Tuesday, March 3, 2009

World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Recreation Center, located in the Tibet Road, Yan'an Road intersection. "World" was founded in 1917, variety and entertainment to the North-South drama, folk art to its characteristics, 12 concavo face a "World" unique attraction. "World" of the distinctive architecture. It consists of 12 hexagonal columns support the multi-storey Yellow constitute a steeple. 3 from the main building 4-storey building linked to the group co-wall, and another two construction subsidiary, World Recreation Center "in the world of pleasure," "World Expo", "World Games", "World Food" four parts, launched a Eight series of recreational projects. In particular the "competitive world", in World Challenge "and the Guinness Book of Records challenge of the game all over the country must lead.

World was built in 1917 by businessmen in Shanghai Huang Chu-nine run. In 1930 transferred to the Shanghai Green Gang leader Huang Jinrong operation to be staged across the opera-oriented, we welcome very popular, so people Big noise, constant visitors, becoming the biggest playground in the Far East. In addition to the World every day to perform more than 10 kinds of Chinese opera, the most characteristic is "distorting mirror", twelve large mirror can change people long Bianai, fat, thinner, and so are thousands, attracted into the new year , It is referred to as "concavo." People's Republic of China after the establishment of the World had changed its name to "Shanghai People's Playground" and later to restore original name. 1974 "Shanghai Qingnian Gong." World resumed early in 1987, with performance theaters, concert halls, the Office of Diogenes, the Office of Film, Lu Xiangting, recreation hall, Mokit Community, maze, dance halls, KTV, karaoke OK, video cafe, roller skating rink, and new snack feature of the Shanghai galleries, restaurants, boutique shopping, and so is entertainment, performances, watch, Expo, sports, food, etc. As one of the amusement center. World is to maintain the national character, and the public viewing of the traditional Color, has been added to the participatory, with the pleasure of the new atmosphere of the times, all theater, all-day rotation to perform in Beijing, Kunming, Vietnam, Shanghai, Huai, Yang Yong, tide, Pingtan, funny, acrobatics, magic , And other traditional operas. Athletic competition was also held, including "World Challenge", chess, quiz, Music, dance, clothing, Kouji, and other projects show that it has become a tourist attraction in Shanghai.

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