden, Bauhinia Garden and Luan tree park, the theme of prominent features.
  It also set up along the road to the time Sculpture and the theme of works of art, unique scenery, culture Rich flavor.
  Road construction century sculpture are: Century-time, located in the Laoshan West Century Boulevard and the interchange. China to the ancient timer, "hourglass" for the prototype, the level of 9 different set of stainless steel glass column, "hourglass", a parabola distribution constitutes a planet track. Every 2-5 days, pump Will be left out of the sand up again. The rare ancient world of technology and modern architecture of Pudong each other, unique taste.
  Five elements, their ideas from ancient Chinese allelopathy philosophy to metal, wood, water, fire, earth oracle words 5 to form the basic design elements, the image of the sculpture 5 "Gold" take the triangle, was the central pyramid stand, "wood" to make a bold cut into cubes, "Fire" take the flame-shaped, three more are tailor-made for the bronze material.
  "Water" used to make stainless steel water hieroglyphs smooth curve, "soil", is derived from natural rocks cut by the hammer. Light of the Orient, located in the World Gao Yang Avenue Road open on the island, backed by a large square of the Century Park to the original prototype for the sundial, the use of stainless steel truss structure, make us think that the distant history.
  Under the sundial on a small, oval plate of the sundial symbol of the earth, the sundial on behalf of the needle through the mid-point of China. According to the astronomers measured, sundial Now point to the North, with a time function.
  According to the naming of the characteristics of the Century Avenue, Century Boulevard on the city's small-scale series of environmental laws to reflect the integrity of its high-tech and modern style. To the time Sculpture on the theme of the entire Century Avenue to become the world's only time to the theme of urban sculpture exhibition Street.
  At present, the East has a light, the dawn of the century, the five elements, such as sculpture. At the same time, simple style with elegant metal structure of the tension piece, whether post or bench, guard-rails, poles and shelter shed the uniform use of color to become a landmark, the characteristic color.
  Set up along the way to Inter-themed sculptures and pieces, such as in lots of different needle laid sundial, 10 minutes of the century, the hourglass, and so on; Century Avenue building, not only to the Pudong development and function of the form have a major impact on the development and the role it is the turn of the century Shanghai Urban Form The landmark building in the landscape.
  Century Avenue is a magnificent building Cheng, on both sides of the landscape works and commerce, culture, tourism and leisure development functions will gradually improve. Century Avenue on both sides of the plot is full of opportunities.

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Lujiazui central green space - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Covers an area of 100,000 square meters of green space center is located in Yan An Road East exit of the tunnel, in the Lujiazui financial center of the core parts of the district, Shanghai is the largest open lawn. Referred to as "urban green lung." Green grass of the Lujiazui area of 65,000 square meters, some from Europe to the introduction of the cool-season grass, evergreen Four Seasons Central and northern part of the green dotted with weeping willows, Magnolia, ginkgo, cedar, and other flowers, shrubs, trees plants, full of vigor and vitality. Imports of green space "Spring" as the theme of the statue, from 8 steel blooming "flowers" component. Green land in meandering in the road, outlines the Shanghai White Magnolia flower pattern, just A Standard Shanghai City, in the middle of Magnolia, is 8600 square meters at the center of Lake, designed to Pudong section of the shape of the map. Lake landscape Peng main mast 28 meters high, Peng for the white conch-shaped, like the sail, to give unlimited Xiasi. Address: 160 Lujiazui Road, Tel: 588 5487 opening hours :8:30-22: 00 Tickets: Free

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Lung Wah Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lung Wah Tower is a peaceful country two years the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 977 years) of construction sites. This is a standard Sontag. A total of seven-eight, 40.6 meters high. For the pavilion-style brick, brick tower for the air tube, inside the air for a square, set up a wooden staircase outside the tower-blocks are on each floor, hook column, Qiaojiao cornices. Canopy tower extension Far, the tower-blocks and fields are under layers of brackets contrast, the entire pagoda style of Jane Long beautiful, very beautiful. In 2000, the new 5,000-square-meter square in front of the tower, tower around the lounge bridges, pavilions, beautiful.

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Duolun Road Culture Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duolun Road, formerly known as sinus Lean Road, Hongkou is a side street, but the road is 550 meters long, snake Wan Yan, quiet Labyrinth Road. Repair renovation over the past few years, the reproduction of the 1920s and 1930s in Shanghai of human life. Duolun Road, the road paved with stones, women's high heels at the top of the very clear. Road All kinds of Western-style house while finishing a new, open window, are ya, calligraphy, antiques, mahogany apparatus, all the way out in the past, is very elegance. The most interesting is that there is a pattern ping Square, go for the next day, 10 yuan, and water Fengcha. Only seven or eight of a Jianzhe-year-old boy, while seriously playing chess with his father, while also You Wei Pazhuo and fried noodles, enjoyable. The find on a map trace of the street, in modern Chinese cultural history, but wrote a thick. A shining page in the annals of a number of cultural figures such as Lu Xun, Qu, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, and so have gathered here, and shouting, fighting. Chinese writer left-wing alliance, a Chinese art Shanghai Drama Art, the public and brown cafes are their battlefield. More than a century, Duolun Road and several surrounding roads, from one aspect of the show focused on the history and cultural microcosm of the Western. Roadside those lifelike bronze statue of the street to describe you at the time of the literati style, the former residence of those left behind To tell you the story of that era. Duolun Road, it is a unique cultural landscape and the culture of classic taste has become a popular tourist destination and one of Shanghai.

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International Conference Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai International Convention Center Oriental Riverside Hotel is located in the Lujiazui financial and trade center, adjacent to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, with the Bund des Nations building across the river. In the hotel business in August 1999, with a total construction area of 110,000 square meters, as a new landmark in Shanghai landscape, the People's Republic of China was named the top ten classic One of the building. Convenient transport facilities, close proximity to Metro Line 2. Have 260 luxury hotel rooms, different styles of restaurants and a variety of entertainment and fitness facilities. 7 floor hotel is located in the Office of Shanghai's capacity for 3,000 people meeting in Shanghai is the largest non-columnar multi-function hall. Another 25 meeting rooms of varying sizes to meet the needs of a variety of meetings.

Shanghai International Convention Center Oriental Riverside Hotel has completed a remarkable 99 ' "Fortune" Global Forum, the Korean delegation's visit to China, the 2001 APEC CEO Summit and the series of meetings, the 35th Asia Show Bank annual meeting, APEC Telecommunications Ministers of the fifth, and other dignitaries and important meetings at home and abroad to receive the mandate, praise from all sides.

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