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Baishui Tai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shangri-La county is located in the southeast of three BA Xiang white village is the birthplace of the Naxi Dongba religion. Looking far away, Castle Peak in the shade of Baishui Tai modeling is really like layers of terraced fields, shining in the sun, photography also Fangruo solidification of the falls in general. One foot in the white stone, can not fun at all the cool secretion. In February Chuba, Naxi is the annual "White North", all of the Naxi people here together, singing and dancing, picnic, and pray to the gods in the coming year's harvest. It is said that the two Naxi god in order to allow the local Naxi people learn to arable farmland, especially from such a change, "terraced Therefore, there are "immortal left field."

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Are all sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shangri-La is located 35 km north-east, more than 10 kilometers away from the Bitahai. Clear water, small fish swimming underwater, the most unique is a "Schizothorax" rare fish, which fish the abdomen with a thin crack. Zhetianbiri Lake is surrounded by trees, there is a lake in groups of cattle and sheep ranch, full of Tibetan Of life. Legend: "a" for the Tibetan cheese, "all" means stone. Ancient legend One monk travel far and wide to this, pastoralists cheese worship him, see he is more of the cheese farm, l. Kong is very strong, as a rock, wedding, so wish: "The cheese is ready to rock as always, like the knot "This is all gang got its name.

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Tiger Leaping Gorge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lijiang is located 55 km north of the city Department of the Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, by cutting from the Jinsha River. Wu Li river as a result of a number of stone, with rock legend Tiger had to skip big gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge have left a good reputation.

With regard to the formation of Tiger Leaping Gorge, a popular local folk tale of the beautiful: Sands , The Nu River, Lancang River and Yulong mountain, Haba mountains, five brothers and sisters used to be. Three sisters grow up, go out to meet Ze Xu, the gas You Jiyou parents, it is necessary to Yulong and Haba to catch up. Yulong 13 with the sword, bow Haba Kuazhuo 12, came to Lijiang Chao Xiaolu, face-to-face sit waiting on a rotational basis, and who agreed miss three sisters, To be beheaded. Haba's turn to guard, Yulong just fell asleep, the girl on to the Sands. The two brothers were blocking the way, how should we do? Sands smart girl thought of Haba's sleep problems have love, they Bianzoubianchang, a series of singing 18 songs. Mildly singing was so moving to hear the fans Haba, gradually With the. Sands aimed at the girl the opportunity to finally from the brother of the two feet of the dash in the past, loud Huanxiao Zhao run away. Yulong Xianci wake scene, and gas and sad, angry girl Sands is a step has been, grief is the Haba brothers to be beheaded. He can not be in violation of some law, taking the long sword cut off the head of Haba, then Back over to cry, tears of two water and become self-Blackwater, 12 Haba's bow into the Tiger Leaping Gorge in the West Bank turn 24, and the Haba jiang fall on the head in the tiger jumped into the stone.

This fairy tale to explain the natural wealth of imagination, still moving charm. It is now known, the Sands In the valley since about 2 million years ago to form the land, is still on and off the crust has experienced a number of squeezing up, fold, fault and earthquake, landslide, and other changes. Dangerous magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Yulong Snow Mountain is a large-scale increase in the course of the Jinsha River, under strong after all a product.

Tiger jump Since the bridge from the village of Zhongdian, Lijiang limited to a large village, about 20 km circuitous routes, during which between 210 meters at the tiger jumped on, jump in the Hong Kong Standard, under the tiger jumped three, 18 dangerous shoals scattered in the order in the gorge; Jiang's surface elevation 1500-1800 m, and the Yulong and Haba Snow Mountain in the two above sea level were 5596 5396 meters and a maximum elevation 3900 meters, miles can be the first of the Yangtze Gorge.

Jinsha River in the vicinity of Shek Kwu Wan, the first of the Yangtze, Jiang wide up 150-350 meters, the water gently, to the bridge about 35 kilometers Jiang surface that can use 300 tons of motor boats, and 6 km downstream from the bridge Tiger Leaping Gorge on the mouth of the Jinsha River by the two main squeeze snow-capped mountains, river to the sharp reduction of 30 meters, together with the river's boulder blocking the river mad Nu Hao Chi, sparking waves emptying, the roaring sound of the issued and become Tiger Leaping Gorge The spot price of the concept.

Lead a tiger jumping northward along the river, the village Yongsheng will jump to the tiger in the main King "Stars" Beach. From here on a tiger jumped 5 km, the river has dropped by nearly 100 meters, as a result of Jiang's rock over, like a sky full of stars fighting, jumping back and forth during the river, the river appeared to back off a peculiar landscape. On the rise, both sides of the snow-capped mountains and high clouds play; look under the foot, steep cliffs, is very much like the cutting. Only outside This dangerous gorge in order to realize "look on a line to see a ditch, monkeys with tears, met with an eagle fly-pass" is how apt analogy.

After a jump in the Hong Kong Standard, Hetaoyuan village, then that is up to 3 km under the tiger jumped the main attractions of "Beach flight." Wang climbed up on the beach of the Taiwan Strait, Next day the two sides cliffs formed a natural Shihmen, Pentium Duo Lu river, the waves roll up Melaleuca. Here, it can really enjoy the Sands Qinggemanwu girl, three back nine to the scene and Chong Kai-Shek, the laughter of the pleasure away. Yunnan, as the poet in the Qing Dynasty temples Weng Sun "Jinsha River," a poem written by:

  Fan split domain Million mark, the outflow to Li Li Niu Ben;
  First day for middle-ying, the two Shan folder fight for the stone gate.
  Sun Cang Bo shake fine rattan, and sand thunder day and fainted away;
  Gap was up from the waves Heritage, but also where to find Jiang Yuan.

Tiger Leaping Gorge-risk world, though shipping to the inconvenience, but there are a shock Moving the splendor of soul, has attracted several million of the brave look for this victory adventure. In the 1930s, the United States well-known anthropologist John Locke has traveled three times Tiger Leaping Gorge, and leased aircraft from aerial photos, access to large amounts of data so that the world-famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. In September 1986, the China Yangtze River rafting team Luoyang, China Branch Yangtze River rafting inspection team in the first successful drift Tiger Leaping Gorge, but the Luoyang team in the Sun Zhiling "stars" of the victims Beach, Sichuan, "World Youth" magazine reporter Wanming also lost their lives in this interview will be given to the tragic soul of the tiger Gap jump.

Tiger Leaping Gorge is not only a magnificent natural scenic spots, as well as a great Treasure-house of energy. According to the survey of experts, Tiger Leaping Gorge dam may be built in Asia, to become large-scale cascade hydropower stations on the Jinsha River leading hydropower station and reservoir regulation. Tiger Leaping Gorge in order to develop a huge water resources, the former vice governor of Yunnan Province, Zhang Chong has 8 on-site inspection, he died, family members in accordance with his will, his ashes Gap, Tiger Leaping Gorge in the moving and tragic in so many more heroic.

At the same time, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge is the birthplace of one of the ancient civilization. Xia Yulong Snow Mountain in the side of many different sizes of caves, ancient human beings live in a cave is a natural government, some still on the wall show the production of ancient life Painting. This new discovery, for Tiger Leaping Gorge wonders added.

Tiger Leaping Gorge is a good place for adventure tourism. At present, there are two tourist routes: first, by drawing from the Old Town of Lijiang city to the sea under the bridge Zhongdian (the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge) into the Gap, along the Haba Snow Mountain and Dong Lu Jiang Shun, the walk takes two days time to time Qi access ; First, the Yulong Snow Mountain from the eastern side of the sub-Ganhai to travel under the road before Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lijiang, to a large rural crossing into the gorge, Sujiangershang, the tiger jumped out from the gorge. Lijiang tourism department will be in the gorge in the construction side of the Yulong Snow Mountain Adventure travel corridor for round-the Yulong Snow Mountain.

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Meili Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meili Snow Mountain Range is a cross-sectional, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province is located in Germany and drink County of Tibet at the junction of Chayu County, 849 kilometers away from Kunming. Meili Snow Mountain Range Nushan belong to the middle, in a world-renowned Jinsha River, Lancang River, Nujiang "Three Parallel Rivers" region, which the Northern Wei Yi, fell 13 peaks Zuozuo Jingjing , The magnificent peak.
  In this area there is a strong updraft and south of the continent meet the cold air, change into a thick fog and heavy snow, and thus to form the world's rare low-latitude and high above sea level, the monsoon marine glaciers of the modern. When the rainy season, Xiangshan Xia glacier extension of the iceberg tongue straight into the 2600 meters Sen ; The dry season when strong glacier, 4,000 meters above the back mountain. As the precipitation, high temperature, it makes the movement of glaciers Lennart Meri, much faster than general maritime glaciers. The intense movement of glaciers, but also increased the mountain's cutting, all created a mountaineer scared at the mention of the hanging glaciers, dark Sewing, and Bingbeng avalanche.
  As the climate obviously vertical, Lennart Meri of the vagaries of climate, snow and rain in the whole Yinqing just one moment. Meili Snow Mountain both the magnificent plateau, the Jiangnan and the beautiful. Under the blue sky, white and majestic snow-capped mountains and the soft blue lakes and vast gray Hai and unlimited vast grassland, On the perceived and color, the people have a strong impact.

  Here dense vegetation, species richness. Vegetation in the division on belongs to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau alpine vegetation types, in limited areas, showing a number of tropical north frigid zone by the transition of the distribution of plant-band. Above sea level in 2000 To about 4,000 meters, mainly consisting of a variety of spruce forest, forest next to a meadow stretches of the plateau. The summer meadow, Jiao Buchu many of the mountain is covered with wild flowers and the azaleas, Gesang Hua limelight, competing in full bloom, as if knocked down by a piece of the palette, in the forest, grassland consisting of Large green carpet, leaving large areas of the Chaziyanhong.
  Meili Snow Mountain and Northern Tibet gurney Shan Dong Ah, South Biluo snow-capped mountains and linked to an elevation of 6000 meters above the summit of the 13 are known as the Prince's 13 peaks. Thirteen of the highest peak of Kawagebo peak for the first peak in Yunnan. For 6740 meters above sea level, Tibetan Buddhism is the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, legend for the branch of the Nyingma gamma God to protect the Palestinian home, ranking first in Tibetan areas in eight major Kamiyama, the local "bus to Ho loddon" Zunhao. It is the Kham Tibetan pay homage to the "Holy Mountain." Into the 30s, many of the world to swim across the mountains of the American scholar, said Luo Kebo Kawagebo peak "The world's most beautiful mountain." Not the beginning of winter and autumn each year, Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, the groups of pilgrims, came all the way to worship the souls of natural monument. Kamiyama around them around the turn of worship, at least seven days to as many as a half months, it is called locally "by the turn." If the Year of Tibetan calendar every turn by the Bai Shi-fold increase even more, creeping mountain scenes, eye-openers.
  Kawagebo peak, cirque glaciers fell. Among them, "just Yong-ming" and "Siqia" as a two-Yin Lin's past, from an altitude of 5500 meters to 2700 meters down the stretch of the forest zone from the surface Lancang River is only 80 Meters, which is the value for some low latitude and high above sea level monsoon marine glaciers of the modern.
  Kawagebo peak on the south side, falls from cliffs km pouring down, "the rain god collapse waterfall." Every summer snow melt, the water flow along the cliff-Unit Fei Xie, like floating in the air and Bailian 10,000,000, Sasa Durian Very spectacular. If the sun every Return, transpiration clouds, the rainbow there, such as the United States and in the sky in Wonderland.
  Kawagebo peak so far no one remains a virgin peak of the summit. As early as 1902, Britain sent a mountaineering expedition to the Goddess Peak for the first time launched the sprint, the result ended in failure. Later, the United States Japan, the Sino-Japanese Joint 4, and other climbers, 4 series of large-scale Kamiyama to climb, no success. In January 1991, 17 athletes in the Sino-Japanese climbers died under Kawagebo peak. The news shocked the world, the country was listed as one of the top 10 sports news.
  13 Prince Edward A bit like a Sword out of the fighter Yu, Guao disclosed in the Cold. They are tough to strong arm, a solid day and night to put the Guardian they had been given to the soul of every life.

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Diqing Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing, the Tibetan word for "Jixiangruyi place", located in northwestern Yunnan Province, the southern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, located in Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet provinces (autonomous regions) at the junction, east longitude 90 � 35' - 100 � 19 ', North latitude and 26 � 52' - 29 � 16 ', to the east and north-east of Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Lijiang Prefecture and the state government Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, which borders, to the south and south-eastern Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County across the river, to the west and south-west of the Nu River at the junction of Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Tibet and the northwestern region adjacent to the Qamdo. With a total area of 23,870 square kilometers, the Shangri-La jurisdiction, Deqin, vici Lisu Autonomous County of three . Autonomous state at the Shangri-La County to build Town, 706 km from the provincial government in Kunming.

Diqing is the only Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, the country is one of dozens of Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Diqing, Habitat is part of the extension of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau South, Southwest and mountain hinterland is a cross-sectional, high-lying North South , Relying on three hills in the territory two rivers: the Meili Snow Mountain Range, snow-capped mountains Yunling mountains, mid-mountain snow-capped mountains, which are the Lancang, and Jinsha River runs through the Zibeiernan throughout. The territory of more than 4,000 meters above sea level in the mountains there are 211. Statewide average altitude of 3380 meters, 3,000 meters above sea level in more than the total area 53% of the total area, Yunnan Province, is the highest political area.

The territory of the terrain in depth was cutting force, in order to shape the landscape of mountain, the ancient plateau and the main ridge peak. Height difference between big peak of Meili Snow Mountain Kawagebo Bee, 6740 meters above sea level is the highest peak in Yunnan. Lowest point of elevation 480 meters, the relative height difference up to 5260 meters. State within a temperate climate is cold temperate climate, the average annual temperature of 4.7 � C-16.5 � C, in the extreme maximum temperature 25 � 10C, a minimum temperature of 27 � 40C. Strong solar radiation, wet and dry season is clear, obvious three-dimensional climate. The formation of the special natural and geographical environment of Diqing wonderful natural scenery and rich resources. The original ecological prominent, snow-capped mountains, meadows, lakes, rivers and staggered distribution of a variety of resource-intensive.

Diqing in Yunnan Province is the most important resource rich areas. A forest, biological, Energy, animal husbandry, mineral and tourism resources of six. Diqing in Yunnan Province is one of the largest forest area, is rich in forest resources, and a wide range. Jeonju 1,615,000 hectares of forestry land, forest reserves amounted to 157,000,000 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate to 36.4 percent.

The main species are spruce, red cedar, fir, mountain pine, yew, Torreya grandis, Yunnan pine, cypress, red-chun, Hong Tong, pine, mountain pulling, gold, Du swollen, cork oak, camphor, and the tung tree A wide variety of rhododendron, and so on.

Diqing four hours because of one mountain, every day, a different three-dimensional Designate clear, plants, animals and micro-organisms such as the very rich biological resources. There are 2183 kinds of higher plants, which amounted to more than 960 kinds of medicinal plants. At the national level, the protection of the secondary has more than 60 kinds of wild animals, fungi rich in resources, amounting to 147 kinds.

  Shangri-La of the snow line, A dense forest, the forest is surrounded by a vast meadow of grazing land. Statewide there are 913 million mu of grassland, accounting for 21.6 percent of the land area, of which 629 million mu of grassland can be used for the first in the province, Yunnan is the largest natural pasture. Livestock consumption are mainly cattle, yak, cattle, sheep and pigs. Here Well-known animal and plant kingdom, bearing a large number of rare birds and animals, but also to spend the ocean, just to name a few species alone have more than 200 kinds of azaleas, flowers and sometimes covering the entire hill, a great bonus Sunrise Hill Sihuo trend. Each year in March, from the Indian Ocean on the south-west wind warm and humid air, in order to bring about a thousand miles Jiangmen Bo the vigor and flowers all over the open fields, cattle and sheep roam in the display, Pastoral everywhere, touching scenes

  Hai Zi is the most beautiful grassland scenery line, which is the continent of Asia's most pristine freshwater lakes, the snow Bingqingyujie together, such as blue days, sparkling snow-capped mountains towering reflected in the microwave, such as magic wonderland. , Bitahai known as the "Pearl of the plateau"; Napa Lake is the United Nations was included in the endangered species is an important habitat for the black-necked cranes, the annual September to March next year could see their Fangrong; and the Black Sea is a typical Click one's tongue of ice lakes, such as ink and water color because of its name.

Diqing - Northwest Yunnan's tourism crown Diqing in Yunnan Province is not only the 11 state-level tourism an important part of the line, more than half a century is the dream of paradise to people - the host of Shangri-La, the magical and beautiful charm is drawing millions of tourists to come! At the same time , Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet provinces, autonomous regions, the three have grouped together, the quasi - Diqing, including the north-west of Yunnan, southern Sichuan and Tibet into the world's largest ecological reserves so that this magical land of Shangri-La to become real.

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South Xuan Fusi's Department - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Xuan Fusi's Department, in November 27, 1996 announced a national key cultural unit, is now the Dehong only unique national heritage unit, the state department in charge of cultural relics plans Would be: "China Tusi special museum display system" so that the system Tusi-permanent living fossil in the future, I Will follow the "effective protection, rational use and strengthen management" approach to heritage preservation, management and rehabilitation.

South Xuan Fusi's Department, according to the Han-style buildings Ya Shu-arranged into four of five homes, 47, 149 houses, covers an area of 10,625 square meters (Equivalent to about 10 acres of land), according to the level of toast Yamen into court, drawing room, the Chamber is together, the back garden of the five into four homes, one level higher.

South Xuan Fusi's Department, the first in Lianghe old by the name of the Southern Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty set up the South's military government Explorer, the South Austin got the names from this. For South Austin you want to call it? As a result of Yuan, Ming and Qing era Woxian vault under the state (this Tengchong County) restraint. "South" refers to Tengchong is located in the south, "Austin" refers to the outskirts of Bazi, so called "South Austin." Xuan Fu is to make the closure of the times so that the central government set up in frontier body of the ruling regime, at Xuanwei Si, Xuanfu so, to appease Third-class. Wu Xuan Fusi is level, he has sway and the local equivalent of the Tu Huangdi. South Xuan Fusi's usually seven high-level goods, that is, the county magistrate level, but in exceptional circumstances, with the official and up, such as the boss or neighbor to pay to receive live, with the other party rank and raise up to the fourth official , That is, local people say "See a great official." On entering the court after Kirin screen, is a symbol of the fourth official. The so-called Department, that is, government offices, in addition to the department office, both residential and needed, and other ancillary buildings. Dai said: He did call made at the end of Meng, Meng means headman at the end of the big house.

The soil Gong name, country of origin should Tianfu Nanjing Spring County. Dade million five-year (1301) Imperial Cixing knife, knife, also known as Gong So, in the first year of Gong Fu Xing, an official surnamed Gong said that only more than four generations. Knife's ancestors with the beginning of the next crusade division Yunnan, as a result of repeated military exploits sealed building for Xuanfu so, to settle here, from 1398 to a O five years in May and will last for Wuwuernian, hereditary officials on behalf of a total of 28.

Cell is a three-room hut civil engineering structures in place to build simulation. The vigil is Huotang, beds, tables and a symbol of God Prison couplets totem, such as incense burner. On the left in place for repeat offenders, four barriers, There Road for access to prisoners. A card room foot Fang, Fang four flail, fish and flail chains such as torture devices, hand-baked. Light on the left side of the residence who, four non-physical barriers and instruments of torture.

HS symmetrical floor, is the right tea is left to the Treasury Xunbu Fang. Qin Bing, including live Qinza classes. Qin Bing ban from the territory of a toast Walled outside the eight-person transfer a total of 16 members who are primarily responsible for the protection of toast, the toast of Health, then serve. As soon as possible before meals, pouring water, clean sanitation, and so on. Tusi out on Qinbing armed entourage. If you encounter case, the station will ban Shi Li, in order to boost the morale of the wind, their pay by the military arrived in the village burden The Republic of China are equal to the military police. Treasury tea, is composed of two to four, the Supply Division within the Department of tea needed, and serve as gunners put Salyut-ming, patrol and cleaned up, and so on.

This is the second chamber Zuoxiang Shuguan class housing, which is equivalent to the office now. On the left is the armory, which is equivalent to the present Department of loading. That is, we usually call the civil service, military attache of the public service, also known as the armory room in uniform.

Upstairs live ordnance guard of Bing Ding, head of the caretaker must have a military sense, is responsible for the purchase of firearms, ammunition, weapons and repair. Tusi weapons is a long time ago and some knives, guns (Spear) Clubs, such as cold Gongnu weapons. With the era of Emperor Guangxu after Mauser, the Kowloon-ring guns, Hanyang five sub-guns. By the late Republic of China, leaves Kuomintang part of the expeditionary force, then, O has six guns, light heavy machine guns, rifles, enough to equip a regiment of troops. (Refers to the area to the left of the family members) that have built housing to modern Tusi is the last home of the big drill ground. Zuoxiang "Shuguan ban", they are called by the 12 Long Brown or toast to be, as well as the Department for the post of staff who are re-look high, to take turns on duty at government offices, may sooner or later Tusi, accompanied by dinner toast to help deal with civil, reception guests Yang said the front door of this great dignity, did not grade the officials and women are strictly forbidden access, but there are a pair of elephants could be a result of the blatantly passed, it was dedicated to carry it rubbed in urine manure. This legendary right-hand floor was "three rooms", that is, stop classes, classes roar, the trial classes live, and later made an elephant Floor It is said that early in a long time ago, in the first three homes of wood depends on the couple elephant more than 40 kilometers from the village of La Long. At that time, because there is no means of transport, they depend on the volume to the nose, so that they are "active on the Hill" Tusi very popular pet, they are licensing the third hospital, the sun through the door with a total of This shows that we are the regions inhabited by ethnic minorities as a peacock and elephant mascot This is an example of the kind. And they have closely related to human development. The third house Chamber has been a matter of great significance 3. First, toast the "leader of the Tusi", often called the other chiefs toast to the League Council Procedure; II, O 195 years in mid-May, Lianghe, Yingjiang, Lin Shan secretary of the Work Committee, 122 Mission Zhang Qi, director of Political Department, invited to toast Lianghe Shou Gong, Yingjiang sliced bread knife version of Beijing, Lin Shan Tusi Hongsheng think at this meeting, and discuss the establishment of the Executive Committee of all ethnic groups. There are still expensive in the history of photo exhibition Lane. The meeting, Gong Shou Jiaoqiang on, all agree that reform of the toast, only the state government building in Lianghe he did not agree. He said: "Lianghe a small place, the state government is not appropriate in the ... ...." His real fear is that people will come back together. Without fear of the Communist Party chief. He does not want to keep hard on behalf of the 28 Secretary of the Communist Party office and personally handed.

Zuoxiang upstairs is dedicated to families and toast the show floor, the son, now in the shape of the box. However, men and women do not mix. In the old social hierarchy, young and old men and women, civilian master and servant are divided into relatively strict. Tusi floor for India too, left her son, specifically women's right seat, the car side of the floor District officials to look at the ground for people to see the district. The Xilou 1.40 Qiao Fei, is not very sophisticated, it has characteristics. We have to play Chang Gong Dai-based show, not like other peoples have too much of the martial arts movie, it is not necessary to have a big table. Xilou In addition to the floor, right hand look at Wall Street Journal reports, the school had to do. The compound has Tusi Hall 2, school children and civilians school. Tusi is the Republic of China in the late pre-schools run by private schools. Tusi on the importance of education before liberation, there have been two-Bo Shu Tong graduated from Waseda University. Outside the school can accommodate a large drill ground of more than 1,000 people a year have sliced bread "frost practice" habits. Every time when drilling Transferred to various Bingyong, time 3 - 5 days, such as archery practice in Happy Valley.

South Xuan Fusi's Department of the most beautiful buildings of this is the fourth hall, the entire building in the input of financial and material resources the most. Zuoxiang study is the right hand is the accountant.

By accountant Members and the Deputy Manager, is mainly responsible for the Division of the Department of Finance, Qianliang balance of payments. Comprador Department of daily necessities, the general in charge of expenditure, major projects to be paid by the Tusi was agreed to. Also attached to the granary, set up special strengths food, the house has large scales, books, baskets of the volume (volume for bamboo Dai Doo) and the inscription "Department" word Wooden bucket, and so on. Study by the staff secretary, clerk, the composition of the Transcriber. Secretary for post-secondary transcription, the drafting of the document sorting files lawsuits, management and presentation of the rent bills. The clerk of a higher status, he can go out to toast Acting charge d'affaires, with a total of Tusi table meal. 195 O, was upstairs, "Chief of all ethnic groups Members of the Office of the Council. "In late October the same year, the battalion commander of the PLA Garrison in Lianghe Wei Yonghua, deputy head of the delegation Lianghe military and the Friends of the yin, local staff and health as well as Qufu, and the last toast Gong Gong An Plenipotentiary of political integration in this week Negotiations. Gongan week is the last time in his capacity as the official toast, "anti-save Army, "the way in the second commander-in-chief. I simple negotiations on the same day, before a large black round-table, the table" unity card "a few cigarettes and candy tea set. For the content of the talks: South Austin on the issue of self-government. II Tusi on the issue of the rights and interests. Third, the People's Liberation Army stationed on the issue. IV, Tusi own reservations on the issue of armed Fifth, on the issue of land reform and the fight against hegemony. Later, Gong political integration will not only do not accept this five-point suggestion to the contrary throughout the armed Cuanrao, null and void as a result of the negotiations, the Chinese People's Liberation Army in January 25, 1951 radish into the dam Chaofei, anti-communist National Salvation Army suffered a crushing defeat Gong rate of trusted political integration 60 people Longchuan fled Myanmar. Since then, the total liberation of Lianghe, overturned as long as more than 500-year-old construction system of toast. Tusi, the last political integration Gong lived Myanmar, Qingming's death in 1993.

Miss floor hall is the left. Miss is a special play, dressing up. At that time, a woman of action is to To moderate only in certain regional activities. Only rouge makeup, they can enjoy. In 1984, the National People's Congress session, his family moved to the floor, Miss, is now the third wife of the last toast was also inside, we are all fortunate enough to talk to her and the group photo, but not met on a number of one, two, three ... ...? End Tusi a total of seven married daughter-in-law, which is the third wife.

Tusi the back garden every morning to get up there are three important things, a meditation martial arts. The second is chanting, the study by the Dai Wen, was the last to beat innocence only for official business. This angle left a small three-room house is in the past by the study. The same small house, Wu is the toast will go after.

South Xuan Fusi's Department, by the completion of three generations, from 1851 to 1935, spent time in 1995, this grand old buildings in the country belonging to the forefront in the Department of toast, Dai people call it the "Little Palace." Four of five into the hospital level rise, and another 24 around the penthouse, gardens, Buddhist, Xi Lou, Miss Lau, domestic housing, kitchen, grain depots, stables, the armory, prison construction and so on everything, but Each use.

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Get Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Get Island, the island is not. There is only one of the original moss covered with large reservoirs, Dai moss called "island", called for the reservoirs "get" this place is called "make-do." Get the island southwest of the motherland is one of the most remote areas. The region with a total area of 99 square kilometers, inhabited by Dai, Jingpo, such as the Han ethnic 6,000 . Surrounded on three sides by Myanmar, 28 km from the city of Ruili. Get beautiful natural scenery, the magic island, separated from Ruili Jiang overlooks northern neighbor Namkham scenery, unique exotic. Wang Yung inside bar at the Ruili River Fair and Nanwan, 743 meters above sea level, the minimum elevation for the city of Ruili, "Xiao Jin Triangle" . Historically, there have been call-do Island in the Prince of Wu Jian Lei Yun City, today there is a hill called Lei Yun-wu and Prince Dai famous ancient poets still get the call Muta. Sa Rui room shouting stains dam Dai village, almost every village has a magnificent room, and shouted Sa Temple, for the family village ruili Liao all The most magnificent, the largest one. From the urban areas along the two-Ray Road southbound 4 km, and then to the west entrance to the village dump into the stockade, you can see around a Fengzhu, Yung Shue to be down, the special national characteristics of the building, which is known to shout the Sa Temple. It's beautiful and near the Walled Daijia bamboo to form a unified coordination of the construction group The whole room is a typical dry-column construction, the room has a plastic middle of a huge statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. Temple walls and roof are slow Peacock, a white elephant, Goddess, the pagoda, and other color patterns, is rich in ethnic and religious flavor. Dai Jia is the essence of national construction, Dai blending of art treasure-house. Each time a bureaucrat Program, to pay homage to the endless stream of pilgrims and tourists. There is still more of the film and television shooting venue. Domestic and foreign guests came to Ruili, this should be a visit here has become the southwest border of a tourist destination.

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With sister - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Sister-phase" Dai transliteration, which means precious stones Street, is currently the township and Walled name. Sister-Bazi with Ruili in the middle. It is said Mao Meng Tusi and relatives who travel regularly to Mao Meng Lei Yun mountain city between the city and all the rest here, and on the market to buy jewelry, home use. , People used to put the jewelry distribution center Get a unique name - "with her." With sister, the beautiful and richly endowed, Zhulouchuangzhuang, zinc and numerous tile, Yimapingchuan. In 1982, where the Neolithic Age artifacts unearthed to prove that this is a long time ago Liao clan ancestors Fat-bearing land. The sister-phase Street, New Street, the studio tidy appearance County border has become an important border market each other's needs.

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South Austin Tusi Yamen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tusi Yamen South Austin, also known as the South Austin Tusi Department. South Tusi's headman knife Gong's name, country of origin by the South should Tianfu Spring County. Beginning of the next crusade in the army in Yunnan, built as a result of repeated military exploits, after the settlement of this promotion, gradually by the local indigenous culture Dai, Dai Han culture to become a model of integration. South Xuan Fusi's original jurisdiction to Canton , The strength of hereditary officials on behalf of 28, 500 more than last year, in the border district of Yunnan toast in a great impact. Department resident had several changes of the site, money the first year of Xianfeng (1851) the site of the existing settlement, after Tusi three generations of continuous expansion, the Republic of China in the last 24 years (in 1935) into improving the existing regulations . The Chinese-built-up areas in accordance with the layout of government offices, and 4 from the main courtyard, next to the courtyard 10, 47, 149 houses, covers an area of 10,625 square meters, construction area of 7780 square meters. Can be described as "into the layers of hospital-P Plus, Chuang Chuang Diange Dian Dian-zhong." Housing, Planning and tidy, clear priorities, wood Structure, large rough beams and columns, roof of the Dragon, Diaolianghuadong, especially in the fourth Hall of the use of materials research, Hall is chestnut, Zuo Xiang-chun, right hand catalpa wood, check "legislation is the Spring and Autumn" was conveyed. Such an ambitious construction across the country Fuchu Tusi also rare, is to study the history of ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province, local history, sliced bread and system architecture The important materials. Tusi House also save some precious historical relics, such as semi-vice drive Luang guards of honor, given to the Qing Dynasty Guan Fu, seal, as well as Bayeux, historical photographs, the daily life of appliances and so on.

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Big shout, and other ethnic village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

, And other national big shout in the village of Ruili in the urban area 10 km south. Dai said, "and so do rare." Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather Xiuzhu From a distance, point Tsui, the grapefruit tree near a forest, Chuang Chuang Daijiazhulou in the shade of bamboo. In particular, grapefruit trees bloom season, fragrance filled the air, and fruits covered with branches, together with the whirling of bamboo, such as the umbrella of the banyan, Fascinated people. Deep in the forests, such as the Han Temple, between the beginning of Qianlong Dynasty (1736-1795), the main hall for the dry-column construction, Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, a Dianqian Pavilion, two governments. The village has become a national tourist destination.

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South River mushroom Taobao tourism market - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ruili and Myanmar gems of the world's leading places of origin with the Department of a mineral belt. Amoy to the local residents to adopt high value gemstones of the most widely circulated story. In 1998 the mineral deposits with China Ruili side of the newly discovered gems of the rich quarry. By the Yunnan Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau of the Fourth Battalion of the Geological Survey Group-spot survey and census occurrence, there is evidence red Blue and red corundum spinel, Ziya Ukraine, and other precious stones. The samples taken by the China Geological Museum and the Gem and Mineral Research Office of the Department of gem identification of research to identify the processing room. 1KM2 evaluation from the mining area, flooding large-scale alluvial deposits, gravel layer can be seen gem minerals, especially in the middle of the river (now Bao field is located) along the most enrichment, the highest content of various types of mineral stones. Based on this discovery, after the approval of relevant departments, the city of Ruili introduced only with the current domestic and fortunate to participate in the special nature of the new tourism project - Tourism Taobao. South River Tourism mushroom Taobao Field was built in gem-forming with the most run-of-mine The section - get the South Island of the Kou River, an area of 600,000 square meters. Regardless of the south along the river bank, built with rows of ethnic style of building facilities, including dining sets, precious stones identification process, shopping for a comprehensive service building, recreation center, guest rooms and other facilities. Taobao tourists, mining tools provided for the use of Amoy Amoy to the run-of-mine gem could keep the Special Division of Myanmar gem identification process, on-site processing into a ring, necklace, bracelet, and other precious stones products. Taobao in the hidden opportunities, so that participants could be at any time lucky, Fun for all. To participate in the joy, the surprise was, so that the tourist activities from the outset by all walks of life And welcomed the attention.

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Bodhi Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bodhi Temple is Theravada Buddhist temples. Dai said the "fat phase", which means precious stones Temple. The temple though small area of 3600 square meters to do, but it does well-known reputation of the South-South-East Asia Theravada Buddhist temple. According to historical records, Bodhi Temple was built only 16 years of Emperor Kangxi (AD 167 ). At that time, according to legend Shi Mang (this Mans) chief Executive of the lawsuit eldest son give up position, for Thinning monk, the construction of Cisi. Teramae is due to a big tree, the tree will be named by Bodhi Temple. Three more than a century, repeated catastrophe of war, and repair broken back by the build, through vicissitudes of life, until now. Big Before a pair of stone animals, Myanmar is a legendary animal odd, "Ga Duo", is specifically permitted to guard. Now we see the main hall and the Dai-and Chinese-style, the Vatican-style in one, the idea of unique, sophisticated production, as is our architecture of the Garden Flower. Bodhi Temple is not Buddhist monks chanted Buddhist scripts is that Catholics worship in the world, with Dai is a treasure house of folk art. These art not only in construction, decoration, sculpture, the collection also inside many different stages of the Dai People's art, such as the dazzling mural, a wide variety of paper-cuts, rolls of the vast contents of the book, and so on.

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Le sister urn - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Le urn sister, Dai said, "Mother-wide d", meaning "of header Bazi tower." It is located in the city of Ruili sister Le resident of the township government about 300 meters southwest of the mound, "320" from the National Highway through the next.

  Dai Wen According to history books, "fans shouted" ( "Golden Bear history" or "sister Falletta History") records: " Tower of Ma-La-Prince during the rule of the day, at night, found her prince Le luminous hills, the next day to find people found Youxiong, sparrows, ducks, cattle, the bones of seven people, he said to be the reincarnation of Buddha reincarnation 550 Times when he reincarnation as sparrows, ducks, cattle, bears, and other animals during the Le sister live, so people This tower also known as the "Golden Bear tower."
  There is also a more vivid folklore: ancient, Mao Meng dam tribal chiefs to sign away the land and water, from time to time of war. One year, when both sides play bloody, exhausted, hard to win points, from the South to a monk, he asked the two Emirates sister to Le representative of the small hill, he took out two different thickness of the bamboo tube is generally high, were painted red and black colors of two, on the ground in the legislature, he pointed to the sun under the shadow of Language bamboo tube length to Chongqing Said: "Although these two sections bamboo tube size, but it is the shadow of the two is generally high." Of chiefs of the two will be thinking about a , To understand the mind of the monks. So he drank the blood of the two words and wine. Since then, tranquil and peaceful development of the peace. To commemorate the success of the peace talks, the turning hostility into friendship tribal people here have established the first pagoda.
  1950 Falletta sister of the former Department of masonry structure, after Ganghunjiegou brick and tile paste. Tower Shek Kwu was like the first floor, second floor bell-shaped stone, above the five-to twelve-to-phase round. Lotus by Tasha Block Memorial composed of bottles. Tower is the highest metal umbrella Po, the weather vane. Buddhist temple and pagoda to build one, can also be a separate building. In 1966 as a provincial heritage conservation unit.

  Falletta sister does not have the time to build tower Test, the historians on the speed of tower Prince Philip Ma also failed to thoroughly research. October 1980 Market Tower clean-up, has unearthed a gold and silver rubbing together, 4.5 cm wide, 54.5 cm long, engraved above Daiwen small miniature: "This tower in the reconstruction of Buddhist calendar in 2300 (1756)." Since the earthquake, Violence and other reasons, the early years of the Republic Tower in 1803,1804,1860,1893 and 5th repair. Destroyed in 1966. From 1981 to 1986 reconstruction. Taji Ji, in accordance with the new tower and the original building, the Department of Ganghunjiegou. Taki round of 30 meters in diameter; 39.5 meters high main tower, tower Man-gold tiles; surrounded by 4 towers 2, 3, Tower 4, 4, Tower 8, the tower were painted gold; Tazuo Tazuo are tailor-made for the main brush for the white stone mortar; are highest tower of power Cheng Po-aluminum umbrella, the weather vane. It is not only ranks first in Dehong pagoda building and South-East Asia is one of the famous pagoda.

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Dehong forest tree - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dehong in the banyan is a unique landscape. Whether Hill dam, the village, next to the road are planted, or forest tree, or banyan linked into a film. For the people of God as the banyan tree species not only Hom. Dehong in the banyan tree species in all stations in the largest. The tree is located in Mountain Cunpang order, roadside From a distance, left Is a green and lush woods, and you look carefully, you can find this piece of forest that it is just a banyan tree, it is the newly recruited chief in Ruili City, 320 National Road side, like a special standing there waiting for the guests from afar, Ruili Yung welcoming people call it. Yung is not welcoming this, in the Dehong Top Five in, but it is unusual tree, or so before and after changing position, so many experts in the popular film, such as "War Reaches the Border" and "Peacock Princess" and "handcuffs with passengers", "Journey to the West", etc. Television has a number of films have been shot on location here, a famous movie star Wang Xiaotang played in this tree swing, Liu Qing away in the woods. It's wonderful, beautiful you must marvel.

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Sister were - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai is the sister divisions, which means "old city." Ruili is located 4 km south of the city, according to legend has Yuanmomingchu here fortification, named. Sister divisions with a total area of 1.92 square kilometers away from Myanmar's sister-city center only 500 meters on three sides and connected to Muse, 4 km long border line with a marker 9. A sister were in the territory The cross over the highways of up to Bhamo in Myanmar, Myitkyina and Lashio, and other cities and towns. As the sister during the special geographical location make it an important strategic economic position in China to Southeast Asia, southern gateway to the South Asian countries. 1987 is listed as China's western border and opening up the focus of a two-way overlapping part of Chinese gown, 19 2 was approved as a "sister were border trade zone." Ruili sister to come to every other by Rui Lijiang. Jiang on a 500-meter-long bridge will sister bridge, "the ends of the earth in the first bridge", Yunnan is one of the longest highway bridge. Sister come to visit and tour, and Ruili in the city can take a bus fare 5 yuan.

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Kuroi town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Well dinosaurs and ancient town located in the town of Lufeng County, since ancient times is a tribute salt production. Mountain Jiang with it, is closed for a long time in Longchuan river valley has been almost a century of the town.
And on the wells, Jin Yong's "Dragon" phrase: "the Baoding Di Xia Zhi Yan Shui-free, Dali million people Thanksgiving. Yunnan Salt , Country-white wells, and wells, such as Yunlong nine wells producing salt, Sichuan every year to buy salt, Yanshui very heavy, often in remote poor year a few months short of potable. I know Baoding Di Yan Shui-free, Huang Meiseng must try to save Duan Yu was reported to ... ... "and well, Dali is the only country one of the Salt 9.
Well black middle class The long history. Since in 4000 before the late New Stone Age, Yi women in the Arab-trick to guide the Black Cattle, found the foot of the river there is a natural brine Stephen overflow. Since then, the black ancestors Well Brine and food; Bronze Age, they dug brine storage tank, the original use of firewood salt of the legal system; Nanzhao period, learn the brine pond dug, the kettle boiled with salt, Well Salt become a tribute for the royal family of salt; the Yuan Dynasty, the central Chu Chi-wai way to get control and salt well so that the Secretary Yan Yun. However, the two of the Millennium, the only digging wells and a 23 salt well. Wu Ming-hong, and is well established five classes of salt goods lifting Division, in Zhili province. Tianfu should be moved from central to the identity of 64 extraordinary small kitchen, and vigorously Well black. After hundreds of years of development, to the Qing Dynasty, and salt wells to reach its peak, has Yanshui Yanshui Yunnan accounted for 64%. Before the liberation, the black market works well for Corruption, sea salt, but the "invasion" so that the rich past of salt, the loss pillar and as a result of decline.

Passage of time, earthshaking changes vicissitudes of life. Yancheng, "has long lost its former glory, but left with the old style of the Tang and Song Lane Square, the Ming and Qing style residential rather, tablets, stone carvings, ancient, stone arches, ancient stage, as well as ancient temples, ancient salt well, cook Yim, such as households, in particular, known inside and outside the province of well-preserved architecture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties typical large-wu , Attracted a large number of tourists both at home and abroad.
"King" type of arms luxury Grand Courtyard, arch, the light of the Emperor Yu Bi, flying Temple, had been producing salt brine and salt well the pond is still there. Long hung in the Cinei written by Emperor Yongzheng of the plaque, a letter, "the source Puze Ling", describe. This 2 meters long, 80 cm wide, the inscription carved on the lead 9. "Source of Hope Puze" It is the fourth time of Emperor Yong Zheng and brine wells benefits the world's evaluation of the Zep. There are built in the late Ming and Qing completed in Daoguangnianjian still play a role in flood control, security and the Town of security and well Qing'an embankment, is also a Can not. Those ancient Salt, salt, cooking stoves, as if to talk to people with a long history of vicissitudes and changes ... ...
Gu Xiang faint, wooden window, Diaolianghuadong attachment on the web silk dust, the deep Tiyin Qingshi Ban on the road, all in the telling of its history and has been brilliant and Lijiang ... ... City of small bridge, flowing water, wells and the town is more than a fraction of the ancient long, the situation of cotton. Longchuan River and the city had to wear red gravel paved the Han caravan Road and the town streets width of three feet, however Xiangyixiangwei. Long silence people on the night, piled red sand stone stands apathy Square, the five-horse Wanjiadenghuo the bridge, with a narrative Distant deep prosperous world. Continuous rain, Wu Grand Courtyard of weathering foot pillars, the Confucian Temple and well in the mottled stone walls are about a break enduring strength of character and not.

  And in the wells, the existing National Taiwan University, there are about 160 shops, some still in use, the vast majority have been abandoned. The so-called Taiwan's shop is local In their own street by street Qingshi Ban build up a platform and a variety of items before the sale of the platform, trading at a glance, easy, Gan Ma Ma will be able to lead people to buy things. Some shops in order to attract customers, the shop is still on the stage put a jar of water and a wooden ladle for customers who Ganma and thirst-quenching.

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Chuxiong million Xiangjiaba group of ancient tombs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangjiaba million at the tomb group of Chuxiong City, 3 km south of the Dragon River, is the ancient site of the Spring and Autumn Period, dating back more than 2,000 years old. This was in March 1974 in the fields found in the capital. Yunnan Heritage Task Force in May 1975 Excavation of the same year in October to 1976 January formally explore and exploit space 3000 square meters, a total of 79 ancient tombs discovered, are Shuxue tomb pit. Unearthed pottery, jade, agate, turquoise, and other relics of 1245, with 5 the most precious bronze drum, was named the "Tonggu-million Xiangjiaba." . As "carbon 14" determination, has since the Second 600 years or so, is by far the world's first discovery of the bronze drum.

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Dragon River Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon River Park, is only the beginning of 1981 the construction of. Longchuanjiang here was an old river channel, such as the horseshoe-shaped, named horseshoe bend. Longchuanjiang is due to diversion of land has been zoned Park. The total area of more than 170 acres. The building arrangements relatively rich and harmonious, north of the small plum, mezzanine gallery, surrounded by plum, money Elegant, often flowers, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting exhibition. The south-east corner of the ice-skating rinks, boat docks, boat-fang of the tea water, or rest Ming Jing goods or Dangzhouqianxing; that the northeast corner of the Flower Gate Island, green and the Haitang Lin lawn, secluded deep. As for the stone to the north of St. Paul in the children's play area for children's play . Park throughout the show both gardens as well as interest and pleasure. Chuxiong the old name for the Lucheng, the Longjiang carved deer park as a symbol of the Lucheng. At the same time, there are good and honest people of the Yi people, simplicity, courageous representative of the microphone in accordance with the beautiful statue of Lu; Yi reflect the unique style of flower arrangement section of the wall paintings of life is to be drawn . You Chuxiong Masters history left behind by well-known poem, engraved on the election of the park.

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Wang Gujarat - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to research studies experts, is one of the world in Xishuangbanna, the origin of tea, tea cultivation of human first place, the two from Gujarat Wang confirmed. This two Gujarat has now become the king of the study of live specimens and a new tourist attraction, especially some of the tea experts, botanists are very interested. A Menghai Xian is located 60 kilometers southwest of the city's rural Bada Walled Valley Song. The original height 32.12 meters, breaking wind in 1967, is 14.7 meters high, 0.9 meters in diameter. Research by experts, this is a wild tea tree species planted tea is a source of species, there are 1,700 years old, is the tea in China artificial Track, but also study the history of tea tea source of live evidence.

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Luo Jiang played scenery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luo Jiang played scenery: Luo Jiang, also known as the South beat laid River, from east to west across the dam Daluo, the influx of Myanmar. Luo Jiang played only 36 kilometers of the river in the town of Da Luo territory, more than in the rest of the river, Myanmar and the border between the two countries. Jiang on both sides of the two countries, is the village. This unique forest is a large banyan tree form a tourist attraction About 900 years old, covers an area of 120 square meters. Luo Senlin Park to play the main landscape and Myanmar boundary marker No. 219, National Song and Dance Arena, the heat park glue-lam, the Sino-Burmese trade center, Sino-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and the city of entertainment, such as water.

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Man dragon Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Built in 1958, with a total water storage capacity of more than 1500 square meters, 21.5 meters height. Beautiful surroundings, such as Lvyin cover, water clarity, clean, is Dangzhou tour, swimming and fishing place. Reservoir yacht is available, Jiaota Chuan, such as bamboo, has a dragon boat race held here.

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Man-base tower mother and son - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man Lei Meng Meng Haixian pagoda is located in south-east over the dam Man Lei top of the hill next to the stockade, the size of two large tower 20 meters high, the small tower 15 meters high, Taki are square, the tower is octahedron. Tap the top two metal jewelry, during which two small Buddhist temple. Tanan there is a more than 30 meters high wild mango tree, a small tower Wild mango trees and the history of the same age. Now the two towers to repair a new, far and near to Dai and Buddhists worship and visit the scenic spots.

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Peacock Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peacock Lake is located in Jinghong City, covers an area of 18,700 square meters, began in 1977 into the park. Shuixie built pavilion in the park, planting the rich are different plants, and keeping a peacock, python, wild boar, monkeys, and other wild animals. Clear lake, ocean waves, in the lake in plasma down play, very enjoyable, relaxed and happy.

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Ganlanba - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ganlanba, called in Thai, "Han Meng," and "rare" means rolled up. Legend has it that Sakyamuni Buddha preaching here, Christians have used cotton cloth shop on the ground, went over the top from the Buddha, the Buddha walking in the past, Christians also rolled up cloth. Han Meng is the name. Ganlanba elevation of only 30 meters above sea level is the lowest in the Xishuangbanna, the climate is hot, hot climate to Ganlanba bring a wealth of products, where a wide variety of tropical fruits, with the exception of fresh fruit, Ganlanba also produced a large number of preserved fruit, so Ganlanba everywhere can see fruit and fruit market. Have Said than done if the Xishuangbanna a peacock green, it Ganlanba is a beautiful green peacock's tail, colorful, and on Ganlanba covered with a beautiful and richly endowed Dai stockade, as in the peacock's tail decorate the sparkling Piebald. Here is a verdant green all the year round, such as high-Yung umbrella, the charming scenery, not flowers , Coconut Grove has hidden depths of a sophisticated block of unique garden-style Daijiazhulou; not far away, or shake in the wind Cui Feng Weizhu, numerous fruit or banana, dressed in bright Tongqun Daijia of women from time to time On the shuttle between the stockade and the woods; coconut came in bursts of laughter, as all of this colorful landscape hyperchromic Here, farm household, every kind of fruit, a village Jiao Yuan, Walled Walled have trees like a green screen to open the beautiful peacock tail feathers, and therefore there are "peacock feather Ling," Blair said. Hence, the "less than Ganlanba, to Banna lot of money," said. No wonder, Mr. Feng Mu in "side of the Lancang River Butterfly" for the launch of our Lam dam beautiful landscape picture, many scholars who Brigades Xinchishenwang all, obsessed about. Ganlanba two big stockade, is a full Man Song, that is, Walled Garden and the other is the man to listen to, that is, Walled fruit. No matter which one you into the stockade, they will find a typical Burmese temple and pagoda traditional Dai Zhulou. Stockade around everywhere chestnut trees tree, the tree is also called the knife, which also made the cut tree, the more the more cutting. Dai is the need to protect the natural environment around them in the stockade on this kind of chestnut trees as firewood trees to protect local forest resources. Here in the quality of tropical fruits, attracting a large number of Off. The Man Song Ganlanba spots are full, listen to the man, Banna Jiao Yuan, Piper's Ghost Village, Mann's big fish ponds and so on. Xishuangbanna reflect a lot of educated youth long been a subject of literature, movies, television dramas are Ganlanba history, geography and background; many of the photography, fine art are based on Ganlanba. We cooked The TV series "Niezhai" is part of the lens in the Ganlanba shot. Ganlanba set foot on this magical land, it will have you as infinite green olives like aftertaste.

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Xishuangbanna Jiaoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This thick Weng Yu Yu, an orderly arrangement of rubber trees, engraved with the history of land reclamation Banna, is a scratch on the trunk groups of Reclamation's hard to prove, the white glue to the true confessions of those who have sacrificed their lives for the source of rubber Reclamation of the unremitting efforts from the 1948 patriotic overseas Chinese money like Park, Mr. Li Zongzhou to start In, in this beautiful and fertile land left behind a string of solid footprint. To roam in the forest of plastic, has been riding in the accumulation of more than five decades of history on the land, the tree looked forward to more leakage Feng Jian mottled sunlight and look to the sky, only that stunning green. In the shade of a tree, you will not feel hot, not Tailiang think it's the right temperature, the right of the woods. Lin Mao-age plastic, eyeful of the green, white glue, is the overflow of the history of Reclamation, the wheel of history in this roll, the vicissitudes of the past have been carved in scholaris, buried deep in the earth under gel, in the past The end of the past, but this has always been a Be able to forget the land.

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Huan-chun Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huan-chun Jinghong City Park is the oldest park, located in the Lancang River flow and interchange Manting Walled side, formerly known as the "Man listen to the Park", covers an area of 20 hectares. Manting Park has 1300 years of history, the past is the Imperial Garden of Xishuangbanna Dai Wang, Dai in the history of feudal lords who call and receive on-chip Tusi Play the premises of flowers. Dai Princess legend to parks, the park has attracted the beauty of the Princess of the soul, so named "Huan-chun," Park, Dai means "garden of the soul." The park covers an area of 350 acres to natural vegetation as the main body, is a natural forest park. Park, there are dry-bar Buddha , A pavilion and Huaguo Yuan. Tree-lined park, cool and pleasant. Huan-chun Park is next to the man and the man to listen to listen to the Walled Buddhist temple together to form a park, the village temple and three-point play. The natural landscape in the park have chestnut forest King, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai to participate in Xishuangbanna people of all ethnic groups to celebrate the Songkran statue, tower-King 000 Kongque Yuan, Dai Temple, tourism souvenir shopping promenade and water, ethnic food tasting, and other places. In addition, the Thai Princess to visit China that year, stay in Jinghong, when the two species under the symbol of the tree of Sino-Thai friendship and inscriptions. Weng Yu trees in the park, the rare "Iron power" and various kinds of fruit trees, flowers and trees into their own , Has beautiful scenery, it is fun to watch the ideal garden. Park made to the existing natural landscape, and artificial cultivation of different plants and unique landscape architecture. Garden guests can watch the ancient natural beauty, but also has a strong appreciation of the national characteristics of the human landscape. Black heart of the ancient trees in the park, Like bamboo shoots to build the tower, octagonal, with much standing 3.2 meters high bronze statue of Premier Zhou; Concord Buddha, "Buddhist temple Watt, sister," this is. Park green grass and trees, forest trees, the park also have a copy Manting Dragon King really octagonal tower and the tower has a variety of booths to rest, the right side of the park was built 800 years ago, the ancient moat. Into the park, you will have welled up in his back-to-nature feeling, the depth of feeling and natural artificial clever, beautiful to watch people, relaxed and happy.

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Dawn City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yun Jinghong in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture is the state, a town of Jinghong County. "Jinghong-yun," Dai translated means "city of dawn" from a brave young people to overcome a demon, won a pearl, and pearl hanging in the palm tree, the big Fang Guangming, to drive away The dark and bring the dawn of the legend. Here, it was customary to call for "Dawn City." "City of dawn" in the Dai Tusi in the past is a place to live, Dai called it the "leading film called" translated means "the majority of the masters of the land." Dawn of the main city streets National Road, Dongfeng Road, in the driveway on both sides of the oil palm green corridor, be mixed with Bin , Mango, Bayeux, palm and coconut trees, distributed throughout the year with the sub-tropical and fragrant flavor. These two green corridor on both sides of the car and bike paths to separate, making the bustling traffic in an orderly Well. Between pedestrians, all walking in the bike on the sidewalk on both sides of the Road. From the East and West Cangjiang Road, is the dawn of the City Street. Songkran, the Red Phoenix on both sides of the street are in full bloom. The center of the busy streets, buildings and posts and telecommunications department store, the Xinhua Bookstore, the state-run hotels such as construction, spacious and bright spectacular pool in the center of the corner of the four Main Street toward the four different directions to stretch. Near the 10 km around the city Road, a wide flat, Phoenix roadside Me, Yinhua and oil palm, Lvlv red, just like a garland around the city of dawn. The Peacock Lake City, the state party building and state governments edge, green water ripple, the water lily in full bloom, quiet beauty, is a walking tour of the premises. City at dawn, can travel Huan-chun Park, and participated in the village of Dai folk water, to the free market to buy local products.

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