Thursday, November 27, 2008

Get Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Get Island, the island is not. There is only one of the original moss covered with large reservoirs, Dai moss called "island", called for the reservoirs "get" this place is called "make-do." Get the island southwest of the motherland is one of the most remote areas. The region with a total area of 99 square kilometers, inhabited by Dai, Jingpo, such as the Han ethnic 6,000 . Surrounded on three sides by Myanmar, 28 km from the city of Ruili. Get beautiful natural scenery, the magic island, separated from Ruili Jiang overlooks northern neighbor Namkham scenery, unique exotic. Wang Yung inside bar at the Ruili River Fair and Nanwan, 743 meters above sea level, the minimum elevation for the city of Ruili, "Xiao Jin Triangle" . Historically, there have been call-do Island in the Prince of Wu Jian Lei Yun City, today there is a hill called Lei Yun-wu and Prince Dai famous ancient poets still get the call Muta. Sa Rui room shouting stains dam Dai village, almost every village has a magnificent room, and shouted Sa Temple, for the family village ruili Liao all The most magnificent, the largest one. From the urban areas along the two-Ray Road southbound 4 km, and then to the west entrance to the village dump into the stockade, you can see around a Fengzhu, Yung Shue to be down, the special national characteristics of the building, which is known to shout the Sa Temple. It's beautiful and near the Walled Daijia bamboo to form a unified coordination of the construction group The whole room is a typical dry-column construction, the room has a plastic middle of a huge statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. Temple walls and roof are slow Peacock, a white elephant, Goddess, the pagoda, and other color patterns, is rich in ethnic and religious flavor. Dai Jia is the essence of national construction, Dai blending of art treasure-house. Each time a bureaucrat Program, to pay homage to the endless stream of pilgrims and tourists. There is still more of the film and television shooting venue. Domestic and foreign guests came to Ruili, this should be a visit here has become the southwest border of a tourist destination.

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