Thursday, December 25, 2008

The more state Tianhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pubei county by car from the southbound 5 km, 6.5 km further east, on the day of arrival, the more the lake. The more days, Lake is located in a small river in the reservoir area, north-south, the vertical distance of up to 52 kilometers. Lakes area of 79 square kilometers, the capacity of 1,200,000,000 cubic meters and above. Lake, there are several small islands more than 100 blocks. The clear water, smoke Vast, far and near Bidai scenery, around the litchi, mango orchards have become the scale. It is a new Pubei County of lychee and longan production and fresh water fish and shrimp farming base, but also for the people of a good place for leisure travel. There are scenic Crane Island, east slope of transition, Fubo Beach, Wang Ling-fu, voicing Lake, Duige slope, DDD and other natural Temple Point. Crane habitat on the island with only tens of thousands of white crane, there are days of Lake Hong large aqueduct and the former residence of General Han Ping, and other human landscape. Former Residence of Chinese and Western architectural art, Yishanbangshui pavilions built. John Shannon House 6 km, that is, Shi Yang Tianhu Town. It is now over 1,500 years of history, the more the ancient city. Historical records in mind , The more states in the east of the Southern Dynasties period under the jurisdiction of Maoming in Guangdong, south all the Leizhou Peninsula, which borders the West and Qinzhou, in the north along the Rongxian, is the equivalent of Guangzhou at the time as the provincial military and administrative units. The more days, Lake, a unique day of travel, not only can you enjoy the unique Huguangshanse southeastern Guangxi, but also to allow Mother set foot in 1500 years of city history.

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