Thursday, November 27, 2008

South Austin Tusi Yamen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tusi Yamen South Austin, also known as the South Austin Tusi Department. South Tusi's headman knife Gong's name, country of origin by the South should Tianfu Spring County. Beginning of the next crusade in the army in Yunnan, built as a result of repeated military exploits, after the settlement of this promotion, gradually by the local indigenous culture Dai, Dai Han culture to become a model of integration. South Xuan Fusi's original jurisdiction to Canton , The strength of hereditary officials on behalf of 28, 500 more than last year, in the border district of Yunnan toast in a great impact. Department resident had several changes of the site, money the first year of Xianfeng (1851) the site of the existing settlement, after Tusi three generations of continuous expansion, the Republic of China in the last 24 years (in 1935) into improving the existing regulations . The Chinese-built-up areas in accordance with the layout of government offices, and 4 from the main courtyard, next to the courtyard 10, 47, 149 houses, covers an area of 10,625 square meters, construction area of 7780 square meters. Can be described as "into the layers of hospital-P Plus, Chuang Chuang Diange Dian Dian-zhong." Housing, Planning and tidy, clear priorities, wood Structure, large rough beams and columns, roof of the Dragon, Diaolianghuadong, especially in the fourth Hall of the use of materials research, Hall is chestnut, Zuo Xiang-chun, right hand catalpa wood, check "legislation is the Spring and Autumn" was conveyed. Such an ambitious construction across the country Fuchu Tusi also rare, is to study the history of ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province, local history, sliced bread and system architecture The important materials. Tusi House also save some precious historical relics, such as semi-vice drive Luang guards of honor, given to the Qing Dynasty Guan Fu, seal, as well as Bayeux, historical photographs, the daily life of appliances and so on.

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