Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yunlong Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bai Yun at the foot of a mountain dragon boat felt, covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters. Yunlong Hill Park on three sides, south of the Xijiang, including Longquan Fei Bao francoisi and artificial breeding center. Francoisi China for the protection of an animal, belonging to the rare and endangered primates. Park francoisi rare animal breeding center, is the world The largest breeding base. The center was founded in 1991, after a few years to explore, has a viable breeding farming methods. Francoisi of the population is now 80 breeding bull, for the delivery of 40 Chinese and foreign zoos long. National varieties of the most Bougainvillea flowers cultivation base is here. Park Guangxi has the largest exhibition hall of the exhibition specimens of butterflies, butterfly species have more than 10,000 kinds; also the world's largest ostrich eggs and the smallest bee eggs. Yunlong Park, the largest natural feature of the animal stock, pigeons, peacocks at the park freely, crocodiles in the pool cruising. Park has started the construction of the Snake Valley, Yang 10,000 live snakes.

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