Thursday, November 27, 2008

With sister - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Sister-phase" Dai transliteration, which means precious stones Street, is currently the township and Walled name. Sister-Bazi with Ruili in the middle. It is said Mao Meng Tusi and relatives who travel regularly to Mao Meng Lei Yun mountain city between the city and all the rest here, and on the market to buy jewelry, home use. , People used to put the jewelry distribution center Get a unique name - "with her." With sister, the beautiful and richly endowed, Zhulouchuangzhuang, zinc and numerous tile, Yimapingchuan. In 1982, where the Neolithic Age artifacts unearthed to prove that this is a long time ago Liao clan ancestors Fat-bearing land. The sister-phase Street, New Street, the studio tidy appearance County border has become an important border market each other's needs.

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