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Zhenwu Ge Jiang and embroidered amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After a little old-Taiwan Zhenwu Ge Zhen Wuge Rongxian Cultural Park is the most precious ancient architecture, is a national key cultural unit. After Taiwan was slightly Tang Qianyuan 2002 (759 years) well-known poet, Yuan Jie, Ren Rong Rong Dudu Fu Jing Lueshi control, and soldiers training in order to watch the scenery around the building, the original construction on the stage as early as waste. To the Ming Dynasty Calendar year (1573), dedicated to Chen-Wu fire to the town, slightly in the three-storey pavilion built on the stage, that is, Zhenwu Ge, has been more than 400 years. Zhenwu Ge 13.2 meters high, 13.8 meters wide and 11.2 meters into the deep, wide Huangwa canopies, with nearly the entire House 3000 Wood components, in order to leverage the structure of principle, match series, restricting each other, to coordinate the formation of a reasonable beautiful solid as a whole, the Court did not use a full-iron. More peculiar is that the two-story building with four large columns, although under the upper floor, equipped with Liangjia Court and the W column, spinal decorated with the heavy load, the column left foot but did not fall. 40 Zhenwu Ge over the years has experienced a number of earthquakes and storms of the attack, still Kuiranbudong, safe and sound. In 1962 China's famous ancient scientist Professor Liang Sicheng Zhenwu Ge in person to conduct a detailed study, said that the wooden structure of the building, as well as any modern metal construction, mainly to maintain the leverage that such a The balance of construction, has never been seen before. Professor Liang Zhen Wuge published the monograph, experts and scholars at home and abroad caused widespread concern, come for a visit, for all the wonderful Zhenwu Ge structure and the beautiful and magnificent style sigh. Zhenwu Ge squat high-profile, Jiang embroidered bird's-eye view, the ancient city under the Provisional Can Yuan, Its wealth of scientific, cultural, religious connotations and become Rongxian I only unique monopoly human resources, fully demonstrated the wisdom of the people of ancient China, ancient architectural wonders of the world, has a higher degree of scientific and artistic value . Cultural Park Keiko bronze bell, the autonomous region-level protection of cultural relics. Cast in bronze bell weighing 3,500 jin (old system), Guangxi is one of the largest bronze bell. It has been cast in the body of the text contained in the 10 minutes, 10 minutes of the Tang Dynasty in Henan is one of the Housing Complex Ru Ren Rong Jing Lueshi control when Zhenguan in 12 years (796 years) of the cast, and that was the Rat-Chinese New Year, in order to avoid Tang Lee, the father of emperor who die, "King Substitute the word "C" word, known as the son of King bronze bell has been more than 1,200 years. The original bell cast in the capacity of the Tang Dynasty, Kaiyuan Temple Monastery early damage, the bronze bell through the vicissitudes of life has survived Keiko bronze bell Guangrun color, shape immense solemnity, the body clock relief of vertical and horizontal lines, smooth strings, embodies China's great ancient metalworking skills , The richness of history and aesthetic appeal. After the slightly Zhenwu Ge around Taiwan, there are more than the history of ancient buildings, such as the Tang Dynasty pavilion please, Zhong Ting Ling Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and Veranda Linjiang ancient city wall, and so on, have been destroyed or abolition. Zhenwu Ge west of the former site of the shipyard and nearby embroidered embroidered into the political arena to develop the water park Jiang. Xiu Jiang Calm wide, sparkling, people in the boating lake, looking around, the West's great for the 268 m long embroidered River Bridge, such as Changhong volley across the river; the north-east of the dignified simplicity Zhenwu Ge in the shade tree leaves; the north side of tolerance Pro coast city construction scattered high and low, row upon row; south-east of the magnificent peaks of the eight Duqiao Shan Li In the head; and the north-west, the magnificent, undulating stretches Darongshan ran eyes.

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Rock the moon in the water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the southeastern city of Yulin. Yulin in the north with the flow, at the junction of Luchuan County, Yulin away from the urban area of about 11 km. Scenic Area as a whole, starting from the north-east Japan red rocks, south-west beyond Lake Pearl. They have oval-shaped, five kilometers long, more than 1 km wide, covering an area of 7 square kilometers, together with the protection of the surrounding area, with a total area of about 15 square kilometers , Is a limestone karst landforms. Tall and straight peaks, scenic. Tianqi 2002 (1622) Cao Xue-wide "spot-chi Guangxi," set: "Rock the moon in the water in the state of South 20 km, empty hole that Shi Lang condensed milk dry Daochui, Jian Shui-stream from the rock, stone waves hit, Jian Yin-compliance acts, will travel out Ju, cross-cross . Shu Shibu, water Shi Yi-qi, to cut Furong, Shen Zhang for the stretch, the vortex plate Li-chu, Xiang Fei gallop, there is not nothing. "Chongzhen 10 years (1637) on July 27 the moon in the water Xu Yan Yu, "Xu's Travels," said Rock the moon in the water: "The Hole", "four wins", "double" "sinus". "Holes of the two" not only dong Yin hole; "Four wins," is next to the squat stone water flow folder, for Wutu pictographic lion, Dong Ding down stone bridge, cross-Chi Dragon Dance; "double" with Jiang and China in the pond in the convergence of Lung; "sinus" refers to rock There are three holes. Mo Yan cave wall engraved with the moon in the water a lot of poems, including "Portal away with Watergate Ying, also a half months into a full moon floating" image Depicts the moon in the water and the rock scene. Rock the moon in the water in a dark hole, called "North Korea had possession." According to the local people said Ming Hui Di (Zhuyuan Wen Sun Ming Zhu Yuanzhang too) have sought refuge here, a few escaped towards the emperor, by the orthodox Yingzong next five years (1440), the rate of his remaining 12 followers left the moon in the water Rock SEE YAN territory to the House (House rule in wuming), in his capacity as an open automatically, said: "I am Emperor Jianwen." Fang Fei Yu Shi Tour inter-Zhang Zou, it aims to send the Yanjing, when the Emperor has built 64-year-old, and later took Cidong local people referred to as "possession of over North Korea." Thousands of stalactite cave, Tung Road, was "on" shaped, 1-long public , Clear dark hole with two holes, there are holes in the Ming Dynasty stone Shek Pik "rock the moon in the water" 3 words. Tung Road, south of the river from flowing through the northeast corner of Myeongdong, the water more than 10 meters wide, has a top-hole leak, the transmission of sunlight to increase the room-ha, such as moonlight Rongrong, taste Yajie heart. Dongjingkuankuang magnificent, and can accommodate 1,000 people, in the hole Taking advantage heading sentiment, the Milky Way's interstellar Dunjue River, is we have a brighter future, it is a "virtual rock radio Bull Moon Water" won the praise. 40 square meters and a width of the natural scene, shoots for stalactite tent, natural Tiancheng wonderful, do not have to combine.

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Rock Hill feast scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rock Hill is a feast at the provincial level scenic spots in Guangxi, located in Bobai County Nanliu River Ferry Crossbow Bay, 30 km from the county seat. The scenic spot in Rock Hill for the feast, feast, led by King Stone Temple, covering an area of 24 square kilometers, is a typical landscape Danxia. Ya Shang-natural stone bridge, stone bridge a total length of 100 meters, 60 meters span, More than 30 meters, 10 meters thick, "Xian Qiao days." Scenic mountains with continuous, Pinnacle range upon range of hills, colorful, realistic image: Ma Ji-shaped stone such as the shepherd boy on horseback, the glans Hill look like the Millennium turtles looking blue sky, Cheung Pei Shan stretch of the river to drink, beautiful flowers and interesting phenomena, the Golden Hill herald the break of day Vivid. Rock Hill South feast of rock Under the "Dong Tian", "hole" of the two caves. Four Seasons evergreen trees outside, inside Dongnuanxialiang, not through wind and rain, is the natural place for convalescence. In 865 AD, Tang Jiedushi parallel high-Lvbingnanzheng have taken it for granted, passing through here, were in plastic Buddha, "Dong Tian" and the "hole", has created a "feast Stone Temple" and " Mo-Tang "has been 1100 years of history. Feast Stone Temple have a history Mingseng, reputation spread far and wide.

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Du Qiaoshan Danxia Landscape - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duqiao Shan, also known as Nanshan, is a provincial-level scenic spot in Guangxi, one of the famous mountains in southeastern Guangxi, with a typical Danxia said, 7 km away from Rongxian county, the National Road is a book called the 20th of 36 Dongtian Dong Tian. There are scenic spots in the mountains, "the second hole, eight-feng, 20 Rock." Siguan history to the large number of famous scenery CMV The world. Nine ancient temple in the mountains 13 concept, there are lectures by well-known rock, such as Tai Chi, the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, who with Li Gang, Xu Ming traveler has attracted celebrities such as the Tour Ti Yong, a combination of religious, cultural, In one famous scenery. Duqiao Shan mountain from the third line of "red beds" pose. Tertiary "red "Belonging to the inland lake sediments, mainly sandstone, conglomerate, as the ancient climate was hot and dry sediment in the low-cost high-priced iron into iron oxide, which rocks were stained brown or purple red, so-called" red level " . Hue mountain like too Hongxia (Renhua Guangdong is Danxia Hill which got its name), the landscape in this type of States are collectively referred to as Danxia landform, the mountains, stone prison as a whole is characterized by a sense of strong, and in the texture and lines on both rigid and granite, limestone hills constitute the only mountain, unique scenery and high aesthetic value . Du Qiaoshan standing at an altitude of 100 meters up and down on the plains Yung hand, the To peak at an elevation of more than 500 meters, Xiang Lufeng elevation of 743.7 meters, the highest peak for the Duqiao Shan. The relative height difference up to 400-600 meters. The whole mountain range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, towering tall and straight. Especially at the northern foot mountain, Red Cliff Danxia Fupi like cutting, the list of things, magnificent. Since the South Yung Wang, Peak stretches up to 8 km, as if the plains of Li Jinping Kennedy, scheduled to open south of penholder, overcast Xi Zhao-hui, the Meteorology Series. Du Qiaoshan Red calcium-rich layer, often in the weathering process of erosion along many dimensions of the formation of caves. These caves in the horizontal direction rows in a vertical direction Developmental layered. Keiju in the rock above, Series of caves in the more or less the same high degree of intermittent extension of the hole of the oldest buildings in the Central Plains Duanbicanyuan arranged in an orderly manner, forming a "room 72 wells," the spectacle. In the cloud cover peak, bottom-up distribution of the rock tai chi, rock saints, Baogai rock caves, and so on, the rock block in the Housing Court building, still has a lot of well-preserved. As a rock Baogai Rock the joint: "ko ko ko ko-rock in the rock." According to incomplete statistics, Yamauchi size of the caves there are more than 300, of which up to 100 names. These caves in general is greater than the width and depth of the height of the largest rock cave poor King, 46 meters wide and high, each about 16 meters deep, can accommodate hundreds of people, Du Jiaoshan As many points at home Danxia Scenic Area is rare. Duqiao Shan Shan, exotic stone in prison, and vivid. Red-erosion by weathering, the landscape design and development. If the eight major peaks, like incense burner, immortal, stone stoves, saddle, bamboo pocket, which is named after the summit. As for the small mountain, Xiao Shi-image more, such as wax Babel, Danfengchaoyang, sword unsheathed, writing and Zhuo Li water dolphins, and so on?????boulder, around world well that people Xing Yu increase. There are fairy bridge, bed, and other celestial attractions, is also a very attractive scenic spots. Taoism is China's first Duqiao Shan Dong Tian, 20, the resource-rich, deep cultural . That is, there is much in the Han Dynasty Liu, Zi period, and other religious people into the Hill, legend has Ge Hong Jin dynasty in the mountains Alchemy. Baoyuan concept of Taoism is one of the places. With the introduction of Buddhism to China again Dujiao Shan become a Buddhist resort. Hill built in the Tang Dynasty in large-scale view of nine Temple 13. Ling Jing Ming Si Temple in ancient times is at home. Later Song Baoyuan in the rock hall in the building and shaping the memory of Confucius and his disciples, they will become Duqiao Shan Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism and the three-hing place. In addition, the famous ancient poetry of Du Qiaoshan a lot of praise, such as the Song Dynasty poet Su Rong, had passed away poem in the mountains of religious Shao Yan Fu, Li Gang's Song Dynasty, the famous Ming Dynasty trip Xu Jia Yu Jing Ling-shan when in the Temple to the places and left poems and travel. Du Qiaoshan at the same time, is the treasure house of folk literature, here's a splendid ancient Qifengyishi most touching legend. Such as "visual rock" and "immortal footprints," and "head off", "light is light reading lamp stand Taiwan," and so on, the most fascinating. On From the text making the other more beautiful scenery and tourist resources, has greatly enriched the culture of the mountains. Du Qiaoshan the development of tourism resources is also limited to Central and Western District, an area of about 4 square kilometers, accounting for only one-fourth of the entire scenic spot, in recent years into a new religious culture with the natural landscape into a tourist area. Buddha has had underground river rafting source, the mountain cable car sightseeing, 500 Ocean Hall, Temple Keiju rock, and Monkey Mountain View gallery monkey, the characters Buddha in the world, Namsan Tower, Fu Bridge, Lianchi, nine Quqiao, such as the Botanical Garden Landscape. Eastern and Central, including Xianglu Feng, Feng Danzao, fairy-Feng, pocket peaks in the peaks and other places, mountain More magnificent, with the exception of the scenery with some of the characteristics of Western, but also to risk, You win. It can be anticipated in the long-term development, Du Qiaoshan scenery will be more attractive.

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Pearl Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pearl Lake is a scenic mountains, lakes, holes, tied Walled scenic areas are located in the northern town of Lu Chuan-shan Luo Long Village, the city of Yulin and the moon in the water adjacent to the scenic rocks, its mountains are mountains Goulou branch , Beiliu City from the pond shore into the town of Luchuan County town of Long Tian Luo Shan village, are karst, to 1500 ha park Block, a Rock Hill where they stand, scenery Hui Hui, Meng Meng mist, albeit not very clearly, like dance Qun, said it "Longyan." Scenic areas within a pool of more than 20 hectares of Pearl Lake; Rock Lake week found that the size of cave 12; rock group formed in the mountain fastness of the five natural and some artificial to be built to use, to become a soldier . Rock around the lake, clear lake, ocean waves, weeping filled the lake, Lake Huating independence. Thousands of stalactite cave, strange Shi Zhengrong. Point to the south is a vast field. Huguang integration of the entire scenic spot, "has become isolated," the scene. Qing Xianfeng years has become a tourist attraction.

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Xie Lu Hill Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xie Lu Villa is a scenic spot in Guangxi provincial-level scenic spots, located 24 km southwest of Luchuan County town of Wushi Xielu village. Founded in 1921, completed last 7 years, covers an area of 400 mu, Shonai pavilions, winding paths and corridors, to build the mountain. All buildings are brick Wading maintained a strong wind rural folk Villa construction in accordance with the layout of the Jervois landscape features, hillside, again and again and again and again, the elegant chic style.

Guan Chong-wide "1-9" is taking the "permanence" of Italy. Villa are unique more than 200 different wood, especially in the colored camellia, annatto, Hydrangea four seasons, the 100 gold (silver) sweet-scented osmanthus, four Magnolia, not 100 years old Ocean's song as valuable. Villa in the number of mu Li Zhilin, dotted with quaint pavilions, is away. There are general in the mountains throughout the year is always flooded with mineral spring flows through the Hill, near the foot of the mountain there is a cure for the health spa. Villa hostel is a good place for tourism. I Xielu Villa The most well-preserved village of one of the four.

Xie Lu was originally called Villa "tree house names", was founded in 1916, covers an area of 480 hectares, 5 km circumference, is to retain a well-general of the Kuomintang LU lines of the agricultural-based Lingnan garden villas, Guangxi is one of the three classical gardens . Xie Lu Hill to build the mountain, as a result of land-based King, into the natural landscape and garden art in a furnace, plain natural, unique. Hung Lai mu number of fragrance in the jungle, pavilions, and flavor. A variety of more than 200 kinds of flowers, especially colored camellia, annatto, Hydrangea four seasons, the 100 gold (silver) sweet-scented osmanthus, four Magnolia, not 100 years old Ocean's song as valuable. Camellia old, Qi Hong light, quiet entry, along the road to shade Me, "9 turn ten," Kwan Sanjeong board, through the white slip-on view of the Peak Heting, looking across the old trees, a few Dan Crane of a hundred thousand, the FT-ups and downs, and even more magical color. Consistent with the whole village " Nine "is taking the" permanence "of Italy.

Villa in the number of mu Li Zhilin, dotted with quaint pavilions, is away. Xie Lu Hill is the preservation of China's most well-Johnston one of the four people, "south of the garden show" laudatory title.

Villa The 5000 meters long ribbon-like flower diameter, with tour ancient gate 13, 5 rockery, a fish pond, Lin Tong 7, 8 kinds of shelters. Hill waist spewing Qingquan, Shanguangshuise vitality.
Villa 1.2 km to the east of Xielu Department also hot springs, water temperature 46 degrees's photo, draw daily volume cited 1000 Tons of tourists for a shower.

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Yong Tai Shan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain is the largest capacity in Guangxi provincial Forest Park, located in the North County streams. Yong Tai Shan main peak of 1275.6 meters above sea level Lotus top hinterland, with a total area of 2930 hectares, 46 km away from the Yulin City, 23 km north flow. Forest Park Mountain tall, thick forests, mountains far from cotton, which rise amid permanent peaks. In the mountains geomorphologic a At about 1,000 meters above sea level, a sub-tropical climate zone, the spring fog, cool summer, autumn cool, dry winter, the four seasons of different scenery, the Meteorology Series. Forest coverage rate reached 82.7 percent, more than 200 kinds of trees.

Park, many scenic spots, Lotus falls, try stone sword, Amah Rock, mushroom stone, immortal , Valentine's tree fruit seals mining, artificial turf will make your heart God Yi-Kuang, away, the unique forest bath will make you more fully enjoy the wonders of nature. Park animals and plants are many types, known as the living fossil of the state protection of rare plants Cyatheaceae (tree fern), China's Wang camellia flower, and You Millennium roaming turtles, the jubilation cairica Jinlong and lively play of the monkeys, constitutes a beautiful landscape. Lin Fa Shan peak southeastern Guangxi is the first peak.

The main landscape: mountain lake days, mountain coppice, Lotus Falls, mountain clouds, sunrise, such as the Botanical Garden. Bishu is set, vacation and watch , Adventure, mountaineering, eco-tourism in one multi-function integrated forest park.

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Wei Rong town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cangwu County is located in the eastern part of Guangxi, Guangxi Xun Jiang convergence of the two areas, surrounded by the city of Guangxi Wuzhou city, "Yao even the Five Ridges, with a total Sanjiang satisfied", known as the "gateway to the water in Guangxi," said the 17 county jurisdiction in the town, 243 Administrative villages, the land area of 4273 square kilometers. At the end of 2001 the total population of 665,000 people There are 30,000 hectares of arable land, 340,000 hectares forest land. Sui Kaihuang three years (583), County of Guangdong International Trust and changed its name Cangwu County. Ning withdrawal of the same year Cangwu County into the county. 19 County was renamed Rong County. Cangwu County, mild climate, the county forest reserves 9,450,000 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate reached 74. % Of the country's science and technology demonstration Lin County, and one of the eight major producing counties fat; the territory of 107 rivers and streams, rainwater harvesting area of 4000 square kilometers. The development of water resources could be 156,000 kilowatts, the power of the existing installed capacity of 21,000 kilowatts, and county electrification of the country's primary; Shuang Island tourist area of national life, so Li Jishen Southeastern Guangxi and Guangdong is the center of the main tourist attractions; "old Lai Chi Feng", "Late Maturity Sha Tau lychee" and "pouring money down the drain early Shatian" famous "six Fort tea" famous.

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Shuang customs Island tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 60 km away from the urban areas of the county cangwu Shuang Li Town Island power station in the district library, the surface area of 7600 mu in the reservoir area, the Peninsula, many islands, there are magnificent show the risk of large-scale natural cascade waterfall group Imperial Palace, the great life God Turtle, rich with ethnic characteristics of the Miao Village squatter village, and so on. Legend has it that here was full of magical color The birthplace of the emperor, there are many beautiful legends.

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Wuzhou Zhongshan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Zhongshan Park was the northern, Dasan Gu Cheng, located in the city center. In 14 years (1925), turned into parks, fine-sounding name "Zhongshan Park", Wuzhou for the first park built. ?? ?? completion of the first National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is located in the North Peak, for the protection units of the autonomous region, is 192 Li Jishen in March by the initiative to build. Memorial Hall with Dr. Sun Yat-sen focused on the end of 1921 in early 1922 to visit three times Wuzhou, Wuzhou to guide people to build homes, management of the Xijiang River shipping deeds. Memorial Hall grand scale, before and after the sub-seat, front seat for the four-storey tower in the central dome building, for the two wings of East and West Storey building for the showroom, the back seat hall is 1,000. Memorial Hall is a positive step every level, from the foot of a mountain in front of the Tai total of more than 340 class; the door is wide Ping, built in Hechi, ring out Dan Deng, to Wu Yin-jung, Valentine's view. ?? ?? near the Memorial Hall of Guangxi, one of the oldest bronze bell Southern Han bronze bell, cast in the Southern Han And 16 (958), suspended the northern kiosks and Zhong. Although the Southern Han took bronze bell while you're still intact, hit the resonant voice. Zhong booths are on display next to the ancient tablets, Guijiang the Ming Dynasty artifacts, such as iron bridge, for appreciation. ?? ?? Park Zoo, tiger, leopard, monkey, bird and so on a wide variety. Qu Yuan set to watch, buy, taste snake meat, snake products in one. Peak Park is in Beiyuan of the park. Park to build the mountain, green trees in the park, flowers, green and tidy, its winding streets, features a variety of seamless, self-contained, Wuzhou is the largest, more complete facilities, the largest number of tourist spots.

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Yunsheng tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuzhou City in the south bank of the Xijiang Jinpingshan. Three Qing dynasty (1823) to build. Guangdong and Guangxi, according to Governor Ruan Yuan poem: "Yu Yunshan steam, condensate clarify the river. Get this tower, the potential wish Teng. Ji-wu, Gang, from its Xing." And "Yunsheng tower." Legend has it that Yunsheng Lu tower is to put a pair of mandarin ducks and birds of a dropped pen. Plane hexagonal tower, the bottom 3.9 meters long, seven-story pavilion-Zhuanta, 36 m-high, the tower Corbel a canopy. As well as the bottom three to seven tickets Dingmen open the front, side and white opened the two-story rectangular, circular window, and the remaining floors and white, with staggered up and down 5 square window. Hexagonal tower tip save. Wooden tower located on each floor Board and wooden staircases. Ruan Yuan amount of doors there Inscription "Wu Jiang hair," "integrated view of the text", "irradiating fight cattle," Dan Bian. Maintenance in 1982, to wooden stairs to iron staircase.

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Mother Long Tai Miao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Long Tai Miao mother Guijiang located on the east coast north of the city Wuzhou, Guilin, the northern end of the road, built in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Wanli Ming and Qing Emperor Kangxi, had Yongzhengnianjian repair, is a rare Guangxi to the present day, with the architectural style of the Song Dynasty artifacts Monuments, a high historical and tourism value.

?? ?? Dragon Mother Temple Hill surface water, covers an area more than 5000 square meters, of St. Paul, Qian Dian, the Middle Temple, the temple, palace, pond turtles, such as the composition of the mall. The magnificent main hall solemn, Diaolianghuadong, in the front seat main hall houses the memorial tablets of Long as the mother, men and women are now more than Hall of worship to pray to bless the mother-long blessing, the vestibule in the main hall, incense throughout the year Off. The right side of the hall dedicated to the general as Fu, the left side of the hall dedicated to Prince Edward Long. After the seat in the main hall, a dragon flying home to Beijing a huge relief. Temple-long exhibition parent of bed and bed Prince Edward Long, Long Zhudian to the right side of the palace home for the reception room.

?? ?? on the second floor houses the memorial tablets of statues of Guan Di, on the left side of a pool-ching , There are a million years long stone turtle, Turtle loaded on a large stone "monument of the total office title." Visitors get to this coin, "cast stone turtle for good luck." Shanbi after the turtle pond on a large-scale relief, "Wu-long wall of water."

?? ?? lunar month every year and Chuba lunar Five-Year Plan for Long Legend has it that the mother And Chen Sheng Xian, Long is the mother temple of the most popular. During the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, overseas Chinese tourists as well as the composition of the tour he came to the birthday, he gave birth to some group reached 1,000. At this time the temple decorated ahead; Outside the temple the temple sea of people, very lively. The day-long Mother Temple open all night, a lot of good Xinnv and visitors to worship with each other, and pay his respects, the touch-long bed, according to Long-mother, mother-long comb, wash water dragon mother, mother-long drink tea, to Wan coin turtle, the dragon mother temple robust. A lot of foreigners come to watch.

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West Zhutang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the city of Wuzhou Kong Ling Ling Road, Zhu vote. Wuzhou is the largest Buddhist temple in modern times. Built in 1933, Gate Tower, West Zhu Tang, Kwun Yam Temple, Main Hall, 6 rooms, such as brick building. Area of 10,000 square meters. In recent years, a new maintenance. Main Hall inside the plastic Sakyamuni, Amitabha, and pharmacists in possession of as Goddess of Mercy, Possession of "Canon" A total of 7173 volumes, and Tong Ding, a bronze bell, copper, such as the lighthouse. Guangzhou Party Master Cheng Liu Rong Temple, Longhua Temple Guiping Western Hills Master Chan Kui, Guangxi, Road Buddhist Church of security and so on have come to preaching. Wuzhou City is the place for Buddhist activities.

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Wuzhou City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? at Tai Road 102, Hall 6, high-level, covers an area of 431 square meters, the museum will Hall 3, the collection of nearly 10,000 pieces of cultural relics. To the Warring States era of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of archaeological finds there are bronze, iron, jade, ceramics, gold and bronze, with most of the finds from the Han and Jin periods, the more valuable and enriching the people are Square Han Tao Fu of the sites, the Eastern Han Dynasty ruler of copper, bronze, copper warehouse, the first Western Jin Dynasty celadon pot chicken, Southern blue horse figurines, supervisor of the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanfeng workshops and ming Zhu Qian-Gui King, and other archaeological finds.

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Yunlong Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bai Yun at the foot of a mountain dragon boat felt, covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters. Yunlong Hill Park on three sides, south of the Xijiang, including Longquan Fei Bao francoisi and artificial breeding center. Francoisi China for the protection of an animal, belonging to the rare and endangered primates. Park francoisi rare animal breeding center, is the world The largest breeding base. The center was founded in 1991, after a few years to explore, has a viable breeding farming methods. Francoisi of the population is now 80 breeding bull, for the delivery of 40 Chinese and foreign zoos long. National varieties of the most Bougainvillea flowers cultivation base is here. Park Guangxi has the largest exhibition hall of the exhibition specimens of butterflies, butterfly species have more than 10,000 kinds; also the world's largest ostrich eggs and the smallest bee eggs. Yunlong Park, the largest natural feature of the animal stock, pigeons, peacocks at the park freely, crocodiles in the pool cruising. Park has started the construction of the Snake Valley, Yang 10,000 live snakes.

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Crane Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? located in the Chu River Hill next to the Mandarin. Eight Wuzhou Hill for the crane, Xi said, "Tsuruoka Return." When the morning sun from the West River float, the morning mist on the river this misjudgment, across the river, the scene in the Get Fit For mts crane, as if a cloud of fairy Jingwo. Xi Zhao when the setting sun glowing rays reflection of the white crane Hill into a bright green Guijiang Huarongyuemao as a mirror of a young girl dressing. ?? ?? 23 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1897) Wuzhou into port after the crane in the British Hill Great Britain to put up around the marker, set up consular department. Comforter ceremony will be, the Holy Book Association, the American College of the Bible are also located here. Yamashita crane legislation prohibiting Mupai the mountain people. The spring of 1918, the number of people climbing Guijun play, the British Consul dogs bite off, the platoon leader Guijun for self-defense and killed the dog-yang, the British Consul was shot and force the department to Gouming compensation. After a wave of anti-British, the United Kingdom in 1928, Hill returned to the crane. ?? ?? crane on the Hill 19 0 years into the park, covering an area of about 14 hectares of towering old trees in the park, Jade. Peak on the former site of the Department of the British consul, "I also rivers and mountains," Stone, and other cultural relics, as well as the garden, amusement park, pool and so on. Tsuruoka Loudong majestic buildings, flavor, potted flowers and trees planting in front of the building, for the crane sculpture; three-storey Denglou can Jimu city in the south east look to the waves rolling in the Xijiang, a Long Island looming, and the evening light tower Yunsheng Xiangyingchengqu; bird's-eye view of urban East, a bridge Guijiang Fei Jia things, building more than comb, Yun Yan Shu-Lan, the Meteorology Series. Stones along the southeastern Guangxi Museum displays of stalactites, stone Caixia, the Mexican stone, and some, like the Millennium turtle life, Like the Youth Pre-employment Training Jinfeng, color stone block more magical, like the Queen's Head out to be printed on the stone. Thousands of visitors are amazing.

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Baiyun Mountain Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Wuzhou is located in the urban northeast. Baiyunshan even remotely Five Ridges, with a total Sanjiang satisfied, and stood to Wuzhou sudden, winding spiral, the magnificent. Peak stood overlooking the city beautiful, panoramic landscape in the distance. Towering trees in the mountains, hazy morning mist. In the early clear after the rain, clouds Su-jie, the unpredictable wind around. The tall white As Hill put on the white veil, covered with white scarves of the green girl. Meng Tang Dynasty poet, a poem goes: "cangwu long white clouds, smoke Dongting deep water." Lishi Rui Qing Dynasty poet wrote a poem: "Xiao Lu's thin in the early days, the late tobacco as the setting sun low power." Baiyunshan Wuzhou for Eight One of the Yunling called Seiran. ?? ?? White Hill Park, built in 1981, 1988, was designated as the first-class scenic spots and autonomous regions. The mountains have built a pavilion Yun-Feng, Song Yun Lou, two-Ting-ching, Taiwan kite, Ban Shanting and watch the autumn of Taiwan, Greenfield Tigers sculpture, and other facilities at the foot of Longquan and construction of the red booths & Dragons, Guan Bao Ge, Probe into bridge "Second-long drama "Relief and so on. Boarded Yunfeng top pavilion, a glance a great sense of small hills. Yunfeng from the pavilion down a path through tree-lined kite booth. ?? ?? Shandong Lu Shan Bai Yun waist, is well-known" Tiger Head " , Here Shan Shi Zhengrong, steep terrain, as a Fuwo the Tigers. Pavilion flying from the north go, A Taolin. Peach blossom in full bloom in the spring when the flowers come here a lot of people, images of each other taking pictures, is the so-called "red Renmiantaohua matched." From time to time there are birds in the distance from the woods Fei Qi, the clear call of the valley in response. Taolin had, on the hills to the two-Ting-ching. The following booths, there is a lifelike sculpture of a tiger, Rolling on the Songhai Zhang Xiao, a good piece Songtao Tigers map. By the holidays, that ran here. Chung Yeung Festival, the mountain is the head Yong Yong, the high tens of thousands of people, great excitement. ?? ?? at the foot of Baiyun Mountain Longquan Fei Bao, Yunling back, facing the Xijiang River, Gu Jian profound, elegant quiet, stand like a wall Cliffs, weather Yan, Han Teng Chui shake, mottled Lvtai, overhanging grass fern. Man Liu Jian Gu in the spring, the fish can see the bottom gravel, stone, scattered rocks, spread all over, or lying banks of V-chuen, or upon Bangshui side, the Kit Kat Yingrun, different patterns. It is "miscellaneous track from the crossing in the shade of a tree, Stephen stones to the loopholes in the flow." Wanting Stephen's clock since mid-stream Baiyun Shan Fu Jian , Is on Long Island and into the Xijiang Di Zhi. ?? ?? 1994 - 1996, the Baiyun Mountain Forest Park in large-scale transformation of landscape plants, the original pine-dominated forest into a variety of shrubs and ornamental plants of the variety of mixed composition of the subtropical rain forest Shows that Fan, Xia Li, Qiuhong, holly natural landscape. Gordon Baiyun Mountain, enjoy the "sea of clouds Mu, Luan heavy meal, drink two rivers, mountain city bird's-eye view" of the United States.

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Liu Yongfu, Feng old wood buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Yongfu (1837 ~ 1917), Feng Wood (1818 ~ 1903), anti-law's late Qing Dynasty, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Liu Yongfu old at the Qinzhou City, Guangxi board on the 10th Street, formerly known as three-Xuan Tang. Yuan Yue Liu Yongfu as a result of anti-law, three have been called Sun Yue, vice admiral named after. Built in the old 891, covers an area of 22,700 square meters of construction area of 5,600 square meters, brick, courtyard-style layout, the size of a total of 119 buildings, Gate Tower, Zhao Bi, the main seat, Langfang, barn, and study An Dao, and other construction; stage there, the garden, garden, fish ponds, Shaichang facilities. Feng located in the old wood Qinzhou City Town white sand reservoirs in the region, with the old Liu Yongfu in a straight line distance over 1000 meters 1. Gong Bao House, formerly known as the Ching court granted Taizishaobao sealed the title named after the Book of History. Old home was built in 1875, with a total area of 152,200 square meters, of which the main construction area of 202 Meters, the courtyard-style layout, sitting south, a total of 3 row 9 27, are carrying beam brick. Old covers three water-Tian Shan, Liu Jiaoting third woman in the early Jane House tours, study, penises towers, gardens and so on. Liu Yongfu, Feng old wood were typical of the Qing Dynasty mansion of the south building, a Simple and elegant artistic characteristics.

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Liu Yongfu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xuan Tang, also known as the Third House, in the city of Qinzhou. Liu Yongfu in the anti-Vietnam War military exploits Li repeated China, Vietnam has been called Wang Xuan three admirals, the former residence of which are named. Liu Yongfu (1837-1917), Yuan-ting words, Guangxi Shangsi, employment background. In 1857, under the influence of the revolution of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the world will participate in the Yi-Jun. 1864 submission in the state (this Jingxi) Andre Heiqi Jun organizations. In the Sino-French War, Heiqi Jun, led by France and the fight against the invaders, has achieved great victories Chi Lo, paper and so on Victory Bridge, Kangzhi to defend Taiwan, the fight against Japanese invaders, is a well-known patriotic officers and men.

Three Xuan Tang is not only a patriotic Yi education base, but also have high artistic value. It was built in 1891, covers an area of 22,776 square meters, construction area of 5622.5 square meters, the size of Rooms 119, the material to be used carefully, dignified and simple shape, size and unique layout. Three hours into the main room, sitting south, in Cylinder-watt light, there are saints on the walls Hero, the Man Mo-chen, Cai-feng, such as crane a hundred pieces of paintings, gold paint, elegant charm, life, and Diaolianghuadong add radiance to each other, and both the late Qing dynasty style, and national characteristics. There are high walls around the gun turret, in front of the house is there Zhaobi Square, surrounded by flowers and trees, is a momentum Where, the great wealth, the typical ancient buildings.

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Jing 72 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinzhou Port Economic Development Zone is located in the northwest, Qinzhou well-known at home and the end of Mao. More than 100 islands of varying sizes scattered in the vertical and horizontal spread of 10 km Qinzhou Bay on the sea, so that the sea area to form a ring back and forth numerous, varied twists and turns of the waterway, the waterway, known as "Jing" and "70 Second Jing " Its capacity, and in fact far more than 72? Jing, such as jade belt, as Pearl Island, it is a "Long Wan Jing-Zhu" good reputation. In a boat to visit Jing, a very strange feeling: Road suspect is a blind alley and suddenly Hu You-per-jing to demonstrate in front of the painting is an intoxicating different picture, like fairyland on earth, it is not surprising "Penglai southern" reputation. Jing there are nearly 72 million mu in the region merging growth, the living fossil of the seabed as mangroves, the green mangroves and the deep blue sea phase embraced the view is very unique, since ancient times, is the author of the poet wandering around, leaving Chant for a large number of. Seventy-two at the entrance of Jing Xian Park also has legislation is currently the country's largest bronze statue of Yixian County, Chin and all walks of life in 1926 in respect of legislation, "Monument to the death of Prime Minister Sun." Seventy-two Jing is a natural landscape and human landscape as one tourist destination.

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The more state Tianhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pubei county by car from the southbound 5 km, 6.5 km further east, on the day of arrival, the more the lake. The more days, Lake is located in a small river in the reservoir area, north-south, the vertical distance of up to 52 kilometers. Lakes area of 79 square kilometers, the capacity of 1,200,000,000 cubic meters and above. Lake, there are several small islands more than 100 blocks. The clear water, smoke Vast, far and near Bidai scenery, around the litchi, mango orchards have become the scale. It is a new Pubei County of lychee and longan production and fresh water fish and shrimp farming base, but also for the people of a good place for leisure travel. There are scenic Crane Island, east slope of transition, Fubo Beach, Wang Ling-fu, voicing Lake, Duige slope, DDD and other natural Temple Point. Crane habitat on the island with only tens of thousands of white crane, there are days of Lake Hong large aqueduct and the former residence of General Han Ping, and other human landscape. Former Residence of Chinese and Western architectural art, Yishanbangshui pavilions built. John Shannon House 6 km, that is, Shi Yang Tianhu Town. It is now over 1,500 years of history, the more the ancient city. Historical records in mind , The more states in the east of the Southern Dynasties period under the jurisdiction of Maoming in Guangdong, south all the Leizhou Peninsula, which borders the West and Qinzhou, in the north along the Rongxian, is the equivalent of Guangzhou at the time as the provincial military and administrative units. The more days, Lake, a unique day of travel, not only can you enjoy the unique Huguangshanse southeastern Guangxi, but also to allow Mother set foot in 1500 years of city history.

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Ling East Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the "East Lake", located 14 km east Lingshan Xian, the first in the so-called Mountain of the Luo Yang Feng Shan Tsui surrounded by mountains, the mountains of Pinghu, the color blue, like a mirror. The reservoir was built in 1958, when the country's 10 major irrigation reservoir one of the area with a total area of 7,280,000 square meters, is now building To be the main flood irrigation, and power generation, breeding, comprehensive utilization of tourism, beautiful scenery and man-made lakes, the Ministry of Water Resources is a key link of one of the large reservoirs, has been included in the seaside tourist scenic spot in Guangxi. Reservoir east-west, was long and narrow shape, the level of long straight 15,000 m, 3150 m widest point, water Area of 6,670,000 square meters. Shuiyun between 15 islands, while several thousand square meters, while hundreds of small square in the central-day lake water on the island has Tianhu Island Resort. Reservoir dam 30.6 m high, the crest length 1824 m, north-south cross-Wei. Xixia three-dam embankment slope, put on the green grass, as if out of thin air to fly A wide tapestry of camel hair. Water dam embankment to a large mosaic stones, look like a giant dragon lying on the side wave. Both ends of the dam also has a House Hotel East Lake, East Lake Court, East Lake Village and Lake Ling Yuan Qian.

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Six-san - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Including the six-san "Shi Jinping six" six-san as the main peak of the six parks, flower Rock Hill, Phoenix Hill, Tsui-feng wall, Central Bridge and Riverside Park show a large area with a total area of 540,000 square meters, 1998 10 , Was included in the coastal tourist area in Guangxi.

Six-san in the Lingshan Xian city on the west side of About 180 meters above sea level, leading peak, Fissidens peak, peak Cove, Furong Feng, Chong Xiao-Feng, He Feng Li-feng six. Poetry has said; "mountain country, such as medicine, E Central Banks Zhu Feng. Qingdai cut Fengfeng, Cucu Golden Lotus." Ching-ming in the mountains there are between (1506-1521) to build the Pak Tai Temple, built in the Qing Dynasty of the six-Feng Baoshan St. Paul Shishi Huang, Chuan-ming for the integrated inter-(1465-1487) of the rural sub-county Buddha mad Kimura Huang strenuously in this study for 10 years, which in the end success, Ding Wei in the year standings, but unfortunately not Tingshiercu, for the Fame enthusiastic, eager to learn the generation of pay. There are six peaks Cliff Stone Tablets to more than 30. Pak Tai Temple, "Ling Mountain West in mind," the monument, Between Qianlong (1736-1795) Lianzhou Zhi Fu Kang gene, bold fonts, Mountain is the calligraphy of the territory of the existing monument. Inter-Ming Jiajing (1522-1566) Mokelangxie Shan Wu Daozi audio-visual concept, the first hat DAI Feng, spaniel different departments, dealing in, barefoot riding clouds, the order said: "Xi Ren Wu Daozi commentary painting Objects such as lamps take from the film, not bad Hao Mo. "

Six-san to pull Heng Kong, North East and West cliffs on three sides, since ancient times, only Tang access to the south "to the beginning of Yeongam" Shi Jing. Stone Hill City to stay thin clouds, the quiet valley fog to save ancient trees, traditional costumes and the two ancient temples of the new pavilion, Yamahana smile to greet people. Well-known artist Huang independence His reputation has its charm of Huangshan. Song Dynasty so far has been regarded as a "resort for Mankind." Six-san area, no less than 100 cave landscape, cultural history are also a number of 50; six-san is a six-Walled Shi Tang and Song Dynasties, Song Dynasty Mountain learn the location of the palace; Rock Hill to spend the magnificent colorful flower Stone Mountain, during the Ming Dynasty Tribute for; dress Tsui-feng wall mirror with the anti-Japanese rock star Cai Tingkai year, "Jiang Yan Zhen trip," Yi Mo, in particular, Yamane Phoenix's three-Haiyan said the "scenic spots in western Guangdong."

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Qinzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinzhou City is located on the southwestern coast of the motherland, and Guangxi in the south, at latitude 20 � 54 'to 22 � 41', longitude 107 � 27 'to 109 � 56' between. Southwest back, facing the Beibu Gulf, Southwest is the most convenient access to the sea. Qinzhou in Guangxi capital of Nanning to the north, east and the North Sea and the city of Yulin in Linked with the West, adjacent to the city of Fangchenggang, a long coastline and land-based Justice for 311.44, the Northeast and Northwest were 60,000 Shiwandashan and mountains, are over 1000 meters above sea level. The city has a population of about 3,000,000, with a total area of 10716.47 square kilometers, is a young and the old coastal city. Guangxi Golden Triangle Zone, in accordance with sea water, beautiful mountains and rivers, charming scenery and strategic location, is a modern seaside tourist city.


  Qinzhou has a long history, dating back to the Neolithic Age. Pre-Qin period, is the Baiyue, the integration of the First Qin Emperor China, like gun ownership Qin established jurisdiction. Han, Jin to the three countries, Qinzhou pay a state Hepu County, located at the end of the Southern Dynasties at the end of Yuan Jia Shou County, Qinzhou This is the first formed. 18 Suikai Huang (AD 598 years) were easy to Qinzhou, check the "Shun-chin of justice," This is the first name of Qinzhou. Later changed its name several times, the People's Republic of China Li, Qinzhou has an area of Guangdong Province Qin Lian, Qinzhou in Guangxi Province area, Qinzhou area of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Hepu area, the area of Zhanjiang, Qinzhou in Guangxi Province area, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Qinzhou area, 94 years on June 28, the State Council Approval of the withdrawal of Qinzhou region, the establishment of prefecture-level city of Qinzhou. North Qinzhou pillow mountain, the south seas, low-lying North High South. There are mountainous terrain, hills, basins, plains, coastal mudflats and there are more than mud or sand on the beach, mostly in the western coastal sea coast, islands, steep coasts. Qinzhou is a sub-tropical climate, with the transitional nature of the tropical to subtropical marine monsoon Point. In bright sunshine at about 1800 hours, the average annual temperature of 21-23 ? most of the region for more than 350 days in the frost-free period, annual rainfall of 1,600 millimeters rainfall, very suitable for growing crops.

  Gu Cheng-an Qinzhou state, 1,400 years of history Has had a recent history Liu Yongfu, Feng material of two renowned Chinese and foreign national hero, many monuments, splendid culture, since ancient times Guinan is well-known tourist destination, the Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, a famous painter Qi Baishi the End of Qing Dynasty and the Han are a modern poet Qinzhou to stay in their footsteps and beautiful works of poetry. Qinzhou of the main attractions are: Bo Yang is not the sea, sunny San Niangwan, where the white dolphin is one of the largest Qinzhou pride, but also an excellent photographic subject matter; southern Penglai has called the 72 scenic spots on the sea Jing, Jing, such as jade belt, such as the Pearl of the island's 70 Jing beauty, such as weaving, the world's largest bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen stands on this; sea water LAN Ma mountains, hills Pinnacle's six-san, a large number of monuments Ashimura House as well as the famous patriotic Liu Yongfu, Feng's former home, and other materials.

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Kunlun Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kunlun Guan, located in Guangxi Binyang County and at the junction of the Yongning Xian, Guan Road Xianyao deal, both sides of the rise amid East-West confrontation, we do not Miangen, Yong-Bin Road along the highway from south to north, coiled In the meantime, since ancient times into the north of Nanning Natural barriers, "natural barrier in the South." Tang Yuan and 14 years (819 years) Pei Li Shi-base only for the clearance, the Northern Song Dynasty Jingyou 2002 (1035) to build the city customs, history has reinforced the rehabilitation. For the military history of the struggle to. Has always been vital importance for the military, history, there have been 9 campaign, the largest and very tragic that the War of Resistance Against Japan "Battle of Kunlun Guan." 1939 1 18, China and Japan in World War II started here, the two sides are the main forces of good Daying Zhang: Japan is the main force took part in the Battle of Taierzhuang Sakai Jioubu Yuan, as the "army of steel," the 5th division; China's main force was the best-equipped, led by General Du Yuming by the 5th Army. China's armed forces in the local group Support, a few days on the bloody battle, Kunlun Guan has finally recovered. This is the period following the War of Resistance Against Japan Pingxingguan, Taierzhuang victory in the battle after another major victory. After the war, at the foot of the mountain people to build a four-post three stone Square, the top of the hill also has anti-Japanese Memorial Cemetery, the Memorial Tower, Beiting, from the top of St. Paul to have 331 Avenue of the Stone Road rank. Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang military and political dignitaries, Li Tsung-jen, Li Jishen, Bai Chongxi, Du Yuming, and other people wrote, the title of the book together or engraved inscription to commemorate the battle. Before and after the Ching Ming Festival each year, many students here to pay tribute to the masses, and to pay respect to the Jisao.

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Jiang left-leaning tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Jiang left for the Leaning Tower of Zhuanta, is the world's eight major one of the Leaning Tower. Long was originally called the tower, located 2 kilometers east Chongzuo. Kai Ming on behalf of the first year (1621). 5 sub-layer, bottom diameter of 5 meters, 28 meters high, the tower was octahedron, the top eight cornices; the floor to open a window. There are spiral-shaped tower ladder-tower . The entire tower tilted outward about 1 meter, commonly known as the Leaning Tower. According to experts, research, the tower was built in the craftsmen to build towers to take into account the river and wind factors such as the foundation of well-designed. ?? ?? It is said that this tower was built by a county magistrate, at first only to build a 3 layer, two-story addition by the successor to the construction of county magistrate. Jiang left-leaning tower has gone through 70 years of wind and rain hit, Wei-ran is still intact.

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Zhen Nanguan site of uprising - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Right-fu, also known as Fort Hill II, in the right side of the right Youyi Guan Fu Shan (formerly Youyi Guan Zhen Nanguan). Battery is a border admirals Su Qing Yuan-chun was built in 1887-1892. Town hours, the town, three Town, brick masonry, for capacity-dome, in the next three points on and around the hall, the Treasury, such as the channel. Battery installation Brooke artillery States 7, the Fort horn each other, 590 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep, condescending, and the situation is magnificent. Town in Taiwan are repair Li Taiwan tablets. Dr. Sun Yat-sen in December 1907 to send Huang Ming, Ren Fu Guan Zhen Nanguan to the planning of the intifada, contact the Qing should be done, right-occupied Fort Des Hill II. Huang and Sun Yat-sen Hanoi, Vietnam from Fort command in person. Qing Lu Rongting rate of more than 4,000 people back to the right Des Hill, the rebel army fighting Battery hold seven days and nights, the Qing kill and wound more than 200 people, the end result of many rich and the poor, and Tanjinliangjue, forced to retreat.

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Huashan Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huashan Scenic Area, located in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south-western region of Ningming, two Long County, to a large number of ancient Zhuang as the main cliff wall paintings of landscape, the distribution of more than 2800 sq. miles in area, there are 64 large murals, the most concentrated Huashan and the next two Jiang. Huashan Scenic win Area scenery in place Have banded continuity of the characteristics of the 200-mile zone along the river scenic cliffs ancient wall paintings Left Jiang as the main body; 500, along with pastoral landscape to walk through the limestone peaks, the peaks low-lying land, between the valley for the content of the scenery; 100 years Scenery of the customs border with the southern border to Pingxiang Yi Guan, Dah Sing Tak big falls, and other landscape-oriented . Five hundred years ago, Huang Ming Dynasty set of the two murals should have done an investigation. In his "Essay Study," it reads: "Feng Yan Xi 36, Yamagishi were also murals." After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, relevant departments of a number of inspection confirmed that Jiang Ming, Jiang left the cliff that there are 64 large murals, One of the Provisional Huashan The picture is about 200 meters, 40 meters high, there are all kinds of figures imagery more than 3100 pieces of painting in the 1990s before the Eastern Han Dynasty, had lapsed since 2000, more than the past. Huashan Qiaoya the whole picture was filled with all kinds of red soil and portrait-like. Portrait of a positive side and the two positions. Portrait hold high-handed side, that deviates from the establishment of the horse-feet. Ping Shen hand side of the portrait, micro-legs into a squat jump, as both martial arts training, and if singing Kuang Wu. There are objects like a horse might like dogs, like cane shield, gongs and drums, and the sun.

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Shi Lin Zuo Jiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Chongzuo County in the south-east 5.5 km. Scenic area of 1,500 mu. Feng communities, strangely shaped, steep rocks. Die Cai-yan, stretching into a film. The upper part of Rock Hill, Toshihide tall and straight, rattan trees intertwined; the lower part of Rock Hill, Quanyajiaocuo, thousands Lumpur. Mountain size pool, the Trickle Wanyan. Yamahana Ying , Chongming birds. Each year on the lunar Zhuang of Chu Shi Wei Song, who will set Ersan Wan, folk song duet, very strong national conditions and customs.

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Michael Stone board - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongzuo County in the Jiang-Zhou rural village of wheat board. Wanli Ming Tower 40 (1612). Jiang-Zhou Tusi is the 16th generation of the Yellow River Han Tuguan for premature deaths, the son of Shao Lun Muta built. Tap solid structure, the plane was hexagonal, 7 layer, high-5. l meters. Taki high 0.5 meters in diameter Wei. 35 meters. At all levels are using giant Diaozao from. The second layer positive to build tower carved inscriptions, the rest at all levels embossed fish pond flowers, ethnic musical instruments, animals, portrait, Buddhism, and other plans at 42. Works fine carved, life. Jiang's visit to the left of the Zhuang and Buddhism, and Zhuang Tusi system and cultural development have research value.

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Yang Wen-Chongzuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wen, also known as Yang Dong. Chongzuo County in the east 6.7 km, near the south bank of Jiang's left. Six-Dong Fu. There hole hole through Shanfu 7. Stalactite with more rock, stone columns, stalagmites, Shiman, stone flower-filled wares. Farmer's harvest time, hanging lanterns, Welcome You Long, riding as longevity, and left Stone River, 10,000 Ganoderma lucidum, Yun Wushan, the "Eight Immortals" over the sea, Zhuang Wei Song, sky-hole, and other attractions, realistic image, and commendable.

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From Fengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Phoenix Mountain. Wuming located in the county in the eastern suburbs of 5 kilometers Huangcun summer, it's surrounded by a flat field, it is only where they stand, what the two peak hours, like a flying For Phoenix, which got its name. It's a foot of water ring bend, Yuanwu rock, rock from the West and Ishiba, a natural stone Buddha niches. Virtual clouds in the mountains perforated It varies as Sedum. Zhenjiang rock in the mountains there, study rocks, with yunyan, such as Tai Chi Yan Jing, Dongfeng study of rocks, the Ming Dynasty for read Jinjiang Huang Qi Guan gun, engraved on the Shek Pik "Ming Fung Chaoyang" words, Qiu Jin gesture. And Guanyinge, Wenchang Pavilion, and other pavilions, there are a lot of history to exercise administrative officials, the literati here Sheets, and left a number of Inscription. North of Tai Chi-feng of them inside the cave, "feng" stone, 4.85 meters high, 4.2 meters wide, thick strokes up more than 30 cm, "Tai Chi Tai Fung possession of the hole," said wuming for most of the stone. Xifeng a co-yunyan. Linjiang Diaotai for the huge, carved gun Huang and Huang Jing sing the poems. Ago There is a poem: "Qiaoba the water's edge upon Bimodal, a fiber back to the track wearing Shihmen. Short-ting You turn to rock, is believed to be the world there are other days." The Hill has more than 20 stone Cliff side. If the tourists to swim across the yangshuo Bi Lianfeng, we will cut it in the mountains of the big "with" left a deep impression on the rise Fengshan "Feng", is from the same author - Yangshuo Daoguangnianjian Qing Yuan, Wang Hui, deputy county magistrate hands. This "feng" Peter "with" a South-North, the great Chinese art of calligraphy distributed all the charm of a fascinating people from time to time by the influence of ancient culture and the arts.

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Longgang Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longzhou County protected areas in the city 30 km north-east, cross-state Long, Ningming County. Long-hours call, Longgang, Long Hill 3, with an area of 101 square kilometers. 300-650 meters above sea level, the peak for the deep valley terrain. Fell across the mountains, magnificent towering, steep cliffs sink deep, vertical and horizontal underground river, deep in the forests, graceful bearing smoke and clouds, mist Dang, unpredictable, mild climate, the average annual temperature of 22C. Forest ecosystems to preserve a more complete, rich in biological resources, there are 1282 kinds of plants, 123 kinds of animals, 439 kinds of insects. Karst, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, soil and climate, and so on are typical of high research value. There are monkeys in the region to protect the wild musk deer, the habitat of animals, the Millennium Ju Jian, Canyon fault, there is great natural pastures, tree-lined path. It also found stone tools and fossils of ancient vertebrate animals, such as mussels heritage, King is everywhere, and everything to win, is a scientific research, manufacturing, tourism and nature reserves.

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Iraq Ling Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuming located in the county, 18 km away from Nanning in the suburbs, is a karst caverns. As a result of Iraq is located in the Village named, also known as "dare Palace" (Zhuang), which means palace as beautiful caves. According to the geologists concluded that formed in a million years ago. The cave is located mariesii beam inside her, Zhuangruo conch, three-hole sub - Convoluted twists and turns, changes in the infinite. Inside the eight scenic spots have been opened up, the size of more than 100 scenic spots, covering an area of 24,000 square meters, the mantle columns overlap, thousands. Run-dong more than 1100 meters, a step Jing, Jing Jing different stunning! Rock Ridge Scenic area of Iraq where dozens of both into a karst, Xiufeng Li, Cascading Luan Tsui, the great poet Guo tour here in 1963, has Fushi: "to pull peaks, the city of Guilin as if ... ..."

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That list pastoral - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That list is located in rural Long-suk falls from Tuen sand mine that Pingchen shore power station, about 9 kilometers. If the two sides cut mountains, stones ring out, King has a clear head varies, Moon Hill, blade-feng, means immortal, Han Feng, the elderly, such as Shan Qi many rocks. Meandering rivers, mountains, paddy fields and powerful color-ming, Zhu Cong with longan trees between Homes, constitute an elegant ink.

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Guangxi Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The library is situated on National Road on the eastern side of the square on July 1, is a collection of the National Tonggu the largest number of museums, there are major cultural revolution in Guangxi display, exhibition of Guangxi, Guangxi Folk exhibition, exhibition of ancient bronze drum, and so on. In the Guangxi Museum of National Heritage Court area of 24,000 square meters. Court exhibits and a Tonggu Giant Eagle Artillery, and other cultural side, but also has Zhuang "dry field", Yaojiazhulou, Miaojia Diaojiao Lou, the Drum Tower of the Dong, Dong Xiang Feng Yuqiao, Maonan the residential areas, as well as oil, rice, paper, and other non-manual Workshop, full of local flavor. Zhulou Court in the nation with a restaurant for tourists and provides a wide range of ethnic food Confusion. Court stepped into the national heritage, ethnic customs blow against our faces, Yao Zhuang village of Miao Village You can be home; national historical and cultural success. Transport: Take bus No. 6 up. The opening hours :8:30-11 :30,14:30-17: 30 (normal); 8:30-17:0 (Holidays).

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The meet-de-day - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dah Sing is the de-day meet is the territory of the landscape along the road, towering mountains Tsui, show trends in position to form hundreds of "natural art gallery." Shuo Long Repin and the only area along the road there Du Xiufeng, in the wonders of spring, the peak five fingers, Stagecoach leap forward, viewing bridge, 19 more circled the door overlooking the village of Wang Jian wood, stone inverted, and so on, the type of landscape Kind of space is very dynamic and fascinating.

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Heishui He - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heishui He (from Anping it to shore power) a total length of 15 km, the two sides along the river Cueifong order, towering old trees, water tankers to death, Zhu Xiu Cucu, the ups and downs in the distance That Shakes The Barley, with Ji Quan Wen, rich One stability Scene. Department alleviate the water rippling blue waves, the Department urgency around dragon and snake respectively. Shanguangshuise, has embraced, particularly Jiaorao. Like a place Jiang, Yousi into Taoyuan, Kai King abound, it is feast their eyes.

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Ming Garden Show - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming Xiu Park in Guangxi is one of the three major parks were located on the west side of Wuming county area, surrounded on three sides by water, gourd-shaped peninsula were a total area of 28,000 square meters. To the late Qing Liang Xiang Huan Ju Ren name of the garden, the early Republican era, Guangdong and Guangxi Lu Xun Yueshi Rongting bought the park, renamed "Ming Garden Show."

Towering old trees in the garden, shade , Li Du Yan for plants, such as rivers, with around East Park. In the initial stage, Hu, Chang Tai-yan, and other key members of the KMT and the person Liangqichaodeng went to the garden and the deliberations of the Taoyuan Lu Rongting event.

During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Bai Chongxi in the garden of the National Government set up the 16th Group Army General Headquarters, in the early liberation, Beijing University Professor Yuan Jiahua-based group of experts in the garden to create strong pinyin, the Zhuang language is born out of the garden show.

Ming Xiu Fu-chun Park, formerly known park, surrounded on three sides by water, was shaped gourd-shaped peninsula with a total area of 42 acres, Chia-ching years Ju Ren Qi Liang built. Early years of the Republic, on the General Yaowu Rongting bought as a private garden, renamed the Sau Ming Garden, built, "Journey Into Amazing Caves Pavilion," "He Feng Ting", Guangxi, said the three were one of the park. In 1938, during the Battle of Kunlun Guan become a national government 18 anti-Japanese army headquarters. In the Republic of China, Liang Chi-chao, Li Tsung-jen, Hu went to the garden, such as anti-command War, liberation, state leaders and renowned poet Guo Zhu has visited the garden and a tribute to brush.

Ming Garden Show features for clearance, odd, ancient, strange. Like Suzhou gardens with natural wonders of the phase, quiet elegant and full of flavor of the mountain. This summer, Sassou Liang Yi, summer Dunxiao This is the next show where the Magic Garden.
Ming Xiu Park is located in the western suburbs of Nanning City, the county seat wuming 1 km, 38 km away from Nanning City, convenient traffic. Many monuments in the park, a strong heritage. There are prominent fame, Wei Lu Xun Yueshi Guangdong and Guangxi in the history of the exhibition on the life, the capital of Guangxi why The historical background of Nanning, Guangxi, there are the first highway opened to traffic the history of China's Zhuang text produced by the process, and so on. Today, the scenic area has been expanded to 180 acres, and the development of the Chunxia Park, West River and many other attractions, set for fishing and barbecues, cruise ships, leisure and entertainment in one.

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Small, City Link - Chinese tourism scenic spots

State Long fortification is located in southern China, there are 184 km of the Sino-Vietnamese border. There are many old-line border camps, the ancient fort, the ancient battlefield in Zhou Cheng Long Distance 10 miles west of the mountains, there is a "long line of gray" in the rise amid Wanting stretching between the dozens of stretching, which is well-known Fort Ancient group - City Link. Citylink for the small end of the Qing dynasty in Guangxi admirals, generals, anti-law built Su Yuan-chun. Sino-French War, for better defensive foreign invasion, he built Mountain leftist, right-Fort three, left to block the channel Zhennan Guan, the right to control the outlet pass the mouth, and under the freeze, effective intervention Intake Battery , Magnificent momentum, " Xinjiang Great Wall. "Legend has it that when Su Yuan-chun as a military solution to the problem of drinking water, local people have been banquet point of water, one dinner guests bring their own chopsticks, a very arrogant attitude, Su Yuan-chun Finally, the earnest plea, he finally found by Spring, the stability of the morale of the troops.
  State Long fortification is located in southern China There are 184 kilometers of the Sino-Vietnamese border. There are many old-line border camps, the ancient fort, the ancient battlefield in Zhou Cheng Long Distance 10 miles west of the mountains, there is a "long line of gray," Wanting in the stretch between the rise amid Zuozuo, dozens of stretches, linked together This is a well-known group of ancient fort - City Link. Citylink for the small end of the Qing dynasty in Guangxi admirals, generals, anti-law built Su Yuan-chun. Sino-French War, for better foreign aggression defense, he "take the fortress, City Link, grain troops," Mountain in the building left, middle and the right of the three Fort and the construction of barracks and roads, can be left to block Zhen Nanguan Channel, the outlet pass right to control the mouth, and under the cold Fort outlet of effective intervention, magnificent momentum. The mountainside caves temples - built inside the cave, Long Yun Gong Bao-Yuan, Su Yuan-chun is the headquarters, according to the hole-based King, do not have a heaven and earth. Hill, south of Temple and has very TU Guanglu Pavilion. Xi Lu small city with limestone base is expected to grow stone walls of Fort Mountain and connects restore momentum That it deserves to be "the southern border of the Great Wall." Dong Lu surrounded by peaks, the shape, "Hill belly" Su Yuan Ying Pun of the spring. Legend has it that Su Yuan-chun of the armed forces to resolve the problem of drinking water, local people have been banquet point of water, one dinner guests bring their own chopsticks, a very arrogant attitude, Su Yuan-chun Finally, the earnest plea, he was finally on In the spring, the stability of the morale of the troops.
  Even the small seal, also known as the Fort Hill, located in the Bin Xiang Longzhou County, the county seat from Long 3 km Zhou Zhen. Its long range, the maximum 310 meters above sea level, covers an area of 1.4 square kilometers. 12-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1886 AD), anti-law's, Guangxi and admirals on the flood Su Yuan-chun do, to resist the military invasion by France to build, when thousands of miles to Guangxi and Vietnam's border-line command center and admirals Hang Yuan. Build a fort in accordance with the mountain 15, the German Krupp artillery equipment, hold-long state of the land and water gateway, is an important defense fortress, "the southern border of the Great Wall."

  Small Baoyuan scenic city by the palace and the composition of the Fort group. Baoyuan palace was built in the south peak of a mountain cave large natural, Yuan Chun-Su is to talk about soldiers, bin feast feast, while the town's homes Dongtianfude. Can look down the hole in the beauty of the surrounding hundred miles, inside the Office of His Excellency, the wind carved Diao Long, Tai doors of buildings which have, gratitude pavilions, such as kiosks, "Heaven "" Yu-Que, "Nine Dragon Wall, the wall unicorn, Kowloon blanket, Taiwan Yanwu, and other construction, especially in a Nine Dragon Wall, the Forbidden City at that time for the Chinese Foreign unique to the foot of a stone through a wide hole. Baoyuan of the entire large-scale palace , Sophisticated style, resplendent, like an imperial palace, the clouds between Xiange, it is also the Su-sufficient by Yuanchun Xinjiang, the "evidence".
  Fort peaks along the base construction of the layout, there was a fort with a series of retaining walls, but see, you might see Fort + embrasure many awe-inspiring, like Hu Ju-long set, like iron, the entire group of Fort Kam Yan-dozen years, built barracks, ammunition depots , And other facilities, its main fort, "Fort Town" main guns Up on an area of 2000 square meters. There are other support facilities built in the small base of the foot of the mountain city, the Board of ordnance, barracks, Tian Jun Ken, and so magnificent, I was at that time the largest military fortress to make France the aggressors dare not deviate from them, so that the French authorities to give up the In the Sino-Vietnamese border to the paragraph-long state of our offensive scheme. Since early in small Citylink will be a tourist destination, leaving a large number of stone Mo Yan, damaged due to natural and the "Cultural Revolution" period of destruction, has become dilapidated, in August 1981 was set at the autonomous region-level protection unit, 1964 In a preliminary repairs carried out again in 1997 Maintenance Department. China Central Television has four small film, City Link, "China presence," "one China must" program made a presentation. Longzhou County are now available, Citylink small as a leading scenic spots, with the scale capacity.
  City Link is a little late Qing Dynasty in Guangxi admirals, anti-law's Su Yi Yuan-chun, to resist the invasion, Paul Stability in border areas and the construction of military fortifications.
  Sino-French War in 1885, Su Yuan-chun as Guangxi, Guangxi and admirals full hearing on the side of the Governor
Do. From 1886 onwards, the Soviet Union more than 2 million recruitment Bing Yong Chun, 14 years in the state and Pingxiang Long-centered thousands of miles of Sino-Vietnamese border, according to 09 Pass, Shou 64 points, built more than 130 Fort Block, and a number of important and pass near the fort, with stone base to link up to form a "City Link." Long's "City Link" and Pingxiang "Dalian City," a total length of 27 kilometers, "the small southern Xinjiang Great Wall."
  Citylink small south-east Long Yuan inside the mountainside, Su Chun-yuan construction of the security of yuan palace. Long hours Yuan-dong up and down two floors, the surface area of 845 square meters, Dong Ding an altitude of about 40 meters. The cave aspect Qiao Liang, natural scenic spots, has a "Long-dong Yuan," "Gong Bao-yuan," the two arches, "Yu Que," "Que days," Diao Long carved two large-feng of St. Paul, Set by the Church, the shrine, the band throne, Painting Zhao Bi (Kowloon water and murals?????), and other construction and poetry, and so on favorable terms Kyrgyzstan sentence dozens of Cliff Inscription, there's a brick Two-story building. Large-scale construction of these magnificent, exquisite technique, high artistic value and historical value. Yuan Palace following the completion of the Su-Yuan Chang Chun-here to talk about soldiers, or feast bin feast, as the town side of the body, "Dongtianfudi."
  In 1981, small as the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, City Link has been the focus of heritage conservation unit.

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Tuen sand Diepu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tuen Diepu also known as the sand falls at the end of Nim, 55 km away from Daxin county, in order to de-day with a well-known scenic waterfall, is the second national spots. Silver Falls may be divided into seven general practice, like water curtain woven into the cascade, Ming-Li lovely day compared with Germany's magnificent waterfall, sand falls Tuen appears to be gentle and lyrical, the two sides mountains, lush trees Guteng winding, when Fisherman's bamboo falls in between come and go, but also to increase its natural charm of simplicity.

Silver Falls area as if training is divided into seven-like, like water curtain woven into the cascade, the lovely Ming. Germany than the days of the magnificent waterfall, sand falls Tuen appears to be gentle and express , The two sides mountains, lush trees, winding Guteng, when Fisherman's bamboo falls in between come and go, but also to increase its natural charm of simplicity.

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Lung Fu Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lung Fu Shan Nature Reserve is located in the territory of Canton Shillong County, 36 km from the county seat, 83 km west of Nanning City, with a total area of 21 square kilometers. New Tai Nanning, Jingxi, Pingxiang, the highway through scenic spot in Yunnan, transportation is very convenient.

The protected area of the main targets for the protection of karst areas Your medicinal plants and karst landscape. 1145 kinds of plant species, 713 kinds of medicinal plants. There are state-level protection of the plant Camellia hair flap, Lee gold, wood clams, trees, and so fat and sleek, state-level protection francoisi animals, monkeys, hornbill champion, python, pangolin and so on.

Lung Fu Shan is a great landscape Group, half of the existing artificial feeding of monkeys just over 2500, the distribution side of the road, bridge and along the river, the lovely and lively, and visitors can play to play, the park is now open spots in the mountains there are funny monkey, the wonders of karst caves, stone forest bonsai, green River water rafting, Zhuang Zhu Lou small, and so on. Another attractive yin and yang of the hole, hole Ganoderma lucidum, water Longdong To be developed.

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Camellia Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camellia Park is located in Nanning City, South Lake next to the bridge, the entire tea garden plants mainly, to highlight the "people's tea," Camellia --- features to the main garden plants to the tortuous streams, the natural ups and downs of the gentle slope Separated, the combination of space, is the rare special type of Camellia Park. Camellia Camellia is the Hill Section Camellia is a group of plants, in the early 1960s in China's Guangxi found for the first time. Is the world's precious and rare ornamental plants and germplasm resources, mainly in China and Vietnam. Camellia plants in our group only distributed in the southern Guangxi. At present, the world has reported 23 taxa, of which I made 21 , The unique 19, 4 taxa as China's primary and secondary plant protection; Vietnam 4, 2-specific.

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