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Meili Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meili Snow Mountain Range is a cross-sectional, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province is located in Germany and drink County of Tibet at the junction of Chayu County, 849 kilometers away from Kunming. Meili Snow Mountain Range Nushan belong to the middle, in a world-renowned Jinsha River, Lancang River, Nujiang "Three Parallel Rivers" region, which the Northern Wei Yi, fell 13 peaks Zuozuo Jingjing , The magnificent peak.
  In this area there is a strong updraft and south of the continent meet the cold air, change into a thick fog and heavy snow, and thus to form the world's rare low-latitude and high above sea level, the monsoon marine glaciers of the modern. When the rainy season, Xiangshan Xia glacier extension of the iceberg tongue straight into the 2600 meters Sen ; The dry season when strong glacier, 4,000 meters above the back mountain. As the precipitation, high temperature, it makes the movement of glaciers Lennart Meri, much faster than general maritime glaciers. The intense movement of glaciers, but also increased the mountain's cutting, all created a mountaineer scared at the mention of the hanging glaciers, dark Sewing, and Bingbeng avalanche.
  As the climate obviously vertical, Lennart Meri of the vagaries of climate, snow and rain in the whole Yinqing just one moment. Meili Snow Mountain both the magnificent plateau, the Jiangnan and the beautiful. Under the blue sky, white and majestic snow-capped mountains and the soft blue lakes and vast gray Hai and unlimited vast grassland, On the perceived and color, the people have a strong impact.

  Here dense vegetation, species richness. Vegetation in the division on belongs to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau alpine vegetation types, in limited areas, showing a number of tropical north frigid zone by the transition of the distribution of plant-band. Above sea level in 2000 To about 4,000 meters, mainly consisting of a variety of spruce forest, forest next to a meadow stretches of the plateau. The summer meadow, Jiao Buchu many of the mountain is covered with wild flowers and the azaleas, Gesang Hua limelight, competing in full bloom, as if knocked down by a piece of the palette, in the forest, grassland consisting of Large green carpet, leaving large areas of the Chaziyanhong.
  Meili Snow Mountain and Northern Tibet gurney Shan Dong Ah, South Biluo snow-capped mountains and linked to an elevation of 6000 meters above the summit of the 13 are known as the Prince's 13 peaks. Thirteen of the highest peak of Kawagebo peak for the first peak in Yunnan. For 6740 meters above sea level, Tibetan Buddhism is the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, legend for the branch of the Nyingma gamma God to protect the Palestinian home, ranking first in Tibetan areas in eight major Kamiyama, the local "bus to Ho loddon" Zunhao. It is the Kham Tibetan pay homage to the "Holy Mountain." Into the 30s, many of the world to swim across the mountains of the American scholar, said Luo Kebo Kawagebo peak "The world's most beautiful mountain." Not the beginning of winter and autumn each year, Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, the groups of pilgrims, came all the way to worship the souls of natural monument. Kamiyama around them around the turn of worship, at least seven days to as many as a half months, it is called locally "by the turn." If the Year of Tibetan calendar every turn by the Bai Shi-fold increase even more, creeping mountain scenes, eye-openers.
  Kawagebo peak, cirque glaciers fell. Among them, "just Yong-ming" and "Siqia" as a two-Yin Lin's past, from an altitude of 5500 meters to 2700 meters down the stretch of the forest zone from the surface Lancang River is only 80 Meters, which is the value for some low latitude and high above sea level monsoon marine glaciers of the modern.
  Kawagebo peak on the south side, falls from cliffs km pouring down, "the rain god collapse waterfall." Every summer snow melt, the water flow along the cliff-Unit Fei Xie, like floating in the air and Bailian 10,000,000, Sasa Durian Very spectacular. If the sun every Return, transpiration clouds, the rainbow there, such as the United States and in the sky in Wonderland.
  Kawagebo peak so far no one remains a virgin peak of the summit. As early as 1902, Britain sent a mountaineering expedition to the Goddess Peak for the first time launched the sprint, the result ended in failure. Later, the United States Japan, the Sino-Japanese Joint 4, and other climbers, 4 series of large-scale Kamiyama to climb, no success. In January 1991, 17 athletes in the Sino-Japanese climbers died under Kawagebo peak. The news shocked the world, the country was listed as one of the top 10 sports news.
  13 Prince Edward A bit like a Sword out of the fighter Yu, Guao disclosed in the Cold. They are tough to strong arm, a solid day and night to put the Guardian they had been given to the soul of every life.

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